sirriffsalotI'm quickscanning jack to see why I'm getting surprisingly many xruns.. One of the "not good" results say that I have a kernel without real-time capabilities.. I have a lowlatency kernel:-S03:26
sirriffsalotWhen playing songs with vlc, audacious or just regions in ardour, every now and then there is a stream of unbearable xruns.. None whatsoever when jack is not running.. Any ideas on that?03:26
cfhowlettsmartboyhw: greetings08:54
smartboyhwcfhowlett: Hi08:56
smartboyhwIt's me who should say greeting.08:56
smartboyhwI'm a Ubuntu Studio team member, after all.08:57
cfhowlettsmartboyhw: either way ... hello.  And may I say US Team Member I am QUITE pleased with the new web site and recent resurgence of US activity.09:02
smartboyhwOK, I'm new, actually09:06
smartboyhwI'm for support and testing09:06
smartboyhwSo I need to always be here.09:06
cfhowlettsmartboyhw: hey, maybe you can help.  got a xubuntu user in main channel who needs to force a hardware reset of his wifi...09:07
smartboyhwcfhowlett: I am not responsible for Xubuntu, only Ubuntu Studio. Sorry09:09
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com09:09
cfhowlettsmartboyhw: fair enough.  thanks anywayz09:11
* smartboyhw waves at _MOSMarauder09:30
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_MOSMarauderhi smartboyhw_away10:59
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Joaohello, I heard that the kernel liquorix works better than low-latency kernel. and saw that it is only for debian, but it is possible to install it on ubuntu. If I install the kernel liquorix will have a performance gain in ubuntu studio?13:42
smartboyhwJoao: Hi13:43
smartboyhwJoao: I don't think so13:43
smartboyhwWell, seriously, we don't recommend so13:52
Unit193Joao: There are some issues if you select another kernel than the main ones, but it does technically work as I do use it on a computer.14:04
smartboyhwUnit193: Hi!14:04
Unit193Check the disclaimer on thius page for example //help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile14:04
Unit193smartboyhw: Something I can help you with?14:05
smartboyhwUnit193: NO thanks, I'm a member of the Ubuntu Studio Team!14:05
* smartboyhw waves at elst14:14
sirriffsalotHey, I'm having these frequent streams of xruns, and yesterday I think I've narrowed things down to needing a realtime kernel.. Any comments on that?15:58
holsteinsirriffsalot: you can also relax your JACK settings16:22
holsteinsirriffsalot: sometimes, you can get a kernel, and you can lower your latency and have better performance,and less xruns16:22
sirriffsalotholstein, not really..  I need pretty low latency:)16:22
holsteini have a peice of hardware that actually works *much* better with a generic kernel16:22
sirriffsalotGetting other hardware is not an option for the month to be, so:)16:22
holsteini can get 2ms latency, where, with the realtime one, it xruns, and crashes at all settings16:23
holsteinsirriffsalot: im not suggesting either16:23
sirriffsalotOn a laptop in mexico, so gonna have to try the realtime one16:23
holsteinsirriffsalot: what im saying is... a kernel is not going to magically make your machine "better"16:23
holsteinyou try the realtime kernel.. its a quick and easy download.. and have realistic expectations16:23
sirriffsalotOk, wanna tell me where I download it from? Having some trouble getting it:)16:24
sirriffsalotAbout to get the KXStudio PPA..16:24
holsteinsirriffsalot: yup.. thats what i would suggest.. its easy and quick16:24
holsteinthe kernel PPA16:24
sirriffsalotOr what ppa in particular?16:24
holsteinsirriffsalot: the kxstudio kernel PPA.. or any with the kernel you'd like to try16:25
sirriffsalotholstein, can you recommend any relatime kernel?:):)16:25
holsteinsirriffsalot: i know, my first time, i didnt add the PPA, i just goet the .deb's out of the PPA, and installed16:25
sirriffsalotHow do you do that? Haha:)16:26
holsteinsirriffsalot: sure.. the realtime kernel we are discussing currently.. the one falk has packaged.. the one in the kxstudio kernel ppa we are talking about, that you can optionally not use is the one i suggest16:26
holsteinsirriffsalot: you go to the link, and download the .deb's16:26
sirriffsalotI'm https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-team/+archive/kernel at the moment16:26
sirriffsalotI see no way of getting the .deb file16:27
holsteinsirriffsalot: you can right click on the one's you find and want from here16:27
holsteinfrom here http://ppa.launchpad.net/kxstudio-team/kernel/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta-realtime/16:27
holsteinfor example...16:28
holsteinwget http://ppa.launchpad.net/kxstudio-team/kernel/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta-realtime/linux-realtime_3.
