ESphynx‘sup guys )02:06
micahgESphynx: sorry, trying to stick to more mainstream languages ATM :)02:56
micahgScottK: maybe, I certainly prefer Qt to GTK as I prefer C++ to C02:56
ScottKmicahg: Not everything required to run every script in ubuntu-dev-tools is a dependency of the packages (devscripts is similar) so I wouldn't let dependency weight on ubuntu-dev-tools influence your decision.02:58
micahgScottK: I assume it should be python based though to be able to be in there02:58
ScottKYou're more likely to get more help with maintenance and taking advantage of common code in there should be easier.02:58
ScottKSo not required, but I think it makes sense.02:59
* micahg has been wanting to do a pure Qt app for a while, but in the spirit of not bikeshedding, I think I should do it in PySomething02:59
ScottKIt's your bike shed to paint, so pick your color.03:02
JontheEchidnajust be careful that the local home owners association approves of your color choices ;-P03:04
JontheEchidna(to bring the analogy to its aggrivating extreme)03:05
codemaniachello world03:08
codemaniacwhat is the amount of primary memory i wlll require to build up a system for packaging Ubuntu ?03:09
codemaniacwould 512 megs be sufficient for building any packages ?03:09
micahgsure, just not stuff like openoffice/chromium in any reasonable amount of time03:10
JontheEchidnafirefox too. Last I heard linking the executable takes gigs of RAM to do03:10
codemaniacJontheEchidna: ScottK any advice03:10
micahgah, yeah, maybe now it does03:10
ScottKcodemaniac: More is always better, but that's enough to do most things.03:11
JontheEchidnaI did packaging work for 2 years on a computer with 700 MB of RAM03:11
JontheEchidnasome larger stuff like Qt took 2 or 3 hours, but it got done03:11
ScottKWe build Qt for arm on 512MB systems and that's up there when it comes to package size.03:12
codemaniacScottK: thanks03:12
codemaniacJontheEchidna: that sounds inspiring and i feel the adrenaline spikes in my system03:12
ScottKIIRC the laptop I used in 2007/08 had 512MB of RAM and I could build almost everything.03:13
JontheEchidnaI had the computer with 700-something MB of RAM in '08 and '0903:13
codemaniaci will be running a ubuntu server , and no GUI03:14
JontheEchidnamine was running a GUI, so I'd imagine it would be comparable to your setup03:14
codemaniacScottK: how can i test if my packages work or not ?03:14
ScottKTry it and see.03:14
ScottKWe build some pretty huge packages for arm on 512MB ram, so it should be fine with a few possible exceptions.03:15
codemaniacScottK: so in a server with no GUI ,m cannot i build QT/GTK packages ?03:15
ScottKNo.  It doesn't mean that.03:15
ScottKYou can install the packages for build, but not run the UI.  Two separate things.03:15
codemaniaci can build but cannot test right ?03:16
codemaniacScottK: thanks for all the help :)03:18
xnoxcodemaniac: you might struggle with very heavy c++ with many, many, many templates cause that requires a lot of memory due to regressions in gcc.03:24
xnoxcodemaniac: but most of stuff will be fine =)03:24
codemaniacxnox: as i am just beginning ubuntu packaging i will start with lightweight packages :)03:25
codemaniacthen gradually go up for tougher nuts with help of you guys03:26
xnoxcodemaniac: we have plenty of packages, such that you will be able to help with heavy weight stuff as well =)03:26
ESphynxmicahg: I was teasing tenatively :P04:02
ESphynxmicahg: although I hope eC becomes more mainsteam and it’s then a great choice due to its low dependency requirements and lightness =)04:03
ESphynxand ease of building GUIs...04:03
ESphynxtell you what, if you ever need to build a new GUI tool for the R. R. release, I’d volunteer to do up a prototype GUI in eC just to show you guys how great it is :P04:05
codemaniacis there any forum for ubuntu motu devs ?05:12
ScottKAs a general rule developers are allergic to the forums.  Most interactions are on IRC and via mailing lists.05:32
codemaniacanyidea where dh_make is located ?05:51
codemaniacwhich package do i need to install ?05:52
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Laneycodemaniac: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=dh_make&mode=exactfilename&suite=quantal&arch=any ← the packages.ubuntu.com website can answer such questions09:28
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tumbleweedor you can just type dh_make, and command-not-fonud will point you in the right direction09:43
Laneyor you can use apt-file09:47
tumbleweedor axi-cache09:48
codemaniaci thought it should have been included under packaging-dev .09:52
tumbleweedit's in packaging-dev's Suggests09:53
codemaniacit would have been a good idea to bundle up all the packaging weapons under"packaging-dev"09:53
codemaniactumbleweed: i have already installed i believe on my Ubuntu server09:54
tumbleweedSuggests aren't installed by default09:54
codemaniactumbleweed: packaging-dev is there on my system09:55
codemaniacthanks for the replies folks09:56
LaneyI just have a browser shortcut for that link I pasted you earlier09:56
Laneypossibly not very cool :(09:56
codemaniacLaney: thanks , but i wanted to know the exact toolset you use as a MOTU . :)09:57
LaneyI just did let you know09:57
LaneyI would have done "up dh_make"09:58
Laneybah, no publisher and no builds being dispatched?10:04
* ajmitch shrugs10:04
ajmitchwouldn't surprise me if bits & pieces are still down10:04
