Artemis3well there is not much else we can do, the most updated flash plugin00:00
Artemis3and the most recent nvidia driver00:00
Artemis3save from turning off hardware accel in flash00:00
David-Ap01nt3r: (in my system the personal plugins folder is ~/.mozilla/plugins with an s, (if or when you would need it))00:02
p01nt3rok thx00:02
Artemis3oops typo there, i think it is plugins00:02
Artemis3wasn't there an add on to do it for you? i never used it ;)00:03
p01nt3rhave the .so file just in .mozilla/plugins now00:03
Artemis3whats the file name?00:03
Artemis3did you do locate ibflashplayer.so00:03
p01nt3rjust reenabling the nvidia-thing00:03
p01nt3rfind / -name "libflashplayer.so"00:04
Artemis3also remove the flashplugin-nonfree package (apt-get remove, synaptic or your favorite method)00:04
p01nt3rok, sec.00:04
Artemis3well find works too00:04
Artemis3and is more current :)00:04
Artemis3(catfish is a handy thing)00:05
p01nt3rnever used it00:05
Artemis3its gui for find/locate or other engines such as tracker if you bother to install them00:05
p01nt3r*plugin-nonfree is gone00:05
Artemis3good, now make sure there is only 1 libflashplayer.so in your whole system00:06
p01nt3rgetting nvidia-96 back with xorg.conf first?00:06
Artemis3yeah, i see why not00:06
p01nt3rok, looking for it00:06
p01nt3ronly 2 files, the 1 is from the unzipped package on my desk, so i guess it's ok to have it there?00:07
Artemis3you can try a blank xorg.conf (rename it) and run jockey, it should install it00:07
p01nt3rnever used it00:07
Artemis3thats the restricted hardware thing true name00:07
Artemis3it runs in console too00:07
p01nt3raah yes heard it00:08
p01nt3rxorg.conf whole blank?00:08
Artemis3if you run it, i believe it will install nvidia-96, and configure xorg.conf like a fresh install00:08
p01nt3rok then i do so00:09
Artemis3just rename it to something else if you want to keep a backup00:09
David-A(the name of a firefox extension that alledgedly solves flash problems is "flash-aid", have not tried it, finish you current plan for now)00:09
Artemis3lol yes, but this is the manual method :)00:09
p01nt3rDavid-A, that was exaclty the tool i meant!00:09
Artemis3just keep a single flash in there, i have experience of system with multiple versions lurking... not nice, sometimes works, sometiems doesn't ;)00:09
p01nt3rok let's try it the manual way - only the manual way is the REAL way xD00:10
David-Ap01nt3r: thats the spirit!00:10
Artemis3well flash-aid might actually do the very same but whatever00:10
Artemis3ie: download file, copy to user folder :P00:11
p01nt3rlet's try the jockey-thing. did rename the xorg.conf(it already was renamed as i explained before)00:11
Artemis3yes you can have many files in there, no worries00:11
p01nt3rok, wait00:11
Artemis3only xorg.conf matters00:11
p01nt3ri know xD00:11
Artemis3you could even delete it nowdays00:11
Artemis3but the nvidia driver makes one anyway00:12
p01nt3rsudo jockey-gtk ...00:12
Artemis3and you can put back your options later00:12
p01nt3rk k00:12
Artemis3or from nvidia-settings00:12
p01nt3ri do not have any xorg.conf file this time00:12
Artemis3if possible00:12
p01nt3ronly backuped onces00:13
Artemis3ok let the jockey do its job00:13
p01nt3r24 days l8ter ... xD00:14
p01nt3ris the newest  flash-version running with ff from 10.04?00:15
Artemis3but you can always add the firefox ppa if you want a more current ff00:16
p01nt3rlet's try the repos ff at first00:16
p01nt3rstill running the jockey-thing....00:18
p01nt3rok reboot00:18
Artemis3p3 eh? white the oldie00:18
p01nt3rbtw.: jockey made me a new xorg.conf ;-)00:19
Artemis3as expected00:19
p01nt3rk, nvidia driver running again00:21
p01nt3rlet's try ff and youtube ...00:22
p01nt3rno video on youtube00:24
Artemis3about:plugins ?00:25
p01nt3rlike before00:28
Artemis3so it shows flash in there?00:28
Artemis3you have tried other flash pages and they work?00:28
Artemis3then youtube is showing a black or something rectangle instead of nothing?00:29
p01nt3rwork not00:29
Artemis3in about:plugins it should list libflashplayer.so00:29
p01nt3r    Datei: libflashplayer.so Version: Shockwave Flash 11.2 r20200:29
p01nt3ryoutube showes nothing, even not any black rectangle00:30
Artemis3and this page shows the version running? https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/00:31
p01nt3rthe rectangle just if i hover with mouse on the video-previews00:31
Artemis3you dont have any other add on messing with youtube? and you are loading a flash video instead of html5 one? (just in case :))00:31
p01nt3rthe site does not show the version running00:32
David-Ap01nt3r: just to verify, no noscript or flashblock extension? (sorry to ask a silly question again)00:32
Artemis3your plugin is not working00:32
Artemis3actually thats not silly, check :)00:32
p01nt3rDavid-A, abp is still disabled at all00:33
Artemis3addblock should be no problem here00:33
Artemis3hmm you really really sure the plugin shows in about:plugin?00:34
David-Ap01nt3r: if you login as guest (or create an alternate profile for yourself) you would run ff with default settings, would you like to try that?00:34
p01nt3rwhy not00:34
p01nt3rbut wait00:34
p01nt3rArtemis3, yes, it does. just checked...00:35
Artemis3yes, its possible to disable plugins within the ff preferences00:35
Artemis3try the alternate profile stuff00:35
p01nt3ryes, doing so00:37
p01nt3rit's working with the new profile!00:50
p01nt3rbut with some strange behaviour00:50
p01nt3rff showes me that i have to install some plugins to get flash videos working00:51
p01nt3rand if i try to do00:51
p01nt3rit tells me, the plugin is allready installed xD00:51
p01nt3rArtemis3, David-A00:51
Artemis3i wonder if the file permissions and ownership is ok00:52
Artemis3libflashplugin.so should belong to your user and should have proper permissions00:52
p01nt3r-rw-r--r-- 1 dirk dirk 17406436 2012-05-11 07:40 libflashplayer.so00:55
Artemis3try adding x?00:56
Artemis3it is weird to list the plugin but then nothing can use it...00:56
Artemis3and restart the browser00:56
David-Ap01nt3r: if you run ff as another user and removed all .so except in ~/.mozilla/plugins for your normal user, then its right, that ff does not have flash00:59
Artemis3well, considering flash was installed in a user folder to begin with :)01:00
