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phillwhiyas xnox03:34
* xnox only lurks here when mdadm/lvm/cryptsetup comes up in a conversation03:35
phillwxnox: one of the guys I run a VM area for found a new server system and released his VM back into our pool. A few days later, he said that it was a big mistake03:37
phillwHe then asked if I could re-create the VM03:37
phillwI had his old ipV4 address still un allocated, and asked if he would be okay to run 12.10 server03:38
phillwHe said that he would be delighted03:38
phillwI installed it and it hangs on the splash screen of four dots....03:39
phillwAs to why the heck server edition 12.10 has a splash.... pass.03:39
phillwhe has 12.04 working happily03:39
phillwI have one free ipV4 if you guys want to go play. It's on an OVH dedicated server, so you guys need to sort out stuff.03:41
phillwstgraber: was kind enough to pass me http://paste.ubuntu.com/1146080/ but as the server hangs on boot, it's not a lot of help to me :'(03:43
xnoxphillw: do you have physical access to it / is it a VM?03:47
xnoxboot second time -> choose recover -> remove "splash" => boot03:48
xnoxor hold down right shift I think to access that menu on first boot.03:48
phillwthe dedicated machine lives in France, I'm in UK03:48
phillwI have one spare ipV4 for a fully set up VM if you'd like to use it.03:49
phillwxnox: one of the things flagged in the recent survey from balloons (Nicholas) is that people consider QA to be "It works out of the box", currently 12.10 server does not.04:08
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* ScottK thought the splash thing was supposed to be removed for 12.04 server.04:42
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ariel__can anybody tell me if it is a good idea to install lamp on my computer05:30
andolariel__: Do you have a use for a lamp stack on your computer?05:47
ariel__well how much space exacly does there need be05:48
andolariel__: Well, for an exact answer that really depends on what depending libraries etc you already have installed. But for the basic packages I'd say 30MB or so.05:51
ariel__how does lamp work like how do you configure it to have a web address05:53
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_johnnyhi, i have a "bad" question on lvm. bad, because i've never used lvm, and neither has my buddy, on the box he has. i'm working through some tutorials to try and see if i can debug, so.. sorry for the ignorant question:11:17
_johnnywe have 4 drives, two lvms with two drives each. vgs shows one of them, but the other is missing. pvscan/vgscan shows only the one, and "in no VG: 0". all drives seem fine with smartctl, so i'm wondering if a switch in drive letters is at fault here? lvm is suppose to scan all /dev/*, so i'm not sure what our next move is11:18
_johnny(for reference, i've been using http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/appnote/19386.html)11:18
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njinHallo, Im in MAAS with w3m, but if I select Add node, below appear the written `is not found` can you explain if I'm doing something wrong13:04
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MoleMan-TPis openVPN compatible with VPNSec or Cisco IntErconnect?15:55
MoleMan-TPanyconnect rather15:55
qman__no, OpenVPN uses its own SSL VPN method15:57
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i7chi, i would like to use disk encryption on my ubuntu server, but i dont like the fact that it unmounts /home when no one is logged in to the system. how can i change that?19:04
phillwi7c: can I ask why you would encrypt /home?19:07
i7cruns on an notebook which sometimes is unattended and it contains personal data19:08
i7c-an +a19:09
phillwi7c: a notebook running server edition?19:09
i7cyes indeed. an old netbook, just does its job perfectly :)19:10
phillwI'm still puzzled - When the server goes to sleep - servers do not go to sleep?19:12
i7ci didnt say it goes to sleep. it runs but it seems that when nobody is _logged in_ the /home partition is not mounted anymore19:13
i7cso if i have processes running that want to read/write on home i start them and detach them, logout and they dont work anymore :/19:13
phillwwhich means it is not running as a server, as they do not.19:13
i7cphillw: sorry, i didn't get that19:14
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phillwi7c: using ecryption on a server is not the best way forward, I'd suggest setting up a LUKS area.19:16
xnoxi7c: you can either use ecryptfs or dm-crypt (LUKS)19:17
i7cphillw: so i would install ubuntu server without /home partition encryption and set the area up after the installation?19:17
phillwi7c: what do you think encryption achieves on your system?19:17
xnoxi7c: what do you mean by "unmounts home"? When you use ecryptfs the users home directory is unmounted, but it is only "/home/user" not all of home.19:17
xnoxi7c: ecryptfs can be added/removed as needed. dm-crypt (aka cryptsetup aka LUKS) needs a separate partition.19:18
