ailoI got my toe dipped in jack programming today. Created a jack transport start|stop cli app. Just a couple of lines in python00:39
astraljavalen-dt: Good news, thanks!10:15
smartboyhwastraljava: What good news?10:16
smartboyhwOn the news of len-dt, another news: 64-bit testing completed by me now12:53
astraljavaThanks. I'm still not sure whether there'll be new images, so please keep your eyes on the tracker, if you have time still before the release.12:56
astraljavaHuge thanks for all testers!12:56
astraljavaI don't expect any big issues, as our unique parts haven't changed much, this refresh is mostly foundations-related. But have you noticed any peculiarities, len-dt or smartboyhw? I'm not talking bug-worthy (as I expect those having been filed), but anything out of the ordinary?12:58
smartboyhwastraljava: NO!12:59
smartboyhwBTW, thanks scott-work and astraljava and everybody for making such a nice OS12:59
smartboyhwNow I'm waiting for ailo to finish the 64-bit lowlatency kernel to test...:)13:00
astraljavaailo isn't making the kernel (yet), but writing testcases for it. I need to bug the kernel team tomorrow so that we'd get an updated -lowlatency for 12.04.1, though.13:06
smartboyhwailo jst got len-dt a kernel to test for 32-bit, mate13:07
astraljavaWhich would, of course, require new tests for the image, if it happens. I'll keep this channel posted, though.13:07
smartboyhwastraljava: I mean this13:10
smartboyhwOh, sorry, not thed link13:11
smartboyhw[14:28] <ailo> len-dt: Kernels are built https://gitorious.org/ubuntustudio-testing/pages/Kernel13:11
smartboyhwOn 17th August, that is13:11
astraljavasmartboyhw: Right. Well, we aren't hosting our official kernels on gitorious, that's just unofficial testing. If you look into the kernel version on quantal, you'll notice that we're still in the 3.5.0 tree.13:14
smartboyhwOh, that's why13:15
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stochasticThat's it I'm goin' camping. :)14:13
knomehave fun stochastic 14:15
smartboyhwstochastic: Bye and have some fun!14:16
smartboyhwailo: Are you here? I want to know the progress of the amd64 kernel:)14:48
ailosmartboyhw: I told you before, I'll let you know when the tests are finished. Me and Len have been working on the ground work for them. That is why I have only been notifying Len so far15:21
smartboyhwOh, that's why.....15:21
smartboyhwailo: Been wondering about Bug 102126415:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1021264 in Ubuntu Studio "forward bugs to Ubuntu Studio Bugs Team" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102126415:33
smartboyhwYou have already succeeded in doing so, why don't you change the Importance to "Fix Released"?15:33
ailosmartboyhw: Not fixed15:34
smartboyhwailo: Why?15:34
ailoI need to do some research on that. But it's not a priority at the moment. We have the bug team, and a new mail list for bugs. The forwarding was a bit difficult to set up.15:35
smartboyhwOh, that's why, the forwarding15:36
smartboyhwBTW, on Bug 15285315:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 152853 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] image2dv" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15285315:36
smartboyhwI packaged it today, but I'll need a MOTU to do so, but actually has it been fixed?15:36
smartboyhwI mean I'll need a MOTU to actually merge the branches15:40
ailosmartboyhw: If you have packaged it, the best way is to get it into Debian15:40
smartboyhwailo: I need to wait for a MOTU to approve the packaging15:40
ailosubscribe to the Debian Mentors list, and tell them you want to upload a package15:40
smartboyhwDebian Mentors List? What's that?15:41
ailosmartboyhw: It's better you go through Debian. 15:41
ailoThat way, it will end up in all Debian based distros, including Ubuntu15:41
ailoOnly upload to Ubuntu, if for some reason, it is Ubuntu specific15:41
ailoLike, ubuntustudio-controls15:42
ailosmartboyhw: The Debian Mentor mail list is a place where Debian uploaders and developers help new participants15:42
ailoYou just say you want to upload a package, and you are seeking a sponsor15:43
smartboyhwOk, subscribing now15:45
