pernillethe application i need to use won't work with earlier versions00:00
meio12.10 didnt fix it neither did 12.04 and each time I change and blacklist this kernel module it seems the system gets slower00:00
Guest50131now what?00:00
Dr_Willismeio:  look at dmesg output for any errors?00:00
pernillei'll look around for an alternative program00:00
soundrayGuest50131: thinking00:00
pernillethank you :)00:00
Dr_Willisblacklisting a nic module shouldent be affecting the speeds at all.00:00
newubuntuuserbug 885989  seems to be the issue.00:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 885989 in Nautilus "white screen on second monitor when using two xsessions" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88598900:01
vinaxCan someone give me a hand with a mail server?00:01
Dr_Willisnewubuntuuser:  why do you need 2 X sessions? i always use a single wide desktop.00:01
meioDr_Willis: I'm looking00:01
erealz_guys i need help my and a friend want to talk on my server useing ytalk00:01
erealz_but i dont know how to configure it00:01
erealz_anyone have a guid00:02
Dr_Willis!info ytalk00:02
ubottuytalk (source: ytalk): enhanced talk program. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.0-5 (precise), package size 44 kB, installed size 144 kB00:02
soundrayGuest50131: have you tried using the CD as a live CD?00:02
Troy^what is the software called that you can host your own wiki on your own server?00:02
Guest50131like by using it to boot the install?00:02
Dr_WillisTroy^:  theres several. I tend touse Tiddywiki but thats not really for a server00:02
soundrayGuest50131: no, I think the option is "test Ubuntu" or similar00:02
newubuntuuserI dont need 2 session...In fact Im trying to get rid of them... I was just playing around with a multiple monitor setup and borked my screens somehow.   Now I jsut want to revert back to normal... but I cant seem to figure out how.00:03
=== \x is now known as tx
Guest50131oh i haven't tested it, i've just been trying to install it...00:03
Guest50131should i try that?00:03
tech1im using a program which uses the shell command "ls" to display files. i can modify the second half of the command "ls al" etc..... i dont want to see the permissions with "l" but if i remove the l, i get a weird bug.. so is there any way of including the "l" after "ls" but hiding the permissions?00:03
lauratikame again with another doubt00:03
Dr_Willisnewubuntuuser:  whats your video card/chipset? rename/move your xorg.conf will reset things00:03
Dr_Willishttp://linux.die.net/man/1/ytalk ytalk man pages. :)00:03
soundrayGuest50131: it would be a sensible thing to do. If it works, we know that your machine can run Ubuntu in principle.00:04
newubuntuusergforce 8400 gs Nvidia.00:04
Dr_Willisnewubuntuuser:  so run the nvidia-settings tool and set the thing to use twinview?00:04
Guest50131trying that00:04
Dr_Willisnewubuntuuser:  i always use twinview. I never have had a need for 2 x sessions.00:04
Guest50131is there any way i can find out if my computer won't work with ubuntu? i've heard of people using linux with compaqs00:05
lauratikai have  1.200 mbps internet connection, since im using 12.04 loading videos on youtube,vimeo or any other place takes ages. slow very slow video loading. any idea why?00:05
Guest50131so idk why it would be a problem00:05
newubuntuuserI've got it set to twinview... but i still see 3 "sessions"   also I removed the xorg,conf before and I was unable to log into X at all.  I could only login with TTy100:05
meioDr_Willis: realtek rtl8169 is not even loaded which is what is supposed to happen since it is blacklisted00:05
soundrayGuest50131: Having seen the Amazon description, I wouldn't think that there would be a problem with your Presario00:06
soundrayGuest50131: is it working with Windows?00:06
Guest50131i'm running the CD and when it gets to the try ubuntu screen, i'll let you know what happens?00:06
Guest50131yep windows 7, a brand new install.00:06
Guest50131okay, clicked try ubuntu00:08
soundrayGuest50131: before it stopped at that error message earlier, did it appear to work a lot?  How long?00:09
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:09
Guest50131"try ubuntu" seems to be working00:09
Guest50131i can click on the dash and everything, no error message00:10
Guest50131i'm opening files and it appears to be working perfectly00:10
soundrayGuest50131: cool. Did you see my earlier question?00:10
Guest50131it appeared to work perfectly. the error message was when i clicked on the partitioning step of the install.00:11
Guest50131i clicked "install ubuntu alongside windows 7" and got the error00:11
Guest50131but until then, everything worked flawlessly.00:11
soundrayGuest50131: okay, let me just look something up00:11
Guest50131and teh computer in windows 7 was working perfectlu too.00:11
MysterytrainI'm attempting to do smbpasswd -a user. it says enter password password twice, then failed to add entry for user. where do I look to determine the cause of that?00:15
soundrayGuest50131: okay, I think you should just have another go at installing. Launch it from where you are -- you should see an icon for installation00:15
Guest50131double clicked the icon00:15
soundrayGuest50131: unfortunately, I can't keep you company through the process -- gotta leave now00:16
Guest50131okay thank you for all your help! would you recommend trying a diff release of ubuntu if this doesnt work??00:16
soundrayGuest50131: I'm sure you'll find someone else to help you out -- they're a nice bunch here00:16
Guest50131ok thanks!00:17
soundrayGuest50131: no, like I said, I can't see a reason why 12.04.1 wouldn't work00:17
Guest50131told me to unmount the partitition "/dev/sda". y or no?00:17
soundrayGuest50131: y00:17
Guest50131thank you so so much for your help00:18
Guest50131hopefully this will work!00:18
soundrayGuest50131: but trying something else won't hurt either.  I'd try the alternate installer first.00:18
soundrayGuest50131: good luck!00:18
Guest50131okay thank you!!00:18
Guest50131can anyone help me? is it better to not partition your HD or to partition it during ubuntu installation?00:20
Guest50131my installer has quit on me as soon as i clikc "install alongside windows 7" and i dont know how to fit it???00:21
DanMDHi everyone, I've installed a new kernel from a debian package however the grub menu never pops up to allow me to choose from both of my kernels... how do I get the grub menu to come up?00:22
glauco29How Can I play wma on Rhythmbox?00:23
xanguaDanMD: keep the Shift key pressed when you turn on your pc00:23
glauco29sudo aptitude install w32codecs?00:23
DanMDAh ok, is there any way to have it always pop up without the shift key? Or is this a necessity?00:23
Dr_Willisglauco29:  depends on if its DRM protected or not also.00:25
rkfbDanMD: I found you have to actually keep tapping  the shift key rather than just hold it down00:25
glauco29what is DRM?00:25
DanMDxangua & rkfb: Thanks, that worked :)00:25
Dr_Willisglauco29:  the ubuntu-restricted-extras may install extra needed stuff also00:25
Dr_Willisglauco29:  copy protection00:25
Dr_Willis'punish the legal buyer' features...00:25
glauco29sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restriced-extras?00:26
rawfodoghow do I copy all of one files type in a folder (and sub folders) using bash ? cp - ./*.gif /destination/  ??00:26
glauco29what come with this package?00:26
Dr_Willisglauco29:  'apt-cache search packagename' to learn about it..00:26
Dr_Willisglauco29:  all sorts of codecs and things..00:26
Dr_Willis!info ubuntu-restriced-extras00:26
ubottuPackage ubuntu-restriced-extras does not exist in precise00:26
Dr_Willis!info ubuntu-restricted-extras00:26
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB00:26
Dr_Willisit pays to spell it right. ;)00:26
Moonlightning-restricted-extras? O.o00:27
SilurHello all00:27
Guest50131on my manual partition, i have multiple files under /dev/sda.... dev/sda1, dev/sda2, 3, 4. am i supposed to??00:27
meioJust tested 12.04.100:27
=== Fed45 is now known as Fed44
meionothing is working I don't know what to do anymore I might to stick to windows xp stupid realtek00:28
SilurQ: Could any kind soul write one-liner to replace all occurences of SHA1 -> SHA and sha1 -> sha in input file?00:28
northernenGuest50131, yes. /dev/sda is your disk. /dev/sdaX is your partitions.00:28
Guest50131okay. it should be a clean copy of windows. how do i create partitions? i don't know why i have 4 partitions...??00:28
rypervencheSilur: Sure00:28
meiothis bug isn't resolved while googling some ppl are repolrting it isn't resolved: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/8679800:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 86798 in linux-source-2.6.22 (Ubuntu) "r8169 driver does not detect link" [Unknown,Fix released]00:29
King_Cobraok.. what i miss00:29
Silurrypervenche, thanks00:29
Guest50131i'm trying to install ubuntu for the first time. i'm reading a tutorial and the person who wrote it only had 2 partitions... why do i have 4..?00:29
iam8upGuest50131, doing log vols?00:30
Guest50131log vols?00:30
King_Cobrawhy do you want to switch to ubuntu? sick of windows?00:30
northernenGuest50131, you're installing Ubuntu alongside a Windows installation? If you have a C: drive, that's 1 partition, if you have a D: drive as well, that's 2 partitions.00:30
zykotick9Silur: IF you don't get an answer here, i'd try #bash00:30
Guest50131okay yes i have a C and D drive.00:30
Guest50131i'm just confused and don't know what i'm doing.00:31
King_Cobrais anyone helping guest here?00:31
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
Dr_WillisC and D could be 2 drives.. or 2 partitions on the same drive.. MS likes to hide real info from people.00:31
northernenDr_Willis, most likely it's just 2 partitions.00:32
Guest50131the strange thing is that the computer i'm trying to install on limux is a clean, rebooted install of windows 700:32
darkhami need to updgrade mesa drivers 7.7.1 in ubuntu 10.0400:32
Guest50131idk why i have all these partitions.00:32
darkhamplease help me00:32
Guest50131i'm just trying to install ubuntu on my computer and have encountered all these frustrating problems00:32
zykotick9darkham: why?  i kinda doubt it will help anything.  BUT, have you searched for a PPA?00:33
zykotick9!ppa | darkham00:33
ubottudarkham: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:33
Guest50131northernen: can you guide me through teh installation/partitioning process?00:33
northernenGuest50131, your C: is one partition. D: is another partition. Guessing you're installing Ubuntu on a machine that already has Windows installed on it, so the next partition (your main partition) will be /dev/sdc.00:33
Dr_Willissdc is a hard drive.. not a partition.00:34
Babbuhey gys00:34
Dr_Willissdc1 would be a partition.00:34
northernenDr_Willis, I suck. Yes, it is.00:34
zykotick9Guest50131: see Dr_Willis answer.00:34
Babbudoes anyone have any idea of bip for irc?00:34
Guest50131ok so my hard drive has 4 partitions?00:34
Dr_WillisThe wikipeda pages on disk partioning gives a lot of in depth info. :)00:34
darkhamzykotick9, i've an R300 card and later the 7.7.1 the drivers have many optimisation for this chip00:34
Dr_WillisGuest50131:  what does 'sudo fdisk -l' say about the hard disk00:34
Guest50131i don't even see sudo fdisk -l...?00:35
Guest50131i'm in the installer00:35
northernenDr_Willis, I think he's still in the installation in some way.00:35
zykotick9darkham: is R300 and AMD/ATI card?00:35
Dr_WillisThe terminal is our friend.. :)00:35
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:35
Guest50131yes i am. i clicked on the third option in the partitioning step of the installer, and am now manually creating partitions00:35
King_Cobra::petting terminal:: pretty terminal00:35
northernenGuest50131, you don't need to do that. There should be an option "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows".00:36
darkhamzykotick9, yes00:36
Guest50131every time i click "install ubuntu alongside windows 7" it doesn't work and gives me an error message00:36
ki4ro_Do I have to do something to go from 12.04 to 12.04.1 or will it happen automatically?00:36
zykotick9darkham: well, best of luck then...00:36
Guest50131it doesn't work. i've been here 1hr+ trying to figure out how to fix it00:36
Guest50131my livecd download is clean, according to md500:36
darkhamzykotick9, i must use the 10.04 in this pc, because i've random freezes with 12.0400:36
Guest50131i also tried the try ubuntu option and it works perfectly00:36
darkhamzykotick9, no problem with other versions...00:36
Guest50131i just can't seem to install ubuntu on my computer. i've tried 3+ times with different ways and nothing works00:37
zykotick9ki4ro_: check "lsb_release -a" after an update00:37
Guest50131that's why i was trying to manually partition-- because the "alongside windows" option has been giving me unsolvable errors00:37
joannhello, is this where I can get help with zorin OS 6?00:37
ki4ro_zykotick9: In a terminal I assume?00:38
Guest50131so frustrated :/00:38
zykotick9joann: not here...00:38
King_Cobrarandom freezes is caused by the 3D  version of 12.04, you can run 12.04 in 2D mode and get by fine without freezing00:38
zykotick9ki4ro_: yup00:38
Guest50131northernen: just explained my situation above. help?00:38
joannwhere then, please send me to the correct chat.00:38
northernenGuest50131, what does the error message say?00:39
King_Cobrabut if you still want the look and feel of the classic versions you can download MATE desktop from sourceforge.com00:39
Guest50131northernen: linking you to the error00:39
Guest50131northernen: took a photo00:39
ki4ro_zykotick9: Apparently I already have it00:39
nisdecevery time I want to update my initramfs I'm getting the following error: "mv: cannot stat `/boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-26-generic.new': No such file or directory" what's going on here? :'(00:39
zykotick9ki4ro_: what i assumed ;)00:39
Guest50131northernen: http://i.imgur.com/zO7ba.jpg00:39
ki4ro_zykotick9: Menny Tanks!00:39
Dice-Mangeoffb: Guest9219700:40
Guest50131northernen: does this and then ejects the CD. then my windows 7 starts up normally.00:40
zykotick9nisdec: .new seems suspicious...00:40
northernenGuest50131, this is Ubuntu 12.10?00:40
Guest50131ubuntu 12.04.100:41
MoonlightningCan I request somewhere that the nvidia drivers be ported to powerpc?00:41
Guest50131northernen: http://i.imgur.com/zO7ba.jpg00:41
Guest50131northernen: sorry, i meant to type that its ubuntu 12.04.100:41
nisdeczykotick9 http://pastebin.com/Psh7DpG7 this is the whole message if I'm trying to update my initramfs00:42
King_Cobrait may be best if you download an older version of ubuntu like 9.10 and upgrade to the newer versions00:42
Guest50131king_cobra: was that to me??00:42
Guest50131okay i'll try that!00:43
Guest50131how do i upgrade once i have them?00:43
zykotick9nisdec: i doubt i would be able to help with your initramfs issue, sorry.  BUT i don't go to pastebin.com... so i'm not gonna be able to see your paste.  (FYI you can use paste.ubuntu.com for a pastebin site without ads)00:43
=== setkeh` is now known as setkeh
King_Cobrabecause I've never had any luck installing the 11.10 or 12.04 from a live flash drive or cd I've always had to get the older version and start upgrading from it00:44
Guest50131northernen: king_cobra suggested i try to install an older version?00:44
northernenGuest50131, worth a try.00:44
nisdeczykotick9 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1165407/ sorry for using pastebin00:44
Guest50131king_cobra: okay. what's the best way to upgrade once you have 9.10 installed?00:44
northernenI think it has to do with the drivers for the wireless NIC.00:44
zykotick9nisdec: why are you using initramfs?00:45
King_Cobraupdate manager under System/Administration00:45
nisdecI'm trying to upgrade my kernel, and the upgrade process leads to the same error00:45
northernenzykotick9, why don't you use pastebin?00:45
zykotick9nisdec: so, why are you upgrading your kernel?00:45
zykotick9northernen: ad site... tracking... annoying...00:46
Guest50131northernen: also, if i have a lot of partitions, is there a way to combine those partitions into one drive on windoes? i knwo this is a linux chat but jw.00:46
zykotick9northernen: pastebin.com00:46
nisdeczykotick9 well why do someone upgrade? :D several usb improvements, driver issues, alsa update went into 3.500:47
Guest50131northernen: ?00:47
zykotick9nisdec: if this isn't for SPECIFIC hardware support - i'm out.  good luck.00:47
glauco29I want see all versions from php for me choose which one I want downnload, how I do it?00:47
zykotick9glauco29: ubuntu will only offer 1 PHP at a time... per release.00:48
peeps[work]i added some scripts to /etc/cron.daily yesterday but they don't seem to have run this morning, do i need to restart cron service to have these additions take effect?00:49
peeps[work]or any other ideas why these script might not execute?00:49
zykotick9glauco29: to verify "apt-cache search ^php"00:50
rogecomputer keeps crashing during installation any help?00:51
northernenzykotick9, use Firefox with proper plugins and it's not a problem.00:51
zykotick9northernen: lol, firefox... you're funny (NO it's not chromium i'm using)00:51
Dr_Willispeeps[work]:  could be they are wrongly written, or using wrong paths00:51
northernenGuest50131, well your C: and D: are two partitions. You can copy the contents of D: into C: and delete the D: partition.00:51
northernenzykotick9, fuck Google.00:52
rogecomputer keeps crashing during installation any help?00:52
zykotick9northernen: bad word (don't use them in #ubuntu, my eyes are burning)00:52
Dr_WillisGuest50131:  you really should be sure you have some good backups of your imporntant stuff..00:52
SilurQ: is it possible to combine these two in one line:  sed -i 's/sha1/sha/g' file  and   sed -i 's/SHA1/SHA/g' file   ?00:52
northernenzykotick9, sorry. I don't usually make such bold statements!00:52
Dr_WillisSilur:  you mean into a single call of sed? not 'command1 && command2' ?00:53
northernenGuest50131, it doesn't really matter the amount of partitions you have. No need to change them though.00:53
rogeany help?00:53
SilurDr_Willis, yes, i guess create a regex play not just &&00:53
Dr_Willisroge:  give some more details would help the channel help you.00:53
Guest50131Dr_Willis: computer has nothing on it, brand new, so nothing to save00:54
godgryphonI have a really basic problem, but I've checked the forums and can't seem to find an answer. I upgraded my 12.04 installation to 12.10, and now it appears that my windows have the light grey color of KDE. Not the window borders, but where the content itself is. Is there an area where I can change this?00:54
Guest50131northernen: the D: is a recovery drive that's uneditable?00:54
zykotick9godgryphon: ask in #ubuntu+100:54
Dr_WillisSilur:   i recall some 'ignore case' in my "mastering regular expressions' but it May depend on  the exact regexp options sed's regexp engine takes.00:54
godgryphonAlright, thank you :).00:54
rogeit boots up it starts installing all files about 2/3 of way it freezes00:54
Dr_WillisGuest50131:  you DO have some windows restore disks?00:54
Guest50131the C: is the hard drive, the D: is a "Recovery disk" that came with teh computer00:55
Guest50131and the other 2 are a hp_tools drive and a "system" drie00:55
peeps[work]Dr_Willis, if i run the scripts manually they seem to work (they are backup scripts and i see the output of their backup on the backup drive), but it seems they don't run at all from cron00:55
northernenWell, not to make any broad statements, but D: recovery disks coming with the computer is all bollocks.00:55
Guest50131northernen: see above messages00:55
Dr_WillisGuest50131:  these days. I cheat and buy a new hd to put in a pc im putting lInux on.. and keep the windows hd either unhooked.. or i unhook it - install linux. then plug it back in. :)00:55
Guest50131Dr_Willis: that's smart!00:56
Dr_Willispeeps[work]:  your user may have a differfnt path, and may be using 'bash' where the cron is using a default path, and sh. (2 common issues ive seen over the years)00:56
Guest50131Dr_Willis: don't have those kind of funds right now, but that's a good idea00:56
Dr_WillisGuest50131:  last laptop - had 2 spots for Hard drives.. :)00:56
peeps[work]Dr_Willis, oh, i should put #!/bin/bash00:56
Guest50131Dr_Willis: awesome!00:56
peeps[work]good call00:56
Dr_WillisGuest50131:  current desktop.. i found a 128gb SSD for $99 - -  So now my ubuntu box boots in like 10 sec.00:57
Dr_Willispeeps[work]:  :)00:57
Guest50131northernen: so i should try to install an earlier version? do you have any clue at all why it keeps ejecting my live cd and not letting me install??00:57
zykotick9Dr_Willis: 128GB i'm jealous... only 60GB here.00:57
peeps[work]how different is sh from bash?00:57
Guest50131i also tried to install a 64-bit (checked my computer and it's a 64-but). could that have made a difference? i just want linuxxxxx00:57
Dr_Williszykotick9:  they had 64gbs for $64 ir sill.00:57
Dr_Willispeeps[work]:  one is sh.. other is bash. :)00:58
Dr_Willispeeps[work]:  sh is a limited shell compared to bash.00:58
zykotick9peeps[work]: very...00:58
peeps[work]but aren't they interoperable for simple scripts00:58
northernenIn most cases though, sh is just a symlink to bash.00:58
Dr_Willispeeps[work]:  if you use JUST sh features..  you can use bash in your #! or sh..00:58
peeps[work]i mean, the script is a one liner with no fancy conditionals or variables or anything00:58
zykotick9peeps[work]: is you want the maximum cross-OS compatibility, use sh, if it's for gnu/linux bash should work fine.00:59
Dr_Willispeeps[work]:  if you use BASH features you really should use bash in the #!.  in ag4es past people would get lazy and use SH when they ment BASH00:59
peeps[work]does sh do backticks00:59
northernenGuest50131, I don't have any idea why it keeps ejecting it, no. But installing an earlier version and upgrading does not seem like a bad idea.00:59
northernenpeeps[work], yep.00:59
Guest50131northernen: ok, thanks :(00:59
King_Cobrado you have a jump drive guest?00:59
northernenpeeps[work], oh wait, sh, no idea.01:00
Dr_Willisbackticks make for hard to read code.. :)   use of $(command) i think is perfered these days01:00
Guest50131link to the 9.10 installatio ISO??01:00
northernenI always thought sh was just a symlink to the default shell for the distro.01:00
Dr_Willisnorthernen:  in ubuntus case that sh is DASH.. not bash..01:00
Dr_Willisthe change from bash to dash, casued a lot of issues ages ago01:01
peeps[work]ok, well i put binbash in there, hopefully on monday i will see that my jobs have run01:01
northernenDr_Willis, dahs does backticks though? Or no?01:01
Guest50131King_cobra: jump drive meaning USB drive?01:01
King_Cobraflash drive jump drive01:02
Guest50131yes i do01:02
King_Cobralittle sandisk you can unplug and store info on..01:02
northernenDr_Willis, when I write scripts I always write .../bash, and everyone else can just bugger off :>01:02
Guest50131king_cobra: yes i do01:03
King_Cobrayou can use your flash/jump drive to make a live cd with..01:03
Guest50131King_Cobra: yes, i just need the download link to the 9.10 file01:04
King_Cobraplug it in and get the link that says Make a USB boot drive01:04
=== marv is now known as nycsd
Guest50131ok thanks01:05
King_Cobrait'll format the drive and download the 9.10 to the USB drive and you will be able to set up linux from it01:05
Guest50131ok thanks01:05
Guest50131i'm going to leave for now, but maybe be bak later01:06
King_Cobraof course you can also use it to sneak around password screens.. but that's a different chat01:06
King_Cobraok good luck01:06
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King_Cobrawhat does bugger mean anyways01:08
=== MoTec_ is now known as MoTec
devnillI'm trying to set up sshfs and I keep getting the error: 'read: connection reset by host' my keys work fine to connect with ssh though01:09
MoonlightningCan I change the console font to something that's not on the list?01:10
b3rz3rk3r_morning all01:12
b3rz3rk3r_Moonlightning, if you dont have the font you will have to download it first01:12
Moonlightningb3rz3rk3r_: I have it; it's in a .ttc file.01:13
Adieubuntu isn't very good.01:13
b3rz3rk3r_Moonlightning, have you put that file in your fonts folder?01:13
Moonlightningb3rz3rk3r_: no; where's the fonts folder?01:14
b3rz3rk3r_Moonlightning, i think its ~/.fonts01:15
b3rz3rk3r_Moonlightning, one sec, checking01:15
King_Cobrabrb.. gotta reboot01:15
b3rz3rk3r_Moonlightning, you will find them there and in /usr/share/fonts01:16
b3rz3rk3r_Moonlightning, if you are not sure how to do it, follow this guide https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts01:16
XIIII am having an issue where i cant run a kvm on 12.04, I can connect to the service and start it but if I start any of the instances the system drive gets mounted as RO and starts having I/O errors01:20
pernillehow do i get the output?01:20
pernillei can't remember the command01:21
pernillewrong oom sorry01:21
Adiecan wubi resize my disk?01:21
Adiemy wubi install is full :(01:21
zykotick9XIII: are you using libvirt?01:22
b3rz3rk3r_Adie, maybe time to install it for real then? You will get much better disk performance as well ;)01:22
XIIIalso once this happens every command results in a segmentation fault, bus error or i/o error01:23
XIIII am01:23
zykotick9Adie: wubi is only a temporary/testing solution... VirtualBox would be better...01:23
Adiethough... is a wubi install something I can open in vmware/virtualbox?01:24
Adieor it it a weird virtual disk01:24
zykotick9XIII: if you are using libvirt with KVM, you should say you are using libvirt - not KVM.01:24
AdieI needed to install ubuntu so I could edit and compile programs for windows, BUT I FULLED UP MAH WUBI01:24
AdieI don't even know how :|01:24
Adieisn't 18gb the default?01:25
Adieor was it 2...01:25
XIIIzykotick9: it was the default option when installing ubuntu, it loads everything as kvm-qemu and i have libvirt, not exactly sure which it is using01:25
Adiealso! how much would wubi DESTROY I/O performance?01:26
Adieif any01:26
AdieI have a good computer, but ubuntu is not liking all I am doing with it01:26
AdieQT Creator + chrome + a windows 7 virtual machine, and the thing just locks up a lot01:27
Adieidk if making a REAL ubuntu installation would fix that01:27
b3rz3rk3r_Adie, you will get better disk performance by either installing it properly to disk or using a virtual environment like VirtualBox01:27
Adieyeah, looks like the root disk is 19gb01:28
b3rz3rk3r_Adie, WUBI is a test environment to make it easy for people to test out Ubuntu, its not meant for long term use01:28
Adiehow the hell did I fill that overnight :|01:28
XIIII have replaced the drive and cable multiple times, thought it was the drive that the Vms were on so I created a new one and same thing happens01:29
easykillHi. I have been been experiencing some issues with my operating system that i think i caused by noobishness. I backed up my files and i want to wipe and reinstall ubuntu on my computer. How would I do that? I don't have a disk drive01:33
_Tristandoes ubuntu have reasonable support for macbook pros?01:34
tbruff13Can anyone help me I am looking for a good calendar program other than the default one. The default one does not remind of appointments I am running Kubuntu 12.0401:36
King_Cobrawhat i miss..01:38
* krups copies and pastes 6 months of scroll back for King_Cobra 01:39
King_Cobra6 months... cheeky01:40
King_Cobraeveryone's a comedian..01:40
=== oleg is now known as Guest29095
XIIIany one have any ideas as to why loading a vm causes the system to crash?01:42
WeThePeoplexiii, what are your sys stats01:43
b3rz3rk3r_XIII, bad ram module?01:43
XIIIWeThePeople : which stats did you want?01:43
WeThePeoplexiii, your machine not vm01:43
XIIIb3rz3rk3r_ : I ran mem 86+ overnight no errors01:44
ubuntuguy5948389what's something that i can change my webcam filters for stuff like black and white?01:44
XIII16 GB Kingston RAM, AMD 6100 FX, MSI 870A-G5401:44
WeThePeoplexiii, you running vbox?01:45
King_Cobratry Smile : Ubuntuguy01:45
King_Cobraor Cheese..01:45
b3rz3rk3r_XIII, are you running the host on a 64bit machine?01:46
King_CobraCheese Webcam Booth has filters..01:46
ubuntuguy5948389chees doesn't seem to do anything01:46
ubuntuguy5948389like, not filters pop up. :/01:46
MoTecI once ran MemTest86 for three years straight before it validated the bad RAM I thought I had...  Of course, by that time I had replaced that computer anyway.01:46
King_Cobrahmmm.. have you searched the Software Center?01:47
b3rz3rk3r_ubuntuguy5948389, cheese has the filters you are looking for01:47
ubuntuguy5948389i had seen one a while back, and installed it, but i can't remember what it was.01:47
* b3rz3rk3r_ waves hand in front of ubuntuguy5948389 face01:47
ubuntuguy5948389I can't get cheese to work on my machine01:48
King_Cobrawhich ubuntu you have01:48
King_Cobraill find ya one that works01:48
King_Cobragimme a sec01:49
XIII_WeThePeople, this was 10.04, i then did a distribution upgrade to 12.04 thinking there was an error in 10.04 but I still have this problem01:49
b3rz3rk3r_ubuntuguy5948389, just installed cheese, running fine here on 12.04. Is the program not running, or just not detecting your webcam?01:50
ubuntuguy5948389it detects webcam fine01:50
ubuntuguy5948389it just doesn't show any filters01:50
ubuntuguy5948389ran it through terminal01:50
b3rz3rk3r_ubuntuguy5948389, they are called "effects"01:50
WeThePeoplexiii, are you using vbox or another vm software?01:50
King_Cobrathere's a debug package for Cheese there01:51
WeThePeoplexiii, are there any error msgs?01:51
ubuntuguy5948389got it01:51
XIII_WeThePeople, it is the built in kvm software, selected from package manager when first installing ubuntu01:51
ubuntuguy5948389it doesn't seem to work unless in fullscreen01:51
* L3top thinks if cheeze doesn't work then nothing will.01:51
WeThePeoplexiii, then idk :)01:52
XIII_WeThePeople, if by vbox you mean virtual box, no01:52
King_Cobramaybe.. couldn't hurt to try the debug though01:52
XIII_[  336.980510] ata5.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x0 [  336.980718] ata5.00: failed command: WRITE DMA [  336.980883] ata5.00: cmd ca/00:08:08:e1:08/00:00:00:00:00/e0 tag 0 dma 4096 out [  336.980886]          res 40/00:00:4b:4f:c2/00:00:00:00:00/00 Emask 0x20 (host bus error) [  336.981248] ata5.00: status: { DRDY } [  341.980262] ata5.00: qc timeout (cmd 0xec) [  341.980275] ata5.00: failed to IDENTIFY (I/O error01:52
XIII_thats what i get from dmesg soon after starting a vm01:52
WeThePeoplexiii, you will have better luck using vbox01:52
ubuntuguy5948389ok SO01:53
L3top!enter | ubuntuguy594838901:53
ubottuubuntuguy5948389: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:53
ubuntuguy5948389i have cheese running, with filters. but now omegle says i need a webcam.01:53
XIII_WeThePeople, is the built in kernel virtualisation an issue?01:53
King_Cobrawell.. do you have a webcam?01:54
ubuntuguy5948389haha, yes i do. it was working before using cheese.01:54
b3rz3rk3r_ubuntuguy5948389, try a different browser/close-reopen the current one01:54
King_Cobrawhat's the error message?01:54
WeThePeoplexiii, idk anything about kvm, it doesnt make sense that it would anyway. what os are you running?01:54
XIII_12.04 LTS amd64 server01:55
wolfgang__is ubuntu, kubuntu, or lubuntu best for gaming?01:57
ConfusedAsNothinWhy does Ubuntu recommend 32 Bit download? When i have a 64Bit machinr?01:57
WeThePeoplexiii, is that the vm?01:57
rypervenchewolfgang__: They'll all work.01:57
easykillHi. I have been been experiencing some issues with my operating system that i think i caused by noobishness. I backed up my files and i want to wipe and reinstall ubuntu on my computer. How would I do that? I don't have a disk drive01:57
bazhangwolfgang__, there is no best. try them and decide for yourself.01:57
b3rz3rk3r_!best | wolfgang__01:57
ubottuwolfgang__: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:57
XIII_WeThePeople, that is the host01:57
wolfgang__bazhang, thank you01:57
King_Cobraeasykill: using a netbook?01:59
Dr_WillisConfusedAsNothin:  its a form of idiot proofing. If you know your system can do 64bit.. then use the 64bit,,01:59
WeThePeoplexiii, what is the vm01:59
_Tristanubuntu. macbook pro. y/n.02:00
wolfgang__do i get lubuntu at ubuntu.com ?02:00
_TristanI googled the shit out of it, but I can't find anything later than 2008.02:00
XIII_WeThePeople, Windows 7 64 bit with 4 GB RAM and 2 CPU, the host serves as a samba and backup server for the network02:00
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.02:00
bazhang_Tristan, whats the actual question02:00
King_Cobraok.. the fastest way to do that is to make a boot disk using a USB flash drive02:00
Dr_Williswolfgang__:  its there somewhere at the mirrors also.02:00
getheniannot all and utils are available and stable in their 64 bit versions02:00
Dr_Willisgethenian:  i cant really think of anything that dosent work on 64bit for me these days.. its all i run02:01
_Tristanbazhang: will it work? Easily? Will I need to do anything annoying? Mouse/keyboard/wifi drivers and everything work?02:01
_Tristanwill the clickpad try to kill me?02:01
bazhang_Tristan, yes02:01
bazhanggethenian, thats just not correct02:01
easykillok. So just boot up from the usb and hit download again?02:01
Dr_Williseasykill:  download what?02:02
King_Cobraeasykill: download the 9.10 download for the USB drive, then eRecovery the netbook, then use the USB to boot linux02:02
XIII_WeThePeople, i even did a bios update as that usually fixes hardware issues that i come across02:02
bazhangKing_Cobra, 9.10 is not supported. please dont recommend someone download it02:02
gethenianfor some hardware configurations you lose nothing for running the 32 bit version02:02
King_Cobra10.04 then02:02
WeThePeoplexiii, ask dr_willis he may be able to help02:03
XIII_WeThePeople will do02:03
XIII_dr_willis: I have a virtualization issue that needs your expertise02:04
Dr_WillisI rarely mess with VM's other then basic Vbox ussage.02:04
XIII_dr_willis: is vbox better than the kernel virtualization modules?02:05
easykillok, thanks02:05
WeThePeoplexiii, yes, i have used vbox for win7, XP, backtrack5, win 2000 all worked just fine02:06
=== AFKMunks is now known as chamunks
XIII_WeThePeople: this was working fine until about 2 weeks ago02:06
XIII_WeThePeople: I will give vbox a try and report back02:07
Moonlightning> login: Cannot possibly work without effective root02:07
MoonlightningShould I set /bin/login u+s?02:08
WeThePeoplexiii, need any help let me know02:08
XIII_WeThePeople: will do, thanks for the help you have given thus far02:09
Dr_WillisXIII_:  i only use vbox.. in very simple cases...02:11
ClientAliveI'm missing some plugin (video/x-ms-wvx) and I have to do an online orientation for my new job. There's a deadline to do it and I'm afraid I could lose the job. Can anyone help?02:11
douhhello, i'm using ubuntu as my desktop. I have severall ssh keys in my machine. I would like best security practises for a desktop.02:12
sputnikvmetro is in whatever they call the next windows server02:12
AcidRain2012douh: that sounds like a good plan02:13
XIII_Dr_Willis: i was using the kernel virtualization fine since February until about 3 weeks ago, thought it was the drive for either the host or the vm so I replaced them both to no avail02:13
=== Hugo is now known as Guest61146
grim__Hey im having a problem with my video card in games and such saying it dosent support 3d accelleration anyone know how to fix this?02:13
bazhanggrim__, what card02:14
grim__    NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M (128-bit) 1GB02:14
bazhanggrim__, did additional drivers offer a driver for it02:15
grim__no it offers nothing02:15
supercom32Question: If you access a file on disk using Ubuntu, via command line, Nautilus, etc, is that access logged in any place?02:15
ClientAliveI think I found something that may help but not sure how to install it properly. Can someone advise? (it's proprietary codec stuff).02:16
const_antinethere is access time for inode02:16
const_antinere. supercom3202:16
supercom32@const_antine: Is there anything that registers the actual file name or path? Such as, if you access a password file of some kind?02:17
const_antineyou mean a list of all files per process?02:18
const_antinelet's see02:18
grim__bazhang  you have any ideas?02:18
const_antineif you have procfs installed, you can look at currently open files02:18
supercom32I mean, a history or a list of files the system has come into contact with. Such as an "ls" or a search or something. Like if you mounted a USB drive, would Ubuntu try to index it or something?02:18
=== arcadiia is now known as white
MoonlightningShould I make /bin/login setuid root?02:19
const_antinehaven't heard about such a thing though02:19
=== white is now known as Guest33286
=== Guest33286 is now known as whitee
bazhangMoonlightning, of course, no02:20
WeThePeoplexiii, visit #hardware02:20
Dr_WillisMoonlightning:  why would you thinkyou need to do that?>02:20
WeThePeoplexiii, "ask in"02:21
Moonlightning> login: Cannot possibly work without effective root02:21
bazhangMoonlightning, there is ZERO need for that02:21
Dr_Williswillis@SSDBuntu:~$ ls -l /bin/login02:21
