gothfor the moment I just try to permanentely enable hw acceleration again00:01
BooGubuntu 1200:01
exutuxs/more/alot of/00:01
ActionParsnipgoth: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'             Thanks00:01
maheanuuexutuxI have a clean external 1.5TB drive as the empty back up drive and the files I am trying to reccover are on another external  drive  that is also a 1.5TB00:01
maheanuuI am running the same, and have no problems, with my flash but my upgrade was only 2 days aGO00:03
exutuxmaheanuu: well you can it's enough :D00:03
gothActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/WjYAENuL00:04
maheanuuexutux  I thought that it would be ok, but looking for the command line stuff I am going to need to do this, I was working in the Directory of Books Ebooks and Audio Books and apparently pumped it into space perhaps Jupiteer as I don't see the debris on Mars00:05
ActionParsnipgoth: sudo apt-get --purge remove gnash gnash-common00:05
ActionParsnipgoth: then:   sudo apt-get --reinstall install adobe-flashplugin00:05
maheanuuActionParsnip, U da smarted dood here!!!00:06
ActionParsnipmaheanuu: sometimes00:06
gothok I try00:06
gothI was actually thinking about removing the flashplugin?00:06
maheanuuActionParsnip, U my heeerow00:06
gothhow far is gnash?00:06
ActionParsnipgoth: not sure, could try it, its free00:07
gothbut flash causes major bugs00:07
gothso maybe worth a try00:07
gothalso flash stores a lot of data00:07
gothand then there are the adds/etc00:07
jychow can I run xrandr at the login screen?00:09
jycI used to be able to use /etc/gdm/Init/Default, but now that ubuntu uses lightdm00:09
m477what are advantages of using terminal applications instead of window oen00:09
maheanuuexutux, does foremost recover mp3 files as a lot of my ebooks are audio ones and those are the most important to me00:10
ActionParsnipm477: skills are transferable00:11
ActionParsnipmaheanuu: why do you not have a backup?00:11
maheanuuActionParsnip, only one thing I have to say is I'm still dangerous here after all these sessions00:11
ActionParsnipmaheanuu: foremost may be able to recover data, but its not guarunteed00:12
gsrHi all.  My unity launcher seems to have disappeard.  If I put my mouse over it, I can still see the names for each program, and I can still click and launch - but its completely transparent.  Same with the bar at the top of the screen.  can I refresh unity without having to restart X?00:12
maheanuuI do have backups, but I had a major crash and by the time i got finished putting on every version from 10.04 thru 12.04 I lost all sorts of stuff and these drives are external00:13
ActionParsnipmaheanuu: you can go directly from 10.04 to 12.04 as it is LTS to LTS00:14
maheanuuI see that it does pdf's and mpegs but does mpegs inclued mp300:14
ActionParsnipmaheanuu: foremost does all files00:14
triadIt's Ubuntu good as server?00:15
maheanuuI didn't wanna leave 10.04LTS but after a serious crash I had to and Ubuntu kept telling me that I needed to upgrade until I got to 12.0400:15
Debolaztriad: Yes.00:15
zykotick9triad: not really... ubuntu isn't "stable"00:15
maheanuuActionParsnip, I done tole you i am dangerous!00:15
jyczykotick9: what are you talking about?00:15
jyctriad: just use ubuntu LTS, you'll be fine. Wikipedia uses ubuntu servers IIRC00:16
maheanuuActionParsnip, and not too bright either00:16
triadlolm are you serious ))?00:16
edgyHi, I copied my-huge.cnf to my.cnf and restarted mysql and it didn't come up, what's wrong?00:16
triadwhy they use Ubuntu instead other type of OS00:17
triadi use fedora 17 on my netbook and i think to set my server on ubuntu, because centos give's me some serious headache00:17
ActionParsniptriad: ask them00:19
ActionParsniptriad: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/casestudies/wikimedia00:19
triadright now i'm reading that00:19
gothActionParsnip: ok, your procedure didn't help00:20
=== jblp is now known as jblp_away
triadso i'll think i'll go for ubuntu00:20
gothActionParsnip: still the same behaviour, still hw accel deactivated00:20
ActionParsniptriad: why not use it yourself and form your own opinion....00:20
gothtriad: or use debian for server...00:21
Debolazzykotick9: Don't spread fud.00:21
zykotick9Debolaz: i'm not.  ubuntu isn't "stable" in either of the computer sences of the term... that's "fact"00:21
ActionParsnipgoth: remove all the packages you got in the output and then install the adobe-flashplugin package00:22
Debolazzykotick9: What definition of stable would that be then?00:22
goththat's what I did, remove with purge even00:22
zykotick9Debolaz: stable 1) non-changing packages 2) none crashing... </OT>00:22
ActionParsnipgoth: yes remove them all so you have zero flash00:22
Debolazzykotick9: Ubuntu seems perfectly stable to me then.00:23
ActionParsnipzykotick9: once its released it's officially stable :)00:23
zykotick9ActionParsnip: used to be.  not anymore, see firefox... ;)00:23
Cromatzykotick9: What disto do you think is stable more so than Ubuntu, the only one I know is debian stable branch...00:23
zykotick9Cromat: what i use ;)00:23
Cromatlol ok00:24
ActionParsnipzykotick9: ive not seen firefox for the last 3 releases00:24
exutuxI have 15 Ubuntu server running actually and it's all stable00:24
Cromatzykotick9: I missed the first half of the discussion are you having an issue?00:24
zykotick9Cromat: no issue here <i'll drop the OT>00:24
triadthere is 12.04 LTS SERVER stable version ?00:25
exutuxtriad: yes it is00:25
Debolaztriad: Yes.00:25
gothActionParsnip: that's what I did00:25
ActionParsniptriad: yes00:25
gothActionParsnip: I think it is some setting in firefox00:25
triadi had ubuntu desktop for 6 months, i know how it works. just asking about the server because i don't know how it is00:25
antonio_thank you actionparsnip00:25
gothhow do I change the firefox settings?00:25
antonio_my touchpad work perfectly now..00:25
gothI forgot00:25
ActionParsnipgoth: then no idea, your OS is 64bit and the adobe-flashplugin package will install 64bit flash, you could play with /etc/adobe/mms.cfg file00:26
Debolaztriad: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server00:26
ActionParsnipantonio_: what was the magic bullet?00:26
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest96283
Cromatgoth: The alternative is to use chrome, no need for flash then as a seperate install00:26
antonio_actually I am sure..00:26
triadDebolaz: it has installation features, like ..to be able to not install any DE and so on ?00:26
Debolaztriad: The server edition is very reliable, stable, and generally one of the best server distributions to use.00:26
Debolaztriad: It does not install any desktop by default.00:27
antonio_i restart ubunt..00:27
=== Guest96283 is now known as Aitor
triadi;m not interested in desktop or any other kinky non-interesting stuff00:27
zykotick9Debolaz: lol - see debian or rh for a "real" server distro00:27
exutuxtriad: server edition doesn't has X00:27
gothchrome has some other issues00:27
gothI prefer firefox00:27
exutuxtriad: it's a SERVER! lol00:27
Debolazzykotick9: Debian is fine, though I tend to strongly advice people against using RH. CentOS is somewhat better, but still a real pita to deal with compared to Ubuntu/Debian.00:28
Alazare619anyone used x2go?00:28
ActionParsniptriad: you can install miimal ISO then install the desktop you desire00:28
gothGrecoo: hmm, so chrome has builtin flash?00:28
gothwhat flash/swf/whatever system are they using?00:28
ActionParsnipgoth: yes it will continue flash, firefox will probably do something similar00:28
gothanyway, I still have the same problem00:29
exutuxzykotick9: rh isn't free and debian sure is stable but it doesn' has a dedicated server edition and it's so old for packages versions00:29
gothfor now I'll just use dwhelper to download the flash00:29
exutuxzykotick9: obv it's stable...it's a bit old00:29
gothand then play it from the harddisk00:29
goththat never crashes00:29
zykotick9exutux: if you think debian packages are "old" you've not used rhel...00:29
Debolazzykotick9: RH based server distributions tend to require a lot higher level of knowledge about the inner workings of the system. If you want things to just work, Debian or Ubuntu is simply a lot better choice. And unless you are managing a large number of servers, there simply isn't any advantage *at all* with using RH.00:29
gothbut it is soooo anoying00:29
zykotick9Debolaz: i'd never personally use rh... but it's an enterprise grade OS00:30
exutuxzykotick9: I've used rh and centOS too and I have some debian server00:30
exutuxant they has old "stable" packages it's real00:31
Debolazzykotick9: "Enterprise grade" means nothing other than that they sell support contracts. Which Canonical does as well of course.00:31
exutuxso I close OT...00:31
exutuxzykotick9: and I repeat RH isn't free00:31
brandonjCentOS is free00:32
triadi prefer fedora for my notebook :)00:32
exutuxbrandonj: but isn't RH and it doesn't has support like RH00:32
CromatI never could get use to fedora00:32
brandonjexutux: it's pretty much red hat.00:32
ActionParsnipI'm using xpud more these days00:32
triadCromat: what's so different ?00:33
Debolazbrandonj: And you get no (Official) support contracts for CentOS, which means I certainly wouldn't recommend it for "enterprise" use. And then what's the point? Using it for the sake of using it?00:33
triadi like fedora because it gets installed very easy with XFCE00:33
triadgnome crashes at me i think00:33
triadin fact, i never tested on this netbook00:33
triadi think i might definitly move to ubuntu00:33
Cromattriad: Not sure, I don't know rpm really and it just felt uncomfortable.  Might have to give it another try but in the past I had nothing but hardware problems00:33
brandonjDebolaz: I'm not advocating it's use, but if you want red hat for some reason, but can't afford the commercial product, use centos00:34
Platypus-Manis there an easy way to check network traffic in terminal? I just want some basic like % / emgabit used, when I search I only find advanced stuff like packet sniffing, web filtering etc00:34
Cromattried: Most likely just bad luck on my part00:34
triadCromat: hm..00:34
triaddon't know what to say00:34
exutuxbrandonj: yeah but it doesn't matetr with discussion :D00:34
Cromattried: I'll give it another go now00:34
Cromatbeen wanting to do a nothing install on empty drive00:34
triadi'll check on youtube to see how it works ubuntu on my netbook :)00:34
Debolazbrandonj: It's just that I can't think of any reason why one would want that. Ubuntu just seems like a superior choice as server compared to RH/CentOS in all but some very, very specific cases.00:35
exutuxPlatypus-Man: iftop00:35
exutuxPlatypus-Man: or iptraf00:35
Cromattriad: Plus the ubuntu community has been more help especially for my Asus Zenbook...00:35
Cromatlol -- tried: The requested URL /pub/linux/fedora/releases/17/Live/x86_64/Fedora-17-x86_64-Live-Desktop.iso was not found on this server00:36
triadfedora doesn't want you00:36
Cromattriad: see bad luck :)00:36
Platypus-Manexutux: thanks00:36
Cromatjust a bad mirror going now00:37
brandonjDebolaz: I tend to agree, but I wouldn't say Ubuntu "blows away" RHEL.  Debian might, though.00:37
CromatDoes anyone here use SublimeText2? Is it worth the 59.99?00:37
DebolazCromat: Imho, yes.00:37
exutuxPlatypus-Man: not at all :)00:38
DebolazCromat: I use it on Mac, Windows, and Linux and it's my preferred editor in all those environments.00:38
CromatDebolaz: Is the license good across all os's00:38
dj_segfaultHow does SublimeText2 compare to, say, JEdit?00:38
DebolazCromat: Yes.00:39
CromatDebolaz: I have a mac book pro at work, and I use only linux at home00:39
exutuxbrandonj: what is the difference from debian and ubuntu?00:39
CromatDebolaz: cool, then I might have to get it00:39
exutuxbrandonj: by using them for server?00:39
DebolazCromat: Keep in mind that you can evaluate sublime for free.00:39
DebolazCromat: So you can see if you like it before you buy it.00:39
Cromatyea downloading it now00:39
Debolazdj_segfault: Never tried jedit.00:39
Asad2005How can i get rid off disabled sources enteries aft dist upgrade00:40
Debolazdj_segfault: Given that jedit is written in Java, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that sublime is probably more snappy. :)00:40
brandonjexutux: debian stable undergoes more rigorous testing and auditing, imo, and it seems (to me) to be more stable running in a server environment00:40
exutuxbrandonj: for example if you need a web server... why you choose debian instead of Ubuntu server?00:40
cschriderI just installed 12.04 and now I am trying to get a netgear MA311 wireless card to work.00:41
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
DebolazCromat: Btw, you can install sublime through apt-get: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/06/sublime-text-20-stable-released-ppa.html00:41
dj_segfaultDebolaz: That's a safe assumption, yes.00:41
exutuxbrandonj: how I said above... debian is old, for that reason is considered stable00:41
CromatDebolaz: Cool I just downloaded the tarball00:41
triadI have 1 GB DDR3, 1 GHz, ASUS EEE PC Seashell Series X1015BX - how it will work ?00:42
brandonjexutux: debian isn't 'old'?00:42
exutuxbut it doeasn't matter with server edition00:42
CromatDebolaz: But the ppa might have unity integration by default00:42
DebolazCromat: Installing through the PPA has the advantage that it will integrate it properly into your system.00:42
cschriderthe card is installed in the machine but I don't think it was detected.00:42
exutuxbrandonj: debian packages are older than Ubuntu packages00:42
cschriderthere doesn't seem to be any wlan networking loaded00:42
Debolaztriad: Ubuntu should run fine on that. I have a rather old netbook with 1 GB RAM myself, and Ubuntu has no problems running on it.00:43
DraugauthAnyone know how I can team my NIC connections?00:43
Debolaztriad: Remember to install zram though. :)00:43
brandonjexutux: in debian stable that's often true, but the same will happen when you're on the third year of an LTS ubuntu release as well.  Bleeding edge packages aren't typically a concern when you're running a server.00:43
exutuxtriad: if you want a light dm use lubuntu-desktop or XFCE00:43
Artemis3Debolaz, the fact that something is new, begs for being more careful, older stuff tends to be better supported, you have to check and double check each component support with linux before purchase00:43
zykotick9Artemis3: +100:44
DraugauthI have a Pro/1000 MT Dual Port NIC and I would like to team the connections as the system is going to be a file/media/cloud server for the house.  Anyone know how to go about doing that?00:44
triadxfce much better. i'll think about it. right now i will still use fedora as desktop and ubuntu as server :)00:44
DebolazArtemis3: Yes, but Ubuntu tends to have among the best documentation available for what hardware is supported.00:44
Debolaztriad: xubuntu gives you a nice XFCE environment out of the box.00:45
exutuxArtemis3: we speaking about servers00:45
Artemis3triad, indeed, consider Xubuntu which comes with XFCE by default00:45
maheanuuexutux, can I use  -t *.* and recover everything that I have deleted in the past few days on this drive that I want to recover the books on, it would be better if I couls do that as I have lost other stuff in this circle jerk00:45
DraugauthI have a Pro/1000 MT Dual Port NIC and I would like to team the connections as the system is going to be a file/media/cloud server for the house.  Anyone know how to go about doing that?00:46
maheanuuThat way I think that i can recover drive to drive and never see my system drive on this machine00:46
exutuxmaheanuu: yes you can00:46
exutuxmaheanuu: foremost has alot of options00:47
Artemis3exutux, what about servers?00:47
exutuxArtemis3: discussion was about choose between debian and ubuntu server00:48
maheanuuextux, being rather new and really old, I can really get myself in a lot of trouble rather rapidly00:48
Vyk2anyone know a program like linx for ubuntu?00:48
Artemis3exutux, i believe someone asked about an eeepc surely not a server ;)00:48
W4spVyk2: Is it Lynx?00:48
exutuxArtemis3: yeah you have to read above..more above :D00:49
exutuxArtemis3: btw was all OT00:49
Debolazexutux: Context is overrated.00:49
brandonjVyk2: you're going to have to describe what linx is00:49
exutuxDebolaz: right00:49
Vyk2W4sp: a program that allows you to stress test your CPU giving you a value in Gflops00:49
exutuxArtemis3: so forget my sentence :D00:49
brandonjVyk2: you could just try to compile libreoffice00:50
W4spVyk2: Thanks for clarification.00:50
Artemis3exutux, you mean your ot talk about debian vs ubuntu? well we can try this in offtopic :)00:50
Vyk2i'd need a program that allows me to compare CPUs in gflops00:50
exutuxArtemis3: yeah I just said that00:50
exutuxVyk2: stress00:51
Vyk2i want to get rid of windows, so i don't want to boot that useless OS just to do that00:51
DraugauthI have a Pro/1000 MT Dual Port NIC and I would like to team the connections as the system is going to be a file/media/cloud server for the house.  Anyone know how to go about doing that?00:51
exutuxor cpuburn uhmm00:51
exutux!info cpuburn00:51
ubottucpuburn (source: cpuburn): Collection of programs to put heavy load on CPU. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4a-2 (precise), package size 14 kB, installed size 112 kB (Only available for amd64; armel; armhf; i386; hurd-i386; kfreebsd-i386; kfreebsd-amd64)00:51
Vyk2i'm not actually trying to stress test the CPU, i would like to get a gflop value out of it00:51
cschriderso how does this work? do I need to be in a queue or something to ask questions?00:52
brandonjcschrider: just ask your question :)00:52
Debolazcschrider: Just ask.00:52
Elchzardcschrider: Nope, just ask away and if someone can answer they will00:53
W4spcschrider: Just ask your question, providing details.00:53
cschriderok, I just install 12.04 and now I am trying to get it to work with my netgear MA311 wireless card00:53
Vyk2exutux: oh i see what you meant there00:53
cschriderit looks like it isn't even detecting the card. there isn't any indication of anything wlan being installed00:54
Artemis3exutux, for non support talk please join #ubuntu-offtopic, repeat the question there :)00:54
DraugauthI have a Pro/1000 MT Dual Port NIC and I would like to team the connections as the system is going to be a file/media/cloud server for the house.  Anyone know how to go about doing that?00:54
cschriderI tried installing linux-wlan-ng but I'm sure what to do with it next00:54
W4spcschrider: Did you check what dmesg has to offer?00:54
exutuxVyk2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100440600:55
exutuxArtemis3: I have no question and I have my own opinion about that thanks00:56
cschridersorry, I didn't -- I'm kind of a noob at this though I have some experience. Networking has always just worked so I didn't have to mess with it00:56
cschriderlooking at dmesg now00:56
DrManhattanwhats the difference in CPU load for fakeraid vs software raid?00:56
W4spDraugauth: Is that's bonding ...? Have two NICs that seemling are one interface?00:57
Draugauthfakeraid and software raid are basically the same.  I think you mean hardware raid (where the controller handles all the raid duties) and fakeraid where the system handles the raid duties00:57
DraugauthW4sp:  Could be.  Intell calls it Teaming but yes where 2 or more nics act as 1 interface00:58
Artemis3DrManhattan, fakeraid in linux is not a good idea, to say the least; even if they had the same cpu usage; you are better off with soft, for reliability, and portability, or even options00:58
DrManhattanyeah and I can mix raid types with software raid00:58
jpmhI have 12.4 and have used SETTINGS?DISPLAY LOCK but it does not lock, why not00:59
DrManhattanie /boot=raid1 /=raid1 swap=raid000:59
W4spDraugauth: You can load balance them.00:59
DrManhattanthansk Artemis300:59
W4spDraugauth: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding00:59
DraugauthDrManhattan:  I hear ZFS is very good to use.   I plan on testing it out at some point but right now my raid controller handles all my raid duties instead of the filesystem/fs00:59
cschriderok, what am I looking for in dmesg?00:59
DraugauthW4sp:  Ok thank you00:59
brandonjDraugauth: I used to use something called ifenslave to accomplish teaming, but that was a long time ago00:59
Draugauthbrandonj:  Alright I will look at ifenslave as well.  Thank you01:00
ratcheerWhen I worked on big systems, we used a combination of hardware and software RAID01:00
W4spDraugauth: brandonj Yes, that's what you should digest.01:00
cschriderW4sp: what am I looking for in dmesg?  I don't see anyting related to wlan, MA311 or prism drivers01:00
brandonjcschrider: is that a pci or usb wireless card?01:01
cschriderbrandonj: pci01:01
W4spcschrider: YOu can see what devices are detected. That is, even if there is no driver it tells you it what hardware is available. Among other things, of course.01:01
brandonjcschrider: does it show up in 'lspci'?01:01
nasa01W4sp, howdy -- http://pastebin.com/deiT9RUK  && https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/205302 (I did come on the other day, but missed you)01:03
DrManhattanArtemis3, you know what else - I forgot I have mixed drives - two 320bg WD drives but one with 8mb and one with 16mb cache01:03
cschriderbrandonj: no, it does not seem to be in lspci01:03
DrManhattanthis is not a problem with software eaid01:03
W4spnasa01: YEah, the dbus issue.01:04
* nasa01 hopes there is a solution out there -- but not holding his breath01:05
* W4sp wonders if nasa01 has inhaled by now. 01:06
W4spnasa01: I don't have a solution. I mentioned in this channel you may contact the author.01:06
nasa01It's all good.  I thought I would just close the loop01:07
* W4sp gets very nosy now.01:07
W4spnasa01: WHat was it...?01:07
Artemis3DrManhattan, soft raid is very forgiving, of course you will have reduced performance, but even green drives will work (albeit slowly, and you should disable that parking stuff lol)01:08
servvswell that was fun, I just got some crazy errors after updating01:08
servvstook me about 2 hours to get my system running agin01:08
DrManhattanArtemis3, reduced performance vs "fakeraid"?01:08
W4spnasa01: Well. Did you find a solution?01:09
nasa01W4sp, I put a question on launchpad, but I haven't tried contacting the developers directly -- and no I live with the problem still today01:10
* DrManhattan gives Artemis3 a violent shake01:10
W4spnasa01: That's a shame. I have no solution either. :-(01:10
DraugauthIs there a program for seeing disk and ethernet utilization?01:11
W4spDraugauth: iotop...?01:12
DraugauthW4sp:  will that let me see how much utilization is being done the raid controller or the R6?01:12
ActionParsnipDraugauth: ntop for the network01:12
Vyk2exutux: this program seems great but it seems they discontinued the project.. the donload is not available anymore01:13
DraugauthActionParsnip:  thank you01:13
W4spDraugauth: It shows you th e disk utilisation, for network activity you may find ntop useful. But it is huge.01:15
Draugauthwell I'm trying to figure out where the hangup is.   I haven't bonded the nics together yet but I'm not even hitting 50% of what 1GB should be.01:16
Bethyhey could anyone help me? i have a samsung n130 netbook running Ubuntu 12.04 and the wireless internet connection switches on and off. i am a new Ubuntu user, any help would be muchly appreciated ^__^01:17
DraugauthBethy:  Be careful you're not hitting the power switch for the wireless nic.  Happens all the time.01:18
Bethyno thats not the problem, i had windows xp running on this before, and i never had this problem01:19
DraugauthBethy:  Are you losing power or getting disconnected?01:19
Bethygetting disconnected from wifi hub01:20
blazingtruthhi all, i just downloaded ubuntu today (win7 xps 15z) and i'm not entirely sure how to get dual boot starting. i want win7 as primary01:21
DraugauthBethy:  Do you have an android phone?  if so download wifi analyzer and watch the signal strength on the router.  It might be crapping out on you.  Can also use that app to find less clogged channels.01:21
Draugauthblazingtruth:  http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/05/17/how-to-dual-boot-ubuntu-12-04-and-windows-7/01:22
Bethyi have a iphone01:22
jribblazingtruth: install ubuntu.  During install you can choose to keep windows around.  Afterwards,  you can change what boots by default (see ubottu)01:22
jrib!grub | blazingtruth01:22
ubottublazingtruth: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:22
DraugauthBethy:  try seeing if you can find an app that will pick up Wireless APs and show their signal strength.01:22
cfhowlettblazingtruth: back up your windows data, take your time, follow the dualboot tutorial and happy buntu times...01:23
DraugauthW4sp:  How do you start iotop?  I installed it but can't find it with the Unity hub01:23
W4spDraugauth: Just sudo iotop01:23
DraugauthW4sp: kk ty01:24
DraugauthW4sp:  Any ideas on how to speed up a R6 array using a hardware controller?01:26
W4spDraugauth: Sorry, no. The ntop is a big one and requires a daemon to run, btw.01:26
DraugauthW4sp:  That explains why it quit.  What daemon do I need to run for it?01:27
maheanuuexutux, I am trying to write the command line for foremost, and do I need to put in the -h  after the -v?  Also, the drive I want to recover the files from is /dev/sdb1 and the one I want to use as the drop is /dev/sdc1 and I am not sure what all the files were in the directory but they were text and audio (mp3) for the most part.  can I use as the directory  *ebooks* as a wild card?01:27
W4spDraugauth: Did you install it? You are being asked for a password that you later need to attach a client to it.01:28
W4spDraugauth: I don't have it installed on the system I'm using right now.01:28
DraugauthW4sp:  Ok I'll work on it later.  Guess I should focus on trying to improve the speed of the R6 array ;)01:28
=== OptiWork is now known as OptiStanford
W4spDraugauth: Is it for a server, eg many io requests from different users?01:30
maheanuuexutux, I know that I have to be sudo to run, but I will NOT run it until I am sure that my command line is absolutely correct as I want to recoup as much as I can01:30
BethyDraugauth: there doesnt seem to be any problems with the router.01:31
DraugauthW4sp:  Home server.   will have 10+ devices connecting to it at any given time.   Trying to get myself caught up on what has happened in the IT world ;)  Also got WHS coming in next week.01:31
DraugauthBethy:  So the signal strength is staying steady right?01:31
W4spDraugauth: I trust you are aware that 2008 requires 2GB to idle. ;-)01:32
DraugauthW4sp:  Server has 8GB of ram.01:32
DraugauthW4sp:  the server is a Core 2 Duo X6800 on an Asus P5N-SLI motherboard with 8GB of ram (16GB was just to expensive lol) Highpoint Rocketraid 3560 Raid Controller, and a few other goodies01:35
W4spDraugauth: All this to proxy IRC on freenode? Just joking.01:35
DraugauthW4sp:  Well I am gunna use the system to setup a cloud service for friends and family, provide backup services for friends and family, and provide multimedia to the household.01:36
W4spDraugauth: Any chance to assist Bethy ? I wonder if it is a powe management thing. On OpenBSD there's a ifconfig <if> -nopowersave that does not seem to exist on Ubuntu.01:37
DraugauthW4sp:  Well I'm waiting to her from her if the signal strength is staying steady.   Not sure what else.  My laptop that had linux on it got stolen about a year ago ;(01:38
W4spDraugauth: There's a way to disable power management per device in a config file but can't remember where it is. :-(01:38
BethyDraugauth: the signal strength is nice and steady01:39
W4spDraugauth: That sounds exciting. Will you use pf as a firewall?01:39
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
DraugauthBethy:  Hrmm  have you tried loading a different driver for the wireless?   It shouldn't be dropping the connection if the signal strength is steady.  Let me look something up01:40
DraugauthW4sp:  Not right now.  I have a nice router to handle that and 2 24 port gigabit managed switches coming to play with as well01:41
BethyDraugauth:  awww thankyou, im new to Ubuntu, i really appreciate this ^__^01:41
W4spBethy: Do you ahve the Realtek RTL8192E WiFi card in you laptop?01:41
* cfhowlett bets she's got broadcom01:42
BethyW4ap: how would one find that out? :)01:42
DraugauthBethy:  Disable IPV6 on it and see if that helps.01:42
BethyDraugauth: how do i do that?01:43
DraugauthBethy:  Click on the network icon and click configure network01:43
DraugauthBethy:  Then go to wireless if memory serves01:43
Bethyah okies, ty01:44
Kre10s_make: avr32-gcc: Command not found... the only avr package in synaptic is gcc-avr. where do i get avr32-gcc from? is this an alias to something else?01:47
BethyDraugauth:  done it, deleted them, and re connected to the network, just waiting to see if it stops, thankyou for helping01:48
DraugauthBethy:  No problem.  If it doesn't we'll try checking the drivers and see if we can find you updated ones or not.01:48
BethyDraugauth: ahh, no luck, it done it again lol01:50
DraugauthBethy:  dang ok click the Unity icon in the top right and search for "additional drivers"01:51
BethyDraugauth:  i tried that and there was no additional drivers available. (a friend helpd with that lol)01:52
DraugauthBethy:  not sure what else then.   Someone asked if you had a broadcom.   Is the laptop setup for dual boot so you still have windows?01:53
cfhowlettBethy: broadcom: yes or no?01:53
W4spBethy: Could you let us know your WiFi card. Open a terminal with Alt+Ctrl+t and type in lspci01:54
* W4sp cfhowlett may now lose or win the bet. 01:54
zykotick9Bethy: "lspci | grep -i network" might show you less output (might not show wireless though :(01:54
AcidRainill say this. fedora 17 is nice now that i got the MATE-desktop super pimped out.01:54
BethyDraugauth:  no, just Ubuntu.01:54
Bethyjust a sec...01:54
AcidRainbut... i just dont like fedora. its not as good as ubuntu. what is everyones favorite flavor?01:55
AcidRaini want to install something better.01:55
ActionParsnipAcidRain: lubuntu imho01:55
AcidRainalso i will say this, ubuntu and windows xp suck at handling my wireless driver. fedora is epic with it01:55
AcidRainActionParsnip, why do you like lubuntu?01:55
AcidRainimma google it now01:55
cfhowlettW4sp: so it's broadcom then?01:55
ActionParsnipAcidRain: because when you sk it to do something, it just does it and doesn't dance around01:56
W4spcfhowlett: I don't know yet. We're awaiting the output of lspci with eager anticipation.01:56
AcidRainActionParsnip, what seems to be the difference between ubuntu and lubuntu?01:56
AcidRainim lookinng to do alot of perl programming01:57
ActionParsnipAcidRain: it uses LXDE as the desktop and openbox as the WM01:57
AcidRainthe gedit in fedora is even down graded from that of ubuntu01:57
Bethy00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GSE Express Memory Controller Hub (rev 03)01:57
Bethy00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)01:57
Bethy00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)01:57
Bethy00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)01:57
Bethy00:1c.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family PCI Express Port 1 (rev 02)01:57
FloodBot1Bethy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:57
Vyk2i see that my CPU speed is changing between1.6 ghz to 3.3 ghz01:57
maheanuuActionParsnip, I am trying to understand and write the command line for foremost, and I am not understanding everything that it wants nor the format of the line, could you help me on this?01:57
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:57
Vyk2why is that?01:57
Draugauthgoing afk01:58
ActionParsnipVyk2: it willclock up and down as needed01:58
kameronis it possible to have one machine provide an X session for a completely separate set of keyboard/mouse/monitor? for multi users at once?01:59
AcidRainActionParsnip, so its good as if not better than ubuntu, especially since it uses LXDE, which appears to be close to gnome201:59
ActionParsnipmaheanuu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Foremost01:59
ActionParsnipAcidRain: better is an opinion, so is never concrete01:59
AcidRainActionParsnip, so what is your opinion?02:00
ActionParsnipAcidRain: lxde rocks, try it02:00
AcidRainhonestly, cause im rly gonna format now if u say its better02:00
AcidRainActionParsnip, then ill brb in about 1 hr ;)02:00
AcidRain2012ActionParsnip: ill be right here.02:01
DrManhattanwhats the command to restart networking in 12.0402:01
Vyk2ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/tTEhwriR02:02
DrManhattanthe modern equiv of /etc/init.d/networking restart02:02
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: sudo service networking restart02:02
AcidRain2012omg. 10min download02:02
Bethythanks for all the help but i have to go x02:02
Vyk2the 1st one wan @ 1.6ghz and the problem size doesnt matter, cause i made several b4 all with 10000 and 1.6ghz02:02
Vyk2god 40 gflops sucks so much02:03
W4spOoops. Now we will never find out cfhowlett02:04
cfhowlettW4sp: dang.02:05
DrManhattanActionParsnip, stop: Unknown Instance02:07
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: then use status instead02:07
Shazer[2]i have downloaded Sublime Text 2, and I've extracted it now I need to run the binary.02:08
DrManhattanwhats the console app to config your networking02:08
Shazer[2]I've done ./sublime_text but it says no such file or directory.02:08
Shazer[2]Double clicking also won't open it.02:08
Shazer[2]Anyone have any ideas?02:08
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: are you in the same folder as the file?02:09
Shazer[2]ActionParsnip, yes, I am.02:09
cvrShazer[2]: I just downloaded and extracted the file works fine from here02:10
Shazer[2]Any idea why it would say that?02:10
Shazer[2]Hmm :(02:10
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: and is the file marked as executable?, you can check with: ls -l ./sublime_text02:10
Shazer[2]That's all I tried too.02:10
Shazer[2]shannon@ubuntu:~/Downloads/Sublime Text 2$ ls -l ./sublime_text -rwxr-xr-x 1 shannon shannon 7972576 Jul 14 10:07 ./sublime_text02:11
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: looks fine02:11
Shazer[2]But then02:12
Shazer[2]shannon@ubuntu:~/Downloads/Sublime Text 2$ ./sublime_text bash: ./sublime_text: No such file or directory02:12
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: does it run ok with gksudo?02:12
DrManhattanyeah sudo service stop doesn't work02:13
cvrShazer[2]: did u get the 64/32 bit that suits your install?02:13
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: use TAB to complete the service name02:13
ActionParsnipcvr: I think you got it02:13
Shazer[2]I got, Python 2.7.3 compressed source tarball (for Linux, Unix or Mac OS X)02:13
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: what is the output of:   uname -a; file ./sublime_text02:14
Shazer[2]ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/3TV9C2ke02:14
ActionParsnipcvr: you win02:15
Shazer[2]What's the problem?02:15
cvrShazer[2]: get the 64bit download02:15
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: you have a 32bit ap when your ubuntu is 64bit02:15
Shazer[2]I don't see a 64-bit link?02:15
Shazer[2]Oh, right nevermind xD02:15
Shazer[2]Right now..02:18
Shazer[2]Is there anyway I can get some files from my windows partition on ubuntu?02:18
dj_segfaultIn 10.04 (Gnome 2) is there a way to get X to redetect monitors without logging out?  I hook up a TV to the external port, but if I logged in without that hooked up...02:18
dylanShazer[2]:You should be able to mount the windows partition02:19
Shazer[2]dylan, what do I need to do?02:19
Shazer[2]I'm completely noob to this.02:19
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: Ubuntu can read NTFS natively. If you used wubi you can use the /hosts folder02:19
AcidRain2012ActionParsnip: burning to disk02:19
AcidRain2012ActionParsnip: oh its done ;)02:19
dylanShazer[2]: when you open your home folder, you should see something under devices like "64GB Filesystem" or however big your windows partiton is02:20
Shazer[2]Thanks :)02:20
ActionParsnipShazer[2]: could just use this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/sublime-text-2?field.series_filter=precise02:22
AcidRain2012i wonder if there is a way to take every single bit of configuration related to a certain program ex postfix, ices, mumble, esc, and put them onto lubuntu. just in the even that ActionPartition's opinion is right about it, and it, i quote: "rapes" ;p02:22
AcidRain2012fedora was fast, but poor software center handling, and in my opinion, functionality was low on linux part, and it was hard to do normal ubuntu things02:24
dylanI had the same experience02:24
AcidRain2012ActionParsnip: with lubuntu, during the install, it is already failing to connect to the router. :/02:29
AcidRain2012fedora is better here once more, but i can cope with it02:29
ActionParsnipAcidRain2012: its the same OS as Ubuntu, just a different DE/WM thats all02:29
ActionParsnipAcidRain2012: so if you had that with Ubuntu, it will be the same in Lubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu02:30
dylanThen again I was using fedora 14, not the new one02:30
dj_segfaultActionParsnip: I checked out Sublime since it was mentioned here earlier.  Very impressive.  It seems to have all the key features I like about JEdit, though the documentation is much lighter.02:30
vaks3anyone know how I can check what kind of vid card my computer will accept I have a desktop and want to buy a new one02:31
ActionParsnipdj_segfault: cool, if you like it use it :)02:31
vaks3but I dunno if its PCI 2.0 or w/e02:31
