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smartboyhwHi falktx13:52
falktxhey again13:56
falktxsmartboyhw: what's up?13:57
smartboyhwNothing, watching the olympics and chatting in #ubuntuforums13:58
smartboyhwWanna join the meeting on Monday?13:58
falktxhm, what time?13:58
smartboyhw14:00 UTC.13:58
falktxok, should be 1pm or 3pm14:01
smartboyhwfalktx: 14:00UTC is what time on your timezone?14:02
smartboyhwOr what's your timezone?14:02
falktxGMT 014:03
falktxI know it's 1h from UTC14:03
falktxI always forget if back or forwards ;)14:03
smartboyhwGMT = UTC14:03
smartboyhwLearn some basic geography14:03
knomeUTC doesn't follow DST, GMT does14:04
knomeplease learn some manners, smartboyhw 14:04
falktxI belive that too, knome14:04
falktxit's very weird to have 2 standard times14:04
falktxprobably created by the same people who did miles and feet...14:05
knomethat's why i always refer to UTC14:05
smartboyhwI use UTC14:05
knomebecause you probably know if your country is DST currently or not14:05
falktxI use GMT, since I know I'm 0 for it14:05
smartboyhwknome: Don't forget to add things to the agenda14:06
knomesmartboyhw, i won't have things to add. i'm just helping US with website stuff, and that's pretty much done.14:07
len-dtWow, there is actually a ubuntu tool for making a default-settings package.20:19
len-dtit is not very extensive but it does allow you to set some firefox defaults... not very well though.20:20
len-dtI think I can start working on firefox branding for studio now.20:20
len-dtailo, astraljava should I have more than (or less) ubuntustudio as home page, a link on the bookmark bar and a bookmark in the bookmark menu?20:22
len-dtBTW I notice our web page seems to have no icon to go with it.20:22
len-dtThe blueprint item suggests:forums, help.ubuntu.com, ubuntustudio.org, youtube studio channel?, mailing lists...I need URLs20:26
len-dtknome no problem... it is sooo much better than what we had :-)20:27
knomewhat kind of firefox branding are you talking about?20:28
len-dtJust adding ubuntustudio as a bookmark and maybe home page.20:28
len-dtThe blueprints suggest some more things see ^^^ above.20:29
knomei don't know if home page works, there might be some issues with mozilla20:29
len-dtI set up a new user and seem to have it working.20:29
knomei understood we couldn't use a google page with xubutnu logo as the default start page in firefox without an agreement with mozilla20:29
len-dtYa it works.20:29
knomenot the technical side...20:30
len-dtThis is just home page : ubuntustudio.org20:30
knomebut i don't know if you can do that legally20:30
knomebecause you have the firefox branding20:31
len-dtNormally after I go to a web page it's icon shows up in the bookmark.20:31
len-dtI am not worried about the home page thing... the user will prolly change that20:31
knomesure. the US website probably just doesn't have one20:31
len-dtShould I bug it?20:32
knomethat would work, and feel free to set me as the assignee20:33
knomethat's a trivial fix, but will take some time after i do it for the IS to process20:34
len-dtis knome the right name to use in LP?20:34
* len-dt knows about delays20:34
knomeyeah, just sayin' :)20:35
len-dtknomr bug is Bug #1035954 , it would not let me assign you20:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1035954 in ubuntustudio-website-content "ubuntustudio web site is missing icon." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103595420:44
len-dtknome ^^20:44

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