Dr_Willis-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 44944 Jun 18 09:25 /bin/login02:21
Dr_WillisI think that error is complaining about somthing other then the permissions on login.02:22
supercom32@const_antine: I take it the /var/log/ location is the best bet for finding such things?02:22
tjabbeMoonlightning, there is a thing called sudo02:22
Moonlightningtjabbe: I know, and I use it all the time.02:22
Dr_WillisMoonlightning:  what are you tying to do exactly then?02:22
tjabbethe risks associated with operating as root all the time are too great02:22
MoonlightningLog in as a different user? :V02:22
Dr_WillisMoonlightning:  use the su command... from the terminal02:23
tjabbeso if you are using sudo why would you want to expose yourself to greater levels of risk?02:23
const_antine/var/log? probably, i personally found logs to be lacking02:23
grim__Does anyone know how to get my video settings working for 3d acceleration on a dell inspiron 17r n7110?02:23
Moonlightning`su` isn't working for me...02:24
supercom32Ok, here's a good one. Lets say I want to turn on access logging as a security measure. So if I need to I can see what files were edited, viewed, copied, or mounted (From an external device). Is there a way to do that?02:24
tjabbewhat isn't "working"?02:24
Dr_WillisMoonlightning:  i think you need to be giving us more details.. so we can stop  with the fishing questions....02:24
tjabbehehe yeah, thanks Dr_Willis02:25
Moonlightning> setgid: Operation not permitted02:25
tjabbeit's a big pond, but I ain't catching anything02:25
Dr_Williswhat 'exactly' are you doing.....02:25
Moonlightning`su blackl`02:25
Dr_Willisand what user are you now?02:26
Moonlightning"guest-"some random-looking string I can't read02:26
MoonlightningI think.02:26
Dr_Willisguest? You are in the guest session?02:26
MoonlightningIt's hard to read anything because I have outdated video drivers or something, and the current ones don't support powerpc >.>02:27
MoonlightningUm, yes?02:27
Dr_WillisIve never noticed the guest session using #'s02:27
Dr_WillisPowerpc? what ubuntu release are you using?02:27
Dr_Willisand why are you using the guest session>02:28
XIII_WeThePeople: what is "ask in"02:28
MoonlightningBecause `su blackl` as blackl is pointless?02:28
Dr_Willisadduser billgates02:28
Dr_Willissu billgates     worked here.....02:28
WeThePeoplexiii, i asked i #hardware and they said the drive might be failing02:29
Dr_Willissudo adduser billgates (i ment)02:29
=== diegovieira is now known as revolts
WeThePeoplexiii, ask in #hardware02:29
XIII_oh ok02:29
XIII_WeThePeople, I will be doing that, going to do a fresh install now and start from scratch and see if that fixes it, at least ubuntu installs in less than 20 minutes02:30
WeThePeoplexiii, have fun :)02:30
XIII_WeThePeople, thanks! I will report back in once done and let you know how it went in either the reinstall or #hardware02:31
WeThePeoplexiii, ill be here02:31
grim__Can you install directx on ubuntu?02:33
rypervenchegrim__: Do you want to?02:35
grim__well im trying to get my virtual machine to work with 3d acceleration and im really lost and im just trying anything ive been googling it with no help i can understand.. =/02:36
WeThePeopledirectx uses dll files02:36
bazhanggrim__, a VM wont use that nvidia card's capabilities02:36
grim__oh so i cant do it at all?02:37
bazhanggrim__, you should have mentioned this was a VM at the Start02:37
grim__sorry =/02:37
bazhanggrim__, go try in #vbox or #vmware02:37
grim__ok thank you02:37
maslohi guys I'm pretty new to ubuntu in general I only know certain commands (make,ls,cd,mv,mkdir,rmdir,rm,apt-get,top,ps,kill) and I was just wondering if I'm missing out on some important ones ? also I know I can get a list of all running procceses with ps ux and kill them with their PID but is there any way to see the program? like to attach it to my terminal ;x02:39
=== m00se is now known as Frau_Blucher
=== Frau_Blucher is now known as m00se
ClientAliveok, I thought I had it. Thought I solved me problem - but now xine is just sitting there, saying "buffering...  0%" but not actually doing anything. I must be missing something - but what?02:44
Jak_AtackkaHello! I'm having a problem where the kernel images are being deleted on my /boot partition every time I restart the computer02:46
J3fhey guys how to i can upgrade mi 12.04 to 12.04.1lts??02:47
=== Roasted is now known as roasted
J3fhey guys how to i can upgrade mi 12.04 to 12.04.1lts??02:49
MoonlightningJ3f: There's no difference.02:50
Moonlightning12.04 /is/ an LTS version.02:50
Moonlightning!lts | J3f02:50
ubottuJ3f: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)02:50
J3fuhmm thanks to all02:51
* Moonlightning chuckles. "You're welcome..."02:51
dmp450I have a USB external drive and i'm wanting to mount it through terminal commands, how do I go about doing that?02:59
dmp450I have already made my mount point, but if I try to sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /mnt/external it says I need to specify the file type03:00
dmp450how do I find that out?03:00
=== roland is now known as reven
MoonlightningNow /that/ ^203:03
Moonlightningis a long hostname. XD03:03
omarany one knows were to find winetricks help03:04
Jak_Atackkaomar: (At risk of being annoying) Google?03:05
bazhangomar, #winehq03:05
psychognitehelo sir out there ,  can anyone tell me how to activate ppa which is deleted and has been greyed out ...03:06
Myke974_YO !03:06
bazhang!addppa | psychognite03:07
ubottupsychognite: Since Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details03:07
psychognitei am talking about my own ppa creation03:08
psychognitei want to activate it again03:08
psychognitethat once has been deleted03:08
psychogniteand greyed out03:08
bazhangpsychognite, deleted how03:09
bazhang!ppa-purge | psychognite this?03:10
ubottupsychognite this?: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html03:10
psychognitei think it is no longer required03:10
psychogniteso i deleted ...03:10
bazhangpsychognite, deleted how. answer my question please03:10
bazhangpsychognite, and a link to the PPA page you used as well, please03:11
maslohi guys I'm pretty new to ubuntu ;x I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out, I installed nodejs by getting the source code and using make and it works fine but I'm trying to install ws and websocket using npm install websocket but it doesn't seem to work it says I need a native code compiler..?03:13
bazhangmaslo, did you install build-essential yet?03:14
maslolet me check03:14
masloI just installed build essential and tried again and it fails with this error03:16
maslo[websocket v1.0.7] Attempting to compile native extensions. [websocket v1.0.7]     Native code compile failed!!03:16
bazhangmaslo, compiling which package, please03:17
maslonpm install websocket03:17
bazhangmaslo, whats that npm command for03:17
maslonpm is the node package manager03:18
maslofor nodejs03:19
bazhangmaslo, what version of ubuntu is this03:19
mrgrinsHello, im on 11.04 and im trying to ./configure but it says gcc has a fatal error: stdlib.h no such file or directory. what do i need to get to replace that file?03:19
bazhangmaslo, you installed nodejs from the ubuntu repos?03:20
masloi downloaded the source and used make03:20
=== HououinKyouma is now known as Guest56796
SuperMiguelhow do i get ubuntu to boot from uefi?03:26
Jak_AtackkaSuperMiguel: Do you have a separate /boot partition set up?03:27
SuperMiguelJak_Atackka, i just set up 3 partitions a ufi, / and swap03:27
SuperMigueland got an error at the end of the installer03:27
Jak_AtackkaWhat error?03:27
SuperMiguelgrub error saying something about dummy03:28
bogorSound in ubuntu 12.04 today is behaving strangely. Foreground music is very low. But background music is loud and clear. How to fix ?03:28
SuperMiguelJak_Atackka, is there any advantage on using uefi instead of reg boot?03:29
Bitgodok i forgot my username03:31
dmp450hey, i'm having troubles with sshfs trying to mount a server. I can mount it, but when I do it tells me I don't have permissions to access the files. can anyone help?03:31
Bitgodi uninstalled unity but had to go to a t erminal so i can do gnome install via apt-get03:31
Bitgodbut my username isnt working\03:31
Jak_AtackkaSuperMiguel: Some motherboards will only boot from UEFI (or rather, EFI).03:31
Bitgodi could of SWORN it was atek!03:32
Bitgodatek being the user03:32
SuperMiguelJak_Atackka, but how about if they support both? any advantage?03:32
delcapitanso whats ubuntu gonna do to counter windows 8?03:32
bzwindows 8 is gonna counter windows 803:33
bazhang!ot | delcapitan bz03:33
ubottudelcapitan bz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:33
bzbazhang: ey, i was being a helpful guy by resolving the issue in under 8 words03:33
bazhangBitgod, are you logged in as root?03:33
Bitgodbaz:" im at the login prompt03:33
Bitgodi killed unity so ican do gnome03:33
Bitgodobviously i had to do the ctrl-alt-f1 trick to get terminal03:34
bazhangbz this is not the jokes channel. take it elsewhere03:34
Bitgodbut when i login as atek03:34
Bitgodpassword too03:34
Jak_AtackkaSuperMiguel: I'm not very knowledgeable about the differences between the two, but I do know that UEFI is slated to completely supersede BIOS03:34
Bitgodit acts like it doesnt exist03:34
Bitgodi know Atek or atek exists03:34
delcapitani was being serious03:34
bazhangBitgod, what about logging out and then at login window choosing a user03:35
bazhangdelcapitan, its offtopic here. so stop it03:35
Bitgodbaz: i said i have no desktop manager now03:35
Bitgodso im stuck at termina;03:35
bzbazhang: what jokes?03:35
Nautilus__what is the "Super" key?03:37
bazhangNautilus__, the windows key03:37
Jak_AtackkaSuperMiguel: UEFI support GPT (GUID Partition Tables), which allow for up to 128 partitions, as well of maximum hard drive sizes above 2TB.03:39
Bitgodwow nice help03:39
dmp450Bitgod, what is your problem?03:40
Bitgodwhich i did03:40
Bitgodso now i got no desktop manager03:40
dmp450Bitgod, okay, so just install a new one?03:40
Bitgodand have to do Ctrl Alt F1 to get a terminal03:41
dmp450what are you wanting as a DM?03:41
no-nshould the md5 sum be different for 12.04.1 and 12.04 ?03:41
Bitgodproblem is i think my username got erased during uninstall03:41
Bitgodit no longer works03:41
dmp450Bitgod, you can't login at all?03:41
Bitgodi know my username is atek03:41
no-nif so, I can't find the hash for 12.04.103:41
Bitgodand my password is az231403:41
Bitgodbut desnt woprk03:42
Bitgodwhat is the root default password?03:42
Bitgodill try root03:42
bazhangthere is none Bitgod03:42
dmp450root is disabled by default on ubuntu03:42
Bitgodi guess im fucked!03:42
dmp450Bitgod, no03:42
bazhangBitgod, dont curse here03:42
Bitgodi cant find my username03:42
Bitgodsorry baz03:42
dmp450do you have data on there you need?03:42
Bitgoddmp450: yup03:42
dmp450okay, do you have a livecd?03:42
dmp450or usb?03:42
xyverzBitgod: you can always use an ubuntu CD in live mode to get your data off... and to hack a root password.03:43
Bitgodxyverz : could u assist on the hack part03:43
Bitgodi can get the rest03:43
Bitgodi got a grub recovery mode03:44
xyverzthere ya go.03:44
Bitgodi think i can do ls /home and get my user03:44
xyverzthat should get you in.03:44
dmp450Bitgod, or you could use a live cd then chroot into your system, re-add yourself as a user03:44
xyverzyou could always try to see if your user acct exists in /etc/passwd03:44
xyverzif not, just re-add.03:44
dmp450do what xyverz says :P03:44
xyverzdmp450: I was gonna say to do what you said.03:45
SuperMiguelany of you guys actually uses and likes unity?03:45
Bitgodwhat the flying f--k03:45
Bitgodgot my user03:45
Bitgodso i did passwd atek03:45
Bitgodi put in a new password03:46
xyverzSuperMiguel: it works for me.03:46
dmp450xyverz, :P03:46
bazhangBitgod, stop the cursing03:46
Bitgodi get Authenication token manuipulzation error03:46
Bitgodwhy? ^03:46
Bitgodi put same password 2 times03:46
bazhang!enter | Bitgod03:46
ubottuBitgod: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:46
dmp450Bitgod, also *probably* not a good idea to echo your password on here03:47
xyverzBitgod: I looked at that link you posted... I'm pretty sure you removed some extra stuff inadvertently. maybe even the PAM auth modules.03:47
SuperMiguelxyverz, it is not bugged no more? as it was 1 year ago?03:47
xyverzSuperMiguel: *shrug* I wasn't using it a year ago.03:47
Bitgodok i got a idea03:47
Bitgodi need to remount my drive as r/w03:47
dmp450Bitgod, you could just re-install :P03:47
xyverzBitgod: what dmp said. If you made /home a seperate partition, just reinstall using xubuntu or kubuntu and go from there.03:48
Bitgodok worked03:48
xyverzjust don't format the /home part.03:48
Bitgodi had to mount as read/write03:48
Bitgodall fixed, password changed03:48
* Bitgod hugs xyverz03:49
SpacePoeti installed the latest nvidia update and now my computer wont boot03:51
xyverzhow far does it get?03:52
SpacePoetit got stuck at starting alsa03:53
SpacePoetit said pass tho03:53
xyverzhave you tried booting one of the older kernels?03:53
SpacePoetand when i remove nvidia-current i can boot fine03:53
SpacePoetbut now i can't run 3d app03:54
xyverztry downloading and installing the proprietary driver from nVidia?03:54
Bitgodi now got Gnome Classic03:56
Bitgod:D :D :D :D :D :D03:56
=== administrator is now known as Guest42338
xyverzGratz, bitbarron03:56
Bitgodvery win03:56
xyverzerr, Bitgod03:56
Bitgodunity was too slow for my system03:56
xyverz(damned tab-completion)03:56
Bitgodnow can i AUTOLOGIN with Gnome Classic?03:56
Guest42338I think it is ok03:56
xyverz*shrug* dunno.03:56
Bitgodill find out :D03:57
bitbarronxyverz, I will take all the undeserved credit that comes my way. You are welcome!03:57
xyverzyou might try giving the xubuntu-desktop a try. xfce works nicely.03:57
xyverzbitbarron: lol03:57
dmp450xyverz, might you be able to help me with an ubuntu install question?03:58
dmp450i'm wanting to install ubuntu 12.04 on a usb drive03:58
dmp450my laptop already has gentoo on it, but i want to install ubuntu on the external03:58
zamnhey i recently edited my grub config and now all of a sudden it seems my graphics driver has gone bad? Meaning, When is tart up it goes to the lowest possible resolution and ubuntu is only using one out of my 2 monitors.03:59
atari314Guys, when I start any WM/DE with lightdm I get Vsync on (intel GPU). But when I start any WM/DE withou lightdm I get Vsync off. Does anyone know why? (or more important, how can I turn it on without lightdm?) Tks for any help.03:59
root____1Hello am I connected?03:59
xyverzdmp450: I've never done that from within linux before. I've used pendrivelinux to install the liveCD to a USB Fob...04:00
xyverzroot____1: no. hang up and try again.04:00
dmp450xyverz, i have a live cd that I want to install to another usb drive04:00
Moonlightningroot____1: /ping <your-own-nick>04:00
con-manwhats that command I type in a terminal to play DVDs?04:02
con-manon a vanilla ubuntu install04:02
root____1<<xyverz... Thank you for your sarcasim04:02
con-mancause they don't play04:02
dmp450xyverz, because in the install it says i can install along gentoo(which I imagine is on the internal), wipe gentoo(still on internal), or something else04:02
xyverzdmp450: if your USB drive shows up during the install as a viable drive, you should be able to partition that and leave your Gentoo partitions alone.04:03
xyverzthe only problem you may have would be when installing grub... As far as I'm aware, they took out the ability to place the bootloader in a custom location in the ubuntu desktop installer.04:03
xangua!dvd | con-man04:04
ubottucon-man: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:04
con-mannvm found the command: sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh04:04
=== Alex3012__ is now known as Alex3012
dmp450xyverz, it asks me which device for bootloader installation, can I not use my gentoo bootloader?04:04
xyverzdmp450: I got around that on my PC by just unplugging my widnows drive and installing.04:04
xyverzyou can use your gentoo bootloader04:04
dmp450xyverz, i'm on a laptop :P04:04
dmp450oh, i'm an idiot04:04
xyverzdmp450: that would be a problem. lol.04:04
xyverzIf Ubuntu asks you where to place the bootloader, I'd just place it on the root of the USB drive04:05
dmp450I could install the bootloader to the usb drive, but just have my computer boot the internal drive and add a grub option in the gentoo bootloader, yes?04:05
bazhangcon-man, libdvdcss2 from medibuntu.org04:05
xyverzthen when you boot your lappie ... yeah, there you go!04:05
root____1how about now04:05
bazhangroot____1, actual ubuntu support question?04:06
dmp450xyverz, sorry, got excited with my enter button. do I have to play around with partition tables or anything?04:06
xyverznot for the gentoo drive. just for your usb externel, I'd think.04:06
xyverzI've not installed to USB before.04:06
dmp450xyverz, so should I just have to choose the bootloader installation and nothing else?04:07
root____1question. how come my name pops up as root___1?04:08
xyverzdmp450, You'll have to specify which partitions to install Ubuntu onto. And like I said, I've never been given the option where to install the bootloader to, but your milage may vary.04:08
bazhangroot____1, ask in #freenode04:08
dmp450xyverz, i.imgur.com/51FYZ.png04:09
Bitgodhow do i determine what serial ports i have in my system04:09
Bitgodand if something is talking to them04:09
xyverzdmp450: oh! I've not seen that before, honestly! =) Either that, or I've not been paying attention like I should.04:09
bazhangBitgod, sudo lshw you mean?04:09
Bitgodok good04:10
Bitgodnow if i got something attached to a serial port04:10
Bitgodand sending data04:10
dmp450xyverz, haha, I see04:10
xyverzdmp450: yeah, that looks like it should work then.04:10
Bitgodhow do i view it04:10
dmp450i'm unsure what to do in there though :S04:10
=== root____1 is now known as IBM1234
xyverzdmp450: I'm accustomed to the old way, where installation of the bootloader was the last thing you set up, after all the packages have been installed.04:10
MechdaveBitgod, you need to view it with a terminal on that serial port04:11
BitgodMechdave: hmm how? thius new to me04:11
dmp450xyverz, that's wwhat I remember doing on my desktop running old 10.0404:11
xyverzdmp450: Exactly! =)04:12
MechdaveBitgod, I have not done it for a very long time but you need to attach a terminal to your serial port then you can see all the data being sent and recieved. The other way is to log the serial port to a file04:12
tenXBitgod: minicom04:12
dmp450now it looks like I have to specify all the mountpoints and partitions or something :/04:12
xyverzBitgod: http://bit.ly/OgxtBL04:12
tenXdmesg | grep ttyS04:12
MechdaveBitgod, See --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=61430004:13
bazhangxyverz, dont ever use lmgfty here04:13
xyverzBitgod: sorry... I was being facetious. I won't ever do that again.04:13
xyverzbazhang: Apologies.04:13
xyverzBitgod: what tenX said.04:14
wavedigithi, I'm having trouble decrypting my GPG encrypted text04:14
wavedigitfirst, I encrypted it using a key, which I exported (.asc format) to a USB stick04:14
xyverzthe ttyS devices are the serial ports. It's been a long time since I've worked with them.04:14
wavedigitthen, on a different machine I imported that .asc key and tried decrypting with gedit, but it said that I didn't have the decryption key04:15
wavedigitI encrypted text btw04:15
xyverzdmp450: yeah, I'd partition out your USB drive. Leave the partitions on your internal drive alone. Don't even assign mount points to them.04:16
xyverzdmp450: although, IIRC, Ubuntu will want to use your existing swap partition.04:16
xyverzok, I'm out.  bbl.04:17
dmp450xyverz, I think I am figuring it out. going back through my gentoo documentation :P04:17
Bitgoder tenX, permission to message?04:18
DancesWithKowsdoes anyone know a good timesheet program04:18
Nautilus__i made one partition 28610 MiB and that came out to 58589055 sectors which is exactly what I want, but making another on the same drive comes out to a different size ... why?  Neither is the first partition on the drive, both are ext3.04:19
rhaguhi I can use the "install" option within /etc/modprobe.conf with the driver ddbridge, if I try the same with e1000e it does not work, is it because I wrote the driver wrong? If not how may I see what went wrong04:19
SuperMiguelubuntu supports NTFS ?04:21
edgyHi, apt-get install --reinstall didn't prompt me but continued directly, isn't this a bug?04:23
Nautilus__oh, i don't have a Windows key04:27
Nautilus__bazhang: any ideas about my partition Q?04:27
VbitzI'm running ubuntu 12.04 and so far loving it, right now though I just can't get graphics to work quite right04:28
Nautilus__perhaps HDs have different sectors/per/track in different areas of the disk?04:28
VbitzI've tried installing the amd drivers for my laptop and it crashs when the system starts up04:28
abro21can someone please tell me how i can install Tibesti............... i've tried almost everything and i keep getting error messages04:29
=== xiambax_ is now known as metaxy
edgyVbitz: what do you mean by not work right?04:30
Vbitzedgy, it crashes when the system tries to start04:30
pishguyhi all. how to install gnome 3 in ubuntu 12.04?04:30
edgyVbitz: what's you vga model?04:31
dmp450pishguy, http://www.filiwiese.com/installing-gnome-on-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/04:31
orko57can someone help me install office 2003 pro in wine?04:31
Vbitzthe error was [    25.581] (EE) fglrx(1): [drm] failed to set drm interface version.04:32
Vbitz[    25.581] (EE) fglrx(1): Failed to become DRM master.04:32
edgyorko57: isn't libreoffice better? ;)04:32
orko57libreoffice is much better... I unfortunately have to use office for my work04:32
orko57I absolutely love libreoffice myself however04:33
edgyVbitz: so it crashes with the open source driver, too?04:33
pishguydmp450: sorry, install gnome 2.3004:33
Vbitzno the open source driver is fine04:33
pishguydmp450: can i install gnome 2.30 on ubuntu 12.04?04:34
edgyVbitz: I guess it's better to ask in #fglrx then04:35
orko57so i downloaded the office installer from Winetricks, and it is looking for me to install a disk-- problem is I am on an ultrabook with no optical drive... I have an ISO of Office, how do I tell the Officer installer to look at the ISO file rather than for a disk?04:35
dmp450pishguy, not that I know of04:35
Vbitzedgy, it's empty04:35
edgyVbitz: sorry, it's #ati04:35
dmp450pishguy, but I am just finishing my 12.04 install for the first time now ;)04:35
=== d is now known as dbro
pishguydmp450: i tired in unity. i don't love it04:36
=== dbro is now known as __dbro__
pishguydmp450: gnome 2.30 best for me.04:36
__dbro__Hello, there04:37
Bitgodatek@atek-desktop:~$ sudo stty < /dev/ttyS004:37
Bitgodbash: /dev/ttyS0: Permission denied04:37
Bitgodany idea why i cant query a port?04:37
Bitgodi need baud, pairity, etc04:37
brutushello, my ubuntu 12.04 randomly reboots.. any clue why?04:38
pishguyhow can help me for install gnome 2.30 on ubuntu 12.0404:38
__dbro__I don't believe GNOME 2 is in the repos.04:38
__dbro__IIRC, the version of GNOME in the 12.04 repos is 304:39
* Nautilus__ is new to 12.04 and wishes he had the 10.04 menu at the top04:39
=== Guddu_ is now known as Guddu
GudduWhen installing Ubuntu....What is the best reocmmendation to Create Partitions on a 1TB HDD?04:41
__dbro__Guddu, I think just using the whole thing. Unless you want to dualboot04:41
Guddu__dbro__, Just one partition u mean? With / as mount?04:41
GudduAnd Swap?04:42
Guddu__dbro__, Any sizing recommendation?04:42
__dbro__Well, how much RAM you got?04:42
Guddu__dbro__, 6 GB04:42
Guddu__dbro__, is there any advantage if i make one partition for /opt one for /home one for /usr/local and that way?04:42
__dbro__hmm. With that much ram, I'd say only a gig swap is needed04:42
__dbro__AFAIK, there isn't an advantage04:43
Guddu__dbro__, I will just leave 25 GB for Swap and rest as / partition. Should be fine?04:43
__dbro__Yeah, should be04:44
rhysis this the right place to ask about MAAS?04:44
GudduThanks __dbro__04:44
__dbro__With that much RAM you'll be bloody cruisin'04:44
__dbro__Glad I could help, bru04:44
GudduI am attempting an install on my PC which doesn't have a keyboard...Its 12.45 AM and no shops open...let's see how far i go with the installl04:45
__dbro__Good luck with that. And if you successfully install, good luck with using it!04:45
rhysGuddu, what. noep.04:46
rhysno mouse no problem, no keyboard nope.04:46
__dbro__^ rhys has a point!04:46
rhysdoes anyone know the password to the MAAS auto installed precise nodes?04:46
__dbro__well, perhaps it's "toor" or "buttons"04:47
rhysoh wait. Ubuntu Desktop? Possibly. They have a GUI.04:47
Guddurhys, Yes....but i guess it will still stop at some stage for password04:47
=== chamunks is now known as AFKMunks
Guddu__dbro__, My / partition should be primary partition or logical partition?04:47
Nautilushuh, I'm trying to make two identically sized partitions on this hd, one has the total sector size I want but the same numbers in gparted make a slightly different size partition.  This seems so odd.04:48
rhysoh. ubuntu ubuntu. No, this is an auto install.04:48
Guddu__dbro__, That means i will have no logical partitions at all....Is that ok?04:48
rhysi guessed right04:48
Nautilusdifferent size second* partition04:48
__dbro__erm...I haven't a clue.04:48
__dbro__I just used my entire disk04:48
Guddu__dbro__, No performance implications to that?04:49
__dbro__I dunno. I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to partitioning04:49
Nautilusno reason to have a logical partition unless desired04:49
GudduNautilus, So i will have 24 GB in Swap and just one primary parition covering rest of my 1TB Disk Space. Is that fine?04:50
Nautiluswell it's fine but the real decision is up to you and depending what you'll be doing.04:50
GudduNautilus, __dbro__, has it that way and it works fine for him. Just wanted to confirm if there is some implication to performance.04:50
Nautilusif you're new to ubuntu and going to use it as a desktop, probably fine.04:51
__dbro__I have just one gig swap04:51
__dbro__and one gig RAM.04:51
Nautilusnot really a performance thing.  If you need more performance getbetter hardware ;)04:51
dj_segfaultHi.  I'm trying to set up sshd, and I have the ssh package installed, but there's no /etc/sshd_config.  Shouldn't there be a default one?04:51
GudduNautilus, I will installl a Web Application on this. A Database (PosteGres), Apache Web Server etc04:51
Nautilusi do that in my 30G partition ;)04:52
Nautilusthough it is getting full, heh04:52
GudduSo making N number of parton doesn't mean a better performance as such04:52
Nautilusso the other side of the Q is do you need 1TB?  What if you used half the drive and left half open for future use?04:53
IBM1234is there a way to connect using ssh?04:53
brutushow do I search for a command which has the word "system" in it?04:53
brutuson the command line04:53
GudduNautilus, U mean don't add it to partition table at this stage?04:53
Nautilusnope, in fact in some cases you'd be making the head travel further than it would within a partition.04:53
dj_segfaultbrutus: you can use the locate command to find executables04:53
pishguyhow to install java for aptana Studio?04:53
NautilusGuddu: right, but tha's a user decision.04:54
GudduThanks Nautilus __dbro__ I wil make on partition for now... :)04:54
abro21i keep getting 404 errors when trying to install RecordMyDesktop04:54
NautilusGuddu: a real web server or a dev box?04:54
=== fred is now known as Guest77430
brutusthanks dj_segfault, also found "man -k" to be useful04:55
pishguyi don't have vpn submenu on networkmanager for connect after create new profile04:55
GudduNautilus, Production machine04:55
dj_segfaultbrutus: Right, I forgot about that one04:55
GudduNautilus, At one place it also ask Device for Boot Partition....It has 2 options /dev/sda (entire Disk) and /dev/sda1 (/)....Which one shud i select.04:56
crimsonmaneabro21: GNOME3 has built-in desktop recording. i dont know about unity or cinnamon or others... and i dont even know the GNOME3 hotkey to start/stop recording.04:56
lotuspsychje!info kazam | abro2104:56
ubottuabro21: kazam (source: kazam): Easy to use application for recording on-screen action. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 94 kB, installed size 824 kB04:56
NautilusGuddu: production machine, not sure i'm the best advice either, yea I'd do one partition full disc size (not counting thew swap)04:57
abro21i've tried. but it says something about ppa and i've registered and all but i guess it's not on my system? the instructions are rather confusinng04:57
NautilusGuddu: about the prompt, I have no clue but since sda is the DRIVE and sda1 is the "/" partition, I'd said sda104:57
Nautilussay* sda104:58
crimsonmaneboot partition goes on sda104:58
GudduOk Thanks04:58
crimsonmanei mean "/" (root) goes on sda1 ... but same difference.04:58
Gudducrimsonmane, My Swap is SDA1...shall i change it to be SDA2?04:58
no-nwhen using i3 (4.1.2 and also 4.2) on ubuntu 12.04 it takes a long time to open file managers for the first time after each login and sometimes does not mount my home directory, with the error: "Failed to open home directory. Error when getting information for file '/home/me/.gvfs': Transport endpoint is not connected."04:59
BitgodtenX gets 1000 pts for being a good person04:59
Bitgodnight all04:59
tenXBitgod: you must be mistaken04:59
crimsonmaneGuddu: doesn't matter where that stuff is located. make boot sda2 if you so desire05:00
abro21nevermind. i had duplicate sources.list entried05:00
Gudducrimsonmane, Ok...i made only 1 primary partion and 1 swap primary partiion (20 GB) of my whole 1TB DISK05:01
=== luke is now known as Guest36779
mrgrinsHello, im on 11.04 and im trying to ./configure but it says gcc has a fatal error: stdlib.h no such file or directory. what do i need to get to replace that file?05:03
rhysmrgrins, did you apt-get install build-essential?05:04
mrgrinsprobbly not05:05
mrgrinslet me try05:05
Nautilusis there a more precise partition editor than GPartEd?05:05
rhysyou need more than GCC. build-essential is a meta package containing gcc and the most common dev libraries05:06
rhysNautilus, parted?05:06
rhyswhat do yo umean by precise?05:06
rhysalso, cfdisk works well nuff.05:06
pishguyi don't have vpn submenu on networkmanager for connect after create new profile05:06
Guddurhys, There is a OnScreen Keyboard .... So i can proceed with my install05:06
Nautilusrhys: I'm trying to make two partitions the same sector size. The first one hit the mark, but the second is a little bigger.  neither is the first on the disk (where it seems one track gets stolen from the size, for boot info).05:07
rhysGuddu, i thought you meant server05:07
Guddurhys, Apologies for the confusion...It was desktop05:08
GudduServer does not have on screen keyboard during install?05:08
rhysNautilus, i would ask why care, unless you're trying to hit specific borders for later partitions.05:08
Nautilusrhys: so I can clonezilla back & forth05:08
rhysGuddu, server is ncurses and most install now with deployment systems.05:08
rhysNautilus, clone zilla reads filesystem level unless you're having to block copy, which is extremely inefficient. so make the clone drive just a touch bigger than the source drive.05:10
Nautilusi can't clone back then05:10
rhysNautilus, you can. because the filesystem wasn't changed on the cloned system to expand to the larger partition size05:10
mrgrinsthank you rhys05:10
rhysvictor_, lol?05:11
Guddurhys, That installl seems like a beauty...Awesome job05:11
victor_this is my first to install this software on my machine. Who can tell how to use it?05:11
Nautilusrhys: I think CloneZilla will complain and stop05:11
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
rhysNautilus, what filesystem ?05:11
dj_segfaultvictor_: What are you trying to do?05:12
rhysNautilus, do you need to boot both drives?05:12
=== alien64 is now known as mistake
no-nwhy does ubuntu not have an ~/.xsessions? what is its equivalent?05:13
victor_I am not sure. I just know it is a communication tool. I want to try it. dj_segfault, do you know where I can get the help documents?05:13
Nautilusrhys: no, basically I'm making a backup partition in case I need it.05:13
dj_segfault victor_: what program are you using?05:14
victor_dj_segfault, irssi. Do you mean we can connect to this forum via various tools?05:15
rhysNautilus, then if you can I'd just format the other harddrive like an external disk, format it in whatever, and then clone to file instead of cloning disk to disk05:15
dj_segfaultvictor_: Is that the Android app?05:15
victor_dj_segfault, maybe it is available on Android platform. However, I am from Ubuntu.05:16
Nautilusrhys: but i want to access the individual files in the meantime.05:16
rhysNautilus, also if clonezilla complains (i don't know), it still uses this: http://www.partimage.org/Main_Page to clone the filesystems05:16
rhysNautilus, if you can mount an ext3 drive, you can just as easily mount an ext3 image05:17
dj_segfaultvictor_: If you're new to this, I would suggest you install and use pidgin, which is very easy to understand and use.05:17
Nautilusand access the files?   ohhhhhhhh05:17
victor_thanks, dj_segfault.05:17
dj_segfaultNautilus: I think it's mount -o loop myisoimagefile05:18
rhysNautilus, as long as you're not imaging a disk, in which case you need to have an offset, the image of the filesystem mounts with no extra arguments.05:18
rhysmount -o loop myisoimagefile /mnt/point05:18
Nautilusyes, a partition not a disk05:19
Nautilusbut hm, that won't CloneZilla back in place?05:19
Nautilusoh right it would, as Image->Partition, yes?05:20
rhysNautilus, yeah it will. you can clone partition<->image and image<->partition05:20
kingfarvitoanyone familiar with libreoffice?05:20
Hoythi, what's the right way to change keyboard layout in console ?05:20
HoytI use ubuntu-server, not unity05:20
HoytI mean, configure it, not by loadkeys05:20
excervoKingfarvito: I'm here05:21
ElesaHi. I have a problem with Ubuntu 12.04. Suddenly there's no Network app indicator in Unity, nor in GNOME Panel, and there's no.connection either. Also, the System Settings window is opening constantly by itself. Even if we close it, it'll open again. Help please..?05:21
ElesaOh, and Firefox and Nautilus close by themselves too.05:22
rhysHoyt, sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup05:22
=== mistake is now known as alien64
kingfarvitois there a way to edit a pdf using libre?05:22
rhysElesa, I would contact a priest.05:23
__dbro__kingfarvito, to answer your question concisely, No.05:23
kingfarvitoI wrote my resume in it, but in order to send it out I have to save it in a format that other people with be able to open. the only real option is pdf05:23
rhysElesa, or run memtest. reboot, hit esc to get to the grub boot menu. select the option there.05:23
Dayofswordshey, i'm on ubuntu natty, so the 2.x line of gnome. does anyone know how to force a window to resize as i can't see extra options http://i.imgur.com/Zj79p.png the resize option in the windows options is disabled so i cant use that.05:23
kingfarvitoif I save it in .rtf it messes up the formatting.05:24
rhysElesa, that sounds like a bad stick of ram, i just had most of those things. The other thing I ran into was nvidia+firefox hardware acceleration which they turned on a while back automatically would crash all sorts of things visually05:24
dj_segfaultI'm trying to set up sshd, and I have the ssh package installed, but there's no /etc/sshd_config.  Shouldn't there be a default one?05:24
ElesaOh.. Hey, that makes sense. Windows isnalso crashing stuff randomly. Only the safe mode works.05:25
JadedHLI just setup ubuntu server on vmware workstation 8, and I'm loving it05:25
rhysdj_segfault, /etc/ssh/sshd_config05:25
Nautilusanyone know if there is a recommended LAMP stack kickstarter install for a dev environment?  Maybe includes thinhs like an IDE and/or Compass?05:25
dj_segfaultrhys: Sorry, I meant to say that.  there's an ssh_config in there, but not an sshd_config05:26
DaDaDOSPromptAre there any other webcam programs more sophisticated than cheese?05:26
excervokingfarvito: my recommendation is to convert your resume to picture and attach it to word05:26
Dayofswordsdj_segfault:  the server is not installed by defualt, so no there shouldnt be a file there, you can install it with sudo apt-get install openssh-server05:26
dj_segfaultDaDaDOSPrompt: What functionality are you looking for?05:26
rhysdj_segfault, if you already have openssh-server installed, no file05:26
rhysif you dont* have it installed05:26
lotuspsychjeDaDaDOSPrompt:i know a good webcam and screen recorder: kazam05:27
DaDaDOSPromptI'd like to be able to take a continuous stream of footage at a low, but tunable framerate05:27
GudduI created a 200 GB Swap by mistake05:27
GudduDoing it again05:27
DayofswordsDaDaDOSPrompt: Webcamstudio?05:27
dj_segfaultrhys: I have "ssh" installed, which says it has both the client and the server.  I'll try installing openssh-server.  Thanks.05:27
=== Apache is now known as Guest42465
dj_segfaultDaDaDOSPrompt: There's one called monitor that can do that.05:27
dj_segfaultNot very easy to use, but very powerful,05:27