AcidRain2012ActionParsnip: ouch....02:31
dj_segfaultActionParsnip: are you associated with that project, or you just like it?02:31
ActionParsnipvaks3: ask in #hardware02:31
AcidRain2012ActionParsnip: so im gussing kubuntu is KXDE and x is XXDE?02:31
ActionParsnipdj_segfault: I don't even use it, I use leafpad and nano. A user was simply asking about it02:32
dylanvaks3: try #hardware02:32
ActionParsnipAcidRain2012: KDE and XFCE, but yes02:32
dj_segfaultvaks3: If you google the motherboard you should be able to find out02:32
vaks3thx guys02:32
pnormanFor some reason when I do apt-get no-install-recommends remove libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 it wants to *install* dbus-x11 as well as remove parts of postgresql. How could I find out why it wants to do these actions?02:32
pnormaner, -- in front of no-install-recommends02:33
dj_segfaultpnorman: Could that mean it thinks that package is no longer being used?  Can you try Synaptic and see what it says?02:33
pnormandj_segfault: the list for automatically installed and no longer required is a different list02:34
pnormandj_segfault: How would I use synaptic?02:34
dj_segfaultDo you have GUI or is this a server?02:34
AcidRain2012just cause its a server, doesnt mean theres no gui ;) just sayin02:34
IDWMasterHi. I was installing Ubuntu on a computer which previously had Windows on it.02:35
dylanmy server has a gui...02:35
dj_segfaultAcidRain2012: Agreed.  I can't imagine setting up a server without GUI but a lot of people here do.02:35
IDWMasterI used the installer provided to attempt to resize the partition02:35
ActionParsnipdylan: then its a desktop OS02:35
IDWMasterIt was resizing for about a few hours02:35
IDWMasterthen stopped02:35
IDWMasterand said that the resize operation had failed02:35
IDWMasterI tried to reboot the computer off of Windows02:35
IDWMasterit would not boot02:36
pnormanNo GUI. I'm not actually sure off hand if I installed with a -server image, but I don't think that's what you're really interested in02:36
rypervenchedj_segfault: All you need are SSH and vim, nuff said :)02:36
dj_segfaultIDWMaster: Did you intend to REPLACE windows or install alongside of it.02:36
IDWMasterThe drive no longer shows in partition editor02:36
IDWMasterInstall alongside it02:36
IDWMasterI selected that option02:36
dylanwhy does it need to lack a gui?02:36
IDWMasterThere was an error during resize02:36
IDWMasterand now all data on the drive seems to be lost02:36
cfhowlettIDWMaster: don't panic.02:36
AcidRain2012IDWMaster: more than likely u didnt. that screen is very tricky and has honestly tricked me in the past. fucked up cause i lost everything.02:36
IDWMasterIs there any way to recover it?02:36
cfhowlettIDWMaster: DO NOT panic.02:36
AcidRain2012it needs to be in big bold letters. WILL ERASE ALL02:36
ActionParsnipdylan: securty, resources and boot time are 3 I can think of quiickly02:37
IDWMasterIt is in big red letters02:37
IDWMasterI didn't choose that option02:37
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: use yorbackups02:37
IDWMasterResize failed because system ran out of RAM02:37
AcidRain2012IDWMaster: oh rly02:37
cfhowlettIDWMaster: reboot your ubuntu disk and see if the windows partition is still there.02:37
AcidRain2012IDWMaster: must just been to blazed :P02:37
IDWMasterIt doesn't show up in partition editor or Nautilus02:37
dylanthose are just reasons not to have one, there is no law that states "Servers must lack a Graphical User INterface"02:37
dj_segfaultMany sysadmins feel the more software you have installed, the more potential for security problems, and the more daemons running the same thing02:37
IDWMasterAre there any tools I can use to recover the data?02:38
cfhowlettIDWMaster: it MIGHT be gone.  Boot your windows disk and run windows repair02:38
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel02:38
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: foremost possibly, backups will easily restore the data02:38
IDWMasterThis particular system was never backed up02:38
IDWMasterI've tried testdisk02:39
IDWMastercan't find the partition02:39
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: why did you not run a full backup before doing something so drastic?02:39
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: is your data not important?02:39
IDWMasterInstalled Ubuntu on so many computers before, it's never had a problem partitioning02:39
* cfhowlett ...not gonna say it, not gonna say it ...02:39
IDWMasterIs there a way in Ubuntu to recover such lost data?02:40
IDWMasterOr should I contact a forensics specialist02:40
IDWMasterOr should I contact a forensics specialist?02:40
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: the default can, just install foremost02:40
dylanIDWMaster: try somethign like scalper02:40
ActionParsnipIDWMaster: you have learned the value of backup the ardest way.02:40
AcidRain2012IDWMaster: a forensics specialist can only find out what you looked at, and what you did. not the contents of files02:40
dylanyou want file recovery02:40
AcidRain2012after a partition that is. that is to my understanding what i read from a FBI book02:40
cfhowlettIDWMaster: imagine IT Tech Yoda: ALWAYS back up your data, you must!02:40
pnormanI guess what I want to do is figure out the dependency connection between libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 and the other packages02:41
dylanThat's why I have so many cloud accounts02:41
AcidRain2012cfhowlett: it would be: "Yoda: back up your data always, you must! uhmmmumm02:41
dylanUbuntu One, Dropbox, Pogoplug, SkyDrive, Icloud02:41
dylanand a personal server02:41
pnormanAcidRain2012: did you try the links that ubottu suggested?02:41
AcidRain2012pnorman: for what?02:42
pnormanAcidRain2012: whoops, wrong person02:42
pnormanAcidRain2012: although a data recovery company could likely recover the contents of files, assuming you didn't do anything like encrypt the disk or use fakeraid02:43
AcidRain2012pnorman: how is that possible? i read in the fbi book, they carry around a briefcase that can clone your hdd. then take it back to the lab, and pull up allocated asm data and hex positioning in some type of table and can accurately guestimate what you did02:44
Platypus-Manwhen Challenger exploded, they managed to locate enough of the hdd platters, and fix them up enough to extract data... so yeah, when you can't blow it up with rocket fuel your data can pretty much always be extracted if you throw enough money at it02:47
=== on3pk is now known as on24pk
IDWMasterCan this company do it? http://www.securedatarecovery.com/hard-drive-data-recovery.html02:47
IDWMasterData was lost on an NTFS partition02:47
DebolazWhich is why you need encryption if you want to really prevent someone from getting your data.02:47
AcidRain2012Platypus-Man: but the difference here is, that was rocket fuel, this is a repartitioning and format02:47
AcidRain2012not only a repartitioning, but a fail02:48
IDWMasterHow much money do I need to throw at it?02:48
pnormanIDWMaster: I've heard that recovery prices start at around $250-$50002:48
CerebralVortexIDWMaster: At that price you need to decide how valuable that data actually is...02:49
AcidRain2012IDWMaster: do you have access to tax payer money?02:50
IDWMasterI wish02:50
AcidRain2012yeah your screwed02:50
pnormanah, i figured out why it wants to remove parts of postgresql. postgis depends on gtk02:50
CerebralVortexIDWMaster: I had a friend use this before not sure if it will apply to your situation : http://www.easeus.com/datarecoverywizard/recover-repartitioned-drives.htm02:50
cfhowlett*you're* your02:50
AcidRain2012cfhowlett: cmon man. dont be one of those people02:51
cfhowlettAcidRain2012: OMG.  I AM one of those people!02:52
AcidRain2012noooooooooooooo your to far gone02:52
maluciouscan someone help me with my canon printer? Interesting problem02:52
AcidRain2012dont correct my nooooooo, your, or to02:52
AcidRain2012its internet02:52
CerebralVortexAcidRain2012: lol02:52
cfhowlettmalucious: state the issue02:52
maluciouscfhowlett, the yellow tank is empty on my printer. in windows i get a prompt that allows me to ignore and continue printing my document. in ubuntu I get no prompt so the printer will not finish the job02:54
[Toto]hello my su command no work i got this Cannot execute /bin/bash : No such file or directory02:55
[Toto]i m talk abour su user02:55
cfhowlettmalucious: nice!  what a great ubuntu challenge!  *Obviously, I don't have the answer...*02:55
cfhowlettmalucious: does Canon provide a printer driver for this device?02:56
maluciouscfhowlett, i haven't checked their site.02:56
cfhowlettmalucious: recommended.  a Canon driver probably works better than a 3rd party driver.02:57
maluciouscfhowlett, just checked their site. no support02:59
[Toto]anyone give me a hand ?02:59
cfhowlettmalucious: ok.  stay in this channel and re-ask every 15 minutes or so.  also do a search for linux+ubuntu+your printer02:59
maluciouscfhowlett, alright. Thanks for the help though03:00
BIOS_UpdateHi, Is there any BIOS update tool for ubuntu (using phoenix award bios)?03:00
cfhowlettmalucious: best of luck03:00
BIOS_UpdateCussrent BIOS version is 1, from 2005.03:01
cfhowlettBIOS_Update: dell had one ...03:01
BIOS_UpdateI got a Medion PC.03:01
kexibqhi guys, i have a machine running ubuntu at work, would it be possible to connect to it from home and use irc remotely?03:02
kexibqsame session on both machines sort of03:02
cfhowlettkexibq: yes:  vinagre03:02
zykotick9kexibq: i use irssi in a screen session remotely on a regular basis, right now infact...03:03
Calahankexibq just ssh to your work marchine and use irc?03:03
Calahana lot of irc shell clients out there wonder which is best one03:04
nabaweHellow Underbunty03:06
maheanuuIs there any sensible way to learn the command line?03:06
nabawethe Man pages03:06
nabawealso these webs are pretty good03:07
Calahanmaheanuu well each team you need to do somth from command line you learn it :P03:07
maheanuuThe harder I work the more in the crap I get03:07
Calahanmaheanuu what you mean?03:07
nabaweand the wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command-line_interface03:08
maheanuuI have NO team, I am the only one on an island that uses Ub untu and every one else uses windoze or Crapple03:08
nabawecheck the chart at the bot03:08
maheanuuI have a real problem with an external disk that stored data and the entire directory somewhere I have no idea where03:09
dj_segfaultmaheanuu: You can use the find command to find that file.  Go to the drive and type "find . -name thenameofyourdirectory"03:10
maheanuuI am trying to use foremost to recover all my books, ebooks, and audio books that dissappeared this morning and I cant make heads or tails out of the command line for foremost03:10
maheanuuIt ISN"T There03:11
maheanuuNothing is anywhere on the drive so I must be deleted.....03:11
booleanevening... looking for a cli based file indexing tool ... anyone ? ( besides doing a massif find and grep script )03:11
Calahanmaheanuu well maybe you accidently deleted files? Imho they aren't there if you cannot find them? Or searching in wrong location.03:12
dj_segfaultmaheanuu: Are you absolutely sure the drive is mounted, and you're not just looking at the mount point directory?03:12
maheanuuYes the drive is mounted and available, I will not write to it until I recover these files03:12
dj_segfaultmaheanuu: Good move.03:13
maheanuudj_segfault, I have no idea how it happened, I had used a cut and paste as I was doubling up on files that I had moved from a directory to a sub directory03:14
booleanmaheanuu: ensure that it is read only when mounted to guarantee no change03:14
* boolean is looking for a specific tool that does partition/file recover for ext3 ... gimme a sec03:15
maheanuuor should I say directories as I have abouty 300 gigs of books there03:15
maheanuuI am using NTFS03:15
booleanoh ... then look for any windows style undelete tool03:16
booleanthe net is full of them03:16
FreeFogHey there03:16
FreeFogAny one is versed in the Advanced Format specification from Western Digital?03:16
maheanuuI use NTFS as every one in my area and I am talking about 5 islands in a group and then the capitol a hundred fifty miles away and they all speak french or tahitian and not a one knows anything about linux03:17
Myrthhi, i'm trying to skip fsck on boot, and edited the kernel line in boot, added fastboot. but it still auto-runs fsck. what else can i try? thanks03:17
cfhowlettFreeFog: greetings03:17
FreeFogHeey there Cfhowlett03:17
FreeFogany of the Ubuntu IRC branches specializes on fstab and harddrives?03:18
cfhowlettFreeFog: what's your ubuntu issue?03:18
maheanuuThey have peeps in Papeete who use linux, but very few speak english and even tho I speak French I do not speak or understand technicial french03:18
booleanMyrth: if during boot, your system is requesting a fsck, you should let it03:18
booleanMyrth: there is a "dirty03:18
Myrthboolean, it is a "has gone 224 days without fsck"03:18
boolean" bit on the fs causing it to launch03:18
newbie|2Myrth: edit your fstab file03:19
Myrthboolean: it is more important for me right now to have the server up, than have the profilactic check, which can take hours03:19
Myrthnewbie|2: i can't get to it, because i can't boot the server03:19
booleanmaheanuu: may I suggest then you download hiren's boot cd, boot your box off of that and use the recovery tools there...03:19
newbie|2use a live cd03:19
FreeFogI am trying to check if a NTFS drive I use for backups is properly formated under the Advanced Format specification of Western Digital03:20
Myrthi have remote kvm, and tried remote mount and boot live xubuntu and dsl, but it just gets stuck or too slow03:20
FreeFogI tested with parted and the align command03:20
FreeFogbut parted (at least in my limited experience) has no way of teling me if the topology was properly set03:20
FreeFogI really want to know if I achieved the use of 4kB03:21
AcidRain2012from what i have seen im liking lubuntu03:21
maheanuuBoolean, the drive is a 1.5 TB and I have a formatted partitioned virgin standing by to do the dump on if I can ever get the gd command line correct03:21
AcidRain2012i believe i liked fedora just a liiiiiiiiitttle better03:21
FreeFogI see in parted a phi and logical out put but I am not sure if I achieved what I wanted03:21
[Toto]i have some problems with /etc/passwd03:21
[Toto]no one users password works03:22
booleanMyrth: then take a look at tune2fs to change the interval from X to whatever your heart desires03:22
Myrthboolean: i can't boot the system03:22
Myrththe only access i have right now before it starts fsck is grub03:22
Myrthgoogle shows i have to add "fastboot" to kernel line in grub, but it doesn't help03:23
booleanmaheanuu: another approach might be to use dd the bad disk into an image on the new drive and mount it via loop to see if you can get at it ... ( google search for instructions )03:23
ouyesany good tutorial about how to use the ubuntu shell, like grep and find, how to write regular expressions( man pages is lack of examples)03:24
jribMyrth: what kernel?  What ubuntu version?03:24
booleanMyrth: if memory servers, while the system does a typical boot up, doesnt it ask you to do the fsck or is it simply forcing it upon you03:25
maheanuuboolean, I do NOT want to do anything with this drive until I have run foremost, and sure could use some help on the command line03:25
maheanuuThat is all i am asking for03:26
Myrthjrib: 11.10, 3.0.0-2303:26
chocobogamesquestion. ubuntu 12.04 completely freezes on my about once a day. everything becomes locked. what steps should i take to identify the cause/resolve the problem, if possible?03:26
maheanuuI have the bad drive sdb and the new formatted drive sdc I want to do foremost on sdb and dump the files on sdc03:27
* boolean sighs 03:27
jribMyrth: what are you doing exactly to add the "fastboot" option?03:28
maheanuuchocobogames, what are you doing when it freezes!?03:28
Myrthjrib: googling "cancel fsck boot" recommends to add this option to disable fsck03:28
chocobogamesmaheanuu, it actually happens randomly. sometimes i'm using chromium, sometimes i'm in eclipse03:28
jribMyrth: ok, but that's not my question03:29
chocobogamesmaheanuu, nothing about it has been consistent other than that it's a complete freeze03:29
Calahanmaheanuu maybe this helps http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142313/03:29
Myrthjrib: oh, in grub, click E, go to kernel line, click E, add fastboot, click B03:29
=== 64MABRMYC is now known as greenkobold
jribMyrth: "click E"?03:29
Myrthjrib: to edit03:30
maheanuuchocobogames, I had the same problem with 10.04 and found out that Firefox was causing the lockups I downloaded the latest version after I deleted the old one and the problem went away03:30
jribMyrth: ok I guess you press e on your keyboard and you probably press something like f10 (can't remember) to actually boot?03:30
Myrthjrib: the legend on the botton says "B" to boot03:31
Myrthwhich it does03:31
jribMyrth: well I'm not sure why fastboot isn't working.  Though on ubuntu, there is usually a message present during fsck that says "press whatever to cancel" while it happens03:32
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
Myrthjrib: nope. Esc would cancel it in Mint, but in ubuntu it would just switch between splash and log screens03:33
jribMyrth: what filesystem is this?03:34
maheanuuCalahan, can I use $ find *ebooks* to find the entire directory03:35
Calahanmaheanuu maybe can also try locate03:35
jribMyrth: and you don't have access to the files?03:36
Calahanmaheanuu try locate (folder_name)03:36
Myrthjrib: it is a remote server, i don't have physical, access, only remote KVM. I've tried to remote mount live ISOs but it takes too long to boot. well i guess i'll try again.. might take 15 mins03:36
jribMyrth: how big is the filesystem?  Seems like fsck would likely be done by now03:37
Myrthjrib: 500GB03:37
Myrthmultiple partitions.. it looks like it tries to fsck all of them at the same time03:38
Myrthwhich would be so stupid03:38
=== tensorpudding_ is now known as tensorpudding
jribMyrth: only other thing to suggest is change your options in grub so you don't (or do; change whatever is happening now) get a splash screen.  Maybe then you can cancel with escape03:39
Myrthjrib: i've tried to edit the grub options on boot and add "fastboot" but it's ignored03:39
jribMyrth: yes, I'm suggesting something different03:40
jrib!es | pakl03:40
ubottupakl: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:40
Myrthjrib: oh i see03:40
jribMyrth: if that doesn't work, maybe you can change init to /bin/bash (not sure if fsck will still run then) and get access to the files that way03:45
Myrthi'll try to give it few hours for fsck03:46
Myrthtell you the truth it doesn't bother me that much.. it's a weekend and night.. but my wife is killing me, as she has some stuff there, heh03:47
tech1i have an external usb drive "/media/SEA_DISC" which gets mounted automatically. i can open files on it and move them around that drive but if i try to copy them to my home folder(like Documents) with Nautilus i get error: "Error when getting information for file" "No such file or directory" .... but if i copy with "cp" from terminal it copies ok i just reinstalled today and im sure the first time around last week i copied03:48
tech1 with nautilus03:48
sirbladewhen I download 12.04 LTS how come it says 32 bit recommended,03:49
JPeterson, /bin/tar has diappeared so apt-get install doeant work. where is the tar deb?03:49
sirbladeI think I should have d/l the 64-bit :(03:49
Calahanmaheanuu any success? I think the command you wanted to run could be somth like this # find / -name **ebooks*03:49
Calahanwith 1 * before ebooks :P03:50
sirblade@tech1 can u browse the files in ur homedir03:50
AminkHi, I'm a Ubuntu newbie, and I'm having problems with my audio: 1) When I startup, before it goes to Ubuntu, it says 'HDA-Intel no codecs found', 2) when Ubuntu starts, no audio plays 3) there is no audio icon in the top right, 4) videos play super fast03:51
Aminkcan any one give me guidance?03:51
JPetersonsudo dpkg -i tar_1.26-4ubuntu1_i386.deb fails with "dpkg: warning: 'tar' not found in PATH or not executable."03:52
sirbladeis tar in /usr/local/bin ?03:53
osirisx11hello my friends, i am stuck in a very low resolution after a game crashed, can anyone please suggest how i can reset to a higher res in terminal?03:54
osirisx11i tried using the standard gui but it annoyingly won't let me drag it up as my resolution is smaller than the change resolution window03:55
animushello there03:56
wilee-nileeosirisx11, have you tried logging out and back in or rebooting?03:56
tech1is there a way to run a script from outside ~/bin? like with a certain terminal command03:56
osirisx11wilee-nilee: no i was trying to avoid tha03:56
osirisx11this is a high reliability machine that i happen to play games on03:57
osirisx11i'd rather not log out03:57
wilee-nileethat is a shallow exscuse I must say. ;)03:58
tech1that makes no sense03:58
tech1oh i found it bash03:58
osirisx11i can't reset the resolution on command line?03:59
osirisx11i thought we were geeks here, work with me03:59
osirisx11"just log out." pah03:59
wilee-nileeosirisx11, xrandr -s XXxXX you out in the resoultion04:00
wilee-nileeput in*04:00
osirisx11but that is not installed by default, so what is the existing dialog using to set it?04:00
wilee-nileeyou don't have to install xrandr04:01
osirisx11oh thanks04:02
osirisx11ahh perfect thanks wilee-nilee!04:02
tech1if i run a script as sudo "sudo bash datadeploy.sh" will all the commands in the script get sudo privalege no matter how long it takes to run(after sudo timeout)?04:03
wilee-nileeosirisx11, cool. ;)04:03
osirisx11get this man a beer! alright you guys have a great night04:03
aminkbtcis there any way I can get Ubuntu to find HDA-Intel codecs? When I start up, it says "HDA-Intel no codecs found!"04:03
trailbarwhen i'm in x how do i drop to console?04:04
trailbarthought ctrl-alt-backspace or alt-f7 or something but i maybe this got disabled?04:04
JPetersonhow do i schedule a disk check?04:05
JPetersonon reboot04:05
wilee-nileetrailbar, crtl==-alt-f7 brings you back to x try crtl-alt-f104:06
wilee-nileedoh close04:06
trailbarwilee-nilee: thanks04:07
wilee-nileetrailbar, no problem.04:07
trailbaruh what's the best way of disabling copmositing now? seeing some posts saying edit xorg.conf but i don't seem to have one04:08
aminkbtcUbuntu shouldn't be used by newbies04:08
aminkbtcI thought it would be relatively user friendly, but you need to have decent knowledge of computers or else it's extremely inconvenient.04:09
wilee-nileeaminkbtc, what should they use?04:09
JPetersonhow do i show the startup text after the login screen has cleared the console history?04:09
stryck3r-landerhello guys04:10
wilee-nileehehe I started using computers with ubuntu seemed easy enough.04:10
trailbardoes 12.04 ubuntu use metacity or compiz by default?04:10
trailbarwhat's easiest way to switch it to metacity or something that doesn't have compositing04:11
wilee-nileethe unity desktop is a plugin in compiz trailbar04:11
cvrtrailbar: metacity --replace04:12
trailbarcvr: permanently?04:12
wilee-nileetrailbar, try the 2d desktop04:14
trailbarwilee-nilee: how do i do that?04:15
trailbarhow can i restart x?04:15
wilee-nileetrailbar, at login there is a dropdoen from a gear icon to the right of the user login.04:15
trailbarwilee-nilee: ok, because compositing does not work my whole ui is screwed and unusable at the moment, is there a way via command line or other to just restart x so i can attempt login again?04:16
vaksonce ubuntu is installed how much space does it take up?04:17
trailbarah pkill X worked04:17
JPetersonhow do i show all boot messages and commands? or pause the boot process?04:18
JPetersonfsck fails but the message run past too fast to see it04:18
JPetersoni see "checking disk drive for errors" for a second but i cant make out what it says after that04:18
Calahanvaks you interested only in shell or gui aswell?04:19
agentgasmaskJPeterson: I think dmesg does that.04:19
JPetersonhow do i ask the login screen to not clear the boot screen log?04:19
vaksim too noob to go shell only04:19
JPetersoncat /var/log/dmesg|grep checking returns ""04:19
Calahanvaks could bet ~5 GB needed04:20
agentgasmaskJPeterson: try the dmesg command insted of catting the log.04:20
vaksok cool04:20
vakshow much faster is linux on an SSD than a standard 7200rpm HD?04:20
agentgasmaskvaks: much faster. It even rocks on my netbook04:21
Calahanwell it is faster as any other OS but how mutch depends04:21
jgcampbell300i been trying all night to figure out how to print from a 8 1/2" X 4" envelope with a inventory list on it ... can anyone direct me to a site that would tell me how to do this ...04:22
vaksi guess im curious if it would be worth putting it on SSD with windows or just have it on other HD, I mainly use this comp for gaming04:23
tobeushey all, I need help with ssh client/host config in ubuntu 12.04.  Is there a better channel I should check or can anyone help me out here?04:24
agentgasmaskjgcampbell300: what do you mean print "from" an envelope? You are trying to print an inventory list on an envelope?04:24
agentgasmaskvaks: i get 200MB/second compared with 35MB/sec.04:25
Calahantobeus i gues can try asking here04:25
deadmundtobeus, This is probably the best channel to ask.04:25
tobeusok, I'll give it a go.  I was trying to read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys and was getting confused which commands were run on host and which were run on client.04:26
jgcampbell300agentgasmask, yes i am trying to print alot of lines with lables to the left of them ... but there is alot of them so i have to print length ways on the envelope and nothing seems to be working on my ubuntu machine04:26
jgcampbell300well to do that anyways04:26
deadlyninjamy kernel crashed right as i started converting a raid5 to a raid6 with mdadm04:26
tobeusI wasn't sure how to get the server to recognize a client as an authorized entity and make the connection.04:27
deadlyninjanow it wont mount and im not sure what to do04:27
agentgasmaskjgcampbell300: I know some guys in our office print with a hacked up openoffice writer page. They just kept messing with the margins till it printed right.04:27
Calahantobeus you mean you cannot connect to your server with ssh or what is the problem?04:28
y0om4aHOW DO I FIX THAT?04:28
agentgasmaskdeadlyninja: I'm saying a prayer for you now. Fellas, if you know how to help this guy, please do! :)04:28
jgcampbell300agentgasmask, do you know how to make it print sideways ... or from bottem to top04:28
deadlyninjaagentgasmask, i dont like the sound of that04:29
tobeusCorrect, cannot connect.  Tried copying keys using ssh-copy-id, but no success.04:29
agentgasmaskjgcampbell300: you are probably looking for the "landscape" setting once you do File->Print.04:29
minimecy0om4a: boot in recovery mode, drop to a root shell, then 'passwd youruser'04:29
caixais there anyway to fix video tearing in ubuntu04:29
minimecy0om4a: Like that you can get a new password for youruser.04:30
wilee-nileey0om4a, here is the info suggested by minimec http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword/04:30
agentgasmaskdeadlyninja: I'm not saying there is nothing to do. just off the bat try an: mdadm -D /dev/md0 (or whatever your md number is)04:30
Calahany0om4a if you have not encrypted your home dir you can restet passwd with live cd or usb04:30
tech1wont he need a password to get root?04:30
tobeusCreated rsa keys on host, then used ssh-copy-id but got Permission denied (Publickey).04:30
deadlyninjaagentgasmask, mdadm: md device /dev/md1 does not appear to be active.04:31
tobeusThe home directory is encrypted, but i used the corrective measure described by creating a folder named /etc/ssh/user-name and copied authorized_keys to that folder.04:31
tobeuson the server04:31
jgcampbell300agentgasmask, that does sound like what i need ... you know i havent tried making one from scratch ... the envelope wisard is probblay screwing me up ... thanks for the input04:31
deadlyninjaanyone here an expert on raids?04:32
agentgasmaskdeadlyninja: try in ##linux too.04:32
tobeusIt appears my client machine has an encrypted home directory too since I find .encryptfs (or something like that) when I use ls -l in the home directory.04:32
tobeuswould that impact my ssh-copy-id though?04:33
deadlyninjaagentgasmask, will do04:33
agentgasmasktobeus: I know ssh is picky about the permissions on the directory where the keys are stored. the should not be world readable, and I think the default mkdir make it world readable, so double check.04:34
agentgasmaskegc: Hello.04:35
tobeusagentgasmask, so that would be chmod 755 ~/.ssh on the host, or chmod 755 /etc/ssh/user-name on the server?04:36
tobeusagentgasmask, and would that be 755?04:36
agentgasmasktobeus: sorry, shoud be 750 or even 700.04:37
bellorinrobertAlguien que hable español!04:38
tobeusagentgasmask, sorry, I meant to type 700, but my brain shot out 755 by habit.  thx, I'll give that a try.  So I'm using chmod 700 ~/.ssh on th host, just for clarification, right?04:38
bellorinrobertPor aqui04:38
agentgasmasktobeus: yes, that's what I have here. Also, do it on the /etc/ssh/user-name dir too.04:39
agentgasmasktobeus: If you are still having trouble, you can try to connect with ssh -vv and it may give you some more hints.04:41
ProtekNickzhi all, i change my login sound to a custom one and its still playing the drums at login? any clues peeps, i went to /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/ and overwrote the sound desktop-login.ogg and nadda04:41
agentgasmaskProtekNickz: IIRC it's in Settings->admin->login or session or somthing like that.04:44
agentgasmaskProtekNickz: You are talking about the drums that play when gdm comes up (the login screen)?04:44
logix_you want to replace it, not stop it?04:45
tobeusagentgasmask, I wouldn't expect ssh to succeed if I can't get the ssh-copy-id to work though, right?  That is where I'm getting the Permission Denied (publickey)04:45
tobeusagentgasmask, I've adjusted the permissions on the files and folder on the client and host as we discussed, but I'm still getting a permission denied problem.04:46
logix_ProtekNickz: I would be interested in doing that aswell, what's the method you're trying now?04:46
ProtekNickzagentgasmask:  yes i am04:47
tobeusagentgasmask, I feel like I'm missing something on the server-side.  How does the server know it should trust my public key on the client?  What am I missing?04:48
agentgasmasktobeus: Oh, you are getting the permission denied error when running ssh-copy-id? It's not that hard to just put your pub key in the authorized-keys file. Just cat key.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized-keys04:48
agentgasmasktobeus: yes?04:48
tobeusagentgasmask, sry, miskeyed.  typing04:48
ProtekNickzlogix: as far as i've found so far, the sounds are in /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo ogg format04:48
logix_hmm, and what exactly happened when you overwrote it with another .ogg04:49
ProtekNickzive replaces 2 which i thought it was and well  they were not lol04:49
agentgasmaskProtekNickz: I'm on xubuntu here, but if I remember, it should be in one of the settings in the admin section of the panel menu. I would just click around a bit.04:49
ProtekNickzsame drum sound still04:49
ProtekNickzagentgasmask:  where is the panel?04:50
ahoneybunProtekNickz, I have not read any tutorials about changing the sound, so I don't know if you can04:50
tobeusagentgasmask, ok, that's probably what it is.  So I have to copy it over manually then?  I thought that's what the ssh-copy-id was for, and wasn't sure how the host knew it was a valid addition.  I'll have to get a monitor and keyboard hooked back up to the server again.04:51
logix_Name=GNOME Login Sound   Comment=Plays a sound whenever you log in   Exec=/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login"04:51
logix_Name=GNOME Login Sound   Comment=Plays a sound whenever you log in   Exec=/usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login"04:51
logix_that's on 12.0404:51
agentgasmaskProtekNickz: at the top left of your screen you have Applications Places System. Under system there is admin, under that there is login-screen. In there you can disable the sound. I don't know how to change it.04:52
=== codemagician is now known as Guest41906
ahoneybunProtekNickz, http://linux-software-news-tutorials.blogspot.com/2011/12/change-startup-sound-in-ubuntu.html04:52
logix_ah nope my mistake that's the command for it04:52
agentgasmasktobeus: No, you'll be good with just ssh access.04:52
tech1whats the du or other command to show folder/file sizes in a directory of only subfolder level...... so if folder "fruit" contained "apple" and "pear" -which both contained other files, i just want to see the sizes of apple and pear04:53
minimecProtekNickz: The file is /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-login.ogg Just have to change that one...04:53
agentgasmasktobeus: You can use scp. so scp ~/.ssh/key.pub user@ipaddress:/home/remote_user/mykey.pub04:53
ProtekNickzive done that, still drums lol04:53
logix_have you tried stereo/system-ready.ogg04:53
logix_change both of them to the .ogg you want04:54
bzzzztech1: du --max-depth=1 -h /path/to/fruit04:54
agentgasmaskProtekNickz: Sorry, that's all I've got.04:54
tech1thanks buzz04:54
ProtekNickzno worries04:55
tobeusagentgasmask, lol, recieved Permission Denied (publickey) again04:55
agentgasmasktobeus: Do you not have even password authenticated access to the box then?04:55
agentgasmasktobeus: I guess I was assuming that you did. If not, you'll need the monitor and keyboard.04:55
logix_ProtekNickz: did you try stereo/system-ready.ogg ???04:56
tobeusIt's been forever since I got that box put together, so my guess is that I do not, so I'll have to get the monitor and keyboard.04:56
tobeusagentgasmask, No biggie.  It shouldn't be too difficult.  Should I turn on password authentication if the box is exposed to the internet for wan side ssh?04:57
ProtekNickzBRB maybe reboot lol04:57
agentgasmasktobeus: It's probably good to just have key-based in that case. Just remember that the key is much more secure if you set a password for the key when you make it. I know it's tempting to just leave it blank, but if our are facine the wan, it might be a concern.04:58
Draugauthok followed the tutorial for ifenslave and it shut down the network connections.  any ideas?04:59
dez82how are you all05:00
Draugauthdez82:  Ok just trying to get bonding working /lol05:00
tobeusagentgasmask, yeah, I used my more secure password for that.  thx for the tip.05:00
dez82I just installed 12.04 LTS, and am determined not to go back to winblows05:01
dez82so i thought I should join here for support05:01
agentgasmasktobeus: I should be arround for a little bit longer if you need help once you get the monitor and keyboard setup.05:01
agentgasmaskdez82: Welcome! :)05:01
dez82Thanx agentgasmask05:01
dez82expect a few "silly" questions from me over the next few weeks05:02
dez82i trained in fedora and centos, so my ubuntu is a little scratchy05:02
Keegan_hey when I type once in terminal and then I can't type the command password wonder why??05:03
agentgasmaskKeegan_: try control-q. just a guess.05:03
sirriffsalotHey! I'm having these streams of xruns in ubuntu studio 12.04, and I think I need a realtime kernel.. anyone able to confirm this?05:04
sirriffsalotAll I have now is the standard lowlatency kernel that comes with ubuntu studio05:04
tobeusagentgasmask, ok, thx.  Still wrestling the other equipment.  Should be done soon.05:04
tech1is there a command i can put in a script to make the terminal running the script go bigger/fullscreen?05:05
tobeusagentgasmask, I think I'm going to turn on password auth long enough to send the key.  Otherwise I'll have to find an old flash drive.05:05
agentgasmasktobeus: haha, yeah that should be good.05:05
tobeusagentgasmask, wow, this thing was back in the 10.04 days.  Going to work on updating that to 12.04 I think later.  Whilst I have keyb/monitor still hooked up.05:06
dez82hey, out of interest, I'm having to use the nouveou drivers for my nvidia8500GT as the proprietory dual screen support doesnt work. Has anybody found a way to get dual screen working with better performance? (3d etc)05:06
agentgasmasktobeus: let me know how that goes. :)05:07
ProtekNickzFor any one that wants to know which file it  is , for the login screen sound it's Location: /uar/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/system-ready.ogg05:08
ProtekNickzGot it :D05:08
ProtekNickzuar = "usr" lol soz05:08
ProtekNickzthanks for the help peeps :D05:10
agentgasmaskProtekNickz: Glad it worked out. Come back anytime.05:10
ProtekNickzi will and do :D05:11
tobeusagentgasmask, what was the cat command to append the new public key to the authorized keyfile again?05:12
iToastI got a ubuntu server05:12
iToastand I want to back it up in such a way05:12
iToastI can just take the backup from a 10.4 server and bring it to a 12.4 server05:13
iToastand still use things like "apt-get upgrade" and it'l reconize all the installed apps from the backups05:13
agentgasmasktobeus: just cat the public key file to the authorized_keys file. So: cat key.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys05:13
iToastI know I need to backup /home /etc /var05:14
iToastAny other parts of my FS?05:14
agentgasmaskiToast: Is there a question in there somewhere? and don't be afrade of a big block of text. It's better then having a bunch of broken up posts.05:14
goddardanyone know the KDE overall buttons ?05:14