David-Ap01nt3r: did you try another ff profile in same user, or logged in as another user?01:00
p01nt3ranother user01:01
Artemis3of course01:01
David-Ap01nt3r: did you remove all .so except in ~/.mozilla/plugins for your normal user?01:01
Artemis3if you use another user, you don't have flash :)01:01
p01nt3ryes, i did01:02
p01nt3ri use another user, but i DO have flash ^^01:02
David-Ap01nt3r: then, let /home/anotheruser/.mozilla/plugins also have a copy...01:02
Artemis3well you can copy the flash file to that user folder, and make sure it belongs to that user as well have proper permissions01:02
p01nt3ri didnt do, and for the other user flash works! but still not for the old user01:03
Artemis3well i mean ~/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so01:03
Artemis3aja, that means sometihng in your ff settings is blocking the plugin01:04
Artemis3for your old user01:04
Artemis3you can always use another profile, or rename your current one and make a new01:04
p01nt3rguys, very much thx for your help, but i am a lot of tired and have to go to bed now. let's have a look to this later?01:05
Artemis3hhehe as you wish, i might not be here tho01:05
Artemis3good luck01:05
p01nt3rill try that profile thing tomorrow - THX!01:05
David-Ap01nt3r: i'm confusd, did flash work with another user or not?01:05
Artemis3yes it did work01:05
David-Aokay, goodnight, i'm off soon too01:06
Artemis3so the answer is in the old user profile settings01:06
p01nt3r(and i don't understand why...)01:06
David-Ap01nt3r: its something with the ff settings01:06
p01nt3rhave to go to sleep - THX THX THX so far!01:06
Artemis3c ya01:06
p01nt3r;-) bb01:07
aeternum_solushi. why is it that when using apt-get upgrade, it won't download and install the kernel, but it does so with the gui?01:35
Artemis3you might want dist-upgrade for that, and try to have the meta package "linux-image" installed ^^01:37
aeternum_solusahh. thanks. I'll give that a go next time it wants to install the kernel01:37
Artemis3synaptic is less obvious when using the dist-upgrade method01:38
David-Aaeternum_solus: did you use the gui (update manager) first and apt-get upgrade after, then the kernel was already the latest.01:39
aeternum_solusanecdotally, how successful is dist-upgrade? I hear it regularly has problems01:39
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
aeternum_solusnah. I usually try to apt-get upgrade first, then when it complains that it won't install the kernel, I go to the upgrade manager01:39
aeternum_solusupdate manager*01:40
David-Aaeternum_solus: did you try apt-get update before apt-get upgrade (i think it is needed)01:40
aeternum_solusno, I didn't do that. I'll try that next time it notifies me there are updates01:41
aeternum_solusalso, it notifies me a LOT that there are updates. usually in the vicinity of 30 a day!01:41
aeternum_solusI'm on 11.1 by the way01:42
David-Aaeternum_solus: 11.10 i presume? then your on your own :) do you keep an eye on the release plan, to see when they reach different level of freezing?01:44
aeternum_solusI used to, but not anymore. maybe I'll just stick 12.04 on01:45
David-Aaeternum_solus: sorry, it's 2012 now, i forgot... :)01:45
aeternum_solusyou thought it was 2013?01:46
David-Aaeternum_solus: (yea, 30 a day sounds alot for 11.10 then)01:47
aeternum_solusinteresting, dist-upgrade says no new packages to install01:48
David-Aaeternum_solus: if you updated 10 minutes ago, even if its 30 a day, have some patience :)01:49
aeternum_solusso there's no difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade? if upgrade does the same as dist-upgrade, then I'm not sure I see the difference?01:50
David-Aaeternum_solus: read the man page (man apt-get). (dubious help: I just read it but I can't say I understand the difference)01:52
aeternum_solusI did read it, but I still don't see the difference haha :(01:53
David-Aaeternum_solus: it says its more intelligent. thats sometimes good, sometimes bad01:53
David-A(still dubious, help-wise)01:54
aeternum_solusI think I'll just download an iso and fresh install01:56
David-Aaeternum_solus: "fresh install"? why? it seems to work as it should? or?02:03
David-Athe man page will be the same :)02:04
aeternum_solusnah, it's a bit quirky.. but I thik that's might be hardware failure actually02:04
David-Aah, other things02:05
aeternum_solushey. one more thing.. in /etc/resolv.conf, it has nameserver .... I don't run a dns server on this machine. is that just network manager being network manager?02:06
aeternum_solusresolvconf, actually.02:10
David-Afwiw mine has two lines "nameserver" and ip-address somewhere at my isp, and "# Generated by NetworkManager" and was created around the time of my last reboot.02:16
aeternum_solushmm. mine says generated by resolvconf. dunno. I guess one more of those quirks ubuntu has hehe02:17
David-AI have a recollection that one can choose if networkmanager or something else gonna rule. it is controllable by a setting in a file in /etc somewhere or one can install/uninstall the party that wants to rule but you dont want it to. maybe a little google?02:26
aeternum_solusI'm not overly concerned, because it does resolve to my dns server, but I was just curious why it uses loopback there02:28
ouyesoffice in xubuntu 12.04, the middle button(scroll) of the mouse does not  work.02:47
ouyesyou can't use the  middle key of the mouse to scroll the text of the office document02:48
David-Aouyes: guess you mean click middle button and jox to scroll as opposed to scroll wheel roll. go to tools>options>view and set mouse>middle button to "automatic scrollintg". (default off in unix/linux versions of firefox and openoffice since we like middle button to paste)03:23
ouyesDavid-A, there is no options in my tools of office, are you in xubuntu 12.04?03:27
David-Ano, 10.04 openoffice ver 3.203:27
David-Ais there tools>preferences or edit>options ?03:28
ouyesDavid-A, thanks for you help , actually I use the abiword, and I think I should install the openoffice03:29
agentgasmaskouyes: be aware that you can only install libreoffice from the repos. Open office can be downloaded from their website.03:30
David-Aouyes: go for libreoffice then, probably better supported in 12.0403:31
ouyesagentgasmask, David-A it is installing, thanks03:31
