slangasekinfinity, stgraber: there haven't been any further reports of 1017001 since flipping the switch, that I can see; it seems it may truly have been specific to users doing strange things like running mythbuntu 10.04 without updates applied.  I think we can take it off our worry list now.00:41
stgraberwell, that's very good news00:43
infinityslangasek: See, and I was just about to say that I ran into it in production.01:05
infinityslangasek: And the only solution here was to install the upstart interdependant mess before proceding with the rest.01:06
infinityslangasek: That's a pretty big update-manager change, but I wonder if it wouldn't just be the right thing to do. :/01:06
infinityIt's a short list: upstart initramfs-tools initramfs-tools-bin udev initscripts ifupdown mountall plymouth01:10
infinityUpgrading those first seems to make the rest of the process a bit more resilient.01:10
infinity(And yeah, I literally JUST ran into this on my powerpc/lucid machine when I upgraded it to precise, and it wasn't mythbuntu)01:11
infinityIt was, however, a debootstrap + ubuntu-desktop by-hand install, not something from lucid media.01:11
stgraberand I guess in your case, was fully up to date before the dist-upgrade01:12
infinitystgraber: Yeah, I updated it to -updates before doing the upgrade, cause I didn't want problems. :P01:13
infinityAll of those packages are Priority:required, so it wouldn't (in theory) do any harm to just force an install of all of them before the rest of the upgrade.01:13
infinityGiven that if they're not installed, we really think they should be.01:14
xnoxinfinity: does this mean your powerpc machine is now back alive and operational?01:16
* xnox \0/01:16
infinityxnox: My PowerStation is on and being a wind-tunnel again.01:16
infinityxnox: It's not my only PPC machine. :P01:16
xnox=)))))) nice01:16
xnoxshow off01:16
* jocarter wonders if infinity, xnox and stgraber ever stop working01:17
stgraberinfinity: I can't remember if the dist-upgrader actually has a feature to force a given list of packages to upgrade before doing the main upgrade01:17
infinityjocarter: For about 28 minutes on Thursday afternoons.01:17
infinitystgraber: I'm not sure either, though it seems like a sane thing to be able to do to influence things a bit.01:17
stgraberinfinity: I know it has a list of packages to ensure are installed post-upgrade and a list of stuff to cleanup01:17
jocarterinfinity: heh01:17
stgraberagreed, if it doesn't support it, it should01:17
xnoxjocarter: i'm not working. i'm just breaking archive by uploading incompatible versions of mumble ;-)01:18
stgraberjocarter: well, at least for me there's a pretty big difference between talking in #ubuntu-release and working ;)01:18
stgraberxnox: bah, who uses quantal anyway? :)01:19
infinitystgraber: Hrm, there's [PreRequists](sic) in the .cfg, but that's to install from $old_release, not $new_release.01:20
stgraberinfinity: I also suppose we want the dist-upgrader to use the backported apt to install these packages?01:22
infinitystgraber: Possibly.  They'll end up depending on a newer dpkg and libc anyway, I imagine.  I'm not sure apt itself matters much for such a small set.01:23
infinitystgraber: But, since the whole thing operates with the release-upgrader-python-apt, the point seems moot.01:23
infinitystgraber: Oh, hrm.  Prereqs is actually entirely unclever.  It just uses a separate sources.list and then installs what you asked for.  I wonder if we couldn't just call back into that exact same method for a PreInstall or something that runs between PreReq and Upgrade.01:27
infinityOr UpgradeFirst might be a better name for it, so it's obvious it's something you can't go back from.01:28
infinityBut whatever.01:28
infinityStill, this is all a pretty huge potential change for code that's been heavily tested without it. :/01:29
infinityAnd we have exactly one reliable reproducer for the bug, which is about as helpful as using a puppy as a television remote control.01:30
xnoxdon't be cruel to animals!01:30
infinityDon't worry, the puppy thinks it's a fun game.  The only harm done is to your sanity when the channel doesn't change, no matter how you rub his tummy.01:31
* xnox =)01:32
xnoxinfinity: i think you should be on Ubuntu TV design team =)01:32
xnoxand fix puppy remotes onces and for all!01:33
* infinity reboots to finish the upgrade and crosses his fingers.01:44
infinityHrm.  "Not a valid ELF image".01:45
infinityThanks, yaboot.01:46
infinityThat's probably my fault, though.  Cobbled-together cross-grade from YDL to Debian to Ubuntu.01:46
xnoxit's sad to see installs outliving distributions01:47
infinityOuch, and the old kernel explodes with udev having a sad.01:49
infinityThis'll be fun to recover.01:49
infinityFor some value of "fun" that involves a Debian CD and some luck.01:50
infinityAh-ha, just needed a newer version of yaboot.02:04
infinityThe upgrade really should update that. :/02:04
infinityWelcome to Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-29-powerpc64-smp ppc64)02:05
infinityI win!02:05
infinityWell, I kinda win.  If X wasn't now spinning at 100% and not drawing pretty pictures...02:06
slangasekinfinity: oh, huh.  was it on a fully-updated system?02:15
slangasekah, you say it was02:15
infinityioctl(7, 0x20006444, 0)                 = -1 EBUSY (Device or resource busy)02:16
infinityReally, X?  That's a spiffy infinity loop.02:16
infinityinfinite, too.02:16
infinitySeems my nick has broken my ability to type "infinite".02:17
infinityOh hey, finally.02:49
infinityOh, armel is still building.  Drat.02:49
infinityNobody worry about that linux build in quantal-proposed, I've got a d-i upload queued later to go with it.02:52
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
phillwhot off the press bug 104153211:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1041532 in ubiquity "A update process in Ubiquity caused it to crash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104153211:56
smartboyhwHi. Did phillw give you the bug that I just reported?11:59
phillwsmartboyhw: yes I did12:00
smartboyhwThanks phillw12:04
phillwany release team still awake?18:00
phillwI've suggested Ubiquity... http://pastebin.com/Z0wCgj0B18:02
tumbleweedthe fontocnfig warning is benign18:03
phillwtumbleweed: so, what more data do you guys need?18:04
tumbleweedno idea wthat the problem is, but this isn't really a support channel18:04
phillwhe he.. it is the release channel, and this is a 12.10 issue :P18:04
phillwokies, I'll head there, thanks18:05
xnoxtumbleweed: known problem new fontconfig became too 'chatty' and picky what it believes are sane font configs shipped with fonts, mostly harmless.18:11
tumbleweedyeah. doesn't stop machines from booting, though18:11
xnoxtumbleweed: yeah, but rather annoying to see them on every application launch from the terminal18:12
tumbleweedthat's presumably a broken X of some sort18:12

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