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christelmorning pretties07:51
* jacobw waits for https://www.coursera.org/course/algs4partI to start at 1200 EST08:01
jacobwEDT even .. US time zones /o\08:02
MartijnVdSbasic iterables?08:02
MartijnVdSand algos?08:02
MartijnVdSto quote the Clarkson: "How hard can it be?"08:03
popeywhats that in UTC?08:03
MartijnVdSpopey: you can ask google for the current time in Princeton, and it'll tell you :)08:05
MartijnVdS4:04 Sunday (EDT) - Time in Princeton, NJ, USA08:05
MartijnVdS= nao08:05
jpdsSo, 1600 UTC.08:05
MartijnVdSjpds: now + 8 hours08:05
MartijnVdSSun Aug 12 08:06:07 UTC 201208:06
MartijnVdSso yes, 1600UTC08:06
jacobwMartijnVdS: the first lecture is titled 'union find'08:19
jacobwMartijnVdS: i don't know what that is yet :)08:20
MartijnVdSjacobw: Only unionized coders know 8-)08:25
* jacobw thinks of grosse point blanc08:28
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:55
jacobwhey brobostigon08:58
brobostigonhey jacobw08:59
brobostigonmorning Pendulum10:11
Pendulumbrobostigon: how goes?10:15
brobostigonPendulum: not bad, could be better. and you?10:16
Pendulumjust waking up. it's about 6:20 here10:23
Pendulumchristel: GOOD MORNING LOVELY :D10:31
christelhow are you my pretty :D10:35
PendulumI'm working the whole waking up thing. How're you?10:35
Pendulumchristel: How is the land of reindeer and raspberry jam?10:40
christelit is BEAUTIFUL10:45
christeland SUNNY10:45
christeland warm10:45
hamitronfor now10:45
christelhamitron: hehe yes10:46
christeli shall eat MOOSE soon :D10:48
PendulumI want to eat moose. I missed a chance to eat moose (and elk) when I was in high school :(10:50
christelit is VERY TASTY10:50
christelcome with me to NORWAY and EAT ALL THE MOOSE10:50
Pendulumchristel: was just going to say that I should do that :P10:50
christelthere was a whale incident on friday10:59
Pendulumhow do you have a whale incident?10:59
christelyou go fishing in a small boat10:59
christeland happily mind your own business10:59
christelthen a 20 metre long whale decides to JUMP out of the water and splash down next to your boat11:00
christeland then you all spend hours with a racing pulse because it could so easily have landed on your boat crushing you all to pieces11:00
christelwe think it happened because there was some seismic blasting investigations nearby so it probably got frightened or something11:01
christelthey dont usually jump like that!11:01
PendulumI am glad it did not splash down on your boat!11:01
christelmy nephew is (now) all "oh i thought it was quite cool and not at all scary"11:01
PendulumWhat sort of whale?11:01
christel(he is such a liar)11:01
christela fin whale (finback whale?)11:02
Pendulumthere are apparently 4 different names for it (of which you've given 2 ;) )11:03
christelupon turning to run away another one popped up for air!11:04
christeli must admit i would rather be surrounded by ubuntu folk than whales!11:04
Pendulumbut whales are pretty!11:07
AlanBellbeats most stories about the size of the one that got away11:08
AlanBellwe have just been fishing but got nothing over 3cm11:09
christelah.. the one that got away.. why yes, he was rather lar..wait whales?11:27
christelthat is rubbish fishing11:27
* christel can beat 3cm11:27
MartijnVdShttps://metacpan.org/module/Moose ?11:28
christelhttp://imgur.com/a/mTCkR the fin of the whale pre-jump11:31
christeland the "catch" (bar whale)11:31
MartijnVdSchristel: was there also a bowl of petunias?11:32
christelno petunias :(11:32
christelAlanBell: you can come to norway with pendulum to eat moose and whales and fish big things11:32
popeyits bbq weather!11:34
* popey has ribs in the slow cooker11:34
Pendulumchristel: yay for yummy foods!11:40
christelmmmmfoods \o/11:43
pr0ph3thi all12:13
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pr0ph3tI have a problem with skype on ubuntu 64bit, camera is upside down. I tried using LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so and/or LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/v4l1compat.so but I keep getting error "preload ignore"12:14
pr0ph3tp.s. after preload I run skype:=> LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so /usr/bin/skype12:15
pr0ph3tright, if anyone asks, it's because the command is LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so /usr/bin/skype12:25
pr0ph3tnow I need to find out why if I change cursor theme it does not show properly, ubuntu 12.0412:26
christelalmost moose o clock \o/13:35
penguin42moose o clock?13:37
christelyus! :D13:38
penguin42which moose is that?13:39
Pendulumchristel: yay for moose o'clock \o/13:39
christelthe kind that tastes good \o/13:40
penguin42christel: Chocolate moose?13:40
penguin42M&S sell chocolate moose and they also sell lemon moose - why would you ever have lemon moose if you could have chocolate moose?13:41
Pendulumpenguin42: I could see layering the two. It would make a good combo13:41
