Kiloshi superfly and others05:32
magespawnmorning all05:44
Kiloshi magespawn 05:46
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Kiloshi Trixar_za 06:17
Trixar_zaHey Kilos06:19
Kiloshi psydroid 07:01
magespawnhey Kilos07:05
psydroidhi Kilos07:14
psydroidhi magespawn07:14
magespawnhi psydroid07:43
superflymorning Kilos and magespawn and psydroid 07:55
psydroidmorning superfly07:56
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magespawndid anybody say anything more about the ubuntu hour?08:26
superflyother than being excited to do it? no08:32
superflyanyone else got in a few days early on Simfy? 08:32
magespawnwell if ppl want let me know I am in Durban currently08:50
Kerberothe rain is bad for my tv stream over wifi08:53
Kiloshi Kerbero Symmetria 08:53
Symmetrialol, so, this french dude who was at afpif with me08:55
Kiloslekker summers day08:55
Symmetriasays he's going on a tour of the lion park today08:55
Symmetriaso I told him to never forget, he's supposed to eat the pussy not let the pussy eat him :p08:55
Kerberokruger is guees?08:55
Kerbero*i guess08:55
Symmetriaumm I dunno, some tour he booked that goes to soweto and then some lion park near joburg08:56
Kerberoo ok08:56
Kerberofrom where is the french dude08:56
Kerberowe also have some french visitors around there atm going to visit kruger and then come to stellenbosch for a workshop08:57
charlvngood morning08:57
charlvnMaaz: coffee on08:57
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:57
Kiloshi charlvn 08:57
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:58
MaazKilos: Sure08:58
Symmetriaheh he was from jaguar networks08:58
charlvnhi Kilos 08:58
SymmetriaI have to say, afpif was an awesome, awesome conference08:58
Symmetriaand I also have to say, heh, if you wanna see IT and network innovation, keep an eye on UFS going forward :)08:58
MaazCoffee's ready for charlvn and Kilos!09:01
charlvnMaaz: thanks09:01
Maazcharlvn: Sure09:01
KilosMaaz, ty09:01
MaazYou are welcome Kilos09:01
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 09:31
Maaznuvolari: By the way, magespawn on freenode told me "tell nuvolari what is happening tomrrow?" 13 hours, 42 minutes and 44 seconds ago09:31
kbmonkeyhello oom Kilos 09:31
nuvolarimissed that09:31
nuvolariwe're at gateway having an ubuntu hour09:32
Kiloshi there kbmonkey you ok laddy09:32
nuvolarithe first one in a freaking long time 09:32
Kiloslo nuvolari 09:32
Kiloswell done lads dont forget a few pics hey09:33
Kilosnuvolari, you dropped magespawn09:33
Symmetriawe're trying to create a vpn concentrator at UFS that will allow staff or students to get a specific type of router, its pre-configured, so when he plugs it in, it authenticates, logs into the university, and gets a block of space routed to it so he can have proper ip space to his house, including ipv6 and multicast routing09:33
Kilosnaughty boy09:33
kbmonkeyyes Kilos, how is the koffie? :-)09:34
KilosMaaz, coffee on09:34
* Maaz washes some mugs09:34
KilosMaaz, coffee for all09:35
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already09:35
charlvnmaaz should bring some pots out and just put them on the table09:35
charlvnand bring the rusks09:36
KilosMaaz, with rusks09:36
MaazThere is a packet of Ouma's in the cupboard Kilos help yourself09:36
* Kilos shares rusks with the guys09:36
KilosMaaz, get more oumas09:38
MaazOk Kilos I'll send someone to get a trolley full09:38
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:38
KilosMaaz, danke09:38
magespawnagg no Kilos it was only a maybe anyway.09:40
Kilosah ok magespawn 09:40
Kiloswoulda been good though09:40
magespawnbut I am still in Durban so09:40
Kilostry make a turn there09:41
Kiloskick nuvolari s butt for being so scarce09:42
magespawnlike magic09:47
magespawnnuvolari i am getting something to eat then i am on my way out of durbs09:56
nuvolarimagespawn: so are you coming around?10:00
nuvolariWe'll be here forr a while10:00
