smartboyhwWhy did I got such a lot of e-mail talking about build failure?09:30
smartboyhwlen-dt: Are you here?15:16
smartboyhwDo you know about the build error e-mails?15:17
len-dtThe key lines are always on the bottom.15:17
smartboyhwYeah, I'm a bit perplexed...No daily builds for now?15:17
len-dtIt looks like some packages have been up graded and others not.15:17
smartboyhwUh oh15:18
len-dtIt is beyond me though.15:18
smartboyhwYeah, it's ScottL and astraljava's job...15:19
len-dtmaybe not15:24
smartboyhwOh, then who's job is it:)15:24
len-dtI don't know.15:28
len-dtI am not an oracle...15:28
smartboyhwlen-dt: If you are, I will try to sell you :) LOL15:28
len-dtNot for sale either... my wife would be miffed.(to put it mildly)15:29
smartboyhwlen-dt: Just for entertainment purposes. Anyway, hope the problem will be fixed soon:)15:30
smartboyhwlen-dt: Why do you think people like to use i386 builds, in reference to the testing results of Ubuntu Studio 12.04.1?15:47
len-dtLike? I don't think it is choice. I can't run the 64bit build on any of my machines15:48
smartboyhwlen-dt: You don't have a 64-bit processor?15:48
smartboyhwOh, that's weird. How old are your machines? I'm only doing all my work from a 2-year-old Compaq Presario Notebook by HP.15:49
len-dtMy desktop is at least 8 years old (P4 I think) but the netbook is newer... however it has an atom CPU in it15:50
smartboyhwEr, OK...........15:51
len-dtI'm not sure how that would be "weird" though. Think about how long your personal experience with computers is. I started playing with them late 70s in school and early 80s as a hobby.16:07
smartboyhwlen-dt: OK16:08
smartboyhwlen-dt: Bye16:24

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