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bobweavertvhello there sorry to bother you all on a wonderful Saturday but either I am doing something wrong or my cloak is acting up ?15:17
Fuchsyour account appears to be uncloaked15:18
Fuchsdid you have a cloak in the past?15:18
bobweavertvwhat does that Mean I have to go to freenode >15:18
Fuchsif so: did you change accounts, drop accounts or something?15:18
Fuchsfor a generic cloak yes  (even though I can do that in here as well)15:19
bobweavertvnope just logged in like normal15:19
Fuchsand you are sure you did have a cloak in the past?15:19
bobweavertvusing a grouped account15:19
bobweavertvI am a ubuntu member15:19
Sidewinder1Yes, bobweavertv has been cloaked in the pasr. :-)15:19
Fuchsbobweavertv: your account has been registered 1 week and 2 days ago15:20
Fuchsdoes this look correct?15:20
bobweavertvfor bobweavertv correct15:20
Fuchsbobweavertv: mind a query?15:20
bobweavertvwhat is that ?15:20
FuchsCan I contact you in private?15:21
bobweavertvlike with sql ?15:21
Fuchsno, I'd rather not do similar things to SQL if possible :p15:21
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semitonesis there an askubuntu channel? I find their site confusing22:52
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