zumo__Anyone here using lubuntu ppc?01:44
zumo__Can anybody help me with a ppc installl02:20
Unit193Should ask the question, no one can answer a question that hasn't been asked.02:20
wxlok suddenly my eeepc's trackpad only wants to scroll03:53
wxlanyone had this bizarre problem?03:53
wxlan openbox fixed it once, or appeared to, but that doesn't seem to be fixing anything03:53
wxli tried to re-set my synclient/syndaemon settings and that did nothing03:54
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Larranyone here who has idea why lubuntu freezes?04:19
Larrman! this is worst than what I 've ever seen04:20
Larreven Windows don't suck as much as lubuntu 12.0404:20
bioterrorthat comparing does not work. also we are immune to it.04:37
bioterrormore likely you should tell us where and how it freezes04:38
Larrit freezes randomly04:38
bioterroris it just X11 or can you access tty's04:38
Larri have been using ubuntu since 200704:38
Larrand this is first time i gotta a crappy version in my hand04:39
bioterrorgood, I have 5.04, what did I win?04:39
Larrmy production env, turned into a crappy environment04:39
bioterrorcan you acceess that computer by using ssh when it freezes?04:41
wxlbioterror: you don't have any ideas about my malfunctioning trackpad, do you? openbox --restart, sadly, had no affect04:43
alek66hey everyone, I keep getting crashes with vino server04:44
alek66any ideas?04:44
wxlalek66: have you had these crashes only with lubuntu? cuz otherwise i'd check with the vino folks04:45
alek66wxl: only on lubuntu, vino is running and I get avahi to advertise it over my network...04:46
alek66I restarted avahi, no luck04:46
wxlalek66: well if avahi is working you should be good. have you checked the logs?04:46
alek66which ones do you recommend me to look04:47
wxlgimme a sec and i'll look it up04:47
bioterrorLarr, i would try 26-kernel myself if you said that it the 12.0404:50
bioterroralso check logs after restart04:50
bioterrorthere could be something04:51
bioterrorwxl, sorry no04:51
Larrmy xorg.log04:51
Larrcan you have a look at it?04:51
LarrI'd also like to know how to do what you said right now04:54
Larrabout 2.6 kernel04:54
wxlalek66: annoyingly there are no logs, but you can get it to give you output http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4829710/where-are-the-logs-of-the-gnome-vino-server04:57
alek66 wxl great… thanks a lot for the link I will get into it04:58
wxlalek66: np. that will help you diagnose where the issue is.04:58
wxlmight not be lubuntu that's the problem but how you have configured it on this system.04:58
alek66wxl: I did apt-get to install it, no custom configuration, I will check into it.05:00
alek66wxl: I had a rough saturday also, my monitoring sw ajenti crash on me and can't find any info about it05:01
Larrsomething wonderful happened just now05:02
Larrthe video05:02
alek66Open question, is there a way to set a particular app to work as a service, so I can control it using sudo service xxx start/stop, also so I can monitor them ?05:16
bioterrorLarr, your output does not tell anything again05:27
Larrsomebody said it is because of overheating05:27
Larrbut i think its not the problem05:28
Larrthanks bioterror for your time05:32
LarrI think it's not worth spending time on it05:33
Atlantic777I can't get iso images from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu09:45
Atlantic777it seems that cdimages.ubuntu.com is unresponsive.09:45
Atlantic777I've just tried both http and torrent. Is there any other place where can I get "official" install images?09:45
psichasdo you want lubuntu 12.04?09:49
SoulTrainis it possible to use "Compiz visual effects" with  LXDE?09:50
Atlantic777psichas: yes, 12.0409:51
psichasAtlantic777, try just lubuntu.net after open https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu09:51
Atlantic777psichas: it's redirecting to the cdimage.ubuntu.com09:52
Atlantic777and every other site does that, too09:52
Atlantic777I can't beleive, I can't find a mirror for like 10 mins.09:52