iToastagentgasmask:  I'm after making a backup of my ubuntu server05:14
agentgasmaskiToast: do you want to have all the same software installed?05:15
iToastthat I can take to a new ubuntu install of a updated version05:15
iToastagentgasmask:  yes05:15
iToastphrakt: !05:15
agentgasmaskOk. you are looking for dpkg --get-selection on the old server.05:15
tobeusagentgasmask, awesome, that did it!05:15
iToastOk, what directorys should I backup?05:16
agentgasmasktobeus: Sweet! :) I guess once you had the password setup, you could just have used ssh-copy-id. DOGH!05:16
tobeusagentgasmask, so for future reference, is there really a purpose to ssh-copy-id when using an encrypted home directory?  I tried using that after enabling password login.05:16
ProtekNickzok another ponder :D, has anyone got a nice tutorial on how to back up your machine, like what to back up and what not to ect..? if so i would apriciate it05:16
agentgasmasktobeus: oh, and it still failed?05:17
tobeusagentgasmask, I tried and it said it worked, but after I disabled passwords, it gave me the Permission Denied (publickey) problem when I ssh'd in.05:17
iToastAnyone got a idea on what  I should do...?05:17
iToastWhat directories should I backup...?05:17
iToastI know /var /etc /home05:17
agentgasmasktobeus: I don't have any experiance with encrypted home dirs. But I would think that once it was mounted, it would act just like a normal filesystem to the programs accessing it.05:18
agentgasmaskiToast: once sec...05:18
tobeusagentgasmask, it was probably my mistake somewhere.05:18
Platypus-ManiToast: you could use CloneZilla and back it all up05:18
iToastPlatypus-Man: No downtime.05:18
agentgasmasktobeus: Oh well. Water under the bridge and all.05:18
iToastEverything needs to happen while the machine keeps going.05:18
tobeusagentgasmask, I'm guessing that ssh-copy-id tried to copy the .pub keyfile to the default location on the host of ~/.ssh rather than the new location /etc/ssh/user-name which is where it has to be for the encrypted filesystem.  Either way, thx for the help!05:19
iToastAnyone got any idea >_<05:19
iToastI know I can do a more complex backup, so dump all databases copy all files05:19
iToastand copy my home directory and start fresh05:19
agentgasmasktobeus: no problem. Glad all my previouse pain could be usefull to someone else.05:19
JPeterson"sudo apt-get <anything>" crash without message. how to trace the problem?05:19
iToastJPeterson: Error logs!05:20
tobeusagentgasmask, yep, looks like it.  I have a brand new file called authorized_keys in the ~/.ssh folder for my encrypted file with the pub key appended.  That's what it did.05:20
JPetersoniToast: where?05:20
iToastJPeterson: /var/log I believe.05:20
tobeusagentgasmask, lol, thx again.  ttyl.05:20
sirbladehow come download page says 32-bit recommended for v12, what if I have 64 bit machine?05:20
agentgasmaskiToast: just relax and drink soem tea for a sec. I'm getting a google page for you now.05:20
iToastsirblade:  get 64bit.05:20
iToastagentgasmask: tea tastes horrid...05:20
iToastwell, not one brand of orange tea but I think they closed :(05:21
iToastAlso, anyone got any Idea for a webcam.05:22
iToastDuring the night in my room there is strange noises, behavour05:22
ProtekNickzidea as in what?05:22
iToastPeople don't go in my room during the night but things are moved...05:22
agentgasmaskiToast: Ok. so install the software (with method forth comming) and then copy the dirs that you mentioned.05:22
iToastagentgasmask: thats it"05:22
iToastProtekNickz: One of the strange things that happened was a cable started moving in my room on its own...05:23
agentgasmaskiToast: first on old server run: dpkg --get-selections > selections.txt05:23
iToastviolently. I recorded, amazingly that file went corrupt minutes later...05:23
agentgasmaskiToast: Then, copy that file to the new server and run: dpgk --set-selections < selections.txt05:23
iToastagentgasmask: and just copy the other directorys?05:24
ProtekNickzdont worry about it, prolly someone try to steal your copper wire to weight it in lol05:24
JPetersoniToast: "sudo apt-get" doesnt write anything in /var/log shows `ls -ltr /var/log`05:24
agentgasmaskiToast: Then run sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade05:24
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=== RiXtEr-afk is now known as RiXtEr
ProtekNickzany one got a good tutorial on how and what to back up on linux? and the reasons ect..05:24
iToastagentgasmask: why can't I just copy my installs over :S05:25
agentgasmaskiToast: Then copy the dirs. I wouldn't erase /etc on the new server. Just move it in case something breaks.05:25
MaccerDoes anyone happen to know what the linker flag for opengl happens to be in GCC?05:25
agentgasmaskiToast: you could give it a try, but this isn't that hard.05:25
iToastso only /var /home and /etc...?05:26
Maccer(-lGL doesn't work)05:26
agentgasmaskiToast: I just know what worked for me.05:26
agentgasmaskiToast: unless you have data elseware.05:26
agentgasmaskiToast: good luck. I'm off to bed05:27
iToastagentgasmask I got the command and the file :D05:27
iToastSo I just install it, then merge my backup...?05:27
Draugauthis there a utorrent like program for ubuntu?05:27
iToastDraugauth: I forgot the name..05:27
ProtekNickzDraugauth:  ktorrent05:27
iToastits the same one that freenas uses!05:27
DraugauthProtekNickz:  Thank you05:28
agentgasmaskiToast: yes. I would copy one config over at a time and make sure if it breaks then you know what broke it and can copy the orig back.05:28
agentgasmaskDraugauth: transmission or rtorrent05:28
iToastagentgasmask:  Thanks :)05:28
agentgasmaskiToast: have fun. :)05:28
iToastagentgasmask: 250gb HDD05:29
iToastfor my backup05:29
agentgasmaskBy all. had fun. Talk later.05:29
iToastweekly mirrors05:29
iToastnightly of my /home05:29
ProtekNickzbye agentgasmask:05:29
=== mtdew is now known as Guest86138
stinkyHi, I am sort of a noobie, I have only ran a few servers remotely. Is there some IRC channel i can try chatting about setting up game servers?05:36
stinkywell, general ubuntu chat I guess05:36
Stanley00stinky: if it run ubuntu, I think you can ask here :D05:37
stinkyok :) i thought this was strictly tech, Thanks :)05:38
dsnydersHi all!  What file(s) are routes stored in.  I need to change my default route.05:39
douglasgood night05:40
Stanley00dsnyders: you can use route command, or use Network manager05:40
dsnydersStanley00, I thought the route command only affected the running configuration.  If I reboot, it's back to the original, no?05:41
Stanley00dsnyders: yep, how about using Network Manager? It has GUI, and remembers what you set.05:42
dsnydersStanley00, System>admin>NetworkTools?05:43
Stanley00dsnyders: right click on your network icon, and you will see it05:44
crazydiamondHi. I have a router and Laptop, conncted to it. In laptop I can do ping command to every host, but cannot download any data. What can be a problem?05:47
Stanley00crazydiamond: try ping and ping google.com05:48
=== RiXtEr-afk is now known as RiXtEr
stinkycan you write toteh download folder crazydiamond ? do you own it?05:48
dsnydersStanley00, It's not prompting for admin rights.05:48
crazydiamondStaneley: both ok05:49
Stanley00dsnyders: oh, my bad, the menu call "Edit connection..." ;)05:49
Stanley00crazydiamond: hmm, then try what stinky said05:50
crazydiamondwrite to folder? yes, I can. when I said "cannot download anything, I wanted to say that I cannot open any web page. wget fails also"05:51
ehswhat the version of ubuntu are you using05:51
crazydiamondehs: 12.0405:51
ehsare you the superuser?05:51
stinkymy wife thingks so05:52
crazydiamondehs: no. what for?05:52
ehsif you are downloading the file to any super user folder it wont work05:53
Josh483Hey can someone help me i just installed xubuntu on my laptop and im having major wifi problems?05:53
crazydiamondehs: simply, I cannot use http connection to open a web page, and it's some network configuration problem05:53
ehsso you are not able to open any website too is it?05:54
Josh483Hey can someone help me i just installed xubuntu on my laptop and im having major wifi problems?05:54
crazydiamondehs: yes. but ping works okay05:54
ehsdhcp or static?05:56
crazydiamonddhcp, automatic IP detection05:56
amolhow to install g++ in ubuntu10.1005:57
amoli tried "sudo apt-get install g++"05:57
fdsaanyone know of an active security channel?05:59
Stanley00fdsa: try /msg alis :D06:00
Stanley00!alis | fdsa06:00
ubottufdsa: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:00
crazydiamondwhat's the problem when Ubuntu Laptop can resolve IP, but cannot open any web page?06:01
jaxdahlDNS server issue06:01
goddardi installed KDE but I want to uninstall it now how can I remove it and all related programs?06:02
crazydiamondjaxdahl: my Laptop is connected via router. can that be a problem?06:02
JPetersonhow do i regenerate /var/lib/dpkg/status?06:02
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, did you assign your laptop an IP address (static) or did you use DHCP06:03
Josh483Can someone help me please my wifi is really messed up and idk what to do06:04
crazydiamondjaxdahl: it uses DHCP06:04
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, ethernet or wireless06:04
bzzzzJPeterson: what's wrong with it?06:04
crazydiamondjaxdahl: ethernet06:04
JPetersonbzzzz: it's gone06:04
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, ifconfig eth0 and see if it has a DNS server listed06:04
Josh483jax can you help me06:04
sambagirljosh483 what means really messed up?06:05
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, actually dns might not be listed under there06:05
Josh483like my wifi icon keeps crashing or dissapearing and i keep rebooting it06:05
crazydiamondjaxdahl: cannot find word "DNS"06:05
bzJPeterson: what's the output of "ls /var/lib/dpkg"?06:05
Josh483and now its just off and wont turn on06:05
Josh483it says network manager isnt running06:05
sambagirlwhat version of ubuntu?06:05
crazydiamondjaxdahl: cannot find word "DNS" in output of "ifconfig eth0"06:06
sambagirldid you do any recent updates?06:06
Josh483well its xubuntu06:06
bzJPeterson: what's the output of "ls /var/backups/dpkg*"?06:06
bzJPeterson: pastebin those two06:06
sambagirlahh you need to go to #xubuntu06:06
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, cat /var/run/nm-dns-dnsmasq.conf06:06
sambagirlthey wont help you in here06:06
sambagirlnot at all06:06
goddardhow can i uninstalled all KDE applications?06:06
sambagirlbecause it isnt ubuntu06:06
sambagirlit is xubuntu06:07
JPetersonbz: thx ill try to use a backup06:07
crazydiamondjaxdahl: server=
sambagirldifferent distro06:07
crazydiamondjaxdahl: 1 line in file06:07
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, do you have a windows computer around06:07
hack2sany apps06:07
crazydiamondjaxdahl: yes06:07
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, type ipconfig /all on windows computer in cmd prompt06:07
jaxdahland see what DNS it has configured06:07
=== A_J_ is now known as A_J
crazydiamondjaxdahl: the same,
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, and you are not able to resolve google.com on the laptop?06:08
dsnydersHi all!  Where are the routes stored?06:09
crazydiamondjaxdahl: yes. resolves into
iToastThe ghost in the machine.06:09
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, what was your problem again?06:09
crazydiamondjaxdahl: cannot open any web page06:09
NastyNazare there any ascii web-browsers out there? I want to surf the web from my ubuntu server06:10
tech1im trying to show folder sizes of 1 level in order of size with "du --max-depth=1 -h" and to display by size "du --max-depth=1 -h | sort -n" but it is stilll showing random order?06:10
iToastNastyNaz:  yes06:10
iToastgoogle it NastyNaz  :p06:10
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, you are using firefox and pages fail to loads?06:10
=== bergmaj is now known as mtdew
NastyNaziToast: thanks for being real helpful06:10
iToastNastyNaz: Lynx06:10
iToastNastyNaz:  took me 2 secs to google it.06:11
crazydiamondjaxdahl: I used: 1 - firefox, 2 - wget http://google.com/ -- both fails06:11
jaxdahlwhat error message does firefox give you?06:11
chu!google | iToast06:11
ubottuiToast: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.06:11
iToastchu: It's not google fu.06:12
iToastIt was as simple thing to do first06:12
iToast"text only web browser"06:12
bazhangiToast, never recommend google here06:12
iToastbazhang: I'ts my oppinion and others06:12
NastyNazthanks, I'll check it out06:12
iToastthat you help yourself first06:12
crazydiamondjaxdahl: server has disconnected the connection or sth like this06:12
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, i wonder if it's a ipv6 issue?06:13
crazydiamondjaxdahl: how do I check that?06:14
jaxdahlcrazydiamond, in firefox go to about:config, and set network.dns.disableIPv6  to True06:14
jaxdahlthen see if things work06:14
jaxdahlif so, look for an option to disable ipv6 system-wide, not sure where that is06:14
crazydiamondjaxdahl: I disabled IPv6 in Firefox. the same error06:16
jaxdahlsorry, i'm not sure what the issue is then.06:17
=== newbie is now known as Guest72505
crazydiamondjaxdahl: but, ubuntu is connected via router. can that affect?06:17
MaccerIs there a way to force re-install pulse audio with its default settings or restore to the default settings?  My mic input worked, and then it stopped all of a sudden06:17
jaxdahlno idea.06:17
jaxdahlMaccer, do you own any small pets06:17
crazydiamondjaxdahl: and lead to that issues. if shortly, what special preferences must I have for router?06:18
Maccerjaxdahl: nuh uh06:18
lotuspsychjeafter i run a python script, python scriptname.py, it gives me commands to ./start running, what do i do after?06:19
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=== RiXtEr-afk is now known as RiXtEr
JPetersonthis looks interesting: debconf: warning: possible database corruption. Will attempt to repair by adding back missing question samÿþ HBå"_ù©^*}þ¨A_ûã06:21
JPetersonJ¤Æÿþ!øò$$×С~>Wü¨õ«ÉTØCÿþ øñQ"¤×Ê>>UüªIô²«éPP¢ÃBÿþ!Üð!÷Ñ.06:21
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jiltdilIs there any way to rate my laptop under ubuntu like it is in Window?06:23
caixadoes ubuntu block internet ports by default or something?06:23
crimsonmanecaixa: depends on what you're trying to accomplish. what's up?06:26
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sikanderkhanhi everyone!06:34
stinkyWelcome! wWelcome to ubuntu . I am your host.06:35
sikanderkhanstinky: Hi there!06:35
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ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd06:39
lotuspsychje!info gftp06:40
ubottugftp (source: gftp): X/GTK+ and console FTP client (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.19-3ubuntu1 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB06:40
oorang3hey folks, i've setup a chroot according to the ubuntu wiki. it works just fine with "schroot -c lucid_i386 -u myuser". however it fails if i "su myuser" with the error : "E: lucid: Chroot not found"06:41
oorang3any ideas?06:41
jiltdilIs there any way to rate my laptop under ubuntu like it is in Window?06:43
=== Targen_ is now known as Targen
oorang3nvm, got it06:44
rhollanis anyone here? I need HELP!06:47
denysI am new to Ubuntu06:47
rhollanmy mentally ill son stole my phone and ran into the street. I need someone to cal l 91106:48
denysgot some questions06:48
rhollanthis is not a joke06:48
denysrhollan go to your neighbours06:48
denyscall from there06:48
denyscan I get help about adobe flash installation?06:49
rhollanit is late. I am afraid of disturbing them.06:49
theadminOkay, so I'm doing the minimal install, and after configuring the HTTP proxy it gets stuck on a purple screen. Is it doing anything?06:49
lotuspsychjedenys:whats wrong mate06:49
theadminNever mind, it is06:49
MaccerWhat a load of sh-, I reinstall my pulseaudio and alsa, and I can't hear anything.  Just... what the possible fu-06:49
theadmindenys: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer # This should be enough06:49
oorang3in order to get my guest users into chroot they have to : schroot -c my_schroot -u my_user. is there a better way to have this run at login than putting it in ~/.bashrc ?06:50
denysrhollan, it's your son. Just go and make a call. It's a 911 situation06:50
oorang3i was hopping i could put it as their login shell, but it doesn't seem to like that06:50
denystheadmin, hi! so. I downloaded flash-plugin- what next? I heared something about packet managers and this looks like a Red Hat one. But what next?06:51
goddardwhat is the K display manager?06:51
theadmindenys: Uh, you DON'T use that. Search for Flash in the Ubuntu Software Center OR run the following command in your terminal: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer06:52
theadmingoddard: KDM.06:53
theadmingoddard: If you mean what it's for, then it's your login screen06:53
goddardtheadmin: for KDE?06:53
theadmingoddard: Yes06:53
lotuspsychjedenys; is flash not working after installing it?06:54
theadmingoddard: Well, you can honestly use it with any desktop, but it is a part of KDE.06:54
goddardi see06:55
denystheadmin , was testing after making apt install in terminal. It works nice. Thankyou06:55
theadmindenys: Great. Just so you know, always search for things in the Software Center instead of downloading from websites.06:56
denys<theadmin> ok.06:58
lotuspsychjetheadmin: any idea howto solve a corrupt square-like mouse pointer at first boot(after reboot its fixxed)06:58
theadminlotuspsychje: Nope.06:58
lotuspsychjetheadmin: tnx anyway, im trying to solve this bug for years now : (06:59
goddardhow can I remove shortcuts in my dock menu that are not linked properly any more?06:59
theadminlotuspsychje: I have a similar issue, and moving the mouse randomly around the right side of the screen seems to help, but that's not a decent explanation is it06:59
lotuspsychjetheadmin: is it an a machine with ati card?07:00
pizzadlotuspsychje: graphics card/driver maybe?07:00
theadminlotuspsychje: Yeah, not using fglrx though.07:00
lotuspsychjepizzad: the strange thing is, it only happens 1 time a day..after reboot the problem is gone07:00
pizzadlotuspsychie does it happen on other pc's as well or just that one07:01
lotuspsychjepizzad: yes i got it on 2 systems with ati card07:01
lotuspsychjepizzad:ati drivers installed correctly cause compiz effects working fine07:02
dudewhatNext you need to modify the permissions of /home/ftpusers directory and of any other subdirectories. The owner must be ftpuser while Group must be ftpgroup07:02
dudewhathow do I do this?07:02
MaccerDoes anyone happen to know why the hell my sound broke when I reinstalled the alsa and pulseaudio package?  They're there.  Pulse and alsa are running.  Alsamixer detects everything, modules seem to be loaded, yet, no sound. :(07:02
pizzadlotuspsychje that is strange indeed especially since it just happens once a day... I use ati aswell and i don't get this issue although I had it on a pc with a much older ati card07:03
lotuspsychjepizzad: was u able to fix this square on it?07:03
lotuspsychjepizzad: i must say both systems are kinda older ati cards aswell07:03
greenithi, my ubuntu has a problem: every first boot it runs in low graphics mode, i can't click anything, only the window appears, but after reset it works normally... can any1 help me get rid of this problem? graphicscard: nvidia geforce GTX 570, driver: nvidia07:05
pizzadlotuspsychje: The square issue disappeared for me when I installed Ubuntu 10 on it (previously 9.04) and has not returned as of 12.0407:05
lotuspsychjepizzad:clean install or upgrade?07:05
ashianybody here07:06
pizzadlotuspsychje: I do a clean install every time a new version comes out. What version are you on now?07:06
lotuspsychjepizzad:i think both systems got upgrade...maybe its time for clean :p07:06
ashiwhat u mean07:06
lotuspsychjepizzad:tnx for your feedback mate, this might solve the issua07:06
pizzadlotuspsychje: well for now try it on one machine and see if it helps, Good Luck! :D07:07
dudewhatNext you need to modify the permissions of /home/ftpusers directory and of any other subdirectories. The owner must be ftpuser while Group must be ftpgroup07:07
ashichown ftp folder path07:07
ashithen chmod 730 folder path07:08
ashithen change selinux permission for ftp07:09
dudewhatso root@thegibson:/home/nick# chown ftpuser:ftgroup /home/ftpusers07:09
ashigetsebool - a ftp07:09
ashichmod 730 /home/ftpusers07:10
dudewhatchown: invalid group: `ftpuser:ftgroup'07:10
lotuspsychjewhats the command to see uptime of an ftp with gftp?07:10
ashito view /home/users permissions # ls -lZd /home/ftpuser07:11
dudewhatgot it07:11
ashiu got it?07:11
dudewhatthanks :D07:11
ashiu from07:11
ashiim from india07:11
ashiany other question07:12
ashir u working dudewhat07:12
ashiany other07:13
=== thomas is now known as gingersnap
dudewhatnot at the moment07:13
ashiwhich version of ubuntu u use07:14
ashihey dude u from07:14
dudewhatLinux thegibson 3.2.0-23-generic-pae #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 22:19:09 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux07:14
=== eboy is now known as eboyjr
ashiis it ubuntu07:16
goddardi have a bunch of short cuts that are from wine that are valid since I uninstalled them .... How can I remove those ?07:16
=== gingersnap is now known as thomas
ashiapt-remove wine07:17
goddardive already remove wine07:17
=== eboyjr is now known as eboy
goddardno other way to clean up stuff07:18
ashisynaptic manger07:19
goddardsynaptic wont remove dead short cuts i dont think will it?07:19
ashiwhere is the short cuts07:20
ashiis in desktop07:20
ashior menu07:20
goddardin the menu07:20
ashiright click on menu ok07:21
ashiu can see the edit menu07:21
ashidid u get that ?07:21
goddard? your talking about the unity dock?07:22
goddardthats the menu Im talking about07:22
JPetersonhelp please http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142526/07:22
ashino dock07:23
ashiu want wine from menu07:23
ashiany body want help07:25
ashiabout ubuntu07:25
cfhowlettashi: ask with details07:25
ashiu want help07:26
goddardashi: huh?07:26
ashitell me07:26
goddardashi: i do not want wine im trying to remove dead short cuts07:26
ashiis the shortcuts in menu isnt it goddard07:27
ashiif u take edit menu u can delete the short cuts also07:28
ashijust check it now07:28
lotuspsychjegoddard: http://askubuntu.com/questions/21681/how-do-i-correctly-remove-items-from-wine-programs-menu07:28
JPetersonhelp please http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142526/07:31
ubottuJPeterson:: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:33
goddardlotuspsychje: i dont have wine installed any more07:35
erdeniz\msg nickserv info len07:39
=== droid is now known as Guest86898
Guest86898hey whats up guyz07:45
hederchancome in?07:47
cfhowletthederchan: we c u07:47
hederchano .thank u07:48
ubottuhederchan:: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。07:49
hederchani am not jap07:50
bitbarronIs anybody here knowledgeable about gpg?07:50
bitbarronOr GnuPG?07:50
logix_in what context?07:51
ubottuhederchan: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:51
bitbarronlogix_, just some basic config questions07:51
hederchan thank u07:51
cfhowletthederchan: no worries07:52
logix_I want to know more about it aswell07:52
bitbarronlogix_, do you know what the purpose of the comment is when you create a new key pair?07:52
logix_nope, don't know much about gpg07:53
bitbarronlogix_, OK, thanx07:53
logix_it's the same as pgp only gnu isn't it?07:53
bitbarronlogix_, yes07:53
KatsumeBliskHow would one uninstall an application they compiled from source? just delete its directory since it's not connected to the package manager?07:57
cfhowlettKatsumeBlisk: iirc it's sudo dpkg -r foo07:58
KatsumeBliskcfhowlett: Thanks. I actually figured out a separate problem that made that question irrelevant. I installed an app from source since it's not in the repos, but it wasn't showing in the dash because it was placed in a weird spot. I found it.07:59
KatsumeBliskcfhowlett: I was going to uninstall it to see if I could fix it.07:59
cfhowlettKatsumeBlisk: best of luck08:00
KatsumeBliskcfhowlett: Are most application shortcuts (like the ones the Dash uses) in /usr/bin?08:00
cfhowlettKatsumeBlisk: that is my understanding08:01
KatsumeBliskcfhowlett: Thank you08:02
cfhowlettKatsumeBlisk: be safe.  have fun.08:02
TotallyWorthItcan someone help me with these error ??08:03
defigoTotallyWorthIt, looks like a broken script08:09
TotallyWorthItdefigo: i don't have any script in my code...08:11
defigoTotallyWorthIt, oh, it's your program?08:12
TotallyWorthItdefigo: yes it is...08:13
=== captain is now known as Guest78823
defigoTotallyWorthIt, ah, sorry I don't even recognize the language.. have you tried some programming channels?08:14
Guest78823hello ,anyone knows where I can download an Xubuntu user handbook?08:15
Guest78823I can't find it on the offical site08:15
TotallyWorthItyes ... i didn't want it to paste these here... i post it the wrong windows08:16
cfhowlettGuest78823: so far as I know, no such thing.  the ubuntu books/manuals should suffice for almost all needs.  Is there something xubuntu specific I can provide assistance on?08:16
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:16
TotallyWorthItsorry fst time08:16
JPetersonhow do i reinstall all packages from the live cd?08:16
defigoTotallyWorthIt, ok, it happens08:16
Guest78823I want to know how to change the hot keys08:17
cfhowlettJPeterson: sudo dpkg -i foo.* (-f to force?)08:17
cfhowlettGuest78823: media hotkeys?08:17
JPetersoncfhowlett: what's foo.*?08:17
JPetersoni mean all packages on sda of course08:18
cfhowlettJPeterson: foo = insert random file name here08:18
JPeterson, /dev/sda108:18
cfhowlettJPeterson: wouldn't it be easier overall to just reinstall?08:18
JPetersonya, that's why i asked08:18
=== trijntje_ is now known as trijntje
cfhowlettJPeterson: ah.  I misread your question.  reboot from your live cdrom/usb, install your /root and DO NOT format your /home.  Your data *should* be safe, but, of course, back it up first if it's important.08:19
JPetersoni have no idea what you mean. give the commands. no explanations08:20
Guest78823<cfhowlett>,can you answer my questions?08:20
Guest78823I have send you a message08:21
cfhowlettGuest78823: did you mean re-assign the media hotkeys?08:21
Guest78823not just media hotkeys ,all the hotkeys08:21
cfhowlettJPeterson: reinstall = install.  boot your ubuntu cdrom/usb.  install your root system.  Choose the existing /home as your /home but do NOT format.08:22
cfhowlettGuest78823: settings/keyboard has some of the keys you're referencing...08:22
JPetersoncfhowlett: how do i run apt-get on sda1 from the live cd08:22
pridehow to change 11.1008:23
cfhowlettJPeterson: some reason you can NOT apt-get update from your system without live boot?08:23
cfhowlettpride: "change"??  you mean upgrade to 12.04?08:23
JPetersoncfhowlett: yes08:23
JPetersonyoure arguing with me08:24
JPetersoni'm asking ho i specify the target file systme for apt-get08:24
cfhowlettJPeterson: just asking for clarificatoin ...08:24
pridecfhow no get my computer and al08:24
pridelike basic interface things as on 11.0408:25
cfhowlettJPeterson: best thing I can do is bail out of this question.  I THINK I understand what you're attempting, but I've never done so not comfortable advising...08:25
Guest78823still can't find it.Xubuntu looks good but is less convenient than Ubuntu08:26
cfhowlettpride: so you want your present 11.10 to look/feel more like 11.04, is that it?08:26
glebihanJPeterson, noone's arguing with you, you asked how to reinstall all packages from the CD, and the only way to do that is to resinstall your whole system, just as cfhowlett told you08:26
pridemay be get more things on desktop08:27
JPetersonglebihan: can you answer clearly? can i specify the target file system for apt-get or aptitude or not?08:27
cfhowlettpride: doable.  you'll have to specify what exactly you want changed and work through all the steps...08:27
glebihanJPeterson, no08:27
_RASPUTTINhow can i write in hindi in ubuntu ?08:28
cfhowlett_RASPUTTIN: pretty sure there's language support you can install for that...08:28
prideuse some unicode like software08:28
_RASPUTTINi see08:28
cfhowlett_RASPUTTIN: wait one - looking08:29
=== railsraider__ is now known as railsraider
pridehow to make ubuntu 11.10 look more handy08:30
cfhowlett_RASPUTTIN: software center shows 2 entries for "hindi" - installing the overall language support is a system setting that can be easily changed.  Not sure about specific language characters though08:30
pridehandy means get more thiings on desktop08:30
cfhowlettpride: right click on the desktop and I'm pretty sure a menu will come up for adding shortcuts and the like...08:31
_RASPUTTINcfhowlett: i i will see08:32
cfhowlett_RASPUTTIN: best of luck08:32
=== claudiu is now known as Guest12757
Guest12757nick claudiu08:34
Guest12757--nickname-- claudiu08:35
Guest12757channel #ubuntu-fr08:35
cfhowlettGuest12757: /join #ubuntu-fr08:35
Animus123need help!!!!!!!!!!108:36
cfhowlettAnimus123: state the issue - without unnecessary !!!!!!08:36
Animus123how to install oracle 11g in ubuntu 12.04?08:36
goddardanyone know how to remove virutal box kernel drivers once installed?08:38
Animus123cfhowlett:do you know,how to install oracle 11g in ubuntu 12.04?08:39
cc11rocksHello everyone. I am on my new System76 laptop. I am trying to set up a wifi ad-hoc connection - from this computer to one of my laptops. When I try to set it up on here, I get a "network disconnected" notification or other nonsense. Is this a known bug in Ubuntu 12.04?08:40
cfhowlettAnimus123: personally no experience, however  echizen.blog.com/2012/05/03/​ubuntu-12-04-安装-oracle08:40
Animus123cfhowlett:ok thanks!08:41
cfhowlettAnimus123: not sure that link pasted correctly.  try ubuntu 12.04 + oracle 11g as your search terms08:41
Animus123cfhowlett:page not found.08:42
cfhowlettAnimus123: not sure that link pasted correctly.  try ubuntu 12.04 + oracle 11g as your search terms08:42
cfhowlettAnimus123: http://edin.no-ip.com/blog/hswong3i/oracle-database-11g-release-2-ubuntu-12-04-howto08:42
cfhowlettAnimus123: sorry it's partially in chinese...08:43
Animus123cfhowlett:nope,it's in english!08:44
cc11rocksAnyone have any idea about the ad-hoc issue?08:44
cfhowlettAnimus123: darn great firewall of china is messing with me ...08:44
luftikussWhat IRC network is hosting a radio amateur channel?08:44
Animus123cfhowlett:the article procedure is suitable for ubuntu server!08:46
cfhowlettAnimus123: should still work for desktop - just more use of the CLI08:47
JPetersonglebihan: why doesnt chroot /mnt apt-get work?08:51
glebihanJPeterson, well it does work... but won't do what you're looking for : doing that would be exactly the same thing as running apt-get from your current system08:53
amh345how can i figure out which of my drives is my os drive and which drive is the one i have to manually mount? im trying to setup an automatic mount for the second drive but i cant tell which is which08:55
cc11rocks_1(I wish I could connect to cc11rocks's ad-hoc channel...)08:55
amh345currently im using fdisk -l08:55
luftikussamh345, command mount:Look for a single ' / '.08:57
amh345luftikuss: perfect. i see it.  thank you08:57
JPetersonwhy doesnt "sudo chroot /mnt apt-get" from the 12.04 live cd output anthing to stdout or stderr?08:59
bekksJPeterson: What do you expect?08:59
JPetersonbekks: the stdout stderr from "apt-get"09:00
glebihanJPeterson, if you're going to ignore everything that's being told to you, why do you bother asking for help ?09:00
JPetersonglebihan: no offence but i'm asking for advanced help09:00
bekksJPeterson: apt-get isnt a valid shell, but a valid executable. The chroot command doesnt know the difference, and just executes apt-get, ,which DOESNT give you a shell where you could see output at all.09:00
glebihanJPeterson, and you already got 2 answers...09:00
bekksglebihan: err, 3.09:00
glebihanbekks, yes 3 now09:00
JPetersonbekks: thanks for the lecture. can you answer how to redirect stdout now09:01
bekksJPeterson: Unless you extend apt-get to have to code to act as a shell, there is now way. Use a proper shell like bash instead of apt-get in your command sample.09:02
JPetersonjust give the command. no explanations09:02
JPetersondo i adda bash -c?09:02
Josh9449Can someone help me?09:02
bekksJPeterson: chroot /mnt /bin/bash09:02
glebihanJPeterson, really ? that's the kind of advanced help you're looking for ???09:02
Josh9449I have xubuntu though but theres noone in that room09:02
cfhowlettJosh9449: state the issue clearly and with details and we'll try09:02
dygeyhi guys. can someone help me a little with conky?09:02
cfhowlettJosh9449: the issue is???09:03
Josh9449OK well my network manager isnt working09:03
Josh9449Its off and im locked out of it i cant click it or anything to turn it on09:03
bekksglebihan: Obviously.09:03
cfhowlettJosh9449: dual boot?  boot windows, turn on the hardware switch, reboot ubuntu09:03
Josh9449I dont have windows09:04
Josh9449only xubuntu is on it09:04
glebihanbekks, in case you didn't follow from the beginning, his intention is to reinstall all default packages from the live CD onto his system09:04
glebihanbekks, we told him to reinstall the whole system09:04
amh345is linux a valid format of disk?  re: fstab09:04
Josh9449i checked to make sure the hardware switch was turned on in BIOS09:04
cfhowlettJosh9449: so you need to reset the hardware switch in xubuntu.  I THINK there's a way to force it ..09:04
cfhowlettJosh9449: not sure.  Ask in this channel how to force the hardware switch on in xubuntu.09:05
bekksglebihan: Sounds like overkill ;) dpkg --get-selection, --set-selection should work too :) But reinstalling is more easy.09:05
JPetersonbekks. the purpose is to run apt-get on /mnt09:05
Josh9449Does anyone know how to force the hardware switch in xubuntu???09:05
bekksJPeterson: Then type apt-get after you got you bash shell.09:06
dygeyok, no help with conky...a little help with how to copy something or create a new folder in home folder? if i don't ask too much...09:06
Josh9449I mean force reset09:06
amh345ok linux is not a valid file system type09:06
bekksamh345: Expected.09:06
glebihanbekks, that wouldn't get back to the versions of the packages on the CD (which I can't see why he would need anyway)09:06
bekksamh345: What exactly are you trying to do?09:06
bekksglebihan: He wants the _versions_ back? :)09:07
amh345bekks, im trying to remember how to mount a drive permanently09:07
JPetersonbekks what? that runs apt-get from /mnt/usr/bin/apt-get09:07
glebihanbekks, why else would he want the packages from he CD ?09:07
bekksamh345: mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/mydrive :)09:07
Josh9449Does anyone know how to force reset the hardware switch in xubuntu?09:07
bekksJPeterson: Yes.09:07
glebihanJPeterson, of course it does, that's the point of chroot09:07
amh345bekks, that's all i need in fstab?09:07
ubottujosh9449: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:07
bekksamh345: No :)09:07
bekks!fstab | amh34509:07
ubottuamh345: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:07
amh345bekks, the instructions im reading has other details09:07
JPetersonthanks eisntein. maybe this clears things up:09:08
JPetersonroot@ubuntu:/# apt-get09:08
JPetersonSegmentation fault (core dumped)09:08
Josh9449Ive been up all night looking for answeres09:08
Josh9449thats why i came here09:08
cfhowlettJosh9449: still gotta be patience.  Nobody here but volunteers and other people with problems...i.e. not necessarily the "experts"09:08
TJ-amh345: To find out the file-system used in a partition, use for example "sudo blkid /dev/sdaX" and look at the 'TYPE'09:08
glebihan!attitude | JPeterson09:09
ubottuJPeterson: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:09
dygeyyeah, even the simplest answers...lol09:09
TJ-Josh9449: I missed your issue description. What is the problem? WiFi unable to be enabled when you click "Enable Wireless" in the network-manager applet?09:09
Josh9449TJ theres not even an opt to enable09:10
cfhowlettTJ-: per his description, the hardware switch is "off" and he needs to reset - xubuntu only09:10
Josh9449I cant click it period im locked out09:10
Josh9449Even ethernet wont work09:10
amh345TJ-: i saw type when i ran mount at command.  it says it's ext4.09:10
TJ-Josh9449: OK ... have you already sent the file /etc/network/interfaces to pastebin?09:10
Josh9449The only thing that shows is a message that says "NetworkManagr is not running...09:10
Josh9449when i hover over it with the mouse09:11
cfhowlettJosh9449: did the network EVER work?  say during live boot installation?09:11
Josh9449Yea but it never stayed connected for long09:11
TJ-amh345: Then you'd mount it using "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sdX /mnt/point" where "/mnt/point" is a pre-existing empty directory09:11
Josh9449And it never saved my network for auto connect09:11
TJ-Josh9449: I'd like to see that file: "/etc/network/interfaces"09:12
Josh9449In terminal?09:12
ubottuJosh9449:: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:12
Josh9449I cant i dont have internet09:12
bekksYou are in the internet, currently.09:12
Josh9449Its on my laptop im on a seperate computer09:12
dygeycan somebody tell me how to create a folder in /home for that conky????09:13
TJ-Josh9449: You can copy the contents manually to a pastebin .. goto http://paste.ubuntu.com09:13
bekksJosh9449: You can use an USB stick to transfer the error message, or even write it down. :)09:13
TJ-Josh9449: if that files contains more than 3 or 4 lines I'd be surprised09:13
