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Kiloshiya Squirm 08:39
Kilosyo Cantide 09:20
Kiloshi Tonberry 09:21
Cantidemorning '<09:21
Cantidei am actually CanSnack / CanStudy right now09:21
Cantideso partially AFK :p09:21
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smileHoi! :)16:47
Kiloshi superfly and others17:38
Kilosdrussell, evening. how good are you at making waves17:39
Kiloshi smile 17:41
smilehallo Kilos :)17:41
magespawnEvening all18:00
smileevening, magespawn :)18:01
* smile gee magespawn 'n drukkie18:02
magespawnHey smile18:02
smilehow was your day ^^18:02
Kilosyo magespawn 18:03
magespawnHey Kilos18:03
magespawnGood thanks smile spent some of it at the beach18:05
smilemagespawn: hot? :)18:05
magespawnPleasanylt warm for the first half.18:06
smilemagespawn: 28 here @ 18h :)18:10
smileso it was over 30+ degrees18:10
smileit's the hottest we reach in Belgium18:10
smilein an average summer18:10
magespawnHad 35 yesterday. Winter here, unusual though, normally 20-2518:11
superflyhi magespawn and smile 18:14
superflyon my Kindle Fire18:14
magespawnHey superfly18:14
Kiloshi Pankreas 18:14
PankreasHey there Kilos 18:14
superflyit's useless outside of the USA18:15
Kilosaw and you were so looking forward to it superfly 18:15
* Banlam is also curious18:16
smilehi superfly :D18:16
PankreasSorry to interupt, everyone in here SA Ubuntu users?18:17
Kilosnot all18:17
smilePankreas: nope, i'm Belgium Ubuntu user :)18:17
PankreasRight. 18:17
Kilossome use other systems too18:17
magespawnFrom all over18:17
smile(and developer, not for ubuntu) :p18:17
superflymagespawn: it only has the Amazon app store, which is only available in the USA18:18
PankreasBelgium, nice.18:18
smilePankreas: and you :D18:18
superflyPankreas: most of us are from SA18:18
magespawnI have that on my HTC flyer and it works.18:18
Pankreasall right, cool. From SA as well. I am new to the whole linux scene, but very interrested.... Still have to make up my mind between two types.18:19
superflymagespawn: I had to root my Kindle to install Google Play18:20
smilePankreas: which two types? welcome in linux world :)18:20
KilosPankreas, what two?18:20
smilesome things may be overwhelming, but please ask :)18:20
magespawnNo shortage of opinions here thats for sure.18:20
Kilosand welcome to ubuntu-za18:20
PankreasThank you smile.  Ubuntu and Fedora.18:20
PankreasThank you Kilos 18:20
smileUbuntu is much easier for beginning linux users :)18:20
smileI recommended it to someone this week and he likes it very much18:21
magespawnStrange superfly, I use the amazon app from google play so maybe that is different.18:21
smileHe's happy with it18:21
KilosPankreas, have you got adsl18:21
PankreasRight, ok, that will help, lol. Loaded the Fedora from the live media....18:21
superflyPankreas: Fedora is pretty nice, but it tends to break when you upgrade18:21
Pankreasuncapped internet dongle stick.... 18:22
smileFedora is much modern techniques -> more likely to break18:22
Pankreasthank you superfly , you just made up my mind....18:22
superflyPankreas: in my experience, Ubuntu breaks less18:22
superflymagespawn: app store, not app18:22
Pankreaslinux mint?18:23
Pankreaslook nice18:23
KilosPankreas, have you used or seen any linux os in action yet?18:23
smilePankreas: good choice also. :) most ubuntu software will run on linux mint too18:23
magespawnsuperfly yup the amazon app store.18:23
magespawnIs mint not ubuntu baser?18:24
Kiloshaha youll get there18:24
superflymagespawn: well, I couldn't even install free apps18:24
Kilossooner or later18:24
PankreasWell, i am downloading ubuntu tonite, while I sleep. lol. No really no, not in action. right, so you get different software aswell,???18:24
Kilosall software is available in the repos18:25
Pankreasmeaning, software for different versions of linux...18:25
Kilossoftware centre18:25
Kilosoh ya18:25
magespawnsuperfly i cant get the drm ones that need usa but the free ones I can 18:25
Kilosmagespawn, mail them to the fly18:26
smilemagespawn: yes it is18:26
magespawnSo then it uses dpkg and apt?18:26
smileyes, apt-get to be precise18:26
