george_eI think there's a bug in the build system: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/113522688/buildlog.txt.gz02:44
george_eThat's supposed to be just a source upload.02:44
george_e...but it fails after trying to build the package without installing the Build-depends.02:45
wgrantgeorge_e: Well, it was correct to fail02:48
wgrantdebian/rules clean is run as part of the source build02:48
wgrantSo it tries to install build-depends02:49
wgrantI'm not quite sure why it didn't fail earlier, though02:49
wgrantThe build-dep failure should have killed it02:49
george_eBuild-dep failure?02:55
george_eOh... I see. The problem is that debian/rules depends on a Makefile template provided by one of the build-deps packages.02:55
george_eSo the bug then is that the build-deps packages aren't being installed?02:56
george_eI'm just curious since an identical build for Quantal succeeded.02:56
george_eIt's only the Precise builds that are failing.02:56
wgrantgeorge_e: Well, the real bug is that your build-deps aren't installable03:29
wgrantgeorge_e: Fix that and it should work03:29
wgrantI assume that they are installable in quantal03:29
george_ewgrant: They aren't installable?03:48
wgrantgeorge_e: The following packages have unmet dependencies: pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy : Depends: mingw-libogg which is a virtual package.03:50
wgrantgeorge_e: mingw-libogg doesn't exist in precise on that arch03:50
george_eOooooooh. I get it now.03:51
george_ewgrant: Thanks for taking the time to explain everything.03:52
george_eI see now what's going on - once mingw-libogg builds and is published, THEN the source upload will succeed.03:52
wgrantRight, that makes sense03:52
george_eAnd since mingw-libogg was built for Quantal, there were no problems there.03:53
wgrantIt's a bit unfortunate that there's no specific source-build-depends field03:53
wgrantSo we have to install the whole lot03:53
george_eOh well. As long as I understand what's going on, I can work around this in the future.03:53
wgrantgeorge_e: libogg's built04:02
george_ewgrant: I need to wait about 30 minutes for it to get published, though, right?04:05
wgrantgeorge_e: 5-10 minutes, usually04:06
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Gism0Just wondering.. is there a large amount of builds waiting? a PPA I use kind of broke due to a dependency not being built yet, been waiting a couple of days but it's still waiting.. is that normal?16:59
Gism0the PPA is https://launchpad.net/~nathan-renniewaldock/+archive/xbmc-nightly16:59
Gism0for xbmc-bin (>= 2:11.9.5~git201208231540~7935596-1~ppa1~precise17:00
yofel_Gism0: the builders were offline for a bit last week so that caused a bit of backlog, you can find the current queue stats here: https://launchpad.net/builders17:10
Gism0aha, cheers!17:12
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