Josh9449I dont have a usb stick lol also i typed it into the terminal and it said permission denied09:13
TJ-Josh9449: do "cat /etc/network/interfaces"09:14
cc11rocks_1While we are on the subject of networking...09:14
cc11rocksI am trying to set up a wifi ad-hoc connection - from this computer to one of my laptops. When I try to set it up on here, I get a "network disconnected" notification or other nonsense. Is this a known bug in Ubuntu 12.04?09:14
TJ-cc11rocks: use 'Log file viewer' to check /var/log/syslog for clues09:14
=== eboy is now known as eboyjr
Josh9449Im typing it out now give me a minut09:15
TJ-Josh9449: will do, take your time :)09:15
TJ-Whilst Josh is busy, can anyone remind me how, on Xubuntu, to run a GUI text edit as root? is it "gksudo mousepad /path/to/file" from an Alt+F2 command dialog?09:17
Dr_WillisTJ-:  that should work.09:17
TJ-Dr_Willis: I thought so - but a long time since I really used one of my Xubuntu notebooks09:18
dygeycan't believe what happened with ubuntu's community...god09:19
=== _RASPUTTIN is now known as Concomitant`
TJ-Josh9449: thanks09:19
Josh9449Yw ":D09:19
TJ-Josh9449: that explains your problem and the fix is easy...09:20
cc11rocks_1That is the relevant log post for wifi ad-hoc failing...It does that over and over for each time I try to create a new one (made sure I deleted it first...even logged out and shutdown in between the first few failures)09:20
dygeyor maybe i'm not in the right place?09:20
Josh9449:O really?09:20
TJ-Josh9449: Any network interface listed and configured in that file is *ignored* by network-manager since it assumes you want to manually control that interface09:20
Josh9449How do i fix it?09:20
=== eboyjr is now known as eboy
TJ-Josh9449: press Alt+F2, at the command prompt type "gksudo mousepad /etc/network/interfaces", type your password, then delete the entire every line of that file after "iface lo inet loopback" - leave that line in place. Save the file, then restart the PC09:21
TJ-Josh9449: So the file will just have "auto lo"  and "iface lo inet loopback" and those lines before those which are comments (start with the # character)09:22
Josh9449is there a space between gksudo and mousepad? also do i select run in terminal?09:22
sachael_anyone know an application that can create (and export) good looking gantt chart? like for project planning? i tried planner, but wasnt satisfied with it.09:22
TJ-Josh9449: yes space... and no to terminal09:22
dygeyworking with command line specialists, but nobody can tell me where i can find the home folder09:22
dygeyjust sensational09:22
TJ-Josh9449: that command will start a GUI text editor as the root user so you have permission to edit and save that file09:23
TJ-dygey: echo $HOME09:23
TJ-dygey: Or "cd ~"09:23
Josh9449can you pm this all to me its getting lost in all the text ;lol09:23
cc11rocks_1TJ - Did you have a go at my log I posted or are you just too busy with all the other folks?09:23
TJ-Josh9449: Have you started the text editor?09:23
TJ-cc11rocks: I have it but I haven't time to investigate yet. Let me get Josh sorted out09:23
cc11rocks_1Alrighty, thank you :)09:24
TJ-Josh9449: no to PM... we prefer to let others learn how to solve problems by being able to watch in here09:24
dygeyTJ-" yeah, cd, echo...tells me nothing. this is the first time i'm seeling linux09:24
TJ-Josh9449: Once the text editor is started and you can see the contents of the file, delete everything from "# The primary network interface" to the end of the file09:24
TJ-Josh9449: Then save the file, exit the text editor, and restart the PC09:24
Josh9449Nothing happened when i typed in the command09:25
TJ-dygey: "echo $HOME" should report the path to the current user's home directory. "cd ~" will change to the home directory. the "~" command is short for $HOME in most shells on Unux/Linux09:25
bekksdygey: cd /home/myusername09:25
TJ-Josh9449: hang on...09:25
TJ-Josh9449: Anyone with 12.04 Xubuntu, can we check the mousepad is the correct GUI text editor please?09:26
TJ-Josh9449: wait .. I'm asking others to confirm this information for you - that mousepad is the text editor on Xubuntu09:26
TJ-Josh9449: It's a long time since I used Xubuntu so I don't have it to hand to check09:27
Josh9449Oh ok09:27
sachael_TJ-: mousepad is the text editor09:27
dygeybekks: thanks.09:27
TJ-sachael: thank you09:27
W4spTJ-: Mousepad is but from command line try nano09:28
=== sachael_ is now known as sahaquiel
TJ-Josh9449: ok, you probably typed the command slightly wrong09:28
TJ-W4sp: trying not confuse Josh with nano!09:28
Josh9449Tell me it again?09:28
TJ-Josh9449: press Alt+F2, type "gksudo mousepad" ... that should start the GUI text editor09:28
W4spTJ-: I tell you so it's in your hands.09:28
TJ-W4sp: I'm reserving that for the fall-back position :p09:29
Josh9449i typed it in09:29
Josh9449it asked for ,y pass and i typd that in too09:29
Josh9449nothing happened09:30
TJ-Josh9449: oh! so that means mousepad is missing ... no worries, we'll do it from a terminal instead09:30
Josh9449oh -ok :D09:30
cc11rocks_1Use the terminal to "enable" mousepad :P (sudo apt-get install mousepad)09:30
TJ-Josh9449: at a terminal command line type "sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces" - this should bring up a text based editor with the file loaded ready to edit09:31
cc11rocks_1Josh9449: Ignore me, listen to TJ-...While what I'm saying is valid, it was more of a joke...09:31
TJ-cc11rocks: :p09:31
Josh9449ok lol09:31
TJ-cc11rocks: We could also just reinstall the entire OS :D09:31
Josh9449this window popped up09:31
cc11rocks_1TJ- True, true :P09:32
TJ-Josh9449: what's the window?09:32
TJ-Josh9449: does it show the file contents that you pasted to pastebin?09:32
Josh9449yes it dfoes09:32
Josh9449it does09:32
TJ-Josh9449: Yay! OK ... now the navigation keys are a little strange so take your time.09:33
Josh9449i think i understand it... lol09:33
TJ-Josh9449: first, move the cursor down until it is on the line "# The primary network interface"09:33
Josh9449ok im on it09:33
TJ-Josh9449: Now we're going to 'kill' that line and everything after it by repeatedly pressing Ctrl+K until they are all gone09:34
dygeyok, found home folder...next..." Copy ".conky" from downloaded folder to your home directory.Open the "fonts" folder and copy all the fonts to Home/.fonts/".....how to?09:34
emmanam i connected?09:34
Josh9449there gonr09:34
dygeyemman:yes, you are09:34
W4spemman: You are.09:34
emmanfirefox doesnt work09:34
emmanbut here oin xchat09:34
emmanim ok09:34
Josh9449TJ: I did it09:34
tech1im making a backup script and want it to make a new folder appending current date, eg "foldername-YYMMDD" how do i do this? something like making getting the date in YYMMDD format, applying that to a variable then doing "mkdir foldername-variablename" ?09:35
dygeyemman: give chrome a try09:35
cc11rocks_1tech1: mkdir $formattedDate09:35
TJ-Josh9449: Now we'll save the file. press Ctrl+X, press "Y" when asked "Save modified buffer ... ?" and press Enter when asked "File name to Write: ..."09:35
cc11rocks_1Make a variable that is date formatted/time formatted09:35
MonkeyDusttech1  better ask in #bash09:35
emmanand thunderbird doesnt09:35
tech1ok thanks09:35
emmanbut xchat does09:36
emmanwhats going on?09:36
FloodBot1emman: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:36
Josh9449Ok i did it09:36
Josh9449i pressex control x and enter09:36
TJ-Josh9449: You're back at the simple command prompt now?09:36
dygeyemman: don't know. new to linux09:36
TJ-Josh9449: You've fixed it! Restart the PC and see what happens09:36
Josh9449also sorry im spelling hprrible09:36
Josh9449iots so hard totyppe o this keyboard09:36
Josh9449ok restarting now :F09:37
dygeyok guys i'm trying to find out my answers (pretty simple ones i guess) for two hours. this is frustrating09:37
cc11rocks_1Am I next TJ- ?09:37
TJ-cc11rocks: I hate queues :p09:37
W4spdygey: What are your questions?09:37
Josh9449I hope that fixed it lol09:37
cc11rocks_1TJ- So get rid of it :D09:37
cc11rocks_1But don't call system_dump() :P09:38
Josh9449IT WORKED!!!!09:38
TJ-I'm off to make breakfast ... I'll look at it once I return09:38
dygeyw4sp: those09:38
dygeyCopy ".conky" from downloaded folder to your home directory.Open the "fonts" folder and copy all the fonts to Home/.fonts/09:38
TJ-Josh9449: Congrats09:38
cc11rocks_1Call Fix_Issues()09:38
Josh9449THANKS TJ :DDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!09:38
TJ-cc11rocks:  your log file doesn't reveal anything obvious, we'll need to dig further when I return, unless someone else can help in the menatime09:39
cc11rocks_1When do you return?09:39
emmancan anyone help me to identify the problem with wireless please?09:39
cc11rocks_1I don't mind posting more/all of the log09:39
TJ-cc11rocks: after making bacin and egg sandwich :)09:39
cc11rocks_1TJ- Alrighty, I'll take my shower now09:40
dygeyemman: try and give the router a restart. just sayin'09:40
cc11rocks_1I do need to go to bed ASAP though (within 20 min)09:40
cc11rocks_1Be back in 10ish?09:40
cc11rocks_1Tj- ?09:40
W4spdygey: That's not a question. What's the problem? I don't get it.09:40
TJ-cc11rocks:  look for lines in /var/log/syslog that come from "wpa_supplicant" - that's the process responsible for doing encrypted WiFi connections09:41
cc11rocks_1Okay, thanks...What do I do with them?09:41
dygeyW4sp, the question is that i don't know how to do that. i can't paste anything in the home folder and also, i can't find the fonts folder09:41
W4spdygey: YOu probably haven't downloaded a folder but an archive file. What did you use to download the file/folder?09:42
dygeyW4sp: indeed, it's an archive. i've extracted it in a separate folder, i can see now what's inside of it, but i have to copy two folders in other folders of my system.that i can't do,don't know why and how09:44
Papahelooo guys i have an adsl pppoe connection i get fast downloads but browsing is very slow in ubuntu 12.0409:44
heisenminkPapa: perhaps port80 is limited by your ISP09:45
Papai am getting this problem in ubuntu based distros only 12.0409:46
cc11rocksTJ- : http://pastebin.com/ezDf9Bph << There's what I found that looks like errors and such09:46
Papa11.10 worked fine for me09:46
DraugauthHow can you tell if your network drivers support ethtool?09:46
cc11rocks_1I'm afk now for about 10 min09:47
cc11rocksfor shower09:47
W4spdygey: No problem. If you say 'see' you probably use  a file manager that shows you the content of the archive. What we need to do is to extract the archive and copy the folder(s) to the location that it requires. I assume therefore you know where the downloaded archive is. Can you tell me from where you downloaded conky so I can do the same?09:47
Papahey why i am getting this problem in ubuntu and ubuntu based distros09:47
luftikussWhat DEB program packages provide the Network File System?09:48
DraugauthPapa:  Check your proxy settings.  I don't have dsl but webbrowsing is fine for me.09:48
dygeyW4sp: it shows me, but i've extracted them also. the instructions, download links and how to are here http://askubuntu.com/questions/134252/is-there-any-alternative-for-windows-gadgets-in-ubuntu09:49
Draugauthluftikuss:  you talking about NTFS?  They all should.  If ZFS then the solaris group unless you add in support for it.09:49
DraugauthHow can you tell if your network drivers support ethtool?09:49
JPetersonhow do i install a deb file wirhout dpkg, ie extract and copy09:51
luftikussDraugauth: I am not talking about NTFS. I am alking about RFC3530.09:51
Draugauthluftikuss:  Ah that I don't know.  I would have to google it.09:51
Papai have dual booted fedora and ubuntu my browsing is fast in fedora ubuntu cannot load a simple website09:51
DraugauthPapa:  Again like I said check your proxy settings09:52
Papai did this sudo pppoeconf but it gets hanged :O09:52
Draugauthluftikuss:  http://nfs.sourceforge.net/ says it is supported in kernels 2.6 and later09:53
W4spdygey: I cannot find a directly linked download location related to conky. That said there is a google search link. The first record on the google results leads me to http://puna.upf.edu/node/44 Is that what you want to do? Installing conky?09:53
luftikussDraugauth: Thank you verymuch for your help.09:54
heisenminkPapa: is your ubuntu running directly off the hard drive? Which browser are you using?09:54
Draugauthluftikuss:  Anytime09:54
Papai am using firefox 14.0.1 yea it is in my dev/sda109:55
heisenminkPapa: try if chrome is any faster09:56
=== logan_ is now known as Guest40752
dygeyW4sp: if you paste the link i gave you in the browser, it will take you to a askubuntu.com page.at the middle of that page (approx.) is conky and the install tips an how-to. yes, i'm trying to install conky, in 12.04 LTS09:56
Papayeaa tried but idk what problem is this website are not opening fully status bar just keeps revolving page is half loaded :O09:57
Papai cannot explain how much slow browsing is :O09:57
DraugauthPapa:  p r o x y   s e t t i n g s     Check them.09:57
W4spdygey: OK, is there anything that would have suggested you not to use 'sudo apt-get install conky'?09:57
userHello! I have an issue with Ardour. Someone can help?09:58
caeli have a small issue after upgrading from xubuntu 11.04 to 11.10,  its no longer loading my broadcom based WLAN and intel based LAN at boot. ( i'm running 11.10 on an dell inspiron 1300 if that helps)09:58
Papai disabled ipv6 still no result09:58
cc11rocksTJ- If you are back,09:59
cc11rocks_1I'm ready09:59
Draugauthcael:  There is a problem from what I'm hearing with broadcom based wireless nics09:59
=== logan__ is now known as Guest79758
dygeyis that simple. i copyed .conky folder, but can't paste it into home directory (also,where is the home folder for sure?) second, i've copyed the fonts, but where is the Home/.fonts/ folder to paste them to?09:59
W4spdygey: Also, I can guide you on how to copy those directories.09:59
DraugauthPapa:  And what about the proxy settings?  which have nothing to do with ipv6 or chrome etc.09:59
caelDraugauth, i'm used to manually modprob'ing broadcom devices (case in point raspbian (debian for RaspberryPi. having to manually probe the audio) but i didnt have a issue before with the laptop's wifi under 11.0410:00
W4spdygey: OK, to identify where your home folder is you can use 'echo $HOME' without the quotes. The outpu tis your home folder.10:00
caeland papa what do you mean "slow" ? like pages take forever to resolve/load?10:00
Draugauthcael:  Yeah it seems to be a recen problem so I'm guessing it happened after 11.0410:00
dygeyW4sp: no intention to offend you, but sudo,apt,and the rest sounds SF to me. this is the first time i see linux10:00
tech1ok iv made a variable containing date and tested it with "echo $ymd" but "mkdir test$ymd" just creates a folder called test?10:01
eboyAlways use echo and variables with double quotes. Like this: echo "$ymd"10:01
Papayea cael10:01
W4spdygey: To do that use Ctrl+Alt+t to get a terminal and type in the command  'echo $HOME' .10:01
dygeyW4sp:ok, did it10:02
caelare you using your default ISP's DNS? i had rather slow loading on alot of sites on my isp's own. i get better results using Google's OpenDNS.10:02
caeland Draugauth , my bad lspci shows the LAN is also Broadcom based10:02
Papahey i tried to change the dns sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf changed it to google dn but if i reboot it changes to my original isp again :O10:03
Draugauthcael:  Yeah someone earlier said there was a problem with broadcom.   I saw it on google in passing but didn't read up on it sorry10:03
caelahh ok.10:03
caeland yea i've noticed broadcom isnt really  OpenSource Friendly that much.10:03
W4spdygey: The output is your home folder. Now we need to find out what two directories you want to copy. But to be perfectly honest with you, this command will get you there much quicker... 'sudo apt-get install conky' You will be asked for your password and if you want to install conky. Press yes and you get what you want.10:04
ryan1995Can ubuntu os get viruses etc?10:04
caelyes, but Linux malware/viruses arent as Widespread as Windows viruses10:05
Nkos231i know this is not the right channel but i suppose many university students will be here. I want a journal from csiro publishing but my insitute doesn't have access. Can anyone download a paper for me if he has access to this journal?10:05
Draugauthryan1995: Yes but the chances of it happening are very very low.10:05
cc11rocks_1ryan1995 - Yes, just like any other OS. Though with kernel changes and other upgraded software, along with the low market share of GNU/Linux OS's, you are very much not likely to get one10:05
caelmuch like the few for Mac OSX, linux ones still need User intervention.10:05
k1lNkos231: better ask offtopic stuff in the offtopic channel10:06
caelone cant just "slip" in.10:06
W4spdygey: It is also the right way to do it. If you install with apt-get it logs what has been installed. Later, if you update our OS the system knows what you have installed and will provide updates for those packages like conky as well. IF you do it manually you are on thin ice. PArticularily as you said you're new to it.10:06
cc11rocksryan1995 - Although you can use antivirus software if you wish10:06
dygeyW4sp: looks like it was already installed10:06
ryan1995Oh ok lol10:06
ryan1995So i can download torrents, etc and not have to worry?10:07
cc11rocksCael - What about flash etc "drive-by" downloads/installs...All OS's are affected by those (some OS's more than others)10:07
luftikussW4sp: What IRC network does provide an amateur radio channel?10:07
W4spdygey: Fine then, now you need to configure it so it matches your region and so on. IF you get stuck can come back and ask the channel for assistance.10:07
cc11rocks_1Cael - Like that nasty flame/fire virus that hit the Mac OS...If targeted correctly, it could have hit Ubuntu, Mac, AND Windows with ONE virus10:08
caelone question though Draugauth , i got used to debian (again via my Ras-Pi) does ubuntu load modules that are listed at boot? and cc11rocks , ones that spread via exploits in say removable media? yea stuff like that is somewhat Platform universal.10:08
k1lryan1995: viruses (or malware to be more specific) needs more user intervention due to the design of the rights managment. so if you keep your eyes and mind open it is not gonna happen10:08
ryan1995Do I need an antivirus?10:08
caelNot really in linux ryan1995 , but it never hurts to be safe,10:08
ryan1995I have Xubuntu is it the same thing?10:09
cc11rockscael - That is a possibility, but I was talking about viruses that require no user intervention - the ones that you just go to a website and you are infected with. Called a "drive-by" download10:09
cc11rocksYes, ryan1995...They use the same technologies that would get infected...10:09
ryan1995Oh ok lol10:09
cc11rocksEither way...I currently don't have antivirus on10:09
cc11rocks_1either of my (Ubuntu) computers10:09
k1lryan1995: as an example: dont activate every ppa or .deb package you can find. think about if you really need it and where is the package from10:09
MonkeyDust!av > ryan199510:09
ubotturyan1995, please see my private message10:09
caelryan1995, yea the versions of ubuntu are just specialised for one spefic WM, Xubuntu is set around XFC, kubuntu around KDE, normal ubuntu around gnome.10:10
ryan1995Im new to Xubuntu I just netinstalled it onto my laptop10:10
dygeyW4sp: sorry mate, you got me wrong. that was EXACTLY what i was doing. i know my english isn't that good, bout if you were reading what i was saying, you've found out by now what i was trying to do to get this...bag of dirt running.10:10
caelthough i see xubuntu is a lil "peppy" on older hardware,10:10
cc11rockswebupd8 is a VERY reliable ppa manager that I trust...I tend to be wary of most others if they didn't come from devs10:10
W4spdygey: Before you go and focus your undivided attention to your conky let me point you to something that you may need in the future. As mentioned use Ctrl+Alt+t to get to a terminal. You can use cd to change directory or to go to your home folder, cp and mv to copy and move, pwd to shwo your actual directory. To figure out what these commands are type man <command> at the command prompt.10:10
ryan1995I dont download anything really though10:10
k1lryan1995: but in general you can feel quite safe.10:10
cael(that and i like the XFCE WM, has a verry "OSX-y" feel.10:10
MasterKongjoin #windows10:11
ryan1995I just play online browser game/ stream videos and music10:11
cc11rocksI have webupd8 ppa's for (Oracle) Java, VLC's (no longer true, but used to use), as well as several  others...10:11
caeldriveby downloads really depend on the browser add-ons etc.10:11
MasterKongjoin #windows10:11
cc11rockscael - Is a thing nevertheless10:11
superbbbfabhello everybody10:11
caelit wouldnt hurt to use no-script in firefox it says its only for windows vers of firefox but it works just fine in osx vers and Linux versions.10:12
* Dr_Willis hands MasterKong a /10:12
superbbbfabsomeone can help me with playonlinux10:12
cc11rocksHello superbbbfab, anything we can help you with?10:12
cc11rockssuperbbbfab - What is wrong? Is there a new version that is to be installed?10:12
Cantideryan1995, after more than 2 years of using Ubuntu as my main OS, and without any anti-virus software, I've never gotten a virus (that i've been aware of)10:12
DraugauthAnyone here a hardware raid user in Ubuntu?10:12
ryan1995Oh ok Cantide thanks for the insight ȘD10:12
DraugauthCantide:  After decades using MS OS's I've never gotten a virus but then I don't open every single thing in the world either /lol10:13
DrManhattanDraugauth, fakeraid hardware raid or true hardware raid10:13
dygeyW4sp: don't bother man.i'm hard headed.thanks anyway10:13
superbbbfabi d0n't understand how it works, there is a guide for it?10:13
caelryan1995,  though if your going to download/use a "sketchy" file or website.10:13
ryan1995I dont cael dont worry ȘD10:13
caelsandbox it in a VM(VirtualMachine)10:13
cc11rocksTry this to update : wget -q "http://deb.playonlinux.com/public.gpg" -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo wget http://deb.playonlinux.com/playonlinux_precise.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install playonlinux10:13
DraugauthDrManhattan:  True hardware raid (24 port card)10:13
DrManhattanwow - I've only done fakeraid. Respect.10:14
CantideDraugauth, fair enough, but others have infected my MS OS via memory sticks and the like10:14
ryan1995I have another question Cantide Lol10:14
cc11rocksplayonlinux uses wine (winehq.org) to run/install Windows programs10:14
TJ-Draugauth: what's the issue?10:14
caelplayonlinux is basicly just a front-end to wine.10:14
DraugauthCantide:  Ah I don't even let my family ony my systems except in a VERY restricted account10:14
ryan1995Nvm I fixed it10:14
Cantidethat's the safest way :)10:14
dygeyok, guys...can someone give me some real help with conky? or i'm asking too much?10:14
sahaquielaww yeah, 20 days uptime on my crappy notebook10:14
cc11rocksplayonlinux uses the most compatible version of wine for the most popular programs and games10:14
Cantideryan1995, sure :) although I'm not very knowledgeable :)10:15
cc11rocksTJ- Can you help me real quick? I'm supposed to be in bed...10:15
DraugauthTJ-:  I am able to achieve 200MB writes over the network via 2 systems writing to it but can only get 45-50MB reads over the network via the same 2 systems.10:15
Cantidewhew :)10:15
ryan1995How do you change your keyboard?10:15
TJ-cc11rocks: Did you find any mentions of wpa_supplicant?10:15
Dr_Willisdygey:  depends on the help. conky has a huge amount of info out there on the web10:15
DrManhattanit's a shame you can't get better gaming in linux like you could in the good old days of counter-strike10:15
DraugauthDrManhattan:  I got my card for a good deal.   350 and I got 4 of the 6 cables with it ;)10:15
ryan1995It gives me wierd symbols that arent there when i press some keys10:15
sahaquielDrManhattan: let's hope steam on linux changes that!10:15
superbbbfabbut i 've to disinstall playonlinux?10:15
cc11rocksI can give you more if you need it...10:15
DraugauthDrManhattan:  L4D runs smoother and faster on Linux.   Valve proved it via steam.10:15
cc11rockssuperbbbfab - to uninstall, run "sudo apt-get purge playonlinux"10:16
TJ-Draugauth: Is dmcrypt in use? Are you using NFS for the network?10:16
Dr_Willissuperbbbfab: playonlinux uses wine10:16
cc11rocksThat will get rid of it completely...10:16
dygeyDr_Willis: yeah, a huge amount not for the begginers in linux10:16
W4spdygey: I'm female but will pass your wishes along when I get a chance to see one. LOL.10:16
DrManhattani'd be stoked to be able to play cs:s on linux but source engine is so old10:16
DrManhattanbf3 or die10:16
DraugauthTJ-:  NTFS (waiting on 5 more HDDs to switch over to NFS/ZFS)  didn't install dmcrypt.  How can I find out if it is on?10:16
cc11rocksTJ- I didn't know what to cut out or not...if you need more, I don't mind posting more...10:17
Cantidein a way i see the lack of gaming on Linux a blessing in disguise - less distractions :p10:17
caelit took awhile to fully run (well unoffically) my fav MMO on WINE.10:17
TJ-Draugauth: dmcrypt would only be if you're using LUKS to encrypt the block devices10:17
dygeyW4sp: then sorry for the "man" thing10:17
cael"Final Fantasy XI"10:17
superbbbfabto play windows games i can use also only wine? or it's important also playonlinux?10:17
DraugauthTJ-:  I didn't install LUKS and honestly don't know what it is ;)10:17
caelwell you need wine reguardless playonlinux just makes it easier to install games/apps10:17
cc11rocksCantide - Over the past couple months, I've come up with a HUGE list of games for GNU/Linux OS's...And Steam is coming to GNU/Linux in a few months, etc10:17
Dr_Willissuperbbbfab: playonlinux is a frindlier frontend to wine10:17
Matan[M]hello, someone know how to integrate x-chat with chat/mail menu in u12.04?10:18
DrManhattanyeah but steam going doesn't mean steam GAMES are going10:18
DrManhattanand like I said, bf3 or die.10:18
cc11rocksBut it's the START of something...10:18
TJ-Draugauth: Good ... one less thing to consider! ... So the file-systems are NTFS ... how are they being shared over the network if not NFS? Samba ?10:18
DraugauthSteam has already converted L4D to Linux OGL.   Some others are in the works as well.10:18
DraugauthTJ-:  Yes Samba.10:19
DrManhattanif bf3 goes over ill leave windows.10:19
cc11rocksL4D runs BETTER on GNU/Linux than on Windows (if I remember my sources correctly)10:19
Cantideas Linux gains steam (pun intended) i'm sure more and more games will come, too10:19
superbbbfabdr willis sorry i don't understand "frindlier frontend "10:19
DrManhattanyeah dude but thats SO OLLD10:19
caelyea DrManhattan , some games that srecive regular updates at one version can make it run just fine on linux,  while one can make it run like crap and another outright Break it.10:19
Draugauthcc11rocks:  Nixie Pixel says so so we know it's true!  ;)10:19
TJ-Draugauth: OK ... I think it could be a SMB/CIFS issue10:19
cc11rocksDraugauth :D10:19
cc11rocksTJ- Did that post help?10:19
DraugauthTJ-:  Any suggestions?10:19
DrManhattanplay bf3 on win7 64 bit on a 570 or better - THATS the graphics I want10:20
DrManhattanalmost real10:20
extropyI'm a noob, but porting that many games to linux is going to take some man power, I wonder if Valve is hiring right now, I'll bet it's chaos there right now.10:20
caelsome updates to FFXI thru the years were a Example of that. and the recent update Completly broke it under some distro's (Gentoo it just crashes)10:20
Draugauthextropy : Yes Valve is hiring like mad10:20
ryan1995I work for valve10:20
DrManhattanamericas army on linux used to be great10:20
DrManhattansort of10:20
DrManhattanwithout respawn it wasn't fun10:21
Dr_Willisworks for Apature10:21
caelif its a poor minecraft joke then ryan1995  " i'm from planetminecraft, can i have op? :D"10:21
DrManhattanthe army would have gotten more combat ready recruits10:21
dygeyone last try: any help from someone with conky, instead of misunderstanding guys and refferences to "search the web"?10:21
cc11rocksHow many times do you have to drain/full a laptop battery to get it at max capacity?10:21
DrManhattanI suspect they were trying to see if remote infantry was possible10:21
OerHekslots opf chit-chat, no help for dygey10:21
Dr_Willisdygey:  you need to ask the real question and see who can help10:21
Draugauthdygey:  Sorry I haven't used it.10:22
DrManhattancc11rocks, once10:22
extropywhat kind of background wouldy ou actually need to get hired at Steam to work on *nix stuff?10:22
TJ-Draugauth: I see mentions that sometimes it can be caused by the NICs not being in full-duplex mode as well as other things you can check. Take a look at http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/speed.html#id269095210:22
Draugauthcc11rocks:  You will never get it to full capacity.  It slowly degrades10:22
DrManhattanextropy, you'd have to be linus torvalds boyfried.10:22
cc11rocksOkay...Tested out a game and stuff with charger in a couple times. I'm letting it drain now. It'll still be mostly there, right? Draugauth - I know that10:22
caeli can make an example this battery in my inspiron, is so dead the system just doesnt even recognise it's connected.10:22
extropythat's it?10:22
TJ-cc11rocks: Can you tell me what the WiFi device is? "lspci -nn" would help to begin with assuming it's a PCI device, not USB10:22
DraugauthTJ-:  Alright I will check it out.  hopefully it will give some tips10:23
cc11rocksTJ- Funny how I ran lspci a couple min ago10:23
dygeyDr_Willis: what question do you want to hear? the question is that i don't know hou to do this "Copy ".conky" from downloaded folder to your home directory.Open the "fonts" folder and copy all the fonts to Home/.fonts/"...10:23
TJ-Draugauth: focus on the network link layer ... on both the clients and the server10:23
TJ-cc11rocks: Did you pastebin it?10:23
DraugauthTJ-:  But if it was the link layer wouldn't it cause problems both ways?10:23
cc11rocksTJ- lspci -nn << http://pastebin.com/26x47Pzq10:24
JPetersonhow do i get the current deb package name for a package? for example how do i translate apt to apt_0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.2_i386.deb10:24
Dr_Willisdygey:  the archive you downloaded.. extract it somewhere.. fine the .conky file. copy it to your /home/yourusername directory10:24
Dr_Willisdygey:  sure it dident say .conkyrc ?10:24
TJ-Draugauth: not necessarily... these things are complex beasts... at the very least, prove that the network isn't the issue and try to isolate the issue to one side of the link, and then monitor processes i/o performance and so forth10:25
extropyanyone here pretty savvy with postfix?10:25
Dr_Willisdygey:  in your home directory make a .fonts directory, copy the font files to it10:25
cc11rocksTJ- 02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6235 [8086:088e] (rev 24)10:25
cc11rocksIt supports Wifi direct, promise :)10:25
Dr_Willisdygey: ctrl-h in the file manager shows the . type files10:25
DraugauthTJ-:  Well easy test.   copy from 1 gaming system to the other (both have SSD in Raid 0 so can hit 1GB read speeds) and I got 87MB+ speeds10:26
TJ-cc11rocks: now give me "sudo lspci -nnvv -s 2:0.0"10:26
cc11rocksWhat does this command do?10:26
DraugauthTJ-:  So that would point at something other than the network right?10:26
superbbbfabI can not start a  full rip game on playonlinux10:26
TJ-Draugauth: I meant to test the server network link. you've got 2 into 1 there... there's collisions and all sorts could be going on10:26
dygeyDr_Willis:ok. where can i find the .fonts folder?i only see a .fontconfig folder10:26
TJ-cc11rocks: it'll list all the gory details of that device10:27
DraugauthTJ-:  Ok so test from the server to one of them.  Not a problem.10:27
Dr_Willisdygey:  make it.. in your home dir.. /home/yourusername/.fonts10:27
JPetersonA: since no one here can answer an advanced question. the answer is xpath http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/i386/*/download10:27
cc11rocksTJ- Think this is the interesting part >> Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi       Kernel modules: iwlwifi10:27
DraugauthJPeterson:  And that answer is to what question?10:28
cc11rocksThough I don't know :O10:28
dygeyDr_Willis: ok, two seconds10:28
JPeterson[12:24] <JPeterson> how do i get the current deb package name for a package? for example how do i translate apt to apt_0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.2_i386.deb10:28
DraugauthJPeterson:  Ah ok10:28
extropyapt-get install [name of package] ...10:28
cc11rocksapt-cache show <package>10:28
TJ-cc11rocks: I think you may be affected by bug #103012310:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1030123 in linux (Ubuntu) "8086:0085 Ad-Hoc wlan broken" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103012310:28
cc11rocksAh, CRAP!10:29
cc11rocksI'm running -29 kernel though..bug is for -2710:29
TJ-cc11rocks: bug reports says last working 3.2 was -26 ... try installing the latest mainline build of v3.5 ... I run that here10:30
TJ-cc11rocks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds10:30
DraugauthTJ-:  Ok Ubuntu is timing out when I try to open the workgroup.  Any ideas?10:30
cc11rocksTJ- Don't they tweak the kernel that comes with this. Wouldn't I lose the kernel options that they turn on/off?10:31
W4spdygey: As this is directly aimed to me ... I told you to repeat your question as I joined later. Don't blame Ubuntu or others for your lack of communication skills.10:31
TJ-Draugauth: I've tried to stay away from SMB/CIFS since it is such a mess, so I can't be much more use to you. But it sounds like you're starting to get closer to an explanation and fix10:31
TJ-cc11rocks: No, we build the mainline kernels and package them using the same kernel config10:32
cc11rocksTJ- And do I have to build my own kernel?10:32
cc11rocksTJ- Yay!10:32
DraugauthAnyone have any ideas on why I can't browse my network on my ubuntu machine but my systems can see and use the shares on it?10:32
extropyUbuntu's main focus is just user friendliness, isn't it?10:32
TJ-cc11rocks: no, you go read that page... we provide prebuild .deb files to install. You'll need to install 3 or 4 .debs by downloading them and then using dpkg -i ...10:32
cc11rocksTJ- Okay, thanks!10:33
TJ-Draugauth: I'd be looking at WINS server issues for that10:33
cc11rocksTJ- = BEAST MODE ACTIVATE (BMA)!!!10:33
DraugauthTJ-:  I don't have a WINS server running yet.10:33
Rockhoundhello guys i want to make my vim fully loaded ide..anybody know how to do tht?10:33
cscsabahello, does anybody use AudaCity to record online streams ?10:33
Dr_WillisDraugauth: try entering the smb url directly in nautilus uisng the ip# not hostname   ie:    smb://
dygeyW4sp: i have repeated it two times for you. i know i'm kinda stupid, but accusing me for communications skill lack because you didn't understood...have a nice day.10:33
TJ-Draugauth: Hmmm... that might be an issue then. You can configure samba to run a wins deamon for the network10:34
Dr_Willisor do i have / and \ backwards..10:34
TJ-Draugauth: Dr_Willis idea is a good one10:34
TJ-Dr_Willis: I always forget that too!!10:34
Marzatadunno is this the correct place to ask but ... in the dd-wrt router we have port forwarded ssh from 7022 to soma inside machine at 22 port, the question is how to connect from outside?10:34
Dr_Willishostname resoultion in samba always m esses up in nautilus for me10:34
cc11rocksTJ- So do 3.5.1-quantal?10:34
cc11rocksThat looks to be the most latest, stable one (without an "RC" tag)10:35
DraugauthDR_Willis:  Trying that now.10:35
TJ-cc11rocks: Yes, that will do10:35
DraugauthDr_Willis:  How do I enter it?  Only thing I could find is search10:36
TJ-cc11rocks: you'll need the linux-image, linux-image-extra linux-headers-*all and linux-headers* for your archituecture10:36
TJ-cc11rocks: so either i386 or amd64 packages, but don't mix them10:36
extropyMarzata: if the port is forwarded (and allowed, prerouted) you should be able to connect just fine10:36
Dr_WillisDraugauth:  ctrl- to see the address bar10:36
cc11rocksTJ- Yep, got it10:36
extropyMarzata: never messed with dd-wrt thou10:36
dygeyDr_Willis: conky up'n runnin', as it in the pictures found on the internet. too hard for the others to understant that i only wanted to find out how to copy two folders. thanks man.;-)10:37
Marzataextropy: but how to use ssh command to connect?10:37
TJ-cc11rocks: good luck. I have to go for a walk10:37
DraugauthDr_Willis:  Ctrl - just makes the icons smaller in the window.   I'm running Unity10:37
cc11rocksTJ- I need everything in that folder EXCEPT the arch. I'm not using right? Inc. the patches and stuff10:37
cc11rocksTJ- Grazie milli (Thanks a million - Itilian)10:37
TJ-cc11rocks: no... which arch are you using?10:37
cc11rocksOn this one, x6410:37
Dr_Willisdygey:  bash basics ;) people get confused by .fileas and user dirs that are need to be made10:38
=== christor is now known as rokra
TJ-cc11rocks: linux-headers-3.5.1-030501-generic_3.5.1-030501.201208091310_amd64.deb linux-headers-3.5.1-030501_3.5.1-030501.201208091310_all.deb  linux-image-3.5.1-030501-generic_3.5.1-030501.201208091310_amd64.deb  linux-image-extra-3.5.1-030501-generic_3.5.1-030501.201208091310_amd64.deb10:38
extropy_Marzata: same way you normally use SSH but with ":7022" tacked onto the address10:38
cc11rocksTJ- Okay, thanks again!10:38
TJ-cc11rocks: good luck; I'm away for now10:39
cc11rocksTJ- up & away10:39
DraugauthOk using the Unity "search" I get the error "Could not display "smb//xxxxxx" Error: Failed to mount Windows share"10:39
Marzataextropy: aha thanks only :7022 is enough10:39
Dr_WillisDraugauth: smb://10:39