magespawnif it is cool10:00
magespawnleaving durbs now10:00
nuvolariGloria Joans Cofees10:01
nuvolariclose to the wavehouse10:01
magespawnno worries just leaving springfield park now.10:02
kbmonkeyhello ubuntu-za :-)10:17
Kiloshello kbmonkey 10:23
Kilosnuvolari, what you guys doing10:28
kbmonkeyhi Kilos, we are sitting with pc's talking geek Xd10:35
SquirmI'm finally certified in something10:42
Kilostalk geek to me kbmonkey 10:49
Kilosnuvolari, helped me do the keyring thing but i didnt save the how to10:50
Kiloswhat Squirm ?10:50
SquirmKilos: I passwd my exam I did yesterday10:50
Kiloswell done Squirm now for the next one10:51
SquirmI am a Red Hat Certified System Administrator10:59
magespawnKilos I made it here11:00
Kilosyay magespawn  kick him11:05
Kilosgreat news Squirm 11:06
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smileHi all :)11:15
magespawnjust leaving an ubuntu lunch hour with nuvolari and kbmonkey12:02
* Symmetria configures his new dsl router12:11
Symmetriathis could take me a while12:11
Symmetriamy new "dsl router" is sooooo much more than a dsl router, lol, got an srx 21012:11
Symmetrialol actually gonna get some sleep before I attempt that12:12
magespawnjust left an ubuntu (lunch) hour with kbmonkey and nuvolari, nice to meet ppl face to face, tks guys12:35
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Kilosgo safe magespawn 12:36
zerefjust had an interesting convo, he said that most programmers end up in the bankng sector12:50
Kiloshi Trixar_za zeref 12:51
Trixar_zaHi Kilos12:51
zerefHi Kilos 12:52
smilehi Trixar_za, zeref, magespawn & Kilos 13:10
zerefhi smile13:12
Trixar_zaHi smile13:13
Kiloshi smile 13:14
Kiloshi Cantide 13:23
Cantidehello '-'13:23
smilehi Kilos :) how are you doing?13:33
Kilosok ty smile and you13:33
smileKilos: I'm fine :) Working hard on my father's website13:34
Kilosgood lad13:34
smilethe old website used some javascript13:37
smileso the code is sometimes very messy13:37
smileFrench sucks. Certainly with their accents in HTML code :|13:42
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charlvngood afternoon14:09
charlvnhi smile, Kilos 14:09
Kiloslo charlvn 14:09
smilehi charlvn did you wake up so early? ;)14:10
smileKilos: I used find & replace ^^14:10
charlvnsmile: hahaha, it's summer, there's no time for sleeping out in the morning!14:16
smilecharlvn: Well I mean you :) you just started talking. Have you slept the whole morning?14:20
charlvnsmile: my first message was at 10:57 today :)14:28
charlvni am enjoying the best of the weather while it still lasts14:29
charlvnin two months it starts getting colder14:29
smilecharlvn: I see ;) I wasn't here then, I think14:31
smilebut cold in SA is never really cold14:31
smilecold in Belgium, that's cold14:32
Squirmso who's up for rAge?14:38
charlvnsmile: it can fall below freezing in za but i have never seen it fall below -5 or so14:38
charlvnSquirm: what is that?14:38
Squirmcharlvn: it's been about -10 by me in kzn a few times this winter14:39
* Squirm eyes charlvn 14:39
smilecharlvn: what :o that's crazy warm14:39
SquirmrAge will again feature the sleep-depriving three day NAG LAN @ rAge event brought to you by Corex. This is a wired melting pot of adrenalin-filled gaming in the form of a 53-hour BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN.14:39
SquirmThe NAG LAN @ rAge is the biggest gaming LAN in South Africa, with 2,460 gamers connected to the same network for a weekend of pure gaming. The entire event translates into a gaming fanatic’s ultimate experience.14:39
smilelot of days under freezing temperature here in winter.14:39
Squirmand smile14:40
Squirm-10 is bloody cold14:40
Kilosyeah Squirm our skins arent so thick14:41
Kilosdunno how charlvn manages14:41
smilesquirm, well yeah, that begins ;)14:42
smilehere it can fall under -10 also :) cold wind from the north makes it rapidly cold14:43
Squirmoh, dont get me wrong, it can get colder there14:43
