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sagacifinally an openpgp extension for chrome/gmail - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kajibbejlbohfaggdiogboambcijhkke10:57
head_victimsagaci: nice find, used it yet?11:31
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sagacihead_victim, works like a zyrtec in gmail11:46
head_victimNot sure why it wants to access my data on all websites and my browsing activities mind you11:47
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sagaciprobably needs those kinds of permissions to function11:50
head_victimThat was one of the few reasons I ever bothered to set up evolution. I don't encrypt much but when I need to it's handy.11:56
sagaciyep, I used thunderbird for gpg but it was a pain and the firefox extension was dormant11:57

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