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SIR_Tacoargh... stupid internet connection00:00
31NABY8HWI just cannot catch a break on this wifi.  Re-setup network-manager, got wifi configured, got 3g modem configured, now neither will start on bootup00:07
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epsilonorionseems to be either a power or driver issues.  Works on a soft reboot00:08
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tbruff13Can anyone help me I am looking for a good calendar program other than the default one. The default one does not remind of appointments I am running Kubuntu 12.0401:36
sithlord48you have to have kreminder service running for that to happen01:37
sithlord48it should ask when you start the calender the first time or make an appoitment01:37
tbruff13sithlord48, can you help me set it up see I also deleted the default calendar and now none of my appointments save01:43
sithlord48tbruff13: i can't help you much with that i never use it. i just remember that when you launch kontact or anything that uses that calender  it always puts that in the tray01:44
tbruff13sithlord48, can anyone here help me find a program that works better anyway that service does not run on startup and does not remind me. I know how to make it run on startup, but I deleted the default calendar, and now I cannot create a new one01:47
sithlord48here all i have to do is start kontact01:51
tbruff13ok I will try that out01:51
sithlord48and it starts the korginzerreminder01:51
tbruff13and maybe just force the service to start on startup01:52
sithlord48that might work for you also you iirc need neopmuk and aconidi working01:52
sithlord48i think once it starts it will start from that point on. if you ahve to force it you can do it in systemsettings -> start up /shutdown01:52
sithlord48once you ahve it in your try you need to right click on it and select enable at start up and enable reminders.01:53
tbruff13sithlord48, I am having an issue there is not calendar for me to use the default one has been deleted01:53
tbruff13so I cannot save an event401:54
tbruff13I would also like to make it the calendar save to a file that I can backup01:54
monkeyjuicetbruff13:  thunderbird has a calander ..01:55
sithlord48system settings-> personal infromation shoudl allow you to make a new one.01:55
tbruff13monkeyjuice, I know but that is really a heavy program for just a calendar01:56
monkeyjuicecan sync it to gmail and get it over the web also01:56
tbruff13monkeyjuice, okay you sold me can you teach me how to sync it over to google calendar02:00
tbruff13monkeyjuice, can you help me with something02:05
tbruff13I have a student email how do I make it work with thunderbird02:05
monkeyjuicethru a college?02:06
tbruff13also where is the calendar in thunderbird02:06
monkeyjuiceits a addon02:06
tbruff13monkeyjuice, okay i will check02:07
tbruff13monkeyjuice, have you tried sunbird02:08
tbruff13you should02:08
tbruff13It is just the calander and not the heavy email application02:08
monkeyjuiceno i have not02:08
tbruff13It is also cross platform02:08
tbruff13and based on mozilla tech02:09
monkeyjuicethe addon is called lighting02:09
monkeyjuicelooking at sunbird ;)02:10
tbruff13sunbird has been discontinued no updates02:13
tbruff13monkeyjuice, the add-on is in the repos02:15
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killownwhy kubuntu aren't making more updates since there is a lot of kde 4.9 bugs fixed04:26
dj_segfaultHi.  I'm trying to set up sshd, and I have the ssh package installed, but there's no /etc/sshd_config.  Shouldn't there be a default one?04:50
samfisherhi. i have a laptop with kubuntu installed, ati graphic card and i cannot enable the desktop effects05:15
samfisherdon't know what drivers to use or how to configure them05:15
thelionroarsis it a hybrid graphics laptop?05:15
samfisher00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 980605:16
samfisherthis is what i got with lspci05:16
uglyoldbobid like to write a script that determines what user is currently using the monitor (ctrl alt f7)05:25
uglyoldbobthis is part of an lirc setup where i run a program as the user currently logged in (with irexec)05:25
thelionroarssamfisher unless you have installed the proprietary drivers yourself it will be the open radeon driver.  Are you seeing an error message when trying to enable desktop effects?05:29
samfisherthelionroars: no, but they work very bad, taking a lot of time to switch desktops and all05:33
dj_segfaultIs there a way to either start kubuntu in text mode then start up the graphical environment, or kill it to go back to text mode and start it up again?05:34
thelionroarsdj_segfault you can choose a console login at the login screen05:35
dj_segfaultthelionroars: But if I have the login screen then I'm already in the GUI.  If I select it does that kill the GUI?05:36
thelionroarsyes it does05:37
dj_segfaultOK, I'll give that a try.  Thanks.05:37
uglyoldbobso the who command does not show anybody is using tty7 (which is weird because im using it right now)05:44
uglyoldbobsame for "w"05:44
samfisherthelionroars: where can I find proprietary drivers?05:56
thelionroarsyou can click the K menu button, then Applications > System > Additional Drivers.06:02
uglyoldbobi found some bug reports talking about tty7 logins not showing up for the "who" command, however they all talk about lightdm (as far as I can tell that is not used or installed in kubuntu)06:08
DaemonFCIs that problem with Rekonq saying that you don't have a default search engine ever going to be fixed?06:09
* DaemonFC noticed that it was fixed upstream weeks ago06:09
thelionroarsdoes anyone use rekonq? I just moved straight to FF on install06:14
uglyoldbobi switched to chromium after experiencing ultra frequent crashes for no good reason on rekonq06:17
uglyoldbob(which was about an hour)06:17
samfisherhi. can desktop effects work on 386 MB video ram?06:26
samfisherbecause they're really slow. i'm using ati proprietary driver06:26
uglyoldbobwhat video card has 386mb ram? thats an odd number06:27
* gnomefreak doesnt know my mb06:28
* uglyoldbob wonder if it megahurts06:29
samfisher384 sorry06:29
Annairealol megahurts06:30
gnomefreakwhere do i locate the mb of ati card06:30
gnomefreaklspci didnt help06:30
uglyoldbobwhats the model?06:31
AnnaireaWow, so many unvoiced users and a couple of operating bots06:31
samfisherati radeon hd 632006:31
gnomefreakAMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor × 206:32
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uglyoldbobgnomefreak: is that a laptop or desktop?06:34
gnomefreakif i remembered my model of the pc i would search net for it06:35
uglyoldbobwell everything i see says it is integrated graphics but nothing mentioned about ram, wikipedia says it has 64m shared memory06:41
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gnomefreakmy vide card is the hd420006:56