Squirmbut you have houses equipped to deal with it14:44
smileSquirm: Okay, I see :) So winter isn't much different from here, except for the (average) warmer climate14:47
charlvnSquirm: ok but that is unusual though?15:26
Squirmcharlvn: for Mooi River in winter? Not really :/15:27
Squirmbut it only happens a few times in about a space of a month15:27
charlvnSquirm: hmmm is that inland? in the north cape or so?15:27
charlvni can imagine it in the desert, not along the coast15:27
Squirmkind of, central kzn15:27
charlvni used to live along the coast so i never got that15:27
charlvnok well that could be yeah15:27
Squirmno desert at all15:28
charlvnit really does depend on where you live15:28
charlvnin gaborone it also got extremely cold during the winter nights15:28
charlvnbut that's because it's in the middle of the desert15:28
Kilosmooiriver is a terrible place in winter15:30
Kiloseven snowed closed there this year15:30
Kiloscharlvn, its about 15oks inland from durban15:31
Kilosmaybe bit more . i dont remember15:31
Squirmit's about 100/150km inland from Durbs15:32
magespawnhowdy all16:21
Kilosyo magespawn you home?16:34
Kiloskbmonkey, you still online laddy?16:47
Kilosthats good16:47
Kilosgonna rain16:47
charlvnmy new appartment actually has double glass and artifical window frames16:48
charlvnit has an a+ rating for energy efficiency16:48
charlvni think in the winter we have it warmer in europe than you people in south africa16:48
charlvni need very little gas to keep the inside at a 20 degrees16:49
Kilosyeah like limeyland double glazed windows and underfloor heating16:49
charlvnthe door is the same16:49
Kilosamazing how double glazing keeps cold out16:49
charlvndouble glazing?16:49
Kilosdouble glass on windows16:50
charlvnoh i guess that's what they call it in english16:50
charlvnin dutch we call it "dubbelglas"16:50
Kilosthe empty space in between helps keep cold out16:50
Kilosbut lets heat from the sun in lekker16:51
magespawnyup Kilos just had dinner with the family16:51
charlvnunderfloor heating is bad though16:51
charlvnit causes fires16:51
Kilosyou cant test it at night. feel the inside one then feel the outside one16:51
charlvni have never seen it in the netherlands16:51
charlvnyeah i know, the inside feels warm16:52
charlvnyou can easily see which windows are double glass and which aren't16:52
charlvnbecause the insides of the other windows get full of water16:52
charlvnthe water that condenses from the air16:52
Kilosnot dangerous if built into cement topping on concrete floor16:52
charlvnah maybe, i have never seen it16:52
Kilosis everything wood there16:53
charlvnhere we just use a normal central heating system16:53
charlvnno i also have a cement floor16:53
Kiloscement doesnt burn16:53
charlvnbut that uses electricity no?16:54
charlvnthat's expensive relative to gas16:54
Kilosgas not used much in za16:54
charlvnthe gas burns and heats the water, the steam goes through pipes to the radiators throughout the house16:54
Kilosstoves geysers everything electric16:54
charlvnah yeah i have never seen gas through the wall in south africa16:55
charlvnonly electricity and water16:55
charlvngas you have to buy in bottles16:55
charlvnyou see gas bottles a lot on the outside of restaurants16:55
Kilosyes you get it here but not many houses use it16:55
charlvnbut they have to get them refilled manually16:55
Kiloselectricity was always cheap till last few years16:56
charlvnah i see16:56
Kilosbut gas is very expensive here16:56
charlvnwe have a lot of natural gas in europe, some of it comes from russia but we also get a lot from the north sea16:56
charlvni don't know why because mosgas used to pump a lot of gas from underneath the ocean16:56
charlvnbut then they just convert it to petrolium products16:57
charlvnthey don't pump it around into many houses, i think16:57
charlvnbut if gas is expensive there is no point16:57
charlvnyou can rather use electricity16:57
