soreauHow can you find the configure options used for a particular package? A config.log or anything00:09
soreauI've tried apt-get source and packages.ubuntu.com but not finding the build output for the package00:20
maxbThe build output will only be present on launchpad00:22
penguin42soreau: Go to the 'overview' page of a package, scroll down to one of the versions, click the > and it should open a set of publishing details including 'bui;ds' and there might be an i386, click on that, and it should ahve a buildlog link00:24
* penguin42 wishes that was easier to find!00:24
slangasekwell, if what you want is to find the options used, the general rule is download the source package and look at debian/rules00:26
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soreaumaxb: penguin42: slangasek: Thanks for the help00:31
soreaupenguin42: Yes I wish it were easier to find too but the information is there00:31
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nerdopolis__Hi. I am trying to compile mesa for use for Wayland on my Live CD. I do get mesa to sucessfuly compile, but the problem is is that the resulting binaries are far larger then the ones compiled in Ubuntu packages.01:47
nerdopolis__for instance:01:48
nerdopolis__The egl_gallium that gets built is 20mb while the one in the distro is 6MB01:48
nerdopolis__The dri folder that gets built is 87mb while the distro is 15MB01:48
nerdopolis__The gbm folder that gets built is 55mb while the distro is 5mb01:48
xnoxnerdopolis__: are you comparing like for like? deb with debs; unpacked files with unpacked files?01:49
nerdopolis__xnox: the unpacked files in /usr/lib/i386/(dri|gbm|egl_gallium)01:49
nerdopolis__My build script with the mesa options I use  is here: http://rebeccablackos.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/rebeccablackos/rebeccablacklinux_files/usr/bin/Compile/mesa?revision=59101:50
xnoxnerdopolis__: and like for like builds? optimisation, hardening flags, debug symbols, etc?01:50
xnoxwhy don't you copy the debian dir and run01:50
xnox$ debuild01:50
xnoxto create packages as you would be able to install01:51
xnoxyour script doesn't tell me what build-flags / optimisation levels / debug symbols are used01:51
xnoxso not much use...01:51
nerdopolis__xnox: I do use the strip command once the builds are done.  My build vars are here http://rebeccablackos.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/rebeccablackos/rebeccablacklinux_files/usr/bin/build_vars?revision=60501:53
xnoxuse debian packaging if you want to create a deb.01:54
xnoxyou won't be able to easily customize Live CD unless you compile debs01:54
nerdopolis__xnox: I'm using mesa git. I'm not really aiming to create a deb... I'm installing mesa to /opt.01:55
nerdopolis__I was just curious what you are using to get your mesa binaries much smaller then mine...01:55
xnoxso? we run daily builds on launchpad from upstream git, bzr, svn, etc while using debian packaging.01:55
nerdopolis__xnox: I need Wayland build into mesa...01:56
xnoxthis is how we compile mesa01:56
xnoxmodify that to enable wayland as well01:57
nerdopolis__xnox: is there a way to use that file against the mesa source from git?01:59
Darxusnerdopolis__: Yes.02:01
Darxusnerdopolis__: Basically you copy the debian directory into the git repo and run the command to build the package.02:01
xnoxnerdopolis__: $ pull-lp-source mesa; mv mesa-*/debian mesa-my-git/; cd mesa-my-git/; debuild02:01
xnoxnerdopolis__: if you modify anything in the debian/rules as you wish.02:02
xnoxnerdopolis__: if debuild fails, use $ debuild binary02:02
xnoxand $ debuild clean02:02
xnoxor simply git reset02:02
Darxusnerdopolis__: Did you see me mention that the ubuntu package already has a build dependency on wayland 0.95?02:02
DarxusI wonder if you even need to be building mesa now.02:03
nerdopolis__xnox: sweet! I'll try that.02:03
nerdopolis__Darxus: I did see you mention that. I suppose I could give that a try... see what happens if I don't build mesa...02:03
xnoxnerdopolis__: daily builds from upstream $git repository of mesa, wayland and etc. are here by the way https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa02:04
xnoxif you want latest stuff02:04
nerdopolis__xnox: I guess I could also try that. I have been using my own buildscripts for building from GIT though...02:07