len-dtastraljava, The only differences I have noticed have been good. For example I have not seen any scrollbars on our install slideshow for a while now.16:23
len-dtailo, to continue on the comment I left in the other channel.16:41
len-dtailo, in your controls app, it may be a good idea to have a way for checking user is in audio group and adding iff needed16:43
ailolen-dt: That is the main feature I'm adding. realtime privilege administration17:59
ailolen-dt: And, my comment was more about the task installs for ubuntu studio18:00
ailoThat even if you install the ubuntu studio desktop task, you might not get those settings correct18:00
ailoIf I remember correctly, this is still the case18:00
len-dtYa, there are a number of people who start with vanilla or kubuntu and use our metas.18:00
ailoI've noticed over the years..18:01
len-dtpermissions is the biggest issue with doing that right now18:01
ailoOne of the metas could have a post install script to handle that, and ask the user if to be included into the group18:02
ailoJust like the jackd install18:02
len-dtYes like -settings or maybe a new -audio-settings18:03
len-dtor maybe the audio meta18:03
ailoI'd vote settings18:03
len-dtThough that would be harder because the audio meta is based solely on seeds right now.18:04
ailoI think settings should have everything that includes any kind of system configuration18:04
len-dtailo, I am wondering if someone installing mettas over vanilla would want our -default-settings18:04
len-dtThey are xfce dependant18:05
ailoI could imagine someone only wanting realtime privilege, and one or two apps18:05
ailoI would assume that all happens in settings. On the other hand, I'd assume installing jackd would be enough to get started :(18:06
ailoAnd if realtime privilege is done in settings, should audio depend on it?18:06
ailoOr should be we break settings into workflows?18:06
ailoAs you said before18:06
ailoThen ubuntustudio-audio would depend on ubuntustudio-audio-settings18:07
len-dtMaybe the audio meta should be separated from seeds and have its own package so we could include audio settings or maybe an audio-setting package that the audio meta includes18:07
micahgno, it makes most sense as a seed, I see no issue with something like ubuntustudio-audio-settings being built out of the -default package for a case like this18:08
len-dtmicahg, I think we both just came to that conclusion :)18:09
len-dtAnything else is too much work to maintain18:10
len-dtmicahg, if we add setting the user to audio group in a settings package then we could remove the preseed line that does that, right?18:11
micahgnot sure about that18:15
len-dtI guess my question should really be would it hurt to add the user to the audio group twice.18:16
ailolen-dt: Nope. But the install script could be made smart.18:18
len-dtailo, the preseed would have to be smart too.18:19
ailolen-dt: I think we need to separate those, unless you can add ubiquity choices as well. Same as for jackd18:19
len-dtif we set group in settings it would be best to remove the preseed.18:21
ailoOnly if we can make choices during ubuntustudio install18:22
len-dtIt could be a choice like jack does and preseed the choice like we do with jack18:22
ailoAha, like so18:22
len-dtThe if we ever get a ubiquity module the coices could be made there.18:22
ailolen-dt: Did you have a loot at the kernels I built? There's not that many versions, and not a great deal of difference between them18:25
ailoThere's the one with the ticking timer18:25
len-dtTBH no I haven't. I have been busy with other things so far.18:26
len-dtI will have other family related things to do this next few weeks too.18:26
ailolen-dt: Well, the ticking timer might be interesting as far as midi goes18:26
len-dtFor midi I still need to find a situation that causes problems...18:27
ailolen-dt: I think the ticking timer might make things worse18:27
len-dtSo far all of my tests have shown no changes with any setting.18:28
ailoI'm getting more busy now as well. Starting tomorrow18:29
ailoThings have a tendency to just drag on forever. I keep putting too much time on the wrong details18:30
len-dtI think we should but swappiness and hrt/rtc in audio group in defualt settings at least for this cycle. The rest we have yet to prove they do anything (good)18:32