dashavooanyone know where I can get a deb for the old version of skype? I just upgraded it and it is horribly unstable, moreso than previously, I can't keep a call going for longer than 5 minutes.10:40
DraugauthDr_Willis:  Yeah I did that.  Sorry I missed it when retyping it over here.10:40
Dr_WillisDraugauth: findsmb and smbtree commands may show some info also10:40
rokraHi , I have an issue since I installed ubuntu. I m not able to boot windows7. When I select win7 in the grub , the grub seems to restart and ask me to select again?10:40
DraugauthDr_Willis:  Ok I got it by leaving out the directory name.10:40
Dr_WillisDraugauth:  your shares dont have spaces in the names?10:41
DraugauthDr_Willis:  Ok copying from this system to the ubuntu system it is hitting 95MB.   So it seems to be when reading from the ubuntu system to the win7 systems.10:41
SpoonlessHi all10:42
DraugauthDr_Willis:  That one didn't but I think I found the oops.    It was a nested directory so I think I needed the full path.   But yeah I just hit 97MB so it isn't a network issue.10:42
SpoonlessCan anyone give me a hand with some Live Usb trouble I've been having? Or is this not the place?10:43
Dr_WillisSpoonless:  state the issue,10:43
Draugauthsamba is /etc/samba/samba.conf right?10:45
SpoonlessAttempted to install Ubuntu 12.04 on a thumb drive so that I could live boot it. The terminal instructions on the site didn't work for me so I used Unetbootin, but that creates a bootable USB that works on windows, not Mac, which I wasn't aware of. I'd like to make one that I can boot on my MBP.10:45
DraugauthSpoonless: Format the USB in the mac file type and try it.  I had a problem with unetbootin in FAT not working on my server but NTFS did.10:46
SpoonlessSo GUID?10:46
extropymac's like GPT right?10:46
Matan[M]hello, someone know how to integrate x-chat with chat/mail menu in u12.04?10:47
SpoonlessThe thing is, Unetbootin states that the created USB won't work on Mac after it's done installing.10:47
extropywhen I boot from pen drives I almost always end up using good old fashion FAT10:47
KatsumeBliskSpoonless: If I'm not mistaken, you hold down a key when booting from USB on a mac to do it. I'm not a Mac expert though.10:47
qualiaSo if i download an ISO of a distro for pen drive, can I boot it from my local drive10:48
extropyKatsumeBlisk: not a mac user, but that's still good to know10:48
extropyqualia: the boot sector has to be written to, but otherwise yeah, it's pretty much as simple as all that10:48
SpoonlessKatsumeBlisk: Hold down the Option key to show available startup disks. The usb doesn't show up though.10:48
Dr_Willisqualia: easier to put it on a usb10:48
KatsumeBliskextropy: I don't ever deal with Macs, so I'm kind of guessing. lol.10:48
KatsumeBliskSpoonless: Ah. Then I can't help. I don't use Macs ever.10:48
KatsumeBliskSpoonless: Sorry mate.10:49
SpoonlessNo worries, thanks for the help anyway.10:49
extropyLast time I tried to install from a pen drive following the instructions on Ubuntu's site things didn't pan out, data corruption, flash drive fried, etc ... I just use CDs now10:50
extropyplus Flash memory is really slow10:50
qualiaWish i knew anything about writing to boot sector Im still practising C10:50
KatsumeBliskextropy: CDs are slower than USB.10:50
gmagnohello. I'm using the super key to open applications menu ("start" menu) but I'm also using super+'e' to open thunar. Everytime I open thunar the applications menu also pops up because  super key was pressed  as wel. Is there any trick to make this not happen?10:50
extropyUSB itself, yes10:50
extropybut the r/w speed of some crappy Sandisk Cruzer, nah10:50
SpoonlessI would do that, install from a CD and specify the USB as the install site, but my Optical drive is busted...10:50
gmagnobtw, I'm using a xubuntu 12.0410:51
KatsumeBliskextropy: It depends on the drive. You can't call an entire form of media slower than another when you use slow forms of that media. :P10:51
extropyactually ... really?10:51
mhahei remember a command line shortcut to open vim and edit one or more lines in vim and then execute after done. anybody know this one?10:52
mhaheit might be related vi mode 'set -o vi'10:52
extropyUSB 2.0 is 480/mbs but I've never actually seen it do more than 25MB/s10:52
extropyDVD 24x is ~ 33MB/s10:53
SpoonlessDraugauth: You mentionned formatting the usb into mac file type. You meant formatting it into GUID?10:53
W4spmhahe: That would be for tcsh and csh.10:53
extropyugh, I hate it when I type "calc" and hit [enter] from "Dash Home" and it pulls up LibreOffice for some reason, think I'll just remove it. Who uses spreadsheets anyway?10:54
DraugauthSpoonless:  That's the only thing I can suggest.  I'm not a MAC fan personally.  Don't get me wrong MAC is a good PC and all but I don't like the parent company ;)10:54
extropyok, it's because it's *called* "LibraOffice Calc" ... I'm a dumbass10:55
extropywhy don't they just call it was it is? "LibraOffice Spreadsheet"10:55
DraugauthSpoonless:  But I know on my P5NSLI motherboard I could not boot from any USB formatted as FAT16 or FAT 32.  I had to use NTFS.  So it's worth a try.10:56
extropyweird, from my systems I have an easy time booting from FAT16 but NTFS is a no go, how new is the Apple product?10:56
OerHeks!ot | extropy10:57
ubottuextropy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:57
extropyubottu: if I don't know what comment you're referring do then your words of warning are only so useful to me10:58
ubottuextropy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:58
extropyrobots could at least quote me ... o.O10:58
SpoonlessExtropy: 3 years, running 10.6.810:58
Draugauthextropy:  Yeah ubottu isn't to smart.  Since we are talking about ubuntu /lol10:58
W4spmhahe: Press the excape key.10:58
extropyguessing it was the "apple" keyword then ...10:59
glebihanextropy, there was no keyword10:59
extropyalways wanted to make an eggie ...10:59
glebihanextropy, you're just offtopic10:59
shanelootshi everyone. can someone help me? when installing ubuntu i have to use nomodeset to get a display picture then all goes fine untill it finishes loading at the purple screen. then i get a pinkish background and a mouse pointer and nothing else. it freezes their. i cant get to terminal either using ctrl alt t10:59
extropyglebihan: if you're human please cite the allegely off-topic quote you're referring to11:00
Draugauthglebihan:  Except he wasn't off-topic as we are trying to help Spoonless with his Ubuntu install issue which thus is on topic.11:00
mhaheW4sp, i know how to enter 'command mode'. what i need is the command to take the current commands/text and send that to vim temporarily for full vi functionality and easy multiline editing and then execute it. im searching for it now11:00
glebihan<extropy> weird, from my systems I have an easy time booting from FAT16 but NTFS is a no go, how new is the Apple product?11:00
glebihanextropy, as well as your libreoffice story11:01
Draugauthglebihan:  Yes which is dealing with Spoonless's issue.  FTT ;)11:01
=== exe is now known as Guest39671
shanelootsmaybe i need to enable drivers or something but how?11:01
extropywell la de da ... anyway, *this* conversation is off-topic ... so moving on11:02
shaneloots hi everyone. can someone help me? when installing ubuntu i have to use nomodeset to get a display picture then all goes fine untill it finishes loading at the purple screen. then i get a pinkish background and a mouse pointer and nothing else. it freezes their. i cant get to terminal either using ctrl alt t11:03
SpoonlessForgive my noobish comment, but when formatting a drive, the only formats available to me are a bunch of "Mac OSX Extended", "Ms-Dos FAT", "ExFat" and "Free Space." What were the formats you were referring to, NTFS, FAT16, FAT 32. Could the problem be there?11:03
extropyOS-X itself has supported GUID Patrition Tables since version 10.4.0 if that helps11:04
extropyI know OpenBSD likes GUID .. can't see why OS-X would be any different11:04
extropythough I guess this assumes that the harware bundle with GUID-friendly OS-X would support GUID, can't really assume I guess.11:05
SpoonlessI can use GUID, Apple partition or MBR. Somehow, whenever I try to bind a .img file to my newly formatted GUID thumb drive, I turns to MBR upon completion and tells me "this disk can't be read on this computer."11:07
extropyshaneloots: when you installed Ubuntu did you select the "Download updates while installing"?11:07
extropyI seem to have similar problems if I try to do that. Seems to work better if I install the ISO "vanilla" and *then* update11:07
SpoonlessIt's really getting to me, I've tried various variations on dd, to no avail.11:07
TJ-Spoonless: Have you seen this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/28495/how-do-i-get-my-mac-to-boot-from-an-ubuntu-usb-key11:07
Guest39671anyone can you please help me changing gdm background @ xubuntu ?11:08
shanelootsextropy: not that i know of? could it be enabled by defult?11:08
extropySpoonless: sounds like the .img file your writing has it's own partition table built-in11:08
Dr_WillisGuest39671:  edit the image file in /usr/share/backgrounds/  would be one way. ;) backup the original11:09
extropythe method I like for Flash drives is to just install that partition table / bootloader and simply copy the content of the ISO to the flash drive11:09
DraugauthHow do I reenable eth0 and eth1?11:09
DraugauthFor some reason last reboot they stopped auto enabling11:09
extropythough I haven't done the pen drive thing it a while ... it keeps bricking my drives T:11:09
Spoonlessextopry: I'm afraid that seems to be beyond my capabilities. I just convert the .iso to an .img with hdiutil, then dd it over to my usb. How would I do what you're describing?11:10
Dr_Willisif you dd an iso file to flash. ive always had to dd' from /dev/zero to the flash then use gparted to repatition it to return it to 'normal'11:10
Guest39671thanks Dr_Willis will try now11:11
Dr_WillisSpoonless:  i just dd the iso file. no need to converet11:11
TJ-shaneloots: With "nomodeset" it is possible the correct xserver driver for the video adaptor refuses to load and the system falls back to the VESA or framebuffer drivers, both of which can fail to select a valid mode. If you remove "nomodeset" and let the PC boot and get all the way to the GUI log-in (even if the screen is blank whilst booting) can you then get correct graphics?11:11
=== Guest39671 is now known as execc
SpoonlessDr_Willis: So dd the .iso over with UDRW or Rdxx?11:12
shanelootsTJ-: i have tried to leave it without nomodeset but after 10 min the screen stays black.11:12
DraugauthHow do I reenable eth0 and eth1?11:13
TJ-shaneloots: That's .... annoying .... !11:13
SpoonlessDr_Willis: I've only been converting because that's what the instructions on the site said to do.11:13
Dr_WillisSpoonless:  no idea on thet i just use pcs and linux, no m acs. i do find just dding the iso works better then the various flash-drive utils11:13
extropyman hdiutil11:13
extropyoops, wrong window, lol11:13
shanelootsTJ-: yes and i really want this to work but cant even get the thing to install. iv tried wubi and cd install so far.11:14
TJ-shaneloots: When the PC is at the weird pink-background window, can you get to a virtual terminal (VT) using Ctrl+Alt+F1 ?11:14
Dr_WillisSpoonless:  since 12.04 at least you can dd the iso straight. befor that.. you couldent.11:14
Dr_Willismay be in 11.10 you could.. not sure11:14
extropysounds like he's making his USB stick from MacOS11:15
shanelootsi can go try that if i get one what should i do? i couldnt get a normal terminal using cntrl alt t.11:15
SpoonlessAlright then, I'll give that a try. Other wise, would there be a way to me to make a small partition on my HD to assign the iso to? Without wiping the drive obviously.11:15
execcthe gdm image is not in  /usr/share/backgrounds/11:15
extropyI don't get why it should be so hard though. There really isn't much to a boot sector is there?11:15
execcany other place it could be? or the script file of the gdm?11:15
Dr_Willisused to be in backgrounds.. not looked for it in ages11:16
Dr_Willisi use lightd, these days.11:17
=== 31NABWY6O is now known as CookieM
SpoonlessAnyway to assign the iso right to a new partition on my harddisk?11:18
mowoli have a UTF-8 file that i need to be in ANSI encoding. Any ideas to do so? iconv gives an error..11:18
DraugauthOk somehow I fubared my network connections on the ubuntu system.   suggestions on where to look?11:18
Dr_Willis /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png   is not the image execc ?11:18
shanelootsTJ-: i can go try that if i get one what should i do? i couldnt get a normal terminal using cntrl alt t.11:18
execc@Dr_Willis gonna check now11:19
SpoonlessI'll go try using the iso as is. Thanks guys.11:19
TJ-shaneloots: Terminals come from Ctrl+Alt+F1 through F6 ... you can switch back to GUI from a VT with Alt+F7 (or sometimes Alt+F8 if VT8 is handling the GUI)11:19
FloodBot1ashi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:20
execc not in here p@p:/usr/share/backgrounds$ ls space-01.jpg  space-02.jpg  space-03.jpg11:20
ashianybody there11:20
shanelootsJT-: ok and if i do get a terminal then what should i do?11:20
shanelootsTJ-: ok and if i do get a terminal then what should i do?11:21
Dr_Willisexecc: space? the defaul image has been /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png  perhaps the new gdm is looking elsewhere then11:21
Dr_Willischeck the gdm configs i guess11:22
TJ-shaneloots: I'm not sure... but at least it gives the prospect of digging around in the logs and changing configuration to test it more11:22
extropywarty warthog? .. man ... it's been years11:23
Dr_Willisextropy:  thats been the default image name for ages. ;)11:23
ubottuUbuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog) was the first release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30, 2006. See !eol for more details.11:23
extropythat was the first version of ubuntu I ever used11:23
extropydidn't know it was the first11:24
shanelootsJT-: ok well ill go try get a terminal quick and then come back and report.11:24
shanelootsTJ-: ok well ill go try get a terminal quick and then come back and report.11:24
Dr_Willisjust think.. if that was a 5 year lts... it would still be supported. ;)  5 yrs is like.. eons in pc time11:24
Marzatawhat is the file where vino-preferences settings are saved in?11:25
extropyeons on moore's law time I guess11:25
DraugauthOk I'll just reinstall ubuntu tomorrow after I wake up then to fix the network issues.  Night all11:26
Dr_Willisunless its a kernel bug..11:27
extropyman, I had to reinstall ubuntu just because I fubar'd my postfix config ... hate solving problems that was but sometimes it shaves literally days off the learning curve11:27
extropytime = money ... and test boxes are you friend11:28
extropyI'm getting in the habit of documenting every last little thing I do just so undoing it later becomes less of a hassle11:28
MorgorothBonjour quelqu'un comprend le Français?11:28
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:28
extropybein! xD11:29
Morgorothok merci11:29
Draugauthhah fixed it.  Gave it one last try before bed /lo11:30
extropyisn't Ubuntu a Swahili word?11:30
MonkeyDustextropy  zulu11:31
extropyah, Zulu11:31
eboyextropy: Zulu11:31
MonkeyDustsafari is swahili, 'distant travel' or so11:31
extropylol, nice11:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:32
Draugauthof course no changes to samba but now I can't access the shares /sigh11:32
extropydon't you need liek a bunch of stuff to get samba working these days like binding to kerberos or something?11:33
extropyI haven't messed with SMB in years11:33
Dr_Willisi find window netowkrks/samba to not work.. the 5 min later it starts working...11:34
extropyespecially since I literally just wiped all my windows boxes and put Ubuntu on all of them11:34
bazhang!samba | extropy have a read11:34
ubottuextropy have a read: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.11:34
extropythank ubottu11:34
Dr_Willisi share my videos to the windows boxs via upnp mainly these days11:35
luftikussWhat IRC network does provide an amateur radio channel?11:35
mlkushanHi all, My question is related to libseccomp library. Does anyone knows, how to analyze the output of the seccomp_filter_pfc() log? Log says "if ($syscall == 252) action ALLOW;" but I can't figure out what is syscall #252.11:35
amarcolinohi does anyone know how to temporarily turn off compression when using mobile broadband?11:35
bazhang!alis | luftikuss have a search11:36
ubottuluftikuss have a search: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:36
WavesonicsI've just got Conky setup on my netbook with the clock ring theme, really awesome. but the disk and net read outs arent drawing their rings, anyone seen anything like this?11:36
Dr_WillisWavesonics:  the config looking for the wrong disks/mount points  - most likely issue11:37
Dr_Willissame for networking11:37
Dr_Willisconky configs are often very machine specific ;(11:38
WavesonicsDr_Willis, ah v likely, my disk is partitioned stranely on here11:38
Dr_Willisi only use the most basic of conky setups11:38
luftikussDr_Willis: Thank you.11:39
Dr_Willisive totally frogotten your problem luftikuss  ;)11:39
extropystill think conky's logo should be a ventriloquist dolls' face.11:39
bazhang!ot | extropy11:40
ubottuextropy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:40
extropyalready tehre bazhang ... already there11:40
Dr_Willisive had issues with conky under unity and gnome-shell, so ive not even been using it lately11:40
amarcolinohi does anyone know how to temporarily turn off compression when using mobile broadband? Would like to see the full image quality while browsing11:41
mlkushanHi all, My question is related to libseccomp library. Does anyone knows, how to analyze the output of the seccomp_filter_pfc() log? Log says "if ($syscall == 252) action ALLOW;" but I can't figure out what is syscall #252.11:42
Matanhello, someone know hopw to integrate x-chat with chat/mail menu in ubuntu 12.04?11:42
bazhangMatan, with xchat-indicator ?11:42
bazhang!info xchat-indicator11:43
ubottuxchat-indicator (source: xchat-indicator): XChat Indicator Plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.10-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 8 kB, installed size 65 kB11:43
bazhangMatan, ^11:43
nielsohey guys, ive been troubleshooting for forever: i cant get my logitech laser mouse to work at a normal sensitivity - its way too fast. any suggestions?11:43
nielsoive tried the systems preferences of course, its on min value11:44
Maxwellhello every111:44
Matanbazhang: THX so much :)11:45
shanelootshey everyone ok after playing around with some settings while trying to install i finally get a grey bar ontop of my screen with two arrows on the right of it but it doesnt want to bring up anything else how can i continur with my installation?11:46
TJ-mlkushan: You can find the SYSCALL numbers in /usr/include/asm/unistd{_64}.h11:47
Maxwellwhat are you trying to install shaneloots?11:47
shanelootsTJ-: im back and no luck i difnt get a terminal11:47
TJ-shaneloots: Grrrr11:48
TJ-shaneloots: It seems the video device in that PC doesn't like to play nice. What video adapter is it?11:48
shanelootsbut after playing around with some settings i managed to get a grey bar ontop of my screen with two arrows facing up and down11:49
shaneloots TJ-: its a ati saphire 3870 special edition11:50
Dr_Willisperhsps the alternative cd installer would be worth trying11:52
shanelootsi am installing from a cd?11:53
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal11:53
TJ-Dr_Willis: I agree; forums indicate that the HD3870 is supposed to work OK but might have video-playback acceleration issues, but nothing like shaneloots is describing11:54
bonhoefferbut i had no mouse11:55
shanelootsi will download the alternative cd and see how it goes. but would i not get issues anyway once it is installed?11:56
GolfgeoHi all11:57
GolfgeoGot a question11:57
islandmonkey!ask | Golfgeo11:57
ubottuGolfgeo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:57
GolfgeoHow can I change the boot screen for xubuntu?11:57
Golfgeoislandmonkey: Know that one11:58
Golfgeoislandmonkey: and nice though, and state I am going to ask ;) hihi11:58
MaxwellI´m having a big problem right now: yesterday I used gparted to expand my linux partition. for doing that it had to copy my partition to the front on my hard drive. At the point about a half was copied my computer turned suddenly off without error message. Same as trying to do a diskcheck after crashing and also crashed. Ubuntu can´t boot right now of course but it only copied my data which means it still is somewhere on my harddriv11:58
Maxwell Is there any option to rescue that data?11:59
GolfgeoMaxwell, low level tool can be a help, but only if you know where the start and end of the data is... exactly I mean...11:59
islandmonkeyGolfgeo: Can't remember where I got it from, but you can use a tool called Plymouth Manager which allows you to easily change the splash screen of Plymouth from themes from somewhere like http://gnome-look.org12:00
shanelootsTJ-: will i not just get the same issues once its installed?12:00
dsnydersMaxwell, you can try using a utility called testdisk.12:00
Golfgeoislandmonkey: will take a look at it12:00
Golfgeothanks mate12:00
MaxwellIs it like a live-cd?12:00
TJ-shaneloots: Often, no. Sometimes its to do with the limited options the LiveCD has12:01
alphadaSomeone can help me to resolve a grub issue? I m not able to start the windows 7 . Please find the summary here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142767/12:01
GolfgeoMaxwell: to be honest, best bet is to start over with the disk, install a fresh copy of everything and safe on a ton of mental pain and shrinks...12:02
dsnydersMaxwell, No.  It is something that may be on a live-cd, though.  Testdisk scans a hard drive and attempts to rebuild partitions.12:02
MaxwellFound it. Semms like its also included in gparted but I dont want to use it though it crashed already a few times12:03
MaxwellThat would be the best to copy my data on an external harddrive12:03
shanelootsTJ-: ok great ill download it and try. thanks for your help12:03
dsnydersMaxwell, that may not be it.  Testdisk is a command line, text only application.12:04
islandmonkeyGolfgeo: Found it myself (if you haven't already): http://sourceforge.net/projects/plymouthmanager/12:04
MaxwellI found this site http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Livecd12:04
nielsohey guys, im trying to reduce my mouse sensitivity to a much slower speed. the system preferences are already at minimum value. anyone any suggestion how to solve that problem?12:04
Maxwelllooks like i have to learn how to use it12:05
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest24270
Golfgeoislandmonkey: found it, but seems that xfce should have a settings manager to do this somewhere...12:06
Golfgeoislandmonkey: btw, the goal was to get a non interactive bootup screen (no progress indicator that halts 10 times) like in lxde12:07
Golfgeoislandmonkey: installing a little netbook with xubuntu, so... underpowered and crappy... and I hate being scared it isn't booting...12:08
Golfgeobut... will take a closer look at it :) Thanks mate :)12:08
islandmonkeyGolfgeo: I don't know if it is in the repos, but there is one called splashy12:09
islandmonkey!info | splashy12:09
ubottu'splashy' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable12:09
islandmonkey!package | splashy12:10
ubottusplashy: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!12:10
Golfgeoislandmonkey: sound like a winner reading the name :D12:10
Golfgeowill check it out :) Thanks mate :)12:10
nielsonoone can help me with my mouse sensitivity?12:14
ahmet_fetharAll applications from Software Center are free to use also for commercial use? ı can use Ubuntu and all applications (eclipse...) as free and develop a program and sell it with money?12:16
extropysorry nielso, it just sounds like your mouse has a really high dpi rate12:16
extropyoh, he left, lol12:16
extropyis his problem pretty common?12:16
The_Cogahmet_fethar: Yes you can.12:18
MeikelHey guys ! Somebody can help me with an Start-Skipt ? It's written but one thing don't work12:19
jgcampbell300can i ask questions about ubuntu cloud here ?12:20
ahmet_fetharThe_Cog: thank you! :)12:20
The_Cogahmet_fethar: You cannot re-package and sell the software from the repositories itself, but you can create what you like using that software (books, pictures, your own software) and the product you create is yours.12:21
greenitjgcampbell300, just ask your question, if any1 knows the answer, he/she will answer and if this is not the right place you will be redirected to the right channel ;-)12:21
ahmet_fetharThe_Cog: hmm ı understand.12:21
greenit!ubottu ubuntu cloud12:22
ubottugreenit: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:22
greenit!ubottu cloud12:22
yeatsahmet_fethar: make sure you understand the licensing terms of each program you'd like to develop on12:22
glebihanThe_Cog, you can sell software from the repositories, as long as the source are freely available12:22
greenit!ubuntu cloud12:22
BluesKajHey all12:23
ubottuThe Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), powered by Eucalyptus, is highly configurable and customizable to a variety of environments. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC12:23
ahmet_fetharyeats: but The_cog writes that every app is free to use.12:23
jgcampbell300if i build a cloud with say 10 servers ... and I have one image that runs say some kind of server software that eats up alot of resources ... will it start using resources from all computers to run the one image ?12:23
OerHeksMeikel, did you set the script as executable ? chmod + x /path/to/script12:24
yeatsahmet_fethar: every app is free to use, but there are licensing terms on each program individually that concern exactly the kinds of questions you have about them (but that's probably off-topic here anyway)12:24
The_Cogglebihan: Yes. If you want to sell sw from the repos, then you can, with restrictions. See the licence the software comes with: GPL, LGPL etc.12:25
greenit!cloud | jgcampbell30012:25
ubottujgcampbell300: The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), powered by Eucalyptus, is highly configurable and customizable to a variety of environments. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC12:25
glebihanThe_Cog, I know those licenses very well12:25
greenitjgcampbell300, i think the beginners guide at the end of the site will help you12:25
jgcampbell300greenit, thanks12:26
The_Cogahmet_fethar was asking, and seems less familiar with them.12:26
ahmet_fetharyeats: for example when ı want to install an application from synaptic, it isnatlls also other houndred depended pacgas to work propely. So ı need also to read all licences of them too. We will use ubuntu and other softwares from software center on our departmant. so we need to read million packages licence?12:26
Crnkojhi guys, i was wondering if one can install ubuntu 12.04 on a macbook air 2008 ? i only can find 8.04 ubuntu for that version of the air. thanks12:26
yeatsahmet_fethar: you need to understand the licensing terms of any program you plan to develop on and redistribute, yes12:27
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:27
yeatsahmet_fethar: I would suggest reading up on open source licenses12:28
jribCrnkoj: what version are you talking about?12:28
ahmet_fetharyeats: we will use firefox to research on internet. we need to read it? it comes with ubuntu's isnatllation.12:28
Crnkojjrib this is te one im looking at http://www.ebay.de/itm/MacBook-Air-13-1-6-Core2Duo-2-GB-120-GB-SSD-A1304-MB543D-A-viel-Zubehor-/120964478785?pt=Apple_Systeme&hash=item1c2a0b774112:28
Crnkojjrib so it woudl depend if i bid on it or not depending ont he possibility to install latest ubuntu on it12:28
jribCrnkoj: what version of ubuntu are you talking about when you say you found an 8.04 for it12:29
yeatsahmet_fethar: you're misunderstanding me12:29
Crnkojjrib oh i was just googling around about ubuntu n macbook air and i only found 8.0412:29
ahmet_fetharyeats: i am talking for each app which are already listed on ubuntu's software center (firefox, eclipse, openjdk...)12:30
Crnkojjrib well i found this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir where they suggest 8.04... and thats sort of too old for me...12:30
jribCrnkoj: macbooks are intel macs you should be able to use the amd64 and i386 versions of ubuntu.  Thus why I am confused that you found a version of 8.04 for it12:30
ahmet_fetharyeats: if i will install extra from outside (from a deb package) i will ready the licence ofcorse.12:30
yeatsahmet_fethar: if you're *using* a program, these issues don't apply.  they only apply if you're planning to develop on them and re-sell them12:30
Crnkojjrib yes im confused about it myself as well, thats why i was asking around here12:30
ahmet_fetharyeats: oh alright than.12:31
ahmet_fetharyeats: :)12:31
Crnkojjrib i mean i know i can put gentoo on it and it will work fine, but for certain programs i woudl need ubuntu12:31
ahmet_fetharyeats: so i will develope a new application, i will not re-sell repackage anything.12:31
ahmet_fetharyeats: thank you :)12:31
Crnkojjrib so now im wondering if i can isntall teh latest ubuntu on a macbook air 2008 (core 2 duo)12:31
jribCrnkoj: yes12:31
Crnkojjrib ah ok thanks12:31
Crnkojjrib those ubuntu pages are so confusing lol =/12:32
jribCrnkoj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir4-2 talsk about 12.04 for example12:32
Crnkojjrib ye but thats macbook air 4,212:32
Crnkojthe latest version12:32
tommy34im having trouble running an executable file, i double click it and it doesnt do anything12:33
jribCrnkoj: there isn't a 12.04 page for 4,1 because no one bothered to create one, but it should work12:33
Crnkojjrib ah ok thanks12:33
The_Cogahmet_fethar: If you are just using Linux to create your own work, you don't have to worry about the Linux licenses. Create and sell as much as you want. The restrictions are on redistributing Linux, in the same way as you can't sell copies of Windows yourself.12:36
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Guest53563account add jabber souravaj@chat.facebook.com buba5512:37
Guest53563account add Rockhound Sourav Rockhound12:38
Guest53563account on12:38
nils_Guest53563: better change your facebook password.12:39
lars_who can help me with an error??12:40
qualiahow can I write something that would save an audiostream from a site to a file on my desktop?12:40
OerHeks!rootirc | Guest5356312:41
ubottuGuest53563: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.12:41
jrib lars_ you're going to have to be a bit more specific12:42
jribqualia: see the various -dump* options to mplayer for example12:42
lars_who can help me with an error with my port it say java error then maybe the port is already running12:42
jribqualia: see the various -dump* options to mplayer for example12:42
jrib lars_ you're going to have to be a bit more specific12:42
jriblars_: yes.12:42
HelpMeeeHi there. I was just wondering. I am new to Ubuntu. I installed League of Legends via PlayOnLinux, I got the audio to work in the client itself, but the audio doesnt work ingame. Anybody maybe have any tips?12:42
tommy34anyone? having trouble opening an executable file, it doesnt do anything...12:43
jribHelpMeee: try with pasuspender to see if it makes a difference (there may be a better way)12:43
lars_look private chat12:43
jgcampbell300so still reading here ... gona ask again for grins .. can i build a cloud and install say a web server on it, will that web server use up the all the resources of say 10 computers if its needed ?12:43
jribtommy34: no.  Be more specific.12:43
jriblars_: no, please use a pastebin and this channel12:43
HelpMeeeok, Im a total noob. what is pasuspender? do I need to download it with apt-get or something?12:43
tommy34jrib, http://www.twindrills.com/uploads/game_updates/zombie_grinder/zombiegrinder_stub_linux.tar.gz12:43
jrib!paste | lars_12:44
ubottulars_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:44
jribHelpMeee: you already have it12:44
tommy34jrib, download that game, unzipped, clicked the executable, nothing happens12:44
jribtommy34: did you read the documentation for it?12:44
akira_sup guy12:44
tommy34jrib, there is none, no readme, nothin12:44
HelpMeeeok so how do I run it? just type pasuspender in terminal or something?12:44
lars_there is an error at pastebin12:44
jriblars_: you must paste the link to it here12:45
lars_yes but it said notaice a administrator12:45
jribtommy34: check site where you got it?  Ask the author12:45
jriblars_: use paste.ubuntu.com12:45
lars_not anymore12:45
OerHekslars_, it is working fine here, without sudo12:45
tommy34jrib, there is no documentation, and i doubt its worth the hassle wait to write him an email12:45
jribtommy34: then you're out of luck12:46
lars_what working fine withput sudo?12:46
jriblars_: are you sure there isn't already another server on that port?12:46
lars_yes i am sure12:46
tommy34jrib, uhh.. that is why im asking here, was hoping someone knowledgeable could help as it runs for other ppl12:46
jribtommy34: it's an executable without source and do documentation, I wouldn't touch the thing with a 10 foot pole12:47
lars_what do i need to do?12:47
tommy34jrib, well talking to you was a waste of time ;p12:48
jribtommy34: you're asking about something outside of the scope of this channel :x12:48
nashirakHello, I ran a dist upgrade and got my system into a strange state.  The system is trying to delete old documentation (in /usr/share/doc/libnss3/) when it tries to do that I get "Permission Denied" as root.  Doing a ls on that directory takes a little while and I get permission denied on 'ls' with ????? in where the information on permissions should be.  Any ideas on what is going on?12:48
lars_can you help me?12:48
fAz4Launchpad.net is not accessible from iran, does anyone knows if canonical follows any US sanctions ?12:49
fAz4just wanted to make sure if it's due to sanctions or just a technical issue.12:49
jribfAz4: try #launchpad maybe12:49
fAz4jrib: thanks12:51
ert3goAnyone here who uses LIbreOffice Calc on regular basis ?12:51
jribert3go: ask your actual question12:51
jriblars_: on pastebin, the output of: netstat -a | grep 2556512:51
TJ-nashirak: That usually means the parent directory permissions need resetting, usually to 75112:52
qualiajrib, "see the various -dump* options to mplayer for example"12:52
qualiamplayer ?12:52
ert3gojrib, I've approx 2880 rows and I need each row to have time field in the intervals of 10 mins like 9 , 9.10, 9.20..9.50,10.00 for 24 hours12:52
jribqualia: mplayer is a program12:52
lars_jrib http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142929/12:53
greeniteverytime i boot ubuntu it shows me a message that it runs in low-graphics-mode, i can't click it and have to change to tty1 to do anything... when i reset my computer, it starts normally... can you help me get rid of this problem plz? graphics-card: nvidia gtx 570, driver: nvidia proprietary12:54
MonkeyDustert3go  better ask in #opeoffice or #libreoffice12:54
jriblars_: on pastebin, the output of: lsof -i :2556512:54
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nashirakTJ-: Did a chmod 751 on /usr/share/doc/libnss3 and go the same result ls: cannot access changelog.Debian.gz: Permission denied12:55
jribtommy34: go here: http://www.desura.com/games/zombie-grinder/forum ; they have an irc channel too12:57
lars_jrib http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142932/12:57
jriblars_: that indicates you *do* have something already listening on that port12:57
ert3goty MonkeyDust12:57
lars_on a other pc12:57
jriblars_: on this one12:57
tommy34jrib, i dont want to run it through desura (which it works), i want to install stand-alone12:57
lars_no this pc is new and this is only thing i got12:58
jribtommy34: I'm not telling you to run it through desura...12:58
lars_what can i do then?12:58
jriblars_: either stop the other process if you don't want it or start this new one on a different port12:59
lars_what port can be change to 25565??12:59
jribtommy34: that forum is linked from here: http://twindrills.com/#twindrills-home the irc chat is on the side12:59
lars_or how can i close the process13:00
TJ-nashirak: How about "sudo chmod -R 644 /usr/share/doc/libnss3/*"13:00
bsandmanam i in the correct chat for help now ?13:00
jribbsandman: yes13:00
Dr_Willisbsandman:  ubuntusupport. yes13:00
cmaiz82hi all13:01
cmaiz82can you help me, please?13:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:01
jriblars_: well one way would be to kill the pid you see there in the lsof output.  But it depends on your program13:01
lars_what is the best 1 to kill??13:01
lars_or can i kill both process??13:02
bsandmancool would you be able to help me install my wireless adaptor as i have ndisswrapper andadded inf driver file but i get driver error ?13:02
cmaiz82i have any problem with the icons in unity bar, it show nothing13:02
jriblars_: there's only one process13:02
lars_then how i kill it13:02
jriblars_: kill PID_HERE13:02
lars_how i see what pid it is13:03
jriblars_: read your lsof output13:03
bsandmananyone ?13:04
lars_still the same problem13:04
lars_and no pids are opened13:04
Dr_Willis!wireless | bsandman13:04
ubottubsandman: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:04
jriblars_: after you killed it, did it still show up in lsof output?13:04
lars_nope thats gone13:05
jriblars_: pastebin command and output when you 1) try to start the program and 2) run lsof afterwards  please13:05