psichasgo to lubuntu.net i think it just bug,09:53
Atlantic777I have already tryied that. This is the link from lubuntu.net http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/12.04/release/lubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent09:53
Atlantic777Can you download that torrent file? If you can, would you send it to me?09:54
psichasi can09:54
psichasx86 pc?09:55
jackkHello, can someone tell me if this Linux has flash preinstalled? I am a huge fan of porn and would like to know.10:51
bioterroryou can install flash yourself11:06
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:06
silverarrowwell, flash is still important regardless of porn fans lol11:26
jackkbiosilverarrow: pornfan?11:27
silverarrowjack, have you trouble with adobe flash?11:29
jackkmy videos low quality11:30
jackksilverarrow: Not enough sperm11:30
silverarrowthere are two restricted packages listet in package manager, one of them contains regular adobe flash11:30
jackksilverarrow: OK I WIll Download It Okay11:30
silverarrowvitamin c might help11:31
jackkHelp with more cum?11:31
silverarrowwell, quality11:32
silverarrowgnash can work all fine, but sometimes a bit jerky, depends on hardware I think11:32
jackksilverarrow: Do you like CentOS11:33
silverarrownever heard of it11:33
jackkHow new are you to LINUX?11:34
psichaslol :) i liked jackk CentOS :)11:34
jackkpsichas: What do you speak english?11:34
* silverarrow gooles CentOS11:34
psichasi speak english bad :D11:35
jackkpsichas: you like me or centos?11:35
jackkI dont get what u sai11:35
silverarrowlol, both11:35
psichasrolf :)11:35
psichasi liked CentOS11:35
jackkoh cool11:36
jackkanyway cya11:36
psichashttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1155184/ any idea?11:56
bioterrorjackk, try to behave12:08
bioterror!language | jackk12:08
ubottujackk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:08
silverarrowis anyone on powerpc now?12:10
livingdaylightanyone know and can tell me difference lubuntu and wattos ? both use ubuntu core + lxde12:17
livingdaylighthi silverarrow12:17
silverarrownew to me12:18
silverarrowlet me google12:19
silverarrowlivingdaylight: I haven`t tried it12:23
silverarrowI think you might get better support with lubuntu12:23
SkippersBossI'll second that12:24
livingdaylightwell, yea, their irc room is empty, lol12:24
silverarrowsince it is an officially part of the ubuntu releases now12:24
silverarrowthat too, but there is the forum, and perhaps more work done to keep lubuntu up12:25
livingdaylightwonder what the intention driving wattos is when it looks like lubuntu with different wallpaper12:25
livingdaylightI was hoping that they would have focused on optimizing their derivative lubuntu distro12:26
livingdaylightI'm not convinced that ubuntu + light DE is as light and efficient as it could be. Not all xfce / lxde etc distros are the same.12:26
silverarrowyou just have to try I suppose12:27
livingdaylighthoped someone might have somehting specific to say12:28
SkippersBossI see that R5 is based on 11.1012:28
livingdaylightyes, wonder why that is?12:28
SkippersBossXubuntu is close to releasing 12.1012:28
silverarrowsome say debian basic might be a better starting  point12:28
livingdaylightwhen I tried lubuntu on a live-usb i was surprised that memory usage was up in the 600+12:28
livingdaylightdebian basic silverarrow ?12:28
SkippersBosslivingdaylight, As they say on their Blog they have geared it towards older computer and energy usage12:29
silverarrowmust be live cd at least12:29
silverarrowI have rarely anything more than close to 300MB in RAM12:30
silverarrowhowever 64 bit uses a lot12:30
silverarrowbrowser could take huge amouts of ram when available12:31
livingdaylightSkippersBoss, I'm running Voyager, which is a customized xubuntu iso on the Desktop. Its not 'light' maybe as resource hungry as any gnome kde distro, but its on the desktop where i don't mind that being so. I@m looking for something for the laptop now. I tried Fuduntu which brags 30% better battery performance than any other distro because of their focus on laptops. The founder is also the creator of Jupiter, so,12:31
