CyberTailsHello my Fine Folks02:04
InHisNameY'all left FOSSCON and just went home to fall asleep ?  C'mon, it wasn't that tiring, was it ?03:26
JonathanDGood morning.09:45
rmg51Morning JonathanD09:52
JonathanDHow's teddy? Worn out?09:57
JonathanDDid he ever get a hat?09:57
rmg51Teddy is happy with his hat09:59
rmg51still wearing it09:59
rmg51Teddy can nap anywhere any time09:59
JonathanDWish I could ;)10:03
jedijfhi Quadling welcome13:38
* jedijf should have reminded everyon e to join launchpad too - JonathanD maybe we can in a followup email13:39
JonathanDjedijf: theres going to be a survey email going out, add it to that.13:41
Quadlingmakes sense13:44
QuadlingFosscon was great, thanks to all who brought it about.13:44
jedijfyeah, it's always great whenever we get together irl - wish more would realize that13:45
CyberTailsHello my Ubuntu Friends15:07
JonathanDhey CyberTails16:11
CyberTailsHey Jonathan16:16
SamuraialbaGood bacon to all and to all some good bacon!18:40
CyberTailshey, a hive76 member :)19:01
rmg51and you scared him off CyberTails ;-)19:10
SamuraialbaJust got done writing my commemorative/inspirational speech for class on Alan Turing19:32
rmg51I just got done eating a bowl of cereal :-D19:38
MobileTurkeyjedijf: got hte samsung galaxy S3 :-)21:33
MobileTurkeyit's pretty hot.21:33
jedijfMobileTurkey: sweet - looks great21:39
MobileTurkeydidnt see a way to root it easily yet21:41
MobileTurkeyso I don't have a tethering mechanism yet21:41
MobileTurkeybut 4g holy poop21:41
ChinnoDogI have one too MobileTurkey22:03
ChinnoDogBut mine is on Sprint.22:03
MobileTurkeyi have at&t22:22
ChinnoDogI don't have LTE coverage in this area yet but the phone is still pretty awesome.22:25
ChinnoDogtime to change my password23:10
ChinnoDogstupid Mint lock screen23:10
ChinnoDogIt showed the screen was locked but apparently sent my keystrokes to my terminal window23:10
ChinnoDogluckily I only use that password on this workstation anymore.23:12
jedijfyeah sure23:12
ChinnoDoghehe jedijf23:12
ChinnoDogGo ahead jedijf, hax my internet accounts23:12
jedijfon it already23:12
ChinnoDogoh crap. There is one other place23:13
jedijfposting to facebook now23:13
ChinnoDoggotta fix that23:13
ChinnoDogok that is fixed.23:13
ChinnoDoghaha jedijf23:13
ChinnoDogfb kept telling me my account was being hacked so my fb password is now unique23:14
ChinnoDogproblem solved. Disabled lock screen.23:19

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