agentgasmaskouyes: oops, thanks03:32
ouyesit is really large in size , over 180MiB03:39
David-Aouyes: (with doc and java my ooo is 278 MiB)03:51
ouyesit is done, it is beautiful, I like it liberoffice03:52
David-Aouyes: (includes languages for english and my native language, add if you have installed more than 2 languages)03:53
asterismohi guys05:03
asterismoi have a question05:03
asterismoi'm trying to use PCManFM as default file manager in xubuntu05:04
asterismobut directory menu applet in xfce-panel does not launch PCmanFM05:04
asterismohow can i fix this?05:04
agentgasmaskasterismo: perhaps checkout /etc/alternitives? just a guess.05:05
asterismocat /etc/alternitives ??05:05
asterismoagentgasmask, > no such file or directory05:06
agentgasmaskasterismo: you'll have to google it. But basicly it handles what programs are default. also, check my spelling... hahaha05:06
asterismoi could get in it05:07
asterismoany idea what file i have to modify?05:07
agentgasmaskasterismo: I don't think you modify the files directly. there are some commandline utilities to hadle that.05:08
agentgasmaskasterismo: update-alternatives, perhaps. Might need to be run as root05:09
asterismoagentgasmask, if i have one instance of pcmanfm open, then hitting the directory menu opens a new tab05:09
asterismobut if i have no pcmanfm instance, it do not open anything05:09
agentgasmaskHmmm... sorry can't help you there. Anyone else able to help the fine gentleman?05:10
Josh483Can someone help me with my wifi06:07
sambagirlwhat version :D06:07
Josh483the newest i think lol06:07
sambagirl64 or 3206:07
sambagirlany recent updating done?06:08
sambagirladded any new applications?06:08
Josh483i tryed but it said evweythings up to date06:08
sambagirlwhen  was the last time it worked flawlessly?06:08
Josh483idk i just downloaded it06:08
Josh483its been kinda buggy but mostly just the wifi06:08
sambagirloh you just installed it for the first time?06:08
sambagirlhas it ever worked?06:08
sambagirldefinately maybe?06:09
Josh483but i have to connect it to ethernet if i want to log in if i shut it down06:09
Josh483cause the wifi never auto connects06:09
Josh483and now it doesnt work at all06:09
sambagirlgo to  a shell and type lspci -v and see what kind of wireless card it is. is it broadcom?06:09
sambagirldo you have a switch?06:10
sambagirlswitch for off/on wireless06:10
Josh483you mean terminal?06:10
Josh483and no i dont think so06:10
sambagirlis it laptop?06:10
Josh483its an intel wifi card06:10
sambagirlhp compaq dell06:11
Josh483dell inspiron 600006:11
sambagirlhow long have you had it?06:11
Josh48310 years lo06:11
sambagirloh ok06:11
sambagirljsut a sec06:11
sambagirlthere is a wifi button06:12
Josh483its an intel prowireless 2200 bg (calexico2)06:12
Josh483and no i liiked06:12
sambagirlhold on06:12
sambagirlit came with it?06:13
Josh483i never got a different card06:13
sambagirlok it was default card yes?06:13
Josh483well i updated the driver when i still had windows06:13
Josh483idk if that means anything06:13
Josh483whats thaty06:14
Josh483it says no for both blocked06:15
sambagirlyou type lspci -nn or lspci -v an it says intel?06:16
Josh483i dont get the answer thing though06:17
sambagirlhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1857608 <--- this looks like the solution to me.06:18
sambagirlwell the reason i asked was so you could verify it was taht card but if your positive that link looks like the solutoin to me.06:18
Josh483how do i type this symbol? "|"06:18
sambagirlbut there are smarter people then me here.06:18
sambagirlabove the \ with shift key06:19
Josh483thanks lol06:19
sambagirlyour welcome06:19
Josh483ok so06:20
Josh483i typed that thing in the terminal06:20
sambagirlyour sure there was no update recently? cause on this other laptop i have debian and it just had an update and now wifi doesnt work on it...so it has to be the update. kinda like the goofy stuff with windows updates.06:20
sambagirlok well select all copy it and paste to pastebin.com and submit and get the url and post it in the channel06:21
sambagirlok you just did a brand new install of xubuntu correct?06:21
Josh483i cant copy and past cause im not on it\06:22
Josh483its next to me06:22
sambagirland wifi doesnt work from the git go correct?06:22
sambagirlwell plug a ethernet cable and get online with it06:22
Josh483ill try06:22
Josh483eithernet doesnt work06:22
Josh483idk why06:23
sambagirlit doesnt?06:23
Josh483wait ill try again06:23
sambagirlhave you ever used linux/unix before?06:23
sambagirlhere is an idea to figure stuff out quickly06:24
sambagirldo this download ubntu 10.10 and burn it and boot with it and see what happens to see if that works first ok?06:24
Josh483yea ethernet isnt working now06:24
Josh483what do you mean?06:24
Josh483you mean burn it to a disk and try to run it on my laptop?06:25
sambagirlnot try, boot it06:25
sambagirlwith a cd live cd mode06:25
Josh483i cant my disc drive doesnt work for swome reason06:25
sambagirlsee if you have functionality06:25
sambagirlthis is a joke i think06:25
Josh483i installed xubuntu with a usb drive06:25
Josh483im not joking06:25
sambagirlok well burn 10.10 to the usb drive then06:26
sambagirlboot with that and see what you get06:26
Josh483i used some compressed thing cause it only has 500 mb of space06:26
Josh483and had it connected thru ethernet and downloaded the os thru the servers06:26
sambagirlyou mean netinstall?06:26
Josh483could that be why the wifi isnt working06:27
Josh483did i do something wrong06:27
sambagirlok well do a netinstall and install 10.10. i mean you said you just installed today or tonight so your not losing anything and your learning something about your computer and about yourself06:27
sambagirlno shouldnt be06:27
sambagirlyou said there is no buton?06:27
Josh483no but hold on im gunna try to go on ethernet again\06:28
Josh483im restarting my laptop06:28
Josh483i cant do another os load though06:29
sambagirlhold the fn key down and press f206:29
sambagirlwhy not?06:29
Josh483cause i used my laptop to download and do everything06:29
Josh483and iim on my phone now\06:29
sambagirli dont understand?06:29
sambagirlohh for chat?06:29
Josh483like its the only computer i have06:29
sambagirlhold the fn key down and press f2 and see if your wifi light illuminates06:30