christelnoooo...  i am not sure chocolate or lemon would work with my moose13:41
Pendulumpenguin42: I do believe christel is talking about Norweigian moose, though13:41
penguin42Pendulum: Hmm not sure about lemon+chcolate, orange goes well with chocolate13:42
Pendulumso does lemon13:42
penguin42hmm, never tried that - must13:42
Pendulum(I like lemon+chocolate more than orange+chocolate, actually)13:42
penguin42christel: Is this a roast moose?13:42
christelmind, venison works with chocolate13:44
PendulumIs moose similar enough to venison in taste that it would be worth trying the combination?13:47
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AlanBellspice girls night \o/16:15
penguin42oh dear16:15
brobostigonexavtly penguin42 :)16:15
brobostigoni have heard, the who, will also be playing.16:16
ali1234who's after what?16:18
AlanBellhttp://ratemyspicerack.com/dan/ another rack added16:26
AlanBellpopey: how is your rack?16:27
penguin42does it take marks off for spelling rude words out?16:29
penguin42with the spice...16:29
AlanBelldunno, depends how people rate it really ;)16:33
AlanBellpenguin42: lets see it16:33
penguin42AlanBell: I haven't got one, my concept of spice extends as far as cinnamon, and nutmeg for apple crumble and rice puddings respectively16:34
* AlanBell agrees16:35
AlanBellmost of them are a mystery to me16:35
Dave2I bought a spice that is actually five spices today16:37
AlanBellpics plz16:37
Dave2But I don't have a spice rack16:37
Dave2I wish I had a spice rack16:37
Dave2http://temp.jpgclan.com/2012-08-12-spices.jpeg this is my collection of spices and things that would go in a spice rack if I had one16:47
Dave2But I don't have a dedicated storage location :(16:47
Dave2(They were already out)16:47
AlanBellhttp://ratemyspicerack.com/share-your-rack/ is where that should be posted!16:50
penguin42anyone posted any racks without spice?16:54
AlanBellwell there is one that is a tray, and a couple of drawers16:56
AlanBellnothing spiceless, that would be a bit odd16:56
AlanBellwell a herb rack would be OK I guess16:56
MartijnVdSAlanBell: I have lots of herbs and spices, but no rack17:07
penguin42AlanBell: Well, an empty one would seem valid - if it's someone wanting their rack to be rated17:35
jacobwwhat distinguishes spices from herbs?17:49
SuperEngineerjacobw: seeds vs. leaves17:51
SuperEngineer[eveninks all]17:52
SuperEngineerjacobw: corriander - spice in seed form, herb in leaf form17:52
MartijnVdScolander - neither herb nor spice17:53
SuperEngineer..ginger... that's a root - go figure17:53
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: so.. spice or herb?17:53
SuperEngineercolander bad for grinders!17:53
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: a sperb?17:54
SuperEngineersuffice to say ginger is not a herb - the leaf rule counts, most people say "spice" [though english think it's a cake or biscuit17:55
jacobwexcellent, i did not know that :D17:59
* jacobw loves knowledge17:59
jacobwi guess you can solve the ginger problem by considering seed vs not seed18:00
jacobwminus all the things are something else like fruits or berries18:01
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: In dutch "kruid" ("herb") is the leaves and stems (except in plants from the tropics), "specerij" is "everything else"18:02
jacobwi already feel racist for saying "ginger problem" :(18:02
* AlanBell would like to see a Dutch spice collection18:02
MartijnVdSAlanBell: I have a spice drawer, not a rack :)18:03
AlanBellunracked collections are fine18:03
* MartijnVdS fetches the camera18:03
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: methinks ginger might be a specerij18:03
* SuperEngineer has a spice tray - it contains herbs ;)18:03
* hamitron 's idea of spice collection is.... salt18:03
SuperEngineerhamitron: so pepper would be your herb?18:04
hamitronherb? don't do18:04
AlanBellsalt is a rock18:04
hamitronadds flavour anyway18:05
SuperEngineerhamitron: jamacan herb... much better when schmoked not cooked :018:05
SuperEngineerAlanBell: salt is a salt... chemically speaking ;)18:06
jacobwa rock is a salt, chemically speaking18:07
jacobwomg recursive definitions18:08
SuperEngineerI hope my area manager likes knowledge... I just to his rude email sent to my home/private email, not the works email address...  I don't think he'll like my reply :D18:09
SuperEngineer*replied to18:09
jacobwdid you inform him of his disagreeableness?18:10
jacobwsometimes people don't don't consider such informations as motivated by one's desire to share knowledge :(18:10
SuperEngineer...when he threatens disciplinary tomorrow - considering telling him he's lucky he got a reply & didn't get his pooter remotely snafu'd as he deserved ;)18:11
* jacobw think someone's read too much BOFH18:11
* SuperEngineer might be looking for new employer soon ;)18:11
SuperEngineerjacobw: hope you didn't mean me... I'm a nice guy... honest18:14