lotuspsychjeanyone knows howto fix a corrupted square-like mouse pointer every cold boot on precise?05:28
Elesarhys, we have Bumblebee installed and last night we installed Virtual Box, but everything was working fine.05:28
=== txunhuan__ is now known as pottery19
rhysElesa, no idea then.05:29
dj_segfaultrhys: Looks good.  Thanks.05:29
rhysexorcism. like i said.05:29
ElesaLol. And my friend pressed Esc while Ubuntu was checking the hard drive (it's an external hard drive.05:29
ElesaDo you think that it has anything to do with the issue we have?05:30
rhysElesa, nope05:30
GudduWhere is the place where i can configure special effects for Ubuntu Desktop?05:30
lotuspsychjeGuddu: you installed ccsm?05:31
ElesaGuddu, I think you have to download Compiz Configuration blabla from the Software Center.05:31
Guddulotuspsychje, I am looking up ccsm...Don't know what that is.05:31
ElesaAnd by exorcism, you mean format?05:31
lotuspsychje!info compizconfig-settings-manager | Guddu05:32
ubottuGuddu: compizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version (precise), package size 1181 kB, installed size 5226 kB05:32
lotuspsychjeGuddu:install that1 mate05:32
GudduThanks lotuspsychje05:32
excervohello, can som1 tell me what ubuntu software for downloading mp3's?05:34
lotuspsychjei got a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot on precise, howto fix this?05:35
=== root is now known as Guest36618
DaDaDOSPromptexcervo, if it's torrenting you want then transmission is a good choice05:35
lotuspsychje!warez excervo05:35
=== Guest36618 is now known as IBM123
__dbro__ya, it comes with ubuntu05:35
excervothanks, Ill check thaht05:36
rhys!warez rhys05:36
DaDaDOSPromptbarring that, I seem to recall that the music player packaged with the standard Ubuntu distribution has a music store connected to Ubuntu Software Center by some degree05:36
blackshirtexercvo, what you mean?05:36
lotuspsychjeexcervo: you can download free music on jamendo.com copyright free05:37
Jak_AtackkaHelp! I finally booted Linux for the first time, and I hit a kernel error05:37
blackshirtjak, what the error showed?05:37
Jak_AtackkaKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount rootfs on unknown-block(0,0)05:37
bzJak_Atackka: initrd05:38
Jak_AtackkaAlready did05:38
excervolotuspsychje: thanks05:38
lotuspsychjeexcervo:if your provider have newsgroups, try NNTPgrab for ubuntu05:38
excervolotuspsychje: ok i'll check for that05:39
IBM123how do you start OpenSSl before connecting to the server?05:40
tittni created a user account but it has no history of used commands in shell how do i add that ?05:40
thenumb3rguyanyone can help me?05:42
thenumb3rguyanyone here?05:42
lotuspsychje!ask | thenumb3rguy05:42
ubottuthenumb3rguy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:42
thenumb3rguyhow do i set a mail server up through my isp's smtp server? its a pain for me05:42
thenumb3rguyi didnt even get my mail server setted up, i have found several tutorials but those were outdated05:44
lotuspsychje!mail > lotuspsychje05:45
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message05:45
tenXso its postfix and external relay host05:45
luftikuss[cryptography] In what directory are the public keys? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_key_fingerprint05:45
thenumb3rguyhow do i set up? the configs were outdated05:46
thenumb3rguyaccording to the tutorials05:46
tenXthenumb3rguy: 1. relayhost =05:46
thenumb3rguyi need auth for the smtp server05:46
tenXthenumb3rguy: 2. mynetworks =05:46
tenXthenumb3rguy: smtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes05:47
tenX4. smtp_sasl_password_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sasl/sasl_passwd05:47
tenXor so05:47
lotuspsychje!info xchat | IBM12305:47
ubottuIBM123: xchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu12 (precise), package size 345 kB, installed size 869 kB05:48
=== pottery19 is now known as pottery
tenXthenumb3rguy: need to run postmap on your sasl pw file05:48
thenumb3rguythanks, i seemed to got some ideas in my mind05:48
thenumb3rguythanks for the tip, if i have any more questions ill ask later05:49
bzwhitee: what's the best way to delete a file?05:49
lotuspsychjeIBM123: open terminal: sudo apt-get install xchat05:49
IBM123ahh ok got you now.05:50
whiteebz:: dd if=/dev/zero of=/bin/bz05:51
excervohello guys, can som1 endorse me some basic shell scripting?05:54
thenumb3rguyis that possible to have postfix+spamassassin and also smtp relay?05:54
thenumb3rguyhow do i configure it?05:54
thenumb3rguypostfix: which cf i should use? master or main?05:57
wa5qjhHEY Anybody!! How to you tell kubuntu to shutdown now so that it takes youseriously and does it?06:01
wa5qjhI get a lot of short blackouts where I am and my UPS dont give me any time for equivocation. Its just goes down!! Yes, I know about the start button on  the bottom left and the command Shutdown now.06:02
wa5qjhBut somehow those only go so far and hang!!06:03
wa5qjhso does halt.06:03
wa5qjhusually by the time you type sudo shutdown now and enter the password.  it's too late!06:05
Jak_AtackkaI need help with a kernel panic! The panic is: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount rootfs on unknown-block(0,0)06:05
Jak_AtackkaI've already ran initramfs06:06
IBM1234Hello, Iam using Xchat for this connection but wanted to make sure that ssl is owrking before hand how do I do this, for this specific connection?06:06
luftikuss[cryptography] In what directory are the public keys? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_key_fingerprint06:07
tech936hey wasup people, uhm anyone good at building computers?06:07
tech936im having a few hardware problems with my custom build06:08
Hwkillersure, tech936, but this might not be the right place for it06:08
luftikuss!hardware >   tech93606:08
ubottutech936, please see my private message06:08
tech936ok cute bot but no, not was i was looking for06:09
MoonlightningHow do I turn off home directory encryption under 12.04.1?06:09
tech936im looking for some one with general build Savvy lol06:10
=== shadowfax is now known as shadowfax|chc
McFlyHi, i need on lucid an unfailing IPsec VPN client GUI. any suggestions?06:11
luftikussMoonlightning: What "directory encryption" do you mean? I have none in Ubuntu
MoonlightningHome directory encryption?06:13
luftikuss!elaborate > Moonlightning06:14
ubottuMoonlightning, please see my private message06:14
MoonlightningIt's causing problems with `ssh` (specifically, public key authentication fails if I'm not already logged in) and I want to disable it.06:14
MoonlightningI…really don't know. My home directory is mounted as an ecryptfs and I want it to just be a normal directory.06:15
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory06:16
McFlyMoonlightning, encfs?06:16
wolfgang__I need to find a irc that ill help install an os. what channel do i want?06:16
Moonlightningecryptfs, yes06:16
luftikusswolfgang__: ##linux06:16
Moonlightningluftikuss: okay, thanks.06:16
wolfgang__<luftikuss> i'm installing another linux os.06:17
wolfgang__<luftikuss> *not06:17
McFlyMoonlightning, u have too write a script like:  echo 'password' | encfs -S /PathToEncrypted /FolderForDecrypted06:19
McFlyMoonlightning, and add this script to the startup programs06:20
wolfgang__also i get this on ##linux "Cannot send to channel"06:20
Jak_AtackkaCan anybody help me with my kernel panic?06:20
MoonlightningMcFly: After login is too late. If there's something that will decrypt my home directory automatically, it needs to be run /before/ I try to log in.06:20
luftikusswolfgang__: You need to identify to ChanServ before you can transmit on ##linux.06:21
GudduI just installed Ubuntu.....First boot and I am really disappointed.06:21
McFlyMoonlightning, no, that way works on my pcs06:21
GudduI cannot even shut down my PC....I open the settings menu and try to come to Shut Down....but it selects the first option (System Settings) by default....06:21
Gudduwolfgang__, ^06:22
MoonlightningMcFly: and you can `ssh` to those machines without a preexisting session?06:22
GudduWhatever menu i open, it just goes ahead and selects the first option06:22
GudduThis is way tooo erratic06:22
GudduThis was supposed to be a production machine for me :)06:22
GudduI am kinda apprehensive06:22
GudduCan someone help please?06:22
luftikusswolfgang__: I do not answer to amessage whose content is only "?". It's impolite.06:22
McFlyMoonlightning, oh your /home folder is encrypted?06:22
wolfgang__be back sorry06:23
bazhangGuddu, first, dont use the enter key after one or two words06:23
MoonlightningThat's what I said. :V06:23
bazhang!register | wolfgang__06:23
ubottuwolfgang__: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:23
bazhangwolfgang__, go to #freenode for help with this06:23
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=== CamC_ is now known as CamC
cristian_cDo you know if webkitgtk supports the images management in webpages? I've looked for in the webkitgtk documentation but I've not found anything yet.06:25
McFlyMoonlightning, and you want to log in with ssh, before you log in X11?06:25
MoonlightningMaybe I don't want to log in using X11 at all?06:26
GudduIt just autoselects the first item of the menu as soon as I open a menu and move over it.....Could someone help?06:26
cristian_cDo you know something? Do you know some other links?06:26
McFlyMoonlightning, ok06:26
Moonlightning…oh, great, everything in my home directory has disappeared.06:26
* Moonlightning sighs.06:27
MoonlightningOkay, so apparently I failed at disabling home directory encryption.06:27
MoonlightningThere's a readme here which says to run `ecryptfs-mount-private`, which gives me ==> ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly06:29
McFlyMoonlightning, there r several boot levels. think u have to write a rc or init script06:29
McFlyMoonlightning, and put it to the first boot levels06:29
Moonlightning…I have to write an /init script/ to turn off home directory encryption?06:30
McFlyMoonlightning, no, only for decrypt it in another folder. but that is not what u want. sry06:31
Moonlightning…okay. So, on the subject of recovering my data and properly disabling home folder encryption…06:32
MechdaveMoonlightning, Have a look here for removing encryption06:32
McFlyMoonlightning,  decrypt it, make backup, delete it, make a new one06:32
MechdaveMoonlightning, -->http://askubuntu.com/questions/4950/how-to-stop-using-built-in-home-directory-encryption06:32
MoonlightningMcFly: too late on the backup. :V06:33
King_Cobraeh.. ok06:34
MoonlightningMechdave: thanks, I'll try that right after I recover my data.06:35
cristian_cAn other question06:35
maoCan I dump-core a xen virtual mechina to a remote host06:36
MoonlightningTo the channel in general: I apparently bucked up a home directory encryption system; there's just a readme file in ~ now saying to run `ecryptfs-mount-private`, which gives me ==> ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly06:36
=== fred is now known as Guest245
McFlyVPN-Client IPsec, IKE, DH, md5, 3DES, etc... 10.04.  any suggestions? I want a GUI06:37
cristian_cI've installed easy-deb with virtualenv. I checked what software were installed in the virtual environment (with yolk -l), but I've not found easy-deb in the output list. Instead, I've found some software that were not installed inside the virtual environment, but outside. How is it possibile?06:37
cristian_cAny ideas?06:37
=== fred_ is now known as Guest61854
MoonlightningArrrrgh, I shouldn't have closed that window…the /one/ time I actually need a scrollback and didn't save it… >.<06:39
McFlyMoonlightning, which Ubuntu version?06:39
McFlyMoonlightning, sry I use 10.04. cant help u06:40
MoonlightningAnypony /else?/ :V06:40
luftikuss[cryptography] In what directory are the public keys? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_key_fingerprint06:42
King_Cobraok.. im officially cross eyed06:42
diverdudeIve got different stuff that I need to back up on my server (running ubuntu server), however, primarily its homefolder, /var/www, content of mysql database and git repositories. I am not really sure how much space it takes up totally, but not that much. How do you guys backup your stuff? Do you have automated scripts for that? Online backup? I am very interested to hear some good practices. Thanks06:43
MechdaveMoonlightning, Have a look here for the encryption post install setup --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostInstallationEncryption06:44
nbagsdiverdude: i used to use rdiff-backup. but now i use crashplan. its great!06:44
MoonlightningMechdave: I'm trying to /recover/ data from a bucked home directory, and then /remove/ the encryption.06:45
McFlyMoonlightning, http://askubuntu.com/questions/106619/encfs-home-directory-ssh-access-dismount-after-a-while06:45
McFlyMoonlightning, same problem?06:46
MoonlightningOkay, just…06:46
MoonlightningForget about working /with/ the encrypted home. I'm just going to get rid of it.06:46
MoonlightningSo, how do I recover my data?06:46
GudduHow do i access terminal on Ubuntu 12.04?06:46
MoonlightningGuddu: control-alt-T06:47
diverdudenbags: crashplan. whats that?06:47
McFlyMoonlightning, decrypt it with encfs06:47
GudduMoonlightning, Is there a menu option? Instead of having to remember the CTRL Key Combinations?06:47
MoonlightningMcFly: how do I do that?06:47
nbagsdiverdude: its an online service. but you can also backup to other pcs, or external media06:47
MechdaveMoonlightning, As in a /home that you have previously encrypted but now can't read?06:47
GudduMoonlightning, I think in older versions there are menu options for this and other apps.06:47
diverdudenbags: aha, so they have software i can install to use for the backup?06:48
nbagsdiverdude: yes06:48
MoonlightningMechdave: /exactly./06:48
MechdaveMoonlightning, Have you attempted to remove encryption but failed?06:48
McFlyMoonlightning,  type in a Shell: encfs -S /home /media/decrypted_Home06:49
MoonlightningMechdave: Yes. Didn't I say that before?06:49
MoonlightningMcFly: just /home?06:49
MechdaveMoonlightning, Sorry just clarifying :)06:49
MoonlightningMechdave: okay…06:49
McFlyMoonlightning, yeah /home is encrypted and u want to decrypt it06:49
MoonlightningMcFly: not /home, /home/blackl.06:50
Moonlightningi.e. /my/ home directory06:50
GudduPlease help06:50
MechdaveMoonlightning, Have you attempted backing up your encrypted /home directory and reinstalling the encryption as in this here --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostInstallationEncryption06:50
diverdudenbags: and is it incremental backup? I mean, does it only backup changed files?06:50
MoonlightningMechdave: I can't back anything up because /I can't access it!/06:51
MoonlightningThat's why I'm trying to //recover// it. >.<06:51
nbagsdiverdude: yes06:51
McFlyMoonlightning, encfs -S /SourcePath/encryptedFolder /TargetPath/DecryptedFolder06:51
MechdaveMoonlightning, because it is "hidden" by the system?06:51
nbagsdiverdude: its a pretty smart app06:51
MoonlightningMcFly: no such program as `encfs`06:51
nbagsdiverdude: the only problem is that its java so its a bit resource-hungry06:51
MoonlightningMechdave: you already linked that, and I already said it wasn't helpful.06:51
MoonlightningMechdave: I'm logged in via `ssh` right now. I prefer CLIs on Linux systems.06:52
diverdudenbags: oh well...thats ok....i can just ask it to run during nighthours06:52
MoonlightningMechdave: it can't be simply /hidden/ with `chflags hidden` or by sticking a dot in front of a filename; I'd still see it.06:53
cristian_cAn other question06:53
nbagsdiverdude: not sure. by default it runs every 15 minutes or so06:54
diverdudenbags: hmmm that really sux06:54
MoonlightningAnd everything is not accessible in the normal way; `zsh` is running with default preferences, so my .zshrc wasn't accessible…06:54
McFlySearching a VPN-IPsec Client GUI for lucid 10.04. suggestions?06:54
nbagsdiverdude: its pretty configurable. i think its a good thing. you pretty much dont have to think about it. just install it and it works06:54
MechdaveMoonlightning, How about this --> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/recover-your-encrypted-private-directory-using-ecryptfs-recover-private.html06:54
diverdudenbags: but if it runs every minute its not good. I only need once a day06:55
MoonlightningMechdave: I don't have a live disc…06:55
cristian_cI'm using lostirc and I don't know how can I change the quit message. I've found, in the lostirc Home hidden folder, a file called events.conf who contains even the lines: quit = 15-- 00%116 has quit 15(09%215)  quit2 = 15-- 00%116 has quit.    But I don't think it is the right file. What can i do to solve this problem?06:56
cristian_cany ideas?06:56
MechdaveMoonlightning, can you reboot your machine in to recovery. That is do you have physical access to the machine in question?06:58
MoonlightningUgh. It might just be faster to recreate everything…06:58
MoonlightningYes; it's sitting right here.06:58
MechdaveMoonlightning, Do you remember your password for your encryption?06:59
MoonlightningMechdave: it's just my login password, right?06:59
Moonlightning(Argh, weren't you guys here when I bucked up the encryption just a few minutes ago?? >.< )06:59
MechdaveMoonlightning, yes but I was elsewhere07:00
MoonlightningMechdave: okay, yes, I remember the encryption password, assuming it's my login password.07:00
=== eddie is now known as Guest19532
GudduIs there a way to press function key on the On Screen Keyboard in Ubuntu?07:02
GudduI just installed Ubuntu.....First boot and I am really disappointed.I cannot even shut down my PC....I open the settings menu and try to come to Shut Down....but it selects the first option (System Settings) by default....Whatever menu i open, it just goes ahead and selects the first optionCan someone help please?07:03
GudduThe problem corrected itself and then i restarted. And now it is back again. Please help.07:03
MechdaveMoonlightning, So here is the man page for your solution --> http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/ecryptfs-recover-private.1.html07:06
GudduNo Body helps. Shalll i try again tomorrow here or chooose something else. Please guide.07:07
MoonlightningMechdave: I thought that had to be run from a live CD?07:07
MoonlightningGuddu: try http://askubuntu.com/07:07
McFlyGuddu, is your keyboard ok? did you enable any accessibility options?07:09
Moonlightning…okay, here we go, from a normal boot…07:10
GudduMcFly, I am using OnScreen Keyboard as I don't have a Physical Keyboard. It was 12 in the night when this machine came in. I have to deliver it tomorrow and could not buy a keyboard as the shops are closed and proceeded with the install.07:10
McFlyGuddu, do you have a mouse?07:11
GudduMcFly, yes i do07:11
McFlyGuddu, on which onscreen keyboard are u?07:14
McFlyGuddu, the name of the keyboard programme07:14
GudduMcFly, there is a button on top with 4 small square07:14
GudduIt Says "Show Onboard" over there07:15
McFlyGuddu, i never used a screenkeyb. maybe u should try another screenkeyboard07:16
GudduMcFly, U suspect the problem is due to this feature? if i connnect a proper keyboard tomorrow then it wll be fine?07:16
McFlysome screenkeyboards r made for people with handycaps07:17
DarkWormholeHi ALL!07:18
GudduMcFly, So my problem is due to the fact that i m using a accesibility fature?07:18
DarkWormholeHELP PLEASE!07:18
gnomefreakhi DarkWormhole07:18
Moonlightning!caps | DarkWormhole07:19
ubottuDarkWormhole: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:19
McFlyGuddu yeah that's possible07:19
GudduMcFly, also in tihs installl i don't see menus for application like Terminal etc....Why would they be hidden?07:19
Guddui am on 12.0407:19
MechdaveMoonlightning, or recovery07:19
DarkWormholeWhy no human on Lubuntu!??!?!07:19
McFlyGuddu some keyboards reacts to voice commands07:19
gnomefreakDarkWormhole: you need to tell uw the proble firs07:19
* gnomefreak has a bad feeling07:20
McFlyGuddu Ubuntu 12.04?07:20
DarkWormholeMy probmle: on lubuntu channel no humans07:20
GudduMcFly, This is the default keyboard I am using. how do i know if it is supposed to react to voice?07:20
DarkWormholeoly bots07:20
GudduMcFly, Yes07:20
MoonlightningMechdave: huh?07:20
gnomefreakcan we help you?07:20
DarkWormholeAny developers here?!?!?!07:21
gnomefreakDarkWormhole: just ask your question07:21
uwwtf is a developer07:21
Moonlightning!metaquestion | DarkWormhole07:21
ubottuDarkWormhole: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:21
Moonlightningubottu: developer = programmer, basically07:21
ubottuMoonlightning: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:21
Moonlightninguw: *07:21
DarkWormholei want developers07:21
uwwelp you can go hire some07:22
gnomefreakDarkWormhole: ask your qestion already07:22
McFlyGuddu 12.04 comes with a new Desktop environment. does your desktop look like a cellphone menu?07:22
DarkWormholeI have qustions about FM07:22
uwgood for you...07:22
Jak_AtackkaDarn it! I keep running into a problem that's extremely annoying. I have yet to boot Linux successfully, so I've been using the Live CD. I keep trying to change a .cfg file, but every time I reboot the changes I've made are erased!07:22
DarkWormholeU dont know07:22
GudduMcFly, McFly It has a vertical menu on left where there are icon such as Firefox, settings etc07:22
DarkWormholespecific Lubuntu qustion because07:22
Jak_AtackkaI've done it as root as well as after chrooting in to /root (/dev/sda5)07:22
DarkWormholeAny developer of PCMan FM?07:23
Guddunowhere do i see how to open terminal. CTRL-ALT-T does it but why do i need to open it that way?07:23
Jak_AtackkaDoes anybody know how to change it so any changes I make to my /boot partition are permanent?07:23
uwgoodluck with that DarkWormhole...07:23
gnomefreakask it or try a different channle however its the middle of the might and a week end so few devs will show up. i used to be a programmer but im retired07:23
uwyou really know how to get what you want...07:23
McFlyGuddu yeah that new environment is called Unity07:23
DarkWormholei have qustion about developing PCMan FM07:24
GudduMcFly, It looks like a desktop environment for non-tech folks07:24
DarkWormholeu cant help me07:24
GudduWith almost nothing07:24
GudduMcFly, Shall i download a older version may be?07:24
gnomefreakuw: lose the caps and if you are not going to ask your wuestion you should be in a cannle that can help you07:24
bzDarkWormhole: try their mailing list07:25
bzDarkWormhole: this channel is ubuntu-centri07:25
uwgnomefreak, alright peace you were the one who summoned me07:25
McFlyGuddu yeah it's very different to other environments and u need time to get familiar with it07:25
uw<gnomefreak> DarkWormhole: you need to tell uw the proble firs07:25
csanyipalI just installed Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit and realise that that there the system bell doesn't work in a gnome-terminal. Why? How can I fix this?07:25
GudduMcFly, how do i open terminal from a menu?07:25
DarkWormholeU have LXDE , what u know about it?07:25
gnomefreakuw: what about the comment07:26
DarkWormholeWho use PCMan FM?07:26
McFlyi dont use that environ. but i think on the button at left/top corner07:26
DarkWormholenoone not use07:27
bzyou fail the turing test07:27
gnomefreakMcFly: in unity?07:27
McFlygnomefreak, yeah07:27
TreaverHey guys this should be an easy question. In ubuntu when I opened up Virtual box or something it reverts all the buttons and drop downs to like BASIC I'm talking Windows 7 in safe mode basic..07:27
TreaverCan someone help me fix this07:27
GudduMcFly, There it shows terminal Emilator and asks me to download it07:27
GudduDoesn't come preinstalllled07:28
McFlyguddu whats it's name?07:28
GudduMcFly, Terminal Emulator07:28
gnomefreaktop left hand corner you should see a ubuntu icon on the button, open that and in the search area type in the name of the terminal or type terminal, ecample tye in gnome-terminal07:29
DarkWormholeWho PRO in Linux?07:29
McFlysearch gnome-terminal guddu07:29
TreaverDark, I'm ok.07:29
gnomefreakMcFly: the above is for you and.or the person you were helping07:29
DarkWormholeu use PCMan FM?07:29
TreaverNope, what is it :p07:29
GudduThanks gnomefreak07:30
McFlygnomefreak, i see07:30
DarkWormholeoh u not pro :(07:30
GudduThanks McFly07:30
gnomefreakGuddu: np07:30
DarkWormholestandart in LXDE07:30
ElesaGNOME Freak07:30
DarkWormholeoh bb all07:30
GudduI will proceed now....07:30
Elesado you  like GNOME Shell? o.o07:30
DarkWormholebad helping here07:30
McFlyGuddu, how much PCs do you have on your location?07:30
GudduMcFly, I have 2  Notebook and 1 PC with me at the moment07:30
Jak_AtackkaDoes anybody know I can set it so any changes I make to my /boot partition are permanent?07:30
gnomefreakDarkWormhole: you still have not told us your problem07:31
GudduMcFly, I was preparing this to be a Production machine. I will need to install postgresql, apache, python and many other python libraries here07:31
Elesagnomefreak: He left.07:31
gnomefreakElesa: thanks07:31
* gnomefreak was on the verge of removing him as a warning07:32
Jak_AtackkaDoes anybody know I can set it so any changes I make to my /boot partition are permanent?07:32
McFlyGuddu, u could install QuickSynergy and share laptops mouse and keyboard with your keyboardless PC07:32
Jak_AtackkaI apologize for spamming it, but I've been here for over 4 hours and haven't gotten any help07:32
Elesagnomefreak: Okie! Also, do you like GNOME 3? As in, GNOME Shell?07:33
McFlyGuddu look Treaver's link07:33
ElesaIf you don't I'd change your nick to MATEfreak. xD07:33
gnomefreakJak_Atackka: than noone know the answer, if you want answers cone back laterr and ask07:33
Jak_Atackkagnomefreak: Okay07:33
luftikussWhat file stores the private keys that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys talkes about?07:33
McFlyGuddu, type on Ubuntu-Terminal: sudo apt-get install quicksynergy07:34
GudduMcFly, Thanks...Checking....This was exactly one of my question earlier today. But no one answered it to my satisfaction :) Until now07:34
GudduThanks Treaver07:34
TreaverMc Fly, I thought that the direct download from their website was fully updated and that not07:34
TreaverI've found that the apps using Ubuntu Software are not fully updated07:35
StarryNightthat is why i try to find updates myself either by ppa or deb07:36
McFlyTreaver, yeah, but quicksynergy comes with a GUI and is very easy to setup07:36
TreaverThat's why I gave him the link. McFly this also comes with the same thing : http://synergy-foss.org/download/?file=synergy-1.4.10-Linux-x86_64.deb07:37
edgarwhere is XFCE's irc channel?07:38
GudduMcFly, I should install this only on my PC which does not have keyboard?07:38
auronandace!alis | edgar07:38
ubottuedgar: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:38
ghabitHello. How I can record my desktop?07:39
McFlyTreaver, ok .deb is easy to install. but i memorized that your version dont have a GUI. only a config-file for an editor07:40
baizonghabit: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29460507:40
GudduMcFly, I just opened a terminal and i noticed that it is receiving entre keys only....I think this is what is happening...i open a menu and when i move the mouse, the enter character leads to selection of the first menu item07:40
MechdaveMoonlightning, If you reboot the system then select ubuntu recovery (usually second option on the grub menu) this then starts the machine as root user07:40
TreaverIt has a GUI..07:40
MoonlightningWay late, Mechdave07:40
ghabitbaizon, эта софтина плохо пишет - глюки, тормоза.07:40
MoonlightningI've already got everything recovered.07:41
baizonghabit: english please07:41
ghabitbaizon, I mean recordmydesktop records are glitchy. ^) Sorry please.07:41
TreaverDoes anyone know why I keep reverting to this basic theme : http://screencloud.net/v/xmfP it is bugging me looks so old fassion and I hate it07:41
McFlyGuddu, try to install it on your 12.04 PC with terminal command: sudo apt-get install quicksynergy07:41
baizonghabit: try Xvidcap or Kazam07:42
ghabitbaizon, I found advice to push alt-ctrl-shift-R, and it works, but it was writing only once, second time does not working any more.07:42
McFlyGuddu, which OS is installed on your Laptop?07:42
GudduMcFly, Laptop has Windows XP SP307:42
GudduOn my PC i already have QuickSynergy installled now07:42
TreaverGuddu, I'm using Synergy right now and have been for the past couple days, if you need help just ask. Download it from the link I sent, then install it. If you need help setting up just ask.07:43
GudduThanks Treaver, I just installed QuickSynergy on my PC using sudo apt-get07:43
Jonny1Good morning. I want to change which grub loads at startup. I installed Ubuntu desktop 12.04, then I installed ubuntustudio 12.04 and now I want to go back to ubuntudesktop. At boot, the grub in the ubuntustudio partition loads but I want to make the grub from the ubuntudesktop load07:43
GudduNow how do i proceed to use my laptop's keyboard on my PC?07:43
TreaverAnyone know why all my buttons keep changing to this basic : http://screencloud.net/v/xmfP07:44
TreaverIt's easy07:44
McFlyGuddu, did you install this on XP? http://synergy-foss.org/download/?file=synergy-1.4.9-Windows-x86.exe07:44
TreaverOne second I will past the terminal command let me find it07:44
McFlyGuddu,  type in terminal: quicksynergy &07:45
Treaversudo cp /etc/default/grub.bak /etc/default/grub07:45
GudduMcFly, I am installing on Windows Now07:45
TreaverMake a backup just incase using : sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bak07:46
MechdaveMoonlightning, Sorry, busy elsewhere too :)07:46
MechdaveMoonlightning, Well done :)07:46
yattaclosing laptop lid will lock screen and hibernate computer but there's problem with screen after waking computer up...07:46
ghabitUbuntu 12.04 gnome-shell. Ctrl+shift+alt+R does not working for me, how to fix it?07:46
Treaveryatta, hibernate doesn't work in most Linux releases07:46
Treaverghabit, what does that command do?07:47
Jonny1Treaver: Actually I just need to switch which grub is in the mbr. Both are intact07:47
TreaverIt isn't working for me either so you're not the only one, I've never used that command before though.07:48
ghabitTreaver, it makes screencast.07:48
McFlyGuddu, Win as Server07:49
Guddu_McFly, Windows installer download failed. Restarting the download now.07:50
Jonny1Treaver: I think I found it. Just couldnt remember. Its setup hdo from the grub cli07:50
Guddu_3 Minutes left it says07:51
yattaTreaver, i have screen problem can't see lock screen but some blue purple colored patterns07:51
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt square mouse pointer every cold boot in precise?07:51
Moonlightning/This/ says I should move everything relevant out of my /home directory/, not this /Private/ thing which I never used in the first apace…07:51
TreaverPressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R ghabit07:51
Moonlightningfirst place *07:51
MechdaveMoonlightning, Can you burn all your files to a dvd?07:52
luftikussWhat file stores the private keys that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys talkes about?07:52
McFlyGuddu_ install winXP laptop as synergy-server.07:52
MoonlightningMechdave: no, but I have everything backed up…07:52
MechdaveMoonlightning, Good stuff :)07:53
ghabitTreaver, it does not working any more07:53
ghabitit worked only once07:53
=== Guddu_ is now known as Guddu
McFlyGuddu_, heres a easy manual about the setup on Win http://synergy-foss.org/help/user-guide.pdf07:54
csanyipalI just installed Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit. How can I know which video driver uses my X Window system?07:55
Gudduthanks McFly I am reading that07:55
csanyipalI want to use nouveau but I suspect that that my system uses nvidia driver.07:55
auronandacecsanyipal: lsmod will show what driver is loaded07:56
llutzluftikuss: ~/.ssh/id_rsa  (if you generated a rsa-key)07:57
csanyipalauronandace: Thanks! I know it now: nvidia 8107594  3407:57
auronandacecsanyipal: no  worries :)07:57
lotuspsychjehowto fix a corrupt mouse pointer like this every cold boot? https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=5783607:57
llutzluftikuss: you could have seen if you read the grey boxes in the"Generating RSA Keys" part carefully07:58
auronandacelotuspsychje: wow, you're still on that?07:58
lotuspsychjeauronandace:yes i cant get rid of it mate07:58
csanyipalI have installed xserver-xorg-video-nouveau but my syytem uses nvidia driver. How can I switch to nouveau driver?07:58
k1l_csanyipal: uninstall the nvidia driver07:59
lotuspsychjeauronandace:i got it on several systems i installed for others too07:59
auronandacecsanyipal: open additional drivers and disable the nvidia driver then reboot07:59
csanyipalk1l_: I think that is the right way too. Thanks!07:59
McFlyGuddu, on the grid: create a client neighbouring your server and give it a simple name08:00
csanyipalauronandace: How can I open additional drivers?08:00
lotuspsychjehow can i check if a system is upgraded or clean installed?08:00
GudduMcFly, Yes....The Windows installl is still going on08:00
auronandacecsanyipal: you're in unity? press the super key (windows logo) and type drivers08:00
McFlyGuddu, ok08:00
csanyipalauronandace: I'm in Unity.08:01
csanyipalauronandace: I get not any application.08:02
MoonlightningHow do I make myself a new home directory?08:02
lotuspsychjeMoonlightning:do you mean create a new user?08:03
auronandacecsanyipal: are you spelling driver right?08:03
MoonlightningI already have an account, I just need to make a new home directory. Preferably using the same method that `adduser` does.08:03
csanyipalauronandace: Yes: driver08:03
k1l_csanyipal: type "jockey"08:03
k1l_auronandace: its only found by the name of the program which is jockey08:04
csanyipalk1l_: If I type jockey, nothing appeares here.08:04
MechdaveMoonlightning, you can do a rmuser <username> and then adduser <username> in recovery mode08:04
McFlyMoonlightning, do you have a backup from the old home?08:04
auronandacek1l_: no, it came up from either for me08:04
MoonlightningMcFly: I don't want to delete my current account, though.08:04
MoonlightningMechdave: ^ *08:04
MoonlightningMcFly: yes, I have a backup.08:04
auronandacecsanyipal: what ubuntu are you running?08:04
csanyipalauronandace: I'm running Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit.08:05
MechdaveMoonlightning, well you can just delete your user directory and reboot. when you log back in again everything is new :)08:05
MoonlightningReally? :o08:05
McFlyMoonlightning, how did you backup the files? tarball?08:05
k1l_csanyipal: then hit "alt + f2" and type "jockey-gtk"08:05
MoonlightningMcFly: yep, just a tarball08:06
auronandacecsanyipal: it should work, oh well, open a terminal and type gksudo jockey-gtk08:06
MechdaveMoonlightning, yep08:06
Moonlightning`sudo rm -rf ~blackl`, reboot?08:06
ubottusmallville: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:07
lotuspsychjecan i find any traces on a system to check if it has been upgraded or clean installed to precise?08:07
Moonlightning…well, actually I moved it aside, just in case…08:07
csanyipalauronandace: I started the jockey-gtk successfully.08:07
auronandacecsanyipal: disable the nvidia driver from there then08:07
MechdaveMoonlightning, you should be able to rm -rvf /home/<username> in the command line. You shouldn't need sudo08:07
MoonlightningMechdave: but you're removing /home/blackl, which counts as a modification to /home, right?08:08
smallvilleciao a tutti08:08
MoonlightningSo you'd need write access to /home…08:08
lotuspsychje!it | smallville08:08
ubottusmallville: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:08
ubottusmallville: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:08
McFlyMoonlightning, tar xvf OBJECT.tgz08:08
MoonlightningMcFly: I already have the backup. XD08:08
lotuspsychjesmallville:please stop list trigger08:09
MechdaveMoonlightning, you are just removing all files owned by blackl inside /home/blackl08:09
McFlyMoonlightning, that was the tarball unpack command08:09
k1l_!it > smallville08:09
ubottusmallville, please see my private message08:09
Moonlightning`rm -rf /home/blackl` doesn't leave behind a /home/blackl…08:09
csanyipalauronandace: So now I disabled the nvidia driver. Should I relogin, or should I restart the X Window , but how can do that here in Ubuntu?08:09
k1l_csanyipal: relogin08:10
csanyipalk1l_: OK08:10
auronandacecsanyipal: simpler to reboot08:10
csanyipalauronandace: OK08:10
csanyipalauronandace: Thank you!08:10
csanyipalk1l_: Thank you!08:10
MechdaveMoonlightning, no you need to add a / to the end of blackl to keep the home it seems :)08:11
MoonlightningIn any case, I moved it rather than deleting it.08:11
Moonlightning…meh. Can I just copy /etc/skel and have done with it?08:11
armanhow to active video confrance pidgin08:13
histoMoonlightning: what are you trying to do?08:17
Moonlightninghisto: I'm trying to make a new home directory without creating or deleting any accounts.08:19
McFlySUGGESTIONS? complete VPN-Client supporting IPsec, IKE, Phase1, Phase2, PSK, etc as GUI08:19
MechdaveMoonlightning, I can't see why not. I have never done that myself :)08:19
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
MechdaveMoonlightning, Just make sure you have the correct permissions on the files :)08:20
