Azelphurpenguin42: 5 what? o.O00:00
penguin42my synergy has moved from mapping keys wrongly to mapping everything except the   key00:00
Azelphurzumo__: yea, I don't think I'll have a problem with that I'm used to a debit card and will usually go by my bank balance, so I'd just pay off every month00:01
zumo__I said that. Life went wrong, I had no cash. Missed payment, Very easy to spiral out of control with no help from them at all. Bank Credit cards on the other hand, You can talk to a bank manager for help00:12
emis it possible to install ubuntu in the old fashioned way where you use fdisk and such?01:05
ali1234just ignore powerpc specific stuff01:08
emokay thanks01:14
zumo_Has anyone tried madori browser?01:40
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aLureyuhh sup u fuckers02:07
Azelphurali1234: https://blockchain.info/address/1DkyBEKt5S2GDtv7aQw6rQepAvnsRyHoYM looks like pirate is getting ready to return the monies02:19
Azelphurthis is going to mess with the btc price so much haha02:20
zumo_I've never really understood teh whole bitcoin thing02:57
MartijnVdS\o christel06:46
christelhelloooo my lovely dutch <306:46
* MartijnVdS finishes packing his bag for YAPC::EU::201206:49
christeloooh :)06:49
christelhave lots of fun perling!06:49
namoamitabuddhaHi, folk!07:24
namoamitabuddhaAre you all Englishmen?07:24
MartijnVdSSome of us are not even British ;)07:25
namoamitabuddhaI have some questions about this channel.07:25
christelfurriners, everywhere07:25
christelsome are not even men!07:26
namoamitabuddhaBot, haha.07:26
MartijnVdSchristel: What?!07:26
lubotu3Join us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk07:26
christelMartijnVdS: shocking isn't it? :)07:26
namoamitabuddhaThis is not human.07:26
namoamitabuddhachristel: What do you mean by "some are not even men!"?07:26
MartijnVdSnamoamitabuddha: some are women!07:26
namoamitabuddhaWell, I misinterpreted.07:27
namoamitabuddhaWhy can't woman use Ubuntu?07:27
christeland some are MACHINES07:27
christelthey can't?07:27
namoamitabuddha!us | christel07:28
namoamitabuddha!uk | christel07:28
lubotu3christel: Join us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk07:28
namoamitabuddhachristel: That's obviously machine.07:28
namoamitabuddhaa machine07:29
namoamitabuddhaI have some questions about this channel.07:29
namoamitabuddhaIs the topic of this channel strictly limited in Ubuntu?07:30
namoamitabuddhaOr just a linux channel?07:30
christelas the name would suggest it is an ubuntu channel, specifically that of the UK loco team -- we talk about ubuntu and about not-ubuntu, we're quite nice people so we're unlikely to get annoyed if people ask a non-ubuntu specific question -- but might direct someone who does elsewhere if we feel they'd get a better answer/more help elsewhere :)07:34
Myrttihot, innit07:35
christelmorning hotti!07:35
Myrttiby l07:36
Myrttilol at backlog07:36
Myrttijust realised tHis is a perfect moment for us 2 to chat07:37
namoamitabuddhachristel: Fair enough.07:38
MyrttiI wonder where have I put my tablet stylus07:39
Myrttiwould ease desiging knittig patterns on the Nexus707:40
namoamitabuddhaSo something on-topic and something off-topic are not strictly isolated.07:40
namoamitabuddhaAm I right?07:40
Myrttito some extent07:41
christelMyrtti: ooh what are you knitting? :)07:48
MyrttiI bought laceweight purple orange for knitting a scarf for elky as a christmas present07:50
christelooh nice07:50
Myrttivery Ubuntu colours07:52
christelbeautiful yarn :)07:53
* AlanBell likes channels that pass the bechdel test07:59
* MartijnVdS tries to prepare for 38C08:00
MartijnVdShow does that even work?08:00
AlanBell29C here later it seems08:03
matttmorning morning08:04
AlanBellmight have to paint the fence today08:06
MartijnVdSand the bikeshed? :P08:07
AlanBellalready painted that, you can't comment on the colour08:08
AlanBelland it isn't #dd481408:08
MartijnVdShot pink with polka dots?08:08
AlanBelldark green08:09
christeluntangling toddler-induced knots in yarn is a bit of a challenge08:22
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brobostigongood morning everyone.09:12
SuperEngineermorninks brobostigon09:21
brobostigonmorning SuperEngineer09:22
