jsalisburyslangasek, sure thing00:33
slangasekthanks much :)00:33
jsalisburyslangasek, added to the kernel team hot list.  00:37
jsalisburyslangasek, I also added our standard mainline kernel test request/blurb00:38
slangasekah, right00:39
slangasekok, will do that this weekend-ish00:39
jsalisburyslangasek, cool, thanks.  that just lets us know know if its already fixed in the mainline kernel.  If it is, we can cherry-pick the fix.00:41
slangasekxnox: hurray, I just tested in my VM and got the opposite result ;)02:21
slangasekah, I didn't install linux-image-extra02:25
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