gnomefreakhere is the spects page i cant findi it07:00
Jak_AtackkaHello! I'm scouring the Linux-related IRC channels of the internet, hoping that someone can help me. I'm trying to configure my bootloader, but for whatever reason it won't save any changes I make to the .cfg file. It's on a separate /boot partition (/dev/sda1), because my motherboard is UEFI-only. Does anybody know how I can set it so changes I make to the /boot partition are permanent?07:38
shadeslayerJak_Atackka: edit /etc/default/grub08:05
shadeslayerany changes to /boot/grub/grub.cfg will be overwritten when the bootloader is updated08:05
shadeslayerand it picks up the config from /etc/default/grub08:06
Jak_AtackkaI do, as well as /etc/grub.d/10_linux. However, after forcing grub.cfg to update, it never does08:06
Jak_AtackkaNow that I look at it, my entire hard drive seems to be in read-only mode08:06
Jak_AtackkaAny idea what would be causing that? When I mount the partitions, I even specify the -w flag08:08
shadeslayerno idea really08:09
shadeslayeryou could remount / as rw for now08:10
Jak_AtackkaWhat's the command for that?08:10
shadeslayerJak_Atackka: sudo mount -n -o remount,rw /08:10
Jak_AtackkaThanks. I'll try it again08:11
compaqhi can anyone tell me how to adjust the sound system is hdmi, video card my ati radeon Mobility HD 4250 HD driver is installed it works PERFECT now, but no settings of multimedia-channel HD and the sound is quite weaker than windows 7 and there was sound and HD audio in kubuntu analog duplex08:13
shadeslayercompaq: does kmix not work?08:15
shadeslayerkmix shows my thunderbolt sound output, but I've never tried to output sound through it08:15
compaqi don't now08:15
shadeslayerI ... uh ... don't follow08:16
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DaemonFC[02:14] <thelionroars> does anyone use rekonq? I just moved straight to FF on install / [02:17] <uglyoldbob> i switched to chromium after experiencing ultra frequent crashes for no good reason on rekonq08:24
* DaemonFC switches back and forth between Opera, and Firefox on the occasional broken site that needs Firefox08:24
DaemonFCthere's still one of those I have to deal with a lot, won't even work on Rekonq (my credit card company)08:25
DaemonFCyeah, I guess I don't really care what Rekonq is up to other than "I hope it becomes usable in the future"08:25
DaemonFCdefaulting to it in this state is just embarrassing to Kubuntu08:26
shadeslayerDaemonFC: the reason for defaulting was that we couldn't ship Chromium/FF/Chrome on the CD08:26
shadeslayersize restraints08:27
shadeslayerI'd like to visit web browser defaults for next UDS, so let's see08:27
shadeslayerthe problem with FF is that upstream is unwilling to accept KDE specific patches in their current form08:27
DaemonFCthe Webkit KPart for Konqueror works sometimes, but has rough edges08:27
shadeslayerplus, they don't simply care because KDE integration is Tier 3 ( or 4, whichever is the lowest )08:28
DaemonFCwell, Mozilla is a difficult upstream to deal with anyway08:28
DaemonFCit's common for a distribution to be carrying hundreds of patches and either work out some deal where they get to still call it Firefox and THunderbird, or just rename it entirely so Mozilla doesn't get a say08:29
shadeslayerI think chromium might be a sensible default, but I'm very unsure atm08:29
DaemonFCChromium? It Depends.08:29
shadeslayerWell, we most certainly can't ship Chrome :P08:30
DaemonFCThe built in PDF viewer in Chrome? Who cares? We have Okular for that.08:30
DaemonFCFlash will be a problem though08:30
shadeslayercan't be distributed on the CD since the PDF renderer is not open sourced08:30
shadeslayerand some other internal libs that Google uses08:30
shadeslayerthere are certain restrictions on what can be shipped on the CD08:31
DaemonFCshadeslayer: Is there some way of repackaging pdf.js as a Chromium extension?08:31
DaemonFCthat's under the X11 license08:31
shadeslayeridk .. I'm a web nub08:31
shadeslayermostly C/C++ guy here, dabbled in a bit of python ...08:31
DaemonFCofficially, you can't use Pepper Flash with Chromium08:31
DaemonFCunofficially, you can download the Chrome package, unpack the Flashplayer plugin, and copy it into Chromium's directory08:32
DaemonFCit will use it, but it's a violation of Chrome's license to do that08:32
shadeslayerDaemonFC: again, no redistributable source for Chrome08:32
DaemonFCthe other option is to be stuck with Flash 11.2 NPAPI forever08:32
shadeslayerwhich basically means, can't get it into Launchpad08:33
DaemonFCAdobe has said they'll apply security updates to it for five years, and the prospects that some actual site will need new features of Flash are low08:33
DaemonFCbut their quality has gone to hell08:33
shadeslayerwhich is why Google has their own repo's08:33
DaemonFCtheir last security update broke a couple of Flash sites that I know of08:34
shadeslayeriirc the last couple of updates have been horrid08:34
shadeslayermy flash player used to skip/speed up all the time08:34
shadeslayerso I just ditched it08:34
DaemonFCI have Opera set to block it by default08:34
DaemonFCthere's literally 4-5 Flash sites I use08:35
shadeslayerDaemonFC: the aim of Kubuntu has always been to showcase KDE Software08:37
shadeslayerit doesn't help if one of the most important apps is not a KDE app08:37
shadeslayersure, rekonq isn't perfect08:37
shadeslayerbut it has tight integration into KDE08:37
Jak_AtackkaHow do you wipe the data on a partition? I'm trying to wipe my /boot partition so I can try reinstalling the bootloader, but dd didn't work08:48
shadeslayerare you sure you want to do that?08:49
Jak_AtackkaI'm using a LIve CD to boot08:49
shadeslayerinstall gparted08:49
shadeslayerand run kdesudo gparted08:49
shadeslayershould give you a nice graphical interface to repartition stuff08:50
shadeslayerand format partitions and what not08:50
Jak_AtackkaI have gparted on a live CD. Would that work?08:50
shadeslayerjust run kdesudo gparted08:50
shadeslayerI think I'll go and sleep now08:50
uglyoldbobis there a bug filed for programs like who not showing tty7 logins? I saw one for ubuntu regarding lightdm but i don't think that one applies (unless kubuntu 12 uses lightdm)09:21
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chirag_d_gr8today installed kubuntu :)10:04
chirag_d_gr8my core temperature is at 70 C when idle whereas in windows 7 it was about 45. Is this normal?10:05
chirag_d_gr8acpi -V command shows 69 degree C10:06
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decci I am using puppet for configuring puppet through https://github.com/example42/puppet-jboss I am encountering this issu http://pastebin.com/S67JqmSK10:15
chirag_d_gr8when i type grep -i switcheroo /boot/config-2.6.* in terminal it shows no such file or directory10:18
Wenzel_hello, sorry for disturbing, but how can I report a bug about Kubuntu ?10:26