jacobwi like BOFH too18:15
SuperEngineerhamitron: not for public family channel, sorry18:16
shaunospeaking of remote snafus, I've been waiting 2 days for a stolen laptop to checkin.  patience is not my strong suit18:17
SuperEngineerhamitron: install package "wtf".. you may get it from that18:17
jacobwhamitron: http://bofh.ntk.net/BOFH/18:17
hamitronoh noes, my map of the site at work went through the wash :/18:19
jacobwnot available electronically?18:19
jacobwsad panda18:22
* MartijnVdS shows off his herbs18:23
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: yeh!18:23
* MartijnVdS waits for -- probably -- someone to moderate the submission?18:24
MartijnVdSAlanBell? :)18:25
MartijnVdSDoctor Who promo on BBC One18:29
SuperEngineerpopey: +1 for Skycat flickr site !!!! ;) [not a request, a demand!]18:31
popeyhe's now under my desk18:32
popeycrawling around in the wires18:32
popeyif I go offline...18:32
SuperEngineer..or as ShyCat says... whoops!18:33
SuperEngineer[freudian slip there]18:33
penguin42shauno: Possible the thief isn't that stupid ?18:33
MartijnVdSpenguin42: if he wasn't stupid, why would he've had to resort to stealing?18:34
penguin42MartijnVdS: Well, I was speaking relatively - I mean perhaps they get told not to turn them on etc18:34
hamitronwhy work for something, when you can take it?18:34
hamitronoops, shouldn't say that out loud ;)18:34
shaunoalways a possibility, but I'll be watching for the checkin regardless :)18:35
* MartijnVdS steals everything hamitron owns18:35
* SuperEngineer points finger at stolen goods18:35
hamitronMartijnVdS: sorry to disappoint you18:35
penguin42shauno: For reference; what type was it and where was it lost?18:35
shauno5yo macbook, dublin airport18:36
shaunonot a huge loss, just hoping I can get a shot at nuking the home folder18:36
penguin42shauno: Disk encryption!18:37
MartijnVdSpopey: is that the WC's microphone? :)18:38
popeyi have no idea who the WC is ;p18:38
MartijnVdSpopey: yet he left his mic with your cat 8-)18:38
MartijnVdSPatrick Stewart's voice!18:40
mgdmHe's on Twitter now18:41
MartijnVdSmgdm: yeah, I saw.. coolness :)18:41
mgdmhttp://twitter.com/SirPatStew for anyone who might not have seen18:41
SuperEngineernearly time for olympics close... nice to see the winners highlights again [not boring]18:53
hamitronofc ;/18:54
DJonesTo be honest, I'll be glad when they get to the closing ceremony, I feel as though I've seen the hilights they're repeating about 100 times already18:55
SuperEngineerDJones: what?  surely this is the first time, isn't it?  ;)18:57
* SuperEngineer looks forward to live Muse18:57
* mgdm is listening to them right now19:13
SuperEngineermgdm: :)  [& people thought only fishermen came from Teignmouth!?]19:15
* SuperEngineer wonders - in the panoramic views of London tonight... will they include that smoke from the fire going on atm?19:17
* SuperEngineer wonders if can we claim a late gold medal for biggest fire19:20
MartijnVdSThe Great Fire Returns19:22
penguin42'London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: "We've not seen a fire of this size in London for several years - it's certainly a dramatic end to the Olympics for the London Fire Brigade.'19:24
MartijnVdS"Several years" -- 4 centuries?19:24
penguin42well, it's not that large a fire19:24
MartijnVdSdon't last year's riots count then?19:25
MartijnVdSweren't there a few warehouse fires/19:25
penguin42no single fire that big?19:25
penguin42MartijnVdS: ah but were they in London?19:25
MartijnVdSseveral awere19:25
penguin42(Wasn't there a big Sony distrobution warehouse that went up?)19:25
SuperEngineerIn a special surprise for the Olympics close, or a sheer act of depression at not hosting the games, Dagenham sets itself on fire.19:31
MartijnVdSDagenham.. from the smile?19:32
popeyfrom the dustbin19:34
MartijnVdSfurther out than Barking19:34
MartijnVdS"He's _dagenham_" vs "He's _barking_"19:35
ali1234you know what windows needs?19:46
ali1234instead of anti virus19:46
ali1234someone should just make a tool that just lists the legitimately useful files19:46
MartijnVdSlike.. signed package content lists?19:46
ali1234you could run it after the fact19:47
ali1234and it would say "this file belongs to skype" or whatever19:47
ali1234so like a virus signature DB19:47
ali1234except with signatures for the legit files19:47
ali1234basically anti virus by white-list instead of black- and grey-list19:48
* SuperEngineer is confused. ali1234 just mentioned "windows" and "useful" in same sentence... nooooo!19:48
popeyali1234, like rkhunter?19:49
ali1234no, not like that19:50
ali1234i must be able to run it after the fact19:50
MartijnVdSlike the md5sums files in Debian packages... is there a check tool for those/19:50
ali1234scenario: someone gives me 2 laptops and says "copy all my files and software to the new laptop"19:50
