bobweavertvyeah that is what I m doing00:00
tgm4883bobweavertv, awesome00:14
smartboyhwUh oh, bobweaver is not here14:25
smartboyhwo/ bobweavertv15:17
bobweavertvhey smartboyhw15:18
bobweavertvhow are you on this sat ?15:18
smartboyhwSo, give me links of the YouTube videos, I can now watch it in Ubuntu Studio:) I'm fine, thanks15:18
smartboyhwo/ bobweavertv again!15:34
bobweavertvyeah had to get some help with my nicks15:34
smartboyhwbobweavertv: How's your coding work on Ubuntu TV?15:36
smartboyhwpopey: A stupid question: Is there anyway to stop you being op when you enter the channel? You know, being op the whole time is not good15:37
bobweavertvsmartboyhw,  it is coming along good thanks little bit hard because there is no Flow Charts15:41
smartboyhwbobweavertv: Any basic coding (or intermediate ones) I can help to code?:)15:41
bobweavertvI would say just bzr 6.2 and start to look at standalone15:42
bobweavertvthat is what Ubuntu tv will be in the end (I think )15:42
popeysmartboyhw, why is that a problem?15:43
smartboyhwpopey: I think the Ubuntu IRC operators guidelines said try not to be op the whole time. Do the operation you want and unop immediately15:44
popeyah yes15:44
popeyAlanBell, how do I do that?15:45
smartboyhwpopey: AlanBell is away:)15:51
popeysmartboyhw, i know, and he will see this when he gets back15:52
smartboyhwWell, just unop yourself first now, at least15:52
bobweavertvjhodapp,  ping :)15:53
popeyi left myself opped so I wouldn't forget to ask him again15:53
popeyno need to nag15:53
bobweavertvjhodapp,  you got mail !15:53
bobweavertvpopey,  I sent a email to mark will jim and unit-dev list about what we where talking about in Unity15:54
bobweavertvMark keeps on emailing me telling me welcome to the team and what not15:54
bobweavertvawesome emails15:55
popeygreat stuff15:56
smartboyhwAlanBell: Hello. Help fix popey's op problems:)15:58
smartboyhwbobweaver: What?15:58
AlanBellin a sec15:59
bobweavertvYeah AlanBell  nice to see live out of you :)15:59
smartboyhwbobweaver: What telling you welcome to the team and what not? I don't understand, seriously15:59
bobweavertvsmartboyhw,  nothing imporant16:00
smartboyhwbobweavertv and all: Is it possible that Ubuntu TV can be voice controlled?16:01
popeyanything is possible16:02
bobweavertvmy tv is using julius and vox16:03
bobweavertvbut it was annoying '16:03
bobweavertvso I turned it off16:03
bobweavertvlike when I tell my dog to shut up for barking it would shut down the computer :/16:04
bobweavertvbecause the word "shut"16:04
bobweavertvthere is a good 30 rock ep that is all about that16:05
smartboyhwAh, that's better, popey16:06
smartboyhwUse voice:)16:06
AlanBellI think on rejoin you won't be voiced either popey16:07
smartboyhwuh oh16:07
AlanBellI removed -VO which are autovoice and autoOp16:07
popeyi removed O already16:08
popeybut it said it had made no change16:08
smartboyhwpopey: What?16:08
popeysmartboyhw, don't worry about it16:08
smartboyhw:) popey16:08
AlanBelldunno, it worked for me :)16:09
smartboyhwReally, popey and bobweaver: When is the first meeting for Ubuntu TV? I need to mark down:)16:09
popeyas I keep saying16:09
popeyask will and jim16:09
smartboyhwUh oh16:09
bobweavertvsmartboyhw,  we will not know untill the people that work for canonical want to do it16:10
smartboyhwbobweavertv: Sure, the guys at Canonical are too busy to deal with 12.10:(16:10
popeythats not the case16:11
smartboyhwKIDDING LOL16:11
bobweavertvI think that is what there doing is dealing with 12.10 but I could be wrong16:11
popeythats exactly what we're doing16:11
smartboyhwHmm, let's see when will Ubuntu TV be officially released! (Probably in late 2014)16:13
smartboyhwI will buy one then:)16:13
bobweavertvhaha I will have it up and running in a week16:13
bobweavertvonce I get some anwesers16:14
bobweavertvIt is not that hard to code C++16:14
AlanBelllanguage is rarely the hard part of building something16:14
bobweavertvwhat is hard is following what other's are doing and trying not to step ontoes16:15
bobweavertvor hacking in the manner that other that work do16:15
bobweavertvonce I learn how the framework is suppost to be then it is on16:16
bobweavertvlol I have been rocken ice with unity-standaloe16:16
bobweavertvstandalone *16:16
smartboyhwbobweaver: It is not hard to code C++16:20
smartboyhwBye for now, bobweavertv16:23
smartboyhwBye all16:24

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