sambagirlonce it comes up i mean.06:30
Josh483one sec my laptops turning on06:30
Josh483it always says waiting for network config when i turn it on06:31
Josh483under the xubuntu logo06:31
Josh483and it never connects and starts without network config06:31
sambagirlif you hold fn key down and then f2 does the light come on?06:31
Josh483idk what that is06:31
Josh483i gotta wait its not on yet06:31
sambagirlcant someone in here offer a suggestion?06:32
Josh483i dont think there here06:32
Josh483ok its on now06:32
sambagirlhold the fn key down and press f2 and see if your wifi light illuminates06:33
Josh483it deoesnt06:33
Josh483it says networking dissabled06:33
sambagirlenable it06:33
Josh483it wont let me click it06:33
Josh483its faded out06:33
sambagirlyou right click on the network icon on the upper panel on your right?06:33
Josh483but its faded out and doesnt let me click it06:34
Josh483just edit connections is06:34
sambagirlwell hold on...06:34
sambagirlyou booted with usb right?06:34
sambagirlyou did netinstall right?06:34
sambagirlwell why dont you go thru the process again? cause obviously it worked for you install it that way correct?06:34
Josh483i tryed that already though and gave up06:35
Josh483it still happens06:35
sambagirlwell hold on. it worked before so it has to work again.06:35
sambagirlif your booting with the usb drive and you did a netinstall it didnt break your hw.06:36
sambagirlr u sure you paid your access bill? :D06:36
Josh483access bill? lol06:37
sambagirlseriously you have a smart phone correct?06:37
Josh483yes why?06:37
sambagirlare you using wifi or Gx on it?06:38
Josh483wifi but i have 4g and lte06:38
Josh483idk what gx is06:38
sambagirlok so you know your wifi works. i could have typed Gn (n=3-4)06:38
Josh483yea i know my wifi password06:39
sambagirl4g 3g mouse...mickey mouse :)06:39
sambagirlok ok06:39
sambagirldo this reboot with usb and do another netinstall06:39
sambagirlit has to work06:39
Josh483i dont have the usb anymore --__-06:39
sambagirli see06:39
Josh483is there anothe way without having to do another netinstall06:40
Josh483im going to kill myself if i have to go through that again06:40
sambagirlthe reason i asked you to do it is to verify your hw is working06:40
Josh483im pretty sure my hw is fine06:40
Josh483i think somethings wrong with the settings or something06:41
Josh483or maybe it doesnt detect my wifi card idk06:41
sambagirlforget the wifi you said you cannot enable ethernet06:41
Josh483well it  worked before06:41
sambagirlyou said you cant enable networking06:41
sambagirlwhat did you do?06:41
sambagirlhow did you break it?06:42
Josh483i might have changed some stuff by accident idk06:42
Josh483cause i was googling how to fix it06:42
sambagirlwhere is the usb stick?06:42
Josh483and some people said to type stuff into the terminal and idk if  i did something06:42
sambagirlwhere is the usb stick?06:43
Josh483is there a way to like reset it06:43
sambagirlwhere is the usb stick?06:43
Josh483i gave it to my friend06:43
sambagirlwhere is the usb stick?06:43
sambagirlwell you entered commands in a shell correct?06:44
sambagirlsome people told you to do this do that...correct, in a shell correct?06:44
sambagirlwhere is the usb stick?06:44
Josh483i entered them in the termna;06:44
Josh483and my friend has it06:44
sambagirlok well go to the term again06:44
Josh483im on it06:44
sambagirlpress the up arrow and look at the commands you entered06:45
sambagirlwhat did you enter?06:45
Josh483ok give me a min06:45
Josh483ill type them out06:45
sambagirlwhere did your friend take your usb stick?06:45
Josh483sudo apt -get - -reinstall install bcmw1-kernel-source06:46
Josh4831spci -nn | grep 028006:46
Josh483sudo ifconfig wlan0 up06:47
Josh483sudo 1shw -C network06:47
sambagirlit works when you do a netinstall a06:47
sambagirlit works when you do a netinstall a06:48
Josh483what works06:48
TheSheepa font that doesn't let you tell the difference between 1 and l is really bad for the console06:49
sambagirli would go find my friend and get my usb stick back and reinstall a netinstall06:49
Josh483its not on the usb anymore i deleted it06:49
Josh483i dont even remember what i used06:49
sambagirlyou dont have your own usb stick?06:49
Josh483i gave it to him06:50
sambagirlfor ever?06:50
Josh483yea i said he can keep it06:50
Josh483why do i need to do a net install though06:50
sambagirlbecause you said you dont have a cdrom working and you said you typed in commands someone told you to do and you dont know what or why and your sytem isnt functioning properly and you just installed it tonight and you have nothing on it that is important so you can do it from scratch again that is why06:51
sambagirlwell maybe one of the super duper guru wizards in here can help you if they are willing to help i mean.06:52
sambagirlpersonally if it were me, i wouldnt hesitate to install it again.06:53
Josh483is anyone else here06:53
Josh483i just really dont want to reinstall it06:53
sambagirlwell then you really dont want to have a stable system from the git go in my opinion.06:53
sambagirlyou have to be honest with yourself06:54
sambagirli  wouldnt even mess about i would do a fresh install period.06:54
sambagirli mean you jsut did it tongith and its not working they way you want, so why dont you do a fresh install?06:55
sambagirli don't understand?06:55
Josh483well not tonight a few days ago but yea06:55
Josh483it was just so annoying and took sooooooooo long06:56
Josh483like 2 hours06:56
sambagirland why you gave your friend your usb stick forever and you now don't have one and don't haev a functioning optical drive, i don't follow at all?06:56
sambagirlwell you dont have to sit there and baby sit it you know.06:56
sambagirl2 hours?06:56
sambagirlwhat are you on dialu?06:56
Josh483its so slow06:57
sambagirlwhat is it midnight there?06:57
Josh483thats why i really really need aqn alternative to another install06:57
Josh483yea almost midnight06:58
Josh483well for me its like 3 a,06:58
Josh483but iam in another timezone now06:58
sambagirli dont follow? it's either midnight or 3am?06:58
Josh483so its 12 am here06:58
Josh483i just got here today im still on my time06:58
Josh483but yea here its 1206:59
sambagirlgot where?06:59
sambagirlbut oregon and california are in the same time zone?06:59