ali1234i need a piece of software which will inspect every file on the hard drive and tell me if it's a) part of a software package (and if so, which one), b) part of windows configuration, c) user data file, or d) virus19:51
directhexyeah, won't happen19:54
directhexwindows has no coherent tracking of file ownership WRT installers. there's no standardization19:54
MartijnVdSNot even in Win8 with the app store thingy19:55
SuperEngineerif anyone watching the closing ceremony *and8 is using twitter... I heartily recomment Queen_UK, PrincePhilipDoE & Charles_HRH are immwdiately followed.  not advertising anything except a sense of humour19:55
MartijnVdSdoes she have a problem with her voice?20:02
MartijnVdSor is it just that there's no autotune20:02
MartijnVdSah, traditional British music20:03
MartijnVdSpots + pans clanking20:03
* SuperEngineer congrats opener for singing a whole song through her nose20:03
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: I don't know her, but I think she's usually autotuned?20:04
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: ditto - but I would suggest next time she should be auto-stopped20:05
MartijnVdShey, is that Peter Pettigrew?20:05
MartijnVdSyes.. Timothy Spall20:05
MartijnVdSall that paper.. and no paper planes20:06
SuperEngineerdarn! that's why I get funny looks when overtaking other vehicles... I've not got newspaper covering my car!20:06
MartijnVdSno queen?20:07
SuperEngineerin a helicopter somwhere?20:08
SuperEngineerQueen_UK Yes, it's true, one's at home with a gin. Harry took one's ticket. #closingceremony20:09
AlanBelldelboy and rodney :-)20:09
MartijnVdSthey're old!20:10
MartijnVdSWhy all the orange though?20:10
AlanBellsing up Suggs20:10
MartijnVdSHas our queen finally exercised her right to the English throne?20:10
MartijnVdSAlanBell: did you see my spicerack post? I think it's in moderation limbo?20:11
MartijnVdSpet shop cyclists20:13
AlanBellyes, I was out crab fishing20:13
MartijnVdSAlanBell: cool :) catch anything?20:13
MartijnVdShad a good time then?20:14
AlanBellwas swimming in a shoal of fish20:14
AlanBellthat wss cool20:14
MartijnVdSAre these the spice girls?20:15
zleapMartijnVdS, aparently they are in the closing ceremony,  which to me is a good reason to be here and not watching it20:16
MartijnVdSzleap: nah this is some boy band.. :)20:16
MartijnVdSsame target audience20:17
zleapdunno then20:17
MartijnVdScaption said "One Direction"20:17
AlanBell1D my kids tell me20:17
zleapwell they are more modern, space girls are from the 90's i think20:17
mgdmOne Dimension more like20:17
MartijnVdSJustin Bieber * 520:17
SuperEngineer0D my brain tells me20:17
zleapi have heard of them,20:19
SuperEngineerthese bin dancers are so ashamed they use the bins to cover their faces!20:19
zleapbin dancers20:19
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: and other parts20:19
zleapplaying a day in the life from sgt pepper atm,20:20
zleapi like the demo of that from the beatles anthology20:21
SuperEngineerDanny Boyle - please come back & rescue this - I'll even give an Ubuntu live CD *free of charge*20:22
MartijnVdSBad case of the mumbles20:22
zleaprigth after he says had a smoke, somebody spoke and i went in to a dream,  you can hear paul say oh sh*t then after the song he asks john if people are going to be suspicious20:22
* MartijnVdS reloads ratemyspicerack20:25
AlanBellboring song20:25
MartijnVdSmumbly singer20:25
mgdmthey've all been mumbly :P20:25
zleapAlanBell, which20:25
AlanBellwaterloo sunset20:25
shaunoerk, typing 'ratemy' into my browser, the first autocompletion suggestion was less than sanitary20:26
MartijnVdSshauno: poo?20:26
zleapgot someone dressed in green atm, lol20:27
SuperEngineerooo another "singing through my nose" ditty20:27
zleapwinner of the dress like a cucumber competition 201220:27
MartijnVdSshe looks weird, sitting down in that thing20:27
MartijnVdSor she has short legs20:27
MartijnVdSheh, 2 Dutch radio djs (who share a pet shop boys obsession) are still going wild on twitter :)20:28
zleapwho the heck is "Emeli Sande"20:30
zleapsome performer from the ceremony20:31
SuperEngineerhmmm... is that a helicopter I hear taking off from Buck house?20:31
SuperEngineerElbow!!!! ;) ;) ;)20:33
zleapi commented onthis earlier to point out that the internet was created in the USA and that it is different to the WWW or that the www forms part of the net,   so far the haven't published my comment,20:34
zleapintenet and www being different things that is20:34
SuperEngineerone day like ythis a year will do me right20:39
zleapSuperEngineer, ?20:41
SuperEngineerzleap - keep up boy20:41
SuperEngineer.,...listen -now20:41
zleapok sorry20:41
zleapTV is in other room,  computer is in office20:41
SuperEngineerDear BBC, we can do without the commentary, thank you very much. Regards, The Queen. [from Queen_UK on twitter]20:44
mgdmSuperEngineer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk2xaeXnxlM20:44
MartijnVdSaaaand the tape auto-reversed20:45
MartijnVdShello dancing Ukrainian girls20:52