charlvnsome people i know used to work for mosgas in the ict section16:57
charlvnbut they got paid practically nothing, something like 5.000 rand per month16:58
charlvnfor a programmer to earn that little, it's quite strange16:58
charlvnyou would think people like mosgas (or petrosa or whatever it is called now) could at least pay people better16:58
charlvnthere is a serious problem with employment in the more remote parts of south africa16:59
charlvnthere are so many people desperate for work, people do specialist work and get paid practically nothing16:59
charlvnthat is not good16:59
charlvni grew up in one of the fairly remote parts myself, i had to start traveling to make money16:59
charlvnthe funny thing is you always read in the news about black people having trouble with work17:02
charlvnbut this is white people we are talking about17:02
magespawncharlvn if you think 5000 is little you should what they pay qualified field guides.17:06
charlvnmagespawn: please tell17:07
smileMaaz: coffee17:25
Maazsmile: *blink*17:25
smileMaaz: tea17:25
Maazsmile: tea is a brew made from a tea bush from ceylon17:25
smileMaaz: help17:25
Maazsmile: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.17:25
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.17:25
smileMaaz: help me with love17:27
Maazsmile: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.17:27
smilehaha ^^17:27
Kilosyeah guys pay is poor here in za17:27
magespawnsorry charlvn got distracted by family17:28
Kilospeeps dont believe if you pay peanuts you get monkeys17:28
smileKilos: what does gerieflik mean?17:28
Kiloscomfy i think17:28
Kilosgreat lovely17:28
Kilossomewhere in there17:29
magespawnalso everbody in sa has problems with work17:29
magespawncomfy is right according to the wife17:29
Kilosyeah 50 mil after 1 mil jobs17:29
magespawnthere is enough jobs and other oppotunities here17:30
Kilosmagespawn, she be a clever chick hey?17:30
magespawnthat s whi i married her17:30
nuvolari:> howdy magespawn, oom kilos, smile 17:31
Kilosso you dont have to think17:31
magespawnjust  not enought education17:31
Kiloslo nuvolari 17:31
smileKilos: okay17:31
magespawnhey nuvopari17:31
smilebrb :)17:31
nuvolariglad to see you arrived safely magespawn!17:31
magespawntypo gremlins running riot tonight17:31
magespawnty nuvolari17:31
Kilosyes smile you use it as in i am comfortable in this chair ty17:32
Kilosek is gerieflik in die stoel ankie17:33
nuvolarimagespawn: if you ever do panorama shots, and want to stitch multiple pics together, hugin.sourceforge.net is your friend17:33
nuvolariI tried to stitch manually before... spent over an hour and the result looked like, well, junk.17:33
magespawni will check it out.17:33
nuvolarihugin does it with the click of 3 buttons in less than 4 minutes17:33
magespawnit does. i did get some software for the phone that does it quite well.17:34
Kilosnuvolari, does hugin work in ubuntu?17:36
Kilosits a  .tar17:38
magespawnbrb dog has broken a water pipe17:44
Kilosmusta been very thirsty17:45
* digigram_ is not really here...17:50
digigram_Kilos if you untar the file, maybe you can use Make to install it...17:51
* digigram_ you did not see me17:51
Kilosi dunno how to do that 17:51
Kilosuntar is extract?17:52
superflywhy are you trying to install something from source?17:52
Kilosi google for hugin superfly 17:52
superflyKilos: did you try searching the repositories first?17:53
Kilosfor ubuntu but it wants to first install that getdeb thing i already have17:53
Kilosty superfly its in synaptic17:55
Kilosmy lifesaver the fly17:55
Symmetriaheh, damn, the software firmware upgrade for my dsl router is 140meg big17:56
charlvnSymmetria: what type of dsl router is that?!17:57
Kilosaw , coulda even asked aptitude to get it17:58
* Kilos bangs head against wall17:58
charlvnsounds like a dsl router with a built-in NAS or something17:58
Symmetriaheh charlvn a juniper srx 21017:58