Josh483im from newyork06:59
Josh483where did you get oregon from?07:00
sambagirlwhy dont you just go to one of those cali cafes and have a tofu latte and sit with your legs crossed and hum to your laptop and maybe instant karma will have it floating back online?07:00
Josh483i wish it was that easy07:01
sambagirljsust a sec07:02
Josh483cant i reset it to its original settings and make a new account?07:02
Josh483and see if it worksw07:02
sambagirltype this07:03
sambagirlsudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start07:03
sambagirlsudo ip link set dev eth0 down07:03
sambagirlsudo dhclient eth007:04
Josh483i typed the first one in07:04
Josh483and it asked me for my pass and i typed it in07:04
sambagirlsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:04
Josh483and then it said command not foun07:04
sambagirltry this sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:04
sambagirlyour using your fingers not your toes correct?07:05
Josh483i typed it in07:05
Josh483it sayd cnnot find devices and failed to bring up eth107:05
sambagirllook type sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart07:07
Josh483same thing happened again07:07
Josh483what if i  restore gnome-specific settings run following commands in terminal07:07
Josh483rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity07:08
Josh483would that work07:08
sambagirldid you install something ?07:08
sambagirlare you a student or something?07:08
Josh483what do u mean07:08
Josh483no why07:08
sambagirlare you a business man?07:09
Josh483no im a regular person why07:09
sambagirli forgot you dont have internet. it's odd you cant access your network. someone in here could probably have you up and running in 2 minutes but nobody is interested in your dilema i suppose.07:11
sambagirlcan you edit your configuration with righclick over network icon?07:13
Josh483you mean edit connections?07:13
sambagirlchoose that option07:14
Josh483i fif07:14
sambagirldo you have auto ethernet and auto eth0?07:14
sambagirlunder wired?07:14
Josh483itdoesnt say anything07:15
Josh483everythings blank07:15
sambagirlok select add07:15
Josh483what after07:16
sambagirlgive it a name in the appropriate field,07:16
sambagirlcheck the box for connect auto07:16
Josh483it wont let me07:16
Josh483everythings faded out07:16
Josh483and locked07:16
sambagirlmaybe pat_ can help you07:17
sambagirli guess not :D07:17
Josh483can you do like  a reset ?07:18
sambagirli dont know how, it's not like you have a restore point you can go back to as far as i know just a mion07:19
sambagirlyou installed something you had to have.07:21
sambagirlopps was in the wrong channel07:24
sambagirlread that07:25
sambagirlhave you powered down the laptop?07:26
Josh483mine doesnt look like that when i clikc it nothing comes dow07:26
Josh483and its on why?07:27
sambagirlyou can do a discharge on it to kill any static elec on the system board and poewr it backup. you have to remove power cord and battery for a discharge, you press power button up down 10 times and then give it a power source.07:27
Josh483should i do that?07:27
sambagirlwell i dont know what you actually did. you said there is nothing on it of any value you said you just installed it and therefore i would reinstall they os when you have the tools to do so.07:27
sambagirli'm to beat rigfht now josh07:28
sambagirli'm sorry i could not help you. to bad nobody else will even try.07:29
sambagirlniight and good luck.07:29
Josh483its fine atleast you tried to help07:29
Josh88484Hey can someone help me07:47
aeternum_solusyes, I imagine many can07:47
Josh88484Ok well my networking wont start anymore07:48
Josh88484and i tryed some stuffn in the terminal07:48
Josh88484it said tht07:48
Josh88484the script im attempting to invoke has been converted to an upstart job?07:48
Josh88484is that why its not workin07:48
aeternum_solushow are you invoking it?07:49
aeternum_solus/etc/init.d/networking restart?07:49
Josh88484it just wont start idk why07:50
Josh88484im locked out07:50
aeternum_solushmm. not sure. I'm not a newb, but I'm not exactly a linux guru either07:50
Josh88484oh :l07:51
aeternum_soluslots of people here are though :)07:51
SysiJosh88484: what kind of network setup do you have?07:51
Josh88484do you mean my wifi card?07:51
Sysixubuntu by default uses networkmanager07:51
Josh88484yea network manager wont start07:51
Josh88484the icon dissapeared07:51
Sysitry pressing Alt F2 and running nm-applet07:52
Josh88484and when its there it wont let e enable it07:52
Josh88484i tryed that already but ill do it again i guess07:52
Sysiyou need to have notification area in your panel and maybe indicator-applet too07:52
Josh88484i think that got dissabled tpp07:52
Sysiadd them to panel again, they're needed to show that icon07:53
Sysi"sudo service networkmanager restart" to restart networkmanager07:53
Josh88484notifications is there but its faded out and i cant select it07:54
Josh88484and network managers not there at all07:54
Sysithen you probably have notification area in panel already07:54
Sysinm-applet goes to notification area when it runs07:54
Sysiwhat xubuntu version btw?07:54
Josh88484i tryed to restart network mannager07:54
Josh88484it said unrecognized service07:55
Sysiclean install or updated?07:56
Josh88484clean install07:56
Sysiupdated from previous release that is, you should install updates if you haven't yet07:56
Sysiis your system up-to-date, have you installed updates?07:57
Josh88484i did a clean install so it should be07:57
Josh88484plus i cant do anything it cant connect to t he internet cause network managers not working07:58
Sysino, install disks don't contain newest software, you need to install updates07:58
Josh88484i did a netinsta;;07:58
Sysidoes anything happen when you start nm-applet?07:59
Josh88484i tryed nm-applet but nothing happens?07:59
Josh88484it said it failed to regester as an agent08:00
Josh88484the name networkmanager was not provided by any service files08:00
Sysitry to run nm-applet in terminal08:01
Josh88484i did both08:01
Sysiany errors?08:01
Josh88484just in terminal08:01
Josh88484what i just wrote was whjat it said08:01
Josh88484nothing happens without terminal though08:01
Sysiyou only told error about networkmanager, whick is because it's apparently "service network-manager start"08:02