Pankreasok, I'm still learning. Thank you.18:26
magespawnDebian packages .dbm?18:27
smile.deb, magespawn ;)18:27
KilosPankreas, you are welcome here no matter what linux system you are using18:27
smileeven arch ;)18:27
magespawnTouch keyboard18:27
smilebut less likely with Arch Linux we will able to help you18:27
superflyPankreas: no, we're talking about how you install software on Linux18:27
superflyPankreas: on Windows you have those installers. on Linux it works completely differently18:28
KilosPankreas, once you have installed ubuntu everything is available at the click of your mouse18:28
magespawnThe point I was trying to get to was Pankreas can use the ubuntu software.18:29
PankreasI'm not rushing into anything at the moment.  Going to change my desktop pc to linux, and take it from there. I really don't want to sound like a newbie, but hey, I am....18:29
PankreasI am going to install Ubuntu18:29
superflyPankreas: each distribution has their own way to install stuff, though the concept is the same for them all18:30
Kilosgood decision18:30
smilebye :)18:30
superflyPankreas: awesome!!18:30
Kilosmost help needed for ubuntu you can get here18:30
Pankreas:) 18:30
Kilostoods smile 18:30
superflybye smile 18:30
Pankreasthat is some good news.18:30
smilesee ya all :)18:30
Pankreasbye smile 18:30
magespawnBye smile18:30
smilegood night :)18:30
Kilossleep tight smiley guy18:31
magespawnhttp://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm maybe give this a gander.18:31
smilethanks Kilos :D18:31
Pankreaswill do. ty18:31
PankreasUm... server taking to long to respond, will check it out a bit later then.18:34
KilosPankreas, you can upgrade your server to ubuntu as well18:35
PankreasHere is a qeustion, running server OS on a desktop not for a server purpose. pointless right?18:36
Pankreasbtw, I do make spelling mistakes.18:36
Kilossuperfly, runs his server on a sparee pc at home18:36
SquirmPankreas: what server OS though?18:37
Kiloswe all do 18:37
Pankreascool, but for server purpose... netwoking, vrn etc.... Squirm: any i guess, win 2008, red hat.... 18:38
SquirmI know a guy who runs windows server '03, stability purposes18:38
SquirmI'd run something like RH as a desktop18:38
Tonberry debian?18:39
Squirmit's nice and stable, if that's what you're going for. Only downfall is you don't get all the up to date packages, you'd have to build them yourself18:39
SquirmTonberry: I run debian18:39
Squirmon my desktop, netboot and raspberry pi18:40
PankreasOk, was thinking of loading ubuntu server.... but went for the desktop version...18:40
Tonberrydoes everyone but me have a pi?18:40
SquirmTonberry: probably18:40
magespawnNo I dont have one yet18:41
Pankreasum, I had custard pi today...... Only heard of the raspberry pi today, what is it, if I may ask?18:42
Pankreashardware, software?18:42
Squirmcredit card sized computer18:42
Squirm800Mhz arm processor, 256mb ram18:42
Squirmpowered off 5v mini usb18:43
KilosMaaz, google rasberry pi18:43
MaazKilos: "Raspberry Pi | An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!" http://www.raspberrypi.org/ :: "FAQs | Raspberry Pi" http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs :: "Raspberry Pi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi :: "Rasberry pi - Hack a Day" http://hackaday.com/category/rasberry-pi/ :: "Rasberry Pi Foundation announces the Gertboard - The H Open ..." http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Rasberry-Pi-Found18:43
Squirmlook at the faq18:43
Squirmit has photo18:43
KilosPankreas, download the server tomorrow night18:44
Kilosyou can also try kubuntu18:44
Kilosthe fly should have a link18:44
SquirmPankreas: it's not exactly 'pointless', it depends what the person wants out of his OS18:44
KilosSquirm, is kubuntu there18:45
Squirmshould be18:45
Kilosthey split from canonical18:46
Kilosor vice versa18:46
Squirmthe date's are old though18:46
superflyPankreas: there's no real difference between the server and the desktop in Linux, other than the preinstalled software18:46
Squirmgoes up to 11.1018:46
PankreasWow, look very nice, will have a better look later at the raspberry pi. 18:47