Wenzel_found it, it's ok !10:30
chirag_d_gr8if i use dedicated gpu, will it improve my power efficiency?10:36
thelionroarschirag_d_gr8 if you are using the latest kubunu, you are looking for the wrong kernel version10:39
thelionroarswe are up to Linux kernel 310:40
chirag_d_gr8i am using ubuntu 12.04. My idle core temperature is 75 degree C10:41
thelionroarschirag_d_gr8 you want the integrated card to save power. try echo "OFF"| sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch10:42
chirag_d_gr8command not found10:43
chirag_d_gr8hmm it shows OFF10:44
thelionroarsyeah it will echo off to you too10:47
thelionroarsbut you should see the temps go down10:47
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chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: you are a hero :)10:48
chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: by the way, if i want to get my previous settings back, what should i type?10:50
thelionroarschirag_d_gr8 A full list of commands is available at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics   Also, you will need to reenter the command on reboot, so you might want to look at some solutions that are around. I've been to lazy so far10:52
chirag_d_gr8To avoid any undesirable result, will this command work? echo DIS > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch10:54
chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: that command is not working it is showing permission denied even when i add sudo before echo11:00
thelionroarsadd it after the >11:01
chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: nothing happened. I still cannot get back to previous settings.11:02
chirag_d_gr8it was executed but no o/p11:02
thelionroarsyou will have to play around with it, I have not gotten around to trying to switch it. I think the last 3 commands on the page are what you want if you wish to switch between them. If you want to reverse the command I posted, use the first command11:05
chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: i cannot reverse that command. Anything i type gives no output. I think reboot will fix this11:13
thelionroarschriag_d_gr8 yes, absolutely. As I said, to turn off the card on reboot you will need to reissue the command. There might be a better solution around11:14
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chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: you saved my day and my tour of linux :D i was about to remove it due poor power mgmt thanks a lot11:18
thelionroarsnp, enjoy ;)11:18
chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: one more favour. Do you know a something that will return whether i am using integrated or dedicated graphics and toggle accordingly? i am planning to make a script file11:26
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thelionroarschirag_d_gr8 last command on the page I linked11:26
Mamarokchirag_d_gr8: there is no such tool currently for Linux11:28
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chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: yea right thanks again11:31
thelionroarsyeah sorry it will do the first part. There are solutions around for choosing at boot, I haven't tried any yet11:32
chirag_d_gr8thelionroars: A general linux query. When i made a shell script executable which requires admin password, will that execute with a single click? i cannot execute on clicking it and shows a little red bar over it11:35
thelionroarschirag_d_gr8 try setting the permissions by right clicking it if you are in the gui and selecting properties11:42
chirag_d_gr8I have set owner, group can read n write, others can read and checked the is executable box11:44
thelionroarschirag_d_gr8 I'm not sure, try running it from the command line with sudo. Or Alt + F2, kdesu nautilus and try running it that way11:46
thelionroars*kdesu dolphin, sorry11:48
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chirag_d_gr8what is the keyboard shortcut to open konsole?12:02
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almigiI've noticed this on a few recent distros when using KDE (Kubuntu, Mageia, and Sabayon).  I have a wired connection for Internet, and periodically, I'll appear to lose connectivity.13:04
almigiIt doesn't matter what browser I use (firefox, chromium, konqueror, rekonq) but I'll have periods of a few minutes where I can't seem to access anything13:05
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dmattalmigi: if all distros run on the same hw, this might be some driver issue13:20
almigidmatt: that's what I'm thinking.  I don't think it's a KDE thing, as I haven't used gnome for any great length of time recently.  I will say that Kororra was the only distro I used recently without that problem13:21
almigiand I'm thinking that because of their Fedora base, I might have gotten an update faster with them13:22
almigi(i.e. they're already sending out kernel 3.5)13:23
dmatthave you tested connecting to different wired connection?13:24
dmattwhen I had problems with wired connection, router was the culprit always13:24
dmattespecially torrent choke it up very easily13:25
almigino... this is on my desktop....no other wired connection to use.13:30
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BluesKajHIyas all14:13
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douglBluesKaj, hello, how are you?15:03
BluesKajhi dougl , I'm fine , and you ?15:04
douglnot too bad... the latest cups 1.5.3 updates in kubuntu fixed my printer issues - so I am pretty happy :)15:04
snele_Android ICS theme in Kubuntu! Pure sexynesssss! :) :) :)15:05
douglless than 2 weeks down time and only on the linux - osx and winblows worked out of the box.15:05
BluesKajdougl, cool , glad to heat that...I'm about to put an HP printer back in servic esoon15:07
douglBluesKaj, HP - nice printers but how do you afford the ink cartriges... lol15:09
douglerr - HP... that one have the printhead as part of the replaceable cartrige?15:10
BluesKajdougl, we just print with black15:11
douglthat is not too bad...15:11
BluesKajno the printhead is separate15:11
douglmakes it a bit better then15:11
douglwe were using an epson ink jet and the head was clogging up between uses and we'd waste half our ink getting the printhead clean and then run out of in the next print job... was crazy wasting ink... broke down and got a very light duty colour laser for 120...15:14
douglin = ink15:14
douglall 4 colours of toner 170.00 cdn, so if I can get 2 years out of all of them I will be happy (depending on usage - 2 students in the house)15:16
BluesKajwe're home users so there's not a lot of printing going on here15:16
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markithi, I want to create a link to a file, I can do with drag and drop, but seems not with copy, change directory, right click and... I've only "Paste One File", am I missing something?15:17
