xnoxmicahg: is ghc transition tracker out of date?00:05
xnoxi want to run ben locally, because edos is out of date, i can't run ben cause ocaml is borked, ocaml is tracked by ocaml's edos check00:19
* xnox trips over himself in dependency loops00:19
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alo21hi all05:29
alo21could someone give me a usdeful link about upload package in backport repository?05:30
alo21jocarter: hi... can you help me for a while, please?05:48
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TheDrumsmicahg: Package completed yesterday, installed today seemingly fine and was able to connect to the remote server on an alt port using a keyfile (So, using the feature to pass commands)16:03
TheDrumslintian even pretty much liked it.16:03
Laneymy PC is dead and it has the only copy of my rebuild script17:36
tumbleweedso my inbox gets a reprieve?17:37
tumbleweedyou should have published your rebuild script somewhere17:38
Laneyyes, but it's not very helpful to say that now :(17:39
tumbleweedhow complex was it?17:39
Laneyalso, -changes goes to your inbox?17:39
Laneynot incredibly17:39
tumbleweedno, an "automated" inbox. I really should have a separate -changes inbox, because it's mixed with bug reports and other stuff17:40
Laneyi'm half annoyed and half excited that i might get to buy new toys17:40
* tumbleweed had to replace almost everythig at my parents' house recently, thanks to lightning17:41
tumbleweedonly things that survived unscathed were WRT54GLs and the equipment behind them :P17:41
Laneyghetto surge protectors17:43
TheLordOfTimehow are Universe SRUs handled, same as main SRUs?18:41
TheLordOfTimeor does a different team handle them18:41
alo21hi. Can someone tell me (clearly) what should I do to upload debdiff (for upgrade) in ubuntu?18:48
TheLordOfTimeyou dont upload to ubuntu18:48
TheLordOfTimeyou just got your answer in -bugs dude18:48
TheLordOfTimexnox is a *core dev*18:48
TheLordOfTimehe knows the process in and out18:49
TheLordOfTimeyou upload to LP18:49
TheLordOfTimeLaney:  he wants to SRU a package18:49
xnoxalo21: if you have upload rights, just upload. Else you will need a sponsor.18:49
TheLordOfTimeand fix $arbitrary_number of bugs at once18:49
TheLordOfTimexnox:  i dont think alo21 is a dev :P18:50
TheLordOfTimeor a MOTU, or Security, or...18:50
TheLordOfTimei'm going to stop now :P18:50
xnoxalo21: to get a sponsor please either (i) add a patch to a bug & subscribe ubuntu-sponsors OR (ii) create a merge proposal.18:50
xnoxalo21: sponsors will comment on your bug or merge proposal and point if anything needs changing.18:50
xnoxalo21: have you prepared a debdiff or a merge proposal before?18:51
alo21xnox: no18:51
xnoxalo21: ok. What do you want to fix?18:52
TheLordOfTime... oops...  why is it whenever i update, my system always dies :/18:52
* TheLordOfTime shall return18:52
TheLordOfTimewhoops, wrong channel18:52
TheLordOfTimedamn laptop...18:52
alo21xnox: these: https://launchpad.net/~alo21/+assignedbugs?search=Search&field.status=In+Progress18:53
xnoxalo21: all of those are bug in the upstream project which happens to use launchpad.18:54
TheLordOfTimealo21:  those don't get "fixed" in Ubuntu, they get fixed upstream18:54
TheLordOfTimeby the developers, typically18:54
xnoxalo21: to fix those you need to probably branch $ bzr branch lp:subdownloader18:54
xnoxalo21: commit your fix with $ bzr commit --fixes lp:NNNNN18:55
TheLordOfTime(they can still be "SRU'd, but...")18:55
xnoxalo21: where NNNNN is bug numbers you want to fix.18:55
alo21xnox: done18:55
xnoxalo21: and push back to launchpad?18:55
alo21xnox: yes18:55
xnoxalo21: ok. let me check your branches.18:55
xnoxalo21: can you please go to that branch in launchpad.18:56
xnoxalo21:  and click on "Link a bug report" such that bugs & branches are together & easy to find.18:56
xnoxalo21: is this the branch with fixes? https://code.launchpad.net/~alo21/subdownloader/subdownloader18:57
xnoxalo21: seems like so.18:57
TheLordOfTimei'd think so xnox :P18:57
alo21xnox: this too18:57
xnoxalo21: So your next step is to click "propose for merging" into lp:subdownloader18:57
alo21xnox: wait...18:57
xnoxalo21: and hopefully subdownloader upstream will accept your fixes.18:58
xnoxalo21: yes?!18:58
alo21xnox: this package exists for ubuntu only... and I can/did upload all the changes into lp:subdownloader18:59
xnoxalo21: ok. In that case on each individual bug you need to click "Affects distribution" select ubuntu & the correct package name.18:59