=== thomas is now known as Thomas
MoonlightningMechdave: of course. XD08:21
histoMoonlightning: sudo usermod -d /path/to/homedirecotyr loginname  use usermod -dm if you want to move their files08:21
histoMoonlightning: or you can edit the /etc/passwd yourself but I would just use usermod08:22
McFlyMoonlightning, did you overwrite the file attributes while backing up as tarball?08:22
Moonlightninghisto: I want the opposite…I moved /home/blackl aside and now want a new /home/blackl from scratch.08:22
ghabitwhat is default application for backup in Ubuntu?08:22
MoonlightningMcFly: I just did `sudo tar -cpzf /home/blackl.tgz .` from /home/blackl08:23
histoMoonlightning: mkdir /home/black1 && sudo usermod -d /home/black1 username08:23
McFlyMoonlightning, good job08:24
Moonlightninghisto: does that populate it with the default files?08:24
iXenorixEveryone says that Ubuntu is amazing. I don't understand how. Someone convince me?08:24
gnomefreakiXenorix: please join #ubuntu-offtopic for your quesdtion08:25
histoMoonlightning: i'm not sure if it calls /etc/skel on a move but you can try it and see08:25
iXenorixOkay thanks.08:25
MoonlightningI'm just going to copy /etc/skel >.<08:25
histoMoonlightning: pretty sure useradd will copy the /etc/skel/ files08:26
McFlyMoonlightning, i think u should try to unpack your tarball08:26
* gnomefreak cant spell question for some damn reason08:26
histoMoonlightning: the files would be in your tarball anyways I don't understand the problem you are having haven't been following that long.08:26
abdelghaniif I reinstall the ubuntu for a repartition reason will I loose my previous data?08:26
Moonlightning…oh. Yes. Derp.08:26
* Moonlightning facehoofs08:26
MoonlightningEverything /is/ in the tarball, why do I need a skeleton? 6_908:27
histoabdelghani: yes unless you backup your /home/username folder that's where all your configs and saved files are but not applications08:27
abdelghanihisto: ok no problem08:29
histoMoonlightning: as long as you tar'd hidden files: the ones beginning with . like .config .bashrc  etc...08:30
k1l_abdelghani: and the /etc/08:30
k1l_abdelghani: but you are sure you need a reinstall to fix it?08:30
histoabdelghani: yeah the configs i'm talking about are just for application preferences.  For all the system configs those are in /etc/08:30
histo!backup > abdelghani08:30
ubottuabdelghani, please see my private message08:30
LiquidDemocracyDoes anybody know wheter there is a channel for ktorrent or not?08:31
lotuspsychje!alis | LiquidDemocracy08:31
ubottuLiquidDemocracy: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:31
LiquidDemocracyWould anybody know why ktorrent is downloading a particular torrent  but not updating the progress or display the downloaded chunks?08:34
Moonlightninghisto: I tarred all of ~08:34
=== codemaniac is now known as arry
LiquidDemocracyI have already restarted ktorrent, removed and readded the torrent. Still it is downloading at good speed but the progress column of the files in the torrent does not update.08:35
lotuspsychjeLiquidDemocracy:did you try transmission?08:35
LiquidDemocracylotuspsychje, no08:36
MoonlightningHow do I put the display to sleep?08:36
McFlyMoonlightning, screensaver?08:36
lotuspsychje!info transmission | LiquidDemocracy08:36
ubottuLiquidDemocracy: transmission (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.51-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB08:36
MoonlightningMcFly: no completely off.08:37
MoonlightningEquivalent of shift-control-eject in OS X.08:37
thechrisI'm having some issues with 12.04.108:37
thechrisSpecifically it doesn't boot normally08:37
thechrisor even give any messages other that "_"08:37
thechrisIt does boot into safe mode though, but things like mouse scrolling don't work.08:38
LiquidDemocracylotuspsychje, I know transmission well. Been using it for years.However, I am using ktorrent at the moment and there is a large torent queue in ktorrent.08:38
Moonlightning`xset dpms force off` gives me ==> xset:  unable to open display ""08:38
thechrisSo basically I'm looking for a way to get ubuntu to boot without having to use a usb key and then boot into safe mode.08:38
lotuspsychjeLiquidDemocracy: never used ktorrent yet mate sorry08:38
WizardMoonlightning: You make bunny cry :(08:39
WizardHell-o, everybody!08:39
MoonlightningWizard: wha?08:39
McFlyGuddu, everything ok?08:40
WizardMoonlightning: You have to run it in X, as you, not as root.08:40
thechrisI was almost sure there would be some !word for my situation.  something like !_08:40
MoonlightningWizard: didn't return an error, but didn't do anything…08:41
histoWhat does ubuntu use inplace of the audio group?  I'm trying to have my user on a command line system have access to sound devices08:41
phy1729Is there any way for me to make ubuntu do ldap binds with ssl and not check the cert?08:42
=== michael is now known as Guest10415
hipitihopwhat is the correct way I can setup a user with a specific uid & gid in 12.0408:43
thechrisI'm really not even sure how to start to diagnose this problem.08:43
ActionParsniphipitihop: does:  man adduser    show anything?08:43
thechrisI mean "_" at boot isn't terribly informative.08:44
=== n is now known as Guest4618
ActionParsnipthechris: what video chip do you use?08:44
hipitihopActionParsnip, a hint of sarcasm :-) I meant to phrase my question with GUI, as I'm trying to instruct someone not familiar with cli08:44
thechrisActionParsnip: nvidia gt260M08:45
ActionParsniphipitihop: not sure there, can you ssh to the system?08:45
hipitihopnot yet, fresh setup08:45
* Symmetria hugs his nvidia gtx98008:45
ActionParsnipthechris: try the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=108:45
* lotuspsychje doesnt hug grafix cards08:45
ActionParsnipSymmetria's video card is probably more powerful than my media pc :)08:46
thechrisActionParsnip: is that a grub option?08:46
GudduMcFly, Yes...Configuring in Ubuntu now. Treaver is also helping me there. In a minute i shud be up and running :-)08:46
ActionParsnipthechris: yes08:46
Guddu--- Treaver said "I told you he needed the .deb"08:46
hipitihopActionParsnip, but probably the easiest, is setup ssh etc and go from there. Will the cli adduser make the use member of standard groups or will I have to find out what those are and add to groups mannually08:47
McFlyGuddu, hobe the .deb is easy to config08:47
ActionParsniphipitihop: yes, you can then add the user to admin / sudo if the user needs admin powers08:47
Symmetriahehe ActionParsnip my pc is a little... overkill :)08:47
hipitihopActionParsnip, thanks ... final question, what is the correct package for basic ssh server08:47
SymmetriaI had some spare cash and went and blew about 5 thousand dollars building it haha08:48
ActionParsniphipitihop: openssh-server08:48
ActionParsniphipitihop: it will also install an SFTP server too, so you can securely send and recieve files from the pc08:48
ActionParsniphipitihop: if the user is behind a router, you will need to port forward so the traffic is accepted08:49
ActionParsnipSymmetria: I have low requirements, so I have old gear08:49
McFlyGuddu,  i love this quicksynergy. it works stable and the GUI is very simple and intuitive.08:50
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: if old gear still works, why not use it till it dies right08:50
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: oh its going to die, I have backups so I don't care]08:51
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: gonna get a fitpc when it does, those are snazzy08:51
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip:got me an old ati x800 on precise atm, that card served me for years already08:53
McFlyGuddu, I don't know how the latest synergy .debs are. memorize the configuration in an texteditor.08:54
goddardefi is crap08:55
lotuspsychjegoddard: please dont swear here08:55
lotuspsychjegoddard:better share your problem so we can help08:56
McFlyTreaver, r u here?08:56
goddardlotuspsychje: swear?08:56
lotuspsychjegoddard:yes in a polite way08:57
McFlySUGGESTIONS? complete VPN-Client: supporting IPsec, IKE, Phase1, Phase2, PSK, etc as GUI08:57
Bitgodlibdl.so.2(GLIBC_2.0) is needed by ...08:57
Bitgodwhere do i get it08:57
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: Geforce 6150 onboard is my mot powerful here08:58
lotuspsychjeBitgod:try apt-cache search in terminal08:58
McFlyBitgod, which graphiccard vendor?08:58
ActionParsnipBitgod: or try http://packages.ubuntu.com08:58
lotuspsychje!vpn | McFly08:58
ubottuMcFly: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN08:58
Bitgodsame base as ubuntu08:58
lotuspsychje!mint | Bitgod08:58
ubottuBitgod: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:58
ActionParsnipBitgod: not supported here thi08:59
McFlyubottu, "IPSec VPN: Not covered on this page, so far."08:59
ubottuMcFly: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:59
=== glebihan_ is now known as glebihan
McFlylotuspsychje, "IPSec VPN: Not covered on this page, so far." quotation source: ubottus link09:01
McFlylotuspsychje, i searched hours09:02
luftikussllutz: seahorse shows for each private/public key pair also a »Key ID«. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys does not mention the term »Key ID«. How does come the key id into play here?09:03
ekurHi! whatever the most recent ati-fglrx update did, it broke my 3d accel09:03
McFlylotuspsychje, do you know a high adjustable IPsec (IKE, Phase1 + Phase2) VNP client with GUI 4 lucid?09:04
ekuris there a 12.4 .deb or 12.6-legacy.deb for ati fglrx (using hd4xxx)09:04
Daghdhais there anyway to disable ctrl-c in terminals? or entire ubuntu?09:04
llutzluftikuss: i can't tell, i don't know seahorse and never used the term "key-id" in conjunction with ssh (only with gpg-keys)09:04
ActionParsnipDaghdha: if you set it in compiz shortcuts to run something pointless, it should do it, not sure about terminal etc09:05
luftikussllutz: Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate it.09:05
Daghdhai just need i tin temrinal09:05
Daghdhasince.. i ctrl-c copy a process to death sometimes09:05
Bitgodwow that other mint chan bloes09:06
ActionParsnipBitgod: well, that's your community09:06
McFlyANY SUGGESTIONS? A high adjustable VPN-Client (IPsec, IKE, Phase1, Phase2, PSK, etc) as GUI (lucid)09:07
cryptxi love ubuntu09:08
cryptxi just click "download" and all okey:)09:08
ActionParsnipcryptx: remember to MD5 test the ISO (if you are downloading the ISO to install with)09:09
thechrisThe second issue of the day is two finger scrolling09:09
thechristhus far i've found advice for ubuntu 1009:09
thechrisas well as a "install a package you already have"09:10
thechrisso how can I get two finger scrolling to work on this laptop09:10
thechrisit supports it, and it worked in kubunut 11.10.09:10
user82for me i can scroll with a slight pressure on the right edge of the touchpad(one finger)09:11
gotamaGood day everyone, Im running into a little problem.  I am a begineer to linux/ubuntu and for the past few days now ive been trying to fix this usb mouse which has a delay on the click or the click doesnt register in certain apps.. Ive tried a few google links where i input into the terminal which involved creating a few directories and a .fdi file but still nothing is working.. can anyone help?? I am on the latest Ubuntu and full upd09:11
user82if it helps..it does not awnser your question directly09:11
tapashmm, chromium stopped playing youtube links.. i wonder how to debug that..09:11
Jonny1I have two distros installed but update-grub doesnt find the other one - any idea?09:12
thechrisuser82: yes, and that does work, its just less natual09:12
AscavasaionHOw to I change my sound between the different sound engines like ALSA, etc.?  I ask because since I started using Lubuntu my external speakers are buzzing when plugged into the headphone jack.  Juyst want to see if it the jack, speakers, or sound engine.09:12
thechrisand it did work before09:12
ActionParsnipgotama: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc09:12
user82thechris i know..i use that for me two finger never worked. maybe there is a pro around who knows(technically it works as you said)09:13
ActionParsniptapas: can you use http://pastie.org and give the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'09:13
thenumb3rguyi got connection refused when i tried to telnet my postfix server09:13
thenumb3rguyhelp me please09:13
tapasActionParsnip: sure.. just reinstalling the flashplugi installer.. checking that out.. then i'll paste09:13
thenumb3rguysomeone see my problem?09:14
ActionParsnipthenumb3rguy: can you ping the server?09:14
gotamaActionParsnip, Just figuring out what the command is to check the output... unless you can give it to me?09:14
thechrisah, there it goes.  There was another tab for "touchpad"09:14
thechriswell now i feel bad09:14
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
thenumb3rguyaction: yes i did09:14
thenumb3rguyhow do i reply??09:14
tapasActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/458520409:14
thenumb3rguyi tried but it refuses connection09:16
cryptxActionParsnip: yes i was down ISO all perfect09:16
ActionParsnipgotama: copy the command and press CTRL+ALT+T and run it in terminal09:16
thenumb3rguyhow do i make a clear uninstall of dovecot and postfix so i can start over again?09:16
cryptxhave a good days09:16
thenumb3rguyhow do i make a clear uninstall of dovecot and postfix so i can start over again?09:17
histothenumb3rguy: sudo apt-get purge dovecot postfix09:17
thenumb3rguyinclude the configs?09:17
histothenumb3rguy: the purge option should remove the configs aswell09:17
ActionParsniptapas: uninstall the flashplugin-installer package, enable the partner repo and install the adobe-flashplugin package09:17
tapasActionParsnip: ok09:17
gotamai do the same ActionParsnip ?09:18
thenumb3rguydovecot config also?09:19
thenumb3rguyit wont delete the dovecot configurations09:19
tapasActionParsnip: all youtube videos just say "an error occured. please try again later"09:20
thenumb3rguyi reinstalled postfix09:20
ActionParsniptapas: that will give 64bit flash for your 64bit OS09:20
ActionParsniptapas: you'll need to close then reopen all browsers afterwards09:20
=== floyd is now known as Guest84194
tapasActionParsnip: fyi: reddit enhancement suite stopped working, too. maybe my chromium is borked..09:21
tapasActionParsnip: i did..09:21
thenumb3rguybut what option should i choose? internet site, internet site with smarthost? i need to use my isp's smtp server09:21
tapasActionParsnip: and also fyi: flash works fine in firefox09:21
thenumb3rguyActionParsnip: internet site or internet site with smarthost?09:22
=== root is now known as Guest63291
tapasActionParsnip: actually moving .config/chromium seems to work..09:22
ActionParsniptapas: coolio :)_09:22
tapasActionParsnip: i guess it was a chromium problem and not so much flash09:22
ActionParsniptapas: you now have the right flash too09:23
tapasActionParsnip: :D09:23
gordonjcpis there an easy way to install something without pulling in all its deps? My particular use case here is installing jackd2 on Precise, which wants to pull in qjackctl09:23
=== arry is now known as codemaniac
gordonjcpsince I'm installing on a machine with no graphics hardware of any kind, qjackctl makes no sense09:23
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: use the --no-depends option, check:  man apt-get    to verify09:23
gordonjcpActionParsnip: ah, makes sense09:23
gordonjcpActionParsnip: I should file a bug against jackd209:24
gordonjcprequiring qjackctl is nonsensical09:24
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: if you see it as a bug, sure :)09:25
gordonjcpwell, I do09:26
tapasargh and kde's focus follows mouse stopped working, too09:26
ne0nHere we go xD09:27
gordonjcpActionParsnip: why not pull in chromium-browser and sauerbraten with jackd2 as well, since we're on a "pulling in unrelated packages" kick?09:27
ne0nSo you can see me now?09:27
ne0nYes? No?09:28
elkyne0n yes09:28
ne0nOK, thanks. Just wanted to make sure09:28
tapasoh, it was just the delay that put me off09:28
ne0nI need help with ubuntu 12.0409:29
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: hehe09:29
ActionParsnipne0n: you are seen09:29
ActionParsnipne0n: just ask09:29
ne0nRecently i made an update trough automatic updates...09:30
ne0nAfter i rebooted the computer, i got command line interface for logging in09:30
ne0nAfter logging in, i was still in command line, in which i don't know how to operate09:31
ne0nIs there a command that starts visual interface?09:31
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest87033
ne0nThat is my problem. Help anyone?09:32
tapasnetmind: startx09:33
tapasne0n: startx09:33
tapasne0n: but did the terminal say anything else?09:33
bekksstartx isnt installed by default.09:33
tapasne0n: /etc/init.d/lightdm start09:33
ne0nI saw no other messages than log in09:33
Azzle-Dazzlehow can i find out of my swap space is being used effectively ?09:34
ne0nAfter that i just got same thing as in console09:34
tapasne0n: there might be several reasons for X not starting up. login manager is broken, display drivers missing..09:34
tapasAzzle-Dazzle: what's your measure of "efficient"09:34
ne0nAbout display drivers...09:34
Azzle-Dazzlejust being used in general tapas lol09:34
ne0nBefore update i had some display driver...issuses09:35
tapasAzzle-Dazzle: free -m09:35
tapasor htop09:35
tapasAzzle-Dazzle: or top09:35
Azzle-DazzleSwap:         2047          4       204309:35
ne0nI'm using nvidia's drivers...09:35
Azzle-Dazzlethat doesnt seem so efficient lol09:36
ne0nNow i'm using one of previous versions of Ubuntu 12.0409:37
tapasAzzle-Dazzle: well, swap is slower than RAM09:37
tapasso swap not being used is normally a good thing(tm)09:37
ne0nAnd my display is not taking the whole surface of my monitor, and i can't change it to 1920x108009:37
ne0nBecause display driver is not activated09:38
Azzle-Dazzleso ive nothing to worry about ?09:38
tapasAzzle-Dazzle: nope09:38
Azzle-Dazzleonly my set up seems a little 'laggy'09:38
tapasAzzle-Dazzle: swap is the last resort when runnign out of RAM (loosely speaking)09:38
bekksAzzle-Dazzle: You have to look at the  complete output of "free -m", and not just a single line from top.09:38
bekksAzzle-Dazzle: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/09:39
ActionParsnipne0n: what does the rompt say next to the cursor?09:39
nbagshow do i stop ubuntu from asking me to send problem reports when a process segfaults?09:39
Azzle-DazzleThanks bekks, That cleared things up :)09:41
Azzle-Dazzleeverything just feels so different than what im used to (windows) so im slowly adjusting to it :)09:41
ne0nActionParsnip: can you explain your question please, i'm not following09:41
ActionParsnipne0n: what text is on the screen, its not technical in any way09:43
ne0nCurrently there is no text on screen, except irc client...09:43
ne0nI'm in one of the "previous versions of linux", with visual interface09:44
bekksne0n: That just means you have booted a previous kernel version, not any previous visual interface.09:45
Azzle-Dazzleok, so now i can stop worrying about ram and stuff, Can someone explain how to add online radio stations to beatbox ? ive searched all morning but cant find anything09:45
ne0nWhen i start the problematic version of Ubuntu(updated one) it asks for username and after that - a password09:46
bekksne0n: Thats your username and the password for that user. You set that up while installing ubuntu.09:47
ne0nbekks: exactly, and this previous kernel has visual interface09:47
histone0n: it's the same visual interface it's just using an older kernel09:47
ne0nIt is the same visual interface but now i'm using older kernel to ask for help09:48
bekksne0n: A kernel never has a visual interface. All thats happening, is, that you have a valid kernel module for that previous kernel version, so your visual interface actually can start.09:48
ne0nSince newer kernel won't start visual interface09:48
histone0n: how did you install your nvidia drivers?09:48
bekksKernel never start a visual interface.09:48
bekksne0n: Install a graphics driver for your current kernel (not one of the previous versions) and you#ll be fine.09:49
histone0n: example did you use the additional hardware application or did you download and install them from nvidia?09:49
ne0nI think that's the problem -09:49
ne0nGraphics driver is the problem imo09:49
histone0n: If you installed the driver from nvidia.com you need to rebuild the kernel module everytime the kernel updates09:49
=== Eyes|Infinite is now known as EyesIsMine
ne0nI used "additional drivers" from system settings inside Ubuntu09:50
ne0nSince i was having problems with nVidia's drivers09:51
histone0n: well if you used additional drivers it should have pulled the appropriate updated driver with the new kernel. So I'm assuming something went terribly wrong and you were actually using the nVidia drivers. Can you pastebin the output of dpkg -l | grpe nvidia09:52
histone0n: sorry type dpkg -l | grep nvidia09:52
histo!paste | ne0n09:52
ubottune0n: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:52
IBM1234any one good at setting up a firewall?09:54
=== Apache is now known as Guest25780
bekksIBM1234: Why?09:56
ActionParsnipne0n: try uninstalling the nvidia drivers, reboot to the newer kernel then reinstall the nvidia drivers09:57
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=== n is now known as Guest2506
ActionParsnipne0n: sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-current nvidia-current-updates nvidia-173-updates nvidia-settings-updates nvidia-settings10:05
ne0nok i'll try it10:05
ne0nI'm currently using Kernel Linux 3.2.0-24, and the one in question is Kernel Linux 3.2.0-29.10:06
ne0nAll in between are command lined10:06
ActionParsnipne0n: it's one command10:08
ne0nOk, thanks. Should i do it here in this kernel(3.2.0-24)  or in the one that wont let me use visula interface (Kernel Linux 3.2.0-29)?10:11
ActionParsnipne0n: you can uninstall in any, but reinstall it in the newer kernel10:12
chirag_d_gr8my idle core temperature is 76 degree. Is this normal?10:12
tapaschirag_d_gr8: celsius?10:13
tapaschirag_d_gr8: hmm, depends on the cpu10:13
rajanmine is 36-37 in C but its a laptop10:13
chirag_d_gr8acpi -V command shows 75-80 degree when i am running xchat10:13
chirag_d_gr8mine too a laptop10:13
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: does it have hybrid graphics?10:14
chirag_d_gr8is there any driver conflict? windows has a lot better power mgmt10:14
chirag_d_gr8ActionParsnip: i have hybrid graphics but i don't think they are active in here10:14
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: if they are around, they cause issues10:15
=== BicycleRepairMan is now known as Tengri
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: you'll also probably find the battery life is a lot shorter in Linux too10:15
chirag_d_gr8yes....less than half of windows10:15
chirag_d_gr8is there any solution to this?10:16
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics   may help, I doubt you will have a lot of joy with it10:16
ne0nThanks. I'll reboot and see if it helped10:17
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McFlyANY SUGGESTIONS? A high adjustable VPN-Client (IPsec, IKE, Phase1, Phase2, PSK, etc) as GUI (lucid)10:19
hopohopoI'm using RDP on Remmina Remote Desktop Client to try to connect to another computer on my network (where I've enabled Desktop Sharing). I can SSH to that server, but whenever I try to connect with Remmina I get "Unable to connect to RDP server". Both computers are running Ubuntu 12.04. Any ideas?10:19
MonkeyDustMcFly  first suggestion: upgrade to 12.0410:19
MonkeyDust!vpn | McFly10:20
ubottuMcFly: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN10:20
McFlyMonkeyDust, this link is bad10:20
ne0nEverithing ok :D10:20
McFlyMonkeyDust, IPsec isn't described there10:20
=== lance is now known as Guest22574
chirag_d_gr8when i type grep -i switcheroo /boot/config-2.6.* in terminal it shows no such file or directory10:21
CsabulatorHello! Is there anyone who can help me to solve a problem? I installed Cisco Packet Tracer, but it won't start. On the previous system it worked pretty well with the method I use, but now it is not working. Please PM me.10:21
ne0nThanks a lot10:22
Jonny1I have two distros installed but update-grub doesnt find the other one - any idea?10:25
Dr_Willisadd a custome grub entry for the 'other one'10:26
Dr_Williswhat one is missing?10:27
MonkeyDustMcFly  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPSecHowTo10:27
tenXMonkeyDust: he's lookin for a gui10:29
gogetagui for what10:29
tenXgogeta: to configure and connect i guess?10:29
gogetatenX: tp?10:30
tenXgogeta: ipsec10:30
Jonny1Dr_Willis: The other distro is ubuntustudio. I installed studio after desktop. Studios grub has both distros and windows. Now I want to go back to using desktop and use desktops grub in case I delete the studio partition10:30
gogetatenX: the firewall gui?10:30
tenXgogeta: dunno :)10:30
tenXgogeta: more the ipsec config itself i guess10:31
tenXopenswan or whatever10:31
Dr_WillisJonny1:  the disrto that last had 'sudo update-grub' will be controlling the boot record.  You need to either chroot into the other. or set up a custome grub entry to boot the other. (you could look at the others grub.cfg and copy/paste the stanza to boot it into your  /etc/grub.d/40_custom10:31
Dr_Willisonce you get the other install booted. or chrooted.. rerun update-gruvb10:32
Dr_Willisonce you get the other install booted. or chrooted.. rerun update-grub10:32
gogetaDr_Willis: doesent the grub live cd do all that10:32
Dr_Willislive cd uses syslinux.10:32
tenXgogeta: not an easy task ;)10:32
Dr_Willisbut it MAY have an entry to boot the 'first' hard drive.. but that may just load the grub from the studio install10:32
Dr_Willisim suprised Ubuntu Studio is not seeing both.10:33
gogetaDr_Willis: guess add the line to d.40 and update-grub10:33
gogetaDr_Willis: that would be the quick way10:34
tenXMcFly: what do you need the gui for?10:34
chirag_d_gr8if i use dedice my power management and core temperature?ated gpu, will it improv10:34
Dr_Willisgogeta:  i wonder if reruning update-grub on the studio install may find the other install.. (unless of course somehow the other install got erased)10:34
chirag_d_gr8*if i use dedicated gpu, will it imrove my power management?*10:35
gogetaDr_Willis: something tells me it did. not seeing another ubuntu install is pretty rare10:35
gogetachirag_d_gr8: short answer is no dedcated use more power then the onbord shared10:36
WarOfTheNerddepends on the GPU chirag_d_gr810:36
WarOfTheNerdif we're talking normal NVIDIA/ATI you're wasting power big time10:36
gogetaWarOfTheNerd: ati tend be less power hungry but more buggy10:36
WarOfTheNerdgogeta, true.  But with NVIDIA you can clock/undervolt them down to use far less power10:37
gogetaWarOfTheNerd: yep same is true for most gpus10:37
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: i have ati 6470m and intel hd 3000. Currently i think my os is using intel gpu10:37
Pezz_12Type:@Pezz_12 For My List Of: 1,780 Files Slots: 4/8 Queued: 0 Speed: 55,408cps Next: NOW Served: 191,891 List: June 5th Search: ON10:38
gogetachirag_d_gr8: the quick way to fix that is to trn off the intel gpu in bios or set the ati to primary it verys pc to pc10:38
ActionParsnipor just don't buy dual gpu nonesense10:39
gogetachirag_d_gr8: but if its power saving you whant keep the intel10:39
Jonny1Dr_Willis: I should explain what I have done. First I installed ubuntu 12.04 desktop edition and selected the option to install it alongside windows (repartitioned). Then I installed ubuntu studio 12.04 so the system triple boots. The grub config in ubuntu studio works fine - it has all 3 OSs in its menu.10:39
gogetaActionParsnip: heh with amd amp chips thats starting to get hard10:39
gogetaActionParsnip: apu10:39
subhadipHi. I have a problem with Empathy over desktop sharing in Ubuntu 12.04. I can share my desktop to a friend but my friend cannot share her desktop with me. She is also using 12.04. Any help?10:40
chirag_d_gr8ActionParsnip: I am stuck with this hybrid gpu pc :(10:40
=== gartral|Away is now known as gartral
ActionParsnipgogeta: intel is enough for most laptop needs10:40
gogetachirag_d_gr8: you should be able to disable the onbord gpu via bios then ubuntu will use the ati10:41
Dr_WillisJonny1:  yes... rerunning Update-grub on the Studio nstall MAY find the ubuntu install.. OR add a custome entry on the studio installs /etc/grub.d/40_custom to specifically RUN the ubuntu install.. then rerun update-grub10:41
Jonny1Dr_Willis: Now I have booted ubuntu 12.04 desktop edition from ubuntu studios grub and I have run update-grub from ubuntu desktop edition (which I am running now). Update-grub only picked up the desktop edition kernels and windows. It didn't pick up the real time kernel for ubuntu studio.10:41
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: I tried that before but there is no option to disable a gpu in my bios10:41
gogetachirag_d_gr8: unless your running on the battery i would see no reasion to use the intel10:41
Dr_WillisJonny1:   the 'entry' for the ubuntu install could be gotten from the ubuntu instllls  boot/grub.cfg file. you would just need one entry cut/pasted into your  40_custome file10:42
tenXchirag_d_gr8: nvidia?10:42
Dr_Willisoops its in boot/grub/grub.cfg ;)10:42
Jonny1Dr_Willis: Ubuntu Studios grub already has all the kernels. Thats not the problem. Next I ran grub-install from my ubuntu desktop edition (currently running) so now the grub config on my mbr is the one from ubuntu dekstop edition. When I reboot I am pretty certain I will get a menu that includes ubuntu desktop edition and windows but not ubuntu studio.10:43
gogetachirag_d_gr8: have you looked in your monoter settings with a dual gpu you should be able to switch10:43
gogetachirag_d_gr8: i heard of this issue before and i think it took a bunch of configs and scripts to get ubuntu to swotch10:44
excalibrhello. anyone uses shutter screen capturer here? is the crop tool not working for you too in the latest build from ppa?10:44
Jonny1Dr_Willis: I'm a bit confused as to why update-grub has not picked up the other kernel. Obviously I can go back to using ubuntu studios grub sinnce that includes everything but that seems like an unnecessary hack when it should be possible for update-grub to do the job for me. Plus I want to understand more of what is going on so I dont really want to take the easy path (but which to me seems to be an incorrect path)10:44
Dr_Willisupdate-grub runs the os-prober script to see all the other distros.. it dosent like/see the Ubuntu studio kernel perhaps.. OR perhaps its adding it to the grub menus under 'ubuntu' and you are not noticeing it.10:45
Dr_WillisI dont see much point in Ubuntu-studio these days.10:45
gogetachirag_d_gr8: lol go to catlayest controle center actvate second card10:46
Dr_Willisnot much of an answer.. but i would say check that your os-prober script is executable just in case..10:47
Jonny1Dr_Willis: Its about having the real time kernel for low latency10:47
Dr_WillisJonny1:  never found it needed  for me.10:47
gogetachirag_d_gr8: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66229/how-to-get-unity-working-on-dual-gpu-laptop10:47
gogetachirag_d_gr8: thers your fix10:48
Jonny1Dr_Willis: For dj software and multitrack software it does get the latency down. Thanks for the help. I will look at those two articles. I have to pop out now10:49
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: a guy told me to type  echo "OFF"| sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch and it worked :D10:49
gogetachirag_d_gr8: nice but that fix i posted lets it switch back and forth10:49
gogetachirag_d_gr8: for power saveing10:50
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: add that in /etc/rc.local  above the evit 0 line, and it will run at boot10:50
Dr_Willisthat exact command isent needed in rc.local (a variant of it would do) but it should work as written above also I belive. ;010:51
Dr_Willisrc.local runs as root, so the echo/tee part is a bit redundant.10:51
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: if i want to toggle old settings, what should be the command?10:52
subhadipHi. I have a problem with Empathy over desktop sharing in Ubuntu 12.04. I can share my desktop to a friend but my friend cannot share her desktop with me. She is also using 12.04. Any help10:52
gogetachirag_d_gr8: that ironhide app works like windows its auto10:52
chirag_d_gr8ActionParsnip: i am a total newbie in ubuntu. Can you tell me how to do that?10:53
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: run:  gksudo gedit /etc/rc.local10:54
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: add the line, save the new file, close gedit and reboot to test10:54
saviohey my ubuntu 12.04 freeze sometimes it really sucks10:55
gogetasubhadip: use teamviewer it works trew prety mutch any config10:55
saviowhen i changed my brightness it happens someties10:56
subhadipgogeta: I need to also control her desktop,not just viewing. Can Teamviewer also do that?10:57
saviosubhadip, yeah10:57
gogetasubhadip: yep10:57
subhadipgogeta: Ok thanks, I will definitely give it a try. Thanks again for your help10:58
saviois there any problem with ubuntu 12.0410:58
savioon insipron 15r box10:58
gogetasubhadip: you wll need to set up a perment password otherwise it genrates one on a per use bases its all easy to do10:58
cookburni'am habe a greet Problem whit my Wlan on the DELL Latitude 820 whit Ubuntu 12.04 is not going i'am need help .....10:59
subhadipgogeta: Okay. Thanks for the heads up. So it's certainly not installable from the repo, is it?10:59
mlkushan@all, can somebody suggest me a approach to write a signal handler for SIGTRAP signal. I am trying to trap the SIGTRAP signal issued by libseccomp library.10:59
gogetasubhadip: it is10:59
ActionParsnipsavio: have you tested RAM using memtest in Grub?11:00
savioActionParsnip, no11:00
gogetasubhadip: i think but they have ubuntu debs on there website as well11:00
tenXgogeta: remember teamviewer gets a 3rd peer involved11:00
ActionParsnipsavio: I'd start there11:00
savioActionParsnip, is there problem with RAM11:00
ActionParsnipsavio: possibly, the test will either show its the cause, o remove it as a possble cause11:01
subhadiptenX: what do you mean by 3rd peer?11:01
tenXgogeta: and its policies allow some things they can do on your system11:01
savioActionParsnip, testing RAM really helps?11:01
gogetasubhadip: it roughts threw there servers11:01
gogetasubhadip: how it works threw firewalls etc11:01
ActionParsnipsejo: think about it11:01
ActionParsnipsavio: think about it11:02
philinuxcookburn: have a look here. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide11:02
ActionParsnipsejo: wrong target, sorry11:02
savioActionParsnip, i'll give it try11:02
tenXsubhadip: connection handling runs over their systems. dunno the details, but thats possibly insecure11:02
ActionParsnipsavio: the apps run in ram, so if the ram is bad it will cause issues11:02
koudhmm are people aware that the 12.04 server openvpn guide does not work at all?11:02
koudseems terrible wrong11:02
savioActionParsnip, thanks11:02
gordonjcpkoud: what's wrong with it?11:03
tenXkoud: what changede11:03
gogetatenX: i never had a issue with11:03
koudeven first steps are not working, source vars11:03
cookburnyes iam have and iam have all commands give but the wlan is not going11:03
tenXgogeta: how would you notice? ;)11:03
gogetatenX: you relise they use vpn crypto11:04
cookburniam have postet and iam can copy the komplett list from the computer me give.11:04
gogetatenX: even a mode you can use for a privet vpn11:04
koudgogeta: tenX KEY_CONFIG seems incorrect and the guide has no mention about it, and there are many variables in vars that says change me but the guide does not mention it either11:04
tenXgogeta: yeah but end2end? how is it handled out?11:05
gogetatenX: i use it it work and my sysem didnt explode11:05
koudanyone has a suggestion on a openvpn guide that works with ubuntu?11:06
tenXgogeta: explosives were not part of the discussion yet11:06
gogetatenX: lol11:06
gogetatenX: i just use it to vnc my desktop from work neverhad any issues a nd i turn it off at work'11:07
gogetatenX: at home11:07
cdshanI am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 on my lenovo B570 laptop, The installation goes without a hitch but when I reboot it does not seem to find the drive where the OS is installed and is trying to boot from other devices11:07
tenXgogeta: its about security concerns11:08
cdshanCould some one help on this isssue11:08
tenXgogeta: know its working pretty well :)11:08
Dr_Williscdshan:  check the bios, or tap whatever key the pc uses to seleect a boot device.. You have just the one hard drive? or several?11:09
gogetatenX: i think you mean privcery conserns then11:09
koudgogeta:   No /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/openssl.cnf file could be found - this is what I get if I follow the ubuntu official 12.04 openvpn guide11:10
cdshanDr_Willis: The boot disk priority is set right, I have only one hard disk and I installed it from a pen drive, On searching the net I found that a lot of people are having this problem but I could not find a definet solution.11:10
