godgryphonI have a really basic problem, but I've checked the forums and can't seem to find an answer. I upgraded my 12.04 installation to 12.10, and now it appears that my windows have the light grey color of KDE. Not the window borders, but where the content itself is. Is there an area where I can change this?00:55
godgryphonAlso; My right click menu resembles KDE as well.00:55
godgryphonThis is in Unity by the way.00:55
* penguin42 is running KDE so it all looks like KDE, sorry can't really help00:56
godgryphonIt's all good, I've been using KDE quite a bit as well. 4.9 is really wonderful, but I'd like my unity not to use the same style00:57
penguin42hmm, have you got a load of the KDE packages installed on that machine?00:58
godgryphonThe Kubuntu meta package, so I'd say so.00:58
penguin42I wonder if for some reason you're using something like the KDE Gtk style; the one where when you run Gnome apps in KDE it can try and use a similar style00:58
godgryphonYeah, but it occurs in teamspeak too, which is a binary and not really integrated into the system.00:59
godgryphonI'm not sure if it's built on GTK or Qt400:59
godgryphonPossibly neither.01:00
godgryphonMy icons are still from the Gtk theme, so it's a little strange.01:07
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gnomefreakanyting i should be aware of that borked?06:00
fm_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-rakia/+bug/1041470 occurs often to me. however I am duped on a private bug I guess. can i do anything to see it?07:28
ubottuError: Bug #1041470 is a duplicate of bug #1020962, but it is private (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1020962)07:28
fm_should ubuntu online accounts and empathy be working at the moment?07:29
fm_since an update two days ago none of my accounts work anymore. although I had to reenter all of them ...07:29
fm_what do i have to install to get webbapps working on 12.10?07:42
fm_i have installed libunity-webapps0 unity-webapps-service xul-ext-webaccounts07:43
* gnomefreak not sure what a ebapp os07:46
gnomefreaknot sure what a webapps is07:47
fm_http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/07/ubuntu-unveil-new-web-apps-feature-for-12-10 @gnomefreak07:48
gnomefreakfm_: thanks07:49
fm_by now this feature should have landed in quantal.07:49
fm_but for me the dialog -- asking to integrate as webapp -- just never appears :-(07:50
gnomefreakso i dont need to add the ppa"07:55
fm_that is what i assumed. but i thought people in here would now the current state ... ;)07:57
gnomefreaklooks like i have to07:57
gnomefreaki really hate adding repos using apt07:58
fm_gnomefreak: does it work for you?08:33
gnomefreakfm_: cant try it today im getting tired08:36
gnomefreakfm_: keep on mond that it only works on 33 sites at the moment08:37
gnomefreakin mind even08:37
fm_i cannot even get it to work at all08:42
fm_but i will wait reporting bugs until it is integrated into 12.1008:43
fm_if that is still planned08:43
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danielHi everyone, I'm having some trouble with vitables and nedd some help to figure out if it's a bug or user error :P09:33
danielWhen I run it i get lots of(python:15359): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed and X Error: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter) 909:34
danielAnd unity slows down to a crawl09:34
danielAnd here are all the error messages it spots out09:36
danielEverything else works fine, so this seems like a bug, right?09:39
danielI'm going to continue the monologue, this package haven't change since 11.10 where I remember it working, so something else must have change?09:43
gnomefreakdaniel: file a bug on it09:46
* gnomefreak out09:46
danielThank you, they don't use launchpad, should I file upstream?09:47
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dannyhow do i make it so i get the latest experimental updates via the command line12:03
bazhangdanny, what do you mean by experimental12:04
BluesKajHIyas all14:13
* penguin42 wonders why KDE has started asking to mount my crypted disk when I login, it's not marked that way 15:01
DarxusI have precise installed on another partition, I'm trying to upgrade it to quantal via chroot, and do-release-upgrade -d is giving me: "Must be connected to a terminal.".  What does do-release-upgrade actually do?  Should I just edit /etc/apt/sources.list and do an upgrade like we did years ago?15:08
penguin42Darxus: do-release-upgrade tends to pull in a few other fixes15:09
DarxusSo how do I get it to work in a chroot?15:09
penguin42Darxus: Things which for one reason or another were a pain to fit into a package15:09
penguin42Darxus: Hmm, have you got /proc, /dev and /sys and /dev/pts mounted in the chroot?15:09
DarxusNot all of them, will try the rest, thanks.15:10
penguin42if it's moaning about terminal /dev/pts is probably the culprit15:10
DarxusNice, thanks.15:10
DarxusYay!  That seems to have gotten me past that step, thank you very much.  I... really should've tried that already.15:11
DarxusI had only mounted proc.15:11
fm_when will the webapps be merged into 12.10?15:11
fm_i.e. the unity integration for notifications etc of websites...15:12
penguin42AlanBell: You asked the other day about whether the install should ask you try/install - the daily I just downloaded still asks15:31
penguin42AlanBell: Although the 'try' has given me a desktop with just the Examples/Install buttons - nothing else, and software centre crashed15:32
WaltherOkay, there's a regression with the keyboard shortcuts in the somewhat newest version15:40
WaltherI can't fire up a terminal with ctrl-alt-t15:41
Walthereven though I manually set that again15:41
Waltherlast updated&upgraded yesterday15:41
Waltherreally really annoying15:41
Waltheras I use terminals all the time15:41
Waltherhas anyone else noticed?15:43
penguin42if I could get a Gui in my unity vm I just installed I'd check15:52
penguin42nope, even with updates - I don't get anything except the shaded background and the right button menu15:57
Walthermust be an issue with running it as a VM then15:58
penguin42Walther: I think it's just a case of having removed unityt2d the unity3d isn't really coping yet15:59
