wolfgang__where do i get lubuntu?02:01
DarkWormholeHi ALL!!!07:17
DarkWormholeAny here?07:17
DarkWormholewhere all!??!07:18
DarkWormholeWHO HUMAN?!?!?!07:31
DarkWormholeoh :(07:31
Jak_AtackkaHello! I'm scouring the Linux-related IRC channels of the internet, hoping that someone can help me. I'm trying to configure my bootloader, but for whatever reason it won't save any changes I make to the .cfg file. It's on a separate /boot partition (/dev/sda1), because my motherboard is UEFI-only. Does anybody know how I can set it so changes I make to the /boot partition are permanent?07:38
AscavasaionHOw to I change my sound between the different sound engines like ALSA, etc.?  I ask because since I started using Lubuntu my external speakers are buzzing when plugged into the headphone jack.  Juyst want to see if it the jack, speakers, or sound engine.07:40
AscavasaionHOw to I change my sound between the different sound engines like ALSA, etc.?  I ask because since I started using Lubuntu my external speakers are buzzing when plugged into the headphone jack.  Juyst want to see if it the jack, speakers, or sound engine.09:06
Unit193Well, do you have another speaker jack?  Some have one in front and back.09:19
AscavasaionUnit193: No, only the one on this laptpo... and no other speakers to test with.  Hence why I thought if I moved to another sound engine it might work.  no idea what Lubuntu did to my Ubuntu installation.09:21
Unit193Fresh Lubuntu install?  If not, pulse could be running.09:21
AscavasaionUnit193: No, I was on Ubuntu 11.04 and hated the new desktop, so I installed Lubuntu desktop.09:22
AscavasaionIt is since then that external speakers are buzzing.09:22
Unit193I'd check for pulse, and turn it off if it's running.  Could try a live Lubuntu CD, see if it does it.09:24
Ascavasaionhow do I check if ALSA, Pule, etc. are running?  and how to start and stop them?09:25
Unit193ps aux |grep pulseaudio  for example.09:26
Unit193https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio or https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture  though may have to "translate" some of that info to help with Ubuntu, but generally the same.09:28
AscavasaionOkay, I can start and stop it, but still buzzing.09:29
ActionParsnipAscavasaion: tried playing audio, then trying to mute different channels09:30
AscavasaionI cnanot get it to work, whole system has gone unstable09:30
Unit193Open alsamixer and mute the mic, may try turning PCM down.09:31
AscavasaionAaaah, I figured out what the problem was.  I restarted the computer and noticed that the speaker was still buzzing when BIOS was loading and realised it could not be the OS as it had not begun loading yet.  Turns out that I have a through port for my laptop cooling stand and the speakers were picking up interference from their USB power source.  I plugged the speakers into their own USB port and perfect again.09:42
ActionParsnipAscavasaion: glad you got the gold09:47
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ActionParsniphey guys, if I install the notify osd like in the 'normal' ubuntu, will notifications switch to using that?11:25
kanlioti could guess, but i donno11:31
kanlioti know in 12.10 wer'e switching to the xfce notify11:32
ActionParsnipahh is tahts what is used to show notifications in lubuntu :)11:33
ActionParsnipdo you know the command used please?11:38
Unit193You should already have libnotify-bin with the "notify-send" command as I said.11:38
AscavasaionI must say I like the general feel of this desktop manager... lxfe or lxce?11:42
AscavasaionHow would I check which desktop is actually loaded?11:43
kanliotAscavasaion, i don't understand11:43
Ascavasaionhehe  How do I know what window manager I am running?  I have had Xubuntu and Lubuntu on here... so I am not sure.11:45
kanliotright click on the bottom panel11:46
kanliotselect about11:46
Ascavasaionkanliot: Aaah, cool... LXDE it is :)11:47
AscavasaionWould doing an apt-get remove xubuntu-* be a dangerous thing?11:47
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »11:47
Unit193That{d work better.11:48
ActionParsnipUnit193: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166123/11:48
ActionParsnipUnit193: yet I do get notifications appearing just above the lxpanel11:49
Unit193Alright, I was pretty sure, maybe that came in when I installed the xfce daemon, been a while.  It won{t hurt to install that, or even swap out daemons.11:50
ActionParsnipUnit193: might just have to :), should be ok11:51
ActionParsnipwooo only 8Mb11:52
Unit193I have it, greybird theme is good on xfce-notiyd11:52
ActionParsnipseems to be installed. I'll test it later. Thanks dude :)11:58
silverarrowdoes anyone know where to check for gnome mplayer configure?+14:14
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: in ~/.config   maybe14:16
silverarrowI hope that`s it14:17
AscavasaionAssignment completed and submitted, now I can take it easy again.14:26
MerisWould Lubuntu run well on a MacBook 2.1 (Core2 Duo, 1.83GHzx2, 4GB DDR2 RAM, Intel 950 GMA GPU (64GB shared) )? If so, should I choose the alternate, or the desktop installer?14:30
MerisI'm doing the install through BootCamp.14:30
MerisGPU: 64*MB* shared of course, silly me14:32
ActionParsnipMeris: sure, its designed to be light and fast14:35
ActionParsnipMeris: it'll install with the desktop installer14:35
MerisActionParsnip, how convenient :-)14:35
ActionParsnipvery, the Ubuntu default install is nice but it uses a few more resources than Lubuntu, hence the minimal requirements being lower for lubuntu14:36
MerisActionParsnip, do you have link to the system requirements of Lubuntu? I couldn't find it in the docs nor on the site14:39
kanliot128MB, 3 GB disk14:40
Meriskanliot, thanks, my intended config meets these requirements easily.14:41
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu14:42
troiii have been having a problem all day15:32
troiilast night lubuntu was working fine, this morning i stopped15:32
troiiafter booting up, it hangs on for a while , then i get prompted with a shell, with explation "root busy" or something like that15:33
silverarrowmaybe some killits in terminal?15:34
troiii dont know15:35
troiimy other partition of windows works fine15:35
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ActionParsniptroii: still around?15:41
bioterrorsounds more like a busybox15:47
nandhuhi is it possible to hide an application from system tray18:05
nandhuex: i run system-config-printer and in sytem tray that application is shown up and if i click it is minimising but i need to hid that18:05
silverarrowI think I started an upgrade I might not want18:39
silverarrowcan I stop it?18:39
silverarrow....oh horror18:40
silverarrowthat is what you get for using terminal without a license18:41
bioterrorwell, you can always break your fingers ;)18:41
silverarrowhope it will be fine....18:42
JeeicyHello everybody20:06
JeeicyAnybody here?20:08
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MerisI'm trying to install Lubuntu alongside MacOSX Lion and Windows. During partitioning I get a message recommending me to create a partition marked "Reserved BIOS" area. I know that my MacBook uses EFI instead, should I choose an efi partition(ignoring the recommendation) , or a reserved BIOS partion instead?20:27
MerisThe Disk has a GUID partition table20:28
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silverarrowhi margo22:24
silverarrowhi margo22:49
silverarrowI heard rumors margo is the ppc cleverest of all22:55
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silverarrowhow do I get gnash to stay as default in midori?23:50

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