optiIn Software Sources, everything dissapeared under the Additional Drivers tab00:49
optihow do I install the amd proprietry drivers so my video card doesnt resemble a hair dryer?00:50
DaekdroomSoftware Sources isn't even working for me :(00:50
optiI've not been having much luck, but it is alpha after all.00:51
optiIt all came about from wondering which kernel quantal will end up running, apparantly 3.500:51
optithe first time, i tried insalling fresh and added the proprietry driver, which resulted in X not loading at all00:52
optinow i've tried updating from alpha 3, now i have no option to choose it, figure its broken.00:52
optiprobably should just wait for the first beta, lol00:53
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johnjohn101wow, second vm of alpha 3 killed with an update.01:45
Debolaz12.10 is known to be broken on virtual machines at the moment.01:50
raymond_I'm using ubuntu webapps on 12.04 and I have a webapp stuck to my media player area on my unity bar.  I was able to remove the app from the launcher using the menu editor, but alas it shows up still in the media player area.05:04
raymond_Can I get rid of it without destroying all of my other webapps?05:04
micahgraymond_: 12.04 support in #ubuntu05:07
crfgnome-panel was using 4 GB of memory a few moments ago. But it is now normal again. Something is probably wrong with it.06:29
crfUsing gnome fallback06:30
Varikonniemiwow, nice to see the mailing list post where ubuntu finally ditching ubuntu2d07:16
Varikonniemiwill this finally mean that 64bit will be the default from 12.10 onward?07:17
Fishscenelol. One can only hope they will push 64bit over 32bit07:23
FishsceneWe need to get past this 32-bit phase and move forward.07:24
Varikonniemiyeah, thats what i thought would happen way before 12.04 LTS07:38
Varikonnieminow we are stuck with a 32bit default install for the next 3 years?07:39
Varikonniemior was it upped to 5 on desktop also07:39
FishsceneWell, I'm wondering if that was because of Flash support, which is spotty on 64-bit. But now it's going to be even worse now that Adobe has discontinued Linux support.07:43
Varikonniemijava moved over to the OS codebase07:53
Varikonniemimaybe adobe said the same thing about google's flash project07:53
Varikonniemiwhy i would think this finally changes 64 bit as default is that llvm pipe is so much faster on 64bit than on 32bit07:54
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BluesKajHowdy all12:03
penguin42Hey BK?12:04
edgyhi, I cannot install nvidia-current : Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but it is not installable12:19
penguin42yeh people have been saying that for a few days12:34
BluesKajFirefox is acting up  on Kubuntu 12.10 , keeps reloading flash and java it seems , very jumpy .12:47
* BluesKaj goes back to chromium ...rekonq is totally hopeless12:47
penguin42yeh rekonq is hopeless12:48
BluesKajlots of flash and javascript issues with rekong ..all kinds of trouble rendering ordinary sites , maybe the focus is on the future like html5 and IPv6 etc , but it sure isn't working very well presently12:52
DaekdroomAnd what the hell is up with that name?13:04
DaekdroomHow do they expect people to pronounce rekonq?13:05
* Daekdroom 's never used rekonq13:05
* penguin42 says re-konq13:06
DaekdroomThat doesn't tell me much. I'm not an English native speaker.13:07
penguin42Daekdroom: read the konq as the start of the word conquer and re as the start of return13:07
penguin42Daekdroom: the main KDE browser for a long time was Konqueror13:13
BluesKajI liked konqueror a lot , once one had it setup properly it was a great browser and file manager , but it hasn't been maintained very well for the last few yrs13:15
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jakubohi, may i ask whether anyone knows about plans to customise behaviour of the OSD thing? like having multiple displays like in the good old 9.xx days? im kinda tired of waiting for my chat contacts to go away to actually see what song i have changed to minutes ago...17:46
Varikonniemiin my experience none is provided out of box17:48
Varikonniemigod forbid if i start qbittorrent without having mounted my raid array first, i will see "permission denied" messages for an hour with no way to accept them all at once or configure it in any way17:49
jakuboso if it were 3 by default for instance... i mean we have HD screens with lots of space, yet still setting the numer per user would be better17:52