Darxusnerdopolis__: Launchpad's automated daily build capabilities are neat.  I set up a spamassassin daily build repo some time ago.02:07
DarxusAlthough that svn sync has been broken for something like six months :/02:08
xnoxnerdopolis__: that also build from GIT but into debian packages which you can install/remove/upgrade without pain.02:08
infinitytjaalton: Halp, the Radeon driver hates my freedom, please fix.02:13
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BenCinfinity: What can I do to help the haskell transition along?04:01
infinityBenC: Fix the radeon driver on my PowerStation.04:01
BenCinfinity: is it as simple as upload each group of dependency levels, waiting and doing the next?04:01
infinityBenC: But, failing that, talk to me or Laney tomorrow.  I'm literally just running out the door.04:02
infinityIt's kinda as simple as that, except where we prefer syncs over reuploads, and sometimes it needs a buildd admin (ie: me) to just retry some things, etc.04:02
infinitySo, yeah, let's talk about it tomorrow, when I'm hung over and in a better mood overall. :)04:02
BenChehe, gotcha04:04
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tjaaltoninfinity: whaat? :)10:22
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Andy80something/someone just broke the css (I suppose) in this page http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/debian-dir-overview.html13:14
Andy80I see it wrong both with Chrome and Firefox. Do you see the same?13:14
Andy80uhm... ando also the other pages :(13:15
tumbleweedAndy80: yaeh, I'm getting 403s on the static content13:29
tumbleweedwhen dbholbach turns up, prod him13:30
xnoxI have a community council type of problem who do I speak to?13:37
Laneythe community council?15:04
xnoxLaney: yeah, sorted now.15:13
xnoxLaney: how come edos-debcheck is out of date on the transition tracker?15:14
xnoxif I run locally i get "better" results ;-)15:14
xnoxe.g for ocaml & ghc15:15
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Laneywhat difference do you see?16:39
xnoxLaney: for example haskell-cmdargs and haskell-chell are installable18:03
xnoxLaney: yet on ghc tracker they are not18:03
Laneythey have ftbfs18:05
xnoxLaney: ok. But only on some arches =/ so edos-check does not distinguish per-arch ? *sigh*18:08
Laneyi think it's rather a problem with the archive keeping the old arch:all package around18:08
xnoxi see18:10
Laneyi'd appreciate you doing some rebuilds if you have the time (or anyone else)18:10
xnoxLaney: setting up sbuild on my Panda Board ;-)18:11
xnoxLaney: cause it looks like armhf skew18:12
Laneyyeah there's some new bug on arm18:12
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dupondje[  102.745406] type=1400 audit(1345917432.434:29): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=2579 profile="/usr/lib/firefox/firefox{,*[^s][^h]}" name="/etc/opensc/opensc.conf" pid=2627 comm="plugin-containe" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=019:13
dupondjeThis should be reported to firefox I guess?19:13
dupondjeThis is only needed when you have opensc module loaded in firefox, so not default ...19:14
xnoxdupondje: hmmm.... do you have apparmor profile enabled for firefox?19:14
dupondjexnox: yea the default firefox apparmor profile19:15
xnoxdupondje: by default it is available, but disabled.19:15
xnoxdupondje: did you anable it?19:15
dupondjeyep :)19:15
xnoxdupondje: please do open a bug about it, but open it against two packages: firefox & apparmor. I think we provide firefox profile separately.19:15
dupondjefirefox profile is packaged in firefox19:16
xnoxdupondje: i'm just suggesting that such that apparmor experts get notified ;-)19:17
dupondjei'll do :)19:17
dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor/+bug/1041621 there :)19:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041621 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Apparmor should have read rights granted to opensc.conf" [Undecided,New]19:20
xnoxdupondje: apport-collect 104162119:20
xnoxwould help as well ;-)19:21
dupondjedoing :)19:21
dupondjeSpam added! thx19:23
* xnox giggles, don't tell pitti that you call apport hooks spam ;-)19:25
* dupondje hides before getting slapped19:25
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