* SuperEngineer supposes most peeps are recovering from oggcamp "Saturday Night fever" ;)09:22
matttbleh, hot out09:54
matttjust got back from asia, was looking forward to some miserable weather :P09:54
brobostigonfilm4, dr strangelove, :), such a good film.10:03
SuperEngineerheehee, tonytiger reports on twitter:10:39
SuperEngineer"The #oggcamp12 hotel is hosting an AA meeting the day after the Saturday night party. Coincidence?"10:39
SuperEngineerIn case anyone on here lives in Monmouthshire... Flood warning by Environment Agency http://tinyurl.com/d7lxq3310:43
Myrttiwhy can't there be inland swimming beaches and areas like there are in Finland...10:45
SuperEngineerMyrtti: there are about to be some in monmouthshire according to the environment agency!10:56
Myrttioh nice10:56
shaunoI went to one of these swimming lake things in slovakia recently.  having lived on various coasts my whole life, having to pay to go swim was odd11:00
shaunoand much less entertaining than swimming in the atlantic too11:01
Myrttibecause swimming pools and halls close for the summer in Finland in most places for people to go swim in the lakes. It's a bit baffling to see island nation with canals, meres, lodes and whatnots not using it all. also, LOL 25 meters? ridiculous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_swimming#Lessons11:02
SuperEngineerEvery once in a while a Ubuntu pooter throughs me a surprise... this time Hamster Indicator found not to work on 1 netbook using UBR, but does on another!11:06
SuperEngineerdconf editor used to add "all" to panel on both, both running UBR11:06
SuperEngineerhmmmm.... any suggestions?11:07
SuperEngineeruh oh!  barometer falling, wind speed increasing, clouds darkening....11:40
SuperEngineerhas somebody pulled the good-weather-plug?11:40
penguin42plagues of frogs?11:40
* SuperEngineer checks sky for frogs11:41
SuperEngineernope... no frogs so far11:41
penguin42SuperEngineer: It's because I've got the week off :-(   About Thurday the Times was predicting that tomorrow would be wonderfully sunny11:41
SuperEngineerpenguin42: cairo-docl weather applet still showing 5 days of sunshine here; it's internet based so surely it must be right ;)11:45
penguin42YaWP is showing sun+rain mon,tue,thu and cloud on wed11:46
penguin42it might be a case of finding the sunny place and getting on a train to it11:46
SuperEngineer& weather Indicator says "partly cloudy" for me here11:47
* SuperEngineer checks wikipedia for meaning of "partly" ;)11:47
penguin42it means over where you are, leaving the gap and sunshine for the other person11:50
SuperEngineerpenguin42: lol11:52
penguin42SuperEngineer: I'm not sure if they still do; but they used to measure cloud cover in 'octa' - or eigths of the sky; so I guess partly is some range of that11:56
SuperEngineerhmm... so "partly" right now means approx 9 eighths ;)12:04
penguin42yes, 1 extra just for spite12:04
SuperEngineeron the bright side [pardon the pun]: glad I'm in Gloucestershire, not Monmouthshire12:08
SuperEngineer[though we have been known to have a wee bit excess water around here a few years back ;)12:09
SuperEngineerneed to log off for a mo.  brb13:00
dogmatic69anyone having internet issues?14:59
dogmatic69not sure if its local or BT. Suddenly nothing loads fully :/14:59
penguin42dogmatic69: No, but freenode blinked an hour or so ago14:59
dogmatic69ye, its been about an hour or something.14:59
dogmatic69(that I noticed)14:59
dogmatic69cant play youtube / browse reddit. might have to do something productive.15:00
dogmatic69It almost seems like UK servers are ok, outside is not15:01
penguin42no, youtube is fine here15:01
TheOpenSourcererBoo - anyone got any idea how to fix this? No space left on device message but I have *loads* of space: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1155426/15:01
dogmatic69eg: bbc.co.uk loads instant, nbc.com takes minutes15:02
dogmatic69TheOpenSourcerer: rm -rf /15:02
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: Odd, try df -i15:02
TheOpenSourcererthanks but I'll pass on that one.15:02
penguin42dogmatic69: nbc.com comes up fine here - on demon15:03
TheOpenSourcerer/dev/sda5             610800  608155    2645  100% /15:03