jakubois there a way to resync software raid components in the new disks utility? it has become quite a cripple of what it has once been...19:21
histo!who | Varikonniemi19:25
ubottuVarikonniemi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)19:25
penguin42jakubo: Software RAID should automatically resync19:29
jakubopenguin42: and if it doesnt? or how long does it take?19:32
penguin42jakubo: Just checking, is this software raid with md ?19:32
penguin42jakubo: Or is this a bios supported raid with dmraid19:33
penguin42(note! dm != md)19:33
jakuboit was created by mdadm or the alternative install cd from ubuntu10.10 i think ... quite some age i know. it got nothing to do with bios19:34
penguin42jakubo: OK, so cat /proc/mdstat should tell you the current state of things19:35
jakubopenguin42: well it kind of does.. but it lacks detail. and i doubt that everything is fine, as i have to choose the correct kernel on every boot19:53
jakubopenguin42: maybe you can tell me if the setting with grub installed on sda and sdb is correct, because it has been on none of them at least there was no * in the brackets on dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc19:55
penguin42how many drives do you have?19:59
penguin42if you want to pastebin your mdstat file I'll have a look19:59
penguin42jakubo: The thing I'd check for grub is whether the drive mapping agrees with the bioses view of the drives20:00
jakubopenguin42: its on a different PC than im using now... i have 2 disks, with 2 partitions each. one for raid level  (i.e. /home) and one with the rest of /  with raid level 120:02
penguin42jakubo: OK, well mdstat should tell you if they're sync'd OK20:03
penguin42anyway, time for some TV20:04
jakubopenguin42:funny enough... it booted kernel when was installed long ago. which led me to the conclusion that they are not synced... then i made the changes with grub-pc reconfigure which f** up20:04
penguin42jakubo: yeh I can't remember the magic for grub setup on RAID, it's been a while20:05
jakubopenguin42: hopefully the problem will be gone after a few updates...20:08
jakubomdstat tells me that both partitions are active [2/2] [UU] and that there are 65.... blocks20:08
penguin422/2 and UU is good - sync'd20:10
penguin42anyway, TV!20:10
jakubopenguin42: thx for your help20:20
dubbyhey anyone, I had a loss of hardware functionality when I switched from precise to quantal, I have a planar px2230mw touch screen21:04
dubbythat stopped working21:04
dubbylsusb and I do not see it anymore21:04
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danielkarlssonHi everyone! I need some help with troubleshooting. I run 12.10 fully upgraded and I'm having problem with memory leaks and 100% CPU usage with software-center and indicator-datetime-service. I've run them both with strace and the both get stuck in a loop with the message: unable to create file '/home/daniel/.cache/dconf/user': Input/output error.  dconf will not work properly. All help appreciated!22:34
danielkarlssonI just tried reading the file with less, and i get Input/output error could my filesystem be corrupt?22:38
penguin42what does dmesg say?22:38
penguin42the IO errors aren't good22:38
danielkarlssoncryptfs seems really broken :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/1156177/22:41
dubbywell their is your problem22:42
danielkarlssonI might mention that before all these problems started my computer ran out of battery and didn't shutdown correctly, might be part of the problem22:42
danielkarlssonSeems like it's a user error, no need for a bug report :P22:43
trismdanielkarlsson: which kernel are you on?22:44
penguin42ah - I don't like ecryptfs - it seems touchy to things like that; users do run out of battery - it shouldn't break your world22:45
trismdanielkarlsson: just curious because the log message matches bug 911507 which is apparently fixed in 3.5.0-922:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 911507 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "eCryptfs should initialize existing empty files at open()" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91150722:45
trismdanielkarlsson: interesting, might try to upgrade the kernel and see what happens (if you can)22:46
danielkarlssontrism: Thank you, I'll try that22:47
danielkarlssonI upgraded to the latest kernel and now ecryptfs works fine, thank you23:25
ironhalikbtw - is CCSM working ok in quantal?23:28

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