xnoxalo21: did you also make a bug-fix release ?18:59
alo21xnox: a .deb with fixed bug?19:00
xnoxalo21: no, source tarball as upstream19:00
xnoxalo21: .tar.gz I can get from https://launchpad.net/subdownloader/+download19:00
alo21xnox: no19:01
xnoxalo21: you should. Cause new version with all these fixes should first enter development series (currently quantal) first.19:02
xnoxalo21: and we need an upstream release for that =)19:02
alo21xnox: even if this package is for Precise only?19:03
tumbleweedanything you want fixed in precise must be fixed in quantal first19:03
xnoxalo21: it's not just for precise only. You see people will upgrade to quantal eventually. So you don't want them to have everything working in precise and in October upgrade and get broken subdownloader again.19:04
xnoxalo21: hence we do a Top-down approach. First fix the package such that users will never see the bug again, and then backport fixes to stable releases.19:05
alo21tumbleweed: We use pytho 3.0 in Quantal, but we use python 2.7 in Precise19:05
tumbleweedalo21: but have these bugs been fixed in quantal?19:05
xnoxalo21: are all the bugs fixed in quantal?19:05
xnoxalo21: do they affect subdownloader as it is in quantal?19:05
tumbleweedif quantal simply isn't effected by these bugs, that's fine. If it is, it should be fixed first19:06
alo21tumbleweed: xnox never tried.. I think is better if you give me a documentation about it instead of chat19:06
ubottualo21: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates19:06
alo21tumbleweed: is all?19:07
tumbleweedconsidering that the same version is published in natty -> quantal, it's most likely affected :)19:07
xnoxtumbleweed: that package is synced from Debian by DPAPT19:08
tumbleweedalo21: ideally, quantal is fixed by fixing it in debian, which means you should do a new upstream release19:09
Laneydoesn't seem very well maintained19:09
alo21thanks all19:09
tumbleweedteam is the maintainer, which by the PAPT rules means anyone in the team is welcome to work on it19:09
tumbleweedso, this is solveable...19:09
xnoxyeah... apart from package got removed lol19:10
tumbleweedit could get back in if debian bug 606993 was fixed19:10
ubottuDebian bug 606993 in subdownloader "subdownloader: always fail to download selected subs" [Grave,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/60699319:10
tumbleweedalo21: ^ providing a patch there would be useful19:10
TheLordOfTimei saw a patch for that somewhere, in the bugs... where was that one...19:10
xnoxtumbleweed: debian is missing a point release so maybe it is fixed.....19:11
alo21tumbleweed: we do not use system patch19:11
xnoxtumbleweed: all your code belong to us19:11
TheLordOfTimetumbleweed:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/subdownloader/+bug/306589  <-- similar bug i think...19:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 306589 in subdownloader (Ubuntu) "Error when clicking 'Download' (ascii codec can't encode)" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:11
TheLordOfTimethere's a patch on that (just saying)19:12
tumbleweedpatches are the universal lowest common denominator, everyone uses them :)19:12
tumbleweedTheLordOfTime: yes, it's marked as being forwarded to there19:12
xnoxalo21: speak to other subdownloader developers cause: your software has been removed from Debian, it will be soon removed in Ubuntu as well. Because it was buggy & out of date in Debian.19:12
* TheLordOfTime refreshes the debian bug19:12
TheLordOfTimenot showing its forwarded, at least not to me. :/19:13
alo21xnox: ok. thank you!19:13
* TheLordOfTime goes to beat firefox to see if firefox is breaking19:13
tumbleweedTheLordOfTime: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?msg=17;bug=60699319:13
xnoxalo21: somebody needs to package & update subdownloader in Debian. Last release in Debian is 2.0.14 which is old.19:13
TheLordOfTimeah, there it is19:13
alo21xnox: Let me fix the last bug, I will create a 2.0.15 release... and then I do what I have to do to re-iclude subdownloader in Debian19:14
xnoxalo21: yes. Please contact Debian Python Applications Team when you have a new release with bugfixes.19:16
alo21xnox: ok19:16
tumbleweedbetter: contact gothicx, the maintainer19:16
tumbleweedif he doesn't reply, contact PAPT19:17
Laneyrecreated the script enough21:37
Laneyuploads incoming21:38
Laneysilly firefox builds21:41

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