cdshanI followed the instruction on the net but no use.11:11
Dr_Williscdshan:  if you are not seeing a grub menu. then it sounds like  the system never installed grub for some reason.11:11
gogetatenX: i guess if that sort of thing worry's you. i wouldent go buying stuff using a cc threw it. but fixing a buddys issue its fine11:11
mlkushan @all, can somebody suggest me a approach to write a signal handler for SIGTRAP signal. I am trying to trap the SIGTRAP signal issued by libseccomp library.11:11
Dr_Willisthe various fix-grub guides should work.. but i tend to use the boot-repair live cd. (the guides mention them) -->  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair11:12
tenXkoud: sudo cp -r /usr/share/doc/openvpn/examples/easy-rsa/2.0 /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa211:12
koudtenX: yes I did that, it does not contain that file11:13
cdshanDr_Willis: let me give the link you had suggested a try and get back to you.11:14
Dr_Williscdshan:  not sure what instructions you followed.. the official ubuntu fix grub guides tend to mention boot-repair as the first thing to try. ;)11:14
koudtenX: easy-rsa 1.0 contains openssl.cnf11:14
koudnot 2.011:14
chirag_d_gr8After switching to integrated graphics using the command echo "OFF"| sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch i cannot switch back to previous settings. How to do that11:15
Dr_Willisboot-repair is a nifty tool. Hope it gets included by default soon.. ;P would save a lot of hassles if people with problems in here could run it and use its Info report feature  to give us stuff like -->   http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166090/11:16
Dr_Willischirag_d_gr8:  replace OFF with ON11:16
gogetachirag_d_gr8: remove the line11:16
Dr_Williscould be they cant come back on without a reboot also..11:16
tenXkoud how about openssl-1.0.0.cnf11:17
gogetaDr_Willis: duno ironhide says it can switch them on demand11:17
koudtenX: yes it is there11:17
gogetaDr_Willis: if it workson ati systems11:17
oskar-mlkushan: simply in bash by defining a function x and setting the trap: "trap x SIGTRAP". or what do you mean?11:17
koudso it is whichopensslcnf that fails for some reason11:17
chirag_d_gr8Dr_Willis thanks worked like charm :D11:17
tenXkoud: symbolic link11:18
cookburnI'am have a Wlan Problem whit my Dell Latitude 820 is not going we can help, here iam have all testet.11:18
tenXln -s openssl-1.0.0.cnf openssl.cnf11:19
mlkushanoskar-: My requirement is, when program execute SIGTRAP call, I need to capture that and handover the job to another process11:19
gogetachirag_d_gr8: make a script out of that then you can do it with a click.11:19
violinapprenmlkushan: try #kernelnewbies (it's not on freenode, but oftc? i think)11:20
mlkushanoskar-: I am writing a syscall filter using libseccomp library, When the a undefined (syscall that is not i the allowed list) syscall is found program issues the SIGTRAP syscall.11:20
mlkushanviolinappren: Ok thanks11:20
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: you mean copy this in gedit and turn it into executable file?11:21
gogetachirag_d_gr8: probly a bit more nedded then that11:21
compdoc is there a package that can benchmark ram while the OS is running?11:22
koudtenX: so then the guide is broken?11:22
chirag_d_gr8gofeta: i know only that much in linux :)11:22
gogetachirag_d_gr8: if you modding text files11:22
Randy1703watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeG6EVGGZtA&feature=plcp11:22
DJonesRandy1703: Stop spamming11:22
violinappren!ops | Randy170311:22
ubottuRandy1703: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!11:22
tenXkoud: url?11:22
gogetachirag_d_gr8: to pass a command that will work just save it as a .sh and make it exe11:22
CalinouDJones, don't answer to spam! /ignore11:22
k1l_!ot | rand11:22
ubotturand: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:22
MyrttiRandy1703: stop it.11:22
Calinouk1l_, -_-11:23
Calinouit's not even offtopic11:23
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: hmm that is enough right? a click will switch according to my requirement11:23
koudtenX: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openvpn.html11:23
k1l_Calinou: if he has some point to discuss its offtopic. but to decide that its the ops job.11:24
timhildredhey gang, I just upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04.1, and on the reboot, it says it can't intialize X (something with the colourd group) and also that the "/" disk is not ready or present11:24
timhildredcan anyone help me get bootable?11:24
ActionParsniptimhildred: do you use proprietary video drivers?11:24
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: is there any condition that i can use in scripting such that it returns what i am using and toggle accordingle?11:24
timhildrednope ActionParsnip11:24
gogetachirag_d_gr8: yep run as termnal file enter pass and it runs11:24
gogetachirag_d_gr8: thers more complex scripting to make it a simple click11:25
tenXkoud: yeah either the guide or the openvpn package missing the openssl.cnf11:25
gogetachirag_d_gr8: or even 1 script for on off you can look that up laer heh11:26
lotuspsychjein wich log can i find mouse pointer problems?11:26
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: hmm...maybe two script file named on and off is better than searching and scripting11:27
violinapprenlotuspsychje: perhaps in /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:27
gogetachirag_d_gr8: thats the easy way just make shure they both have sudo and run as termnel so you can enter the pass11:27
koudtenX: anyways thanks for the help :) will probably move to another os for my openvpn instead11:28
timhildredActionParsnip, the weird thing is, even though it says that "/" is not present or ready, if i press M to maually look around, "/" is mounted, but read only11:28
tenXkoud: why?11:28
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
gogetachirag_d_gr8: its a cmmon issue i whont be shocked if you can find a premade script11:28
ActionParsniptimhildred: have you tried booting to liveCD and fsck the partition, make sure it's ok11:29
timhildredits a netbook, with no cd. when i ran fsck from that manual shell, it said it was fine11:30
chirag_d_gr8gogeta: yea there is  one :D11:30
timhildredActionParsnip, trying again now, i've fallen back on my fedora16 installation11:31
cdshanDr_Willis: Please have a look at this and help me out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166107/11:31
cookburnI'am have a hard Problem whit my Wlan on a Dell Latitude 820 whit Ubuntu 12.04 is not going who can help on this Problem ?11:31
oskar-timhildred:  check it from a live cd while unmounted and use the force option. i suggest to also check the fstab content, if every automatically mounted device is really present11:32
timhildredActionParsnip, looks like other people had this problem, there was a thread in the forums that got marked "solved" even though the solution was just nuke and pave your OS, which isn't cool. oskar- i'm doing it now, i did look at the fstab content, and blkid, and its all there11:32
koudtenX: well overall it seemed likkvme too much work to get this working, I will probably continue using ubuntu as host os but then add other virtual servers using virtualbox/kvm with pfsense or some other solution that has it set up in a easy way11:33
ActionParsniptimhildred: tbh I've never upgraded. I always clean install. Much eaier imho11:33
timhildredoskar-, ActionParsnip, the fsck was fast, and finished with "Pass 5: Checking group summary information11:34
timhildredUbuntu: 601840/3055616 files (0.3% non-contiguous), 7592352/12206958 blocks11:34
timhildreddoes that look alright?11:34
Mechdavetimhildred, ActionParsnip I always found an upgrade to have little problems that a fresh install doesn't have11:34
oskar-timhildred:  yes, but please don't paste multiple lines here ;)11:34
violinapprencookburn: open the dash (top left button) and search for "driver".. then click on Additional Drivers .. do you see an entry for your wireless card?11:36
chirag_d_gr8 A general linux query. When i made a shell script executable which requires admin password, will that execute with a single click? i cannot execute on clicking it and shows a little red bar over it11:36
MonkeyDustchirag_d_gr8  you'll need sudo or gksudo11:37
timhildredoops, sorry oskar- . Mechdave, i was hoping that my LTS conservatism would pay off in smooth upgrades11:37
timhildredi kind of thought that was the point of LTS11:37
violinapprenchirag_d_gr8: use gksudo instead of sudo11:37
theadminchirag_d_gr8: It likely won't execute on clicking, only via terminals. You can use gksudo to ask for password in GUIs11:37
Dr_Willisif you never use ppas or otger things it shoukd be smooth.but therrs such varity in hardware these days.11:38
theadmintimhildred: The one and *only* point of LTS is longer support.11:38
theadminMostly for enterprise, imo11:38
timhildredand enterprises will blow away their 10.04 install base to upgrade to 12.04?11:39
GirlyGirltheadmin: Arguably more stable and bug free when it has been out for sometime11:39
chirag_d_gr8gksudo is not working. I am using kubuntu11:39
timhildredGirlyGirl, thats the stuff11:39
timhildredlike, a bug free upgrade process ;)11:40
ActionParsnipchirag_d_gr8: then run:  kdesu kate11:40
theadminGirlyGirl: "Arguably". I never experienced much instability (nor much stability, really) in Ubuntu whatsoever. It's somewhere in the middle.11:40
theadminActionParsnip: Woah there. Unlike with "gksu" and "gksudo", "kdesu" and "kdesudo" are entirely different programs. "kdesu" uses su (and fails)11:40
cookburnHello violinappren, this have i'am do and i'am have a propertie driver from the BMC4311 wlan card, the driver is going i'am have all Commands do and i'am can postet here but this are 3 Seites, you can all Computer answers see wenn you go on Ubuntu Form Communitie-> main Support->Hardware and Laptops-> i'am have postet under dell latitude 820 Wlan is not going,11:41
timhildredtheadmin, 10.04 was super stable. now i'm stuck running fedora 16 until i figure out how to make ubuntu boot11:41
theadmintimhildred: What is the actual problem?11:41
violinapprencookburn: pardon me, i don't really understand much of what you said, what is your native language?11:42
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:43
violinappren!de | cookburn11:43
ubottucookburn: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:43
oskar-timhildred:  try to find out, what may block the boot progress, e.g. try "mount -a" from the shell you get. maybe it tells you, that something else is not ready, and therefore it does not finish mounting everything "rw". for X i suggest to move away xorg configuration files, that are not provided by the packages...11:43
timhildredtheadmin, the problem is that when i boot, i get stuck at something like "/ is missing or not ready, either wait or press s to skip or m"11:43
timhildredoskar-, i haven't used xorg.conf11:44
theadmintimhildred: Uhh. Is your fstab correct?11:44
timhildredtheadmin, yep11:44
timhildredall mounted by blkids11:44
timhildredall blkids are correct11:44
theadmintimhildred: Does your initrd get loaded?11:45
cookburnsorry but i'am have postet in english11:45
MonkeyDusttimhildred  type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit and paste the url here11:45
timhildredtheadmin, i don't know how to tell. MonkeyDust one sec11:47
oskar-well, very likely, if you are stuck in the middle of the boot process and your root fs is already mounted read-only...11:47
cookburnHello violinappren can you not understand what i'am say ?11:48
timhildredMonkeyDust, http://fpaste.org/N8Kf/11:48
meioHello Question if I apply a patch that is meant for a driver in opensuse for the same ethernet card will it work and how do I apply patches? I have struggling for this an entire week this is my last resort11:49
violinapprencookburn: just little of it11:49
timhildredMonkeyDust, sda5 is the ubuntu partition11:49
cookburnOK then i'am need more Time from my technical answer for you the i'am think going it, what you mean ?11:50
noname120hi guys11:50
gordonjcpcookburn: deutsch?11:50
Dr_Willismeio:  most patches would be for specific versions of kernel sources.11:50
gordonjcpcookburn: #ubuntu-de ?11:50
noname120I'm having problems to add the wine repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa11:50
noname120Every port is blocked by my ISP but the port 80 (http)11:50
ZentaurI've read that the kernel included with 12.04 has a big bug. It conumes 40% more energy than 2.611:50
Dr_Willismeio:  ubuntu and other disrtos may have their own patched kernel source trees also.11:50
violinapprencookburn: join #ubuntu-de and ask for help there, they speak german11:50
noname120So I retrieved the key from my browser using the port 80 and added it in the software manager by  sudo apt-key add ./key.txt11:50
noname120Output was "OK"11:50
ZentaurI mean 40% more of processor11:51
noname120, I try to add the repository using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa11:51
noname120But it tries to retrieve the key from the server even if I already added the key with apt-key add11:51
MonkeyDusttimhildred  and mount|grep ^/dev | pastebinit ?11:51
meioI have no problems in reinstalling I already reinstalled 11.10 12.04 and 12.04.1 today 2 times already11:51
Dr_WillisZentaur:  theres been known power saveing issues  depending on your hardware.  Cant say ive noticed any cpu drains however.11:51
noname120Is there a way to "enforce" the add-apt-repository to use internal keys instead of the ones on keyserver.ubuntu.com11:51
Guest31982Dr_Willis: could  you please help me with the boot problem?11:52
meiohere's the patch : https://build.opensuse.org/package/files?package=r8169&project=home%3AAkoellh%3AKernelmodules&rev=3237079cd1aa481b5ba90835d213b26b11:52
Zentaurthe new 3.3 kernel solved that energy saving problems. will ubuntu update 12.04 to kernel 3.3?11:52
theadminnoname120: You can add the "deb http://repo.example.org main" (or such) line manually into any file ending in .list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/11:52
MonkeyDustZentaur  maybe 12.10, but not 12.0411:53
cookburn#join ubuntu-de11:53
Zentaurmmm but 12.10 is not lts11:53
vyrgozunqkguys i've installed gnome-panel but i can't see xchat in the tray or skype11:53
MonkeyDustcookburn  it's /join11:53
vyrgozunqki've edited with dconf everything11:54
oskar-Zentaur:  i guess, ubuntu applies patches to the used kernel, that fix severe problems. i would just give it a try11:54
vyrgozunqkeverything is whitelisted11:54
noname120theadmin: but the weirdest thing is that if I add it in the software sources manager, it works. But then, if I try to apt-get install wine1.5 it says the package doesn't exists11:54
theadminnoname120: After adding, you have to do apt-get update to download package lists.11:54
noname120of course11:54
noname120(it's automatically done by the manager anyways)11:54
Zentauroskar-,  you may be right, I don't want to downgrade or use a non lts version11:55
timhildredMonkeyDust, http://fpaste.org/obUs/11:55
oskar-Zentaur:  i suggest to try/measure it with a live cd11:55
MonkeyDusttimhildred  / is there, looks ok to me11:55
timhildredMonkeyDust, that said, i'm doing this from fedora where i've mounted the ubuntu partition, so those mount options are not the ones in the ubuntu fstab11:56
timhildredthe ubuntu fstab has UUID=ce610182-8251-43a6-b5fa-d7ca7b5970cc /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       111:56
timhildredbut yeah MonkeyDust11:56
MonkeyDusttimhildred  ah, idd, it's different, i was confused about /media/Ubuntu11:56
OrpheonMy system started doing some very strange things recently. Every trace of external connections of any kind have disappeared, from network connections (wired) not showing up nor working, pulseaudio not starting because it can't find something, external hardware not even getting detected in Disk Utility, and the whole thing can't shut down either (perpetual black screen). Switching kernel versions didn't help, Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Any idea11:56
Guest31982could some one help me with efi partion please, I am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 - 64 bit on my lenovo B570 laptop and would not boot up after the installation, on searching the net I found that there is some problem with the efi partion but I did not get any solutions. Can some one help me??11:56
MonkeyDusttimhildred  so it's all there, but we need to know what ubuntu shows11:57
Guest31982I tried using the boot-repair option but did not work, may be i did something wrong.11:57
Zentauroskar-, do you mean to try 12.10 with a live cd?11:57
timhildredMonkeyDust, how do you mean?11:57
ZentaurI already have 12.04 installedd11:57
MonkeyDusttimhildred  try to boot ubuntu somehow, maybe text only, then show mount11:58
timhildredMonkeyDust, do you mean the boot error message?11:58
=== stas is now known as Guest46619
noname120theadmin: do you see the repository of wine here ? http://pastebin.com/tCnWYgH611:58
timhildredit does that errors=remount,ro thing11:58
theadminnoname120: ppas don't really present their names in that list...11:59
oskar-Zentaur:  yes, for example...11:59
dannyhow do i make it so i get the latest experimental updates via the command line11:59
theadmindanny: Ubuntu doesn't have "unstable" or "experimental" branches.12:00
theadmindanny: You can install alpha, beta or RC releases though. Current unstable is Quantal. See #ubuntu+1 for details on that.12:00
noname120apt-get remove linux12:00
noname120Why is linux so wfull to do anything ?12:00
noname120Repos, keys, conflicts etc12:00
noname120I hate this way of thinking*12:01
dannytheadmin: thought there was a way to change my updates to get the newest12:01
noname120Apps should be standalone and portable12:01
noname120linux is even worse than windows on this point12:01
th__hello. how do i change ubuntu's login manager?12:01
Zentaurwell, let's try :)12:01
oskar-noname120:  if you want it the easy way (and lose control), look for other operating systems. gnu/linux will not be the solution then.12:02
theadminnoname120: It would take ages to explain it, but it's actually better this way. With Windows, you have the same libraries (for instance) installed over and over and over and over for many apps. Here you install them once, they're always there, and they're only there when you need them (that is, when something depends on them)12:02
k1l_noname120: then just use windows and be happy. but dont blame us/linux12:02
Zentauror maybe I can upgrade my kernel to 3.512:02
timhildrednoname120 may be trolling12:02
Zentaurlet's see if I destroy my netbook :)12:02
OrpheonMy system started doing some very strange things recently. Every trace of external connections of any kind have disappeared, from network connections (wired) not showing up nor working, pulseaudio not starting because it can't find something, external hardware not even getting detected in Disk Utility, and the whole thing can't shut down either (perpetual black screen). Switching kernel versions didn't help, Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Any idea12:02
noname120Too bad there is no linux distro made easy12:03
timhildredOrpheon, does it boot?12:03
Orpheonit boots fine12:03
timhildredlike if you power it off by holding down power button12:03
bazhangnoname120, lets move back on topic please12:03
k1l_!ot > noname12012:03
ubottunoname120, please see my private message12:03
Orpheontimhildred, no, but I don't think it ever did that12:03
Orpheonbut all aspects of the system apart from what I outlined work12:04
timhildredso Orpheon, what state is it in now? is it running and you're on another computer?12:04
theadminnoname120: Want to install apps offline? Makes sense. Make a mirror of all or individual packages. Use AptOnCD. There are tons of solutions.12:04
noname120I needed hours and hours to get my wireless chip working (not officially supported), now I need  to take hours to install wine (tried with the 20 .deb way but there are always dependances to satisfy :/)12:04
OrpheonI have a tripleboot12:04
oskar-Orpheon:  we need technical details, error messages. what did you change compared to the last working state?12:04
k1l_noname120: "sudo apt-get install wine" done12:05
theadminnoname120: Uh. You connect to a network and use APT.12:05
Orpheoneskar-: I don't know12:05
noname120And I'll get an heavily old version12:05
theadminnoname120: 1.4 is the latest stable.12:05
noname120By the way, why isn't the wine version on official packages up-to-date ?12:05
=== mohamed is now known as Guest79732
k1l_noname120: when you demand the "windows: newer is better" thinking. then use windows. thats it12:05
MonkeyDustnoname120  because the latest is noy always the best or most stable12:06
meiohello again12:06
jgcampbell300hello, is there software out there that would allow me to install a server say in my living room that is hooked to a sound system and then play music from any computer on my network using the servers sound system12:06
noname120That's not my thinking12:06
k1l_noname120: sure12:06
timhildredjgcampbell300, mpd12:06
k1l_just read your words12:06
bazhangjgcampbell300, with mediatomb?12:06
bazhang!info mediatomb | jgcampbell30012:06
ubottujgcampbell300: mediatomb (source: mediatomb): UPnP MediaServer (main package). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12.1-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 10 kB, installed size 77 kB12:06
noname120My thinking is something easy to use, customisable, filling the needs of the users without annoying them12:06
noname120Windows does bad the task12:06
meioconstant disconnect which dmesg says : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166139/12:06
bazhangnoname120, thats enough.12:07
Azzle-Dazzleguys can anyone think of the online multiplayer game where you are a smiley face, completing puzzle levels what other users have made ?12:07
theadminOh well I'm not helping people who don't even try to understand the ideas behind Linux... noname120, welcome to my ignore list.12:07
Zentaurthanks guys!12:07
* Zentaur is away: I'm out!12:07
timhildrednoname120 is totally trolling12:07
bazhangZentaur, disable that12:07
th__hello. how do i change ubuntu's login manager?12:07
noname120I suggest to continue that on #ubuntu-offtopic12:07
Zentaurhow do i disable that please12:07
theadminth__: Simply "apt-get install" a new one.12:08
bazhangZentaur, which irc client12:08
theadminth__: It will then change to the new one (actually give a menu selecting which you want)12:08
bazhangth__, from lightdm to something else?12:08
th__theadmin actually do you remember name of that "menu"12:08
bazhangZentaur, quite easily in the xchat preferences menu12:08
th__bazhang  back to lightdm12:08
theadminth__: You can switch to lightdm by doing this: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm12:09
th__theadmin  that was it. thanks12:09
Orpheonso any help on the problems I'm having?12:09
Zentaurthanks bazhang12:09
glauco29my sound is mute12:10
jgcampbell300what client do you prefer to use with mpd ... ubuntu/kde12:10
glauco29yesterday I installed ubuntu-SOMETHING-extras to play wma12:10
glauco29but today I can not listen mp312:10
glauco29the song is playing but there is no sound12:11
jgcampbell300maybe its muted12:11
glauco29it is not I have seen12:11
glauco29the volume it is ok12:11
compdocare the speakers powered?12:12
ActionParsnipglauco29: restricted is the something12:12
glauco29I am on laptop12:12
glauco29I installed ubuntu-restricted-extras12:13
ActionParsnipglauco29: if you run:  alsamixer   are all levels unmuted and cranked?12:13
jgcampbell300hmm maybe the profile got switched to something else12:13
vyrgozunqkguys anyidea how to whitelist apps in gnome-panel in ubuntu 12.0412:13
glauco29yeh ActionParsnip12:13
vyrgozunqknot unity but gnome-panel12:14
oskar-Orpheon:  sorry, that is not possible without details... is your hardware ok, what did you change, what error messages do appear? what do you mean with "trace of external connections", "pulseaudio [...] can't find something"12:14
OrpheonI can get the pulseaudio error messag12:14
glauco29Must I uninstall ubuntu-restricted-extras to see if this is the problem12:14
ActionParsnipglauco29: try:   killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*     wait 10 seconds then reboot12:14
Orpheonbut apart from that, I have no idea where to look for problems12:14
glauco29it is working now ActionParsnip12:15
glauco29you kill the proccess?12:15
jgcampbell300Orpheon: i would suggest a detiled discription of your system, config, and the problem ... maybe somone will recognize the problem12:15
ActionParsnipglauco29: yes, to free the data, you can then delete the folder and it wil make new settings12:16
glauco29thank you ActionParsnip12:17
ryan1995Can someone help me with downloading a game?12:17
ActionParsnipryan1995: which game?12:17
ryan1995Im using wine12:18
noname120Guys, why is there wine1.2.3 on the official ubuntu repo and not the latest stable: wine1.4 ?12:18
ryan1995But when I click open with wine or whatever it says this blue box comes up that says softonic on it12:18
ryan1995And it just freezes there and doesnt go away and nothing happens12:18
MonkeyDust!latest| noname12012:18
ubottunoname120: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:18
jgcampbell300ryan1995: you may read up on (playonlinux) its kina handy12:18
_coder_can any one tell me how to share my network connection12:18
ActionParsnipryan1995: is it known to work in wine?12:18
ryan1995Oh wait its not wine12:19
_coder_i connect to the internet via wifi connection12:19
_coder_and i want to share my internet to my local pc using ethernet12:19
ryan1995Im using playonlinux12:19
noname120playonlinux is good12:19
ActionParsnipryan1995: http://wiki.roblox.com/index.php/Roblox_on_Linux12:19
_coder_can anyone help me12:19
ryan1995its not working for  me12:19
ryan1995ActionParsnip: Whats that?12:20
ActionParsnipryan1995: i'd ask in #winehq   playonlinux is a pretty GUI for wine12:20
jgcampbell300ryan1995: Platform(s)     Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X12:20
MonkeyDust_coder_  i use powerline or powerLAN to that end (whatever it's called)12:20
ryan1995Yea its just for windows and mac but i want to play it on this12:20
ActionParsnipryan1995: i suggest you ask in #winehq12:20
ActionParsnipryan1995: check the appdb for compatibility12:20
ryan1995Oh i didnt know there was a room12:20
ActionParsnipryan1995: yes12:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:21
MonkeyDust!appdb > ryan199512:21
ubotturyan1995, please see my private message12:21
ryan1995Oh ok12:21
jjkinasI have a AMD APU also with discrete gpu (radeon hd6670) running in dual graphics mode for gaming in windows,    My problem: in ubuntu everything works fine with X and it comes up with no problems but I can not view console from ctrl alt f1 - f6  I just get a black screen.  I have latest amd drivers installed and I have tried several kernel modifiers  :  fbcon=map:1 also tried nomodeset ... but this allows me to see the ubuntu loading scre12:21
jjkinasen and then x comes up , but still no console is viewable.12:21
_coder_@MonkeyDust: it is a software?12:21
noname120!appdb > noname12012:22
ubottunoname120, please see my private message12:22
jgcampbell300ryan1995: i was just reading this page ... seems it may be of use to you... http://www.playonlinux.com/en/topic-3453-Roblox.html12:22
MonkeyDust_coder_  no, it's hardware12:22
_coder_i have powerline12:22
_coder_but i don't know how to setup12:22
ryan1995Oh ok thanks :D12:23
oskar-jjkinas:  do you use proprietary drivers?12:23
jjkinasoskar : I have tried the open drivers as well as the amd ones   , no luck either way12:23
yellabs-r2hello there12:24
MonkeyDust_coder_  as for what i have, no need to setup, plug in on both sides, sender, receiver, press someting on one of them to synch, ready12:24
yellabs-r2why does ubuntu keep the old kernels ?12:24
cfhowlettyellabs-r2: greetings12:24
jjkinasit seems like the kernel needs be told to ignore my apu graphics and just use my 667012:24
ActionParsnipyellabs-r2: so if the newer one goes funny, you can boot back to the old one12:24
theadminyellabs-r2: In case the newer kernel doesn't work out for you, you can boot to an older one.12:24
MonkeyDustyellabs-r2  in case something goes wrong with the newest12:24
_coder_are you understand my question?12:24
cfhowlettyellabs-r2: if a new kernel causes problems you can boot the old one12:24
yellabs-r2i can understand keeping one or two, but i have a list of 612:24
_coder_my laptop connect to internet via wifi12:24
ryan1995I dont understand that link you send me ActionParsnip12:24
theadminyellabs-r2: You can remove older ones.12:25
_coder_and my pc connect with my laptop via ethernet12:25
cfhowlett_coder_: what wifi chipset do you have?  broadcom I can help ...12:25
=== Apache is now known as Guest84614
yellabs-r2yes , i see, but it keeps all the old, never removes any , right ?12:25
_coder_i'm using atheros12:25
_coder_i want to make my pc connect to internet via my laptop12:26
ubottu_coder_:: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:26
_coder_thank you12:26
cfhowlett_coder_: best of luck12:26
DANYALhow to mount /etc/shadow file?12:27
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:27
Dr_WillisDANYAL:  why do you even think you need to?12:27
DANYALDr_Willis i cant change passwds root and users too12:28
DANYALpasswd: Authentication token manipulation error12:28
jjkinasDoes anyone have a idea about my problem ?12:28
Dr_WillisDANYAL:  you dont mount that file.. you need to be looking at other ways to fix it.. sounds like the file may be currupted.. or the FS is bad.. or mounted read only12:29
glauco29I am with libre office opened12:29
DANYALDr_Willis any way to solve the error?12:29
glauco29but it does not appear when I type alt+tab12:29
manouillecall of duty12:30
ActionParsnipDANYAL: usually that is caused by a read only file system12:30
Dr_WillisDANYAL:  figure out whats causeing it..12:30
topiDANYAL: google it, http://askubuntu.com/questions/91188/authentication-token-manipulation-error12:30
jjkinasshould i ask my question again ? maybe no one else saw it12:31
Dr_Willis'askubuntu it' - the ask ubuntu lense is very nice.12:31
Dr_Willisjjkinas:  or no one knew...12:31
jjkinasmaybe :(12:31
Dr_WillisI dont use dual video card setups.. so no clue12:31
manouilleil faut faire un sudo apt-get install aircrak12:32
bazhangmanouille, its english here12:32
bazhangmanouille, #ubuntu-fr for French12:32
DANYALmount -rw -o remount /12:33
DANYALmount: permission denied12:33
topisudo first12:33
glauco29Why I can not see file opened on Libre Write when I press alt+tab??12:33
HAMKootjjkinas, maybe this page is any help > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics - vga_switcheroo12:33
DANYALand when i do like this : mount -rw -o remount /etc/shadow the error is: mount: can't find /etc/shadow in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab12:34
ActionParsnipDANYAL: sudo  mount -rw -o remount /12:34
DANYALmount: permission denied12:35
jjkinasthanks  HAMKoot , I did not see that one when i searched... I will read it12:35
glauco29super + w is pretty good ;)12:36
Dr_WillisDANYAL:  you dont MOUNT the FILE.. you remount the FILESYSTEM the file is on.12:36
Dr_WillisDANYAL:  and You need to use 'sudo mount' since its a system admin type task12:36
Dr_Willis!mount | DANYAL12:36
ubottuDANYAL: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount12:36
DANYALDr_Willis how to im newbie in ubuntu12:36
MissionControldid you ever try mounting the disk as root?12:37
Dr_Willisread the mount info guide.. it tells you the basiocs.,. You ere mussing a sudo in your earlier attempt...12:37
MissionControlmaybe your password is wrong12:37
DANYALMissionControl No12:37
DANYALMissionControl Passwd is ok and im doing it as a root user12:38
MissionControlweirded out12:38
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me what it means when i run lshw -class network and it tells me network:0 unclaimed12:40
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: no driver is loaded12:40
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: i see ... to load one I would need to use modprobe right ?12:41
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: usually udev detects the device and loads what is needed, what wifi chip is it?12:41
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: its not wifi .. one sec ill show you12:42
* cfhowlett puts down $1 on broadcome12:42
* cfhowlett cancels bet12:42
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: http://paste.kde.org/539360/12:42
WeThePeoplehow do i exit the visudo display in the terminal?12:43
compdocvi commands12:44
compdocdo you want to save?12:45
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gryyellabs-r2, hi12:49
gryer, scratch that12:49
yellabs-r2well i dont mind a hi12:49
=== fred is now known as Guest21273
yellabs-r2hi to you too !12:49
killer_my ubuntu 11.04 ...does not show all of my ntfs partitions12:49
killer_using nautilus12:49
jgcampbell300killer: are they mounted12:50
WeThePeoplecompdoc, no just exit12:50
ActionParsnipkiller_: Natty is EOL really soon, have you considered an upgrade (via clean install) to Precise12:50
ActionParsnipkiller_: are the NTFS partitions containing Windows OSes?12:50
ActionParsnipkiller_: are they on USB storages?12:50
killer_ActionParsnip: yea....ubuntu is merging them all and showing a single ntfs partition........and also not showing all my  files12:52
ActionParsnipkiller_: so it is usb based?12:52
=== shan is now known as Guest80000
killer_i haave installed ubuntu on a usb12:53
ActionParsnipkiller_: that isn't important here12:53
ActionParsnipkiller_: are the NTFS partitions you are having issue with on USB?12:54
WeThePeopleactionparsnip, how do i get rid of the swap file? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166185/12:54
big-macHi could anybody help me iv been having trouble with flash videos like on youtube i know adobe is not suppoting linux on newer updates iv been looking for alternatives but have not been having luck any suggestions?12:54
killer_ActionParsnip:it's on my in-built hard-drive......12:54
ActionParsnipkiller_: when did you last chkdsk the partitions (in windows)12:55
WeThePeopleactionparsnip, this is for visudo12:55
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: if you run: swapoff   it will free the file12:55
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: why are you using visudo?12:55
atari314Guys, does anyone know where lightdm set vsync?12:55
WeThePeopleactionparsnip, just messin around12:56
killer_ActionParsnip : actually it's my frnd's pc ......so i think it will b   a  long time ago12:56
pietro10Hi. I noticed that the pcspkr module is blacklisted because "ugly and loud noise, getting on everyone's nerves; this should be done by a nice pulseaudio bing (Ubuntu: #77010)". How do I produce a "nice pulseaudio bing" on the command line? Thanks.12:56
ActionParsnipkiller_: could be worth checking, make sure the datas are consistant12:56
pietro10such as an equivalent to beep12:56
ActionParsnippietro10: you can use aplay to play an MP3 or OGG etc, in terminal12:57
killer_let me check :ActionParsnip12:57
pietro10thanks anyway12:58
ActionParsnippietro10: wassup?12:58
pietro10I'm just interested in getting a simple beep12:58
pietro10I know my system has a PC speaker because Pidgin on Windows used it12:58
ActionParsnippietro10: then grab a sound file of the sound you want and have the command play that...12:58
killer_ActionParsnip :it's showing the data when i run windows12:58
ActionParsnipkiller_: then get the partitions checked12:58
pietro10I'll just use one of kopete's sounds, thanks12:59
DarkenvyI need help. My fresh install is only a week old and gnome is freezing and crashing all the time12:59
ActionParsnippietro10: weet, just find the sound and you can play it12:59
Darkenvywhere can I find the logs to see whats happening?12:59
ActionParsnipDarkenvy: have you tested your RAM?13:00
DarkenvyThat couldnt be the issue :O13:00
ActionParsnipDarkenvy: why not?13:01
ActionParsnipDarkenvy: not a very good attitude..13:01
DarkenvyI'm always terrified of testing ram because in the olden days it would always be bad13:01
cfhowlettalii_: greetings13:01
DarkenvyLOL ActionParsnip im playing around with ya13:01
ActionParsnipDarkenvy: then it needs replacing13:01
DarkenvyI just hadnt thought that to be the case13:01
alii_Im a beginer of linux13:02
Darkenvywell let me test it within the next few hours (after I grab my important files) and ill come back13:02
Darkenvywill you be here in a few hours AP?13:02
compdocDarkenvy, open the disk utility. click your OS hdd, and then look at the drive's health. Does it show any bad sectors?13:02
alii_& I wanna get high13:02
ActionParsnipDarkenvy: more than likely13:03
bazhangalii_, this is ubuntu support only13:03
Darkenvyactually no compdoc :\13:03
WeThePeopleactionparsnip, so visudo puts files in the swap space in a tmp dir?13:03
WeThePeopleto be edited13:03
alii_cfhowlett  - how can I see anybody spy for me??13:04
bazhangalii_, what does that mean13:04
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: not surem never had to mess with it, the admin/sudo group does all I needs13:04