livingdaylight energy efficiency is his domain - his "thing" but and this was my barrier, its still running gnome2 which i'm not really a fan of, its rpm based which i'm not familiar with, and it was lacking in a lot of applications, xmind, gnash, nicotine+, ratiotray were just some12:31
silverarrowlivingdaylight: if you use debian and build strategically for personal needs I mean12:32
livingdaylightyea, its the geared towards energy usage advertised on their website which drew my attention. Its where I thought they may have done something more to their os than merely glueing ubuntu +lxde12:33
SkippersBossThe beauty of linux is that there is never a 1 size fits all solution. Each person has his own wish list12:33
livingdaylightsilverarrow, yea, I wish I could. Then I might build up from the ground like you suggest or Arch, but, I'm more simply a user of software, not a hacker/geek12:34
silverarrowof the ubuntu distros, lubuntu is the only one considerably lighter running in my experience12:34
silverarrowI think it has to do with applications selected12:34
silverarrowlost connection12:41
silverarrowhere is my htop screen running hardly any applications12:51
silverarrowhere with firefox running, and a few tabs open12:52
silverarrowlubuntu 12.0412:53
silverarrowlivingdaylight: what kind of OS do you have installed now?12:56
livingdaylightsilverarrow, I had bodhilinux and switched to fuduntu only coz I thought I would be doing my laptop a favor. But for the reasons I shared, I am not happy there. So, either go back to Bodhi or try a lxde distro.12:57
livingdaylightyour htop reading are good12:57
livingdaylightsimilar to Bodhi12:58
livingdaylightthat's 32-bit, right?12:58
silverarrowI was thinking of bohdi linux too, cool name lol12:58
silverarrowno, poweroc12:58
silverarrowan old iBook12:58
livingdaylightMy laptop had a 64bit windows on it previously, but only 3gb ram. Would you recommend using 64bit or 32?12:58
silverarrowwell yes, powerpc is 32bit?12:59
livingdaylightBodhilinux is the distro for tao seekers ,)12:59
silverarrowit`s and old iBook G413:00
livingdaylighti see13:00
silverarrowbohdi linux does not have ppc iso13:00
silverarrowhmm, you could try 64 bit13:01
livingdaylightMine's Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830T it was one of the best performing out there for battery and now I barely get 3hrs using gnu/linux :s13:01
silverarrowit does depend if it makes usage of 3GB ram in 32bit13:01
livingdaylightsure, why wouldn't it?13:02
silverarrowit is all about the RAM I think13:02
silverarrowI have a core2 duo laptop with only 1GB ram13:02
silverarrowwhich should be able to benefit from 64 bit with more ram13:03
silverarrowin my experience os doesn`t make full usage of RAM, but it varies13:04
silverarrowfor 64 bit RAM usage jumps enourmously13:04
silverarrow3GB is good though13:05
silverarrowbattery performance drops very fast13:08
silverarrowafter one year, noticeably13:08
silverarrowafter three years, get a new one13:08
livingdaylighttrue, degradation is a factor across the board13:09
silverarrowyou laptop looks very nice though13:09
livingdaylightI chose it because of the long battery life it boasted, and having touch-tested the chassis of all available laptops in shops found this one was just cool to the touch. I hate having a hot brick for a laptop. Unfortunately, linux doesn't perform on it at all like windows did13:12
silverarrowyeah, typical issue13:12
silverarrowat least for some models13:13
silverarrowI think it has to do with drivers and cpu13:13
silverarrowperhaps graphic card too13:13
silverarrowit runs hot too13:13
silverarrowmy iBook G4 runs just as cool with lubuntu as osx13:14
livingdaylightmine's intel + onboard graphics13:14
silverarrowcpu runs on full with flash streams and things like that13:14
silverarrowand gets hotter then13:15
silverarrowbut for the single applicaton it is still silent and cool13:15
