green7If during testing I find a new bug, should I file a new bug and then fill the bug number in the report?07:13
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stlsaintis anyone getting duplicate source.list entires in latest precise 12.04.1 iso's or is this a already filed bug?14:11
stlsaintI even downloaded precise release iso and run apt-get update and duplicate entires14:11
smartboyhwHi stlsaint14:11
stlsaintsmartboyhw: o/14:12
smartboyhwThat should be a new bug14:12
stlsaintwell i have seen bugs dating back to march but no fix and i would like to ensure im not tripping and that others are seeing this before i go filing bugs14:12
smartboyhwNo fix = no fix14:13
stlsaintit adds in the Debcdrom entries multiple times14:15
smartboyhwActually, ask that in #ubuntu-bugs14:16
balloonsping phillw16:49
phillwballoons: pong16:49
balloonsphillw, got your email string16:49
balloonsI'm going to go through and reply16:49
balloonsjust thought I'd let you know it might take me a bit to do so16:50
phillwthere's no mad rush :)16:52
balloonsphillw, the short story is that yes cadence testing is not well supported tool wish16:53
balloonsand it looks like you may have found the original conversation that triggered us undertakng it16:54
phillwwel, karl did... he's been getting himself upto speed on it so better to understand it.16:54
phillwand in so doing, has helped me understand things better :)16:55
balloonsI'll write more in my reply, but as you likely saw in the email, our original plan for the cycle was to test milestones, starting a few days early to help lower respins and give devs more time to finalize before the milestone16:55
balloonsthe basic idea was, during the milestone we have to exhaustively test all the images and then re-test when there are re-spins16:56
balloonsthat's no fun to have a respin16:56
balloonsso if we take a little time to find the serious bugs but running a test or two before we generate the iso's during the milestone we can avoid this16:56
phillwI know, it does stress the testers!16:56
balloonsin other words, when we spin a milestone iso, we should have every reason to believe it will pass all the tests16:57
balloonswe test it and release it.. no respins16:57
phillwas long as you keep your fingers crossed for the installer ;)16:59
balloonsthis overall in my mind should have reduced the stress and respin count.. since we were NOT going to exhaustively test the daily before the actual milestone testing, it should have been less work. and if we found a bug, the devs could take a few days and fix it before pushing an image16:59
balloonsagain, if you push a milestone image and you want testing on it.. me finding a bug should be an exception, not a normal event16:59
balloonsespecially one large enough to cause a respin17:00
balloonstis but one opinion :-)17:00
phillwthe freeze to qa seems to have consistently been late. This reduces the time for testing / bug fixing. If we say 5 days before a milestone, then doing it 3 days before is not right.17:01
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