Symmetriaits... not exactly a normal dsl router :) hehehe17:58
charlvnmaybe one of these so-called "cloud" devices with a built-in vpn or something for remote access17:58
charlvnok lemme google17:59
Symmetriaits basically a juniper firewall that has dsl capabilities 17:59
charlvnah this one? http://www.juniper.net/as/en/products-services/security/srx-series/srx210/17:59
charlvnah i see it has a usb port for a 3g connection as failover?18:00
charlvnrunnig Junos OS 10.4.r1 lemme loook it up18:00
Symmetriaheh Im upgrading to version 12 actually :) that page is outta date18:01
charlvnsome wifi routers can double as a nas but that mostly is for home use18:01
charlvnthis looks much more like it was aimed at corporate use18:01
charlvnheh a home dsl router with bgp support ±'18:02
charlvnhmmm, i seem to have a problem with my keyboard layout, sorry18:02
charlvnwanted to do a smily face and ended up with that weird ±'18:02
Symmetriahehehe yeah you wont find these in most homes18:02
Symmetriathey are a little... price prohibitive18:02
Symmetria(translation: the thing costs 10 grand)18:04
charlvninteresting, i see junos is based on freebsd18:04
Symmetriabut they apparently coming out with a 11018:04
Symmetriathat will be a LOT cheaper18:04
Symmetriaheh yeah, all juniper products run junos and its all bsd based18:04
Symmetriaits bsd based to the point where you can install a junos package on a freebsd box, reboot it, and it comes up as a software router18:05
Symmetriathats a fully functional juniper18:05
Symmetriajust without the hardware offloads18:05
charlvnwow it even has Multiprotocol Label Switching support18:05
Symmetriabrb rebooting for new software18:05
charlvnvery interesting18:06
charlvnbbl dinner18:07
nuvolarioom Kilos, yeah, it works :>18:10
nuvolaricross-platform from what I've read18:10
nuvolariusually when I mention something to work, it's ubuntu by default :P18:10
nuvolariI don't have anything else to test on hehe18:11
nuvolarioom Kilos, you must come join us for the next Ubuntu Hour :P18:12
Kilosai i would love to nuvolari 18:12
Kilosbut you guys are far and i got sheep to look after and food to cook18:13
nuvolarihmm, that's a bit of a problem. How can we fix that?18:13
Kilosnuvolari, what works??18:13
nuvolarihugin 18:13
nuvolaribut why do you want to use hugin oom Kilos+18:14
Kiloskill the sheep, starve the family and pay the busfare18:14
nuvolariKilos: we can help with the last one18:14
Kilosi got lotsa pics i can play with18:14
Symmetriathere we go18:14
Kilossome from early 1900's18:14
nuvolariKilos: but is it pics of panorama's?18:14
Kiloswb Symmetria 18:14
Kilosdoes it matter?18:15
nuvolariKilos: yeah, hugin is only to stitch panorama shots18:15
Kiloswhats a panorama anyway18:15
nuvolari:P multiple shots of a scene to cover a greater area than what a single shot is capable of capturing18:15
Kilospic of someone with the world as a background18:16
Symmetriaheh charlvn:18:16
SymmetriaJUNOS aalston-dsl 12.1R3.5 JUNOS 12.1R3.5 #0: 2012-08-09 07:05:23 UTC     builder@greteth:/volume/build/junos/12.1/release/12.1R3.5/obj-octeon/junos/bsd/kernels/JSRXNLE/kernel  octeon18:16
Symmetriadoes that look familiar :)18:16
Kilosoh my that sucks18:16
Symmetriamore to the point:18:16
SymmetriaMay 30 18:11:19   /kernel: Copyright (c) 1996-2011, Juniper Networks, Inc.18:16
SymmetriaMay 30 18:11:19   /kernel: All rights reserved.18:16
SymmetriaMay 30 18:11:19   /kernel: Copyright (c) 1992-2006 The FreeBSD Project.18:16
SymmetriaMay 30 18:11:19   /kernel: Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 199418:16
SymmetriaMay 30 18:11:19   /kernel:      The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.18:16
nuvolarioom Kilos, be back later, going to call home quick18:16
Kilosok 18:16
magespawnhole in wall and pipe plugged18:22
Kiloshow can a dog break a water pipe18:23
magespawnyup polycop18:24
Kiloseish a hot water pipe18:25
magespawndid some mods on the house had to move a cold water tap18:25
