tony-smlrSMLR is live now!  http://www.youtube.com/embed/i9NVPU7gLus13:10
snap-lGood morning13:48
tony-smlrsnap-l: Good Morning13:49
tony-smlrHey the SMLR is live now!  http://www.youtube.com/embed/i9NVPU7gLus13:49
snap-lTried looking at it, but it didn't load for me13:50
tony-smlrsound only.  our webcam is broken13:51
snap-lHave to pop out for a bit. Lawn needs some cutting. :)13:59
derekvi have this strong urge to open all the windows, despite its supposed to get really hot and allergies have been bothering me16:19
rick_h_heh all closed up here, ac cranked with shades all pulled16:24
rick_h_good luck with your plan16:25
rick_h_we'll balance out16:25
rick_h_derekv: I did a manual fix on the server that should correct the tag bug just fyi16:25
derekvoh yea... sauna-esque16:41
derekvi have a bag of anime on vhs16:51
derekvi'm tempted to toss it out16:51
derekvits kinda dirty from being in my garage, none of it is paticularly valuable i think16:51
derekvanyone have a  better idea let me know16:52
derekvthinking i might clean the garage out a bit16:52
derekvescaflowne, those who hunt elves, ranama1/2   various episodes17:00
snap-lHeh, I have those on DVD17:03
snap-lYou could try eBay, but I'm sitting on some sealed Star Wars VHS tapes (before the Special Edition) that I'm likely never to sell17:04
derekvwith all of the stuff i'm holding onto that i plan to sell on ebay17:04
derekvi bet i'd get >2k17:04
derekvand i doubt i'll ever do it17:04
snap-lDon't be so sure17:04
snap-lif you want someone else to do it, lmk. :)17:05
derekvwell i have several things that typically go for over 100 each17:05
* snap-l has no problem putting htings up on ebay17:05
snap-lor even Amazon17:05
derekvsnap-l: actually its something I'd consider17:05
snap-lAmazon you might get a better deal, unless it's collectable.17:05
snap-lAnywho, off to do errands.17:05
derekvi wouldn't want to sell the tapes individually17:10
derekvtoo much work17:10
derekvknow anyone who plays sax?17:11
derekvknow anywhere giving capoeria-kungfu-parkour-breakdancing lessons?18:58
derekvi wonder is 33 too old to learn  capoeria-kungfu-parkour-breakdancing?18:59
greg-gpython mod args? good?19:45
greg-gmodargs, that is19:45
rick_h_greg-g: huh?19:51
greg-grick_h_: mostly, at a hackathon, and someone gut checked the use of python modargs for arg reading, she asked if we had any other preference. I thought, "I don't, but I bet #ubuntu-us-mi does"19:52
rick_h_greg-g: ah, yea argparse. built into 2.720:24
rick_h_examples in bookie_api and all bookie scripts20:24
rick_h_before 2.7 you can pip install it20:25
greg-grick_h_: huh, so modargs is overkill?20:41
rick_h_greg-g: well modargs is just another package that isn't standard and no one else uses20:45
greg-ggood to know, this always happens at hackathons20:45
greg-gsomeone has their pet thing20:45
rick_h_argparse is good, built into pthon 2.7 and 3.2+20:45
rick_h_might as well use what works as long as it doesn't suck (not always the case)20:46
greg-gthis is the project, btw https://github.com/cameronneylon/oabiblio20:48
rick_h_greg-g: cool21:03
rick_h_ugh, damn hot days and on a lawn maint. day23:09

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