SuperEngineerIf anyone was worried about the cost of all this - worry no more ;)20:55
MartijnVdSyou're paying?20:55
SuperEngineerspent at least a tenner20:56
zleaptetris is russian20:57
MartijnVdSthe BBC One HD H264 encoder has trouble with the blue lights in the helicopter views20:59
* zleap is looking at photos of denver broncos cheerleaders 21:01
shaunoI'm wondering how long the presenter had to practice that surname for21:02
Azelphurpopey: care to put your rsnapshot config up? :)21:02
MartijnVdSAnyone waiting for the Spice Girls.. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/london-2012/9470803/Olympics-closing-ceremony-playlist.html21:04
MartijnVdSgo make some tea :)21:05
shaunocracks me up that most the audience are trying to film it on their phones.  surely you'd just set the telly, and not spend the entire show staring at your battery meter?21:05
zleaphmm spiacegirls vs cheerleaders21:05
MartijnVdSshauno: also taking photos with flash21:05
MartijnVdSwhich gets you lots of photos of shiny backs of heads21:05
MartijnVdSplaylist on telegraph.co.uk still accurate21:08
SuperEngineerI could have sworn John Lennon was the one21:09
SuperEngineer... thankyou21:09
jpdsI like the way the BBC brought the HHGttG into this.21:13
jpds"Transferring data from zaphod-live.bbc.co.uk.edgesuite.net..."21:14
MartijnVdSIt never left the BBC :)21:14
SuperEngineergetting worried now... please don't ruin it all bu wheeling out that McCartney idiot21:16
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: not according to the schedule.. though Eric Idle will appear21:16
SuperEngineer+1 to Eric Idle21:16
MartijnVdSjust before muse21:16
SuperEngineer=1 to Muse :D21:17
SuperEngineerAnyone rom the Olympics doping squad on uuk - hey, George Michael at the Olympics stadium21:21
brobostigonthe who. :)21:22
SuperEngineerooo - mod vs, rockers set to?21:22
MartijnVdSkaiser chiefs21:22
* brobostigon rants,21:23
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: "Wish you were here" coming up21:23
SuperEngineerRoger Daltry's *changed*21:23
brobostigonMartijnVdS: david gilmour ?21:24
brobostigonholy crap.21:24
brobostigonno, sorry,.21:24
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/london-2012/9470803/Olympics-closing-ceremony-playlist.html21:25
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: (spoiler)21:25
zleapback later21:25
brobostigoni was thinking for a minute, they were going to do that david bowie.21:25
brobostigonMartijnVdS: :)21:25
SuperEngineerlooks like the man who fell from mars went back... he's not live ;(21:25
brobostigonnick mason, :)21:29
MartijnVdSwho ordered the Tim Burton movie?21:30
SuperEngineerkill'em Annie - show the idiots some class - at last21:31
mgdmMartijnVdS: haha21:32
Myrttiit's basically top of the pops of 198721:32
mgdmI want Radiohead to show up and do something clattery and electronic21:33
mgdmThe National Anthem would do *very* nicely21:33
mgdmimagine the lighting show!21:33
MyrttiSuperEngineer: in the movie it wasn't Roger that sang Pinball Wizard anyway ;-)21:33
brobostigonwith floyd in am mo, it will be TOTP's from the late 70's21:34
SuperEngineerMyrtti: you're right - it was me - I remeber it well21:34
* brobostigon giggles.21:35
Myrtti"it's Prince Harry playing guitar!"21:35
MartijnVdSnah it's Ron Weasly21:35
SuperEngineer... a breath of fresh air21:36
brobostigonthat was an amazing song, :)21:38
SuperEngineersee - Brand *did* get back on the BBC21:38
brobostigonget back at*21:39
Myrttiif that's really him singing, he's not too bad21:39
SuperEngineeroi - olympics doping squad - could be up for another here!21:40
Myrttioh man :-D21:40
brobostigonhe is so miming this.21:41
MartijnVdSO RLY21:41
Myrttioh, that was a microphone, he really did sing that.21:41
MartijnVdSit's Norman Cook!21:42
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)21:42
brobostigongood evening bigcalm :)21:42
MartijnVdShowdy bigcalm21:42
brobostigonbut that was amazing, with rutherford and mason, :)21:43
MartijnVdSoops video error :)21:45
MartijnVdSgold, silver, bronze car21:46
brobostigonit would be good to have a recoding of that song with those two playing together,21:46
MartijnVdS(it's in the details people)21:46
MartijnVdSmgdm: it's DY-NO-MITES21:49
MartijnVdSmgdm: bee gees, spice girls coming up21:49
MartijnVdSwell it's a bee gees song anyway21:52
shaunoI'm not sure there's enough beegees left for a convincing act anymore :/21:52
MartijnVdSshauno: There aren't enough John Lennons for the Imagine bit either..21:52
brobostigonwell, atleast something decent is on next, wonderwall.21:55
MartijnVdSNot long to Eric Idle too21:56
brobostigonyeah :)21:56
MyrttiBoris doing jiggy dance :-D21:57
MartijnVdSDutch party :)21:57
AlanBellyay spice girls21:58
SuperEngineerWhat would *really* be a gold medal ending for this?  Brian May, guitar, centre stage, anthem on guitar.21:58
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: he's coming..21:58