douglsame here - hence the clogged/dried out print head... on line bill paying reciept every 2 weeks and high school project every 2 months and university crap about every 2 or 3 months... so I think 2 years life span is do-able15:18
customlinksHow can I configure a shell script to run when I click a link in e.g. Okular?15:18
customlinksThe shell script should get the URL/file name as an argument.15:18
customlinksKDE has some place where it can configure for all applications supposedly how it is opened, except it doesn't really seem to work.15:18
douglmarkit, sounds like you are doing it right - where do you want to copy from/to?15:19
markitwell, i.e. from documents to image15:19
markitor whatever, I can copy without problems15:19
markitbut when I right click on the destination I don't have "paste a link" or whatever I should have15:19
douglmarkit, I know how to do it from a command line?15:20
douglcan you use that?15:20
markitdougl: I know how to do from command line, my users don't ;P15:20
tsimpsonmarkit: don't choose copy, instead navigate to the directory you want the link in, right-click and choose Create New -> Basic link to file or directory15:20
markittsimpson: and then manual type the title and the path?????15:20
markitthey are M$ users, and in any case create a link should be trivial like copy a file15:21
markitin fact with drag and drop is easy15:21
tsimpsonmarkit: you type in the link name, but you can use the GUI to select the file/directory15:21
tsimpsonmarkit: there's a small tool-button icon next to the "Enter path of the file or directory" input line15:22
markittsimpson: I know, but is not a good way, belive me15:22
markitwith drag and drop you can copy or create a link15:22
markitwith copy and paste you have 2 different ways, one very "obscure" and that makes you re-select the file15:23
markit(because for sure the user has been in the source dir, then moved to the destination, and now has to enter that obscure option and re-search for the source file, madness!)15:23
tsimpsonif you want to create a link, you do not want to "copy", so don't choose copy15:23
tsimpsoncreating a link is there so you don't have to copy, after all15:23
markittsimpson: this is a way of thinking that is for developers not for users15:24
tsimpsonno, it's a clear distinction15:24
markittechnical, not logical15:24
markitI want to put something from here to there, and there has to be a link15:24
tsimpsonfor those that don't care about the distinction, they can just copy/paste15:24
markitthat's the way people are used to think, you like it or not15:24
tsimpsonif they want a link, they know they don't want to copy15:24
markita) you have to put the link name15:25
tsimpsonthe only reason "normal" people don't get the distinction is because windows took 20 years to implement links15:25
markitb) you can do to 20 files you selected15:25
markittsimpson: you have to surrender the fact that there is a "common habit" to comply with15:25
tsimpsonnot really, just because people know one way doesn't mean that you have to twist the meanings of the terms15:26
markitalso the fact that if I drag the program icon to the desktop I've a plasmoid, while if I drag it to a folder view I've a file link is a technical difference, that confuses the user15:26
tsimpsonfor people who have no idea of what a link is, they usually won't touch "link"15:26
markittsimpson: you are at "implementation level", not logical level15:26
tsimpsonnot really, I'm speaking about cultural differences, not implementation15:27
markitI suggest you Alan Cooper "About Face" or "the innmates are running the asylum"15:27
markitin any case, now I know the answer is "no, can't be done that way" :)15:27
tsimpsonin the implementation you can choose symlink, hard-link, .desktop (shortcut), all are different :)15:27
markittsimpson: they should remove the possibility to create links with drag and drop, if you are right15:28
markitbecause is like copy15:28
customlinksWhat is this even supposed to mean? "in an application based on the contents of the URL"15:28
markitinstead I want to create a link15:28
markityou told me so :)15:28
customlinksDoes it magically read my brain to figure out what it needs to do?15:28
tsimpsonyou can create links with drag-and-drop, or via the context-menu (in the destination)15:28
customlinksWho was drunk enough to think that was a good idea?15:29
customlinksI am an expert computer user and although I have a very good guess as to what it means, it's stupid.15:29
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:29
markittsimpson: but if I can't create links with copy / paster, the same "wrong way" is with drag and drop15:29
tsimpsoncustomlinks: do you mean content type? rather than content?15:29
markitOR, you have to let me create them with copy and paste too15:29
customlinkstsimpson: I copy pasted that from a UI element of systemsettings.15:30
customlinkstsimpson: in fact, I had to type it over, because copy pasting doesn't work.15:30
customlinkstsimpson: which is another huge flaw.15:30
tsimpsoncustomlinks: I'd suggest filing a bug report about confusing text15:30
customlinkstsimpson: do you have any idea how I can just pass the URL/file which it wants to open to some shell script?15:31
customlinkstsimpson: I just do not understand this system.15:31
customlinksKDE is supposed to be configurable.15:32
tsimpsonmarkit: so you basically want to eg select one or more file/directory, then right click somewhere else, and have the option "create link(s)" in addition to "paste (N) file(s)"?15:32
markittsimpson: that could be an user case15:33
markitI'm creating some tutorials about kde, I want to show how is much simpler than M$, but for liks seems not the case15:33
tsimpsoncustomlinks: as I recall, for opening (web) links, you can just put the location of the script in Default Applications from System Settings15:33
customlinkstsimpson: that doesn't work.15:33
tsimpsoncustomlinks: I actually use a script that detects which web browser I have open and uses that, or else launches my default15:34
customlinkstsimpson: there must be some difference.15:34
tsimpsonmarkit: try creating a link in Windows, without opening a DOS shell that is ;)15:34
customlinkstsimpson: I did nano ~/bin/foobar && chmod ~/bin/foobar15:34
customlinkstsimpson: and I had #!/bin/bash<newline> echo hello > ~/foobar15:35
markittsimpson: you select a file, right click, copy, go to destination, right click, create a link (or something like that, I'm M$-free since long time)15:35
tsimpsoncustomlinks:  did you use "chmod +x" or just "chmod"?15:35
customlinkstsimpson: then clicking on a link in okular should work.15:35
customlinkstsimpson: chmod +x15:35
tsimpsonmarkit: that's a short-cut, rather than a link, but we're in the implementation detail again :)15:36
customlinkstsimpson: what the system should do is give some kind of feedback.15:36