Sysirun that in terminal, then run nm-applet in terminal08:03
Josh88484is there a space between service and network-manager08:04
Josh88484ok i did it08:04
Josh88484same thing came up08:05
Sysiare you on wired connection?08:05
Josh88484Started applet secret agent because GNOME shell dissapeared?08:05
Josh88484im on my phone08:05
Josh88484well tablet08:06
Josh88484but i use it as my phone too08:06
SysiI mean your computer, how is it connected to the internet08:06
Josh88484Well it would be connected with wifi but its not working08:07
Josh9449Can someone help me?09:00
aquixcan you connect using a ethernet cable?09:04
baizonwhat is the question? :)09:07
aquixnetwork troubles..09:08
hystryfehey does anyone have any advice for cleaning up the boot process for xubuntu? specifically, i'm wondering about some scripts that i see in /etc/init.d and /etc for things i have uninstalled09:08
baizonhystryfe: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8949109:09
baizonthat should help09:09
hystryfethanks that's exactly what i was looking for but for some reason google neglected to show me ;D09:10
baizonhi hi09:20
livingdaylighthi baizon09:20
baizonim just a bot... your question please :)09:20
livingdaylightbaizon, you're enjoying Ubuntu Unity but you're in xubuntu? :)09:21
baizonof course, im supporting as much as i can09:21
livingdaylightI have an AWN dock question actually :s09:21
livingdaylightI added a couple applets and just don't see how to remove them09:21
baizonlivingdaylight: just pick it up and move from the awn dock09:22
livingdaylightpreferences shows a delte tab but it doesn't activate whatever I do, including selecting the applet I wish to remove, which seems obvious.09:22
livingdaylighttried that too09:22
livingdaylightI pick it up and move to desktop and nothing09:23
baizonDrag the active applet back to the list of available applets.09:23
livingdaylightin the preferences dialog?09:23
livingdaylightthank you baizon09:24
livingdaylighteasy, and maybe not counter-intuitive, but it didn't occur to me :)09:25
livingdaylightthe 'delete' tab which does nothing is misleading :)09:25
livingdaylightok, thanks again09:26
baizonyour welcome09:26
livingdaylightbye for now09:26
baizonsee you09:26
livingdaylighttime to go to the farmers market and get a bit of sun while i'm at it09:26
gmagnohello. I'm using the super key to open applications menu ("start" menu) but I'm also using super+'e' to open thunar. Everytime I open thunar the applications menu also pops up because  super key was pressed  as wel. Is there any trick to make this not happen?10:52
knomewell, you can remove the other shortcut of course10:53
baizonim using alt+F1 for the menu10:54
gmagnoknome, but I use both shortcuts...10:54
knomegmagno, there's no way to make the computer guess which one you want10:55
gmagnoI thout the gui or the os, would understand that Super != Super+'e'10:55
knomeyes, but super+e has super too.10:55
knomeand you are most probaby pressing it first10:55
knomeso the system expects you to want to open app menu.10:56
knomeset the app menu to super+alt or something.10:56
gmagnointeresting... it is not that linear knome10:57
gmagnoi just tried something interesting10:57
gmagnoif you press super + 'e' and wait a bit longer10:57
gmagnoapps menu (the super shortcut) won't pop up10:58
knomeok. then that.10:58
gmagnoin fact, I have to realease first 'e' and then Super10:58
gmagnobut it does not work all the time...10:59
gmagnoi'll survive10:59
knomemy advice is not to use overlapping shortcut keys10:59
gmagnothanks anyway11:00
jb999Hello evryone12:13
jb999i would need help about ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ..., ctrl+0 hotkey beug12:15
The_Cogjb999: What's the bug?12:17
jb999thanks for your help Cog12:18
jb999I use a french version of Xubuntu12:19
jb999and i can't use the hotkeys : ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ..., ctrl+0 on LibreOffice12:19
Sysidisable them for workspace switching, in window manager settings12:21
jb999the computeur think i use ctrl+&, ctrl+é, ... (1234567890 are the french Shift of &é"'(-è_çà )12:21
jb999that's not realy a bug, but i've not found a solution for this problem12:22
Sysiyou should at least see if those keys are reserved and try removing them in settings if that's the case12:27
jb999this hotkey arn't used by workspace switching, furthermore when i activate my numlock (Fn+Num LK) i can use  this hotkeys12:28
jb999i use a netbook, so the numeric keypad is not easy to use (fn + inser to activate, same keypad to deasable)12:31
jb999but i need the key pad ctrl+1, +2, ..., +0 on LibreOffice12:32
jb999(the hotkey)12:33
The_CogOn my LibreOffice, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 change the paragraph to Heading-1, Heading-2, Heading-3. Is this what doesn't work in your setup?12:33
jb999no becaus my computer thinks i want the hotkey ctrl+& when i want ctrl+1, ctrl+é when i want ctrl+2, etc...12:34
jb999i've also tried to push the key to lock Caps, it change nothing12:37
Padfoot30Hi all! I installed the ubuntu-desktop package on top of Xubuntu 12.04 using "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends"13:18
Padfoot30then I encountered probs13:18
holsteinPadfoot30: where did you read to do that?13:19
Padfoot30I booted into Unity 2D but there was no session menu, dash home didn't work, etc13:19
Padfoot30A blog: mylinuxexplore.blogspot.com13:19
holsteincan you still see/use the xubuntu session? any XFCE session?13:20
Padfoot30(the blogger didn't mention the argument in the command)13:20
holsteinPadfoot30: where did you get the argument?13:20
Padfoot30Yeah, Xfce works fine.13:21
knomethat *should* work, but there's no guarantee nothing will break13:21
Padfoot30Even KDE works fine13:21
Padfoot30The argument, well, I read somewhere else.13:21
holsteini have always had issues here and there with the meta-packages and using them at the same time... i install lxde instead of lubuntu-desktop for example13:22
holsteinbut, yeah.. it *should* be find to install ubuntu-desktop13:22
holsteini would probably try reinstalling without that argument, or just purge it and run a live CD to look at unity13:22
knomePadfoot30, i can't imagine anything else than something in lightdm breaking unity, so maybe you want to do dkpg-reconfigure lightdm13:23