ailolen-dt: My tests are meant to do that, however, have you found any proof of hrt/rtc making any improvement yet?18:40
len-dtNone, but I have not played with rosegarden at all. It is just that as we have added them to the kernel we should finish the job.18:41
len-dtWe can't test everything.18:42
ailoShouldn't be any different on Rosegarden. Still alsa midi18:42
ailoThe purpose of the tests I'm making is to gather data from several machines, to see the actual impact of tweaks18:43
len-dtI don't know, it is just that these recommendations have come from the rosegarden forums, so I would think that is where they solved problems.18:44
ailoalsa midi is a bit difficult to automate though, but we should still probably use the same test for it18:44
len-dtmidish might make it easier.18:45
len-dtIt can set up connections and filtering as well as playback/record midi streams18:45
len-dtAll CLI driven.18:45
ailoI'm creating a standard use case using at least a DAW. Perhaps, qjackctl + hydrogen18:46
len-dtAnyway, I should go...18:46
ailoControlling transport from the script18:47
ailolen-dt: See you18:47
ailoThat should have been qtractor + hydrogen..18:49
ailolen-dt: Just recorded some audio from hexter to qtractor,  using qtractor to send midi to hexter. It's not in sync.19:31
ailoI'm on Debian now. Need to check my settings too19:32
ailolen-dt: Actually, I found that monitoring qtractor controlled Hexter, and Hydrogen, both started with jack transport are not in sync at all20:28
ailoBut, after recording hydrogen to qtractor, the recording itself was a bit better synced20:28
ailoStill, not nearly perfect20:29
ailoThe midi seems to be a few notches ahead of audio20:30
len-dtailo, it should be20:30
ailoIt's just strange that what I hear is not what is20:30
len-dtWhat setting are you using for -p on jack?20:30
ailoThe latency is pretty large right now20:31
ailoThe audio from hydrogen is taking less time to arrive to my speakers, than to qtractor20:32
ailoAlso, the recorded material in qtractor is a few notches too early20:33
ailoI'm missing maybe 10-20 ms at the beginning20:33
len-dtmidi or audio?20:34
ailoAlso, not in sync20:34
ailoThe beats are a bit off20:34
ailoI'm not really doing any testing now20:35
ailoWas just going to record some audio to use for the test20:35
ailolen-dt: Hang on. I'm making a screen shot20:36
ailolen-dt: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=472120:38
ailolen-dt: The bottow two channels have the same exact drum loop, but those are two separate bars of it20:38
ailoI just copied and pasted one under the other20:39
ailoYou can clearly see they are out of sync, not only with qtractor, but with themselves20:40
ailoI'm using the hpet and rtc improvements20:40
ailo-p 1024, I think20:40
len-dtI did not test midi to audio timing. My question is this a qtractor problem?20:45
ailoOne could try using different settings too. qtractor has settable midi timer20:45
len-dtWe probably need to have signal flow diagram for both midi and audio.20:45
ailoCould be the situation changes dramatically if not using jack transport. There's a lot of variables20:47
ailoComing to think of it, these are exactly the type of things we should get right, and document.20:50
ailoBut, I do think jack midi would make things easier here20:52
ailolen-dt: Measuring midi agains midi doesn't show you if the midi clock has jitters21:18
ailoSince everything is following the same clock21:18
ailoPreviously, when I explained the sync problem and how it was apparent to me, was when recording audio21:19
ailoI haven't ever tried recording midi21:19
ailojack midi is solid in this sense21:19
ailoI used ardour3 to control my external synth and recorded from it21:20
ailoI think with all the problems that comes with alsa midi, it would just make things easier if we just replaced everything with jack midi21:21
ailonot "we", literally, of course21:21
ailoheh, funny. I set qjackctl to use "seq" midi driver, and I get a ticking sound from my speakers21:23
ailoHmm, it's from PA21:24
ailoSeems like my internal card has disappeared too. Something with this MB21:24

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