wgrantLaney: Hm, the publisher should be working. What's not published?10:06
wgrantAnd builds should be being dispatched to the few builders that are alive10:07
Laneywgrant: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpst/+publishinghistory10:07
wgranti386 and amd64 are built10:08
Laneyall the distro builders are idle despite there being a queue10:08
Laneyyeah, but still pending10:08
wgrantRight, but it's reasonably plausible that the publisher that started 5min ago isn't there yet10:08
Laneywait, there is no queue on the arches that have buildds10:09
Laneyi see10:09
wgrantNothing appears obviously wrong here10:09
wgrantExcept for the fact that 80% of the builders are still missing10:09
wgrantAnd the publisher is possibly being a little slow, but we'll see in 5 minutes10:09
ricotzhello everyone10:09
ricotzwgrant, hi10:09
wgrant(we don't have logs or metrics of any kind from the cocoplum replacement yet... stuff I have to arrange on Monday)10:09
ricotzwgrant, is there anything you can do about those "psi-plus" builds?10:10
wgrantOh, I missed those in the sea of red10:10
* wgrant kills them10:10
wgrantThanks for pointing them out10:11
ricotzsame for libreoffice which run out of space10:11
wgrantHm, they're refusing to die.10:13
wgrantOK, got some of them killed, but now they're having NTP issues.10:21
smartboyhwEr, how do I upload a debian package?10:23
tumbleweedsmartboyhw: you mean upload *to* debian?10:52
tumbleweedor sync from debian10:52
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jtaylorI'm guessing arm and ppc builds are still affected by the downtime? jobs are in a weird "Start" state14:48
jtayloroh all builders are disabled, that probably explains it14:49
micahgjtaylor: it would appear the builders haven't been brought back to life yet16:33
g4m30v3rcan someone help me with something16:57
micahg!ask | g4m30v3r16:57
ubottug4m30v3r: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:57
g4m30v3ri need to learn how to install downloaded items and programs off the internet16:59
tumbleweedg4m30v3r: this isn't a support channel16:59
micahgg4m30v3r: you want #ubuntu then (I assume you're on a stable release)17:00
g4m30v3rim on 12.04 and im new im sorry i dont know the channels17:00
micahgtumbleweed: I'd like to say the same for -release FWIW17:00
tumbleweedmicahg: yeah, I'm about to have enough of that17:01
* tumbleweed gets on with being productive instead17:01
g4m30v3rso i want to type in /join #ubuntu? then17:01
g4m30v3rok ty17:02
micahgxnox: heh, we collided on ztex-bmp, you won :)18:00
xnoxmicahg: =))))18:01
xnoxmicahg: well you stole fftw3 from me ;-)18:02
xnoxmicahg: i asked Logan_ to apply for motu18:02
Logan_oh hey18:03
xnoxmicahg: http://ubuntu-dev.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu-sponsorships.cgi?render=html&sponsor=&sponsor_search=name&sponsoree=Logan+Rosen&sponsoree_search=name18:03
xnoxis pretty long18:03
micahgxnox: he doesn't have the sustained commitment yet, we usually like to see people go through a whole release cycle first18:03
xnoxmicahg: is that so =) ok.18:04
xnoxLogan_: are you planning to eventually become MOTU / core-dev though?18:04
Logan_possibly, if I have the time commitment18:04
tumbleweedwe don't require any time commitment, just sustained contribution18:05
* tumbleweed has been fairly MIA for the last month. But busy working on that... :P18:05
xnoxLogan_: you can apply for contributing developer and get Ubuntu Membership and @ubuntu.com18:11
Logan_I have been considering that, yes18:11
tumbleweedxnox: sustained contribution is a requirement for membership18:11
Logan_is there a way to get +localpackagediffs to show Sid versions instead of Wheezy versions?18:12
tumbleweedLogan_: no18:13
xnoxLogan_: no. because quantal got initialised as derivative of wheezy.18:13
Logan_are there any external tools that will compare Quantal versions with Sid versions?18:13
Logan_besides the possible RC bugs thing on ubuntuwire, which only shows serious/grave fixes18:14
tumbleweedmultidistrotools on ubuntuwire?18:14
tumbleweedalso, of course, merges.ubuntu.com18:14
Logan_mdt compares to Wheezy as well18:14
tumbleweedah, right18:14
tumbleweedsid and wheezy should be fairly similar atm, though18:15
tumbleweedpeople are encouraged not to upload new crack to sid during the freeze18:15
Logan_what is the preferred way to request that packages be removed from the Ubuntu repositories?18:16
Logan_do you subscribe the Ubuntu Package Archive team?18:16
xnoxLogan_: sponsors first, then we subscribe Archive team.18:17
micahgLogan_: if you have upload rights for the package in question yes, otherwise ubuntu-sponsors18:17
Logan_another question - if I'm creating a Ubuntu delta, do I change Uploaders to XSBC-Original-Uploaders?18:50
tumbleweedLogan_: run update-maintainer18:51
tumbleweedwhen we change a package we only change the Maintainer field, not Uploaders18:51
verwilsti have 2 build jobs in my ppa that have been waiting to be built since 9 hours ago, and still it's waiting20:35
verwilstis there a problem with the build servers?20:35
micahgverwilst: backlog due to the datacenter move20:38
verwilstok, makes sense, thanks micahg :)20:38
verwilstmicahg, it will start in 2 days so it seems.. :P21:11
micahgwell, the build farm isn't completely back yet21:12
ajmitchat least there's more than 1 or 2 ppa buildds at the moment :)21:15

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