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: really?21:58
SuperEngineerplease say yes21:58
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: /last telegraph21:59
MartijnVdSand click the link :)21:59
* SuperEngineer is happy now21:59
brobostigonSuperEngineer: and mason on drums, :)21:59
SuperEngineerit gets better21:59
shaunountil you see who they've got standing in for freddie :/22:00
MartijnVdSJessie J..22:00
* Laney pokes the beady eye out22:02
* brobostigon joins in a sings.22:02
shaunothey're still playing live, they shoulda showed up22:03
shaunoI was in bratislava recently, was surprised to see adverts for an upcoming show plastered everywhere22:03
brobostigonshauno: which lineup?22:04
shaunono idea, I stopped paying attention to them once I figured out the date was too far into the future22:05
MartijnVdS♫ Always look on the bright side of life22:05
SuperEngineerdarnt gwumble folks22:05
MartijnVdShe's really enjoying himself :)22:06
SuperEngineer...when you think of it, life a piece of .... go on Eric, I dare you!22:06
brobostigonlife of brian, :)22:07
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: he did :)22:08
SuperEngineer10/10 Mr. Idle ;)22:09
MartijnVdS"I finally had the budget I've always wanted to record this song"22:10
brobostigon:) hehe22:10
SuperEngineerGo for it Teignmouth boys!22:11
* MartijnVdS only has their first album22:11
brobostigoni own none,22:11
directhexi like 'em and i'm not ashamed to say it22:13
MartijnVdSWow.. that trick even works from beyond the grave22:14
MartijnVdS(20 years after Barcelona)22:15
SuperEngineerA tribute to Fm is better than none - and it's in yer face ;)22:15
MartijnVdSCurly Whites22:15
shaunoaye, the nutty professor look suits Dr May22:16
brobostigonme astrophysicist, :)22:16
SuperEngineerhis hair doesn't play guitar - his hands do22:16
MartijnVdSshauno: Brian or James? :P22:16
shaunoI don't think James is a doctor :)22:16
MartijnVdSshauno: He's a captain22:16
brobostigonshauno: brian is.22:16
MartijnVdSshauno: May received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Lancaster University on 15 July 2010.[13]22:16
MartijnVdSshauno: So.. James is too22:17
shaunobrian earned his though :D22:17
brobostigonbut brian actually worked for his, it is a proper one.22:17
Laneyyou don't get the title from an honourary degree22:17
SuperEngineer...and that folks - is how it's done!22:17
brobostigonanother amazing drummer, number two, :)22:18
brobostigonshe cant sing this,22:19
SuperEngineerthe stadium's doing better than she is ;)22:19
* brobostigon cringes.22:19
brobostigonyou would have thought brian should know better.22:19
SuperEngineerFreddie - get back in that grave - put the axe away - we'll take care of it for you22:20
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: maybe they wrapped him in magnets, and put coils in his coffin22:20
shaunoknow better .. he probably could have sang it better.  he's not bad in his own right22:21
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: They need to get the electricity for this somewhere..22:21
SuperEngineerit#'s ok Freddie - she's shut up now22:21
MartijnVdSThe Greasy Anthem22:21
brobostigonshauno: i meant jessie j, couldnt brian have complained.22:21
brobostigonSuperEngineer: :)22:21
shaunobrobostigon: aye, I'm just wondering if he would have made a better substitute22:22
brobostigonshauno: definatly, yes, no question.22:22
SuperEngineerif only they'd bring Brian May back  on at the end to play *our* national anthem22:23
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: they'll drag out John Lydon for that22:24
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: ;)22:24
SuperEngineeris Sir Arthur camuggen carrying that flag?22:25
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: the wc?22:26
MartijnVdSBoris Yeltsin.. uh Johnson22:26
* brobostigon sniggers at boris22:26
SuperEngineerthe Brazillian anthem - as heard at every west end farce in the interval22:29
SuperEngineer...well sounds like it anyway22:29
dogmatic69not sure if this has been seen https://twitter.com/Sundancer/status/23474697107055820822:29
SuperEngineerthat bloke with the brush has got a lot of news paper to get off the stae!22:30
SuperEngineer..not faitr to give the job to one man only22:31
MartijnVdSdogmatic69: That.. would be amazing :)22:32
dogmatic69could not be more Team GB22:33
AzelphurDoes anyone know of a good tool to do incremental backups using rsync or an rsync like tool?22:37
MartijnVdScron + rsync22:38
AzelphurSurely that eats up a tonne of drive space as it creates a full copy every time?22:38
Azelphurexplain in more detail?22:38
MartijnVdScp -la :)22:38
MartijnVdScp -la backup backup-previous22:38
MartijnVdSrsync again to backup22:39
MartijnVdS\o/ only diffs take up space22:39
Azelphurah, clever22:39
mgdmAzelphur: I have used and like rsnapshot22:39
mgdmbut I"m not sure if it does that hard-linking thing22:39
