bobweavertvany one here good with utouch ?01:29
bobweavertvWhat in the world is NUX_IMPLENMENT_ITEM  ?01:42
bobweavertvin how it is calling the LensView c++ page IDGI01:43
bobweavertvin LensView.cpp in the dash ?01:44
bobweavertvI want to make a SimpleDash cpp and header file01:44
bobweavertvJust like in unity 2d01:44
bobweavertvwell not just like but ..01:45
bobweavertvor maybe StandaloneLensView.cpp01:45
bobweavertvand headers01:45
bobweavertvI guess that is how NUX talks so to say but I also guess other things RE is not a good thibg all the time01:48
bobweavertvKATN  the Ice WM  http://imagebin.org/22577902:00
bobweavertvwaiting and calc...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpe6p9sIgbk04:07
DavidI was thinking of Unity, maby developers could put an extra row to it?04:19
MCR1Hello. Q: Do I have to disable the 13 not yet ported to GLES Compiz plug-ins to prevent Compiz/Unity from segfaulting ?13:33
MCR1I hate regressions !13:37
bobweavertvAnyone know where I can get flowchart's for Unity 6.2 ?15:45
popeywhat kind of flowchart?15:46
bobweavertvor so sorta charts that explain what the end goal is15:46
bobweavertvlike should I make casestatments for like for-factor tv15:46
popeyeh, again in english?15:46
bobweavertvor should I just make new .cpp filess and .h15:47
bobweavertvso I want to make Unity 6.2 standalone look and act like unty 2d shell/TV15:47
bobweavertvbut I do not want to code in a bunch of case statements if that is not th goal15:48
bobweavertvlike if I should make like StandaloneSimpleLauncher.{cpp,h}15:48
bobweavertvor if I should make case statements or if statments right in Launcher.{cpp,h}15:48
popeywhat do you understand the end goal to be?15:49
bobweavertva working tv that is under a different form factor15:49
bobweavertvalso netbook ect anything that can run open gles15:49
bobweavertvopengl es15:49
popeyok, so desktop, TV, tablet, phone, toaster, whatever..15:49
popeysame framework on all those devices15:50
popeyunity, nux.. plus qt/qml for apps15:50
bobweavertvunified vision correct15:50
popeyok, good15:50
popeywhere are the gaps?15:50
bobweavertvin the main code its self15:51
bobweavertvlike what others are doing15:51
bobweavertvI do not want to step on toes15:51
bobweavertvI do not want to code outside what is the norm15:51
popeysure, and for TV the best people to speak to are will and jim15:51
bobweavertvthanks popey15:51
bobweavertvyou know that it is hard to get ahold of will but jim on the other hand is easy but he never tells me what I am looking for just to sit back and wait15:52
bobweavertvI am not about waiting15:52
bobweavertvI will talk to him on the tv channel15:53
* popey is bothered by bug 104158316:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1041583 in Unity "Dash home opens files by default, should be applications?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104158316:04
bobweavertvAnyone know if there is anything in nux compairable to Qml's XmlListModel Element  ? thanks17:19
bobweavertvif you do not know what the element does here is a man page http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qml-xmllistmodel.html17:27
gotwighey there19:05
bobweavertvhi gotwig19:12
gotwigbobweavertv: new ;P?19:12
bobweavertvhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXfEDkoy0Y4    j/k19:16

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