bazhangalii_, do you have any actual Ubuntu support questions13:04
WeThePeoplealii_,like online13:04
cfhowlettalii_: not sure I understant your question13:05
big-macHi could anybody help me iv been having trouble with flash videos like on youtube i know adobe is not suppoting linux on newer updates iv been looking for alternatives but have not been having luck any suggestions?13:05
alii_what software I must install for looking anybody who control my internet aktivity13:06
bazhangbig-mac, what kind of issues13:06
k1l_alii_: there is no such thing13:06
bazhangalii_, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here13:06
WeThePeoplebig-mac look up "restricted extras"in software center13:06
alii_thanks dear friends13:07
aguiteli am in 10.04 and kernel pannic ocours ,how i know why this ?13:07
big-mactheres alot of videos on youtube that wont play its says i need to update my flash but my flash is up to date and the other videos that do play when i try to watch them in full screen its keeps freezing13:07
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WeThePeoplebig-mac, Lookup "restricted extras" in software center13:08
WeThePeopleand download for your distro13:08
big-macWeThePeople thanks doing that now13:08
cfhowlettbig-mac: I'm inclined to agree with wethepeople  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras13:08
jmcsHello, I've an usb 4g modem that is working well on my Desktop PC but is refusing to work on my laptop,  I need help troubleshooting it13:09
cfhowlettbig-mac: personally, I install restricted AND medibuntu13:09
big-maccfhowlett thank you im installing now13:10
=== haes9 is now known as pemulung
ActionParsnipjmcs: run:  lsusb   use the 8 character hex id to find guides13:11
cfhowlettbig-mac: reboot and let us know if it works13:11
big-maccfhowlett cheers will do13:12
cfhowlettanddam: greetings13:14
anddamwhen installing from desktop install disk there's a repository copy into the iso image, isn't there?13:14
anddamI've been asked to install linux on a offline computer, I wonder if I can copy the repository on the hd and have the use install packages from there when needed13:15
anddamI'm assuming the default installation isn't going to install every available package on the ISO13:15
cfhowlettanddam: use the DVD iso image13:15
auronandace!aptoncd | anddam13:15
ubottuanddam: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline13:15
anddambut the question still applies, the ISO contain a repository and that's the one added to apt sources.conf13:16
anddamauronandace: I'm not sure how that's helpful13:16
atari314Does anyone know where Lightdm stores the sessions configs?13:16
anddamauronandace: I don't have downloaded packages13:16
=== cjsarette is now known as krazee
auronandaceanddam: sorry, wrong factoid13:17
anddamcfhowlett: I forgot a question mark, with both CD or DVD ISO I have a repository that I can copy on the HD, right?13:17
bazhanganddam, not with the live cd, no13:18
bazhanganddam, get the alternate if you want to do that.13:18
anddambazhang: so far I've seen three kind of install disc, desktop, alternate and server, I'm not sure which one is the live cd you referred to13:18
cfhowlettanddam: as bazhang states: alternate13:18
bazhanganddam, alternate.13:19
anddamok alternate it is13:19
anddamfrom what I read on the site the difference is in the installer, alternate has possibly a text mode install with more options available, right?13:19
cfhowlettanddam: correctomundo13:19
bazhanganddam, its install only. no live mode "try it out"13:20
anddamsounds good13:20
anddamso desktop is the live cd13:20
cfhowlettanddam: right13:20
aguiteli am in 10.04 and kernel panic occours ,how i know why this ?13:20
yellabs-r2can i get bash man in my own locale ? NL13:21
anddamalso I see alternate image in ftp list but I don't see it listed in http://www.ubuntu.com/download where there're desktop, server and "cloud"13:21
savioActionParsnip, i completed 3 pass13:21
cfhowlettaguitel: perhaps it's time to update to 12.04.  Don't know why you're getting kernel panic13:21
aguitelcfhowlett, i never will upgrade to gnome 313:22
cfhowlettaguitel: ??? xfce, lxde are also options you know.13:22
ThinkT510aguitel: all gnome2 support from ubuntu ends in april13:22
anddamyellabs-r2: I'd say something like   LANG=nl man bash   but I don't know how the localized subdir are called13:22
jmcsActionParsnip I've already done it, I'm not finding anything useful, besides this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-modeswitch-data/+bug/948153 that says my modem should be supported on 12.0413:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 948153 in usb-modeswitch-data (Ubuntu) "Huawei E392 is not register to mobile broadband network" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:23
big-maccfhowlett & WeThePeople i installed the restricted extras rebooted and i still have the same problem13:23
WeThePeoplebig-mac, exactly what is going on13:23
cfhowlettbig-mac: try viewing non-youtube, e.g. vimeo and hulu streaming13:23
anddamis the DVD image alternate or desktop?13:24
aguitelThinkT510, maybe mate or cinnamon is our future13:24
cfhowlettbig-mac: also make sure you have all upgrades; apt-get updates apt-get upgrades apt-get dist-upgrade will take you to 12.04.113:24
cfhowlettanddam: seem to recall it's alternate13:24
ThinkT510aguitel: if canonical ever supports them, but for now no13:25
anddamsounds even better13:25
ThinkT510aguitel: i've always preferred xfce13:25
aguitelThinkT510, ok13:25
anddamafter installing the system is tehre an option to copy the repository or should I just copy the tree somewhere and edit sources.conf? I never used a "local" deb repo13:26
cfhowlettaguitel: xfce was adopted as the platform when ubuntustudio needed to transition from gnome.  I am quite pleased with it.13:26
big-macWeThePeople i cannot watch videos on youtube in full screen the videos keep freezing and there alot of videos that will not play it says my flash player needs to be updated i have install the latest adobe flash player in firefox i have tried a few diffrent flavours of ubuntu and i have the same problem in all13:26
anddamthanks all13:28
WeThePeoplebig-mac, try a diff browser13:32
WeThePeoplelike chrome13:32
WeThePeoplefirefox sucks13:33
blackshirtyes, but i think ie was more sucks :d13:33
big-maci was hoping to keep firefox as its my fave browser13:34
jgcampbell300hmm makes me wonder if greasemonky will install on other brousers other than fox13:34
WeThePeoplewell if it works in chrome without a prob, then you have found your prob :)13:34
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: +113:35
WeThePeoplejgcampbell300, if i recall GM will work in opera13:35
jgcampbell300WeThePeople: nice .. will have to check that out ... getting kina sick of fox my self13:35
ActionParsnipbig-mac: can you pastebin the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'13:36
big-macLol i took cfhowletts advice and tried another site to see if the videos work and on videoweed the stream perfect in fullscreen o.013:36
ActionParsnipbig-mac: could use minitube instead of browser for youtube, makes it lighter13:37
jgcampbell300lol ... your problaby trying to watch bad porn lol13:37
glauco29Why when I type alt+tab I dont see LibreWriter opened??13:37
cfhowlettbig-mac: sounds like flash problems.  try youtube's html5 for viewing.  there's a switch on YT for that13:37
big-macactionparsnip i dont know what you mean about the lsb_release but i will try minitube13:38
big-maccfhowlett i think i tried that before but ill try again13:38
varunhelp me!! i wnt 2 setup server, i m using 12.0413:38
cfhowlettVarun "server"  what kind?  dns?  email?  mirror?  cloud?13:39
bekksvarun: Which type of server? And whats your actual problem?13:39
ActionParsnipbig-mac: its a terminal command13:39
varunjst wnt to knw frm where should i start13:40
jgcampbell300varun: what are you planing to do with this server ... i am also in the prossess of learning out webhosting clouds work13:40
ActionParsnipvarun: typing in full words is a great start, you aren't charged per letter here13:41
* cfhowlett laughs out load since he's not "charged per letter here"13:41
varunActionParsnikp: ok :)13:42
ActionParsnipvarun: you can type extrordinrily long sentences like I am now. Yuo can type loads and loads and loads and loads and its all good.13:42
jgcampbell300holy crap ... this nic is driveing me nuts ... i cant stand it when i cant make something work lol13:42
varunI want to host my own mini cloud server for development13:42
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: what chip does it use?13:43
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: I think you tryed to help me the other  day with it ... its realtech13:43
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: which realtek, they make lots of chips13:43
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: oh sorry... its 813913:44
jgcampbell300product: RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+13:44
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: so its an ethernet nitwork card (wired)13:44
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: yes ... have read lots of problems with this card13:45
varun<ActionParsnip> ok. then please help me out with few detailed steps if possible13:45
big-maccfhowlett i tried html5 and some videos work in fulscreen now =]13:45
Myke974_ubuntu server 12.04lts: µI made an error in fstab and linux server stop to boot. I can access root in recovery mode but error writing /etc/fstahb: read-only fiel system !13:45
cfhowlettbig-mac: wish I knew the fix, but at least you have some workaround.13:46
jgcampbell300!cloud : varun13:46
ubottujgcampbell300: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:46
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal13:47
big-macyeah thanks for the help =]13:47
cfhowlettbig-mac: have fun, be safe13:47
=== fred is now known as Guest21146
big-maci got to go now thanks cfhowlett and thanks to all that helped13:48
varunI have worked on web-server like Apache tomcat and glassfish. But i want to host my own cloud. is it possible??13:48
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: tried the boot option: noapic13:49
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: no i havent13:49
user82Myke974_ i remember that in my desktop version in recovery mode the system was mounted read only13:49
jgcampbell300varun: its possable but you need the hardware and some time to put everything to gather13:49
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: aparrently it uses the 8139too13:49
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: module13:49
user82there was some trick to avoid this maybe someone else knows...13:49
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: i tryed 8139too but still says unclaimed13:50
saviowhat is open group ? UNIX thing ..................?13:51
Darkenvygnome forgot all of my settings due to it crashing13:51
Myke974_the systemn is mounted on read only on recovery mode //  could it exist another way to stop server booting and change this fstab entry?13:52
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: try: sudo mii-tool eth0 -F 10baseT-FD; sudo modprobe -r 8139too ; sudo modprobe 8139too13:52
Darkenvynow I cant even figure out where the "show drives on desktop" is13:52
ActionParsnipjgcampbell300: source: http://www.question-defense.com/2010/06/03/ubuntu-10-4-eth0-not-available-rtl-81398139c8139c-rev-1013:52
bekkssavio: What do you mean by "open group"?13:52
ActionParsnipDarkenvy: they show in the Unity panel13:52
savioi was reading about what is unix i found out that open group crap13:53
nbagsis it possible to make nautilus stay in ram all the time so when i open the file manager its instant?13:53
=== rocket16 is now known as cookie-monster
saviothey handled all specification for "single unix standerd"13:53
deadmundnbags: never close nautilus13:54
DarkenvyLol im messin with ya again ActionParsnip. but I use gnome13:54
deadmundnbags: preload does something similar but in general if you wanna install that13:54
nbagsdeadmund: yeah but it ends up closed13:54
deadmundnbags: use puppy linux, everything is in ram :)13:54
DarkenvyIts still ubuntu so I'de suspect I'm not getting cur off of support here eh?13:54
deadmundnbags: it 'ends up closed' ?13:54
=== dpac_ is now known as dpac
nbagsdeadmund: my behavior of ctrl-w 'ing when im done with things13:54
deadmundnbags: haha, well you control the machine.  The simplest thing to do is not close nautilus if you want it to stay in ram.  As I said though, check out preload, or puppy linux.  The next step is to edit the source code of nautilus I think. (which will be very hard)13:55
user82Myke974_ i do not completely understand your trouble here but does this work? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187081713:56
nbagsyeah i have preload already. nautilus used to be open all the time cause it managed the icons on the desktop. but that changed at some point13:56
deadmundnbags: that changed with the switch from gnome to unity.  preload is probably making nautilus faster (if you open it a lot) but it's probably not notice-able to the naked eye.13:56
Myke974_user82: I just found the solutioon and exactly the same you provided! thanks a lot !13:57
jgcampbell300wow ... im gona take that card out and smash it ... ... bbl ... gota go buy a new nic .. wanted a 1g anywyas13:57
jgcampbell300ActionParsnip: thanks for the assistance13:57
user82glad it was correct...good luck with the recovery13:57
keberanekdote: One mother had tree sons. One was siamease twins, second was man width left testicle, and third was man width right testicle. When they growing up. They become a Father, Son and Holy ghoust.13:58
DJoneskeber: Wrong channel for that13:58
krababbelntpdate is installed by default, what if I want to use ntp? Can I disable ntpdefault, and can I just install ntp to use that?13:59
nbagskrababbel: i think ntpdate is used to set the time, ntp is to keep in in sync14:00
ActionParsnipkrababbel: there is a hopw to in order to add it to cron and make it run14:00
ActionParsnipkrababbel: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/NTP.html14:00
ActionParsnipkrababbel: echo "ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com14:01
ActionParsnipkrababbel: echo "ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com" | sudo tee /etc/cron.daily/ntpdate; sudo chmod 755 /etc/cron.daily/ntpdate14:01
ActionParsnipkrababbel: make ntp run once a day14:01
krababbelthanks, but what if I'd like to prevent abrupt time changes, I read that ntpdate runs once at boot?14:01
krababbelActionParsnip: Doesn't ntpd do that for me?14:01
=== willy is now known as Guest98910
nbagskrababbel: ntpd wont work if your clock is too far out14:02
krababbelMaybe it is a non issue anyway, because ntpd would keep sync on a system running all the time, and ntpdate would run once at boot for my desktop?14:02
krababbelmy clock is pretty good now already14:03
Stella4449I bought an HP Mini 1000 at a garage sale. It has a Mac OS and I don't have admin pwd. I want to install Ubuntu. If I put bootable Ubuntu on a USB flash drive can I use that to wipe out the Mac OS while it's installing?14:03
krababbelSo on my desktop, I just leave ntpdate, and on my server I install ntpd on topQ14:03
deadmundStella4449: yes14:03
cfhowlettStella4449: yep14:03
deadmundStella4449: That's why they say if you have physical access, it's game over.  You have 100% access to everything (given you have time)14:04
bazhangunetbootin Stella444914:04
cfhowlettStella4449: consider lubuntu or xubuntu; lightweight and work very well on netbooks14:04
krababbeli3-wm :)14:04
krababbeland xdm14:04
ActionParsnipkrababbel: not sure, you can cron the task to update so you know it's working though :)14:05
krababbelActionParsnip thanks14:05
ActionParsnipStella4449: the installer can be told to wipe all partitions off, removing the mac os14:05
ActionParsnipkrababbel: fluxbox + slim :)14:06
deadmundStella4449: Did you get enough answers? :P14:06
Stella4449Yes, I think so! Thanks, folks!14:06
sveinseWhat boot option do I need to get kernel boot messages printed on console when booting. I have removed "splash" from kernel command line, yet that did not help. The screen is still blank between grub and login.14:08
krababbel:) Also I just did a test install, using lightdm, and i3-wm and urxvt-unicode. The default bright background in uvxrt wasn't there. Now I reinstalled and chose my usual xdm instead of lightdm, and the colours were correct. Why would that be? Also in Irssi, when I pressed ALT+NUMBER under lightdm, it wrote a three in exponent instead of switching windows. Again, my last install with XDM does this correctly and switches windows inste14:08
krababbelDo XDM and lightdm have anything to do with how urxvt works?14:09
AchnazoorI'm wondering about something:14:12
somanHi all! I have got aconfigure problem -> http://paste.kde.org/539402/ What could be a problem?14:12
somanJust tryin to configure sources with auto-apt14:12
bekksMissing execution permission for ./configure14:12
somanbekks, I'm 2nd day under Linux (ubuntu 12.04). How to solve it?14:13
BluesKajHIyas all14:13
ActionParsnipbekks: if you mark it executable, is it ok?14:14
bekkssoman: What exactly are you trying to install?14:14
bekksActionParsnip: At least for the configure script, thats ok.14:14
Achnazoori've this laptop with a busted graphics card and i'm trying to set it up as a headless _graphic based_ server; now, i know I can do this with windows remote desktop, as it uses a dummy graphics driver for remote desktops - can I do something similar with ubuntu? (i.e. setup a remotely accesible x server that bypasses the laptop's graphics card)14:15
somanbekks: I want to compile gcc 4.7.114:15
bekksAchnazoor: What do you mean by "graphic based" server?14:15
bekksAchnazoor: You dont need an running X server on a server to run X apps from it.14:16
Achnazoori mean a window system. as opposed to a terminal system.14:16
bekkssoman: Why do you need gcc 4.7.1?14:16
bekksAchnazoor: You dont need a running window system on a server to run graphical applications from that server.14:16
somanI want to compile my project which I created under Windows with 4.7.114:16
ActionParsnipAchnazoor: what are you going to use the server for?14:17
Achnazoori'm just looking to set it up as a media server/torrent machine. (at this point it's just sitting here gathering dust like an ugly paperweight, so...)14:18
bekksAchnazoor: For doing so, you dont need a window system on that server.14:18
somanI meant with C++1114:19
AchnazoorI realize that, I was just wondering if i could set it up that way, since I can with windows...(frankly i'm not exacly a linux power user. :-p)14:19
bekksAchnazoor: You cant set up windows without a window system, thats the difference.14:20
MerisI want to install Ubuntu 112.04.1 LTS on a Macbook 2.1 (Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, Intel 950 GMA). Which version should I choose, ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-amd64+mac.iso, or ubuntu-12.04.1-alternate-amd64.iso?14:20
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:21
AchnazoorYou sort of lost me there, bekks, what do you mean?14:21
Meris112.04.1 => 12.04.1 ;-)14:21
MerisMonkeyDust, thx for the link!14:21
bekksAchnazoor: I am saying that you do not need any window system on a server, because that will introduce unnecessary security issues. And of course, you CAN do so, but thats not recommended.14:22
Achnazoorpoint taken. Thanks bekks.14:26
MonkeyDustAchnazoor  in linux, you only need a command line on your server, a graphical interface is optional14:26
lco124someone know spanish?14:27
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:27
kiyourawouldnt better terminology be 'terminal', MonkeyDust?14:27
Achnazooryeah, i know. (it's just more confortable with it)14:27
MoTecI manage a couple dozen *nix machines and not one has any kinda of GUI.  Heck, none of mine do.14:27
MonkeyDustkiyoura  maybe, but terminal is a program14:27
lco124terminal is a shell...14:27
MoTecterminal allows access to a shell14:28
kiyouraah, true14:28
jmcsOk, i've invesitgated why my 4g modem is not working in my laptop but is working on my desktop, apparently my desktop is changing it's device id, but my laptop isn't able to do it. Any reason why this can happen?14:29
danny_what hdmi out software should i use now i used to be able to just connect and change the sound output to my tv via sound settings how do i do it now ?14:30
Bitgodwhat is the most popular SERIAL / CONSOLE app?14:30
Bitgodone that lets you TYPE commands too14:30
lco124i think is wget14:30
lco124bitgod i think it is wget14:31
lco124or Python14:31
Bitgodno ...14:31
Bitgodwget is a file downloader14:31
Bitgodphython is a prog lang :P14:31
lco124but wget executes on a terminal14:31
lco124and python (runtime) on unix starts as a terminal app14:32
lco124in win32 starts as a program14:32
truexfan81anyone know of a linux equalizer program that will let you adjust below 50hz?14:33
=== n is now known as Guest47554
joesephI'd like to reset my software sources and my keys signing them.  Which commands do I run?14:33
lco124someone know python (programming lenguage)?14:33
ThinkT510lco124: the guys in #python do14:34
lco124#python ?14:34
HAMKoottruexfan81, there is a ppa with equaliser, 10 band14:34
ThinkT510lco124: yes, the channel #python14:35
truexfan81HAMKoot: link please14:35
truexfan81HAMKoot: or tell me what its called so i can google it14:35
newubuntuuserhey all.   I was messing around with multiple screen and I played with the "seperate x screen" setting.    Big mistake. what i have is what appears to be 3 "sessions" running on the same monitor.   I want to revert back to 1 screen/monitor  but I can seem to figure out how.14:36
newubuntuuseri have found its profile specific... My other user does not have this problem.14:36
kiyouraman screen?14:36
MonkeyDustnewubuntuuser  try !xrandr14:37
filenotfoundcan anyone explain the DIFFERENCE between  vmware edition and the iso edition of back track 5 operating system thank you14:37
ThinkT510lco124: /join #python14:37
newubuntuuserwhats that?  a command or a room?14:37
HAMKoottruexfan81, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/109297/how-do-i-install-an-equalizer-in-rhythmbox (sorry, svn not ppa)14:37
MonkeyDustfilenotfound  type /join #backtrack-linux14:37
lco124i can't I'm not registered14:37
ThinkT510filenotfound: backtrack isn't supprted here14:38
ThinkT510lco124: then you'll need a registered nick14:38
MonkeyDust!xrandr > newubuntuuser14:38
ubottunewubuntuuser, please see my private message14:38
ThinkT510!register | lco12414:38
lco124how I can register?14:38
ubottulco124: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:38
truexfan81HAMKoot: i need one that is systemwide14:38
MoTecfilenotfound: the ISO is for booting off of.  The VMWare edition is a pre-configured .vmdk disk image.14:39
ThinkT510ManOnMars: hows the lag?14:39
ManOnMarsMy hdd lid is constantly on and i suspect there to be bad sectors on the drive and read/write errors. How can i check hdd's health?14:39
ManOnMarsis there a tool?14:39
ManOnMarsThinkT510, we use tachyons its ok14:39
MonkeyDustManOnMars  fsck14:39
bekksManOnMars: smartctl is the tool.14:39
joesephIs it possible to extend one of my mount points to another partition without RAIDing them or anything?14:39
filenotfoundMoTec: thank you14:40
glauco29guys, I have set Apache vhost, but when I access my address I get a Forbidden error from Apache, I have to set my dir for which user? Currently my user is the own14:40
glauco29Anyone can guide me?14:40
ManOnMarsbekks, can this be uses from livecd? or i need an active system that keeps logs?14:40
newubuntuuseris xrandr somthing I install?   Im readin the page but Im not seeing how to install it.14:42
killer_how do i uninstall a kernel version?14:44
MonkeyDustnewubuntuuser  in a terminal type xrandr, then explore it further14:45
ThinkT510killer_: open synaptic and search for it to uninstall14:45
ActionParsnipkiller_: you can use apt-get or software centre as you expect, you can see the installed kernels with:  dpkg -l | grep linux-image14:45
killer_grep shows 3 versions...... ....if i want 2 uninstall 3.2.0 .... what should i do14:47
killer_got it14:48
ActionParsnipkiller_: the 2nd colomn is the package name, just don't install the package name whichj doesn't have a version number14:48
MonkeyDustnewubuntuuser  install arandr, it may be what you need14:48
newubuntuuserI dont think this is what Im looking for...I dont want to "enable/disable/move/resize" anything.. i want the multiple session running on the one screen to revet back to 1...not 3.14:48
zfehi all14:49
zfei need to boot mac os x through grub14:49
zfeanybody willing to help?14:49
zfei did the automatic install with ubuntu and i found grub in my mbr without having been asked14:49
TopolIm having trouble with my Network manager on 10.0414:49
ActionParsnipTopol: trouble in what way?14:50
ActionParsnipzfe: you can use a chroot to put it where you want14:50
TopolI need to start it manually14:50
Topolby doing nm-applet &14:50
ActionParsnipTopol: sudo restart network-manager14:50
ActionParsnipTopol: oh, is that what you run?14:50
zfeActionParsnip, refit has been replaced by grub14:51
zfeand automatic detection of grub didn't make macosx work14:51
TopolI want it to start up14:51
Topolwhen I get on14:51
TopolBut it doesnt14:51
TopolI used to use WICD14:51
FloodBot1Topol: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:51
TopolBut Im getting a VPN14:51
ActionParsnipTopol: if you add the command in your startup items, it will run automagically for you14:52
ManOnMarsis there a graphical gui for smartctl?14:52
TopolI did14:52
Topolunder /usr/bin/networkmanager14:52
Topolbut it doesnt exist?14:52
ActionParsnipTopol: if you run:  which nm-applet    you can see which binary is executed14:52
ActionParsnipzfe: is that not good?14:53
newubuntuuserarandr  does not appear to have anything that could help me.14:53
Topolhold on14:53
TopolLemme pkill14:53
=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
ManOnMarsis there a graphical gui for smartctl?14:54
ActionParsnipManOnMars: let me search14:55
newubuntuuserhere's an image of what Im doing with.. http://imgur.com/bIMCU14:55
ActionParsnipManOnMars: http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Administration/GSmartControl-41861.shtml14:55
MonkeyDustManOnMars  ther's gsmartcontrol in the software center14:55
ActionParsnip!info gsmartcontrol14:56
ubottugsmartcontrol (source: gsmartcontrol): graphical user interface for smartctl. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.6-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 598 kB, installed size 1621 kB14:56
ActionParsnipManOnMars: did you even search software centre, you would have found that...!?14:56
ManOnMarsActionParsnip, yeah14:56
ManOnMarsi install from command line though14:57
ActionParsnipManOnMars: thats fine, but searching in software centre ould have found that14:57
* MonkeyDust learned something, by helping somebody else14:57
ManOnMarsbtw does anyone know where the smart info is saved?14:59
ManOnMarsif i format the hdd does it get lost?14:59
ManOnMarsor is there a hidden partition14:59
krababbelthat is probably not on the platters15:00
bekksManOnMars: The SMART information is stored in the controller in the harddisk.15:00
bekksIt cant be overwritten by formatting or something.15:00
nOStahlsearching via command line would have found that15:01
ActionParsnipManOnMars: its in the IDE on the drive15:01
ActionParsnipbekks: integrated drive electronics15:02
newubuntuuserok well I found another way to solve it.  I created another profile and deleted the broken one.  That appears to be the only way to fix it.15:02
bekksActionParsnip: ah! :)15:02
ActionParsnipbekks: its what IDE stands for....15:02
ActionParsnipbekks: all drives have IDEs15:02
truexfan81where is .asoundrc in 12.04?15:02
SonikkuAmericaWait a minute... if that's the case what's the diff between SATA and IDE ATA?15:03
BluesKajtoo many acronyms with the same letters but different meanings15:03
bekksSonikkuAmerica: Different bus system for electronic signals.15:03
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: sata is just serial ATA, the PCB on the drive is the IDE, it is technically an IDE drive15:03
ManOnMarsbekks, the controller is like a read only memory?15:03
SonikkuAmericaOK that makes sense. I'm a programming student, not an engineer.15:04
bekksManOnMars: No. Somehow, the data in there must have been written into it ;)15:04
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: old drives didn't have IDEs, and the controller did all the work15:04
bekksManOnMars: You, as a user, can only read that data.15:04
ManOnMarsMy hdd lid is constantly on, whatever i try to do takes for ages while the hdd appears to be in use. Might this be caused from bad sectors on the hdd that cause read/write errors?15:05
MonkeyDust!info devhelp > SonikkuAmerica15:05
bekksManOnMars: Take a look at the SMART information then.15:05
ManOnMarsbekks, i am now. i see some read write errors and a prefailure-status. can this cause the hdd lid to appear always on?15:06
ManOnMarsand the hdd in use most of the time15:06
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: new drives came out WITH IDEs which  gave cache and S.M.A.R.T. and all kinds of fanciness, and they were called 'IDE drives' then all SCSI and SATA and stuff came and they also had IDEs15:06
ubuntuhey i need some help15:07
ActionParsnipSonikkuAmerica: so when people say 'IDE drive' its technically any new drive, but people know what you mean15:07
SonikkuAmericaYeah I see it now15:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest65396
Guest65396i want to install ubuntu so i can dual boot with windows but the option is not there15:07
ManOnMarsbekks, i did a short test and said read failure15:07
bekksManOnMars: Passtebin the complete information given by smartctl -a please.15:07
ManOnMarsbekks,  ok15:07
bekksThen your HDD is going to die soon.15:07
ActionParsnipGuest65396: are you using win7?15:07
ActionParsnipGuest65396: resize the NTFS within windows after doing a full backup and you can install to the free space15:08
Guest65396do you know how to do that? do i just search in google size partition windows? will it erase my OS or data? will i have to reinstall windows?15:09
ManOnMarsbekks, here it is http://pastebin.com/7zAzWheA15:09
ManOnMarssmartctl -a for my only hdd (it has several partitions on it)15:09
ActionParsnipGuest65396: there are guides all over as well as youtube, why not search a little insteasd of immediately asking how15:09
Guest65396ok thank you actionparsnip, live long and prosper, haha thanks alot15:10
bekksManOnMars: Your disk is going to die.15:10
TopolActionParsnip: It works, thanks bro15:11
ActionParsnipTopol: sweet15:11
ManOnMarsbekks, lol15:11
ActionParsnipTopol: np dude :)15:11
ManOnMarsbekks, how soon should i expect it?15:11
glauco29I am unable to change a dir owner15:13
ActionParsnipTopol: the app dies when you run it from terminal, because the terminal is the parent process. If you kill the parent, the children die15:13
glauco29I am trying sudo chown 755 /path/to15:13
TopolUbuntu Philosopher :D15:13
Babbuhey guys15:14
Babbui have having some sound trouble on my newly installed ubuntu15:14
glauco29what is the problem Babbu?15:14
Babbuwell there is no sound15:15
Babbusometimes when I restart the sound comes back on15:15
Babbubut otherwise there is no sound at all15:15
ActionParsnipTopol: its how linux works15:15
Babbui have tried reinstalling the drivers etc15:15
Babbugoing through the user forums15:15
Babbubut nothing seems to be working15:15
glauco29try it killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse* Babbu15:15
ActionParsnipBabbu: try:   killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*    wait 10 seconds then reboot15:15
glauco29^^ ActionParsnip15:16
Babbuyou're not trolling, are you?15:16
glauco29It solved a problem that I had today15:16
ActionParsnipBabbu: no, its just a great first step15:16
Babbui don't know if I can upvote here15:16
glauco29ActionParsnip: please guy, I am facing a problem15:16
=== AFKMunks is now known as chamunks
glauco29I am not able to change dir owner I dont know why15:17
Babbuhey can you tell me the command again15:18
Babbui accidentally cleared everything15:18
AlphaAtomI'm not sure whether this is more suited for here, or #dropbox, but could I get some help checking if dropbox is idle or not?15:18
glauco29killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*15:18
=== testbot is now known as testdump
WeThePeopledosnt know what trolling means :)15:19
WillisW 15:20
Lukas1321 15:21
ManOnMarsbekks, how did you see that the hdd is failing? because of read pre-failure status?15:22
ManOnMarsor something else15:22
Babbuwell that didn't help15:24
jribglauco29: chown is to change owner and chmod is to change permissions15:29
=== blink is now known as houtenkop
glauco29jrib: I am setting vhost on apache15:29
glauco29and my folder has me as owner15:29
jribglauco29: what is your question (on one line please)?15:30
glauco29and permission are rwx -- --15:30
glauco29I am unable to change owner15:30
jribglauco29: pastebin your command and full output15:30
roastedjrib, hey--- didn't you help me with rsync exclude lists a while back?15:30
jribroasted: maybe :x15:31
roastedI was just about to ask the channel about INCLUDE lists when I thought your name rang a bell. :P15:31
roastedI forget what I did with exclude lists to make it work, but with include lists, it's not flying. My command is here - rsync -az --delete --progress --include-from=/usr/local/bin/syncexternallisttest.txt /media/Xternal/15:31
roastedI don't like the way it ends with /media/Xternal, because I feel like it probably thinks the destination is the source, since there's only 1 item listed.15:32
roastedperhaps it needs to be more like rsync -az --delete --progress /home/jason --include-from=/usr/local/bin/syncexternallisttest.txt /media/Xternal???15:32
roastedsource, include-from, dest15:32
robertgsthey there.15:33
jribroasted: what is it doing currently?  Just ignoring your include patterns and copying everything?15:34
roastedjrib, it just comes back with speedup 0, which is what makes me think rsync assumes the dest is the source15:34
roastedjrib, it sees the data in the source, oh hey you're good, speedup 015:34
=== nbags is now known as nicelyToasted
roastedjrib, when in actuality  my external hdd is completely empty... if it recognized the external as the dest, I'd be golden. So I think rsync is working, I think I just goofed the syntax.15:35
glauco29jrib: http://pastebin.com/yYK3w3UC15:35
jribroasted: try just having SRC DEST at the end and the options before SRC DEST15:35
roastedjrib, aka, rsync --include-from=/usr/local/bin/list.txt /home/jason/ /media/Xternal/15:36
roastedjrib, list, source, dest15:36
jribglauco29: is there no output after the chmod?  Do you just get a new prompt?15:36
glauco29I get new prompt jrib15:37
jribroasted: sure.  Though I think with includes you need to exclude everything first15:37
jribglauco29: pastebin the output of « mount »15:37
roastedjrib, sounds a little counterintuitive, but I think I get what you mean. Exclude all, EXCEPT these inclues.15:38
jribroasted: yeah15:38
roastedjrib, rsync -az --delete --progress --exclude=* --include-from=/usr/local/bin/syncexternallisttest.txt /home/jason/ /media/Xternal/15:39
roastedspeedup 0.0015:39
=== pmdf is now known as penmouse
nicelyToastedroasted: you should add -v and --dry-run for your troubleshooting15:40
glauco29jrib http://pastebin.com/MQUxTbce, my folder is not called 'Files' and yeah 'ARQUIVOS' I replaced on prev paste just for you understand, cause 'ARQUIVOS' is "FILES" on pt-BR15:40
roastednicelyToasted, as in rsync -azv?15:40
jribglauco29: it's ok, I understand pt15:40
nicelyToastedroasted: sure15:40
nicelyToastedwill give you more output15:40
roastednicelyToasted, does the -v function populate data elsewhere? Because it looks identical to running without.15:40
nicelyToasted-v means verbose. more output for debugging15:41
roastednicelyToasted, got nadda difference here15:41
nicelyToasted--dry-run means print what you would do, but dont transfer anything15:41
jribglauco29: sda3 is ntfs or vfat or something like that?15:41
Babbuhey guys15:41
roastednicelyToasted, http://pastebin.com/DTN9hBfJ15:41
roastedsame diff each time15:41
Babbuanother thing regarding my sound, I noticed that I can't even find alsa on my machine15:42
Babbueven though I just installed it15:42
Babbuwhen I type alsamixer on my terminal15:42
glauco29I think that it is NTFS15:42
BluesKajBabbu, type alsamixer in the termianl15:42
BluesKajerr terminal15:42
Babbucannot load mixer controls: Invalid argument15:42
jribglauco29: you won't be able to use chmod on ntfs.  Though you can set permissions at mount time, with appropriate optinos15:42
Babbuthis is what I get when I type alsamixer on terminal BluesKaj15:43
L3topBabbu: sudo aplay -l      does this show any sound cards?15:43
Babbucannot load mixer controls: Invalid argument15:43
nicelyToastedroasted: i think your include list is the problem. command looks ok. with -v you will get more output once things start transferring15:43