MartijnVdSmaybe something with --link-dest= on rsync22:39
Azelphuryea, I really liked rsnapshot, it's just that it is absolutely broken now22:39
Azelphurand it seems abandoned too22:39
MartijnVdSAzelphur: rsnapshot is VERY picky about tabs in its configfile22:39
zleapbrb going t check something22:39
AzelphurMartijnVdS: it doesn't throw any errors, it doesn't say anything in -V, it just does nothing.22:39
Azelphurno way to debug at all, I've been asking about it for days :(22:40
Azelphurit's just making me want to stab things.22:40
mgdmany file format that uses tabs differently from spaces can sod off22:40
MartijnVdSAzelphur: copy the demo config file, edit and make sure tabs stay the same22:40
mgdmbut I grudgingly accept rsnapshot22:40
AzelphurMartijnVdS: that's the thing, even the demo config file doesn't work!22:40
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Stränge22:40
Azelphuryea, it's broke.22:40
Azelphurpopey says he's still using it, but it just does not work for me at all22:41
zleaphmm,   I am sure sometimes when i exit xchat the desktop notifcations for xchat carry on displaying messages22:41
Azelphurcan anyone doing it with cron give me an example?22:41
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/22:41
Azelphurpopey: oh your here, can I have your config file yet? :P22:41
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you want that22:41
AzelphurMartijnVdS: fun22:41
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's a few scripts that use rsync + hard-link trees to do incremental backups22:42
popeywhat changed?22:44
AzelphurMartijnVdS: I wonder how rsnapshot manages rotation, it just has like the past 7 days for example22:44
MartijnVdSAzelphur: it's a perl script.. :)22:44
popeyit just mvs them22:44
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you can read Perl, can't you?22:44
Azelphurpopey: I dunno, my backups stopped working back in feb and I only just found out, so have no way of knowing really22:44
popeyhourly.0 to hourly.1 etc22:44
Azelphurpopey: haha, you've got the same problem as me?22:44
Azelphurmine just mvs and never runs rsync22:45
MartijnVdSAzelphur: the mukerubel link has good scripts that work and rotate22:45
popeywhat makes you think that?22:45
Azelphursorry, I took your response out of context22:45
AzelphurMartijnVdS: ok :)22:45
popeydo you see execution of rsync happening?22:45
popeyin the log?22:45
Azelphurpopey: no22:45
popeydoes /usr/bin/rsync exist?22:46
popeycan you run it22:46
popey-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 409416 Nov  8  2011 /usr/bin/rsync22:46
popeylook like that?22:46
popey12.04 here22:46
Azelphurhmm, I think I might have just figured it out haha22:47
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Vell? :)22:47
Azelphuryep, \o/22:47
Azelphurit doesn't run rsync if your not using the lowest time increment22:47
Azelphurso I've been testing with rsnapshot -t daily22:47
MartijnVdSit only rotates directories in that case22:47
Azelphurand rsnapshot -t daily just takes a copy of hourly22:47
Azelphurthat only took a week to figure out22:48
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://i.qkme.me/3ogceg.jpg ?22:49
Azelphuralmost as good as the time i spent a few hours trying to debug code and wondering why none of my changes were taking effect, only to realise I was editing the wrong file \o/22:50
MartijnVdSalways the first thing to check :)22:51
shaunooh I do that all the time.  edit the local copy, hit refresh on the server22:51
Azelphurindeed :P22:51
Azelphuryep lol22:51
MartijnVdSshauno: just edit it live -- http://www.bnj.com/cowboy-coding-pink-sombrero/22:51
shaunoit's worse when you get it the wrong way around though, and you're editing the live copy, and wondering why you don't see any changes on stage22:51
MartijnVdSshauno: and that's why "live" = debian package installed by automated tools :)22:52
MartijnVdSshauno: and I don't WANT a login on that box22:52
MartijnVdSthose scary sysadmin people can do that.. I'll write a document on how to configure the app :)22:52
Azelphurin other news, I think my cool korean monitors are arriving tomorrow, DHL says they left germanly at 1700 today22:53
MartijnVdSDid they win that many medals? :P22:53
AzelphurI don't even know how I typod that one.22:53
MartijnVdSyou were googling "manly" things22:54
jpdsAzelphur: Chermanly*22:54
Azelphurindeed \o/22:54
Azelphurbut yea gonna be interesting, apparently they use the same panels as the apple cinema displays just with a cheap PCB and case22:54
MartijnVdS.. and 120V power? :P22:54
Azelphurthey come with free converters :D22:54
MartijnVdS.. and Aussie connectors/22:55
mgdmI now have a 27" iMac at work22:55
mgdmsince then, my 24" 1080p monitor looks rather low-res22:55
AzelphurI think even most cameras will be low res compared to my monitor now22:55
Azelphur10240x1440 (4 x 2560x1440)  is a nice resolution xD (22:56
ali1234er, no22:57