holsteinlivingdaylight: i was thinking after our conversation.. there is nothing the lubuntu team can do about the kernel, but if you feel the lubuntu documentation is misrepresenting, you can always ammend what is public and attend meeting for adding or changing information13:15
silverarrowi5 is a good one13:16
holsteini was just doing some maintenance on my girlfriends mac... running OSX 10.6.. i say this, even though it is arguably OT to say, sometimes its just dust around the CPU, or in the machine that can cause heat to build up13:19
holsteinher macbook pro is running much cooler since just spraying some of the dust out13:20
silverarrowoh, the fan outlet can be clogged on some laptops13:21
silverarrowspelling cuoudl be better13:21
holsteincomes up though the keyboard on those macbooks...13:22
livingdaylightholstein, i wasn't focused on lubuntu and accusing it of anything. I hope our conversation didn't upset you.13:24
silverarrowI need to get a table and a chair13:25
holsteinlivingdaylight: nope... i just wanted to be clear.. the great thing about linux and opensource for me is the community.. you can always join that community and make things just as you want/need them to be13:25
holsteinif you want the lubuntu site to read "due to regressions, the kernel is crap" you can argue and try and get that printed13:26
holsteinand as an open community, your opinion will be at least heard, if not represented13:26
livingdaylightyea, I know all that holstein. I have been using gnu/linux since, well, since quite a while... you can sound like a company spokesman, no offense, and I'm sure you are just trying to help - peace13:28
holsteinlivingdaylight: im actually just trying to be clear.. you didnt come across as someone who understood the community, and i wanted to solidify this idea in case it was foriegn13:30
livingdaylightok, holstein, lol... is this Round2 ?  I hope not  :)13:31
holsteinlivingdaylight: sure.. i can let it go, just know that i wont/cant just idle... i will direct you to where you can actually resolve your issues and concerns13:31
livingdaylighti was being perfectly clear and gave you no ground to assume I don't understand the ''community'' as I didn't address that at all, I just came to ask about lubuntus energy efficiency being incorporated or not. You didn't even know that some, as you falsely stated that NO distro focused on this, when fuduntu for e.g actually does. I thought lubuntu may also have - that's all... All the rest about "getting involved"13:34
livingdaylight and speaking upstream to kernel this and that is just peripheral and what I call company spokesmanship13:34
holsteinlivingdaylight: what i stated might have been misunderstood.. i dont think there are a lot of distros that create custom kernels to address the issue you were bringing up about power management however13:35
livingdaylightno there isn't - that is true. That doesn't mean that there aren't any, which is what you said, or, that there shouldn't be more, which is what I was being open with in speaking out aloud.13:36
holsteinthere are so many distros, and i can really only speak for the buntu distros that mostly use the main ubuntu kernels.. my poin was, coming to the lubuntu channel and "complaining" about the kernel really is irrelavant, and you would need to go to the kenrel team13:37
livingdaylightI came to ask whether lubuntu might have addressed it. I didn't walk in here just to complain about regression, just for the sake of it. That came out of the conversation - put and lets keep it in context13:38
livingdaylightAre we clear now, or should we carry on?13:38
holsteinlivingdaylight: im crystal clear, as im sure you are13:38
livingdaylightanything more you want to say?13:39
silverarrowI suppose you just  have to get to the right person who works with it or at least knows13:39
silverarrowwhat is regression ?13:39
holsteinyou *can* complain about the kernel.. i did when i first noticed this regression in 10.1013:39
* silverarrow googles regression13:39