roastedmy include list is just a list of what I want with full paths. /home/jason/Music, /home/jason/Pictures, etc.15:43
roastednicelyToasted, although, you have me wondering that too15:43
Babbu**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****15:44
Babbucard 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: CA0132 Analog [CA0132 Analog]15:44
viju_Is it possible to create a partition, if whole drive has already been devoted for currrent linux ?15:44
Babbu  Subdevices: 1/115:44
Babbu  Subdevice #0: subdevice #015:44
dj_segfaultHow do people usually launch their firewall?  I'm looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/firewall.html and see how to create a script to set up ufw rules, but how do you make sure it runs as soon as possible?15:44
FloodBot1Babbu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:44
Babbucard 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]15:44
Babbu  Subdevices: 1/115:44
nicelyToastedroasted: pastebin it? its been a while since i did this stuff though. i mightn't be much help15:44
L3topBabbu: use pastebin for results... I just wanted to ensure they were there.15:44
viju_yes anybody?15:44
L3topBabbu: sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base alsa-utils15:45
=== Geek{away} is now known as GeekAdmin
L3topBabbu: then reboot please15:45
dj_segfaultviju_: You can shrink the existing one with gparted15:45
=== viju_ is now known as viju
vijuhow dj_segfault ?15:45
* L3top finds alsa reload very glitchy...15:45
vijuit says you can't make new one without dismounting it15:46
BluesKajBabbu, in the terminal , sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel , if there's no output then the module/driver is loaded15:46
BabbuL3top: about to restart15:46
dj_segfault  viju: Ah.  That's the problem.  Boot off a livecd and run gparted that way, and your hard drive won't be mounted15:46
ManOnMarsbekks, how did you see that the hdd is failing? because of read pre-failure status?15:46
ManOnMarsor something else15:46
vijuah Ok dj_segfault15:46
BabbuBluesKaj: there is was no output with the modprobe15:47
Babbubrb restarting15:47
vijudj_segfault, one more thing , if I have to make this new drive I am going to create to be able to seen /accessed using  old linux what filesystem  should I choose?15:47
roastednicelyToasted, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166481/15:48
=== BicycleRepairMan is now known as Immanuel_Kant
vijualso can I share same swap partition among different linices?15:49
robertgstmy xorg / unity hangs after resuming (thinkpad x201) any hints on how to debug this further?15:49
=== ManOnMars is now known as DaemonWitch
dj_segfaultviju: If I understand you, you want to create this partition, then when you reboot onto your hard drive you want to be able to access that partition?  The most common partition these days is ext4. What kinds of things are you going to put on there?15:49
=== DaemonWitch is now known as DemonWitch
vijudj_segfault, i had one other old linux distribution which had ext3,15:50
vijucurrently I am using ext415:50
vijuI mean other linices15:50
robertgstvirtual consoles still work, the screen isnt redrawn after switching back to xorg, mouse cursor moves...15:50
dj_segfaultviju: Yes.  ext4 is the new ext3.  Either will work but there's no reason to use ext3 these days over ext4.  But depending on what you want to do with it another filesystem may be better, which is why I asked.15:51
vijuOk , what parttion does ubuntu 10.10 supports?15:51
ActionParsnipdj_segfault: well, ext4 is ext4 and ext3 is ext3..15:52
Babbuok that didn't help either15:52
Babbustill no sound15:52
=== octane--_ is now known as octane--
jribroasted: my guess is that the includes should be relative to the source, check man page or just experiment15:53
ActionParsnipBabbu: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh15:53
roastedjrib, relative to the source... meaning the include file must be within /home/jason?15:53
DonkeyHoteiis it possible to do an oem install from the netboot installer?15:54
BabbuActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=83f64da58cb792f9aaad707269d8a8adfff44cb015:54
jribroasted: that's my guess, yes15:54
vijuActionParsnip, does ubuntu 10.10 support ext4?15:54
jribroasted: well I mean your patterns should be relative to /home/jason15:54
ActionParsnipviju: maverick is dead, so who cares15:55
danielhi, does anyone know a music player with grouping support in playlist ?15:55
danielsomething like this: http://www.m2review.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/foobar2000_custom_skin.jpg15:55
ActionParsnipBabbu: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/19539215:55
roastedjrib, I see. Having the full paths though I'm surprised it would matter15:55
jribroasted: well it may take / to mean /home/jason15:56
jribroasted: so /home/jason/Music means /home/jason/home/jason/Music; that's my guess anyway, I haven't checked the documentation15:56
DonkeyHoteiis it possible to do an oem install from the netboot installer? i have to leave in 20 min15:56
roastedjrib, my head just exploded.15:56
jribroasted: try just /Music in your include file15:57
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest55067
roastedjrib, didn't work :(15:58
jribroasted: try just Music without the /15:59
roastedjrib, no dice16:00
roastedjrib, it takes everything in ~16:00
jribroasted: can you pastebin?16:00
roastedjrib, what, the command?16:00
jribroasted: yeah16:00
roastedrsync -az --delete --progress --include-from=/usr/local/bin/syncexternallisttest.txt /home/jason/ /media/Xternal/16:00
roastedonly thing in the sync.txt list is "Music", that's it16:01
DonkeyHoteinobody knows?16:01
jribroasted: add "--exclude=*"16:01
roastedjrib, had that earlier, failed as well16:02
j0k3Hola! :)16:02
j0k3Algun español?16:02
jribroasted: failed in what way?  By copying everything? nothing? In the same way that it does without the --exclude?16:02
roastedjrib, speedup 0.0016:02
roastedit does nothing at all with exclude16:02
danielhi, does anyone know a music player with grouping support in playlist ?16:03
jribroasted: what happens when you don't have anything about include or exclude?16:04
roastedjrib, then it'll operate as expected and rsync what I have as the source16:05
jribroasted: rsync -az --delete --progress --include-from=/usr/local/bin/syncexternallisttest.txt --exclude="*" /home/jason /media/Xternal   <-- what does this do?16:08
roastedjrib, speedup 0.0016:09
roastedtransfers nothing16:09
jribroasted: try #rsync16:10
monkeyhello everybody! can anybody help me to install flash player on my Ubuntu 12.04 please16:10
monkeyi am new to linux and seeking help16:12
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest99024
CookieM_monkey open 'synaptic' package manager, search for 'flash plugin installer', mark for installation, apply changes16:12
CookieM_if synaptic is not installed, do that via software center utility16:13
DonkeyHoteimonkey: enable the Canonical Partners repository in Software Up To Date settings, and then it should appear in the Ubuntu Software Center to install16:13
aguitelsudo apt-get install synaptic16:13
monkeyThanks for your kind reply CookieM_16:13
aguiteland shoin16:13
ActionParsnipmonkey: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras16:13
=== newbie is now known as Guest12452
CookieM_monkey you're welcome16:14
compdocmonkey, the best way to install is the ubuntu software center. search for adobe flash16:15
=== noel is now known as Guest79944
DonkeyHoteisince no one can answer my question, i guess i have to leave16:15
compdocbest not to install synaptic16:15
jribDonkeyHotei: ask your actual question instead of asking if anyone can answer it16:16
ActionParsnipcompdoc: what's wrong with synaptic?16:16
compdocwhy have two package managers?16:16
Shadow`but only use 1 apt manager at a time16:16
compdocyou can do evrything with what Ubuntu comes with16:17
Shadow`can do everything with apt-get16:17
jribroasted: anyway, this seems to work here: rsync -av --include="/somedir" --exclude="*" SRC DEST16:17
Shadow`why have a package manager with a GUI at all16:17
DonkeyHotei[Sat 2012-08-25 08:54:22 AM PDT] <DonkeyHotei> is it possible to do an oem install from the netboot installer?16:17
DonkeyHotei[Sat 2012-08-25 08:56:44 AM PDT] <DonkeyHotei> is it possible to do an oem install from the netboot installer? i have to leave in 20 min16:17
DonkeyHotei[Sat 2012-08-25 09:01:21 AM PDT] <DonkeyHotei> nobody knows?16:17
DonkeyHotei[Sat 2012-08-25 09:07:15 AM PDT] <DonkeyHotei> hello?16:17
FloodBot1DonkeyHotei: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:17
DonkeyHoteijrib: ^16:17
roastedjrib, you're including a directory there - not a list.16:17
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: i believe you can provide and answers file for a preseed ni a PXE boot16:17
roastedjrib, I want to have a text file I can edit at any time, run the command, and it picks up the new entries16:17
DonkeyHoteii'm not using pxe16:18
=== dpac- is now known as dpac
monkeyThanks for replying DonkeyHotei. but i prefer to learn the command line method. thanks anyways for your kind help.16:18
monkeythank you for your kind help ActionParsnip.16:18
DonkeyHoteii put the boot.img.gz on a temp partition16:18
jribroasted: same behavior with a list16:18
monkeyhello compdoc. thanks for your kind reply. actually i am trying to do it the command-line way.16:18
DonkeyHoteiActionParsnip: is there any way to switch it to an oem install after it's already started?16:19
Guest79944hello. is there any known pitfall with the 10.04 to 12.04 update ?16:19
roastedjrib, you're using --include-from, right? --include-from=/path/to/list.txt?16:19
DonkeyHoteiGuest79944: there should be a webpage listing them16:19
jribroasted: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166559/16:19
robertgstlooks like i hit: #966744. Thanks anyway..16:21
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/unattended-ubuntu-installations-made-easy.html16:21
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/UbuntuDownUnder/BOFs/OEMInstaller16:23
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
ActionParsnipGuest79944: possibly a non booting to X OS, there can be many variants of what can happen16:24
ActionParsnip!away > dpac|away16:24
ubottudpac|away, please see my private message16:24
=== azi`_ is now known as azi`
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
DonkeyHoteiActionParsnip: i don't think any of that answers my question16:26
=== explorer is now known as Guest29221
scotty^is there somewhere I can test a dcc send from XChat-GNOME?16:27
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: what is it you want to achieve?16:28
gokulwhat exactly happens when I select a word in ubuntu, I am able to paste it with middle button of mouse but it doesn't seems to be in the clipboard /16:28
MerisAre there any *reliable* gnome/x-based alternatives to the incredibly buggy Brasero?16:28
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto16:29
scotty^Meris - cdrtools?16:29
scotty^oops - forget that.  You said GNOME/X-based16:29
DonkeyHoteiActionParsnip: i started a netboot install and it asked me for a user. i skipped that step and i want to make sure it installs as an oem install, which there was no option to do anywhere16:29
Merisscotty, yes, but it is not for me, I need a smooth ride for an elderly man.16:29
scotty^xcdroast is supposed to be good16:29
jribgokul: there are two clipboards16:30
MerisI can't believe Ubuntu still uses Brasero by default, it has never worked well for me throughout the many years and many CD/DVD-drives I have used....16:31
Merisscotty, thanks, I'll try xcdroast16:31
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: ah i see16:31
MonkeyDustMeris  the defaults cannot be changed because it doesnt suit one individual only16:32
gokuljrib, thx. reading about that now16:32
newubuntuI want to use sudo without password and I put the line "newubuntu ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" in sudoers file but still sudo is asking for password, can you tell me how to fix it?16:32
RajuHi sylpheed is reading mails in duplicates? Why16:32
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: sudo oem-config-prepare      source: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview16:33
scotty^is there somewhere I can test a dcc send from XChat-GNOME?16:33
Ajeetis it possible to view network streams with wifidirect on the tv?16:33
ActionParsnipscotty^: you just want someone to accept a file...16:33
wilee-nileenewubuntu, Just out of curiosity how long how you been using open source?16:33
MerisMonkeyDust, true, but I (and my supported userbase, around 60 persons right now) all have problems with Brasero, no matter which drive they use. I can hardly imagine that we 61 people are alone in this experience.16:33
newubuntuwildc4rd, hmm, 5-6 years may be16:33
wilee-nileenewubuntu, cool running without a password is a personal choice I guess.16:34
DonkeyHoteiActionParsnip: i was not given that option16:34
Ajeetis it possible to view network streams with wifidirect on the tv?16:34
newubuntuwildc4rd, yup :)16:35
newubuntuwilee-nilee, yup :)16:35
scotty^ActionParsnip: Yeah.16:35
newubuntuwilee-nilee, any guess, why this command is not working now, it is working on other distros16:36
wilee-nileenewubuntu, you use visudo?16:36
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: the command is listed later, read more than the top lines....16:36
DonkeyHoteii did16:36
DonkeyHoteiit was not there16:36
newubuntuwilee-nilee, nope, i always echo to put this words in sudoers16:37
Azzle-DazzleHow can I get thunderbird to notify me on an email instantly, Like an on screen pop-up or something ?16:37
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: did the command I copied and pasted run?16:37
newubuntuwilee-nilee, and it worked all the time!16:37
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: if you run it without sudo, does command-not-found suggest a package to install?16:37
RhumAinthere is a chat in french pliz ?16:37
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:37
wilee-nileenewubuntu, Ah, I have not messed with that for awhile, mainly with getting superuser in debian....etc, so I forget the process.16:37
newubuntuwilee-nilee, hmm, ok16:38
DonkeyHoteiActionParsnip: maybe you're assuming the system is already installed. it's not. i'm in the installer16:38
ev_i know this is ubuntu but....... i have apple ibook g4 that wont boot. been on #macrumors and no help there. just shootin in the dark, if anyone has apple knowledge as well. thanks.16:39
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: I believe it will need installing, then use that16:39
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: could try it in a VM to test16:39
DonkeyHoteibut it won't boot an installed system unless i create a user16:39
johng_granyone installed ubuntu 12.04 on Notebook N5010 Dell?16:40
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: yes but you run the command then delete the user you made, you'll want to setup drivers and such for your users before you OEM it16:40
ActionParsnipjohng_gr: what is the issue?16:40
DonkeyHoteiyou can't delete the only user16:41
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: its not the only user by a long way16:41
saviowhen i connect to internet my dmesg says eth0: no IPv6 routers present16:41
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: root exists for one.... the OEM step will make the adduser GUI load and users can add a user as they want..16:41
dj_segfaultI'm trying to configure Dovecot on kubuntu 12.04 following https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/dovecot-server.html  The configuration files seem to be in different places, though.  Where do I put the ssl_cert_file and ssl_key_file settings?16:41
DonkeyHoteiin a non-oem installed, a user is created and cannot be deleted unless another user is created16:41
nicelyToastedsavio: thats normal16:41
scotty^savio:  Probably because you don't have an IPv6 router?16:42
saviowhy so?16:42
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: no idea then, maybe others can help16:42
HAMKootDonkeyHotei, you need to do a tweak for oem install, or use the alternate iso > F4  >>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/36671/how-do-i-pre-install-ubuntu-for-someone-oem-install16:42
savioand  my eth0 don't have an ip16:42
nicelyToastedsavio: becuase you dont have an ipv6 router16:42
ActionParsnipsavio: if you add the boot option: ipv6.disable=1    it will supress igt16:42
DonkeyHoteii can't use the alternate iso16:42
DonkeyHoteiit requires pae16:43
DonkeyHoteithe only non-pae boot for ubuntu is netboot16:43
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: the lubuntu alternate doesn't use pae16:43
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: no it's nopt16:44
savioyesterday  i blacklist two driver intel_ips and evbug16:44
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: Xubuntu doesn't use pae either16:44
saviothey filling my dmesg entrys16:44
DonkeyHoteibut i'm installing ubuntu, not lubuntu or xubuntu16:44
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: then you can install the Unity shell etc once it gets installed16:44
saviois there any driver that i can use and also i don't have to blacklist them16:44
DonkeyHoteii probably just need to start over, which begs the question: how do i get the netboot installer to do oem?16:45
socommWhere can I set my MTU permenantly?16:45
jasonzcan anyone recommend tv tuner card freeview that works in ubuntu16:45
socommI know i can set it via ifconfig, but how do I set it permenantly.16:46
theadminsocomm: Most of the ifconfig stuff can be set in /etc/network/interfaces16:46
ActionParsnipsocomm: you can add the option in the interfaces file if you use it, or set a command to run in /etc/rc.local to set the MTU there16:46
nicelyToastedsocomm: are you using network-manager?16:46
ActionParsnipsocomm: does the ifconfig need root access (sudo)16:46
MonkeyDustboateo97  not here please16:48
DonkeyHoteiActionParsnip: is it possible?16:48
Daddyohas anyone run into dns connection problems when using wifi range extenders?16:48
wjtaylorhow do I troubleshoot a webcam?16:49
ManOnMarsdo all laptops use SSD disks?16:49
ManOnMarsi mean the small hard drives in laptops are solid state?16:49
DonkeyHoteiManOnMars: very few do16:49
MonkeyDustManOnMars  not on this old one16:50
k1l_ManOnMars: no, but general hardware talk goes to the offtopic channel: #ubuntu-offtopic16:50
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: I'd imagine so16:51
k1l_!list > boateo9716:51
ubottuboateo97, please see my private message16:51
=== svip_ is now known as svip
DonkeyHoteiActionParsnip: any idea?16:53
wanyewelchHi, i'm using windows 7 to create a bootable usb flash dirve with unetbootin but after it finishes i keep getting "SSLINUX 4.03 2010-10-22 EDD Copyright (c) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al" at the boot screen. Any suggestions?16:54
DaddyoHi All. Sorry was in wrong channel. Has anyone run into DNS connection problems when using a wifi range extender? Solutions?16:54
Merisany cd/dvd tools for Ubuntu that can burn .dmg-images correctly?  (dmg2img failed with errors)16:55
WeThePeopledaddyo, #networking16:55
ActionParsnipDonkeyHotei: no, like I said earlier....16:55
ActionParsnipwanyewelch: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html16:56
netai have a prob with internet connection, i heard it's quite common. there are wirless networks i can't connect (like my parents home or my university), but when i switch to windows everyting is fine. how can i solve it?16:57
ActionParsnipneta: what wifi chip do you use?16:58
wanyewelchActionParsnip: I'm trying to make a bootable Ubuntu flashdrive16:58
=== Gapit is now known as Gabit
wilee-nileewanyewelch, What OS are you loading to the USB on what OS?16:58
ActionParsnipwanyewelch: ahh, did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?16:58
netawhat is wifi chip?16:59
wanyewelchActionParsnip: Yes i did and it passed.16:59
wanyewelchwilee-nilee: I'm using windows 7 and i'm trying to create a bootable Ubuntu flash drive16:59
ActionParsnipwanyewelch: have you tried the 1-2-3 app from pendrive linux?16:59
wanyewelchActionParsnip: No, i have not.17:00
ActionParsnipSheppy: howdy17:00
Sheppyanybody round here know of a working half mini PCI-E network card?17:00
icerootSheppy: ##hardware17:01
Azzle-DazzleIs it possible to use my phone (Galaxy Note) as a Wacom Graphics Tablet ? It has a Wacom Screen (what ever that is?)17:01
roastedIs there a way to manually run a command to update with ddclient? I just got a notice that my DDNS is about to expire since DDClient apparently sucks at being automated. I'd like to manually run it to ensure I re-activated my account.17:01
ActionParsnipSheppy: http://linuxhcl.com/browse/search?category=2517:01
ActionParsnipSheppy: try to get a broadcom 43xx chip and it'll be a simple install17:02
WeThePeopleneta, i think your wireless card17:02
Sheppythanks parsnip17:02
Sheppyi'll have a look for one17:02
ActionParsnipneta: what wifi chip do you use?17:02
wanyewelchI dont know why but for some strange reasons my flash drive shows up as "USB FDD" from the boot menu17:03
netaActionParsnip: i'm not sure what it is.. i have a laptop and i use it's wifi17:03
ActionParsnipneta: run:  sudo lshw -C network     there will be a product line for the device, what is it?17:04
ActionParsnipneta: also run:  lsb_release -sc   what is output?17:04
ActionParsnipneta: have you tried connecting to a wired connection and getting full updates?17:04
SheppyActionParsnip: how about the Broadcom BCM4312 ?17:06
BoreeasIs there a way to get my current screen resolution?17:06
ActionParsnipSheppy: sounds great17:06
ActionParsnipBoreeas: xrandr17:06
SheppyActionParsnip: now I just have to get hold of one lol17:06
BoreeasGreat, thanks17:06
netaActionParsnip: now i'm at my home and (as u can see) i have internet in my ubuntu (12.04). after the first code it asked for a password, but when i typed it it said it's incorrect (and i tried several times). to the second code it answered: precise. i don't have wired internet...17:08
erpoI installed an ubuntu home server, but it's headless and doesn't need all of the desktop packages. Is there an easy way to get rid of them all at once?17:08
neta ActionParsnip: but as long as i'm home i have internet in linux17:09
=== jack_ is now known as wN
SheppyActionParsnip: can't find one of those cards available in the UK and the others in that list aren't half-minis :(17:10
wilee-nileeerpo, If it is a server why would it have the DE?17:11
erpowilee-nilee: It shouldn't. I want to fix that.17:11
wilee-nileeerpo, So you have a regular install you want to be a server?17:12
erpowilee-nilee: Yes.17:12
ActionParsnipSheppy: look on amazon, check for reviews by ubuntu users etc17:12
wilee-nileeerpo, Ah, It would be easier to just install the server I would think.17:12
erpowilee-nilee: I was afraid of that. It's not worth the effort; I'll just live with it.17:13
netaActionParsnip: the first line worked, it says: ActionParsnip17:13
wilee-nileeerpo, I'm just assuming here, it probably can be stripped not an area I'm real familiar with is all.17:13
ActionParsnipExposure: if you run:  sudo apt-get --purge remove `dpkg -l | egrep -i 'gnome|gtk|xorg' | awk {'print $2'}`    it will remove all the gui stuffs17:13
netaActionParsnip: the first line worked, it says: ^Cneta@ubuntu:~$17:14
ActionParsnipneta: the pasword is your user password, you get no feedback, just keep typing17:14
ActionParsnipExposure: I'd just reinstall with server if you don't need a GUI17:14
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, you mean erpo ?17:15
ActionParsnipoh, yeah, d'oh17:15
[snake]is there an ide that works with files and compilers etc on servers instead of locally. (throush ssh)17:15
bekksEvery IDE is able to do so.17:16
gordonjcp[snake]: (your nick is very hard to tab-complete) use sshfs17:16
bekksJust use sshfs and mount your remote share wherever you want.17:16
gordonjcpsshfs *rocks*17:16
ActionParsnipbekks: totally :)17:16
bekksActionParsnip: :)17:16
[snake]bekks, oh that's cool. can you mount sshfs on windows and android?17:17
netaActionParsnip: now it says somethig really long:*-network17:17
neta       description: Wireless interface17:17
neta       product: Centrino Wireless-N 13017:17
neta       vendor: Intel Corporation17:17
neta       physical id: 017:17
FloodBot1neta: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:17
neta       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.017:17
ActionParsnipneta: ok, run:  sudo iwlist scan   do you see wireless networks?17:17
ev_neta: you can install pastebin, then run a command like "ls | pastebinit" and it will give you a link17:18
tommie_hey. i have a hp printer M1132 MFP which isnt recognized corectly on one notebook (ubuntu 12.04) it only states hewlett packard in lsusb, but no type nr. i did try an other pc (also ubuntu 12.04) and it was recognized immediately and correctly with type nr and all. and above all it worked out of the box, and i cant seem to get it to work on the notebook17:18
tommie_any suggestions?17:18
[snake]I'll figure out if sshfs bekks gordonjcp for windows and android. thanks!!17:18
ActionParsniptommie_: try grabbing the latest HPLIP, have you tried other USB ports?17:19
netaActionParsnip: lo        Interface doesn't support scanning.17:19
netawlan0     Scan completed :17:19
neta          Cell 01 - Address: 00:01:36:E3:0D:5817:19
neta                    Channel:617:19
neta                    Frequency:2.437 GHz (Channel 6)17:19
neta                    Quality=57/70  Signal level=-53 dBm17:19
FloodBot1neta: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:19
ActionParsnip[snake]: sure, andftp can connect to sftp17:19
tommie_ActionParsnip, i did grab the latest hplib on a fresh ubuntu install, and tried every usb port17:20
ActionParsniptommie_: the latest hplip isn't in the repos17:20
ev_neta: you need to use pastebin, either the method the bot gives or the one i offered17:20
kabummtuhey all, is there a recommended way to install owncloud 4 on ubuntu server 12.04 lts?17:21
tommie_ActionParsnip,  it works on my other pc without, but i did install the latest hplib on the notebook, but didnt work17:21
kabummtui know there's a specific PPA listen, but this doesn't look like to be for actual, public use to me ...17:21
ActionParsniptommie_: cd $HOME; wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/hplip/hplip-3.12.6.run; chmod +x ./hplip-3.12.6.run; ./hplip-3.12.6.run17:21
ActionParsnipneta: so it sees the wireless networks, do you use a hidden ssid?17:22
tommie_ActionParsnip,  oke i really think i have done it all but i am following your dirrection now :)17:22
ActionParsnipneta: try: echo "blacklist iwlagn" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf17:23
MoonlightningHow do I make it so that I don't have to enter my password to use `sudo apt-get`?17:23
netaev_: i didn't see u before :P i found Nautilus Pastebin Configurator. is that it?17:23
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: run:  sudo -i   first17:23
tommie_ActionParsnip, it says HPLIP-3.12.6 exists, this may conflict with the new one being installed.17:24
ActionParsniptommie_: if its already i then you are golden17:24
ActionParsnipneta: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=194046817:24
=== nik0 is now known as niko
tommie_ActionParsnip, hmm yep but i doenst work :)17:25
netaActionParsnip: that code says: blacklist iwlagn. i don't know what is a hidden ssid17:25
MoonlightningActionParsnip: nope.17:25
ActionParsnipneta: then reboot to test17:25
fm_can anybody reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/+bug/1041599 ?17:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041599 in evince (Ubuntu) "Cannot print PDF all letters above each other" [Undecided,New]17:25
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: yes, after you have ran: sudo -i   you don't have to even use sudo as you will be root17:26
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
tommie_ActionParsnip, and it does without anyproblems on my other pc same installation thats why i think something else must be wrong, with the usb interface or something17:26
ev_neta: not familiar with that17:26
ev_neta: you can install pastebin, then run a command like "ls | pastebinit" and it will give you a link17:26
MoonlightningActionParsnip: I don't /want/ to be root, though. :V17:26
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: then you'll be messing with visudo to add the apt-get command but it will allow anyone to run the apt-get command without password, reducing security17:27
fm_smuxi crashed17:27
MoonlightningActionParsnip: there's no way to allow a specific group of users to do `sudo apt-get` without entering their password?17:28
fm_so my question: can anyone reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/+bug/1041599 ?17:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041599 in evince (Ubuntu) "Cannot print PDF all letters above each other" [Undecided,New]17:28
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: it should be possible, it'll be like the admin / sudo group but tweaked17:28
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: you'll be using visudo17:28
MoonlightningActionParsnip: um, okay…17:29
riz0nHello guys, I am having an issue with an Ubuntu Server upgrade from 10.04.4 to 12.04.1 using the built-in upgrade tool. On bootup, it appears to still have 10.04.4 but upon boot, I get the error "The disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present." When I try to do M, it is rejecting my root password.17:29
* NoFace hellooooooo17:29
MoonlightningActionParsnip: I have to `sudo visudo`?17:30
tommie_ActionParsnip, i see that your helping a lot of people right now :) i only want to know if its possible that ubuntu doesnt have the correct drivers for my usb interface or something. and maybe  a solution for it :)17:30
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: yes, if you bork the file you will need to jump to liveCD to fix (maybe root recovery console)17:30
bekkstommie_: Nope. But maybe it doesnt have the drivers for the device you are connecting to that interface.17:31
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: for what you actually get, its hardly worth the effort17:31
Moonlightning…I won't be able to just log in as root? :/17:31
bekksMoonlightning: No. By default, you cannot log in as root.17:31
netaev_: i downloded it, but i dont understand how to install it..17:31
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: you can in root recovery mode, there is no root pass so you will just drop to the command ine that way17:31
tommie_bekks,  oke thanks, but that seems weird if it works on an other pc with the same ubuntu version17:31
minetest555does anybody play minecraft17:32
=== sixdahs_ is now known as forkb0mb
bekkstommie_: Which device do we talk about?17:32
MoonlightningBy default. So I just allow root logins temporarily, change /etc/sudoers, make sure it works, then disallow them again?17:32
minetest555pc linux17:32
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1923617:32
bekksminetest555: This channel is for Ubuntu only.17:33
tommie_bekks, printer hp M1132 MFP which is recognized as hewlett packard on the pc it doenst work on, and on the other its listed by its full name and type nr17:33
bekkstommie_: Most likely you are missing the printer drivers then.17:34
bekkstommie_: aka "hplip".17:34
tommie_bekks,  its on both pc's a fresh install of ubuntu 12.0417:34
tommie_and the newest hplib17:34
tommie_bekks, its not that i wont want to believe you :) but i did try a lot for a few days now to get it to work :)17:35
netaActionParsnip: i have a prob- i'm new in ubuntu, and i don't understand how to install prog the i downloded from the internet, like in the link u gave me..17:36
tommie_bekks, the printer is also listed as working out of the box on ubuntu 12.04 which it does on one pc. but not on this one sadly :( so it must be something else, but thanks for the help anyway :) i think i have to give up17:37
riz0nI finally got root to this failed server, done chroot /, mount -n -o remount,defaults /dev/sda1 /, and apt-get install -f to fix the broken packages, but that fails.17:38
riz0nFrom the shell, what can I do to fix the failed / mount? Or maybe fix these broken packages? Should I try to upgrade to 12.04.1 again using the same command I tried before...17:39
jribriz0n: what broke the server?17:40
riz0nI tried upgrading from the command line17:41
jribriz0n: and what happened?17:41
riz0nit downloaded the files, it said it could not upgrade nx-server, and sent me back to the shell17:41
kio_httpHi, is it possible to have my PC with one network adapter, connect to a wirless network and broadcast a 2nd wireless network that other devices can connect to. In windows 7 it is done like this http://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/show/89717:41
quixotedonkio_http: i think yes17:42
jribriz0n: why couldn't it upgrade nx-server?17:42
quixotedonkio_http: if you connect using cable first, then share using wifi (act as ad hoc/hot spot)17:42
riz0nIt didn't specify a reason, it just said it was unable to upgrade the service. I think about half the software got upgraded and it just stopped proceeding when it got to nx-server (which I can uninstall if I have to)17:43
jribriz0n: uninstall and retry upgrade; it's not an official package anyway17:44
riz0njrib: correct, and thats why i think it failed at that point.17:44
TheLordOfTimejrib:  its not part of ubuntu, just checked.  :9017:44
TheLordOfTime:) *17:45
riz0njrib: the biggest issue I have at this point, is trying to get root to mount correctly so that it will properly boot and I can try to do the upgrade again.17:45
kio_httpquixotedon: I specifically said connect using wifi itself17:45
kio_httpquixotedon: essentially making one wireless device broadcast a network and connect to another as my device supports17:45
quixotedonkio_http: oh sorry, didn't read it well17:46
riz0nBased on what I found on askubuntu, Ubuntu is booting the drive in "read only" and it needs to be mounted as "readwrite"17:47
DexterFI'd like to get the ubuntu kernel src but am not on ubuntu. how can I retrieve it?17:49
jci have a stupid question (kinda) i wanna get my .edu mail in thunderbird but they say they have no imap server. my question is: how come i can download mail if they have no imap server?17:50
riz0njc: pop317:50
jcor pop317:50
netaActionParsnip: i downloded what was written in the link, but i don't know how to install it17:50
jcriz0n, no pop3 either17:51
DexterFoh nevermind, found the dload src link in packages....17:51
riz0njc: have you tried to "telnet" to the pop3/imap ports to see if they are, in fact, really available (but the .edu ISP doesn't realize it?)17:51
* jc pulls out nmap17:52
atari314_Hello, I have this xorg.conf ( http://pastebin.com/WrACtTxL ) at /etc/X11/ generated through sudo X -configure. Despite forcing Option "SwapbuffersWait" "True", there's no vsync. This is the /var/log/Xorg.0.log ( http://pastebin.com/SHNiYmGQ ). Any ideas about what could be wrong?17:52
=== Alex3012_ is now known as Alex3012
wolfrici'm looking for tproxy which seems to be only in "transproxy" package in ubuntu hardy, any reason why this might have been taken out of newer releases?17:52
MoonlightningActionParsnip: thanks, that seems to have worked.17:53
ActionParsnipMoonlightning: just added it myself, I have an apt-get group :)17:53
jcriz0n, "25/tcp   open   smtp"17:53
quixotedonkio_http: http://nims11.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/hostapd-the-linux-way-to-create-virtual-wifi-access-point/ if this is what you're looking for, but sorry i can't find the information of the author saying connecting using the same wifi device17:54
kio_httpquixotedon: I'll have a look, thanks17:54
ActionParsnipwolfric: Deleted in jaunty-release (Reason: (From Debian) RoQA; out of date, orphaned, inactive upstr...)   source: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/transproxy/+changelog17:54
quixotedonkio_http: you're most welcome, sorry before17:54
* jc loves starbucks wifi17:56
tech1do packages ever get removed from repositories? so say if i have a script which apt-get install's lots of packages.... should i expect it to still be able to get them all in a few years?17:58
riz0njc: smtp is a different protocol and is used to "send mail"17:58
abu_daoudcomment crééer un nick ?17:59
quixotedon!fr | abu_daoud17:59
ubottuabu_daoud: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:59
jcriz0n, wrong line. "110/tcp  closed pop3" but i also would like tofind a way to use theire smtpd18:00
FiSHNUGGETCan someone please help me in getting my firewall rules to save?  They seem to be getting reset after reboot.18:09
ActionParsnipFiSHNUGGET: which firewall18:11
maheanuuGood morning, I am trying to run unace to unpack a .ace file and using the instructions but nothing happens18:11
FiSHNUGGETjust the default system firewall18:11
=== rofl is now known as Scrolls
riz0njc: you should be able to if you use authentication.18:12
FiSHNUGGETsetting rules using iptables seems to be reset after boot18:12
Help-Meplease help USB port is not working18:12
ActionParsnipFiSHNUGGET: try: iptables-save > /etc/sysconfig/iptables18:12