dogmatic69"on demon" ?15:03
TheOpenSourcererpenguin42: can I add more inodes?15:03
dogmatic69TheOpenSourcerer: the "free" is pretty low there15:03
dogmatic69and IUse is 100%15:03
dogmatic69TheOpenSourcerer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/653096/howto-free-inode-usage15:04
dogmatic69that seems like your issue exactly15:05
dogmatic69TheOpenSourcerer: you do php dev?15:07
dogmatic69"my problem was to have an incredible amount of sessions in the /lib/php/sessions directory. "15:08
dogmatic69might be a good start15:08
TheOpenSourcererYeah - just read that.15:08
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: You can't easily - the best bet is to find them; now what looks a little odd there is that you've only got 600k inodes allocated - how big is / ?15:09
penguin42hmm, 9G15:09
TheOpenSourcererAt least I know what I'm looking for now.15:09
penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: Hmm is this a standard Ubuntu install?15:10
TheOpenSourcererYes. 10.04 server15:10
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penguin42TheOpenSourcerer: OK, if you find you haven't got any extra few hundred thousand tmp files somehwere then you may be finding the default allocation of inodes might be too low and it would be a bug; it's a heuristic where it allocates so many inodes per MB of space; you can tweak it during fs creation, but perhaps it might be better to increase it for small filesystems in some case15:14
TheOpenSourcererIt's a low-power machine so running for i in /*; do echo $i; find $i |wc -l; done is taking a while but I'm sure I can find enough to cleanup the system. TY15:16
zumoDoes anyone have suggestions on "Must have" applications?15:43
zumoNo games :P15:45
zumoBastion I play on teh xbox15:45
MartijnVdS\o from Frankfurt15:58
directhexwell those are the must-have apps. anything else is optional.15:58
zumoHow about optional applications you would suggest.#15:59
dogmatic69_zumo: google chrome16:01
dogmatic69_penguin42: rebooted the router, internet is good again \o/16:02
dogmatic69_really good... +- 7Mbps better than usual16:03
zumodogmatic69_: Thats not optinal thats a must in my opinion! That or chromium16:07
dogmatic69_zumo> Does anyone have suggestions on "Must have" applications?16:08
zumo I thought you were refering to my later comment.16:09
=== dogmatic69_ is now known as dogmatic69
dogmatic69zumo: the apps depend on what you do. eg: if you were a programmer shooting off a bunch of graphics packages would be pointless.16:10
dogmatic69maybe tell what you do with your pc16:10
dogmatic69or want to do16:10
zumojust general day to do stuff16:10
dutchiepersonally i find nuvolaplayer very useful: http://nuvolaplayer.fenryxo.cz/Home.html16:11
Azelphurali1234: rofl bitcoin price is major tanking XD18:39
ali1234i know18:39
Azelphurthe value of my bitcoins went down ~£3620 in the space of a day, haha18:40
Azelphurbitcoin is fun \o/18:41
ali1234$14 was not a realistic price18:42
brobostigonand pointless, unless you happen to have a cray lieing around.18:43
ali1234reasonable price is $10 in january18:44
penguin42brobostigon: I get the feeling Azelphur's bedroom would put a 10 year old cray to shame18:44
Azelphurpenguin42: probably :P18:45
brobostigonpenguin42: i see.18:45
Azelphurali1234: I'm quite proud of myself really, I made all the right choices again18:45
AzelphurI did a partial cash out, right at the peak, just before BS&T closed18:45
Azelphurand now it's time to hole up and wait for the price to spike again18:45
Azelphurand perhaps buy low :P18:46
dutchiebitcoin/currency speculation feels too much like gambling to me18:49
dutchiei don't know enough about finance/economics for it not to just be blind luck18:49
Azelphurdutchie: I'm blind luck that somehow manages to get it right every single time without fail18:50
dutchiesee, as a mathematician, i would stop now18:50
gingdutchie: i can teach you all you need to know in 1 sentence18:50
gingby low sell high18:50
Azelphuralso, I bought a mining rig, paid it off in the first month18:50
dutchiewell yes, but what is "low" and what is "high"?18:50
Azelphureverything I play with at this point, is money I made mining / investing / trading18:51
gingdutchie: don't complicate it18:51