knomedpkg- ...13:23
Padfoot30holstein, yeah live cd is fine but right now I'm running low on data, and that's why the argument13:24
Padfoot30knome, sorry but I'm not quite an experienced user. I don't exactly know what's lightdm. Is it something like kdm and xfdm?13:25
holsteini would refer to the writer of the article that suggested the argument.. i have never used it13:25
Padfoot30Basically, the argument eliminates the recommended packages, keeping only what's essential13:26
holsteinsure.. but its a meta-package.. i would expect a lot of recommends, and all of them to be important13:27
Padfoot30so less data usage13:27
knomeholstein, nothing "recommended" shouldn't be critial though13:27
knomePadfoot30, yes, it's the login manager13:27
holsteinyou would think... but its the main environment... and something is borked13:28
Padfoot30but I didn't really need Rhythmbox, Thunderbird, Empathy, etc.13:28
knomeholstein, a recommend for a file manager might be some plugin to handle network mounts, which is in no way critical for the file manager to work :)13:28
knomePadfoot30, rhythmbox isn't installed with xubuntu though ;)13:28
knomebbl, lunch/dinner13:29
holsteinPadfoot30: you can try as the guest user... or another user you makd13:29
Padfoot30knome, yeah but it was gonna be downloaded with that  package,13:29
Padfoot30if I didn't use the argument13:30
Padfoot30Anyway, I guess I'll have to get the full package now! Thanks holstein and knome for your help!13:34
c_smithhello, I'm having trouble getting Compiz to start on startup on Xubuntu 12.04 64-bit, I have "compiz --replace" in an entry to the startup programs, is there anything I am doing wrong?15:06
c_smithnevermind, found out what I was doing wrong, I should be adding the fusion icon to the startup programs instead of compiz itself.15:10
recon69_lapanother satisfied customer :) , glad you got it fixed, dont think many here care about wiggly windows15:11
c_smitheh, I just use it to show off the functionality Linux CAN have in, say, a coffeeshop.15:14
c_smithand how it could really look good.15:14
c_smithis there anyone here with any experience with Samba?15:53
recon69_lapc_smith: best to just ask your question, I have used samba but not sure if it counts as experience :)16:00
c_smitheh, I figured it out, but I'll tell you what the outcome is: use system-config-samba instead of Nautilus-share.16:04
c_smiththat's what I ended up having to do.16:04
Sysisamba would be worth a try, because windows shares never seem to work from windows16:07
c_smithSysi, I know, and I use Samba to share music with the household (although for my own reasons, I give the share read-only access)16:36
ikonial/ast dfrost16:57
knomecongrats ikonia :)16:58
rhin0what would cause xubuntu 10.04 to lose its hardware drivers after a while on a dell laptop17:49
rhin0they just unload17:49
rhin0im moving back to ubuntu 10.04 on that machine just to see  if that solve17:49
rhin0ie. its happened twice17:49
rhin0both graphics driver and wireless driver *gone*17:50
rhin0like they're not loaded17:50
rhin0machine running fine for a week then BANG both drivers gone17:51
holsteinrhin0: kernel upgrade... firmware upgrade... misconfiguration.. bad memory, bad hard drive17:51
rhin01 no 2 no 3 never touch it ie bios setup 4 - would be pretty sure its not memory17:51
rhin05 is an ssd17:51
Sysijockey-gtk acting up, did that multiple times for me17:51
rhin0never had problems with it17:51
rhin0what - you've had the same problem Sysi?17:52
Sysiwith nvidia driver, yes17:53
rhin0what the hell would cause drivers to just unload17:53
rhin0i don't get it17:53
Sysigladly there are three version released after 10.04, even one LTS17:53
knomerhin0, watch the language please17:54
rhin0well hell I like 10.0417:54
rhin0been through them all17:54
Sysino matter what you like, how much you like, it will die17:54
rhin010.04 gives me least problems17:55
rhin0ubuntu should be like debian imo (1 version)17:56
rhin0its all over the place - stick with what works - shouldn't be about marketing17:56
rhin0everyones trying to emulate the microsoft model17:57
Sysiyou just told you have awful problems with drivers17:57
rhin0they do not give a hoot about their customers17:57
rhin0I have temporary problems which last a few hours17:57
knomeif ubuntu should be like debian, why aren't you using debian? just wondering...17:58
rhin0because I haven't got the energy to configure it17:59
rhin0ubuntu is easier17:59
holsteinrhin0: whats the issue? did you run upgrades? if you have a kernel upgrade, then i would try booting the old one18:00
rhin0is xubuntu 12.04 lts?18:00
astraljavarhin0: If you think of LTS's as the debian stable releases, then ubuntu pretty much is like debian.18:00
rhin0maybe i'll d/l try 12.04 lts18:00
rhin0is 12.04 xfce?18:00
rhin0ok ok -- looking18:01
rhin0gotta be an improvement18:01
rhin0I have actually ran it for a short time - wil d/l it upgrade18:02
rhin0ty very much18:02
holsteinrhin0: xubuntu is XFCE, thats what the x is18:02
holsteinthere is an ubuntu 12.04, and xubuntu 12.04 (and others)18:02
rhin0ubuntu lose me with unity18:06
rhin0can't abide18:06
rhin0lost me18:06
rhin0i know what ubuntus there are xubuntu lubuntu mint ubuntu18:07
holsteinrhin0: you have no need to.. there are options.. you dont even need to comment about unity at all.. you can and are encourged to choose what environemtn you like, such as XFCE, and enjoy it18:07
rhin0can't think of any others18:07
holsteinrhin0: mint is not one18:07
Sysimint isn't ubuntu18:07
rhin0i thought it was an ubuntu18:07
xubuntu326hello guys could i have some help18:07
rhin0we are here to serve xubuntu18:07
holsteinrhin0: it is based on ubuntu, as are many things.. and as ubuntu is based on debian (bascially)18:08
xubuntu326awsome im running xubuntu18:08
xubuntu326im trying to install my usb wirless adaptor but dont have a clue how to18:08
xubuntu326i have been on fourums tried many methods but will not work18:08
holsteinrhin0: http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/derivatives if you'd like more information18:09
rhin0ok thanks holstein18:09
holsteinxubuntu326: i would plug it into wired internet, and see if you see a popup about "restricted drivers"18:09
