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internalkernelanyone know some postfix voodoo?21:16
internalkernelI'm trying to forward only one domain to another server - I've setup transport maps and relay_domains... and removed from virtual_alias... but no love...21:16
internalkernelconsidering using relayhost - but I think that will relay ALL mail - which would be bad...21:17
Nivexit's doable. hang on lemme see if I can dig up notes21:20
Nivexthat's how I'm rigged up21:23
Nivexthough now that i look at it, those are specific addresses21:23
Nivexi've done it with transport before but I'm blanking on how21:24
internalkernelI considered that method... but I already have a handful of other virtual domains - so all I can really do with virtual is remove the domain I want to relay...21:31
internalkernelI was hoping to override using transport maps... but it doesn't seem to work - mail loops back to myself...21:31
Nivexwhat directives you have for transport maps?21:32
Nivexmaybe something will jog my memory21:32
internalkerneltransport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport - and in transport: domain.com relay:[mail.domain.com]21:35
Nivextry it with smtp:[mail.domain.com] instead ?21:36
internalkernelI've also added the domain I want to relay to relay_domains21:36
internalkernelI've tried that one too...21:36
Nivexand you're rebuilding the map each time with postmap transport ?21:36
internalkernelits very frustrating...21:36
Nivexwell, we're at about the same point then21:37
internalkernelno worries... thanks for the effort though...21:37
internalkernelI'm sure its something simple too... when I get it figured, I'll mention it...21:37
Nivexcool. good luck!21:38
internalkernelNivex: doh! indeed... the obvious... restarted dnsmasq22:17
internalkernelall of the sudden transport maps kicked in...22:17
internalkernelit was like magic...22:17

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