bsandmanubottu i have looked everywhere and dont seem to be getting anywhere13:05
ubottubsandman: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:05
lars_wjat commdna do i need to put in?13:05
cmaiz82i don't know what's the problem but unity bar not show any icon...but i can use it. It's so weird13:06
jriblars_: the ones you just used13:06
lars_so i open the program then?13:06
jriblars_: as step 1, yes13:06
lars_an step 2?13:06
Dr_Williscmaiz82:  perhaps 'unity --reset-icons' to reset it13:06
jriblars_: the lsof command you ran before13:06
Crnkojguys i ahve one question does the latest 12.04 ubuntu use grub or gru2 ?13:07
cmaiz82Dr_Willis, not work :(13:07
Dr_WillisCrnkoj:  grub2 is the default since like 10.04 i think13:07
MonkeyDustCrnkoj  grub213:07
lars_this is it http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142946/13:08
Crnkojok thanks13:08
Dr_Williscmaiz82:  theres unity --reset or --replace also. or try making a new user, see if the issue also affects them. if so. its a system wide issue13:09
jriblars_: well you now have a new process on that port... probably the one you just started13:09
jriblars_: so everything is ok now...?13:09
lars_no it said the same error13:09
Crnkojguys furtheron im coming from gentoo and want to have a dualboot of gentoo and ubuntu on one pc, my question now is with which distro shoudl i setup grub2 (im already using grub2 in gentoo), since i more often change kernels in gentoo i guess i might rather go with gentoo?13:09
jriblars_: what is that you want to do?  It seems like you're running a minecraft server on that port now.  What else do you want to do?13:09
lars_only minecraft server13:10
jriblars_: yes, it's now running it seems13:10
jriblars_: because it's already running13:10
lars_no if i start the minecraft it sayd this13:10
jriblars_: you only start it one time13:10
lars_this is what i did start program then did lof13:10
lars_and then it said it probetly run that port13:11
jriblars_: ok, but when you first ran it, it didn't complain.  So it started ok presumably13:11
jriblars_: I have to make guesses because you do not show me what you do13:12
lars_if is close the mienecraft server it said no ports are on that pc and when i open it said its already in use13:12
jriblars_: show on a pastebin13:12
lars_thats the port13:12
jriblars_: no, you're showing me the port being in use, and then you trying to start another server (well I guess anyway because there is no command there) and then it fails because the port is already in use13:13
cmaiz82i tried the 2 commands but do not work Dr_Willis, i'll go to create a new account, but i think is a system problem :(13:13
jriblars_: afaict you already have the server running and are trying to start another for some reason13:13
lars_look i closed the minecraft it said nothing when i open minecraft it listen to the port and the minecraft says its already in use13:14
jriblars_: yes, show me what you just said in a pastebin13:14
lars_can you do remote pc thats easyer13:14
jriblars_: no13:14
Dr_Willislars_:  close the minecraft how?13:14
pranavkmy work proxy allows me to connect to outside 443 and 80 ports only. I want to set up a system with chained proxies by running a squid proxy server on amazon aws on port 443 which would do all the stuff including IRC (on different port ) and other stuff for me so that i can surf smoothly. I can use proxychains but i want some localhost proxy to be internally set so that to all the softwares like pidgin i specify this localhost proxy a13:14
Dr_Willisyoy mean close down the server?13:14
jribpranavk: why not just ssh on 443?13:15
pranavkjrib: well , then what about accessing IRC ( on different port) through pidgin13:16
pranavkjrib: i can ssh to that machine using corkscrew and do the stuff....13:16
pranavkjrib: but i want something more flexible so that my application don't even know that there is something blocking the port they want to access.13:16
lars_thats everything13:17
cmaiz82I did everything but still does not display icons Dr_Willis13:17
jriblars_: what does "opening minecraft13:17
jriblars_: what does "opening minecraft" mean13:17
lars_when i start the minecraft server13:18
jriblars_: /how/?13:18
jribpranavk: don't know the best way to do that then13:18
pranavkjrib: okay13:18
lars_using the command and the map this is the command13:18
Fish-Faceevery so often after leaving my computer for a while, the unity launcher's icons all disappear. It's happened now after coming back to it after ~2 days. Programs can be launched by observing what tooltips appear when you hover. Logging in again, or restarting unity does nothing - is there a way to fix it without restarting the entire computer?13:18
Fish-Face(This is Ubuntu 12.04)13:18
lars_lars@lars-OptiPlex-GX620:~/Desktop/server1$ java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui13:19
TJ-pranavk: how about using openvpn TCP (rather than UDP - unless your firewall allows UDP to 443) and then just set the VPN tun as your default route?13:19
jriblars_: what's the lsof -i :25565 output at this very moment?13:19
cmaiz82the problem start after a system upgrade, it replaced libgl1-mesa-dri and now i have the problem13:19
lars_then the port 25565 comes and sayd it listen13:20
cmaiz82i have ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa13:20
cmaiz82in repos13:20
lars_but the server cant find it and said the warning13:20
pranavkTJ-: no , proxy allows only 80 and 443 TCP .13:20
jriblars_: I can't help you any more.  Good luck with your issue13:20
lars_why not13:20
pranavkTJ-: I was thinking to create some program sort of on the localhost that do it automatically.13:21
lars_can i use an other port instead of port 25565??13:21
TJ-pranavk: An openvpn TCP connection then?13:21
TJ-pranavk: see for instance http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/documentation/howto.html13:22
lars_can port 8080 be used??13:22
libraratNot to add to the mess of issues swarming around here.. but I've got a server that (it's a gen 2 poweredge 2900) that is running 12.04 server. The whole system periodically hangs for no real reason. active ssh connections are cut off (sometimes), samba shares fall on their face (until the hang stop).  TTY1 remains clean. The logs show zero indication of anything happening.. What I haven't been able to work out is if it's every sing13:23
libraratle service hanging, or the whole system (but I'm going to go with whole system here, minus tty1)  ideas?13:23
pranavkTJ-: hmmm. okay. Actually I had an account over AWS and since their micro instance is for free, i thought to take advantage of that .....13:23
pranavkbut well will look into it now13:23
lars_i got the error at al the ports13:23
TJ-pranavk: I installed openvpn into an AWS micro13:23
TJ-librarat: how long do the 'hangs' typically last?13:24
lars_jrib http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142974/13:25
lars_http://paste.ubuntu.com/1142974/ thats the hole session from it13:25
libraratTJ-, they usually last anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds or so. I should also add that I've gone so far as to wipe the sever and install fresh… same issues out of the box now.13:26
skpldoes anyone know why ubuntu 2d might be running slow on my machein13:26
jriblars_: what java are you using?13:27
xorox90open source java or sun java?13:27
lars_i dont know when i download it i only use 1 command13:27
winnie666i have some memory of being able to define /home/user/Pictures and change the specific location somewhere (might have been xfce specific), i can't seem to find it at the moment, anyone know what the heck i am talking about?13:27
TJ-librarat: That sounds like a lock-up during interrupts13:28
jriblars_: apparently you need java 1.6 so make sure you have (and are using) that13:28
lars_can you give me a link where to get that 1?13:28
jrib!java | lars_13:28
ubottulars_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:28
TJ-lars: what does this report? "java -version"13:29
jriblars_: like I said, I have no idea what version you are now using13:29
lars_whitch do i need?13:29
TJ-lars_: what does this report? "java -version"13:29
libraratTJ-, can you guide me what to do to get closer to solving this?13:31
lars_thats it13:31
TJ-I think that's your problem . version 1.5 and its the gij not open-jdk13:31
StavaHow do I update time? I recently changed motherboard, and the clock is all wrong now!13:31
lars_what command do i need to typ in to get the 1.6?13:31
TJ-lars_: "sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre"13:32
dungeonmaster93I have a question regarding ubuntu for anyone in the room13:32
Stavawho could have guessed13:33
dungeonmaster93I'm trying to run Minecraft.exe but when I click on the file it attempts to open it with the archive program. ANy ideas?13:33
DJonesdungeonmaster93: You need the minecraft.jar from the minecraft website13:33
dungeonmaster93I have that too, but it also tries to open with the archive program13:34
DJonesdungeonmaster93: That should then allow you to open it with java13:34
dungeonmaster93I'm test driving this OS is java pre installed or do I have to install it?13:35
DJonesI just right click on the minecraft.jar and open with openJDK java 6 runtime or sun java 6 runtime13:35
Asad2005I am getting a system freez (not responding) from time to time. Last time was right after i issued clamscan what log to look in13:35
lars_thank you all verry verry much it work now13:35
DJones!java | dungeonmaster93 You'll probably need to install the openJDK java 6,13:35
ubottudungeonmaster93 You'll probably need to install the openJDK java 6,: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:35
dungeonmaster93thanks Djones13:37
dungeonmaster93and thanks to ubottu13:38
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
[Toto]hello how can i fix this problem Cannot execute /bin/bash : No such file or directory  i think comes from /etc/passwd when i try cu make su username13:39
=== Guest65619 is now known as TUSA
TUSAi'm with tusa13:40
compdocNo such file or directory <- means doesnt exist13:40
[Toto]compdoc : i know but i dont delete it13:41
TUSAit means not exist on that computer13:41
TUSAcan exist13:41
compdocwhats the command?13:41
[Toto]root@irczone:~# bash13:41
[Toto]  ./usr/bin/lesspipe: 28: Cannot fork13:41
[Toto]i try to use su ircu13:41
[Toto]i can`t access any user just root13:42
MartindoI have a question.13:42
ix_[Toto]: what do you mean?13:42
[Toto]ix_ : i want to su user13:43
[Toto]and i cant13:43
[Toto]root@irczone:~# su ircu13:43
[Toto]Cannot execute /bin/bash : No such file or directory13:43
ix_[Toto]: LOL13:43
ix_[Toto]: that's not how it works13:43
[Toto]these last days i touch /etc/passwd  and add some users with /bin/false13:43
[Toto]but i dont think the error is from ther13:44
ix_[Toto]: if it's root@, it means you are already rood13:44
compdocircu is a user?13:44
ix_[Toto]: you have administrator rights13:44
zykotick9ix_: "su username" (other then root) is a valid command...13:44
[Toto]i want to su users13:44
[Toto]no root13:44
zykotick9ix_: su = switch user13:45
ix_LOL, ok13:45
ix_I thought su was super user13:45
[Toto]how i can recover the passwd file ?13:45
[Toto]to original one13:45
zykotick9ix_: common misconception13:45
[Toto]without reinstall machine13:46
MartindoI installed Ubuntu 12.04 using an USB. My laptop (Asus n76vm-v2g-t1073v) has an C: (OS) and a D: (Data) partition. It seems that the USB installer installed Ubuntu on the side of the D: partition. But it seems that I can boot ubuntu because I only can choose Windows 7. Im using an 64bit system.13:46
MartindoHow can I solve the problem?13:46
hattrapI need help13:46
hattrapcan any1 plz solve http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12162761#post1216276113:46
MarkusH[Toto]: did you try "su USER -s /bin/sh"13:46
=== Octane is now known as Guest89487
[Toto]MarkusH : nope13:47
[Toto]root@irczone:/bin# su ircu -s /bin/sh13:47
MarkusH[Toto]: works13:47
[Toto]$ whoami13:47
MartindoI installed Ubuntu 12.04 using an USB. My laptop (Asus n76vm-v2g-t1073v) has an C: (OS) and a D: (Data) partition. It seems that the USB installer installed Ubuntu on the side of the D: partition. But it seems that I can boot ubuntu because I only can choose Windows 7. Im using an 64bit system.13:47
FloodBot1[Toto]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:47
TJ-[Toto]: If you set the user's shell to /bin/false then it can't execute a shell for the user13:47
MarkusH[Toto]: just to verfiy: su USER -s /bin/bash13:47
[Toto]TJ- :i know13:47
[Toto]TJ- : but i add user for mail service and i dont want to access shell accont13:48
TJ-[Toto]: so set a shell by modifying the user13:48
bobweaverMartindo, you have ran "sudo update-grub"  ?13:48
MarkusH[Toto]: do you get an error if explicitly trying to use bash as the user's shell13:48
[Toto]MarkusH : no just that Cannot execute /bin/bash13:49
Martindobobweaver do i need to do that using the tryout thing on the usb?13:49
Martindootherwise I can do that13:49
ix_does anyone know how to circumvent a blocked port?13:49
MarkusH[Toto]: and you WANT to use `useradd` and `usermod` to change your /etc/passwd13:49
MarkusHix_: SSH tunnel?13:49
MarkusH[Toto]: ls -l /bin/bash  ?13:50
bobweaverMartindo,  sorry I get mixed up I thought that you could not boot windows13:50
ix_MarkusH: my port 6667 is blocked by the isp13:50
[Toto]$ ls -l /bin/bash13:50
[Toto]-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 822420 Mar 31  2011 /bin/bash13:50
TJ-[Toto]: How about "su -s /bin/bash -l ircu"13:50
bobweaver!pastebin | [Toto]13:50
MarkusHix_: use 7070 with SSL ;)13:50
ubottu[Toto]: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:50
Martindobobweaver - Nope Windows is bootable, but ubuntu is not bootable because I cant select it in de bootloader.13:51
MarkusH[Toto]: strange13:51
MarkusH[Toto]: su to the user and type bash manually13:51
ix_MarkusH: thank you, I'll try it but I think it will be locked too, these people are crazy13:51
[Toto]$ bash13:51
bobweaverMartindo,  if you boot live cd can you see the Ubuntu ? if so re-install grub there. I will find link13:51
MarkusHix_: may I ask for the ISP?13:51
WeThePeopleis it better to resize a partition in the beginning or the end of it?13:51
ix_MarkusH: it's an obscure one from my country13:52
WeThePeopleusing gparted13:52
MarkusH[Toto]: ok, that's odd13:52
Martindobobweaver, I use a USB, NO CD. Is that the same?13:52
TJ-[Toto]: read "man su" you'll not trip up then13:52
cmaiz82please someone help me? I tried to install the version of nvidia current 304.32 and gives me a dependency problem with xorg-video-abi-1213:52
bobweaverMartindo,  Yes it will work the same way as long as you can boot line13:52
bobweaverlive *13:52
MartindoOkay, thank you. I will try  "sudo update-grub"13:53
MarkusHix_: do you have a (virtual) server? You can run weechat or irssi from there13:54
ix_MarkusH: I don't have a virtual server13:55
pooltablehow do i find out how many wii games will fix on a 40 gb hard drive? and how do i set it up so 40 gb is for wbfs and the other 40 is for other use13:55
bobweaverMartindo that is not what I mean I  mean this  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185116413:55
ix_MarkusH: anyway, it's no big deal, I just wanted bitlbee, but I can deal with other messenger clients13:55
bobweaveryou have to re-install grub to the correct boot partition13:55
minimeccmaiz82: Seems like you try to install the nvidia-current from the quantal repos. If you are on 12.10 alpha3 then it would be a bug. If you try to use the quantal driver in precise, it will probably not work. Some info: http://packages.ubuntu.com/en/quantal/xorg-video-abi-1213:56
cmaiz82pooltable, it depends of the game...13:56
MarkusH[Toto]: sorry, I have no clue why it does not work with -s13:56
pooltablecmaiz82 i got that say about hoe many?13:56
cmaiz82minimec, im in precise, but the current version of nvidia driver not work on my laptop13:57
MarkusH[Toto]: but you can try "sudo -u USER -s /bin/bash"13:57
[Toto]what about his http://pastie.org/446077013:57
bobweaver[Toto],  what are you trying to do ?13:57
ix_[Toto]: did you try making a new user?13:57
islandmonkeycmaiz82: Try the beta driver: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-302.17-driver.html13:58
[Toto]root@irczone:~# adduser test13:58
[Toto]Out of memory!13:58
cmaiz82there are games that involved 500Mb 4Gb and others concerned, for it depends pooltable ...13:58
MarkusH[Toto]: What the hell are you doing??13:58
bobweavercmaiz82,  all Beta drivers you can find in ppa's and no need to install via nvidia site13:58
minimeccmaiz82: But using the quantal driver obviously doesn't install. I don't think it is a good idea to mix xorg-drivers of different ubuntu versions. Check some xorg-edgers ppa. See if you find some newer nvidia-current driver for your GPU.13:59
hattraphey! can anyone help me out?13:59
hattrapno answers yet13:59
cmaiz82islandmonkey, this driver is the one I have installed but not working13:59
bobweaverminimec,  +1 for x-orgers13:59
[Toto]MarkusH : root@irczone:~# sudo -u ircu -s /bin/bash13:59
[Toto]bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied13:59
pooltablecmaiz82 ok how do i set it up for 40 gb is wii and 40 is noral use?13:59
cmaiz82minimec, this version is from xorg-edgers ppa ...13:59
bobweaversudo -i      then enter password     then run command13:59
MarkusHbobweaver: the user has /bin/false as default shell14:00
MarkusHthat won't work14:00
bobweaverouch MarkusH14:00
cmaiz82but I can not add as a repository because it breaks my system14:00
cmaiz82i tried it before14:00
MarkusHbobweaver: well, not my system, but [Toto]'s14:00
minimeccmaiz82: So you probably too the wrong version, or you only tried to install the package, whitout adding the xorg-edgers ppa. Or it could be a bug in the xorg-edgers ppa.14:01
bobweavercmaiz82,  you have also tried the fresh-crack ppa ?14:01
ix_is adduser the same as useradd?14:01
bobweaverix_,  no14:01
cmaiz82bobweaver, no i not tried this ppa14:01
bobweavercmaiz82,  which one ?14:01
minimeccmaiz82: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa14:01
bobweaverthat one ^^14:01
cmaiz82yes, sorry14:01
cmaiz82can i use it?  bobweaver14:02
[Toto]-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory14:02
bobweavercmaiz82,  can we see a        apt-cache policy  nvidia14:02
Matan!info hidd14:02
ubottuPackage hidd does not exist in precise14:02
bobweavercmaiz82,  plz use pastebin14:02
[Toto]is use all memory14:02
[Toto]reboot ?14:02
bobweaver[Toto],  run free -m14:03
cmaiz82I had added and nvidia 304.32 driver worked but other problems occurring with the bar unity minimec14:03
[Toto]root@irczone:~# ps aux14:03
[Toto]-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory14:03
Matan!info hidp14:03
[Toto]i do14:03
bobweaver[Toto],  then install htop and see if it is maxed out14:03
FloodBot1[Toto]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:03
cmaiz82how can i do this bobweaver ? sorry for the ignorance14:04
[Toto]no free memory :P14:04
MarkusH[Toto]: reboot14:04
bobweavercmaiz82,  do you have gui ?14:04
Thunderchildhi there. I was wondering whether you can help me understand the following: when installing a new system, almost no package is marked as automatically installed in aptitude. So when I start removing single applications, won't that leave me with a lot of cruft?14:04
MarkusH[Toto]: install htop and screen and come back14:04
[Toto]The system is going down for reboot NOW!14:04
bobweaverThunderchild,  look at the --purge option of aptitude14:05
cmaiz82I mean like how to show policy nvidia14:05
Thunderchildbobweaver: but how will aptitude know what to purge if all packages are marked as manually installed?14:05
puzzledIs this a virus or bug"1 update has been selected. 85 kb will be downloaded."14:05
Thunderchild(I'm not looking for a solution actually, I just would like to know the reasoning behind it)14:05
=== puzzled is now known as Guest56390
bobweavercmaiz82,  install pastebinit and run14:06
Guest56390I go to update and it is still the ONLY thing in the list no matter how many times I update or try to...    Is this a virus or bug"1 update has been selected. 85 kb will be downloaded."14:06
bobweavercmaiz82,  can we see a        apt-cache policy  nvidia-current | pastebinit14:06
Joelitois there a ubuntu CD with more non-free firmware?14:06
zykotick9Thunderchild: fyi, if you are using 12.04 - you shouldn't be using aptitude at all...14:06
ThunderchildI'm not.14:06
bobweaverThunderchild,  you need to look at the debian/control file this is how all package managers read dependecys and what not14:07
ThunderchildI'm not using Ubuntu as main system at all. ;-) I was just wondering why this major problem has been there for so long14:07
hattrapanyone out there who can really help???14:07
cmaiz82http://paste.ubuntu.com/1143036/ bobweaver14:07
Dr_WillisJoelito:  there may be some unofficial vairants. mint i think may come with moar. but lots of other stuff as well. so its not supported here14:08
testehi everybody14:08
hattraphi teste14:08
hattraphow are you?14:08
testeim from brazil and you?14:08
Crackerakihi all14:08
ThunderchildI'm not :-p14:08
hattrapfrom India14:08
testewow, very nice14:09
hattrapso, whatz up today?14:09
JoelitoDr_Willis, thanks14:09
xatahi! i need file asm/uaccess.h, in which package can i find it? full kernel sources or glibc-devel?14:09
bobweavercmaiz82,     thanks now can we see   lsmod | pastebinit   and also a lspci -nn | pastebinit14:09
Guest56390http://pastebin.com/RGceGxrJ Is this an update virus or bug???14:09
JoelitoDr_Willis, one more: any chance to avoid plymouth during installation?14:09
Dr_WillisJoelito:   use minimal install i guess. or just disable it afterwards14:10
Dr_Willisi dont see why its worth the bother14:10
Crackerakiguys any1 have any idea why after ubuntu updates my pc stop recognize my monitor. It's name changed from SONY to unknown and dont have option in Display for 16:914:10
cmaiz82http://paste.ubuntu.com/1143041/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/1143043/ bobweaver14:10
hattraphi Dr_Willis14:11
bobweaverthanks cmaiz8214:11
hattrapcan you help me?14:11
Dr_Willisthere used to be an very unofficial ubuntu extras cd i recall ages ago.. guess the project died off.. not looked imnto it in ages Joelito14:11
cmaiz82thank you bobweaver14:11
testemy first time in this channel14:11
Dr_Willishattrap:  ive not seen your issue. so no idea14:11
bobweavercmaiz82,  the driver is not loaded14:11
hattraphere it is14:11
hattrapplz have a look..!!14:11
Dr_Willissummarize it in here..14:11
cmaiz82bobweaver, is a hibryd laptop14:12
Guest56390I took a screenshot of the update window and it shows an 85kb software that needs to be installed.. It is the only thing that is there and I cannot download and install it.. Is this a bug14:12
anonymousi am hacker14:12
testebye bye14:12
=== anonymous is now known as Guest17344
hattraphi cannot install a unix based driver14:12
hattrapwhat to do?14:12
Dr_Willishattrap:  unix is not linux..  driver for what?14:12
hattrapwireless internet14:12
xataso nobody knows?14:12
bobweaversorry the *modual* not driver lol14:12
Dr_Willishattrap: and whats the wireless chipset? and have you checked askubuntu.com yet?14:13
root_account add -auto jabber souravaj@chat.facebook.com buba5514:13
JoelitoDr_Willis, Does ubuntu server comes with plymouth?14:13
root_account add -auto jabber souravaj@chat.facebook.com buba5514:13
Dr_WillisJoelito:  no idea. i never use the server edidion14:14
hattrapsorry, not checked askubuntu and no idea abt chipset14:14
root_account add -auto jabber souravaj@chat.facebook.com buba5514:14
root_account add  jabber souravaj@chat.facebook.com buba5514:14
IdleOneroot_: stop pasting your password in here14:14
bobweavercmaiz82,  apt-cache policy nvidia-settings |  pastebinit14:14
cmaiz82when i try the command optirun glxgears does not work with nvidia-current driver 302.17 bobweaver14:14
Dr_Willis!wireless | hattrap14:14
ubottuhattrap: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:14
DJonesroot_: I suggest you change your password for your facebook account, you're posting the info in an IRC channel with 1500 users14:14
hattrapthanks ubottu14:14
xorox90are there any one who know short-cut key for viewing  desktop in ubuntu?14:14
hattraplet me check14:15
Dr_Willisxorox90:  press and hold the super key to see a list in unity of key shortcuts14:15
IdleOnexata: File uaccess.h found in linux-headers-3.2.0-22, linux-headers-3.2.0-22-generic, linux-headers-3.2.0-22-lowlatency, linux-headers-3.2.0-22-virtual, open-vm-dkms14:15
bobweavercmaiz82,  cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf | pastebinit14:16
Guest56390Dr.Willis will you help me with my update problem if you can?14:16
cmaiz82http://paste.ubuntu.com/1143053/ bobweaver14:17
xorox90Dr_Willis: Thx but i don't know what you mean `super-key` - window key? function key?  I'm currently using laptop...14:17
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  give details to the channel and see14:17
louiematCan anyone tell me how - the easiest way to put files on the hard drive (like drivers for scanner) where they give you the driver telling you that these drivers have to be on hard drive for the scanner to work14:17
Guest56390Dr. Willis I did but nobody is responding14:17
Dr_Willisxorox90: the windows key is technically the 'super' key14:17
xataIdleOne: thanks. but that's not <asm/uaccess.h>, the one from linux headers use it14:17
Guest56390http://pastebin.com/RGceGxrJ  UPDATE VIRUS????14:17
bobweavercmaiz82,  I see that you have 2 vga cards and that the intel is loaded14:18
cmaiz82yes bobweaver is an hibryd graphics on laptop14:18
Guest56390There is never anything to update but this 85 kb file that NEVER updates???  is it a bug virus???  http://pastebin.com/RGceGxrJ14:18
bobweaveryou might want to black list this then have the nvidia start on boot cmaiz8214:18
bobweavercmaiz82,  the nvidia-current is not loaded it will not work till then14:19
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  giving some details and a summery instead os some 'scary' message with lots of ???? would make people not ignore you as much.. select a better nick also14:19
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  tryed a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?14:19
cmaiz82but should work with bumblebee, no? bobweaver14:19
bobweavercmaiz82,  try to      sudo modprobe nvidia-current14:19
bobweaveryou need to kill x 1st thou14:20
Guest56390Dr.Willis  I did but the system put me as guest?    THANKS for the tip, I will try it now.14:20
cmaiz82nothings happen bobweaver14:20
xataIdleOne: but... i found it, you were right, thanks14:20
bobweavercmaiz82,  do a    lsmod    is nvidia there now ?14:20
cmaiz82nvidia              10888767  014:21
bobweaverwell that is good news then the driver is now loaded  cmaiz8214:21
bobweaverbut I bet that you did not kill x14:21
bobweaver1st before you loaded the driver14:21
cmaiz82how do this?14:22
Dr_Willisit should do it when you boot up now cmaiz8214:22
bobweavercmaiz82,  press ctrl+alt+f1 then log in then        sudo services lightdm stop     then   sudo rmmod nvidia-current  then sudo modprobe nvidia-current   then     sudo services lightdm start14:23
Dr_Willisthe module name is 'nvidia-current' ? i thought it was just 'nvidia'14:24
bobweavergood point Dr_Willis  you could be correct on that one14:24
cmaiz82I will take a picture of the code to do it, lol14:24
Dr_Willispackage name is nvidia-current ;)14:25
Guest56390Dr.Willis Neg. that didnt work.  Do you think it is a virus or bug of some sort??  The exact wording is software updates are available for this computer.  1 update has been selected. 85 kb will be downloaded14:25
Guest56390then trying to install nothing happens14:25
cmaiz82yes nvidia-current14:25
cmaiz82ok, i will try it bobweaver and Dr_Willis and tell you the results14:25
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  ubuntu updates do not put things in the usere home dirs.. and it would not be using a file:// type path. so we need to know exactly what is giving you that message14:26
Guest56390Dr.Willis  I do not understand this and it has been doing that for months.. NOT the usual updates process14:26
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  what program is giving that message14:26
Guest56390Dr.Willis the message is coming from the software update progra,14:27
Guest56390dr.willis Update manager14:27
Dr_Willisid say take a screen shot of it.. for us to look at14:27
bobweaverGuest56390,  I think that he is asking What is the Program14:27
bobweaver!screenshoot | Guest56390 `14:27
bobweaver!screenshoot | Guest5639014:27
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.14:28
Guest56390bobweaver I did a screeenshot on that pastebin thing14:28
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  also use the cli 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' and pastebin any errors14:28
cmaiz82I already did but it did not work bobweaver14:28
Guest56390Dr.WIllis there were no errors when doing the apt get14:28
bobweavercmaiz82,  is the modual loaded >?14:28
bobweavercmaiz82,  reboot and see if it is there right after boot14:29
Guest56390Dr.willis but the problem still exists.  The 85 kb file is still the only thing that needs to be installed and it soesnt tell me what the pro is.  It is only saying it needs to be installed and I try but nothing installs and is still there doing another check14:30
cmaiz82ok, but still not work :(14:30
xiaboyang_不知道中文好用不  我试试哈。。14:30
bobweavercmaiz82,  is it loaded can you see it with      lsmod   ?14:30
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  the apt system will not be installing anything to your usere home dir.. so the error makes no sence14:30
DJones!cn | xiaboyang_14:31
ubottuxiaboyang_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:31
Guest56390Dr.Willis even after doing another check, it is still in the update window14:31
cmaiz82Module                  Size  Used by14:31
cmaiz82nvidia              10888767  014:31
cmaiz82yes is loaded14:31
bobweavercmaiz82,  open nividia settings and playy around14:31
Guest56390Dr.Willis  have you seen the pastebin of my update window??14:31
ReZa__AtaWlc   kodam14:32
cmaiz82you do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. please edit your X configuration file...14:32
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  your pastebin shows us nothing... th file im age is not there14:32
bobweavercmaiz82,  well that told you now didn't it lol14:32
Guest56390Dr.Willis   correct, part of the problem.. A virus or bug maybe??14:32
cmaiz82bobweaver, not sure if I mentioned that I have installed bumblebee?14:32
Dr_WillisGuest56390:  your image you pasated is NOT viewable by us.. we have NO idea what your actual error is...14:33
bobweaverOh gezz umm.. that is not supported is it ?14:33
cmaiz82adding xorg-edgers and installing the package nvidia-current 304.32 worked well, but unity bar not show any icon14:34
bobweavercmaiz82,  apt-cache policy bumblebee-nvidia | pastebinit14:34
Guest56390Dr.Willis   oh   sorry.. I dont know how then.  The update window only tells me about the 85 kb file that needs to be installed but it has NO discription of the file and will not install it Im lost sorry for bothering everyone14:35
pip__has anyone had any success in running gnome shell off a base xubuntu install?  It's a long story....14:35
Dr_Willisfigured out he had pasted the url to his image as  file://home/bob/image.png   and he leaves14:36
bobweavercmaiz82,  take a look at this   http://blog.musicvm.com/solved-you-do-not-appear-be-using-nvidia-x-driver-linux-ubuntu14:36
Dr_Willispip__:  you should be able to install it..14:36
cmaiz82ok, i do14:37
pip__Yeah, I was guessing at that, just wanted some feedback before committing (sp?) to it14:37
xorox90may be rude question, but most people in here working or stduents..? I'm sophomre14:37
pip__I'm a big wussy14:37
ReZa__AtaWlc  pip__14:37
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!14:38
DJonesReZa__Ata: Any reason for that?14:38
Dr_Willispip__:  you could have a dozen de's installed if you wanted. but you can get a lot of extra apps that way. but they should all work14:38
cmaiz82do you know if i can uninstall unity? bobweaver and install other desktop14:38
theadmincmaiz82: Sure.14:38
bobweavercmaiz82,  sure like unity2d ?14:38
Dr_Williscmaiz82:  just install another de if you want one14:38
theadmincmaiz82: There's no reason to keep many desktops unless you want to use all of them.14:39
cmaiz82like gnome shell14:39
cmaiz82or other14:39
douglcan anyone using xchat tell me where to configure what channels to join automatically when connecting to a server?14:39
SectorX8Hi Everyone! I wonder how to be apart of a Open Source project such as ubuntu?14:39
cmaiz82unity not work fine for me at least14:39
theadmincmaiz82: sudo apt-get install gnome-shell && sudo apt-get remove unity14:39
Dr_Willisdougl: under server settings i recall..14:39
theadminSectorX8: All of Ubuntu's development takes place on Launchpad. So that's the first place to look.14:39
cmaiz82ok i'll try it theadmin14:40
douglDr_Willis, thank you - err I checked there and cant seem to find it14:40
DJonesSectorX8: Best way to start is by using it, getting used to it and then helping to answer questions here, on the UBuntu forums or through askubuntu14:40
Dr_Willis!info unity14:40
ubottuunity (source: unity): Interface designed for efficiency of space and interaction.. In component main, is optional. Version 5.12-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 1248 kB, installed size 3532 kB14:40
Dr_Willisi figured unity was a meta package ;) guess not14:40
DJones!participate | SectorX814:40
ubottuSectorX8: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu14:40
theadminDr_Willis: Nay, the meta is "ubuntu-desktop"14:41
bobweavernope it is NUX and Unity  but unity package is meta -package14:41
SectorX8Thank you. I'll have a look.14:41
ReZa__AtaWlc  reis14:41
cmaiz82you know if in October unity will remain the default desktop?14:42
Dr_Williscmaiz82: yes14:42
MikeulusHello all. Has anyone gotten Left 4 Dead 2 running properly in wine on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit?14:42
bobweavercmaiz82,  Unity is going to stay as Ubuntu main thingy for a long time14:42
cmaiz82i think gnome-shell is installed yet but nothing change :S14:42
romy420hello, has anyone successfully and completely removed zeitgeist? apt wants to remove gnome and nautilus when i try to! :(14:42
Dr_Williscmaiz82:  you selected it at the login screen?14:42
theadminMikeulus: VALVe is porting Left4Dead to Linux, as well as some other games. But, anyway, source games tend to work quite well with Wine. For more help, install your graphic drivers and head over to #winehq14:43
cmaiz82Unfortunately, I did not like unity14:43
bobweavercmaiz82, you can do some great things with unity like look what I did with unity 2d http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfrm117Ukr014:43
Dr_Willisunity works well for me. and has some very neat features14:43
pip__Dr_Willis: okay, thanks.  I've ended up with an odd situation allowing me to run a more graphically intensive DE & I like Gnome shell14:43
bobweaver+200 Dr_Willis14:44
cmaiz82ah do it now Dr_Willis thanks14:44
Dr_Willisthe askubuntu lens is very very handy in unity14:44
Mikeulustheadmin: thanks. I will do. Yes I saw that they were converting it over. At the moment I get steam and the game lobby loading.14:44
bobweaverDr_Willis,  100 scopes also and ayanta ppa is great for lenes and scopes14:44
RaisTnx reza14:44
RaisReza ata14:44
cmaiz82impressive, as you have done so personal bobweaver14:45
bobweaverDr_Willis,  there is a list of all scopes and what not that I use in the comments of that video14:45
bobweaverDr_Willis,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfrm117Ukr014:45
bobweaverAnd also a couplr that I wrote in my ppa14:45
cmaiz82very pretty14:46
cmaiz82have you your own ppa?14:46
bobweavercmaiz82,  a lot of us do14:46
cmaiz82oh, in the future I want to do that14:47
bobweavercmaiz82,   i think i have 4 of them minus work ones14:47
cmaiz82when i learn more14:47
SectorX8OK I have read though the contribute page. But my field is not development, testing or such. I'm doing security. Such as pentesting, forensics, cloud security etc. I suppose that my competence could be requested in the community?14:47
theadminSectorX8: Quite possible. You might want to join #ubuntu-devel and ask around there.14:48
SectorX8OK. I'll do. Thanks.14:48
bobweaverSectorX8,  Ubuntu is always looking for new cves if you find one14:48
SectorX8Yeah, I heard understood that. I'm leaving the channel now. Thanks for you fast and helpful respons. Have a nice day.14:50
romy420hello, has anyone successfully and completely removed zeitgeist? apt wants to remove gnome and nautilus when i try to! :(14:50
xorox90Can I change `right` alt key  only behave langues changing key? I'm using ubuntu 12.10...14:51
* ReZa__Ata slaps FloodBot1 around a bit with a large trout14:51
* ReZa__Ata wacks FloodBot2 with baseball bat for a home run14:51
* ReZa__Ata slaps FloodBot3 with a broken pipe14:51
* ReZa__Ata tickles a111 with a feather14:51
* ReZa__Ata pokes a111 with a stick14:51
FloodBot1ReZa__Ata: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:51
* ReZa__Ata slaps aaas with a broken pipe14:51
Abhijitxorox90, no14:52
a111ReZa__Ata, ?14:52
DJonesReZa__Ata: Stop that14:52
carlos82i have gnome-shell install yet14:52
* ReZa__Ata tickles aarcane with a feather14:52
* ReZa__Ata pokes Aaton with a stick14:52
carlos82and working!14:52
* ReZa__Ata tickles aboudreault with a feather14:52
bobweavera111,  wow there partner14:52
theadminDJones: Thanks.14:52
xorox90Abhijit : what?? Is there any way to change really..?14:53