ali1234video cameras maybe22:57
ali1234you only have like 14MP there22:58
Azelphurmost cameras are 8 and below lol22:58
ali1234no, most camera phones are 8MB and below :)22:58
ali1234*most* : http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/808pureview/22:59
Azelphurali1234: assuming most people won't spend more than £250 on a camera, http://bit.ly/PbOBrC23:00
Azelphurseems like you get 10-16mp23:00
* Azelphur shrugs23:01
ali1234then there's movies23:02
ali1234the hobbit is being shot at 48 FPS, probably at 4K23:04
ali1234or higher23:04
mgdmI saw the BBC Super Hi-Vision demo23:05
mgdmthat was quite shiny23:05
mgdmand blows your monitor out of the water23:05
mgdmalso 22.2 surround sound, delivered by 37 speakers23:05
ali1234framerate becomes more important at higher resolutions23:05
zleapi see the film producers are still bullying that pub called the hobbit sinply as they think its infringing on their IP, typical hollywood the pub has been there longer23:05
ali1234cos you can't tell the difference if everything is just a blur23:05
ali1234zleap: it actually *is* infringing on their IP though23:06
ali1234really blatantly23:06
mgdmThere's someone I know who reckons that because TV is 25fps, but interlaced so you get 50 diffferent pictures per second, the Hobbit will just look like TV23:06
mgdmI call BS23:06
ali1234mgdm: that's true23:06
ali1234interlace actually does work like that23:06
mgdm(especially after seeing the SHV demo)23:06
zleapbut wasn'tthe pub called that before the movies were even made23:07
ali1234zleap: yeah but not before the books were written23:07
mgdmthe main difference I saw that was during a relatively fast pan, at 60fps it looked like it was panning, unlike in 24p where it shudders and falls apart and looks terrible23:07
ali1234you do know those movies are based on books right?23:07
mgdmali1234: aye, but there's far more to differentiate TV from a properly shot film than that23:08
zleapbut surely there is a context here, that the intention was more of a tribute to the books and author23:08
zleapali1234, yes23:08
ali1234mgdm: not as much as you might think23:08
ali1234there is definitely something to it, i've seen it myself23:08
ali1234even when the TV is doing interframe blending you can see this effect23:08
ali1234for example if you watch star wars, it looks like an episode of doctor who from the same time period (but with slightly better effects)23:09
ali1234it's a really subtle effect23:09
ali1234but if you noticed things like NTSC->PAL conversion on american sitcoms in the 90s then you will notice this too23:10
zleapjust been watching the birds from the 60's, you def see the have super imposed stuff over the original filming23:10
ali1234or live TV vs recorded shows always looked different23:10
ali1234when you watch some high framerate footage the first time it seems weird, weirder than HD did23:11
mgdmThere are TVs at work that take the 576i signal just before it goes to the Freeview encoders23:11
ali1234but after a while it just becomes normal and everything else looks like rubbish23:12
ali1234anyway regarding interlacing, yes, the two fields are both spacially and temporally different23:12
mgdmif you look at those, and then look at 1080i signal after broadcast, you realise that 1080i HD over Freeview gets you back roughly to where you'd have been with a nice CRT and a line-of-sight to a nearish transmitter23:12
mgdmali1234: yeah, I know that23:12
ali1234so it is neither 25 frames per second nor 50 frames per second, but kind of a blend of both23:12
mgdmI mean, analogue transmitter23:12
ali1234you can in fact feed a TV only top or bottom fields to get true 50FPS at half the resolution23:13
ali1234and nasty scanlines23:13
ali1234that's how games consoles did it23:14
ali1234probably out of spec though23:14
mgdmthe compression that SD Freeview does is nasty and does 'orrible things23:15
ali1234especially on dave23:15
mgdmthey probably have next to no bandwidth23:16
ali1234i think they mus have nly bought enough bandwidth for a radio station and tried to put TV on it23:16
mgdmactually they have the same bandwidth as ITV1, apparently23:16
ali1234well, ITV1 is usually pants as well23:16
ali1234on dave they probably compressed the shows for archival more than for transmission23:17
mgdmat work, the SD output isn't brilliant - the HD equivalent isn't bad, though23:17
ali1234then recompressed for tx, you get double the artefacts23:17
ali1234BBC usually does a good job23:18
ali1234best quality pictures, and best test of your playback setup you're going to get on freeview HD is match of the day23:18
zleapyeah only the bbc could do all day coverage of the olympics then do breaks to news which then report on the olympics with very little time to other news23:19
ali1234instant way to tell if your fields are reversed is watch some football23:20
=== soreau__ is now known as soreau

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