SquirmPankreas: best part is, you'll pay around R340 for it18:47
Pankreassuperfly:  Right, so server it is then.18:47
Pankreasreason for tomorrow night?18:47
PankreasSquirm: what? really? 18:47
superflyPankreas: but if you want to use it as a desktop machine, install the desktop version18:48
superflyPankreas: you can install the server software as and when you need it18:48
Pankreasok, does this make sense... I want to learn myself a bit more about servers, and linux, thus installing a server version should be the best option????18:49
Pankreasyes, no?18:49
Pankreasstart with desktop first18:49
superflyPankreas: remember, the server doesn't have a gui18:49
superflyPankreas: start with the desktop18:50
Squirmspeaking of servers. I really need to start learning for my RH exam :/18:50
Pankreasmakes sense, seeing as the gui will help.18:52
PankreasRight Gentlemen, and Ladies if present. quick coffee and smoke break, which i am trying to stop as well... both. brb.18:54
SquirmMaaz: coffee on18:54
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:54
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:54
MaazKilos: Yessir18:54
superflyPankreas: coffee yes, smoke no. :-)18:56
magespawnSquirm RH exam?18:57
Kilossmoking keeps elephants at bay18:57
Squirmmagespawn: doing my RHCSA on the 24th18:58
Kilosgreat Squirm 18:58
Kilosglad to hear that18:58
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm and Kilos!18:58
Squirmty Maaz18:58
KilosMaaz, danke18:58
SquirmKilos: I hope it will be great18:58
Kilosgive it your best lad18:59
Squirm2.5 hour prac18:59
Kilosand the theory?19:00
Kilos3 hours19:00
Squirmno theory19:00
Squirmif it was theory, I'd suffer19:00
Squirmit's more like. here's a problem, fix it19:01
Kilosah thats nice19:01
Kiloswhen Squirm ?19:02
Kilosmagespawn, you gone quiet19:03
magespawnFamily chatting here. Also googling rhsca.19:04
SquirmRed Hat Certified System Administrator19:06
Squirmthen the next level from that is Red Hat Certified Engineer19:06
Squirmwhich I want to get, but maybe next year19:07
Squirminbetween I think I'll try and get up to LPIC319:07
PankreasThere is obviously market for linux in SA?19:10
magespawnI think there is a market world wide.19:11
magespawnBig business uses it to tun most of their servers and such.19:13
Squirmthat's where I'm hoping to go19:13
PankreasGood luck with that. Read somewhere on one of the linux sites, servers that has not been shut down in over a year.. 19:14
Squirmthat happens pretty often19:14
SquirmSymmetria: maybe you can grab an uptime off the mirror?19:15
* Squirm pesters19:15
PankreasWhich is a plus19:15
magespawnOnly time mine goes off is when Eskom fails.19:15
Squirmmy dedi which hosts my irc server in the US19:16
Squirm$ uptime19:16
Squirm 15:14:26 up 192 days,19:16
Pankreasnice :)19:17
Squirmdebian ftw19:17
Kiloshi psydroid 19:28
psydroidhi Kilos19:28
Kilosi go sleep now. sleep warm all19:28
Kilossee ya morrow19:28
magespawnNight kilos, night all.19:29
PankreasRight people, time to say good bye. Thanks for the chat. see again.19:34
SquirmKilos: that was quick19:45
Kiloslol i forgot to ask maaz somethig19:48
inetprogood evening19:48
inetproKilos: I'm still alive19:48
inetprothat is for in case you where wondering 19:49
psydroidhi Kilos and inetpro19:50
Kilosso lekker to see you again19:50
Kiloshows things old man19:50
psydroidkids killed my internet connection19:50
* inetpro been afk for a few days19:50
Kiloswe kinda noticed inetpro 19:50
Kilosbetter sort things out19:50
Kilos8 days to meeting19:51
Squirmhello inetpro 19:51
inetproKilos: hmm... time to start thinking about the new agenda19:51
inetproheh Squirm and psydroid19:51
* inetpro won't touch the agenda tonight... need another weekend to recover from the long weekend19:52
Kilosnow i can go sleep. i spoke to maaz and saw the pro19:52
Kilos8 days is plenty inetpro 19:52
Kiloswe start in the week sometime19:53
inetproKilos: tks, now I feel better19:53
inetprogood night19:53
Kilosnight again guys19:53
superflynight all21:14

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