holsteinfor a 32bit machine16:28
sirriffsalotYou make it seem so easy..16:29
holsteinsirriffsalot: it should take a few minutes16:29
sirriffsalotWhy are you linking this many??:D16:29
holsteinsirriffsalot: you need all 3 AFAIK.. seems like you can have 216:29
holsteini try one, when it says "this depends on X".. i install X16:29
holsteinsirriffsalot: you'll need 2 of them IIRC16:30
holsteinsirriffsalot: download all 3 for the version you want/need... install them in one big sweep if you want like..16:30
sirriffsalotAh right, hang on16:31
holsteinsudo dpkg -i /path/to/file1.deb /path/to/file2.deb ...so on16:31
holsteinyou can then search "linux" in any package manager and easily "undo" what you are doing.. though, you arent going to break anything... you dont remove the other kernel16:31
sirriffsalotCan't I just open the deb files in synaptic?:S16:32
holsteini have machines that the realtime kernel breaks wifi on16:32
holsteini have machines that the realtime kernel wont work in a way i am comfortable compromising with the grahpics cards16:32
holsteinif it "just worked", we would use it, and ship with it... but the lowlatency is a good compromise16:33
holsteinsirriffsalot: you can literally install those howeer you are comfortable16:33
sirriffsalotSynaptic it is then(A)16:33
holsteinif you add the ppa, you can just install the meta package.. the linux-realtime or whatever it is falk called it16:34
sirriffsalotYeah, I'll try the hard way first16:34
sirriffsalotIf I try to do it with the terminal16:35
holsteinjust depends on what you want... all ways are "easy" or "hard" and you are capable of breaking your system16:35
sirriffsalotAs you showed me: "sudo dpkg -i /home/sirriffsalot/(one of the three packages) I get an error message for every one..16:35
holsteinsirriffsalot: feel free and share any helpful error messages.. i would "auto complete" the path with tab16:35
sirriffsalotBasically whatever package I attempt installing results in terminal telling me it depends on the other two being configured/installed..16:37
holsteinsirriffsalot: all i can say is, it worked for me... pastebin it if you like... or click on them and make gdebi or whatever its called kick off and maybe help you more than the terminal output is16:38
holsteinsirriffsalot: im suggesting that you do all of them at once16:40
holsteinsudo dpkg -i /file/one.deb /file/two.deb16:40
holsteinyou can see how they depend on each other, and wont go by themselves16:41
holsteinsudo dpkg -i /file/one.deb /file/two.deb /file/three.deb16:41
sirriffsalotHmm ok16:41
sirriffsalotThis order did not work sudo dpkg -i /home/sirriffsalot/linux-image-realtime_3. linux-headers-realtime_3. linux-realtime_3.
holsteinsirriffsalot: its not the order.. its the command16:43
holsteinyou only have the path once16:43
holsteinthe path needs to be for each one16:43
sirriffsalotsudo dpkg -i /home/sirriffsalot/linux-image-realtime_3. /home/sirriffsalot/linux-headers-realtime_3. /home/sirriffsalot/linux-realtime_3.
sirriffsalotStill error message16:44
sirriffsalotAh nvm, haha16:44
sirriffsalotThe files are in /home/sirriffsalot already, no need for that path16:45
holsteinsirriffsalot: depends...i typically just tab complete16:45
sirriffsalotI do too, apparently I'm an expert in getting the order wrong16:45
holsteinive been doing that since something that should have taken me about 4 mintues took me a half hour because i had similar errors to troubleshoot16:46
holsteini used to drag them over from nautilus and let them get "completed" automatically... im no hacker, i just need to get things done and move on16:47
holsteinlike is suggest for you.. this kernel is *not* magic16:47
sirriffsalotWell let's see:)16:47
sirriffsalotI've done it in every possible order, still get error messages of the same nature:(16:47
holsteini wouldnt waste a long time chasing rainbows... i fought and fought and wasted time, now i can get 2ms latency16:47
holsteinbut, i usually dont16:47
holsteinsirriffsalot: add the ppa16:47
sirriffsalotHehe, ah well16:48
holsteinsudo apt-add-repository ppa:kxstudio-team/kernel16:48
holsteinsudo apt-get update16:48
holsteinsudo apt-get install linux-realtime16:48
holsteinreboot, tap shift.. select the kernel.. test.. debate.. decide.. enjoy16:48
sirriffsalotYeah, doing that16:49
sirriffsalotBut I need more than just linux-realtime no?16:49
holsteinsirriffsalot: thats the meta-package.. it'll pull in what it needs.. so, yes and no16:50
sirriffsalotOk, sec16:50
sirriffsalotWtf, linux-realtime, according to synaptic, is already installed, but not the headers hand image16:53
holsteinsirriffsalot: you probably installed something earlier trying to get it without the PPA16:53
sirriffsalotE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.16:54
sirriffsalotE: Unable to lock the download directory16:54
holsteinsirriffsalot: yup.. you really shouldnt do anything like this without knowing about pacakge management.. you can really break things, like i said16:55
sirriffsalotFrom synaptic, is it not easier to go for linux-realtime-pae?16:55
holsteinsirriffsalot: open a terminal... close *everyting* else16:55
holsteinsudo apt-get update16:55
holsteinreport errors16:55
sirriffsalotI really appreciate your time16:56
sirriffsalotIncluding vlc and xchat?:P16:56
holsteinsirriffsalot: no worries.. im here for a bit more16:57
holsteinsirriffsalot: sudo apt-get install linux-realtime16:58
holsteinreport errors again16:58
sirriffsalotAh, that error message earlier was when messing around in synaptic^^16:59
sirriffsalotOn a slow wireless network, this is taking a minute or two17:01
sirriffsalotWell, I'l getting the restart suggestion here.. I suppose it worked :-S Shall I hold shift to enter the grub menu to select the realtime kernel or?17:02
holsteintap shift... boot the kernel you choose17:02
sirriffsalotFingers crossed:)17:04
sirriffsalotCheers! Rebooting17:04

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