humphHello all, I need some help please with information which I cannot find. I have an Edubuntu 12.4 server running. I am able to boot thin clients which have pentium and dual core processors, but when I try and boot thin clients like HP T5300 with 533MHz processor & 512MB ram it goes about half way and freezes before obtaining the desktop from the server. I test this same thin client on an OLD centos LTSP it worked. However I would li00:11
jocarterhumph: your paragraph cut off at "I would li..."00:17
jocarterhumph: are you familiar with using lts.conf? perhaps that thin client needs to use a vesa driver for the display, you could find that information in the ltsp manual (I need to pop out for a bit but will be back later)00:17
humphSorry ran out of room "I would like to use the modern Edubuntu"00:19
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Jak_AtackkaHello! I'm scouring the Linux-related IRC channels of the internet, hoping that someone can help me. I'm trying to configure my bootloader, but for whatever reason it won't save any changes I make to the .cfg file. It's on a separate /boot partition (/dev/sda1), because my motherboard is UEFI-only. Does anybody know how I can set it so changes I make to the /boot partition are permanent?07:38
solvIs there anyone here who has setup LDAP authentication on edubuntu 12.04.  I can get the list of users from the openLDAP server (a clearOS box), but I can't get either lightdm or ldm to log me on with those users, it just sits at the login screen.  Have followed both the ubuntu wiki for LDAP Client authentication and the LTSP guide...at the end of my rope18:59
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