tsimpsoncustomlinks: where did you set ~/bin/foobar to open links from?15:36
markittsimpson: exactly, if you want I can rephrase the question with "how create shortcut with dophind using copy/paste" if you feel more confortable ;)15:36
customlinkstsimpson: default applications-> webbrowser15:36
customlinkstsimpson: I even created a launcher which called the shell script15:37
customlinkstsimpson: so?15:39
tsimpsoncustomlinks: I'd suggest trying to run the script directly, see what is does. then run it from the run-command (Alt-F2) dialog and see if that still works15:40
customlinkstsimpson: that works.15:40
tsimpsoncustomlinks: as my default application -> web browser , I just have "/home/tsimpson/bin/detect-browser", and that has always worked15:40
customlinkstsimpson: without the quotes?15:41
customlinkstsimpson: what rights does it have?15:41
customlinkstsimpson: but the real problem here is that it just silently fails.15:41
tsimpsonmarkit: what exactly do you mean by "using copy/paste", what procedure do the use do and where are the "missing parts" that you'd want?15:41
customlinksWhy does silently failing code even enter the code base?15:41
tsimpsoncustomlinks: no quotes, and my script is 775 (rwxrwxr-x)15:42
markittsimpson: is just have it behave like M$crapware, where you copy from source, go to destination, right click and, AFAIR, you can paste the file or create a link15:42
=== paolo_ is now known as paopeo
markit(btw, I'm trying to export the tutorial with kdenlive, but I'm a lot of problems with audio... sometime out of sync, now with some missing parts... I'm re-exporting without stressing this pc now, maybe was some sort of latency in I/O)15:43
tsimpsonmarkit: then you want a feature in the context-menu similar to "Create link", you'd need to send a feature request15:44
markit(btw, I'm not happy with all this multimedia stuff, seems a nightmare of options and bad behaviour of some programs / mix of formats)15:44
customlinkstsimpson: why 775 and not 700?15:44
tsimpsonmarkit: I found that recording the audio after the video (and maybe writing a script) is helpful with those issues15:44
customlinkstsimpson: try changing it to 700 on your machine.15:44
tsimpsoncustomlinks: because I'm the only one in my group15:44
=== spawn[dead] is now known as spawn57
customlinkstsimpson: sure, but try it anyway please.15:45
markittsimpson: you mean do the stuff and then "comment"? do you know by chance how export the audio from a file and then re-import? I would love to noise-reduce it with audacity15:45
customlinkstsimpson: because for me that doesn't work, 775 does work.15:45
tsimpsoncustomlinks: 700 works here too15:46
customlinkstsimpson: must be gremlins in my machine then.15:47
customlinkstsimpson: thank you for your help.15:47
tsimpsonmarkit: yes, comment while watching back the video, that's what I did anyway. I recall using ffmpeg and mencoder, but it's been a few years since I've done that15:48
tsimpsoncustomlinks: sounds strange indeed15:48
* BluesKaj wonders if there's a way make alsa link to flash-audio on websites without pulseaudio ...it used to work in 11.04 , hasn't since15:50
BluesKajon my setup at least15:50
Peace-BluesKaj: have you tried to set alsa.conf?15:51
Peace-maybe some parameters do the job15:51
Peace-could do15:51
BluesKajI haven't found any commands or know any, that i can add to alsa.conf to do it , Peace-15:52
BluesKajPeace-, do you mean /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf15:57
customlinksBluesKaj: why would you want to do that?15:59
customlinksIn fact, running PulseAudio is just asking for problems.16:00
tsimpsonyou're likely running pulse in the background, even if you don't know it16:01
BluesKajnot a pulseaudio fan, but since installing a pci soundcard alsa no longer links to webaudio , hence the need for pulse , whicj I coinsider an unecessary extra layer of audio processing16:02
SIR_Tacoargh... not sure what that was all about haha16:03
BluesKajpulse does a great job of linking everything tho , so i mostly use the spdif digital passthru to my audio amp for the best possible audio16:05
BluesKajSIR_Taco, , that's what it's about ...is it clear ?16:06
SIR_Tacolike the hokey-pokey?16:06
customlinkstsimpson: I am not.16:07
BluesKajtsimpson, I know whether or not pulseaudio is installed on my setup16:08
tsimpsonBluesKaj: well it's part of the kubuntu-desktop task (and others), so it should be installed by default on recent releases (can't remember exactly when it came in)16:09
BluesKajtsimpson, around 9.04 i think16:11
=== paopeo is now known as faLUCE
tsimpsonsounds about right, the main difference with KDE is that it just uses phonon, and phonon then goes through pulse16:12
BluesKajtsimpson, in my case , it's a necessary , but unwanted guest :)16:12
SIR_Tacowhich then goes through alsa.... lol16:12
tsimpson<balmer>abstraction!, abstraction!, abstraction!</balmer>16:13
BluesKajSIR_Taco, pulse rides on top of alsa , one can still run audio without it it in most cases , just webaudio needs the pulse link16:16
SIR_TacoBluesKaj: yes, I know16:17
=== pjoe is now known as pjoe_afk
kubuntu_Hi, did some search on the web but didn't find the answer. I had a trouble with my kubuntu, couldn't start at all. So I start by a live cd and I want to write into my old part. Do you know how to connect as an another user that's not into the actuel unix?16:26
emkubuntu_: do you mean to connect to the Kubuntu machine, from a non Linux machine elsewhere?16:27
emkubuntu_: You could install openssh-server to kubuntu and then put putty on the windows machine.16:28
kubuntu_em: No, it's difficult to explain :P I have one harddisk with kubuntu on my computer, set with the user cooper. But I can't start on it so I start the computer from a live-cd kubuntu. I just want to save my data. But the access is denied :S16:29
pepperjackkubuntu_: if you mean you want to boot from a livecd on same pc and repair you normally do that by chrooting into the partition after boot. if youjust want to grab the data you can mount and copy it16:29
kubuntu_pepperjack: Is there a way to repair? Nice, gonna try. Is that I want, copy it but I have too big folder and i want to modify before copying, is that possible?16:31
pepperjackthis is an ubuntu link but something similar to this assuming the problem you are having is with grub http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/16:35
pepperjackif you just want to modify and copy folder contents I'd think you could just boot into the livecd and mount the partition. you could then delete what you want and transfer the rest16:35
kubuntu_pepperjack: Thank you, you fix my problem :D Very kind of you. Have a good day pepperjack.16:36
coder27Hello. I'm trying to install (boot) kubuntu 12.04 from USB stick. There is no wired connection available there, only wireless. The system hangs on boot.  Is it generally possible to boot from live CD w/o network?16:55