holsteinyou should complain if you want... but, lubuntu has nothing to do with the kernel, and it wont help or be productive here... all i can offer is clearing up whatever you find misleading on the site13:40
livingdaylightsilverarrow, its the so-called kernel regression issue, since 2.6 or something that has compromised energy efficiency inlaptops, i.e. battery life and laptops running hot13:40
silverarrowwich is a debian thing?13:41
livingdaylightno, its a kernel thing across all distros13:42
livingdaylightthey were optimized for performance but didn't have the necessary what's-it to manage and optimize energy efficiency13:43
livingdaylightok, I'm going for a swim now13:43
silverarrowdefinitely an issue that needs attetion sooner or later13:44
silverarrow:- )13:45
silverarrowsee you later perhaps livingdaylight13:45
silverarrowI`m off for a ride on my bike13:45
zumodokiJust installed lubuntu.14:09
zumodokiAnyone have any suggestions for me?14:09
silverarrowhow do I get lastest java version14:26
zumodokiAnyone have any theme suggestions?14:27
zumodokiInterface its very blue14:29
silverarrowyou mean the desktop?14:30
silverarrowI  like it blue14:30
silverarrowwith wavy lines14:30
zumodokiThats just a wallpaper no?14:32
zumodokiI mean the "menu bar" It was nice in the last version, Im just not used to blue nor am I a fan of the colour. I like green.14:33
zumodokiIve used mint I like cinnamon but to bloated for what I Need..14:36
zumodokiDoes anyone have any suggestions on things I should install or do with this machine?14:37
silverarrowwell, if you want green...14:37
silverarrowthere are some desktops to choose from I think14:37
silverarrowzumodoki: what kind of computer then?14:37
silverarrowam I still here?14:40
zumodokiYour still here14:41
zumodokiIts not that I want green, Its just a colour I find visually pleasing.14:42
silverarrowconnection has been a bit unstable14:42
zumodokiAnyway the computer is a AMD 2400+ 1.5Ghz with 768MB Ram14:42
silverarrowyou have lubuntu 12.04?14:43
silverarrowwhich should run fine14:43
zumodokiDo you have any suggestions on things to install?14:44
silverarrowsoftware applications?14:44
silverarrowwell, I need a word processor14:44
silverarrowthis time I chose libre office14:44
manel_Hi , Why in Lubuntu never active  the animation of moving white circle with the mouse ?14:44
silverarrowwhite circle?14:45
manel_yeah is an animation of mouse14:45
silverarrowzumodoki: fresh install just now?14:45
manel_or cursor14:46
silverarrowcursor works?14:46
silverarrowthe white arrow you mean?14:46
manel_yeainh but the animation of circle  not14:46
silverarrowwhich in some applications is a hand14:46
silverarrowI think they have omitted the fancy stuff14:47
silverarrowto keep useage of recources down14:47
zumodokiIn the processes yes14:47
silverarrowit might be there though14:47
manel_when i run a app on the desktop dont work this animation but in ubuntu ever14:47
silverarrowor graphic cards on older hardware14:47
silverarrowmanel, there should be a setting for it though14:48
manel_i have nvidia14:48
manel_and the drivers14:48
manel_for lubuntu14:48
manel_why the animation of mouse (circle) doesnt work on the desktop and in ubuntu ever works?14:51
silverarrownot much activity here right now14:51
manel_when i run a app on the desktop of lubuntu14:51
silverarrowyou could ask in the ubuntu room, there are more people there14:52
silverarrowoh, you mean the waiting sign14:52
silverarrowsome sytems have an hour-glass?14:53
manel_in your lubuntu the animation of circle works on the desktop ever ?14:53
silverarrowI don`t think it is there14:54
silverarrowyou have to install a package for it perhaps14:54
silverarrowyes it is there14:55
silverarrowopen package manager14:55
silverarrowmanel_:  you see it?14:56
manel_which ?14:56
silverarrowmenu-system tools- synaptic package manater14:56
silverarrowsorry for the spelling14:57
manel_ok is open14:57
manel_and ?14:57
manel_the name of package ?14:57
silverarrowyou don`t get the waithing circle before it loads fully?14:57
silverarrowI did14:58
silverarrowor animation of circle as you call it14:58
