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ubuntu-rs-vestiNvidia Boot Agent - ObaveĊĦtenje : http://forum.ubuntu-rs.org/Thread-nvidia-boot-agent-obavestenje13:17
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temp981hi. how complete is ubuntu-rs translation to serbian?13:42
bitlordtemp981, please rephrase your question and try again.13:45
temp981Right. is Ubuntu-Rs a Linux distro? if yes, does it display *any* English at any point in installation or when user runs/uses it?13:46
temp981I need to recommend a Linux distro for a non-English speaker :|13:47
bitlordtemp981, ubuntu-rs is not a distribution it's a Serbian community around Ubuntu distribution (and I think it's official)13:47
temp981ah. ok. Thanks :)13:47
temp981Is the standard ubuntu distro actually any good then in terms of translations to RS? I'll be downloading the latest iso later and booting it up in RS (not that i'll undertand it all).13:49
temp981or if I can put it differently, if you are a native serbian speaker here, have you found that using Ubuntu with the RS localisation is acutally usable and no english is shown?13:51
bitlordI don't use it localized, but I think support for Serbian language in ubuntu is OK (every program which is translated upstream to Serbian, should work fine)13:52
temp981so it's as I suspected. there's translations, but to be 100% sure all translations are there, one has to test all apps / wizards / aspects of the UI :)13:53
bitlordI think most of default installed apps are translated, but not every in the repo, so no 100% Serbian support13:54
temp981are the terminal emulators also translated? man pages etc? (i'm partly bi-lingual, can speak SHJ, but primarily english)13:54
bitlordAs I already mentioned, I'm not using localized version, so not sure about that, but I think if the application is translated it's probably 100% done, so man pages should be covered I think.13:55
temp981Ok. I'll also play around with it for a bit. Thanks a lot for your time, bitlord :)13:57
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