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alo21hi all05:52
alo21What should I do to upload a package into the repository of the current release?05:54
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alo21TheLordOfTime: here I am... the oackage is only in Ubuntu18:36
TheLordOfTimedid you see my last privmsg?18:36
TheLordOfTimefor uploading, only Ubuntu Devs, Sponsors, the SRU team, and I think the Security team have uplaod rights18:36
TheLordOfTime(there may be others!)18:36
TheLordOfTimebut the process is to file an SRU18:36
TheLordOfTimeand either branch the package's code and update it (then file a merge request)18:36
TheLordOfTimeor attach a debdiff to the bug18:37
TheLordOfTimeapply the SRU template18:37
TheLordOfTimeand then subscribe ubuntu-sponsors (i think)18:37
TheLordOfTimeyou may need to subscribe the SRU team18:37
alo21TheLordOfTime: why they accept only one bug per upload?18:37
TheLordOfTimethat's not what i said18:37
TheLordOfTimeso apparently you don't listen.18:38
TheLordOfTime<TheLordOfTime> but i'm not sure whether multiple-bug-fixes will be accepted.18:38
TheLordOfTimeTypically, bugfixes should be "separate" for SRUs.18:38
TheLordOfTimethe idea is only the smallest code change per "fix" is accepted18:38
TheLordOfTimein the case of the last SRU I did, I was told by a member of the Ubuntu Server Team to include two bugfixes into one SRU18:38
TheLordOfTimebut those two don't interfere with each other18:39
TheLordOfTimethe idea with bugfixing is that patches which contain the smallest fixes should be used.  such that the fix can be tested individually18:39
TheLordOfTimein the event a fix doesn't fix the bug, or makes the thing unstable, it can be rejected for that individual fix18:39
TheLordOfTimebut again18:39
TheLordOfTimei'm not on the SRU team.18:39
TheLordOfTimeif you *want* to include multiple bug fixes, you're free to try, but each bug you're fixing would need linking *back* to that merge/debdiff-upload you do18:40
TheLordOfTime(you'd only do that *once*, to *one bug*, and attach SRU templates, and link the other bugs you're fixing to that merge request/debdiff)18:40
TheLordOfTimeanyone on the MOTUs would be able to point you to the right information, the package you told me (subdownloader) is in Universe, so...18:42
xnoxalo21: you can open one metabug with SRU & debdiff; but it should close all individual sru bugs, and each bug needs a template & steps to test & verify changes.18:42
TheLordOfTime^ that18:42
* xnox is core-dev18:42
TheLordOfTimehah, nice18:42
TheLordOfTimexnox:  isnt that a subset of the dev team?18:42
xnoxalo21: please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates18:42
TheLordOfTimeor is it its own "dev team"18:42
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TheLordOfTimei try not to do SRUs.  Typically, all I do are security updates.  Or major-fix SRUs...18:43
TheLordOfTimealthough most my SRUs are for php5 :P18:43
alo21TheLordOfTime: xnox ok... thanks. I thins use private PPA is the fastest way for my aim18:43
TheLordOfTimeto get a fix that you can use, yes.18:44
TheLordOfTimebut remember: PPAs arent technically "supported:18:44
ubot2`A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:44
xnoxTheLordOfTime: the structure is interesting many people can upload into Dev series (e.g. core-dev, motu, per-package uploaders), and the same people can sponsor uploads into $stable, but all of them simply end up in "Unapproved" queue.18:44
TheLordOfTimexnox:  out of pure curiosity, who can upload to -proposed?  is that also the same "upload-worthy" teams?18:44
xnoxTheLordOfTime: fromt that queue: ubuntu security or sru teams can promoted packages into -proposed, -updates, -security etc.18:44
TheLordOfTimeah, so there's this queue of basically limbo :P18:45
TheLordOfTimebefore a specific team uploads to the intended repo :)18:45
TheLordOfTimei know Security targets -security, so...18:45
* TheLordOfTime has fixed a couple of CVEs in NGINX :P18:45
TheLordOfTime"debdiff'd the patches" is a better way of saying that :P18:45
xnoxTheLordOfTime: yeah. more or less. So if you call upload the package, you can upload into -proposed apart from it being stuck in the unapprove queue before it actually gets uploaded into -proposed.18:45
TheLordOfTimes/call/can/ ?18:46
xnoxyeah.... =)18:46
* xnox can't type18:46
TheLordOfTimeno problem :)18:48
TheLordOfTimewhich explains why debdiffs or code merges are preferred for updates :P18:48
TheLordOfTimethe debdiffs can be applied and uploaded.18:48
xnoxand it's a moving target18:48
xnoxany potential SRU can be "overtaken" by -security update18:48
xnoxbefore you know it =)18:48
TheLordOfTimesaw that happen for nginx once... :P18:49
TheLordOfTimeoop, i think i found a bug in apt :P19:19
TheLordOfTimeit was not resolving the dependencies for the linux kernel :/19:19
TheLordOfTimehttp://pastebin.com/VgWQ6Ng1  if you're curious to see what i was seeing19:20
xnoxTheLordOfTime: use dist-upgrade19:21
xnoxno but, expected behaiviour.19:21
TheLordOfTimexnox:  actually i used aptitude upgrade --full-resolver19:22
TheLordOfTimeit just wasnt resolving the deps19:22
xnoxthere is no bug.19:23
TheLordOfTimeseemed like a bug19:24
TheLordOfTimedist-upgrade will upgrade to 12.04.1 right?19:24
TheLordOfTimeor is that a compulsory upgrade?19:25
xnoxupgrade: will not remove or upgrade unrelated packages19:25
xnoxdist-upgrade: will offer to remove or upgrade unrelated package to complete the upgrade19:25
xnoxread the manpage $ man apt-get19:26
TheLordOfTimethe second question was unrelated19:26
xnoxdist-upgrade does not "change" target distributions.19:26
TheLordOfTimeis 12.04.1 a compulsory or voluntary upgrade?19:26
xnoxit you are on lucid, you will stay on lucid.19:26
TheLordOfTimei'm on precise19:26
xnox12.04.1 is nothing bug 12.04 + packages from '-security' & '-updates' pockets.19:27
xnoxand new ISOs with packages from '-updates'19:27
TheLordOfTimei see19:27
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