phillwxnox: I'd suggest that i7c does that, as an area to be kept 'seperate' is not the same as the maddening "do you want to encypt your home directory"19:18
xnoxi7c: please note, when the partitions are mounted & unlocked (unencrypted) that means that anyone can access those files (if they gain root for example)19:19
i7cxnox: i meant that processes running with my user name can't access /home/myusername anymore after i logged out19:20
xnoxi7c: encryption will prevent somebody stealing the netbook and then trying to access the data.19:20
i7cxnox: that's alright, i understood19:20
xnoxi7c: yes. you can choose not to logout, or keep ecryptfs unlocked if you want.19:20
i7cxnox: how do i keep it unlocked? is there a setting?19:21
xnoxi7c: http://superuser.com/questions/339829/ecryptfs-not-automatically-unmount19:21
xnoxi7c: delete ~/.ecryptfs/auto_umount. Its an empty file so you can restore it with touch19:21
i7cxnox: i see! nice.19:22
i7cwell i'll read a bit about ecryptfs and dm-crypt :) thanks xnox, phillw for your help!19:22
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Troy^hey guys i'm putting together a 800mhz p3 ubuntu sever for the house i got two 80gb ide hard drives and i think i want to raid them.  in Raid 1 can this mainly be done by a software raid?19:53
xnoxTroy^: yes.19:54
Troy^xnox: what is best suggested for doing this?19:55
xnoxTroy^: use the installer, it has support for raid1. it will use mdadm19:55
Troy^oh ok19:55
Troy^that's perfect thanks19:55
xnoxTroy^: manual partitioning is your friend ;-)19:56
Troy^i;m fairly new to the whole thing. have some experience. i think there is not a better way then to make a little server for the house. even though not exactly sure what i'll be doing with it yet. I should find some things fairly quickly though.19:57
xnoxTroy^: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/index.html19:57
xnoxTroy^: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/advanced-installation.html#software-raid19:58
Troy^I know for sure i'll use it to backup pictures, run subsonic music server, probablly a little webserver and possibly a teamspeak/ventrilo server..20:01
xnoxsounds good. Don't forget transmission web interface ;-)20:03
Troy^BT, i assume lol.. Well right now I have a HTPC hooked to my television that uses newsgroups. It has SabNZBD, Couch potato and Sick Beard installed20:04
Troy^plus 80GB drives in Raid 1 doesn't allow for much space20:05
Troy^xnox: just to show you http://puu.sh/WT0J20:25
Troy^i have a 50mb download and a 30mb upload20:25
xnoxTroy^: nice =)20:25
xnoxTroy^: hostname.local should work on your LAN for nicer URLs =)20:26
Troy^yea i'm going to have to setup a dns as well. ip is dynamic20:28
Troy^oh i see my router has that option lol20:29
Troy^i guess i just need to sign up with either dydns or no-ip20:29
phillwTroy^: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw#Web_Hosting20:48
xnoxTroy^: when you are on local network, you have zeroconf and you can access all your machines using hostname.local21:21
xnoxmyserver.local mylaptop.local etc.21:21
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internalkernelI have a postfix relay issue - mail server has existing virtual domains, and only one is being moved to a new server.... I'm trying to relay that one single domain.21:50
internalkernelI've setup transport maps with: domain.com smtp:[mail.domain.com] and postmapped21:51
internalkernelI've removed the domain to be relayed from virtual_alias* and added it to relay_domains21:51
internalkernelI'm getting a mail loops back to myself error... and I've hit a wall...21:52
internalkernelIm looking at using relayhost - but relaying ALL mail would be bad...21:53
internalkernelindeed... one should remember to restart dnsmasq after making changes to hostnames and such...22:19
daffwhat is the expected behaviour in ubuntu 12.04 regarding the naming of network interfaces in KVM/Libvirt VMs? Since 75-persistent-net-generator.rules ignores KVM virtual NICs, how does the virtualized Ubuntu know which virtual NIC will be eth0, eth1, etc?22:37
daffis the naming/order based on the order in which the devices are defined in the Libvirt domain configuration?22:38
Troy^can you install ubuntu server from usb? also can you get an older comp to boot from usb22:44
Troy^also is there an alternative to puttty22:49
xnoxTroy^: you can install from usb. you can try network/pxe-boot (see mini & netinst cds) instead of usb/cds22:54
xnoxTroy^: alternative to putty on windows?22:54
xnoxon windows i recommend http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/22:55
xnoxwhich comes with usable openss-client & usable bash terminal22:55
genii-aroundYou can also use actual ssh if you install cygwin22:56
xnoxcygwin is too much when all you need is just a shell =)23:00
Troy^hmm network/pxe boto eh23:01
Troy^hmm looking for a nice dont23:08

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