silverarrowis it the one you are thinking of?14:58
manel_i run an app and in ubuntu work the animation of circle on the desk top but in lubuntu not14:59
silverarrowI`m not sure I know which animation you are thinking of14:59
silverarrowI have to be off though15:00
silverarrowsee you later15:00
manel_is the animation of mouse with a  cartoon of a circle not static15:00
manel_colour of circle , white or black like option15:01
silverarrowwhen you lauched synaptic package manager, was there a version of this sign?15:01
silverarrowjust before the packages had loaded fully?15:01
silverarrowclose package manager and relaunch15:02
silverarrowpay attention to the cursor on packager manager window15:02
silverarrowmanel_:  what do you get?15:03
manel_ok but the circle donk work when i run an app on the desktop like in ubuntu , before of run the app15:04
manel_why ?15:04
silverarrowhave no idea15:04
silverarrowI must admit i have not payed much attention to it, neither have I been missing it15:05
silverarrowprobably because it`s not set tu appear on every single app15:06
manel_in windows when you run an app on the desktop the animation not static works too15:06
manel_but in lubuntu not15:06
manel_why ?15:06
manel_and what is the solution ?15:07
zumodokithe animation is on the live cd15:07
manel_in lubuntu livecd not in ubuntu ever15:07
silverarrowmaybe the desktop enviroment15:08
silverarrowif you changed from open box and lxde to something else15:08
manel_in all the os when you run an app on the desktop the animation not static works  ever, before of open the app, but in lubuntu not , solution ??15:09
zumodokiWhat version are you running??15:10
manel_lubuntu precise15:10
SAKKEDLTS is coming next spring?15:10
=== IdleOne is now known as Guest336
manel_has lubuntu a support lts ???15:11
silverarrowif you change desktop enviroment to one with this feature, I think it is the only solution15:12
silverarrowor do some search on lxde15:12
silverarrowlxde fatures15:12
manel_ok for this reason lubuntu has a bug of desktop ?15:13
=== Guest336 is now known as IdleOne
manel_LTS is coming next spring? has lubuntu a lts or in a future ?15:15
SAKKEDlubuntu has lts verssion15:17
manel_nand when a new lts for  lubuntu?15:18
SAKKEDlts version support will end next spring15:19
zumodokiAnybody ever used spinrite6?15:25
zumodokiIve had it for years, But ive still to figure out how to actually use it. I just dont have the time to let it do it15:26
silverghostguys i have a funny question why not make lubuntu based of debian directly instead of ubuntu :D15:47
livingdaylightsilverghost, because some ubuntu people decided to make a lxde version? Is there not a debian + lxde distro?15:50
livingdaylightthe really funny question is why the hell are there so many distros?15:51
silverghosti was just giving an opinion xD15:51
silverarrowsilverghost, it is debian basted lol16:08
silverarrowfrom what I understand packages comes straight from debian to be built into lubuntu16:08
silverarrowis anyone here?17:42
zleapsort of17:42
zleapoff to watch last of the summer wine at 717:42
renuhey guys, i have a problem with using this site for learning languages livemocha - they require some new version of flash, but when i go on adobe site, and try to download it, a new window pops up, but it's empty, and no download starts. anyone knows what the problem is or had a similar issue?17:45
renui'm using chromium17:46
Unit193If you are using chromium, do you have something against chrome?17:46
renucan i run it in lubuntu?17:47
Unit193Chrome has the newest version of "pepper" flash bundled in, and yes you can.17:47
renuoh i see17:47
renuwill try it then, thanks! :)17:48
renuhang on, what's the difference between Chromium and Chrome?17:49
zumodokiNot much these days17:49
renuI see17:49
Unit193Chromium is the opensource version, basically.17:49
renuahaa... but hmm i'm a bit skeptical about google and would prefer to use an open source version... so if there a way to get the newest flash there?17:51