douglwhat do you suppose I need to do to correct this problem with my printing config? http://imagebin.org/22420114:53
bobweaverAbhijit,  you can change any key combos you like under keyboard sortcuts in the gnome-control-pannel14:53
carlos82thanks for help me bobweaver , Dr_Willis , theadmin14:53
carlos82see you later!14:54
bobweavercya have a good one !14:54
Abhijitbobbyaldol, but you can not assing 'ONLY' alt to something14:54
Abhijitxorox90,  you can not assing 'ONLY' alt to something14:54
theadminAbhijit: Try remapping the right alt to left alt14:54
bunjeewhat's the procedure for installing a .gz file?14:54
bobweaverlol alt is notfor the hud and can not be used on its own14:54
Abhijittheadmin, xorox90 needs it14:54
xorox90Abhijit : #)$*#$@#(*SF... thx!14:54
bobbyaldolAbhijit: be more careful when you try to tab autocomplete a name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:55
theadminxorox90: xmodmap -e 'keysym Alt_R = Alt_L' # That helps?14:55
xorox90theadmin: xmodmap:  commandline:1:  bad keysym target keysym 'Alt_R', no corresponding keycodes14:56
xorox90xmodmap:  1 error encountered, aborting.14:56
theadminxorox90: Huh. That's... weird.14:57
bobweaverxorox90, you are using unity or unity 2d ?14:57
xorox90theadmin: I use ubuntu2d14:59
theadminxorox90: What if you do xmodmap -e 'add Mod1 = Alt_L Alt_R' and then try that keysym thing again?15:00
xorox90theadmin: on xev  left alt = Alt_l but right alt = (keysym 0xff31, Hangule)15:00
xorox90theadmin: it executed well no error15:01
theadminxorox90: Try using your right Alt now15:01
JC-PTYHi all, how can i start vnc from ssh in ubuntu 12.0415:01
Dr_WillisJC-PTY: install and run a vncserver15:02
JC-PTYthat is install15:02
Dr_WillisJC-PTY: like tightvnc15:02
JC-PTYbut how do i run it15:02
JC-PTYfrom ssh15:02
xorox90theadmin: hmm but right alt stil act as alt, I just want to change key for right alt15:02
Dr_WillisJC-PTY: 'vncserver' would be the command15:02
theadminxorox90: Uhm, what?15:02
romy420hello, has anyone successfully and completely removed zeitgeist? apt wants to remove gnome and nautilus when i try to!15:03
xorox90theadmin: hmm I live south korea and In my contury..(hangul key) right_alt key is change langues key15:03
theadminxorox90: Oh, then... uh...15:03
bobweaverxorox90, ok Unity 2d uses something called the strut manager to hold windows if you look at the Shell.qml file you will see thatthere is a lock down on alt now you can change this look up keynavigation qml15:04
bobweaverunity 2d >= 4.015:04
bobweaverThat is15:04
bobweaverstutmanager was added for the use of hud15:05
bobweaverand not to have it as standalone.15:05
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
romy420ok, thank you all for ignoring me, i guess ubuntu is not the right distro for people who want a lean system. live with the crap like zeitgeist or ... well switch the distro15:09
Dr_Willisif no one knows.. no one knows15:09
Dr_Willisyou ant lite - go lubuntu15:10
jrib!patience| romy42015:11
ubotturomy420: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:11
romy420i think debian ... just a pitty that i spent days configuring and installing sw and so on15:11
Dr_Willisdo whatever you want.. makes no differance to us.15:11
jribromy420: this channel is for support, use whatever you want15:11
bobweaverlol have fun gettting help with debian . what is your question about zeit ?15:11
romy420i asked for support15:11
jribromy420: you're not doing so now15:12
netforce_hi, all15:12
romy420ok bye15:12
Dr_Willisunity uses zetgiest... what more to say15:12
bobweaverYou can 100% disable it under your privacy settings15:12
bobweaverwell not 100% but...15:12
KasplodeyToo late. He wanted an answer *immediately*. :D15:13
Dr_Willishe wanted to remove it.. not disable ;)15:13
bobweaverthat would be a great Idea !15:13
Dr_Williscant say ive had any issues iwth it.. other the the wife seeing my history.... ;)15:14
bobweaverI use it all the time like for the video lens and remote-video-scope15:14
sambagirlDr Willis is there any plan to put a usable interface on the next ubuntu release so we have one that is friendly? cuase unity is more like disarray.15:15
agentgasmaskI second that.15:15
Dr_Willissambagirl:  i find unity works very well for me and is very useable15:15
bobweaver!info testdrive | sambagirl,15:15
ubottusambagirl,: testdrive (source: testdrive): run the daily Ubuntu ISO in a virtual machine (meta-package). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.15-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 3 kB, installed size 34 kB15:15
* gitesh frustrated15:15
Dr_Williswife and step kids also find it useable15:15
giteshI have problem with my Internet connection15:15
Dr_Willisinstall whatever de you want..15:16
sambagirlthat wasn't my question though Dr Willis15:16
agentgasmaskgitesh: What is it? Or perhaps you are typing that now. :)15:16
sambagirlit's running ubuntu users away in droves15:16
bobweaverI also find Unity easy to alter but I thought that gnu/linux is about user choices15:16
giteshHow do I configure Internet ?15:16
bobweavercould be wrong thou15:16
Dr_Willisyour question was 90% rant15:16
crimsonmaneunity was built so that things would appear in the same spot every time you boot15:17
giteshI made mistakes using pppoeconf, and now its taking more time to connect.15:17
crimsonmaneit was made for consistency15:17
=== Dimitr|2 is now known as Dimitr
giteshI am on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS15:17
Dr_Willisinstall whatever de you want.. theres like 4 now to choose from15:17
sambagirlcrinsommane so your saying i will have the same confusion each and everytime i reboot?15:17
deadmundYou all have sooo much choice!  Go ahead and install a different desktop manager.  Or, edit the source of unity!  Nobody cares :)15:17
agentgasmaskgitesh: Are you using dialup?15:18
giteshI want default Internet Connection for my comp. provided by GUI(at right top of desk)15:18
sambagirli've been using ubuntu since Hoary so it's not a rant it's a statement from experience and exposure dr willis.15:18
bobweaverflux ice unity{2,3d} lxde kde gnome  xfce , the list goes on and on15:18
giteshI have to enter username & pass for connecting to web15:19
Saikiwhere can I find this file?: libepsng_p11.so15:19
Dr_Willissambagirl:  its a rant. if you want a different desktop.. then install one15:19
bobweaversambagirl,  what do ou think about gnome throwback then?15:19
deadmundSaiki: sudo find / -name libepsng_p11.so15:19
Dr_Willislubuntu works well for many people15:19
royphelpsI have a question.  When I take a photo/ video, on my iphone, and the pictures are uploaded to Photo cloud in Ubuntu one.  However, when I try to put a photo on ebay, it flips it for some reason.  Also when I view my video on my system, it is upside down.  Any fixes?15:19
agentgasmaskgitesh: Sorry, you are being to vague. Please layout exactly what is going on.15:19
Saikideadmund: I don't think I have it alreadt15:20
bobweaversambagirl,  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/03/gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-12-04-its-like-nothing-ever-changed15:20
glebihan!find libepsng_p11.so | Saiki15:20
deadmundSaiki: sudo apt-file search libepsng_p11.so15:20
ubottuSaiki: Package/file libepsng_p11.so does not exist in precise15:20
Saikideadmund: supposed to be in /usr/lib/  but it's not there15:20
sambagirljust a sec bobweaver let me read15:20
deadmundSaiki: use that command to find the package it contains15:20
deadmundpackage that contains it*15:20
Dr_Willisof course that gnome-classic may vanish in the next few releases also..15:21
dylanroyphelps: did you try using Gimp to flip the images?15:21
Saikideadmund: -bash: line 9: apt-file: command not found15:21
Dr_Willis!info apt-file15:21
ubottuapt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 24 kB, installed size 188 kB15:21
royphelps@dylan, I use shotwell.  I will try gimp15:21
deadmundSaiki: You need to install the program apt-file   sudo apt-get install apt-file  :)15:21
=== root is now known as Guest92029
giteshagentgasmask, Internet configuration that I make with VPN connetion -> Configure VPN should work and nothing else.15:22
dylanroyphelps: try to avoid the @name thing, if you use "name:" it appears as a different color on my screen15:22
Dr_Willisirc is not twitter ;)15:22
dylanalso that15:22
netforce_I need from help, i trying to connect to vpn server under ubunutu, but with not success.From MocOs with securevpn client i connect ot this server withou problems.15:23
Dr_Willis@ on irc means channel OP also.. ;)15:23
agentgasmaskgitesh: Sorry, I can't help with vpn.15:23
SaikiDr_Willis: probably a forum user, I do that on forums alot15:24
giteshagentgasmask, its not VPN exactly .  I explained the path to setting.s15:24
sambagirlyes bobweaver that is what i prefer. that is one reason why i have debian squeeze on some of the laptops now due to the disarray interface.  in my opinion, users are being cheated because they don't have the panels nor workspaces they had in all previous releases. top and bottom panels vanished! those are some of the most imporant beauties of linux to have ease of access and multi-functional enviornment "easily"..heck i15:24
sambagirlmay go back to xenix..15:24
agentgasmaskGuest92029: I wouldn't run irssi as root if I were you.15:24
deadmundsambagirl: If you don't have a support question then please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic15:25
Dr_Willisgnome devs killed off gnome2 and the panels. ;)15:25
Dr_Willisnot ubuntu15:25
deadmundsambagirl: Also, any user can install any desktop they want.15:25
sambagirli understand Dr. Willis.15:25
sambagirli dont blame the fabulous work being done with ubuntu.15:25
bobweaverI dont get the rant there is so many options do what you wish15:25
Dr_Willisxubuntu and lubuntu are close to the old gnome2 where its eaially used15:26
giteshagentgasmask , Can you please link me somewhere for learning Internet Configuration ? thanks for your support :)15:26
Dr_Williswife likes unity, stepkids use lubuntu15:26
bobweaverand gnome-classic is almost 99,95% the same thing as gnome 215:26
Dr_Willisgnome-classic may vanish in the next few releases however15:26
Dr_Willisor so ive heard15:27
bobweaverDr_Willis,  yeah I have also heard that canonical fired there QT guy15:27
agentgasmaskgitesh: perhaps this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient15:27
extropyyeah they're going for Wayland now right?15:27
Saikiqt guy?15:27
extropybecause of it's OpenGL support?15:27
Dr_Willisthings will get very interesting when waylang gets here15:27
islandmonkeyextropy: Wayland is available for testing15:27
extropyor is it just leaner?15:27
agentgasmaskbobweaver: what is the feuter of gnome-classic?15:28
extropylike what's the motivation I wonder15:28
bobweaveragentgasmask,  not sure but the code is open source and compiling things in qt-creator is easy15:28
islandmonkeyextropy: X is terrible.15:28
agentgasmaskbobweaver: true. :)15:28
bobweaverlike I am on 12.10 with NUX 3 and unity 6.5   but I also have nux1 installed and Unty 415:28
Dr_Willisextropy:  X is  a very old 'standard' and has a lot of limits.15:29
bobweaverand different formfactors also15:29
bobweaverBut once again that is QT15:29
extropyis Wayland an X replacement then? I guess I just assumed it was a Unity replacement15:30
=== rajat is now known as rayn
Saikideadmund: returned blank15:30
Dr_Willisextropy:  its a x replacement15:30
islandmonkeyextropy: Yep.15:30
deadmundextropy: It is an x replacement.  NOT a unity replacement15:30
Dr_Willis!info wayland15:30
ubottuPackage wayland does not exist in precise15:30
extropyand unity is a gnome replacement15:30
bobweaverextor,  no Nux is the graphic c++ lib15:30
deadmundSaiki: did you sudo apt-file update ?15:30
Dr_Willisunity is a gnome shell...15:30
islandmonkey!info libwayland15:30
ubottuPackage libwayland does not exist in precise15:30
Saikideadmund: yes15:30
deadmundSaiki: Perhaps you made a typo on the file name?15:30
extropywhat was so inhibiting about X? seems pretty robust to me15:31
deadmundSaiki: try it with some other files that you know exist.  For example: apt-file search firefox15:31
Saikideadmund: library = /usr/local/lib/libepsng_p11.so15:31
Fuchsextropy: not really, since unity has no applications, it's just a few compiz plugins. You still need file managers and such. But I guess this would be more suitable for the offtopic channel.15:31
Dr_Willisextropy:  its like 20yr old standard15:31
islandmonkey!info libwayland015:31
bobweavermeaning that you can tie the lib into just about anything to render 3d stuff15:31
extropyI vaguely remember some gripes about X15:31
ubottulibwayland0 (source: wayland): wayland compositor infrastructure - shared libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 0.85.0-1ubuntu2 (precise), package size 36 kB, installed size 117 kB15:31
deadmundSaiki: try it with firefox15:31
bobweaverthat is why unity 2d still uses nux and unity-core15:31
Saikideadmund: it's server edition15:31
deadmundSaiki: Anything that is in /usr/local was not placed there by the package manager. What do you have that is looking for a library in /usr/local?15:31
Dr_Willisunity2d is to get phased out also15:31
extropyI'll take it to offtopic then, thanks15:31
deadmundSaiki: apt-file search apt-file15:32
deadmundSaiki: apt-file search python15:32
Saikideadmund: server files for a game15:32
deadmundSaiki: IDK, think of something15:32
extropyin lieu of ... unity3d?15:32
notdanHi! Does anybody know if I can install 64-bit ubuntu from 32-bit one?15:32
extorughhh the dante client in ubuntu is broken. the package doesnt grab libc as a dependency15:32
deadmundSaiki: what?15:32
notdanOr, maybe I can install 32-bit ubuntu and then upgrade to 64-bit one?15:32
bobweaverDr_Willis,  correct that is what I was talking about with the firering of the QT dev15:32
Dr_Willisnotdan:  you mean make a bootable usb/iso?15:32
Saikideadmund: searches libpcre.so  I got 5 returns15:32
ThinkT510notdan: no, you don't upgrade to 64bit15:32
deadmundSaiki: search for just the library's name.15:33
ThinkT510notdan: you install fresh15:33
deadmundSaiki: without the folder name in front of it15:33
* Dr_Willis missread.15:33
notdanThinkT510: ok, so I just have to download the 64bit cd then?15:33
bobweaverbut of cource you get ride of QT you loss ubuntu phone and tv untill there is a way to run a different form factor using unity libs15:33
bobweaversorry </rant>15:33
ThinkT510notdan: if you want 64bit yeah15:33
Saikideadmund: apt-file search libepsng_p11  (returns blank)15:34
deadmundSaiki: then that library is not available in ubuntu15:34
deadmundSaiki: What program is asking for this library?15:34
Saikideadmund: it's a java auth script15:35
deadmundSaiki: Ok?15:35
Saikideadmund: I'm gonna check my other vm, see if i's there15:35
ubottuGuest47776: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:36
Dr_Willisi wonder if ubotu keeps track of how many times each factoid gets triggered..15:37
extorAug 12 19:37:11 (1344785831) danted[3537]: symbolfunction(): compiletime configuration error?  Failed to open "libc.so": /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so: invalid ELF header15:37
Dr_Willisextor: whats saying that scarry message..15:38
Saikideadmund: upon further investigation.. it seems it looks for the file, but doesn't need it..15:38
Dr_Willis!info danted15:39
ubottuPackage danted does not exist in precise15:39
extorDr_Willis, I don't know15:39
deadmundSaiki: yay?15:39
extordante-server is the package15:39
* extor is going to install debian and see if he has better luck15:39
Dr_Willis!info danted-server15:39
ubottuPackage danted-server does not exist in precise15:39
Saikideadmund: yes, I don't have to wrack my brains to find it lol15:39
Dr_Willis!info dante-server15:39
extordante-server not danted-server15:39
ubottudante-server (source: dante): SOCKS (v4 and v5) proxy daemon (danted). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.19.dfsg-3ubuntu6 (precise), package size 127 kB, installed size 308 kB15:39
Dr_Willisalmost like its saying libc.so is currupted..15:40
Saikideadmund: I do have one other issue, a push in the rightdirection would begreatly appriciated if you can. (I need ot load the other vm again first though lol)15:40
maelHi, please give a tip what data base should I use for application program (not for cgi). It is necessary to accompany the program with this base. As I understood Mysql is for client/server architecture and its base does not allow to move it with program distributive15:40
extoryeah wierd ha15:41
djzni'm wondering why ttf-mscorefonts come with the Font_Name_Italic.ttf and a symlink like fni.ttf15:43
samtukeHi, I installed Ubuntu to an LVM volume and added it to my existing fedora boot menu. When I try and boot it however it says "ALERT! /dev/mapper/vg-home--desktop-distro2 does not exist. Dropping to shell!". I tried chrooting from livecd to ensure lvm2 is installed, but I'm not sure it worked. How can I get it to boot? Version of Ubuntu is Dream Studio.15:44
libraratHey guys, I've got a weird issue with a Server install. Essentially, I'm seeing frequent lockups. They only happen on remote sessions (TTY1 is unaffected) but it's happening to all network services. When I ssh, sometimes I get disconnected and other times I don't. As a diagnostic measure, I set a ping up to google and let it run - I saw the lockup (ping stats stop refreshing) freeze for about 20 seconds, then a whole block of stats15:46
librarat appears at once and the ping was still going just fine.  I was told that this might be an interrupt issue I'm seeing but I have no idea how to further diagnose this. This just started happening, out of the blue. I've completely reinstalled my server and even from a clean install (but with 11.10 and 12.04) I am still having these same issues. Does anyone have any ideas?15:46
Saikideadmund: http://pastebin.com/yPh9kn3815:46
deadmundSaiki: ?  Something is wrong in the source.15:46
bonhoefferi'm having trouble mounting a guid volume -- it mounts fine using the live cd, but on my 12.04 install, i can't recognize any of the files15:47
Saikideadmund: source should be fine, that's a copy from somehting working elsewhere perfectly15:47
deadmundSaiki: Well if you are at all familiar with software you'll know that source can work perfectly in one situation and crash in another situation.15:47
deadmundSaiki: based on the INPUT15:47
Saikideadmund: I think Im missing a package somewhere. or my java_home is wrong15:47
deadmundSaiki: perhaps15:48
bonhoefferi get "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "New Volume"."15:48
deadmundI don't know15:48
Saikideadmund: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386     <supposed to be java 715:48
deadmundSaiki: I totally have no idea at this point anymore :)15:49
YamatoPotterCould someone help me?15:50
Saiki!help | YamatoPotter15:50
ubottuYamatoPotter: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:50
Saikideadmund: does that look right though to you?15:50
deadmundSaiki: I don't know.15:50
bonhoefferin disk manager the file system is ext3 and the partition is linux basic data partition15:51
bonhoefferbut it won't mount15:51
YamatoPotterMy laptop with ubuntu 11.10 was used to hibernate and suspend normaly, but, when I updated it to 12.04, it hibernate and suspend, but no wake up, he turn on, but the system doesn't return15:52
Dr_Willisbonhoeffer: how are you mounting it?15:52
bonhoefferbonhoeffer, two ways -- mount command and using the disk utility15:52
Dr_Williswhats the exaxt mount command..15:53
bonhoefferi have to remember, i thought i did mount -t ext3 /dev/sdd115:53
Dr_Willisno mount point?15:53
Dr_Willis  sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /media/makeadirectory -t auto15:54
kartloshey guys, if was wondering why ~/.xsession doesn't get run in 12.04?15:54
bonhoefferDr_Willis, i'll try that thanks15:55
Dr_Williskartlos: theres a lightdm entry that uses it when selected i recall15:55
Saikideadmund: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/pw?useUnicode=true&amp;characterEncoding=utf8  < this is how auth finds my users. maybe I'm missing a jdbc package?15:55
Dr_Willis'user defined' or somthing like that15:55
kartlosDr_Willis: what can I do to get my .xsession to run?15:55
deadmundSaiki: mysql  ?  Do you have a mysql server running?15:56
YamatoPotterMy laptop with ubuntu 11.10 was used to hibernate and suspend normally, but, when I updated it to 12.04, it hibernate and suspend, but no wake up, he turn on, but the system doesn't return ... what can be happen?15:56
Saikideadmund: yes15:56
Dr_Williskartlos:  use startx , or selec that session in lightdm15:56
bonhoefferDr_Willis, i got it -- i guess i had to sudo mount15:56
deadmundSaiki: mmm IDK15:56
bonhoefferis there a way to copy verbose so i can see progress15:56
Dr_Willisbonhoeffer:  linux FUNdamentals15:56
kartlosDr_Willis: thanks, i'll try that15:56
Saiki!repeat | YamatoPotter15:57
ubottuYamatoPotter: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:57
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bonhoefferDr_Willis, thanks for the pointer15:57
=== BATMAN is now known as ^BATMAN^
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Saikideadmund: well, I'm pretty sure that it's jdbc that's erroring.. : gauthd: 12 Aug 2012 10:41:07,347  INFO GAuthServer:? - MatrixPasswd:can not find user saikadmin  (gauthd uses jdbc)15:58
deadmundSaiki: I wish I could help but you know more about this than I do!15:58
Saikideadmund: alwya worth trying I though lol15:58
deadmundok :)15:59
triadI'm installing Ubuntu 12.04 Server LTS in a few moments. Hope everything will be OK15:59
Dr_Willistriad:  why wouldent it be ok...15:59
triadDr_Willis: Don't know. Anything come go from good to bad16:00
Dr_Willis'think happy thoughts'16:01
=== ^BATMAN^ is now known as Red_M
* Dr_Willis watches triad 's city have a power failure16:02
DancesWithKowsHi all...I have a laptop with a wireless usb adapter....when activate the laptop from sleep mode, the usb adapter stops working...anyone know how to reload the driver in the kernel/get it working without reboot16:03
cristian__hi guys16:04
triadIt must be a command :)16:04
triadrestart your adapter16:04
cristian__i need a help with bash i'm in panic using grp16:04
triadwell, try unplug and plug again the usb adapter16:04
DancesWithKowshmm ok16:04
DancesWithKowswill try that16:04
triadit might work.16:05
DancesWithKowsyeah didnt try that yet16:05
DancesWithKowsbrb trying it16:05
cristian__can someone help me with grep?16:05
triadcristian__: Please don't ask to ask. Just say what's your problem.16:05
cristian__i need to delete some line using grep from a pipeline result16:05
cristian__my problem is this... i'm redirecting an output to grep, but i need to delete some special caracters and some duplicated lines. -.- i'm in panic16:07
sirriffsalotHey, I'm having these frequent streams of xruns, and yesterday I think I've narrowed things down to needing a realtime kernel.. Any comments on that?16:08
biiferHi, I'm getting an error when I try to update my system: "W:Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/dists/testing/non-free/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]16:17
biifer, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead."16:17
disowncrazy question but I am wondering are freenode irc or irc in general used by students more then workers/proffessionals or are most of the channels here from exprienced proffesional ?16:19
TJ-disown: Almost all Ubuntu developers use IRC16:19
disownso then the most knowledgeable people in the field would be using it ?16:20
TJ-biifer: You'll need to remove the Google repository from the list of software sources, or correct it, because it seems they've taken away that repository.16:20
TJ-disown: It's the common way that dev's around the world communicate16:21
disownmake sense , no more mailing lists or forums ... well maybe irc is the quickest and prefered way to do it16:21
KihokkiDoes anybody here use Intel GMA3600? Any news for upcoming drivers?16:23
TJ-We generally use IRC for real-time figuring out, and mail-lists for stuff we want to ensure is in the record... mailing-lists tend no to get missed unlike an IRC conversation that you might not see because you're in bed in a different time zone16:23
cristian__Guys, ho can i create a filter using grep to delete strings with <TD>12345 and change strings with <TD>NAMES or special caracters in "from Name or special caracters"16:26
TJ-cristian__: Use "sed"16:26
biiferTJ-: Brilliant, found the /etc/apt/sources.list file and just commented the google line, thanks for the help16:26
cristian__TJ how?16:27
cristian__can u help me ?16:27
TJ-cristian__: For example: "sed -e 's/\(<TD>\)NAMES/\1Names/g' -e 's/<TD>12345/d' /path/to/somefile"16:29
cristian__i dont know nothing about sed16:29
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UbuntuChristianHey, im having some trouble with opengl using Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire 5750G, anyone knows anything?16:30
cristian__says '/' unmached16:30
UbuntuChristianStrangely works with Linux Mint, both 64 bit versions16:31
nabeenis there something wrong with the ruby on rails package on the repository?16:31
triadUbuntuChristian: All updates made ?16:31
TJ-cristian__: I typed it off the top of my head, didn't test it. The 2nd term was wrong I think: "sed -e 's/\(<TD>\)NAMES/\1Names/g' -e '/<TD>12345/d' /path/to/somefile"16:31
nabeenits been a huge pain in the ass for me16:31
cristian__sorry i used > to save it :D16:32
UbuntuChristian@triad yep, everything updated16:32
UbuntuChristianhow can i send private messages here Oo16:32
triad2x click on a name16:32
Kihokki  /query nickname16:32
UbuntuChristianok thx16:32
giteshHow do I make Network Manager (nice GUI) to manage DSL connections *Default which booting system* ?16:32
triaddon't you have any options there ? something ..a box to check ?16:33
WeThePeoplegitesh, it should manage DSL already..?16:33
giteshWeThePeople , Its been changed , i have to set using  ppoeconf everytime.16:34
giteshmy mistake16:34
KihokkiYou mean autoconnect?16:34
giteshyes, I am not seeing autoconnect at GUI.16:35
TJ-gitesh: Is there a "available to all users" tick-box ?16:36
giteshTJ- Yes16:37
atari314Hello, does anyone know why Ubuntu's libgl1-mesa-dev isn't including the static (libGL.a) version?16:37
giteshthere is , and its ticked16:37
cristian__TJ i mean <TD>12345/ <TD>EVERYNUMBER that doesnt start with special caracter/16:37
TJ-gitesh: I think that is supposed to mean "bring up at boot time for all users" so if it isn't coming up I'm not sure why16:37
TJ-cristian__: sed using regular expressions to match and do replacements; you'll need to read a good sed tutorial e.g.  http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Sed.html16:38
cristian__TJ for example... <TD>12345 is a normal numer, it hass to be deleted... if there are numbers with special caracters like +123456 they must be saved removing just the <TD> tag16:40
WeThePeoplegitesh, you might have better luck in #networking16:40
giteshok, WeThePeople, i try that.16:40
TJ-cristian__: What you want is complex; sed can do it, but you'll need to practice a bit with it to get the hang of its power16:42
cristian__-.- godness16:42
cristian__u dont know hot to ?16:42
TJ-atari314: libGL.a is in libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev16:43
cristian__just becouse i dont want to study sed -.- i hate it -.- it's to complicated for me16:43
TJ-I know how to. The purpose of this channel is not to do things for you, but to help you learn how to do them for yourself16:43
cristian__i'm here to ask for a help not for a wiki link16:45
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WHAT_DOWNi'm in an apartment building where i'm not allowed to connect wireless routers to the wall, but i can connect them to the computer. is there any way i can use a router to allow my phone to tether to my computer for internet access?16:54
WHAT_DOWNor even just tether the router to the computer16:54
theadminWHAT_DOWN: Uh, why do you need a router for that? Just tether it to the computer. What OS does the phone have?16:54
theadminWHAT_DOWN: Then it's simple. Settings -> Wireless Networks -> Tethering and Portable Hotspot -> USB Tethering -> Enable16:55
WHAT_DOWNthe computer doesn't have wireless, which i guess will make things a problem16:55
disownyou can connect your phone to a wireless router in the network settings of it16:55
disownfrom there you can connect your computer thru your phone to the wifi router16:56
disownby setting it as an access point16:56
disownso re cap just connect your phone to the wifi router via the network settings and also thru the network settings set up an access point SSID on your phone then connect your computer to it. But why not directly connect to the wifi router in the first places16:57
disownvia your computer16:58
theadmindisown: Phone has the internet in this scenario, not the router.16:58
theadmindisown: So that's what (s)he's trying to figure out16:58
disownO so you are using the 3g for your internet you have an APN then16:58
theadminWhich is much easier resolved by directly plugging the phone in16:59
samuelanyone here know of a channel where i can get hold of people from yorba?16:59
disownin that cases all you have to do is enable wifi access point on your phone and connect your computer via the SSID of your phone17:00
disownwhen it shows up in the networks availabe on your computer17:00
samuelor alternatively someone here that knows alot about shotwell17:00
theadmindisown: Aaand the computer doesn't have wireless, which is why the best idea here is USB tethering17:01
theadminsamuel: Shotwell is the default photo manager in Ubuntu, so shoot17:01
samuelwell just lately it has been detecting alot of my photo's as duplicate17:01
samueleven though they are not17:01
samuelto the point that i have whole days of photographs missing17:01
samueland random ones in existing events that are missing17:02
disownif you don't have wifi on your computer your only option is to tether directly thru usb or if your computer has bluetooth though thats more difficult to set up17:02
samuelthe files are there on the computer, but they do not show up in shotwell17:02
samuelwhen i try to manually plant them in, it says that it is already there17:02
samuelso do have to delete my shotwell database file and start again, ro is there some other way around this?17:03
theadminsamuel: Well, wait for someone who knows.. Cause I don't, I just know that this question is okay to ask here17:03
theadminI use, uh, I think Gwenview.17:03
samuelok well i will hang about, hopefully i can get the photo's in without wiping my database17:05
davidhurwichHello, don't mean to interupt i wondering if i could ask Ubuntu question17:05
davidhurwichto the group17:05
samuelthere is no such thing as interrupting, this is ir17:05
samueljust say what you want when you want :D if someone knows the answer they will chip in, thats how it works here17:05
davidhurwichi been running ubuntu 11:10 for a while, when i upgraded 12.04 it has trouble finding my wireless card17:06
samuelwhat make/model of wireless card do you have?17:07
davidhurwichi gone to system settings to remove and add the STA wireless driver, but it still doesn't seem to find it17:07
davidhurwichBroadcom STA wireless17:07
samuelwhat broadcom have you got? mine is a bcm431317:08
samueldo lspci in the terminal, it will tell you there17:08
davidhurwichhmmm, not sure17:09
samuelhi mrsergeeantbigfoo17:09
MrSergeantBigfooanyone know the best java JRE for tekkit minecraft?  OpenJDK bugs too much :/17:10
samueli'm using sun java 617:10
MrSergeantBigfook thanx samuel17:11
samuelbut i have had some success with openjre717:11
davidhurwichBroadcom BCM431117:11
samueli dont think the guys at minecraft have optimised for java 717:11
MrSergeantBigfoofor me the zombies are all messed up and the engines dont render properly17:11
samueldavidurwich - its always best to have the exact make and model of the hardware you are having a problem with17:12
DJonesMrSergeantBigfoo: I don't have any issues with OpenJDK 6 and minecraft, that works as well as Sun Java (For me anyway)17:12
bunjeeanyone help me access terminal?17:12
samueland lspci will tell you if it is something like a wireless card or graphics card17:12
samuellsusb will tell you about anything connecting through a usb bus like a webcam or touchpad17:12
MrSergeantBigfooim talking about the tekkit modpack.  Normal minecraft works fine for me too.17:13
samuelbunjee, just do ctrl+alt and T17:13
samuelhello savio17:13
davidhurwichis the wireless driver Network Controller under lspci17:14
samuelcos on a laptop it uses a micro pci connector17:14
MrSergeantBigfoogotta go17:14
saviohello samuel17:14
davidhurwichaccording to lspcii its Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN17:14
samueltouchpads and webcams are connected via an internal usb connector17:14
davidhurwich<rev 01)17:14
bunjeethanx Samuel!17:15
xorox90how can I deal wth package mass up problem after long time using ubuntu? although I always apt-get autoremove, some packages doesn't have proper dependency... so garbage leave..17:15
samuelnow, i dont know of any specific issues with that card, but if i were you my next step would be to put into google the following17:15
samuel"ubuntu 12.04 bcm4311"17:15
samuelyou may find a whole thread on ubuntu forums where someone has gone through exactly what you are going through17:16
samueland you can see what they have tried, failed, and succeded on17:16
samueli recommend that rather than us both running through all off that17:16
samueli had an issue with my broadcom wireless card in that it only gave me 2 bars of signal17:17
samuelbut i found a thread on ubuntu forums with the resolution17:17
davidhurwichOk, thanks i see what the forums have17:17
samueloops you may have missed some of what i said davidhurwich17:17
phred_hi all17:17
samueli will repeat the important bit...17:17
samuelgoogle this "ubuntu 12.04 bcm4311"17:18
samuelwithout the speech marks17:18
samuelhi phred17:18
samueli'm not sure whether you are asking or telling xorox9017:18
davidhurwichokay thanks17:18
phred_so who's the guru here today?  :)17:18
samueli always find synaptic package manager useful for problems with packages17:19
samuelphred if you just ask, if there is someone reading that knows the answer they will chip in17:19
samuelyou dont have to be a guru to answer some questions17:19
phred_ok... never been to this channel before17:19
wilee-nilee!broadcom | davidhurwich17:19
ubottudavidhurwich: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:19
phred_i want to know how to bypass a dpkg error message17:19
davidhurwichthanks man, i appreciate it17:20
samuelyou mean you want to force the package to install anyway phred17:20
phred_i am running kubuntu... tried to upgrade from natty to oneiric a few days ago17:20
samueli believe you can do that by adding -f or -F cant remember which to your command17:20
samuelcheck the manpage17:20
phred_doesn't work17:20
phred_problem is that netbase won't install... i keep getting an error about md5hash17:21
phred_but i have downloaded several different times... i know the .deb file is good17:21
phred_now i just want to force dpkg to ignore the error and install it anyway17:21
samuelthe md5hash error appears to disagree with you17:21
phred_yes, it does17:21
phred_but i have downloaded and extracted it several times from different sources17:22
phred_i have scanned my file system and found no errors17:22
phred_i am convinced the error is either a) bogus, or b) refers to some config file somewhere that is borked17:22
TJ-What is the error message, precisely?17:23
phred_hang on17:23
phred_in isolation, the error reads:17:25
phred_Setting up netbase (4.47ubuntu1) ...17:25
phred_dpkg: error processing netbase (--configure):17:25
phred_ failed to read on buffer copy for md5hash: Input/output error17:25
phred_i have even tried different versions of netbase in an effort to resolve the problem17:25
phred_i can find no legitimate reason for the error17:25
phred_and yet, as you can see, networking seems to be working17:26
TJ-phred_: That's a sure symptom of a corrupted disk17:27
phred_i have scanned it and found no errors17:27
phred_if there's a corrupted file somewhere that i could delete and try again, i'd love to find it17:28
TJ-Have you checked the kernel log for reports of disk read/write errors? /var/log/kern.log17:28
phred_no... hang on, i'll do that17:29
KircleI'm trying to install emerald on 12.04 in a virtual machine before installing it on my actual desktop (had trouble with it in the past). I followed a tutorial on how to get it working in precise but after typing emerald --reload nothing changes17:30
phred_i do have a number of disk errors, but those are mostly a result of the peculiar hardware setup17:30
phred_would dpkg.log be more informative?17:30
Kircleusing fusion icon makes parts of the screen go black and eventually crashes compiz.17:30
deitarionI've got an old Athlon 2500+ that I'm setting up with Lubuntu but it's not offering me an nVidia binary driver for the GeForce4 MX 4000 in it. Since I'm planning on donating this to someone needy, what's the least fragile way to stop Flash from crashing immediately on plugin load? (YouTube is the ONLY thing I need to fix before it's ready to give away)17:33
theadmindeitarion: If it's YouTube, why do you need Flash?17:34
theadmindeitarion: Let it load it's HTML5 version and that's it17:34
deitariontheadmin: Don't they still blacklist the HTML5 player on any video that needs to display ads?17:34
theadmindeitarion: Do they? I have no idea...17:34
theadmindeitarion: I have adblock plus %)17:35
theadmindeitarion: Oh yeah, it says they don't17:35
