bazhang<Moonlightning> > login: Cannot possibly work without effective root02:08
bazhang<grim__> Can you install directx on ubuntu?02:36
bazhang<Bitgod> ok i forgot my username03:32
ubottuIn ubottu, abdelghani said: the problem is I feel that my machine becoming slow because I did the installation in the whole disk( no ext no swap area)08:32
ubottuviolinappren called the ops in #ubuntu (Randy1703)11:22
bazhang<mega0wn3r> #kubuntu-offtopic   Dfrostedwang changed hosts in hoping to ban evade there12:17
bazhangthe debian bot has a nice factoid about chasin g the latest packages. some profanity in it though12:58
bazhangmartinphone doesn't even know why he wants 2.812:58
knomebazhang, see -team12:59
bazhangknome, yep, agreed12:59
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