tgm4883Technophil, I doubt that00:15
tgm4883but IDK00:15
Technophiltgm4883: Thanks for reply.00:28
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korn788 /msg NickServ identify pokemon01:21
korn788 /msg NickServ identify pokemon01:21
korn788hello is anyone there01:21
korn788im stuck trying to get my hvr-1600 to work01:23
riddleboxI am setting up a pvr 150 and in mplayer I see some of a picture but in myth it says the channel are locked and I can't view anything?02:57
riddleboxDoes anyone have any suggestions?03:02
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kaneda^hi all, has anyone here experienced the blank screen on install bug?19:24
kaneda^when i try to boot from the live disk or install i get no graphics signal19:25
kaneda^i've tried all of the solutions involving nomodeset, noacip, and the boot options19:25
kaneda^the last thing i tried was selecting nomodset on the startup screen, then changing quiet and splash to nomodeset, then booting19:26
kaneda^for a second i see tty, then signal cuts out again19:26
kaneda^is this a 64bit issue?19:28
kaneda^the 32-bit version has the same issue20:11
kaneda^using nosplash noquiet nomodeset i see the tty for about 10 seconds, then it disappears again20:21
kaneda^hmm, so i got this working in ubuntu, but not mythbuntu22:01
kaneda^from cli, live-install vga=371 noacip nolacip solves the problem on ubuntu, but on mythbuntu amd64 it cuases the machine to shut off22:02
kaneda^oooh, i got it to work22:03
kaneda^if you "scan" first it works, how odd22:03
kaneda^looking great in HDMI, laters22:04
lwizardli need help on 11.04 MB with  wintv-hvr-1600 setup. under windows the card works fine, under linux not so much23:03

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