theadmindeitarion: How did you install Flash anyway?17:35
deitariontheadmin: I checked the "Install patented codecs" checkbox in the installer.17:35
theadmindeitarion: Oh, that... I have no idea what that really does, but yeah, that should be enough. Hm.17:36
deitariontheadmin: The problem is that Flash crashes when you use Nouveau as the video driver.17:36
phred_would gnash help?17:36
theadmindeitarion: Hm... Why not install nvidia-current?17:36
theadminOr yeah, gnash might be good too17:36
deitarionThis is the first machine I've had with a video card older than a GeForce FX5200 and, hence, the first one where it hasn't offered an nVidia binary driver. I'm guessing the GeForce4-series is too old for nvidia-current. (I'll try it. If that doesn't work, I'll see if nvidia-legacy still exists and works.)17:37
deitarionI find Gnash too unpredictable to put on a machine I'm gonna donate.17:38
phred_it doesn't always work, but it seems at least to be stable on my systems17:38
deitarionI have trouble keeping Gnash stable on my geek box. Everything else, my mother uses every day and the worst issue she's run into is that LightDM silently fails to login if the hard drive is full because the un-privileged subprocess can't log into the root-reserved free space.17:39
phred_you're way beyond my skillset now... :)17:40
deitarionGnash also gives confusing results when you try to play a flash file which uses unsupported opcodes or ActionScript classes and, last I checked (about a month ago), it still had AV desync issues when playing an MP3 BGM track on a drawn/tweened/animated (non-FLV/MP4) video track.17:40
phred_is there a generic driver available that might work instead of the nvidia proprietary one?17:41
agentgasmaskguthrie: Hey. :)17:42
theadminphred_: The "generic" one is vesa, but...17:42
theadminphred_: That's gonna get ugly on a more-or-less big screen.17:42
pranavkusing openvpn i am connected to the openvpn server now creating a new network interface tun0, now i have two network interface eth0 and tun0, how do i tell my applications to use tun0 now instead of eth017:43
deitarionphred_: I suspect Flash will crash on anything that doesn't give it the GPU acceleration it wants. The only option I can think of there would be to copy the config file from my desktop where Flash works well enough for me to disable acceleration and write out the binary config file.17:43
phred_i think 800x600 looks great on a 21" monitor!  :)17:43
deitarion(The human-readable /etc config file only lets you force-ENABLE GPU acceleration. To force-disable it, you have to use the GUI INSIDE the flash plugin which writes a binary blob config file at ~/.macromedia/Flash_Player/macromedia.com/support/flashplayer/sys/settings.sol17:44
ubottulmarietto: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:44
deitarion...and I'm wary of that option because, if someone using the machine says "Hey! GPU acceleration!" and changes the setting, their only option is to ask someone with working flash to disable GPU acceleration and send over their settings.sol... which also happens to contain a list of all the domains you've visited with Flash.)17:45
DAN_Can anyone help with installing ubuntu?17:46
phred_just curious: does that video card use shared system memory?  if so, could there be a conflict of some kind?17:46
DAN_It just freezes once it has rebooted to complete install.17:46
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
deitarionphred_: No. It's a discrete GPU. I just don't have anything newer in AGP except for the GeForce MX5200 I'm already using in a PC I don't want to give away.17:46
wilee-nileeDAN_, black screen?17:46
DAN_it seems to be different every time I try17:46
TJ-pranavk: you create a new default route that uses tun017:47
DAN_But yes, black screened on a number of occassions17:47
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | DAN_ try this17:47
ubottuDAN_ try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:47
DAN_thanks, but tired it17:47
DAN_tried it17:47
DAN_no joy17:47
wilee-nileeDAN_, you would insert nomodeset in the krnel at grub the link shows how.17:47
wilee-nileeah DAN_17:48
DAN_yes, tried it. it doesn't work.17:48
pranavkTJ-: okay, thanks17:48
DAN_Techie friends are  all perplexed17:48
phred_is there a less-specific driver available from nvidia - one that supports the chipset but may not be optimized for that particular card?17:49
DAN_It worked wonderfully on my puny little netbook, but not on my main laptop17:49
phred_DAN_: could there be a loose hardware connection somewhere (drive cable, for example)?17:49
wilee-nileeDAN_, the live cd worked fine?17:49
DAN_until it reboots to complete install17:50
DAN_it doesn't work either when doing it from a USB/Disk17:50
wilee-nileesame basic install17:50
wilee-nileeDAN_, where you on the net on the installs ans clicked the update on install>17:51
wilee-nileeDAN_, there is a box that can be clicked to have updates installed while installing, it may be a driver that would have been picked up then.17:52
DAN_ok, I'll start again with it and see if I can do that. ty17:53
phred_good luck17:53
cristianhi guys17:53
wilee-nileeDAN_, might be easier then waiting for a search of the problem , may not hard to say.17:53
cristiani need to delete one variable number using sed from a line, excluding lines that contain words or special caracters can you help me ? this doesnt work sed -e 's/^[0-9]$//g17:54
DAN_Doesn't appear to be an option for thatr17:55
arabihello guys17:55
arabiis there any andorid emulator available for 12.04 ???17:55
wilee-nileeDAN_, you are using the live cd, should be 2nd or third gui has a third party baox as well.17:55
arabido you have any idea?17:55
DAN_it's definitely not there.17:56
DAN_yes, live cd17:56
arabiis there any android emulator available for Ubuntu 12.0417:56
cristianany help with sed?17:56
DAN_it asks me for size, enviornment, username and password...and then just installs. no further options.17:57
phred_wish i could help, cristian... not too good with regexs17:58
crankhardergetting "gzip: stdout: No space left on device" while trying to update update-initramfs.  Seems that my /boot has 0 space left on it.  Is there anything I can do short of resizing that partition?17:58
wilee-nileeDAN_, here is a picture set of install. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/install-ubuntu-desktop17:58
wilee-nileesays wireless but more then that will be picked up.17:59
DAN_thanks. mine looks nothing like that at all.18:00
phred_crankharder: you probably need to purge some old kernels that take up space on /boot, but i don't know how to do that safely18:00
DAN_not this time around, at least.18:00
WeThePeople i have resized my ntfs now i would like to expand the linux fs by that much and gparted doesnt have an option to do this, is there a program that can add freespace to a partition?18:00
wilee-nileeDAN_, 12.04 correct?18:00
DAN_mine looks like this....http://praji.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/wubi.png18:00
DAN_12.04, ye18:01
wilee-nileeDAN_, that is a wubi install18:01
Sidewinder1WeThePeople, Gparted should do that; just make sure the partition you're trying to expand/shrink is unmounted.18:01
DAN_what's that?18:01
Sidewinder1WeThePeople, You may need to do that from a LiveCD environment.18:02
wilee-nileeDAN_, also says 8.04 which is end of life I believe.18:02
arabiis there any android emulator available for UBUNTU 12.04 ??18:02
wilee-nileeDAN_, A wubi instal is a install from windows18:02
DAN_8.04 thing is just taken from google images. i'm deffo trying to install 12.0418:03
DAN_yes, well I am installing from windows...18:03
Sidewinder1Real friends don't let friends use wubi; WADR to the developers, of cource.18:03
wilee-nileeDAN_, Installed from windows? that is the only way you would see that gui.18:03
DAN_yes, installing from win718:04
theadmincristian: Your regex looks correct, I have no idea why sed isn't working, but this seems to do the trick: perl -ne 's/^[0-9]$//;print'18:04
wilee-nileeSidewinder1, So what do people do that have no other way such as a work computer with no vm.18:04
Sidewinder1Good question.18:04
alecjwhi there, how can i use the internal microphone in my laptop under precise?18:04
cristianwith perl too ?18:05
wilee-nileewubi has its place but I get your point.18:05
Sidewinder1How 'bout LiveCD..18:05
=== rose is now known as Guest68720
theadmincristian: Why not? Perl is installed almost anywhere18:05
cristian-.- but i'm from maemo let me try it18:05
wilee-nileeDAN_, Wubi is basically a try out install it is a file in windows rather then a full install dualboot, is that what you want.18:06
Sidewinder1wilee-nilee, I agree; I just cringe when folks try to use it on a long term basis, upgrades, etc.. But I know what you mean.18:06
=== phred_ is now known as Guest10583
DAN_ideally. not ready to junk windows yet18:06
=== Guest10583 is now known as phred_
DAN_esp because currys tells me doing so would invalidate my warranty18:06
cristiandoesnt work18:06
Sidewinder1DAN_, Just do a "real" dual boot; I've been doing exactly that for years now.18:07
cristianthis is the command line18:07
cristiansqlite3 -html /home/user/.rtcom-eventlogger/el-v1.db "SELECT start_time,end_time,is_read,remote_uid,free_text,group_uid,outgoing FROM Events WHERE service_id=3 AND (event_type_id=7 OR event_type_id=11) ORDER BY group_uid,start_time" | sed -e 's/^<TD>//g' | sed -e 's/<\/TD>//g' | sed -e 's/^[0-9]$//g' | perl -ne 's/^[0-9]$//;print' | grep -v "<TR>" | grep -v "</TR>" > /home/user/MyDocs/output.html18:07
wilee-nileeDAN_, you don't need to junk windows, I have multiple installs on one hd, W7 and 3 linux installs, some cringe at this though. This does not fix your original problem other then a full install would allo the updates and may be fine.18:07
phred_if doing a dual boot with windows, EasyBCD (http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD) is your friend18:08
cristianbut in the html outputfile i still have a line with a Number18:08
Sidewinder1DAN_, That's the whole purpose of Dual Boot; to have win on one partition and win on another. Then you can use which ever OS meets your needs, on an application basis.18:08
wilee-nileephred_, so is grub2 easybcd is a okay setup but not really needed if you understand the mbr, and have the right discs.18:08
Sidewinder1Oops Win on one and ubuntu on another, sorry.18:09
Sidewinder1 Time for a break. :-(18:09
phred_wilee-nilee: AND you intend to use grub as your bootloader.  If, on the other hand, you really want or need to use the Windows bootloader, EasyBCD is your friend.18:09
wilee-nileephred_, To each their own. ;)18:10
Sidewinder1"Tis all about choices. :)18:10
alecjwhi there, how can i use the internal microphone in my laptop under precise?18:11
alecjwi've tried changing the "connector" option in sound settings to internal mic with no success18:11
alecjwit used to work but it's stopped now18:11
wilee-nileealecjw, you have checked in sound that it is not off?18:12
wilee-nileeor turned down18:12
alecjwwilee-nilee: yup. it's at a sensible volume and not muted18:12
alecjwsox hears nothing18:12
alecjwi tried this workaround with no success: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/946232/comments/3218:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946232 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "[Meta-bug] Missing speaker and/or internal mic port" [High,Fix released]18:13
wilee-nileenot sure myself18:13
SkippersBossalecjw. What happens if you shut down pulse (temporary of course )18:17
MonkeyDustR4is  did you have a question?18:18
R4isNo .pershen irani18:19
ubottu#ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.18:20
DAN_Ok, tried that18:24
DAN_it just freezes once on boot18:24
JC-PTYhello guys, i am connected from my windows computer through ssh to my ubuntu 12.04, i would like to start x11vnc server and then access the whole gui... there is any tutorial on how to do this?18:25
MonkeyDustJC-PTY  putty?18:26
JC-PTYi am using CRT18:26
JC-PTYbut i am already connected to the ubuntu system18:27
JC-PTYi just want to be able to start the vnc from the ssh session and then to connect through.. so i was wondering where i could find those commands18:27
hylianhello all18:29
kazagistarI have a netbook, and as soon as my system hits even a medium memory load, it starts freezing up for minutes, and sometimes longer... the mouse can move, but I cant actually do anything, even switching to TTY1 and trying to log in takes a min for each step of the process. Is there something wrong with swap or something?18:31
* erdeniz facepalm18:32
trismJC-PTY: after connecting to my host (which already has a logged in user) with: ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@host; this is the script I use to start x11vnc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1143458/18:32
hyliansavio: hello, can i help you?18:34
CookieMkazagistar maybe relogging to unity 2D might help18:34
hyliansavio: what's up?18:34
saviohylian, not much18:34
saviohylian, what abt you18:34
DebolazCookieM: Unity2D doesn't really have a smaller memory footprint.18:35
Debolazkazagistar: How much memory do you have on your system?18:35
kazagistarDebolaz:  1 Gb... should I switch back to a different DE?18:36
Debolazkazagistar: You might want to try to enable zram.18:36
Debolazkazagistar: http://berle.cc/2012/08/11/improving-low-memory-ubuntu-performance-with-zram/18:36
kazagistarDebolaz: I'll give that a try, thanks!18:38
kazagistarAnother question... is there a way to make unity work nice with multiple screens? My issues are having 2 copies of the launcher bar, and the mouse sticking to the edge of the screen when I try to switch sides18:40
trismkazagistar: you can configure those in the Display settings18:41
trismkazagistar: if you aren't using one of the proprietary drivers that is18:41
biifersomething died on my system and i was unable to reach the menu that pops up when I usually holds the mouse to the top left corner om my scree. after a quick log out and login again i restored my chrome session, i then had a new tab open: a google search for "Hi. this is barcelona" anyone has any ideas what this came from?18:44
kazagistartrism: I am using the proprietary drivers. I had heard that good, gaming level performance cannot be achieved with the open source drivers18:44
saviohello gays i like to contribute for ubuntu18:50
savioi also submitted  application for bugsquard18:50
ThinkT510!contribute | savio18:50
ubottusavio: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu18:50
KircleI have a theme that was created for an older version of gnome and when I use it using 3.4 certain text is displayed as white making it almost un-readable in certain areas due to white backgrounds. How do I update the theme to play ball with 3.4? The author no longer takes interest in his themes18:51
nashirakI am having trouble deleting a file (as root).  I just installed a new mother board and I am getting permission denied when I try to delete the file.  In dmesg I get ata3.00: error {UNC} then ata3.00: failed command: Read DMA.  Its a reiser fs partition, if that makes a difference.  Any thoughts?18:51
dylannashirak: what is the location of the file?18:53
nashirakdylan: /usr/share/doc/libnss3/copyright18:53
nashirakdylan: I was trying to do a apt-get upgrade and when it went to remove that package I started getting permission denied on that file.  I am stuck in apt-get limbo until this gets resolved18:54
dylanhit cntrl+c to stop the command18:55
nashirakdylan: Cntrl-C may stop the command but it doesn't fix my HDD problem.18:56
qermanymuscLeuLLiiia gel burayaa18:56
erdenizHi everybody!18:59
DebolazHi Dr Nick!19:01
kartloshey guys, I managed to boot ubuntu 12.04 with grub-efi, so both videocards that are in this macbook pro are detected, the problem is that both are being used, is it possible to disable one videocard?19:04
dylannashirak: your not supposed to be able to edit user, same reason you can't edit sys19:07
trismkazagistar: there is an option in ccsm under the unity plugin on the experimental tab if you can't access the Display settings19:07
dylannashirak/win 219:08
noworldorderhi!  Need some assistance please :)19:14
noworldorderubuntu 12.0419:15
noworldordercannot update19:15
ThinkT510!enter | noworldorder19:15
ubottunoworldorder: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:15
noworldorderwhen i try to update I get this http://pastebin.com/FEsTsZem19:16
DJonesnoworldorder: You need to complete the captcha before the pastebin will work19:17
ThinkT510noworldorder: looks like there is something wrong with the skype repo19:17
noworldorderoops - just did19:17
bekksDJones: YOU have to fill it in to view what he pastebined ;)19:18
noworldorderso is there a way to disable the skype repo?19:18
DJonesbekks: It worked 2nd time, I've never seen the viewer have to complete a captcha for a pastebin19:18
noworldorderit was my error19:18
ThinkT510noworldorder: you could comment it out in the sources.list file19:19
noworldorderi am a big newbie so can you tell me where sources.list is19:19
ThinkT510!sources | noworldorder19:20
ubottunoworldorder: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories19:20
douglwhat is the best way to install the latest cups in my kubuntu 12.04?19:20
ThinkT510dougl: whats wrong with the one in the repos?19:21
douglThinkT510, 1.5.3 you mean?19:23
ThinkT510dougl: 1.5.2 in 12.0419:23
ThinkT510!info cups | dougl19:24
ubottudougl: cups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5.2-9ubuntu1 (precise), package size 1217 kB, installed size 4098 kB19:24
noworldorderI looked at sources.list but i do not see anything specific to skype19:25
douglThinkT510, I did a dist upgrade and ended up with 1.5.3 but printouts look like http://imagebin.org/22420119:25
douglThinkT510, I did not know if I could get support for older version19:25
ThinkT510noworldorder: pastebin the sources file19:25
OerHeksdougl, are you on 12.10 alfa3 now?19:26
ThinkT510dougl: we only support whats in the repo19:26
douglThinkT510, OerHeks got 1.5.3 thru apt-get update and dist-upgrade...19:27
ThinkT510dougl: must've recently hit the repos, ubottu doesn't see that version19:28
dougldunno much about that19:29
ThinkT510dougl: have you got some other repos activated? like a testing repo of some sort19:29
Jerusalem420hey guys, how do I get chrome to send magnet links to transmission. I'm running  Lucid Lynx  with chrome Version 21.0.1180.75 and transmission 2.33.19:29
OerHeksdougl, what is the output of ' uname -a "?19:33
douglThinkT510, nope - stock install with additional drivers adn the update/upgrade19:33
morsnowskihi guys, anybody an idea for a voice control app for 12.04/64?19:35
douglmorsnowski, good question19:36
Edlerhey guys i want to run an ubuntu server on a mac using virtualbox. Wanted to know, is it possible for it to really act as a server even if it's a virtual os ?19:37
=== taccota is now known as boubou
syddrafEdler: Yes. That's actually how most commercial server farms are setup.19:38
Edlerreally ?19:38
Edlerso they emulate ubuntu19:38
Edleron a mac19:38
FloodBot1Edler: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:38
syddrafNot specifically that, but using VMs is not at all uncommon.19:38
MrGizmo757can somebody help? i have an error SMbus not enabled. dmsg shows the driver but shows it being disabled.  how do i enable it?19:39
syddrafAs long as you configure VirtualBox to pass through the network connection properly, I don't see it being an issue.19:39
Edleryes but i mean will the vm have the same IP as the mac, and someone trying to connect to FTP for example will end up connecting to the VM rather than just mac ?19:39
Edleryes that's what i'm talking about, you can make it pass the connection ?19:39
syddrafEdler: Yes. I haven't done it personally, but I know that it is possible.19:39
Edlerokay and what about reboots, can Virtualbox open and run the vm on boot ?19:40
syddrafHaven't done it personally, but I don't see any reason you couldn't add VirtualBox to your startup list in mac.19:40
=== T_ is now known as T_T
slpickerI set the password to none. Now I have no root access. I did read the post about no root access, and it told me to go in to recovery mode. I did that. Except, it won't work?19:45
bitmageI'm trying to execute a cronjob... it runs fine from the command line but not from cron19:47
bitmagehere's the command:  NODE_ENV=production /usr/local/bin/coffee /home/ubuntu/chiron/script/sendReminders >> /var/log/chiron.reminders.log19:47
bitmageI verified that cron is running and that it can execute scripts from my user's crontab19:48
bitmageI'm guessing there must be something different about the context in which it's executing the job?19:48
dashavoodoes anyone have the deb for the old skype version?19:49
=== taccota is now known as boubou
bouboui need help19:50
bouboui download this xchat-gnome with ubuntu and i cant to connect me in other server19:51
biiferHi. I have some issues with screen resolution. I have 2 24" monitors giving me a resolution of 3840x1200. Under "System Settings/Displays my setup is recognized as a "Laptop" with a 3840x1200 resolution, all in one screen. The "NVIDIA X Server" program recognizes 2 different screens and the more correct resolution of 2 times 1920x1200. The problems I get are related to full screen modes in different areas, Youtube for exam19:51
biiferple does not show full screen correct, neither does XBMC. Any suggestions?19:51
disownwhere is the VFS virtual file system stuff being used in ubuntu I always uses just mke2fs and /dev/sda device files where is the VFS stuff come in ?19:52
disownbecause I see gnome-vfs-mime-magic and other files that references the vfs19:54
vyathHi, my machine is stuck at the four loading dots.. I think it's a gfx driver issue but I'm not sure how to proceed on fixing it. can someone please point out a direction? thanks19:55
bitmageok, so apparently I can run bash commands with cron but cannot run coffeescript for some reason19:57
bitmageit's perms are 755... I'm scratching my head19:58
necrohello how can i change the fan speed of my toshiba laptop20:00
ki4ro_necro: think you may have to ask Toshiba20:01
necrowhy? isnt it just ubuntu un general?20:01
=== dolanpls is now known as gosma
ki4ro_necro: Yes this is Ubuntu but I don't believe there would be an answer here...not sure...love to hear what you find out though because I also have a Toshiba and have never found a way20:03
KonataIs the main ubuntu repo slow again or is it just me20:03
viruseros92français??? °_O!! :(20:04
necroki4ro_:  thanks but isnt there a program that can help me change it?20:05
ki4ro_necro: Not that I have found yet20:05
necroyou see.. my problem is that sometimes the fan doesnt work when booting my computer to ubuntu and the cpu temperature gets really high20:06
guntbert!fr | viruseros9220:06
ubottuviruseros92: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:06
necroki4ro_: im affraid it might get too hot and danger the processor's integrity20:07
DominicLownecro, is it possibly a hardware issue?20:08
harushimoI'm setting noip on my ubuntu. I have an option eth0 and virbr020:09
harushimowhat does that mean?20:09
DominicLoweth0 and virbr0 are your network interfaces20:09
DominicLoweth0 is commonly the ethernet port if i'm not mistaken20:10
harushimowhich interface would I use?20:10
harushimoeth0 is the nic card20:10
harushimoI never heard virbr020:10
DominicLowwhichever you are using for the internets would be best i think20:10
=== Dijo_ is now known as Dijo
harushimovirbr0 is for a virtual machine right20:10
DominicLowi would think so, yes20:10
harushimothat makes sense20:11
LolcustHi community!20:15
DominicLowhello there!20:15
LolcustI have Ubuntu 12, and I want a particular task (specifically, restarting a service which has an odd habbit of locking up after boot on old machines) to be carried out 2 minutes after reboot20:16
LolcustI know cron can @reboot20:16
LolcustBut AFAIK cron cannot have "delay, then fire" trickery20:17
goddardhow can I repair a broken keyring in netbeans?20:17
DominicLowlolcust, i am unfamiliar with cron but do you think its possible to chain it to a .sh script that does a kill, sleep, then start?20:18
Lolcusthm, might be20:19
LolcustI'm far better with crontab then with .sh scripts20:19
wulgulmerang1Trying to get pymacs to work.  Downloaded pymacs archive.  make check.  make install.  (I'm using a virtualenvwrapper called 'play' if that makes any difference).  edited the .emacs file.  M-x pymacs-eval > os > RET and received "Pymacs helper did not start within 30 seconds".  Help? :/20:19
DominicLowi'm very new with .sh scripts but if you know the command to start it, the sleep function syntax is sleep (number of seconds)20:19
th0rLolcust: the script is just a list of the commands you would put in crontab...kill the service, sleep, then restart20:20
Lolcustshould work, thanks20:20
LolcustI guess it's experiment time for me20:20
DominicLowbest of luck in your experimentations 8D20:20
dstaubsaugerhi! I'm trying to use SITPLUS with my webcam, but it crashes when i open the webcam configuration dialog. there's an error message on the cli saying "sitplus: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/sitplus/libmod_camera.so: undefined symbol: cvCreateImageHeader". what can i do to fix this? sitplus and opencv from ubuntu repos are installed, i'm running precise.20:21
disownwould people say lucid 10.4 is old if it is around 2 years old for a linux distro ?20:22
dstaubsaugerdisown: yes20:23
disownso your supposed to install a new os ever ,,,... how often ?20:23
=== Rajesh is now known as Guest94817
KonataI wish that ./configure scripts would tell you all the missing dependencies instead of just failing on the first miss20:23
disownwould you say to be normal20:24
mrdndepends a bit on whether you are talking about your private desktop or your company's data center20:24
bekksdisown: Every two years. From LTS to next LTS :)20:24
disownok ya, if that is most peoples beliefs then I am do for an upgrade every 2 ish years :)20:24
ssmyanyone have any experience with python 3 and cherrypy on 12.04? There doesn't seem to be a python3 package for cherrypy, even though it is compatible20:24
Sidewinder1disown, Please have a look at the difference between LTS and the regular, rolling releases that come out every 6 months or so. Choose what best meets your needs. :-)20:28
royphelpsDoes anyone know the best music program to install that will be closely related to itunes?20:28
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.20:29
kevin_hi all. so for some reason my ps3 controller's input stopped, so i unplugged it. now 'lsusb' still shows it there as device 003... why is that? it's disconnected from the system, and dmesg shows 'USB disconnect, device number 3'20:31
r0thakevin_: what version are you using?20:31
kevin_r0tha: 12.0420:32
kevin_and this isn't the first time this has happened. it has happened with other usb devices as well20:32
r0thawhere do you see lsusb?20:32
r0thaon the desktop20:32
bekksr0tha: In a terminal :)20:32
zykotick9kevin_: notice the disconnect - dmesg is saying you unplugged it...20:33
kevin_yeah, terminal. and this is the output of dmesg around the time where it stopped working. i was using it inside VirtualBox: https://gist.github.com/a7ed5ce55a19ddb38a9720:33
kevin_zykotick9: i  did unplug it, but lsusb still shows it's connected, and reconnecting doesnt do anything20:33
zykotick9kevin_: if it was inside vbox - i have no suggestions...20:33
kevin_and by 'doesnt do anything', i mean dmesg didn't show a "USB connect" message. just acts like nothing happened20:34
disownquestion I know /etc/modules you can add any module to boot up at boot time but.... I noticed with lsmod a ton that are booted up by default when the /etc/modules is empty so where are these other ones being told to boot up from20:34
ThinkT510!upstart | disown20:35
ubottudisown: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/20:35
disownno I am talking about the modules that are started by default that are not put in the modules file are you saying this is in the upstart shell script to start them20:37
kevin_is there any way to "bounce" the usb host controller?20:37
Vlanhi guys20:39
Vlani'm trying to use ubuntu with two NIC cards20:39
kevin_mmm just gonna reboot. thanks guys. cheers20:39
Vlanunfortunately at the restart the addresses get messed up among the NICs20:39
DextralusI've been having a spot of trouble with the wireless after an upgrade to 12.04 from 10.04 on a Samsung N220. On 10.04 I had to use ndiswrapper with XP drivers to be able to connect to wireless networks, but after the upgrade this no longer works. I know where to download the windows drivers and I've been following directions outlined here (http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/Networking/NdisWrapper_The_Ultimate_Guide) to no20:39
Dextralus avail: none of the available 32-bit windows drivers seem to work, and I'm stumped.20:39
FloodBot1Dextralus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:39
Vlanhow do i solve that?20:39
ssmyVlan: are you using the network manager? Maybe configure them manually in /etc/network/interfaces? Static IPs, right?20:41
guntbertVlan: in what way do they get "messed up"?20:42
zack6849hey guys, i cant make my screens work, if i try to apply dual screens it throws an error, i wa told to change the xort.conf but that did nothing20:42
necroDominicLow:  how can i know if its a hardware issue?20:43
Vlanguntbert: i mean that i have two networks, servers and internet. when i reboot the two interfaces magically are connected both to internet20:43
DextralusJust to clarify my previous message, wireless is not even available under all settings > network.20:44
=== xuriouss_ is now known as xuriouss
Vlanssmy: yes, i'm using the network manager but i also tryed with sudo gedit  /etc/network/interfaces but due to my lack of knowledge i didn't manage to do much about it20:44
ThinkT510!gksudo | Vlan20:44
ubottuVlan: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)20:44
zack6849L3top, can you gimme a hand man?20:44
guntbertVlan: please use a !pastebin to show us the output of   ip add     and   ip route20:45
GalvatronVlan:: In short, your personal configuration files might get owned by root.20:45
necroDominicLow:  how can i know if its a personal hardware issue?20:47
DominicLownecro: if you have other newer fans to temporarily replace it with, it would be a good measure to see if it is hardware of software related20:48
L3topnot at the moment sorry zack6849. Giving support to 3 different folks for our project testing new code.20:48
DominicLowalternatively, perhaps use windows for a bit to see if the problem occurs at all20:48
VlanThinkT510: thanks for that20:48
zack6849L3top, alrighty then, ill just wait awhile20:48
zack6849anyone here who can help with issues regarding resolution?20:49
BalthaTczarsomeone knows a good snes emulator i can use with ubuntu that wont need to be manually compiled ?20:50
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ThinkT510!find snes | BalthaTczar20:52
ubottuBalthaTczar: Found: bsnes, zsnes20:52
BalthaTczarzsnes i tried but i need to compile it first and install all kinds libraries and stuff20:53
BalthaTczarbsnes maybe20:53
ThinkT510BalthaTczar: compile? it's in the repos20:54
BalthaTczarso where do  i get it ?20:54
BalthaTczarapt-get zsnes ?20:54
ThinkT510BalthaTczar: sudo apt-get install zsnes20:54
hans_How would one contact canonical's legal department? I want to make them aware of a copyright infringment and scammer.20:55
disownwtf is the popularity-contest.conf popularity-contest in general for ?20:55
BalthaTczarah right..20:55
zykotick9BalthaTczar: if you are on 64bit zsnes might be an issue...20:56
ssmydisown: popularity contest reports your installed packages to here: http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ Disabled by default20:56
ThinkT510!canonical | hans_20:56
BalthaTczarim not fortunately20:56
ubottuhans_: Canonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/20:56
OerHeksdisown, conf files hold preferences20:57
stinkyso is hacking away at .bashrc the only way i can make my remoterminal look more sexy?20:57
stinkyi already have cowsay20:57
DextralusHi, my apologies if this constitues spamming - is there a more appropriate channel for my problem with the wireless? If not, I'll try again in a couple hours.20:57
disownstinky no :)20:58
ThinkT510Dextralus: what wireless do you have?20:58
palisadehi ugys20:58
VlanGalvatron, guntbert: thank you guys, i solved by binding each network to its own MAC address20:58
Ubunturificany one running cairo-dock?20:58
guntbert!yay | Vlan20:59
ubottuVlan: Glad you made it! :-)20:59
ThinkT510Ubunturific: you probably are20:59
DextralusThinkT510, not quite sure what you mean - I know that the machine in question has a RTL8192E if that's what you mean.21:00
palisadehey i wanted to make a recommendation for future versions of ubuntu.... instead of copying and installing individual files/packages from the cd/dvd why not just dd a whole system image already prepared, and then add extra drivers and /etc config files on top of that as needed?21:00
DextralusThe windows drivers are not working through ndiswrapper on 12.04 though previously did for 10.0421:00
ThinkT510Dextralus: can you pastebin lspci21:00
DextralusSure. Might take a few moments21:01
luftikusspalisade: hi!21:02
disowncan one uses rc.local and add exec commands to it to run a anything they want on startup if like most times the startup is multiuser21:02
palisadeany thoughts on my suggestion?21:03
guntbertpalisade: you will not reach any developers here21:03
palisadeoh woops21:03
DextralusThinkT510, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1143714/21:03
palisadedo i go to #ubuntu-dev or something?21:04
hans_palisade: try suggesting it on brainstorm.ubuntu.com21:04
zack6849can somone help e? im having an issue with my monitor setup and ive read quite a few articles and nothing seems to help21:04
palisadeoh ok sounds good21:04
guntbertpalisade: you could try #ubuntu-discuss though21:04
hippiehackerIf I want to develop standard modifications to Unity (and Ubuntu in general) on a system (and per user basis). Should I be using gconf or dconf? The Unity UI seems to use both.21:04
cagrigurleyukdo you know by what mechanism the sidebar color changes through wallpaper change?21:04
ThinkT510Dextralus: try this: sudo modprobe r8192e_pci21:05
DextralusThinkT510, WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper, it will be ignored in a future release21:07
Dextralus... However, then my wireless connected immediately. Thanks a ton!21:07
ThinkT510Dextralus: no need for ndiswrapper21:07
zack6849guys, i really would appreciate any help greatly, ive been trying to fix this for days21:08
ThinkT510Dextralus: you may want to bookmark this page for future reference: http://www.linux-radar.net/linux-ubuntu-1204-realtek-rtl8192e-wifi-card-working-1204.html21:08
ThinkT510!xorgconf | zack684921:08
ubottuzack6849: The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.21:08
disownrc.local well I guess you could uses any script executed on start up to get the job done... but of course you would have to trace down where in the line up it is executed from :)21:08
DextralusAh you know, never even occurred to me to search by the card rather than the machine! Thanks again, ThinkT510.21:09
ThinkT510Dextralus: no worries :)21:09
cagrigurleyukwould anyone know by what mechanism the unity sidebar color changes through wallpaper change?21:09
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palisadethere thanks i submitted the idea to the brainstorm site21:14
ThinkT510palisade: dd would ignore partitions21:14
palisadeyou could partition those afterwards21:15
palisadeit would be a base system image21:15
ThinkT510palisade: don't you mean before?21:15
DominicLowwould installing it as a dual boot system raise any problems though? not that familiar with dd21:15
palisadenope because the partition would be laid out in the image so it would be a raw copy with dd21:15
cagrigurleyukpalisade: what if I'd like my /usr on a different partition?21:16
palisadestraight from disc to hdd21:16
zack6849im gonna go try the solution ThinkT510 provided21:16
palisadecagrigurleyuk: it could move that for you after the fact21:16
zack6849*crosses fingers*21:16
palisadebut it'd still be faster than installing individual packages for a majority of users21:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:17
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three18ti!ask | /msg Atty21:17
ubottu/msg Atty: please see above21:17
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guntbert!askthebot > three18ti21:18
ubottuthree18ti, please see my private message21:18
Dr_Willisthree18ti:  use just | or > to redirect the msgs ;)21:18
three18tiawesome, thanks.21:18
three18ti!ask > Atty21:19
ThinkT510palisade: if you dd an image how are you going to select the partition type or size?21:20
ReZa__AtaFibanezr  wlc21:21
ThinkT510palisade: the partition layout has to be there before you copy the data over21:21
palisadeThinkT510: it gets selected before the image is made so the image is already prepared with a default partition type and size... it would have to be expanded afterwards with parted to reach the size that matches their hdd, but the image would be small enough to fit on most common hard drives today, there could be a second disc that still copies individual packages if the user prefers that i suppose and has a smaller hdd21:21
zack_ThinkT510, that solution didnt work :(21:21
palisadethe layout is in the image itself21:21
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ReZa__AtaGringo54   wlc21:22
ThinkT510palisade: thats a backwards way of doing it21:22
palisadeThinkT510: yes and also faster :)21:22