penguin42hmm, it hadn't actually installed 'unity' - if I do, it starts up and immediately crashes; oh well - try another one in a week or so16:02
fm_anyone not seeing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1041354 ?16:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041354 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity-panel-service since yesterday uses ~100% CPU, may be related to LibreOffice" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:05
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dylan-mHey, can anyone confirm that "update-manager -d" from Precise isn't doing anything?17:29
Waltherdylan-m: I had that at some point, then suddenly it worked17:30
Waltherdylan-m: just keep apt-get updating i guess17:30
Waltherperhaps the packages will be the right way some morning :P17:30
dylan-mWalther: Hmm… strange. Okay, thanks :)17:31
Waltherthat's the best answer I can give17:31
Waltherno probs17:31
wilee-nileedylan-m, Gop to software sources and set the update for any.17:32
Waltheryeah there's also that, did you forget to tick it?17:32
wilee-nileeworked here after changing that with LTS no dice.17:32
Waltherbut -d should flip that anyway17:33
wilee-nileeI would think so.17:33
FernandoMiguelnautilus is back to it's old self17:33
FernandoMiguelglad they reverted it :D17:33
Walther(yeah and it forgot my ftp bookmarks, mur.)17:33
dylan-mwilee-nilee: Oh my, I can't believe I left that on LTS. I must be slipping :o17:35
dylan-mThank you!17:35
wilee-nileedylan-m, no problem.17:36
phillwHi guys, I've suggested Ubiquity... http://pastebin.com/Z0wCgj0B18:06
phillwanyone want more info from the tester?18:06
penguin42phillw: The fontconfig bit is a redherring18:07
penguin42phillw: Everything is moaning about fontconfig but carrying on; so it's something separate18:08
phillwpenguin42: it appears to be stopping the installation? Lars is a fairly experienced tester, what more do you need?18:08
penguin42phillw: can he get to a text shell at that point?18:09
phillwI'll have to email him - he is not IRC person18:09
phillwif he can, what do you need?18:09
penguin42phillw: If he can get to a text shell and bring up networking then get him to run   ubuntu-bug ubiquity   and it'll post a load of stuff to launchpad18:10
ActionParsnipphillw: did you update ubiquity before kicking it off?18:10
phillwpenguin42: that is what I suggested to him :)18:10
penguin42phillw: If not it's a little difficult; I'd make more of a guess in terms of X/graphics issues - when he says old, how old/what spec?18:10
phillwI just wanted to check if i was on the correct track to get the data you need.18:11
phillwit is not within the bounds of possibiliiity that it is the PAE/ non-PAE kernel etc. But I'd have expected it to complain long before that?18:13
penguin42phillw: I'd get an lspci from it, and a cat /proc/cpuinfo if there is no way of getting the network and doing an ubuntu-bug from it18:16
phillwpenguin42: thanks, I've updated the email. I do wish they would onto IRC, but that is their decision. I just try to get the information you guys need as quickly as possible.18:31
phillwyou can always nag him via lars.nooden@gmail.com he is a QA person18:32
phillwhi, which team is SRU for 12.04?19:23
apophis_just upgraded to 3.6 rc3 and now can only log into gnome 2d (no effects)19:25
apophis_using nvidia driver.19:26
apophis_any help with this?19:26
apophis_plox :)19:26
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opensshdoh... just found dist-upgrades... installing glapi19:32
WaltherAlso, just curious, what is with the /media/MountedUSB becoming /run/user/media/MountedUSB?19:35
Waltheror something like that19:35
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phillwpenguin42: I need to hit sleep, have a try at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/104162519:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041625 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Fontconfig warning in lubuntu i386" [Undecided,New]19:45
phillwthe tester will give more details if asked19:46
phibxrWalther, Which distribution are we talking about? I think I saw that in Fedora 17.19:48
Waltherwell, ubuntu+1, as in, 12.1019:48
WaltherOh, it has changed19:49
Walthernow the behaviour is /media/walther/Nokia\ N919:49
Walthermakes more sense19:49
Walthernow this is a sensible addition19:49
Waltherthe /run/....... was a bit too complicated19:50
jbicha/run/media/username is "upstream" now in udisks2 but reverted for Debian & Ubuntu19:54
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penguin42yeuch, a unichrome20:23
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penguin42phillw: I've tweaked the report and asked him to add some info20:52
penguin42phillw: gut feel is it doesn't like his unichrom video, but we'll see what the logs have to say20:52
phillwpenguin42: he is a good tester, so do not be worried about asking for more stuff :)20:54
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c_smithhey, I noticed that the latest daily image allows encryption of more than just the home folder, gotta say, that's a nice touch.23:49
* c_smith wonders what was holding that back23:50
penguin42c_smith: I think that's luks encryption; it's been in the text installer for a while I think, but it's a completely different mechanism23:51
c_smithpenguin42, good point.23:52
c_smithstill, like I said, including it in the main installer is a nice touch, agreed?23:53
penguin42it'll make life a lot easier for my work machine; we're required to have full disk encryption23:53
c_smiththough the wiki lists it as only on the Alternate installer.....23:53
c_smitheven for 12.1023:54
trismc_smith: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-q-ubiquity-lvm-luks (plus the plan was to drop the alternate as well, don't know if that is still happening)23:55
c_smithhmmmm.... interesting,23:56
c_smithstill, it's also nice if one is paranoid about people getting a hold of a laptop and wreaking havoc on it (like I am)23:56
c_smithstill, Plymouth looks to be working, but I managed to botch up my sound system (all my doing this time) so gives me more reason to run a test on whether I can set up more that 3 partitions in the encrypted setup.23:59
c_smith*more than 223:59

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