coder27I can see live mouse cursor and splitted gear with row of blinking dots under it. Althoug the dots have stopped blinking already.16:59
=== chekerun_ is now known as chekerun
uglyoldbobanybody know what I have to do in order to see tty7 with the "who" program ?17:05
whatewerguys can someone help me? I want to use mobile broadband to conect to internet then when i set it up and click on it to connect window show up with settings17:06
whatewerguys can anyone help me?17:20
uglyoldbobwhat problem are you having?17:22
whateweri want to use mobile broadband but when i set it up and connect it show me conection settings window17:26
SIR_Tacowhatewer:  which wireless provider?17:28
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: what are you trying to do exactly? the 'who' program lets you know who is logged in and where17:31
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: do you just want to see X.org output?17:33
nandhuhi is it possible to make an application to not show up in LXDE panel (system tray)17:33
SIR_Taconandhu: I believe you right click on the panel (not the application icon) and click 'add/remove panel items' or something along those lines17:36
SIR_Tacohaven't used LXDE in a long time17:36
nandhuok may be in other thing17:38
nandhubecause i have an small pyton application which i am running in start up17:39
nandhuand that is always showing in the system tray in all LXDE and other normal ubuntu panels also17:39
nandhuis it possible to hide it running form system tray17:39
SmurphyAnybody also has issues with the kscreensaver package from the ppa-servers ? KDE 4.8.5 version ?17:42
SIR_Taconandhu: what about running it in the background? put a space after your command to run your script, then type &17:43
nandhuok will try17:43
nandhui tried it is actually running in backgroun in a terminal17:44
nandhubut in sytem try17:45
nandhuit shows still17:45
nandhuthat is it is showing in the bottom of the panel as a application if i click that it gets minimized17:46
SIR_Taconandhu: I'm not aware of a way to run a program but not have it show in your taskbar17:47
=== ilona is now known as Guest82024
nandhufor example i will tell one thing  (system-config-printer)17:49
nandhuwhen we type it in the terminal it will run and if you add in a start up it will run when your computer starts up17:49
nandhuas it is running it will be showing in the system try so when you cilck the application name in system tray it gets minimized right? is it possible to hide that particular application no to show in system tray17:50
SIR_Taconandhu: might be a question to ask in #lxde (like I said, I haven't used lxde in a long time)17:51
=== spawn57 is now known as spawn[dead]
TheLordOfTimehe could ask in #lubuntu, they use LXDE, don't they, SIR_Taco?18:02
SIR_TacoTheLordOfTime: yea, I suppose you're right... hadn't thought of that at the time ;)18:03
SIR_Tacoit's more of a DE based question than a distro question though18:03
TheLordOfTimeit might actually be a functionality question and not DE-based.18:04
SIR_Tacowell.. either channel will know more than me about LXDE :P18:04
TheLordOfTime /w 218:04
TheLordOfTimewhoops :P18:04
nandhuthanks i am also going to ask in lubuntu18:05
=== lskaglsd is now known as qwemytmwet
SIR_Tacoseems lightdm has decided to start working properly for me now18:35
phunyguySo I went to Kubuntu with high expectations, but how in the heck can I get my iPhone 4s to play nice?18:36
phunyguyI like Shotwell under reg Ubuntu, so I installed that, but I can't get it to see pics on the iPhone.18:37
phunyguyand Amarok won't see the device18:37
Smurphyphunyguy: Apple encryptes the hard disk on the iphone using a new IOS release. You won't be able to use it undre linux.18:38
phunyguySmurphy: that is untrue.  It worked fine under regular Ubuntu.18:45
Smurphydidn't for me. Trie them all.18:46
phunyguyunless this change is within the last month or so.18:46
Smurphyshould not me thinks.18:46
phunyguylet me go try on my other ubuntu box18:46
phunyguymusic cant be changed/added/removed, but that is a database incompatibility18:48
phunyguybut pics always worked, and stull do under shotwell/reg ubuntu18:48
phunyguyjust not Kubuntu.18:48
Smurphyweird. What you using on ubuntu ?18:48
Smurphybanshee ?18:48
phunyguymusic works under rhythymbox/banshee, in reg ubuntu, but not under amarok with kubuntu18:49
phunyguyfor access and playback18:49
Smurphycan confirm that. My iPod Touch 4G won't work with Amarok18:49
phunyguyi think amarok may need a plugin18:49
phunyguybut that isnt my issue18:49
phunyguyI want to manage my pics.18:49
Smurphythese do work on my side.18:50
Smurphyit's just the Music stuff that does not work here.18:50
phunyguyok wth.18:50
phunyguynow it works.18:50
phunyguywas getting an error about not being able to retrieve thumbs.18:50
phunyguyyeah the music stuff is a database incompatibility with libimobiledevice18:51
phunyguyit cant manipulate the DB on iOS 518:51
Smurphylooks like.18:51
Smurphyyou know which version of libimobiledevice runs on plain ubuntu ?18:51
phunyguyit can add the music to the device, but not the database18:51
phunyguyno this doesnt work on reg ubuntu either18:52
phunyguywas just saying18:52
TheLordOfTimeSmurphy:  probably the same version in Kubuntu, i'd bet you, they share repos...18:53
TheLordOfTime!info libimobiledevice precise18:53
ubottuPackage libimobiledevice does not exist in precise18:53
Smurphyguess so too. But I still can't use my iPod Touch 4G ... :}18:53
SIR_Taco!info libmobiledevice318:53
ubottuPackage libmobiledevice3 does not exist in precise18:53
Smurphyhave only libmobiledevice2 here.18:54
Smurphyit's also not in mdeibuntu.18:54
* TheLordOfTime opens up an apt-cache on his server18:54
SIR_Taco!info libimobiledevice318:54
ubottuPackage libimobiledevice3 does not exist in precise18:54
Smurphy!info libimobiledevice218:54
ubottulibimobiledevice2 (source: libimobiledevice): Library for communicating with the iPhone and iPod Touch. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.1-4 (precise), package size 56 kB, installed size 175 kB18:54
SIR_Tacowell it's 3 in Quantal anyway18:55
TheLordOfTime!info libimobiledevice3 quantal18:55
ubottuPackage libimobiledevice3 does not exist in quantal18:55
TheLordOfTime!info libimobiledevice2 quantal18:55
ubottulibimobiledevice2 (source: libimobiledevice): Library for communicating with the iPhone and iPod Touch. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.1-4 (quantal), package size 56 kB, installed size 175 kB18:55
SmurphyI'll go kill some zombies. Cya later maybe :)18:56
phunyguyaahh, yeah its still giving me issue19:03
phunyguycant import pics, says it cant lock the camera19:03
phunyguyUnspecified Error (-1)19:03
uglyoldbobSIR_Taco: the who command doesn't show any logins for tty7 (when there is one - me). I need the information for a script to work correctly19:03
