jeffschulerpaultag: howdy03:29
paultaghey jeffschuler, what's up, bud?03:38
jeffschulernada. been awhile.03:38
paultagyessir, sure has03:38
paultagjeffschuler: what's new?03:38
jeffschulerjust setting up an Ubuntu AMI to get OpenTreeMap stack running  and figured I'd drop in here expecting to have questions03:39
jeffschulerwhat's up with you?03:39
paultagI'm setting up an Ubuntu AMI to do Debian builds03:39
paultagor rather, trying, I don't know jack about this03:39
paultagI'm a Linode man, myself03:39
jeffschulerbut seems easier to make a throwaway instance.  we'll see.03:40
paultagyeah, totally03:40
paultagI'm trying to set this up to kick up 4 or 5 dirty machines to crunch some code once in a while and just shut down03:40
paultagsee if I can use some context-manager voodoo03:40
jeffschulerthat's awesome. and why not use debian to use debian?03:41
jeffschuler^-- build03:41
paultagjeffschuler: we don't have a real AMI, and the images are by non-DDs :)03:41
paultagif I get into this, I'll see about doing that, but for now, I'll just use an Ubuntu image to host some Debian chroots03:41
paultagon an EBS or something03:41
paultagtmpfs overlay onto the image or something. I don't know, I'm totally outa my element :)03:42
jeffschulermine too.03:42
jeffschulerultimate goal being...03:42
paultagfor me?03:42
paultagwhen I sponsor packages, I'd like to have them built a few different ways, and have some deeps-source linting, so I know the basic quirks before I get into it03:43
paultagand eventually, I can provide the setup to other DDs with less-powerful machines for testing03:43
paultagsomething like 300 build-hours will run me like 24 bucks03:44
paultag(and free for the first year!)03:45
jeffschulerwild. do a lot of folks have similar setups?03:45
canthus13paultag: 24 bucks for spartaaaaaa???03:45
paultagcanthus13: spartaaaaaaaaaa!03:45
* canthus13 is in an odd mood. :)03:45
paultagjeffschuler: nah, most people just have a few chroots on their dev box03:45
paultagjeffschuler: i've got 9 on this lappy, but it's just a pain to manage, and I always worry about tainting chroots03:46
paultagyeah, totally :)03:46
paultagjeffschuler: I have a basic test working with a machine in my room @ http://debuild.me/03:46
paultagworks so far03:46
paultag(debuild being a tool to build debian packages)03:46
paultagbut I'd much rather use AWS03:47
jeffschulerpaultag: well, keep being hardcore. ttyl for now03:49
paultagjeffschuler: roger. Folks in here are friendly, feel free to idle03:49
paultagjeffschuler: f/oss 4 lyfe, dude.03:49
paultagcanthus13: what's up? :)03:50
paultagcanthus13: challah back03:50
canthus13Not much. :)03:50
paultagalright, let's try to kick up a machine03:51
paultagvia python03:52
* canthus13 is trying to motivate himself to migrate his web and mail servers over to the old compaq server he recently acquired.03:53
canthus13Heh. old.. and LOUD. my basement sounds like an airport runway.03:56
paultagcanthus13: hahaha04:01
canthus13paultag: It's an old DL380 G3.04:02
paultagthat thing looks huge04:03
canthus13It's 2U.04:03
paultagah, not so bad04:04
canthus136 18.1GB SCSI drives, 5 of them in a RAID5 configuration.04:04
canthus13I will NEVER have debian 'erase' each partition again...04:04
* canthus13 gave up and started over after 4 hours on the 46GB partition... and it was like 10% complete.04:05
paultagWoo! Got python to start and shut down an AWS instance04:07
canthus13cool. :)04:08
* canthus13 got to learn all about PXE booting due to that stupid server. :/04:13
paultagPXE sucks04:13
paultagit's great04:13
paultagbut it sucks04:13
canthus13Yeah, but I had no blank CDs and that old machine won't boot from USB. :/04:13
paultagBroadcast message from root@ip-10-70-137-31 (unknown) at 4:14 ...04:14
paultagThe system is going down for power off NOW!04:14
paultagConnection to ec2-23-20-71-63.compute-1.amazonaws.com closed by remote host.04:14
paultagConnection to ec2-23-20-71-63.compute-1.amazonaws.com closed.04:14
canthus13...you use a class A etwork?04:14
canthus13amazon. NM. :)04:14
paultagI may have just found my buildbots.04:15
paultagalright, I'm out for the night04:16
paultagone love04:16
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thafreakcanthus13: how much them servers cost you?14:48
thafreakFYI anyone interested in rackmount servers, I recently saw these on some one's g+14:49
thafreak<$300 for a dual quad core xeon box w/4Gb ram14:49
thafreakand 2 500gb sata drives14:50
thafreaksadly, I paid about 5K for my dual dual core xeon box with 4gb of ram14:50
thafreaker, I'm STILL paying for it :/14:51
thafreakbut I wanted to do external storage services...never got very far, then the following year, amazon pulls S3 and AWS outta no where14:51
thafreakbad business decisison on my part.14:52
paultagheyya jeffschuler, welcome back :)16:40
jeffschulerhey there paultag16:40
canthus13thafreak: too much, really... about 200 for both.17:23
canthus13HAHAHA! http://www.explosm.net/comics/2650/17:53
canthus13(surprisingly SFW)17:53
dzhoah, L542018:14
* dzho hates it when someone just says "xeon" like that's supposed to be impressive18:14

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