Azelphurso, nothing ventured nothing lost so to speak18:51
dutchiefair enough then Azelphur18:51
soreaudutchie: low is lower than high and high is higher than low18:52
dutchiewatch out, the tautology police are coming18:52
Azelphursoreau: got it in one :P18:52
Azelphursoreau: it's funny to watch all the silly people panicing, my bitcoins have lost about $6k in value today haha18:53
* Azelphur isn't even worried18:53
dutchieat least with poker or something i have an understanding of what is going on, and my fate is in my own hands a lot more18:54
dutchiebitcoins are pretty much at the mercy of the market (at my level at least)18:54
ali1234pretty much whatever happens with pirate was going to cause a crash sooner or later19:04
ali1234even if he pays out and the price recovers (which looks unlikely for several reasons) then that would lead to hundreds of copycats (who won't pay out)19:04
Azelphurali1234: but pirate is a scammer ponzi he ain't gonna pay out :p19:13
* Azelphur intends to do full face rubbing at the end of this19:13
ali1234also, even if he does, people will sell the payout19:13
ali1234so either way really19:14
AzelphurI ain't selling my payout, I'm reinvesting19:16
Azelphuralready have a couple of opportunities lined up19:16
AlanBello/ daubers20:00
AlanBellI appear to be running out of rubbish beer20:00
TheOpenSourcererbetter find some un-rubbish beer then AlanBell20:01
AlanBellyeah, I might have to break out the decent stuff20:01
daubersSo I realised over the weekend that I haven't really had a lot to do with this place recently, what's been happening?20:02
* TheOpenSourcerer is waiting for a Spice Station curry delivery.20:02
AlanBelldaubers: I made this: http://ratemyspicerack.com20:02
AlanBelland some event stuff in the works: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2012-August/034895.html20:03
daubersAlanBell: I saw the spice rack thing! Was all over my Twitter feed until I left20:04
* TheOpenSourcerer runs this most excellent command on his home-server to free up several hundred thousand inodes...20:05
daubersAlso, would be up for a Christmas something20:05
* TheOpenSourcerer ( \20:05
* TheOpenSourcerer KERNEL_HIGHEST=$(dpkg -l 'linux-image-[0-9.]*-[0-9]*-[a-zA-Z0-9]*' | grep ^ii | tail -n 1 | sed 's/^.*linux-image-\([0-9.]*-[0-9]*\)-[a-zA-Z0-9]*.*$/\1/') ; \20:05
* TheOpenSourcerer KERNEL_CURRENT=$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/") ; \20:05
* TheOpenSourcerer sudo apt-get purge $(dpkg -l 'linux-*-[0-9-]*' | grep ^ii | awk '{print $2}' | sed "/$KERNEL_CURRENT/d;/$KERNEL_HIGHEST/d" ) ; \20:05
* TheOpenSourcerer )20:05
AlanBellthat is a command and a half20:06
TheOpenSourcererIt is indeed20:06
AlanBellkernel source trees is it?20:06
TheOpenSourcererOld kernels20:06
TheOpenSourcererI have ~500k indoes of old kernel trees20:06
penguin42haha - that's where they went :-)20:07
AlanBelloh modules20:07
* TheOpenSourcerer also broks a 10.04 - 12.04 upgrade today - got into a dependency broken hell loop. Will probably need to do a re-install on kid's PC.20:09
dutchiedaubers: you aren't the only one who has been neglecting #u-uk!20:14
TheOpenSourcerercurry est arrive :-)20:14
TheOpenSourcerer0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 68 to remove and 2 not upgraded.20:16
TheOpenSourcererAfter this operation, 3,515MB disk space will be freed.20:16
TheOpenSourcererAnd about 400k inodes20:16
daubersdutchie: Aren't you off busy being educated or somesuch?20:16
popeypip pip20:22
popeydaubers, saw you at the stop on the m6 toll, as we drove out you walked into the place20:22
AlanBello/ popey20:23
dwatkinsahh the M620:23
dauberspopey: hah20:26
dauberspopey: At least the 3h30min journey did only take 3h30 today!20:38
czajkowskiour 2 hrs train takes over 3 hours this time20:46
bittinbooking my UK tickets soon :p but only staying for 1-4 days20:54
TheGurkhabittin - where in the UK are you coming to?20:57
bittinTheGurkha, London20:58
TheGurkhaI live in North Wales20:58
TheGurkhawe're still in the 18th Century20:58
TheGurkhaNorth Wales is ace, but the tiny village I live in still doesn't even have main sewage!20:59
bittinah well i live in Stockholm lol21:00
dutchiedaubers: i'm on holiday!21:14