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: is X running on tty7?19:04
uglyoldbobyes (ctrl+alt+f7 takes me to X)19:05
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: even with 'who -a' ?19:06
uglyoldbobi see tty1-6, some pts/number, run-level 2, system-boot19:07
uglyoldbobno tty719:07
SIR_Tacowhich ttys is your user logged into?\19:11
uglyoldbobwell, who shows im using pts/6, pts/0, and pts/3 (i have one instance of konsole open which is pts/3)19:12
uglyoldbobpts/6 is me over ssh from another computer19:13
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: is it possible that kdm uses a pseudo terminal to log you in then? I haven't really looked into it before\19:15
uglyoldbobi suppose its possible, but makes it not possible to see which user is currently using the display19:17
uglyoldbob(i have multiple users set up)19:17
uglyoldbobthere are bug reports about tty logins not showing, but it was ubuntu and lightdm19:19
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: my machine using lightdm shows my user using tty7.... my machine with kdm doesn't list tty7 as being used19:20
=== jakent_ is now known as jakent
uglyoldbobhmm, so how would i determine what user is currently using the x server (it could even be no user if showing the login screen)19:21
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: you could use ' ps -u | grep Xorg'19:23
uglyoldbobthat just shows me the grep process19:24
uglyoldbobi need something that can work with irexec19:24
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: can't think of a nice way to do it, other than greping ps for a running process to find the user that it belongs to (X will likely belong to root), but you could find something like /usr/bin/startkde (the assumption is that the user can't be using another DE)19:34
uglyoldbobis there a way to start an instance of irexec for a user when they login, and to stop it when they stop using the display?19:35
uglyoldbobor if they lock the screen (manually or automatically), or somebody does a switch user and creates a new session19:36
uglyoldbobso, (grep aux | grep kdm) show "root      1285  0.0  0.0  26840  1220 ?        Ss   Aug22   0:00 kdm"19:42
SIR_Tacoyes, root controls kdm and X, but your user controls KDE19:43
uglyoldbobit shows the terminal for kdm as '?'19:43
uglyoldbobis that normal19:44
uglyoldbobif i have two users run a program with irexec, then for the system to work properly one user must logout before the other logs in (which i don't like), otherwise all active users will do their action for the button press19:45
uglyoldbobdoes "switch user" cause the currently active session to run a lock script somewhere19:46
SIR_Tacoso you have a main box, with multiple connections, running separate remotes. You want user A not to affect user B?19:47
uglyoldbobwell, i have a box and multiple could log in at the system (not remote)19:47
uglyoldbobremote logins should have nothing to do with irexec unless also logged into X at the comptuer19:48
SIR_Tacono, I mean multiple remote controls... is irexec not for remote controls?19:49
SIR_Tacoas in you're using it with lirc19:49
uglyoldbobbut each user will have the same remote19:52
SIR_Tacobut you want different commands per user?19:52
uglyoldbobso i only want one user to run irexec at a time19:52
SIR_Tacowhy not use a config file in ~/.lircrc for each user?19:53
uglyoldbobbecause irexec doesn't look at them19:54
uglyoldbobfrom /etc/init.d/lirc "start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --oknodo --exec /usr/bin/irexec -- -d /etc/lirc/lircrc < /dev/null"19:54
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: then why not remove irexec from your startup, then have it load in ~/.kde/Autostart which (if you don't start it with any options) will default to the current users .lircrc configuration19:56
uglyoldbobirexec runs as root, so ~ would be roots home directory19:56
uglyoldbobperhaps this (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=61217) and this (http://web.physics.ucsb.edu/~taro/comp/res/debian/OnKDELoginAndLogout.html) ?19:58
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: what if you remove '-- -d /etc/lirc/lircrc < /dev/null' from your lirc startup command... that should stop it using the global lircrc, and use the current users' ~/.lircrc20:01
uglyoldbobonly if i can get irexec to run as the individual users (and only have one of those instances at a time), but i still want the irexec that uses the global lircrc20:02
uglyoldbobso, one irexec as root, one irexec as the current user20:03
SIR_Tacook, maybe I'm not fully understanding the problem here. Is this a mythtv type box?\20:08
uglyoldbobi might have to do the same with lircrcd now that i think about it20:11
SIR_Tacothis is what I've gathered from what you've explained (correct me if I'm wrong): You have a media box, attached to a network, you're streaming media to other machines. When one user hits, for instance, 'next' it's affecting other users currently view media?20:13
uglyoldbobno, this is only concerning users physically using the monitor,keyboard, and mouse that is directly connected to the box20:14
SIR_Tacook... so where is the conflict?20:15
uglyoldbobwell here is an example scenario20:15
uglyoldbobuser bigmac logs in and does some stuff with the remote (instances of lircrcd and irexec are started as their user)20:16
uglyoldbobuser roastbeef comes along and does a "switch user" to login, (instances of lircrcd and irexec for bigmac should stop, and start for bigmac)20:16
uglyoldbobi mean start for roastbeef20:17
uglyoldbobwhen roastbeef logs out, irexec and lircrcd under his username should stop20:17
uglyoldboband when bigmac unlocks his screen, they should start again under his username20:18
uglyoldbob(when a program starts as that user, it also uses their config file located in ~)20:18
uglyoldbobi dont have any of those things in place right now20:18
uglyoldbobjust irexec and lircrcd that run as root and use /etc/lirc/lircrc20:19
uglyoldbobso i need a script that runs on login, logout, lock screen, and unlock screen (i also need the username those actions are for)20:21
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: but when you use the 'switch users', you're not actually loging out, so the processes for user 'bigmac' will still be running (but sleeping). When 'roastbeef' logs in it should start a new user instance of lirc and irexec and run their configurations or use the global.20:22
SIR_Tacowhat's the symptom of the problem I guess is what I'm asking20:23
uglyoldbobwouldn't a sleeping irexec process for the inactive (but still logged in) user still respond to button presses of the remote ?20:24
=== m4v is now known as m4vlo
SIR_Tacoit shouldn't20:24
uglyoldbobhmm well ill add the login/logout and see what affect it has20:25