FiSHNUGGETI have to actually specify the file?18:13
ActionParsnipFiSHNUGGET: you can then use the import command (whateverit is) to import the settings from the file at bootup, the restart iptables18:13
ActionParsnipFiSHNUGGET: yes you specify the file18:13
FiSHNUGGETok…  I just ran iptables-save18:13
FiSHNUGGETlet me try that18:13
B000Hi all need some help with error in python script " TypeError: readline() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) "18:14
ThinkT510B000: ask in #python18:14
krababbelFiSHNUGGET: you need a script to load the rules at boot18:15
Help-Meplease help USB is not working my laptop. 10.4 ubuntu18:15
ActionParsnipHelp-Me: what format is it?18:15
maheanuuAfter running "unace" I get no error message and have my normal command line, does unace store the results in some file I am not seeing?18:15
Help-Mehow to check format?18:16
ActionParsnipHelp-Me: sudo parted -l18:16
riz0nOK, so when I try to do the do-release-upgrade, I get this error: Your system contains broken packages that couldn't be fixed with this software. Please fix them first using synaptic or apt-get before proceeding.18:16
ThinkT510riz0n: sudo apt-get install -f18:16
Help-MeActionParsnip, Model: ATA Hitachi HTS54121 (scsi)18:17
ActionParsnipriz0n: do you have the 'ubuntu-desktop' package installed?18:17
riz0nwhen I try to do apt-get -f install, I get: E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages. E: Unable to correct dependencies18:17
riz0nActionParsnip: I am using Ubuntu Server.18:17
ActionParsnipriz0n: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc18:17
ThinkT510riz0n: have you added any repos?18:18
B000am trying to connect to python but get  #python-unregistered :Cannot send to channel18:18
ThinkT510B000: you need a registered nick18:18
ThinkT510!register | B00018:19
ubottuB000: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:19
Aradianhello i am trying to create a dns server , the problem is that this dns server is being natted by a nat server ( --> NATTING my dns server , I set up my dns server zones with     ns              IN      A  the ip of the nat server . if somebody would have time and want to help me with this problem please take a look at http://pastebin.com/ka2nnnx7 as i have everything needed there18:19
=== B000 is now known as james
=== james is now known as jamefsf
=== jamefsf is now known as pazoe
Help-MeActionParsnip, what to do to fix this?18:20
ActionParsnipriz0n: try: http://pastie.org/458732718:20
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
ActionParsnipHelp-Me: if you run:  sudo fdisk -l   what file system does the USB use?18:21
FiSHNUGGETI can't find that file for iptables-save18:21
pazoe /join #freenode18:21
pazoe /join #freenode18:21
riz0nActionParsnip: trying now.18:21
FloodBot1pazoe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:21
=== pazoe is now known as asaad
ActionParsnippazoe: if you drop the leading space, it'll work18:21
krababbelFiSHNUGGET: you need to save the rules into a file and use iptables-restore < file at  boot18:21
ThinkT510asaad: pick a nick and stick with it18:22
FiSHNUGGETOH!!!  Now I see what you were telling me…18:23
FiSHNUGGETI think this is going to get it18:23
krababbelFiSHNUGGET: usually you put this script in a if-pre-up.d/18:24
asaadam trying to connect to python but get  #python-unregistered :Cannot send to channel even after /nick and join18:24
ThinkT510asaad: you need to register your nick18:25
Aradianhello i am trying to create a dns server , the problem is that this dns server is being natted by a nat server ( --> NATTING my dns server , I set up my dns server zones with     ns              IN      A  the ip of the nat server . if somebody would have time and want to help me with this problem please take a look at http://pastebin.com/ka2nnnx7 as i have everything needed there18:25
maheanuu_Here's what I get when I try to run unace from the terminal, I would appreciate it if someone could look at this and tell me where I am making a mistake http://paste.ubuntu.com/1166786/18:25
FiSHNUGGEThmm…  it doesn't seem to be loading anything from my rc.local18:26
=== annon is now known as thebananaskin
krababbelFiSHNUGGET: did you first create a proper file with iptables-save?18:28
riz0nThanks for the help, guys, but at this point I think the only option I have is to do a complete reinstall of Ubuntu :(18:28
=== asaad is now known as assad
ThinkT510riz0n: try to stick to the repos next time18:29
riz0nThinkT510:  I did...18:29
ThinkT510riz0n: you didn't add anything?18:29
riz0nThis server has been up and operational since 2008 and has taken several LTS upgrades. This is the first that has crashed.18:29
riz0nThe only additional software that has been installed that was outside the repo was nx-server and that was done after I first set it up.18:30
maheanuuLooks like I got kicked, right after I posted my terminal information, we are having real problems here in Tahiti at present..  Internet service is at a super low reason unknown18:30
ThinkT510riz0n: try removing it and then sudo apt-get install -f18:31
ThinkT510riz0n: you'll probably want to sudo apt-get update before the install -f18:32
maheanuuWhen I use "unace" from the terminal, shouldn't I have to put a path to the .ace file I am trying to open?18:33
FiSHNUGGETnm - was another command with an error.  That totally worked.  Thanks guys!18:33
Psi-Jackmaheanuu: Bleh. ACE compression is the worst I've ever seen.18:33
riz0nThinkT510: thanks, even after doing an update, and then doing install -f, it still says its unable to correct dependencies.18:34
trismmaheanuu: looking at your pastebin, you may just need to quote the filename18:34
ThinkT510riz0n: haven't pinned any packages?18:34
riz0nThinkT510: No I don't think I have.18:34
maheanuuThat is what I posted and it seems to run, but I am not finding anything after i am done???18:35
maheanuutrism, the above was for you and Psi-Jack, I am very much in agreement with you, but trying to open a Greg Bear Book download and it is in .ace format I installed Unace  and still no unpack18:36
Guest74707Hey guys. I have ssh on my ubuntu pc working, but i want to acces it from school. Right now I just acces it via the local ip, how do i acces it from anywhere? Dynamic ip-adress..?18:36
matts45acpi want to install ubuntu alongside windows and i dont know whats partition to install ubuntu to, i have an sda 1 2 3 4 5 6  can someone help me out18:36
Psi-Jackmaheanuu: Piracy is not allowed on Freenode. Even books transmitted digitally that are copyrighted and required to be purchased is piracy.18:37
ThinkT510riz0n: normally dependency issues are caused by software outside the official repos or purposefully holding back (pinning) packages, i can't think what else could be at fault18:37
maheanuuIt's not piracy, this is a paid for download18:38
Psi-Jackmaheanuu: They do NOT distribute books in ACE compression.18:38
trismmaheanuu: sorry, the quotes were my only idea18:38
matts45acpi want to install ubuntu alongside windows and i dont know whats partition to install ubuntu to, i have an sda 1 2 3 4 5 6  can someone help me out18:38
maheanuuPsi-Jack, then I was had, I thought I was purchasing an ebook18:39
riz0nThinkT510: where would I go about checking which repo's are being referred to?18:39
ThinkT510riz0n: post your sources.list18:40
matts45acpi want to install ubuntu alongside windows and i dont know whats partition to install ubuntu to, i have an sda 1 2 3 4 5 6  can someone help me out18:40
wilee-nileematts45acp, Please look here 4th paragraph https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:40
KatsumeBlisk!patience | matts45acp18:41
ubottumatts45acp: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:41
Psi-Jackmaheanuu: Yeah, if you want to claim that. It's kinda common sense. Businesses will use widely popular formats to distribute stuff. That wide format would be ZIP, but primarily most ebook companies will just distribute the book in the available eBook formats they offer, PDF, Kindle, etc.. Some of which even have their own native compression, like Microsoft's Reader format.18:42
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest27404
Psi-JackWhich apparently, Microsoft finally retired. :)18:42
=== Guest27404 is now known as spanther
riz0nit looks like my sources.list are referring to "precise" updates18:43
Migi32hey everyone, if I do sudo /proc/cpuinfo it says "sudo: /proc/cpuinfo: command not found". The /proc/cpuinfo file is definitely there. Any ideas?18:43
MonkeyDustmatts45acp  for a start, type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit and paste the url here18:43
riz0nshould I change my sources.list from precise to lucid (Since its still technically running lucid)18:43
spanthergot my Intel DB75EN mainboard now with i5 3570k (Intel HD4000 graphics). Running fine! :-) Open Source here I come x)18:43
MonkeyDustmatts45acp  use pastebin and keep it in the channel please18:44
ThinkT510riz0n: if you are running lucid then only lucid should be there18:44
quimonizMigi32, what you re doin there is stupid, you essentially tell it: Run the next command with super user rights (sudo), and then you have a file there, which is not an executable... you probably want to display it with sudo cat /path/to/file18:45
riz0nThinkT510: It is running lucid (10.04) I guess it changed the file on its own trying to go to 12.04.18:45
quimonizMigi32, what you re doin there is stupid, you essentially tell it: Run the next command with super user rights (sudo), and then you have a file there, which is not an executable... you probably want to display it with sudo cat /path/to/file18:46
bekkscat /proc/cpuinfo18:47
Migi32quimoniz: oh, you're right. I had no idea why I thought it was an executable.18:47
bekksNo sudo needed, every user can read that file.18:47
quimonizwell I think 'less /proc/cpuinfo' will be the best18:47
MonkeyDustmatts45acp  keep it in the channel, please18:48
Migi32didn't it use to be an executable that outputs your cpu info? I could've sworn it was. Maybe I'm confusing it with another command18:48
bekksquimoniz: I dont think so :)18:48
quimonizbekks, how would it not be the best, if you just were to want to see it?18:48
bekksquimoniz: Besides the cpu id, the output for all cores will be identically.18:48
bekksquimoniz: So it is sufficient to see tha output for the last core.18:48
MonkeyDust!pm| matts45acp after this I will block you18:49
ubottumatts45acp after this I will block you: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:49
quimonizMigi32, no idea, anyway try ls -l /proc/cpuinfo and it will tell you that even root has only read rights18:49
matts45acpoh im sorry monkeydust18:49
riz0nThinkT510: After changing that file, and doing an apt-get update, when I process apt-get -f install, I get 0 upgraded, 2 newly installed, 796 to remove and 0 not upgraded... should I go ahead and proceed? It looks like its trying to pretty much remove all the software.18:49
quimonizbekks, didn't know, thanks :D18:49
matts45acpwhat i was saying is it wont let me install that pastebin18:50
MonkeyDustmatts45acp  try sudo apt-get install pastebinit18:50
matts45acpim using ubuntu from the usb right now18:50
matts45acpyea i already did that18:50
ThinkT510riz0n: wow, when you previously tried to upgrade did it partially go through with it or did you get the warning straight off?18:50
MonkeyDustmatts45acp  then type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit18:51
Migi32quimoniz: indeed. But so is /proc/uptime and that returns something else every time you read it. These /proc/ things are definitely not ordinary files are they? What are they?18:51
matts45acpi did and it said install18:51
riz0nThinkT510: When I tried to do the do-upgrade-install (or whatever the command is) it got part of the way through installation and then failed.18:51
ThinkT510riz0n: ah, no wonder you had precise in your sources.list then18:51
quimonizMigi32, correct :D you can use the files in /proc/ to get information from the kernel, about the running system18:52
MonkeyDustmatts45acp  first install pastebinit, then use it18:52
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
ThinkT510riz0n: you should have removed any non-repo software before attempting to upgrade18:52
=== manu is now known as Guest35896
quimonizMigi32, they are mounted as type 'proc' on '/proc/' if you wanted to know it18:52
riz0nThinkT510: Yeah, it screwed this system up pretty good! I had an interesting time just getting back into it and getting the / remounted to where I could actually do something with it...18:53
matts45acpthen when i type sudo apt-get install pastebinit then it says unable to locate18:53
Migi32quimoniz: so they look like ordinary files but they execute a function in the kernel every time you read them?18:53
MonkeyDustmatts45acp  try pastebin, not pastebinit18:53
ThinkT510riz0n: at least now you know for next time18:53
=== fred_ is now known as Guest19978
quimonizMigi32, yes! Within Linux everything is a file18:54
matts45acpsays same thing18:54
quimonizMigi32, same as with your devices, they are files in the /dev/ directory, your first harddrive is probably /dev/sda18:54
Psi-Jackquimoniz: That's pretty much every OS.18:55
Migi32quimoniz: ok this makes sense. Thanks18:55
quimonizMigi32, to get a list of mounted files aka drives, you may type 'mount -l'18:56
ev_matts45acp: sudo aptitude install pastebin18:56
=== Thomas is now known as thomas
matts45acpsudo aptitude install pastebin not work either18:56
ThinkT510ev_: just so you know, aptitude is no longer installed by default18:56
ev_ThinkT510: ahh, sorry about that, apt-get then right? what about synaptic, should be in there18:57
ThinkT510ev_: synaptic isn't installed by default either18:57
=== thorasgard is now known as XVampireX
ThinkT510ev_: both available in the repo though18:58
TheLordOfTimeev_:  synaptic no longer is installed by default, but is available in the repos.18:58
ev_ThinkT510: well shoot. just paste it to the pastebin website.....18:58
Congit's here pastebinit (1.1-1) [universe]18:59
Migi32quimoniz: what would happen if I were to chmod +w one of these /proc files and write to it? Can I give myself 5 TB ram? ;)18:59
ev_TheLordOfTime: guess i just need to be quite if im not up to date...;) thanks guys18:59
matts45acpcan someone just let me paste the info in a msg window18:59
quimonizMigi32, nevert tried it, but I don't think it would work18:59
ThinkT510matts45acp: why can't you paste in a pastebin site?18:59
matts45acpall i want is someone to see which partition to install too18:59
quimonizMigi32, I would backup my data befor trying it19:00
matts45acpwhy do all that when i can just msg it to one of you guys really quick19:00
Migi32quimoniz: yeah I'm not actually planning on trying that19:00
ThinkT510matts45acp: because the whole channel can see it then19:00
jasonzhi all im trying to fill in a form in using libre office however I cant enter anything into the boxes. ubuntu 12.04 .doc format19:00
ThinkT510matts45acp: have you never used a pastebin site before? its dead simple19:01
quimonizmatts45acp, you have a browser, right?19:01
matts45acpwhat about a query msg or whatever with someone19:01
matts45acpyea i got a browser19:01
islandmonkeymatts45acp: I find log stuff that is multiple lines hard to read in IRC19:01
vijufor some unknown reason chrome is not working after updates19:02
islandmonkeyThat's my reason why I use pastebin19:02
quimonizmatts45acp, please type 'sudo fdisk -l'   into a terminal (without the quotes)19:02
vijuhow do I get back my old chrome19:02
matts45acpive done that19:02
quimonizmatts45acp, then paste the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:02
islandmonkeyor http://pastebin.com19:02
quimonizmatts45acp, and give us the link to it19:02
deadmundviju: open chrome in the terminal and look for errors19:02
islandmonkeyviju: You tried reinstalling Chrome?19:03
viju/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser-sandbox: 1: /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser-sandbox: [:Je��,M_Ze��_��i: not foun19:03
vijuwhat's this?19:03
vijuI have about 10 more such lines19:03
deadmundviju: IDK, my client is not displaying those unicode characters correctly19:03
vijudeadmund, even I can't see those19:04
islandmonkeyviju: All I get there is buggered up Unicode chars19:04
vijuyea same thing isbric19:04
islandmonkeyviju: Try Google Chrome and not Chromium19:04
deadmundviju: purge and installing chrome19:05
deadmundviju: purge and reinstall chrome*19:05
foul_owlHello. I am having a problem with OpenGL. I have an Nvidia GeForce 6600 video card that does not seem to have OpenGL acceleration enabled. Running glxgears gives me a black windowed gtk window. This problem occurred with the default nouveau drivers for 12.04, and again when I uninstalled nouveau and installed the latest Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia driver ppa (304.37) Trying to run other OpenGL apps (such as openarena) produces a black scree19:05
vijudeadmund, how19:05
deadmundviju: Is this chrome or chromium?19:05
vijuchrome was default19:05
quimonizmatts45acp, the second, /dev/sdb is too small for ordinary Ubuntu, it only has 4 GB, required are about 10 GB19:05
deadmundviju: sudo apt-get purge chromium  then sudo apt-get install chromium19:05
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa19:06
vijuis there any way to revert changes/updates19:06
deadmundviju: I don't think so.19:06
WeThePeopleviju, recommend using 'apt-get autoremove'19:06
deadmundviju: but you won't loose personal settings running the command I gave19:06
matts45acpwell what about sda 519:06
matts45acpcan i use that19:06
vijuthen I was always good without updates , if they are going to harm my system anyway19:06
quimonizmatts45acp, I would use /dev/sda519:07
matts45acpive had it on one of them before19:07
islandmonkeyviju: Perhaps try Google Chrome and not Chromium?19:07
quimonizmatts45acp, allbeit the data on it would get lost, so you know19:07
vijuWeThePeople, apt-get autoremove , is that all? no need to specify package name?19:07
matts45acpi just dont remember19:08
WeThePeopleviji, lol thereis always a need to specify a package name19:08
matts45acpso your saying 5 is the only other option correct19:08
WeThePeopleviju,, above19:08
quimonizmatts45acp, you might want to get the data backuped from /dev/sda5 before formatting it.19:08
matts45acpi care nothing about the data in sda 519:09
quimonizmatts45acp, incorrect, there are many options, but each of them includes, that you use some partition on the first harddrive (/dev/sda)19:09
matts45acpits just some downloads from windows19:09
quimonizfor the second /dev/sdb is too small19:09
TheLordOfTimeanyone else having Firefox issue warnings about java plugin(s) not being safe/stable?19:09
* TheLordOfTime is using Oracle's packages, btw.19:10
matts45acpso its got to be 5 then right19:10
netahi, i have a problem connecting to protected networks. in my windows it connects fine, but not in my ubuntu (12.04). can u help?19:10
quimonizmatts45acp, you maz back it up easily I think, you may mount it with the command 'mount -t ntfs /dev/sda5 /mnt/'19:10
vijuthere is no such package WeThePeople ?19:10
matts45acpwhat i need to back it up for19:10
WeThePeopleviju, what purge does is leave the newest version entact if that is what you want19:10
quimonizmatts45acp, no, you may as well use /dev/sda219:10
vijuWeThePeople, I used autoremove chrome-browser19:11
islandmonkeyneta: Do you mean one with wireless keys?19:11
vijunow I am trying to use chrome and it says no such package19:11
quimonizmatts45acp, dunno, just tellin you, if you would want to back it up, for if it is to be reformatted, the data will be lost.19:11
WeThePeopleviju, did you want to remove the chromium browser19:11
matts45acpnow your saying use sda2?19:11
matts45acpim confused19:12
matts45acpis it 2 or 5?19:12
WeThePeopleviju, purge and autoremove do diff things19:12
vijuWeThePeople, I don't know what it means , I just want chrome/chromium to work for me19:12
netaislandmonkey: when i need to enter a password. it asks it, then try to connect, and than ask again19:12
quimonizmatts45acp, no, I said, there are many choices, /dev/sda2 works, /dev/sda5 works, but you may as well just delete all partitions or just delete some of the partitions, to make space for new partitions19:12
WeThePeopleviju, purge command deletes all old files, and autoremove deletes the whole program19:12
vijuok, now I  've removed the whole program , tell me how to install it afresh19:13
WeThePeopleviju, what is the problem?19:13
WeThePeopleviju, go to the software center to install the browser19:14
Jarrydx26Viju, now you download from google chrome19:14
matts45acpok heres what i wanna do, i partiontion awhile back and did a wubi install, then deleted all that and just back to windows, in windows my drive is c: and the one ubuntu was using is e: i want to install the thing to that e:19:14
quimonizmatts45acp, within the standard Ubuntu graphical installer you will be presented with the choices, you may choose to format /dev/sda2 or /dev/sda5, as you like, but you may as well wipe all the partitions (thereby losing all the data on all the partitions), and create a new partition order "partition table"19:14
matts45acpi just need to know what that is when i get ready to install19:14
TheLordOfTimematts45acp:  did you delete windows?  the "e" drive might not be an actual partition19:15
CongI think you can erase the winRE parition too: sda1.19:15
=== Dan__ is now known as Guest3969
WeThePeopleviju, did you get it installed ok?19:15
matts45acpjesus crist no i did not delete windows19:15
quimonizmatts45acp, for a test, do 'mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt/', then do 'ls /mnt/'19:16
vijuI got chromium in software center19:16
CongIt's not windows, it's WinRE.19:16
vijuno chrome19:16
matts45acpthe e: is a working partion in windows at the moment i want to put the ubuntu on that19:16
matts45acpeasy as that19:16
quimonizmatts45acp, it will tell you what folders are on /dev/sda219:16
Jarrydx26matts45acp, just set choose a partition size you want , no need to delete windows19:16
matts45acpi wanna know what sda that is19:16
vijunow its ok19:16
TheLordOfTimematts45acp:  whatever partition that "e" is on will no longer work in windows19:16
vijuit has atleast started19:16
TheLordOfTimematts45acp:  windows likes fat32 and ntfs, ubuntu's root dir does not.19:16
matts45acpi dont want it to work in windows19:16
TheLordOfTimejust making sure :p19:17
matts45acpi want the damn so called e19:17
quimonizmatts45acp, for a test, do 'mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt/', then do 'ls /mnt/'19:17
Dazedy uhg... trying to install ubuntu from a usb, but the thing freeze as soon as i click or type anything during the install, which makes it a bit difficult... Think it's a bad dl?19:17
matts45acpi want that e: in windows as my ubuntu19:17
CongDazedy, try not to move the USB.19:17
matts45acpwhat sda is it thats what i need to know19:18
Dazedyi'm not touching the usb. it gets up to language selection, then i try to click or type and it hangs19:18
ThinkT510matts45acp: compare the size19:18
Dazedyafter a while i can move the mouse again, but can't interact with anything19:18
GoldwingDazedy : is the USB stick inserted in a USB hub together with the keyboard by any chance?19:18
dazeDazedy: try disabling graphical install or sth.19:18
quimonizmatts45acp, we can't tell immediatly which /dev/sda2 or /dev/sda5 is the e:   so please... mount one of them, then do a folder listing, so you know which folders are on that partition, so you know, which of the partitions it is19:18
Guest3969Hey all! Quick question. I'm trying to install a Star TSP600 receipt printer. I've been following these instructions here: http://www.micahcarrick.com/star-tsp650-tsp651-printer-ubuntu-linux.html  It gets down the make line absolutly fine, but it can't find the cups or something during the build.  The comment below mentions that in Ubuntu 11.x and above, I need to use /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu for cups, but that's not there either.  Is cups somewhere el19:18
GoldwingDazedy : is the USB stick inserted in a USB hub together with the keyboard/mouse by any chance?19:18
Jarrydx26Try reset as flash drive at boot select menu19:19
Dazedyno, it's in the front of my case, competely different set of usbs19:19
dazetry the back usb, then19:19
dazefront usb's sometimes go through a hub19:19
Dazedyhm k19:20
daze(I had a printer that refused to work with front usbs once)19:20
Dazedybut the thing is, i can read and write to it perfectly fine19:20
dazehow old is the pc?19:20
Dazedyabout a year19:20
Guest3969Or at least is there any way of finding out where "sudo apt-get install libcups2-dev libcupsimage2-dev" would install to?19:20
Dazedy2500k , p8p67 mobo, 8 gig ram, gtx 580 etc19:20
quimonizmatts45acp, to get a folder listing of /dev/sda2, do 'mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /mnt/', then do 'ls /mnt/'      it will tell you probably that a 'Users' and a 'Windows' folder are on it, if it is, it is the C: partition19:20
Dazedyhm, does ubuntu screw up if hardware is overclocked at all?19:21
dazeit shouldn't :]19:21
manas_bviju:  stop ctcp'ing me19:21
dmp450hey, i'm trying to mount a drive using sshfs, and I keep getting errors saying permission denied and I don't have write access to /media/drive19:21
pranjal710This might be a very basic question, how do I create a virtual host with webroot in a NTFS partition?19:21
bekksDazedy: as long as your hardware doesnt explode in a ball of fire, it shouldnt.19:22
WeThePeoplemanas_b, what is that?19:22
Dazedythat's what i figured. been running a 4.5 ghz overclock stable for the entire time I've had this computer19:22
matts45acpsays documents and settings19:22
quimonizhey all, do /CTCP manas_b TIME   !!!!19:22
deadmundpranjal710: that is just a collection of buzzwords that make no sense19:22
deadmundpranjal710: webroot is anti-virus software.19:23
quimonizmatts45acp, allright, then it's a partition with a windows installation on it19:23
Jarrydx26Dazedy, make sure your pc is fast enough for Compiz , or else its atomic bombs for you19:23
Psi-JackHmmm. I've been recently having problems with Google Chrome in Ubuntu 12.04 just each tab randomly crashing out of the blue. Now, I went into ~/.config and moved ~/.config/google-chrome to ~/.config/google-chrome.off to disable the old profile and make a new one, now the whole Chrome browser itself randomly crashes with segmentation faults.19:23
Dazedymy computer's speed isn't a problem.19:24
matts45acpok then 5 is my choice then correct19:24
quimonizmatts45acp, I would think it's safe to assume, that the other big partition /dev/sda5 is your data partition, therefore, I would use /dev/sda5 as the partition to install to19:24
dmp450can anyone help me with that???19:24
Mysterytrainwhere do I go to change the bash prompt so that instead of user@host:~/blah/blah/blah with the entire path to the $PWD the prompt only shows the $PWD ?19:24
WeThePeopledmp450, do you know how to change write access19:24
=== Guest3969 is now known as DanS
dmp450WeThePeople, chmod?19:25
matts45acpwell thanx guys19:25
dmp450sudo chmod +w /media?19:25
matts45acpill give it a try19:25
wjtayloranyone know how to get an easycap going in 12.04?19:25
quimonizpranjal710, please read into how to set up a virtual host.19:25
WeThePeopleyeah just read up, idk about the sshfs, dont know why though19:26
dmp450WeThePeople, i tried that and when I do ls -l on it it still says my user has permissions drwx------19:26
vijuWeThePeople, I think he is a troll19:26
Jarrydx26Psi-jack, thats a common problem , I suggest firefox , personally chrome is too light for me19:27
WeThePeopledmp450, use gksudo nautilus so you have a gui to work with19:27
matts45acpok its saying i have a mounted partiotion19:27
Psi-JackJarrydx26: Ever since I started using Chrome and started getting away from Firefox, I've been very much appreciating it, Especially for it's features like synchronizing bookmarks, extensions, etc accross multiple instances.19:27
matts45acphow do i unmount the partition19:28
TheLordOfTimematts45acp:  sudo umount /path/to/partition19:28
TheLordOfTimei think19:28
WeThePeopledmp450, set the permission by right clicking the file19:28
WeThePeopleviju, oh well19:28
matts45acpi dunno the path to it19:28
mudanis there a  channel for ubuntu/linux tablet discussion?19:28
quimonizmatts45acp, do umount /dev/sda519:28
matts45acpi didnt mount 519:29
quimonizmatts45acp, do umount /dev/sda219:29
Mysterytraincheck fstab19:29
matts45acpit was 2 yall said mount19:29
Jarrydx26Good for you psi-jack , hope your problem gets solved19:29
matts45acpi did that and it did nothing and said nothing in terminal19:30
matts45acpi type that and it just went down a line19:31
quimoniztried 'sudo umount /dev/sda2'   ?19:31
matts45acpsaid nothing19:31
matts45acpyes i did sudo19:31
quimonizbesides matts45acp you may just as well forcefully reboot by typing 'sudo shutdown -r now'19:31
Psi-JackJarrydx26: Well, so far, I've gone the route of completely purging the chrome package and reinstalling again.19:31
dmp450WeThePeople, tried, still not working :/19:31
quimonizmatts45acp, or you may do 'sudo telinit 6'19:31
quimonizI think it worked..19:31
dthackertrying to get SSLeay perl module installed.  What is the open ssl package name that will give me openssl/ssl.h?19:31
WeThePeopledmp450, maybe i miss-understood what is it that you want to do19:31
matts45acpwhats is telinit 619:32
dmp450WeThePeople, i am trying to mount a drive19:32
bekksAnd oldschool command to change into runlevel 6, which is merely obsolete since Upstart.19:32
bekksmatts45acp: ^^19:32
quimonizmatts45acp, it tells the program 'init' to switch its internal status to 6, which means, that it shall reboot the computer as fast as possible19:32
dmp450I am using sshfs -o allow_other root@server:/mnt/usr /media/mountpoint19:32
matts45acpwill it unmount then19:33
dmp450if I type sudo, it works fine. I shouldn't have to sudo to do this though19:33
matts45acpthe drive19:33
quimonizmatts45acp, yes19:33
WeThePeopledmp450, idk much about the ssh stuff19:33
Psi-Jackdmp450: Actually, you do.19:33
Psi-Jackdmp450: Because you want allow_other, it has to have root privs to allow that.19:33
TheLordOfTimedmp450:  you do, because you are technically "mounting" the sshfs at the other server :/19:33
TheLordOfTimeoh wait, nevermind19:33
TheLordOfTimedidnt see allow_other19:33
Psi-Jackfuse us all userspace mounting tools.19:34
dmp450Psi-Jack, I enabled it in my /etc/fuse.conf though19:34
Psi-JackTo go beyond just a singular user, you, yourself, need escelated privileges.19:34
=== scott_ is now known as Guest16248
dmp450Psi-Jack, are you familiar with autofs?19:36
Psi-JackYes I am.19:36
dmp450am i able to use autofs to automount this?19:37
WeThePeopledmp450, if you dont want to sudo use 'sudo -i' for a root terminal19:37
Psi-Jackdmp450: Technically, you should be able to, yes.19:37
dmp450or will that ask me for sudo everytime?19:37
Psi-Jackdmp450: autofs runs as root.19:37
Psi-JackSo, it will obviously not ask for sudo.19:37
quimonizhave a productive time ubuntu-ing guys and gals19:37
dmp450thanks :)19:37
Psi-Jackdmp450: I will also suggest this.. sshfs is not something you should rely on, at all.19:37
dmp450Psi-Jack, why?19:38
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Psi-Jackdmp450: Because it is slow, it doesn't follow POSIX permissions because it's not technically a filesystem, and it doesn't know about both endpoint's user/permissions.19:38
dmp450Psi-Jack, what would you suggest? I have a media server and want to mount that19:39
og01hi today I did do-dist-upgrade, and now for the life of me I cant get audio out over hdmi on my NVIDIA card for my mediacenter19:39
Psi-Jackdmp450: NFS19:39
dmp450Psi-Jack, i've never used that :P19:40
Psi-Jackdmp450: It's easier than fuse.19:40
WeThePeoplepsi-jack, is that in the repos19:40
Psi-JackWeThePeople: Umm. OF COURSE.19:40
dmp450Psi-Jack, how do I set that up then?19:40
Psi-Jackinstall nfs-kernel-server19:41
Psi-JackActually: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo19:41
Psi-JackThere. :)19:41
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.19:41
dmp450Psi-Jack, thank you :D19:41
* Psi-Jack grunts, hating bots.19:42
=== diegovieiraeti is now known as revolts
Psi-JackApparently purging and re-installing Google Chrome /seems/ to have resolved my problem, so far.19:48
phibxrPsi-Jack, I think you mentioned syncing earlier, keep in mind that Firefox has an entire Sync-pane under the Settings. :)19:49
paulo_gomesis it possible to sync firefox with your ubuntu one account?19:50
Yiqhow is the media players for ubuntu?19:51
matts45acpok one more question i chose sda 5 and it wants to know how to format19:51
matts45acpdo i format to fat 32 or ntfs19:51
somanTryin to build gcc 4.7.1 and get a next error => /usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: file not found. How to fix it in Ubuntu 12.04 32bit? I tried to install libc6-dev but problem's still have a place19:53
balachmarHi, can I use the token I get from the AccountManager for the Google account to log into a webservice I own, using Oauth?19:53
matts45acpin the ubuntu installation after choosing partition what do i format it as19:54
conphotovisit my blog :)19:54
somanbalachmar: your qouestion doesn't realted to linux ubuntu19:54
balachmarsoman: I know, I thought I was still in the android-dev channel...19:54
csanyipalI have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and on it Firefox 14.0.1. It happen often thet that Firefox freeze fleetingly and become blurred. What happen with Firefox?19:56
sin_taxcan anyone help me with this crontab problem I have? I have a bash script I want to run on reboot and every hour, as a certain user, but it doesn't seem to be executing.19:59
Psi-Jacksin_tax: Provide better details, and perhaps. :)20:00
DanSDoes anyone know where ubuntu 12.04 has its libcups installation folder?20:00
sin_taxI have logged in as that user and done sudo crontab -e and added these lines: reboot ~/rtorrent_cron20:00
sin_tax and @hourly ~/rtorrent_cron20:00
sin_tax Psi-Jack20:00
Psi-Jacksin_tax: Have you put it in /etc/cron.d/<name> or on a user cron?20:00
Psi-Jacksin_tax: That doesn't work. Use /etc/cron.d/name20:01
sin_taxPsi-Jack, thank you very very much20:01
dmp450Psi-Jack, could you assist me in setting up nfs? it doesn't seem to be working for me :/20:02
Kiwaf12.04 dual screen GTX 650 second screen grey, anyone?20:02
Psi-Jackdmp450: I'll insist that you have specific questions. ;)20:02
dmp450Psi-Jack, haha, of course :P20:02
matts45acpwhat type of format do i use for ubuntu20:02
matts45acpon the partition20:02
matts45acpfat 32?20:02
Psi-Jackmatts45acp: Umm.. No. Linux native filesystems, like ext4, or ext3.20:03
dmp450Psi-Jack, http://pastebin.com/CAVhYJHa20:03
dmp450it doesn't seem to see it at all20:03
Psi-Jackdmp450: On the NFS server, did you properly export the path?20:03
dmp450Psi-Jack, i'm not sure what you mean20:04
matts45acppsi im on the install and i chose sda 5 and it wants to know what to format it as20:04
matts45acpwhat do i chose20:04
Psi-Jackdmp450: From the client, do "showmount --exports nfsserver"20:04
Psi-Jackmatts45acp: I've already told you.20:04
WeThePeoplematts45acp, if this is dual boot choose ext3 or 420:04
matts45acpok well whats the diff in 3 and 4 then20:05
dmp450Psi-Jack, clnt_create: RPC: Unknown host20:05
matts45acpits gonna be a dual boot20:05
WeThePeoplematts45acp, choose ext320:05
matts45acpok 3 then20:05
Psi-Jackdmp450: Looks like your nfs server isn't running. On the server side restart it: /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart20:05
matts45acpbut whats the diff in the 3 and 420:05
Psi-Jackext4 is newer and better.20:06
matts45acpwell why would i chose 3 if 4 is better20:06
dmp450Psi-Jack, yeah...that won't work here lol20:06
Psi-JackBecause WeThePeople isn't the most resourceful person. :)20:06
Psi-Jackdmp450: Excuse me?20:06
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dmp450my server isn't ubuntu20:07
dmp450my client is20:07
dmp450my server is an unraid server20:07
Psi-Jackdmp450: Doesn't matter, whatever your server is, restart NFS.20:07
matts45acpso do i choose 4 then?20:07
sin_taxhm, Psi-Jack: rtorrent@codex:~$ sudo nano /etc/cron.d/rtorrent20:07
sin_tax   <-- is that the proper way to edit the crontab for a user?20:07
* Psi-Jack throws matts45acp's silver spoon away.20:07
dmp450Psi-Jack, there is no init.d though20:07
WeThePeoplematts45acp, http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/05/ext2-ext3-ext4/20:08
matts45acpi dont wanna read stuff i prob wont understand20:08
Psi-Jacksin_tax: That is /a/ way, yes, but for cron.d entries, after the time segments, there's a username to run the command (followed after the username) entry.20:08
Psi-JackHence, @hourly someuser somecommand20:08
matts45acphello should i choose 4?20:09
Psi-Jackmatts45acp: Also useful: http://www.psi-jack.info/wiki/linux/basics-101/partitions-and-filesystems20:09
ThinkT510matts45acp: ext4 is default and will work fine20:09
mindcatsomeone can help me? i can't install to SATA hard drive, SATA hard drive is not found20:10
mindcatinstall xubuntu 12.0420:10
WeThePeoplemindcat, is it a external hdd20:11
mindcatwell, i have a IDE hard drive and a SATA hard drive online