Kilosthe orange ones18:25
magespawnman if this is what august is like i am moving to the south pole for summer18:26
Kilostoday was so lekker here, spent most of the day in the sun18:27
Kilos32 c18:27
Kilosgot some UVs18:27
magespawnfeels a lot hoter than that here18:29
Kilosyou been there always you should be used to it18:29
magespawnbit of a sudden change18:30
Kiloscold front hits us tonight again so you should cool down tomorrow18:30
magespawnclimate change much18:31
Kilosso now you met nuvo and the monkey18:32
Kilosnice adding someone to a nick hey18:32
Kilostoods smile18:32
Kilossleep tight18:32
magespawncheers smile18:32
smilebye, thanks :)18:33
smileyou too, Kilos 18:33
magespawnyes a bit wierd seeing somebody for the first yet having talked to them so much18:33
Kilosi noly met the pro so far18:33
magespawnalmost like meeting a character from a book that you had pictured one way and they are totally different18:34
magespawnbut maybe because we also show different parts of ourselves online too18:35
magespawnsmaller parts maybe?18:35
Kilosyeah we all nice guys here18:36
magespawngeeks tend to be very tolerent 18:36
magespawnopen minder18:36
nuvolari:O what do you mean we show different parts of ourselves online?18:48
nuvolariit's true though18:49
nuvolariI don't talk as fluently as I type :P18:49
Kiloswalk softly and carry a big stick18:49
nuvolariI don't understand oom?18:51
Kilospraat min en slaan hard18:55
magespawnnuvolari you dont even type that much lol19:18
Kiloshi OEmbedBot 19:18
Kiloshows a bot get here?19:18
KilosMaaz, killit19:20
MaazKilos: Sorry...19:20
KilosMaaz, killit19:21
MaazWHO? Where? Why?19:21
magespawnlater all cheers you geeks19:24
Kilostoods magespawn 19:25
inetprogood morning19:27
Kiloslo inetpro 19:41
inetprojy moet slaap oom19:42
Kiloshaha ek kyk die rugby19:42
Kilosons speel baie sleg19:43
inetprowat's die score?19:43
inetprovir ons?19:43
Kilosspeel baie sleg19:44
inetprohoveel tyd oor?19:44
Kilos50 minute19:44
inetprohoop hulle skrik bietjie wakker19:44
Kilosbietjie sjambok half tyd ek dink19:45
* inetpro luister nou op die selfoon via RSG19:48
Kilosons speel soos n skool span19:49
Kilosegrer eintlik19:49
Kilosinetpro, kyk daai OEmbedBot 19:49
nuvolariwie kyk nou rugby?19:50
nuvolariek meen het oom Kilos nie iets beters om te doen nie :P19:50
Kilosja from where19:50
Kiloslol sjoe moes eintlik gaan slaap het. kannie glo dis springbokke nie19:51
Kilosdis n bot wat nie antwoord nie19:51
KilosOEmbedBot, ping19:52
Kiloswell its not a chat bot19:55
nuvolarii'm about to duck and dive19:57
Kilosme too nigfht nuvolari 19:59
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:59
Kiloslekker slaap inetpro 20:00
inetproKilos: hmm.. jy gaan slaap?20:00
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 20:01
Kilosja die rugby sleg20:01
Kilosdankie nuvolari 20:01
inetpronou maar gaaf, nag oom20:01
Kilossal more terug wees20:01
inetpromaar ek dink hulle gaan terugkom20:01
charlvninetpro: were you at the last ubuntu irc meeting?20:22
inetprocharlvn: nope20:22
charlvninetpro: ah ok, i was looking for the logs20:22
charlvnme neither20:22
charlvnactually i could just take a look at the standard irc logs right...20:23
inetprocharlvn: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/meetings/history20:23
charlvni wonder if there are any projects planned20:23
charlvnah thanks!20:23
inetprocharlvn: do you perhaps know OEmbedBot?20:23
inetproor where he/she comes from20:24
charlvndunno sorry20:24
charlvnwhat's up?20:24
inetprosomething from .nl20:25
charlvnah ok20:25
charlvnare there any projects planned?20:25
charlvngoing through the logs now20:26
inetprocharlvn: nothing I'm aware of20:26
charlvnwinter is coming up so i am trying to think of cool things to do20:27
charlvnbut i don't know what20:27
charlvnok i'm off20:31
charlvnhave a good evening20:31
inetprognight charlvn20:32

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