enzoI have a strange thing, after upgrading some stuff, my network manager doesn't work anymore, it doesn't configure the network interface20:34
enzoI have now to add the line "iface eth0 inet dhcp" to my /etc/network/interfaces to make my network work, But I have an error on my network manager20:36
enzoany idea ?20:36
SIR_Tacoenzo: which kubuntu version?20:37
SIR_Tacowhat error do you get?20:38
enzoIf i don't configure /etc/network/interfaces on my own, I've no network at all, except the loopback20:38
SIR_Tacoifconfig shows no lan0? or equivalent20:39
SIR_Tacosorry, eth020:39
enzoit showns only lo20:39
uglyoldbobwell now i need to find out what to set the DISPLAY environment variable to so starting a program will use the users display20:39
enzoAnd i can see this http://screencast.com/t/xbJ6dFzpWk SIR_Taco20:40
enzoand with full info: http://screencast.com/t/ySRtdGJIY20:41
enzo(sorry it's in french, but it says: state of the connection: not managed)20:42
uglyoldbobnevermind i think i figured it out20:42
uglyoldbobi forgot to change export DISPLAY=:1 to export DISPLAY=$DISP20:42
uglyoldbobok i just tested it and i definitely need to add shutdown actions when screen lock and unlock happens20:44
kkerwinHi. I have a file whose ownership is listed as "nobody, nogroup". I cannot open it, and I cannot chown it, even with sudo.20:46
enzowell it works now, i've configured the network manager to not restrict configuration to eth0, actually it only configures eth020:46
enzowell nevermind, it works now :)20:47
SIR_Tacoenzo: good to hear (and my French reading isn't that bad haha)20:48
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: I have no idea how you'd catch lock and unlock actions in KDE20:48
uglyoldbobhmm, im sure there's a (possibly complicated) way to do it20:49
enzoet bien parfait SIR_Taco si tu comprends aisément le français pour aider les frenchies :)20:49
SIR_Tacoenzo: yes, but not enough to insult anyone with my French grammar to type/speak in it :P20:50
SIR_Tacokkerwin: samba share?20:51
kkerwinSIR_Taco: Currently on an NFS share, but it was converted from Samba, yes.20:51
enzothanks for your help, bye20:52
SIR_Tacokkerwin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto have you read through this? it addresses the potential problems of 'nobody' 'nogroup'20:53
uglyoldbobill just document what im doing so others might find it useful20:53
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: good idea20:54
kkerwinSIR_Taco: Hrm. I thought for sure that I had fixed that...20:54
uglyoldbobnot sure where i would post it, but ill figure that out later20:54
kkerwinMust have gotten changed back over when I upgraded the server software...20:55
kkerwinSIR_Taco: Ok. I figured out an alternate solution. My thanks.20:57
SIR_Tacokkerwin: not a problem20:57
uglyoldbobi found http://stackoverflow.com/questions/928703/run-a-script-at-unlock but i dont have a krunner_lock binary21:07
uglyoldbobkscreenlocker it appears21:08
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: not sure... maybe ask the KDE devs if there's some sort of flag that you can track21:22
uglyoldbobso im downloaded the "source package" for kdebase-workspace-bin which has the kscreenlocker binary (i don't see any source code in it)21:34
uglyoldbobwell there is a /usr/share/kde4/apps/kscreenlocker/kscreenlocker.notifyrc with "Action=" lines21:37
SIR_Tacook... what about: http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6200521:40
uglyoldbobwhere do i find the source code? im looking at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace/files/head:/debian21:48
uglyoldbobsure would be nice if there was a ~/.kde/lock_screen and ~/.kde/unlock_screen (similar to ~/.kde/Autostart and ~/.kde/shutdown)21:50
SIR_Tacoyes it would be... might be something to suggest to the KDE devs21:52
SIR_Tacoshouldn't be a huge deal to make that happen, if they believe it's a good feature21:53
uglyoldbobso how might i go about doing that (and possibly submitting a patch to accomplish that?) [also, in what universe do i find the source code for /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kscreenlocker?)21:55
=== m4vlo is now known as Curiosity
uglyoldbobim trying #kubuntu-devel22:01
SIR_Tacouglyoldbob: good idea22:03
SIR_Tacoare we going to have a different 'software centre' app for every Kubuntu release?22:15
SIR_Tacowhat's the point of 'apper' ? It's a replacement/update of the depreciated KPackageKit, which was replaced by Muon. Both have their pros and cons... but why not try and help out an already supported/standard manager?22:20
phiscribeendless pursuit of user friendliness?22:21
SIR_Tacoor the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?22:22
phiscribei never watched that22:23
SIR_Tacoit's a quote also.... :P   But I find that Muon seems more user friendly than Apper22:23
SIR_Tacohaving said that... the point is more the name than the UI.... over the last few releases, it seems that the package GUI changes not only in format, look, and feel, but in name aswell22:26
phiscribeeh i use apt or sometimes synaptic still, browse once in a blue moon in muon22:26
SIR_Tacophiscribe: yes, so do I... but I'm thinking 'Joe User' upgrades to new release... goes through his normal motions of finding new software.... doesn't work... confused22:28
phiscribeprobably true, though confusion is a initiation ritual in some of all this22:29
SIR_Tacomaybe... but it probably shouldn't be22:34
uglyoldbobok, so there is an option, per user that can achieve part of what i had mind but is still effective. from the gui, use system settings, application and system notifications, event source screen saver, screen un/locked, run command22:54
uglyoldbobfrom the shell, modify ~/.kde/share/config/kscreenlocker.notifyrc22:54
Jak_AtackkaHello! I need some help with UEFI. My hard drive is not being recognized by the EFI shell, making booting the hard drive impossible23:40
Jak_AtackkaDoes anybody know how to make EFI recognize the hard drive, or why it's not being recognized in the first place?23:45
SIR_TacoJak_Atackka: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting#Setting_up_GRUB2_.28U.29EFI23:49
Jak_AtackkaFollowed the instructions over a dozen times, to no avail23:51
Jak_AtackkaWait, apparently there is no device.map23:52
Jak_AtackkaHow do I generate that?23:52
uglyoldbobdouble check all connections/cables to the hard drive?23:52
Jak_AtackkaYep. The UEFI menu recognizes the hard drive, but the EFI shell doesn't23:53
SIR_TacoJak_Atackka: and you made an UEFI partition?23:54
Jak_AtackkaYes, all under /boot. I've read in some places that you can boot from the /boot partition and in other places that you need a separate UEFI and /boot partition. Is this my problem?23:57
SIR_TacoJak_Atackka: From reading a few posts, it would seem that's your problem. But I haven't installed on a EFI system before23:59

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