xubuntu326i am now on wired18:09
rhin0xubuntu i can't help you there all my usb keys work belkin netgear .. standard types - sounds like you have a non standard type - may need driver from manufacturers website -- there will also be a compatibility list somewhere for your wireless usb key18:10
rhin0mine just work (pick up network) when you plug them in -- generally only use them to get hardware driver for laptop18:10
xubuntu326i installed wireless on software centre put my stick in and it doesnt do anything18:10
rhin0gotta go someone else may help you18:10
xubuntu326mine is tenda w311u i no it is compatable as other users have had it wrking18:10
holsteinxubuntu326: you can always use the windows driver.. theres a GUI for that.. ndisgtk18:11
xubuntu326thanks will take a look and let you no18:12
holsteinxubuntu326: its not really going to help to say "others have had it working".. manufacturers can switch chipsets... you can run "lsusb" in a terminal, and get the information about the device, and search for assistance18:12
xubuntu326Ralink rt2870  its on that oone18:13
xubuntu326sorry im read with linux18:14
rhin0I never said that holstein18:15
rhin0you use ndisdriver18:15
rhin0to use the windows driver if you can't find native linux driver18:16
holsteinxubuntu326: it is not you who is rubbish... some vendors do not allow linux to support the products easily... im sure you'll get it sorted18:16
rhin0its a wrapper for the windows driver18:16
holsteinrhin0: said what?18:16
rhin0oh hang on thought you were talkkng to me mis-direct ignore me18:16
holsteinrhin0: no worries18:17
xubuntu326u di no it is supported just finding the driver18:17
rhin0you can download the windows driver files -- then wrap then using "ndiswrapper" xubuntu33618:17
xubuntu326how do i wrap ?18:17
rhin0so it drives using windows drivers (wrapped)18:17
rhin0you must find out how to configure "ndiswrapper"18:17
rhin0get the windows drivers for your usb wireless dongle18:17
xubuntu326i presume this s a loong nprocess18:17
holsteinxubuntu326: if its supported, i would ask the vendor for support.. otherwise, i would just point ndisgtk to the windwos driver and see if that works18:17
rhin0longer than getting native linux driver18:18
xubuntu326it says invalid driver18:18
holsteinxubuntu326: its literally.. download the windwos driver, open ndisgtk... choose it... try18:18
xubuntu326is it the inf file i use ?18:18
holsteinxubuntu326: you can always point it at everyone and see what the gui will use.. but yes, it should be that one18:19
xubuntu326ok well i got the ndissgtk do i need anyother software18:19
holsteinxubuntu326: you shouldnt.. just the proper windows driver18:20
xubuntu326it even has a linux folder on the disk but n inf file18:21
holsteinxubuntu326: it?18:22
xubuntu326on the disk the device came with18:22
holsteinxubuntu326: cool.. you can try that one then... should be a "readme" somewhere with what kernels are supported and what you are intended to do18:23
xubuntu326no read me in there18:24
xubuntu326i have found one in another folder what would i open a read me with18:25
xubuntu326sorry im not got knowledge with this os im more windows18:25
holsteinxubuntu326: then use the windows driver18:25
xubuntu326all i get is invalid driver with the windows driver18:26
holsteinxubuntu326: i would call the manufacturer and ask about the driver18:26
c_smithdoes anyone here know what I would put for the application menu name so I can bind it to the super key?18:26
holsteinactually, if it were me, id return it, and get a more friendly card18:26
xubuntu326have done they are chinese and dont have a clue18:27
holsteinc_smith: what application? you can open a terminaln and try tab complete18:27
xubuntu326its a really good card for windows lol18:27
c_smiththe XFCE4 menu on the panel.18:27
c_smithcurrently i have xfce-popup-applicationsmenu18:28
holsteinc_smith: i would probably type xfce in the terminal and hit tab, and read the options.. until someone who knows chimes in18:29
c_smithheh got it. the entry I wanted was xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu18:30
holsteinc_smith: cool!...18:31
c_smithwas missing the 418:31
c_smithxfce ftw! :D18:31
c_smiththanks for that bit of info about tabbing with Terminal. did not know that was a viable way to do that. :)18:31
Papahelloooo guys19:43
nasserashhi all, is it possible to enable VSync with xfwm4? I get tearing when dragging windows around. I have a thinkpad X220 with intel graphics.21:29
DominicLownot sure if that is possible but you could try propreitory drivers and such first?21:33
nasserashDominicLow, I have an intel sandy bridge card. so it's all open source21:36
asterismodoes somebody uses PCmanfm?22:45
asterismoanyway to remove context menu entries in PCman when clicking in folders?22:47
asterismoIt has this many options, Files, Files, File Manager, File Manager, Open Folder With Thunar22:48
asterismocan i remove them?22:48
grizlo42hey all - 2 things: 1) wanted to thank the xubuntu community for making an AWESOME os experience 2) speaking of awesome, I heard about a patch for xfce to support tiling and was curious if anyone here has experience with using it22:57
=== babaei_ is now known as babaei
MikeDRUHello everybody, I am stucked with my xubuntu because it doesn't let me boot into my own user profile (which is the root). One week ago it didn't allow me to enter to any profile, and the answer to the login was "stopping v system runlevel compatibility." SO I checked out the forum, updated the packages in the Ctrl+Alt+F1 mode and now it allows me to enter as a guest, but not as the main user, and the answer is "could not write byt23:28
MikeDRUAnybody able to help me? Please be patient, I'm a beginner23:28
MikeDRUanybody out there?23:41
David-AMikeDRU: what is the error when you log in from a Ctrl+Alt+F1 consol? do you ever come to the normal graphical login page? (you should not have user "root" as your normal login)23:42
MikeDRUDavid-A: Unfortunately I do have user root as my normal login. I come to the normal graphic interface, I try to log in into it, and the answer is "Cold not write bytes: broken pipes" and then "Saned disabled; edit/etc/default/saved". Sometimes also "Checking battery", but not always23:47

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