alexeihi, i installed ubuntustudio for the first time and it does not seem to recognize my Wacom Bamboo tablet.  What can I do? thanks16:15
tech1im watching a tutorial for jack audio and it recommends setting up realtime audio... is this something i need to do with the latest ubuntustudio? or it is already done or something in place of it19:19
holsteintech1: its something i suggest you take in stages21:01
holsteinif you need lower latency, then seek it.. if everything is working, then "if it aint broke"21:01
tech1ok ill try it in stages21:03
holsteintech1: if you are doing software synths or adding realtime effects using the computer, you will need lower latenyc21:07
holsteinmost folks dont need it...21:07
tech1yeh ill be doing full music production21:09
ailotech1: Everything is all set up on Ubuntu Studio21:10
ailotech1: There are two things you need to do, to achieve it on any Ubuntu based distro besides Studio21:10
ailotech1: 1. Install jackd and say yes to realtime privilege21:11
ailotech1: 2. Add yourself to audio group: sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER21:11
ailoreboot, and you're done21:11
ailotech1: Also, install linux-lowlatency, to get better performance21:11
tech1i see thanks. ill make a note of these. i have studio version so i guess ill just need to only do the last bit then21:12
ailotech1: Ubuntu Studio comes with linux-lowlatency preinstalled21:13
ailotech1: linux-generic is the default kernel on other Ubuntu distros21:13
ailoSo, if you installed Ubuntu Studio, all you need to do is to learn how the applications work21:14
ailoNo tuning needed21:14
tech1oh right. thats good then :)21:14
ailoUnless you have some sort of weird HW problem21:14
tech1i can get audio from movies and the browser so looks like my soundcard is ok21:15
ailotech1: Only one device?21:15
ailotech1: Meaning, only one soundcard?21:16
tech1i have a mixer connected to my pc speaker ouput and headphones in the mixer..... yes just my motherboard's soundcard21:16
tech1its an intel h77 board so should be sufficient21:16
ailotech1: That makes things pretty simple. Qjackctl is a good jack control application. You'll only need to set frames/period lower, if you need lower latency21:18
ailotech1: Also learn how connections work21:18
ailotech1: Desktop sound will automatically be routed to jack, when you start it with qjackctl21:18
ailoMight be you need to set pulseaudio output to jack manually. I have three soundcards, so things are a little different21:19
tech1cool. yeh i found a few good youtube tutorials for jack. is it possible to make a script that loads a session of all the music apps and their jack connections?21:19
ailotech1: Use gladish21:20
ailoIt's a session software, designed for that21:20
tech1ok ill look it up21:20
ailoIt's not perfectly intuitive, probably, if you're not used to Linux21:20
ailotech1: It should be preinstalled21:20
ailogladish is really a gnome gui for ladish21:21
tech1yeh i can see it on my menu21:21
tech1im sure ill be able to figure it out. im finding linux software easier to learn than windows stuff. actually21:22
tech1or maybe just more enjoyable to learn..... because it isnt bloated propriatary nonsense like windows stuff21:23
ailoIt feels very different, no question.21:23
ailoYou don't feel owned21:24
tech1yeh. windows everything felt like doing a chore for someone else.... linux sometimes more complex... but feels more rewarding and based around what i want21:25
ailoOn windows you expect things to just work. You paid for it after all. Considering that fact, you put a lot of time sorting stuff out when you weren't supposed to need to.21:29
ailoOn Linux, you aren't expecting that, but if it just works on Linux, you feel grateful21:30
tech1thats definetly true21:35
dn4ubuntustudio-12.04-dvd-amd64.iso) = 7421cb2229980e9f7931035dd54296a723:53
dn4why isn't this included https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes23:53

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