eric_latest edgers have broken graphics stack05:14
eric_lots of blue05:15
eric_nvm, it's a gnome bug05:30
shadeslayerquestion, is the X stack from -proposed compatible with the fglrx drivers I get from AMD's site?18:59
shadeslayeri.e. ABI compatibility 18:59
shadeslayerwell that was fun, binary driver from their site is unusable19:37
mlankhorstthere you go then :)20:32
shadeslayerit's basically because the kernel changed ABI in 3.5 20:43
shadeslayersomething to do with do_mmap20:44
shadeslayerand the fact that I have X from proposed20:44
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tjaalton_shadeslayer: no, it's not compatible21:15
shadeslayertjaalton_: some sort of incompatibility between fglrx and the kernel it seems21:16
tjaalton_it doesn't support the xserver abi21:17
shadeslayerI read your response in the wrong way21:17
shadeslayerI read that as, no, it's compatible21:17
shadeslayertjaalton_: found out about it the hard way :P21:18
tjaalton_if it did support the abi, it would be in quantal too21:19
shadeslayeris the ubuntu X team going to move the 1.13 packages from proposed to the main component without fglrx support? or is there some plan to get fglrx fixed and then move them together21:20
tjaalton_yes, no21:23
tjaalton_can't wait for amd21:24
tjaalton_the stack needs to move the coming week21:24

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