dutchiebut yes, most of my time is being spent learning completely useless maths21:15
zumoCan anyone here help me setup my old machines hardware for the best machine?21:31
penguin42zumo: Sure22:18
zumopenguin42 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12182283#post1218228322:34
penguin42zumo: I'm confused - the HD5450 is a PCIe card, but the motherboard is PCI22:36
zumoGive me a second till I look22:37
zumoJust looked. Its defo PCI Express22:39
penguin42zumo: Well is that the right motherboard you're listing?22:40
penguin42oh I see22:40
penguin42It's got 1 big PCI-e slot, and 3 PCI - that's very odd!22:40
penguin42zumo: OK, so it's fairly simple; go for the HD5450 and probably the P4 2.66GHz,22:43
zumoAny ideas on bios settings?22:45
zumoI know the board lets me do some overclocking and voltage stuff22:45
* penguin42 tends not to overclock stuff22:46
zumoram settings?22:46
penguin42I'd go with whatever the BIOS decides - it should read it off the DIMM22:47
penguin42(Yes, you probably can get a little more perf out of it but test a lot to see if it's stable)22:47
penguin42zumo: so that's an OK graphics card on a very old CPU and motherboard/RAM; a slightly odd mix22:48
zumoYea my PCs are usually build out of salvaged machines.22:49
penguin42zumo: I mean my dads machines are similar ages - although he doesn't have a graphics card that nice22:50
penguin42zumo: So you're OK, it *should* work22:51
zumoI picked it up to help my minecrafting22:52
zumoHowever I ran into stupid issues getting it to work on linux mint.22:53
zumoSo back to windows I went.22:53
zumoHence why I have backup hardware!22:53
penguin42zumo: That should work on mint - I mean I'd recommend Mint, and MATE in particular as a desktop given that hardware; I use the older HD4xxx series Radeon on my i722:54
zumoPlanning on running lubuntu as the damn machine normally feels piss poor22:54
penguin42yeh that should work22:55
zumoCan't wait to be able to actually being able to BUY a machine again instead of salavaged scrap.22:56
penguin42zumo: Well, I was going to wonder what you could get for your spare CPUs and graphics card; but I doubt it's enough for a usefully newer CPU and board and RAM22:56
zumoI have every intention of buying this once I have money22:58
zumogive it a ram upgrade and it will do anything I need it to do for the next year. when I will buy whatever kicks i7s ass by then,22:59
penguin42heck; that's cheap :-)  The cheapest I managed was about 200 for the machine I bought my mum last November, that was a Dual core Celeron with 4GB (or is it 8GB) - pretty much cheapest on everything at Scan23:00
zumoSomethuing like this?23:01
zumoYea what ive found machines like that are cheaper to buy than build. The fact it has no OS helps too23:01
penguin42yeh, similar23:02
penguin42but yeh, it might be time to upgrade my dads machines - as you find out, with hardware that old it's a pain to keep stuff up to date23:02
zumoYea ive had to dig this out becasue I NEED it. Not becasue I want to :/23:03
zumoLooking at basic machines, I dislike these new intel machines23:10
zumoAnything with the word pentium or celeron just confusses me these days.,23:10
zumoProbally due to the fact I still use P4s and celerons and celeron ds23:10
penguin42zumo: Oh, just read them as 'low end version of...' and then you still have to figure out what gen they're a low end version of23:11
penguin42zumo: ark.intel.com is the best site for decoding them IMHO23:11
zumoYea I won't be picking up an intel processor if its not i3/5/7 or newer23:11
* penguin42 pats his i723:12
zumoYea yea rub it in it.23:12
zumoMe and my P4 are away to find the thermal paste.23:12
zumoI'll rub it right in.23:12
zumoSounds mildly sexualy o.O23:12
penguin42always good to keep your thermal paste handy23:12
zumoIts in a one of my drawers.23:14
zumoIts a shame its cheap nasty goo.23:14
zumoI hate thermal paste23:43
zumoThe stuff I have is cheap crap and its a nightmare to clean.23:51
zumoAlso im never sure how much to use!23:52
zumopenguin42 I have a CPU here I WISH i could use, but I am still to find a salvagable board for it.23:57
penguin42what's that?23:59

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