Unit193http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome  Pepperflash is a bit different, and I *think* you can install chrome and use chromium with pepperflash that came with Chrome (don't know, don't use or like either. :P)17:53
renuok, thanks! will check!17:53
zumodokiI need help with my install17:53
zumodokiIts wont complete.17:53
Unit193http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html  How does that work for you as is?17:54
Unit193zumodoki: Need more info than that, what went wrong?17:54
zumodokiInstalled it on my machine and once it gets to the last stage where it cycles through information and pictures it that vanishes17:55
zumodokiand im left with a "busy" circle spinninmg17:55
zumodokiIf I reboot the machine doesnt seem to have an OS to boot.17:58
Unit193Bit strange, and as you wouldn't have any logs or anything now, and it seems either it didn't install or grub didn't, I'd generally recommend the alternate installer without more info than this.18:00
zumodokiIts still on at the momment, This is the second time ive gave it a try18:01
zumodokiSo if it made a log I could dig it out18:01
renuhey Unit193 - sorry just saw you wrote that up, that page actually works fine!18:02
renui mean, it says my flash is running18:02
renuyeah and i have the latest version installed18:04
renumust be then either a bug on this site or windows have a newer version :-/18:05
zumodokiUnit193 any ideas on my issues?18:15
Gosy_Hey guys21:04
Gosy_Is anyone here hehe ?21:04
kanliotdon't ask to ask, just ask21:06
Gosy_ah well21:09
Gosy_I would like to use a windows program on lubuntu21:10
Gosy_but i can't get it to work with Wine21:10
Gosy_anyone ?21:13
silverarrowyou should though21:14
silverarrowwine might require minimal specs to run21:14
silverarrowI have not installed wine, i am on a  powerpc and have enough trouble21:14
Gosy_Well i got wine and i try to run the program and it doesn't work21:15
Gosy_just loads for an eternity21:15
kanliotwhat program?21:16
kanliotusing wine takes a lot of fiddling21:16
Gosy_Well it's more a emulator21:16
Gosy_for gameboy advanced21:16
kanlioti don't know if we have a wine channel, but you should ask there21:17
kanliotit's all about wine21:17
kanliotthis question21:17
Gosy_hmm, okey, well, is there a only wine channel?21:17
kanlioti donno21:17
kanliotstart there21:18
kanliotmistyped www21:19
Unit193!info gngb21:24
ubottugngb (source: gngb): a Color Gameboy emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 20060309-3 (precise), package size 102 kB, installed size 320 kB21:24
Unit193mednafen and maybe bsnes too.21:24
Gosy_but what im playing is gameboy advanced21:26
Gosy_dont think its the same as gameboy color21:26
Shogootquick question, does the iptable block or allow connections by default?  out of the box sort of speak?21:34
Unit193sudo iptables -L   to list all.21:34
Unit193And should allow.21:34
ShogootUnit193, thanks21:35
Shogooti used the -L and it showed nothing. My program must be confused ;)21:36
Unit193Weird, I tried it before saying so (wasn't fully sure it was -L over -l )21:37
Jotekkhello everybody22:02
Jotekki have a few questions22:03
Gosy_Jotekk: just state ur questions mate22:04
Jotekkwell... first of all sorry if ill make some mistakes in my sentences, im polish :P22:04
Jotekkim totally new in linux and ive downloaded "Tibia" from its main site22:05
Jotekkand i have no idea how to run it22:05
Jotekkit was special version for linux22:08
Jotekkand there is such a launcher (a rack on the gray background as the icon)22:09
Jotekkbut when im openning it, there appears a window, where I have to choose a program to run it22:10
Jotekkand if i choose terminal - nothing happens22:10
Jotekkdoes anybody have any idea how to run it?22:12
JotekkGosy, would you be able to help me?22:25
kosaidpohello people23:05
kosaidposupp Jotekk23:12
kosaidponone here23:12
Jotekki have a problem23:12
kosaidpowhat is post your question23:14
kosaidpoif someone kno will awnser it23:14
kosaidpoJotekk:  ; ]23:14
Jotekk^ ^23:15

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