smartboyhwknome: Are you here?09:35
ochosihey smartboyhw 09:35
ochosi(i'm not knome though)09:35
smartboyhwochosi: Hey09:35
ochosijust wanted to ask you 'bout lightdm greeter quickly09:36
ochosithere were discussions with folks from lubuntu on cooperating on the greeter and its design09:36
ochosione guy created a wiki page with a few of the specifications09:36
smartboyhwochosi: What do you mean?09:36
smartboyhwOK, looking at it now09:37
ochosithere are a few things i like about it, but others i rather dislike09:37
smartboyhwHa, good sketch09:37
ochosianyway, the main question was when approximately you would have time to work on it09:37
ochosijust to know when mockups etc should be in palce09:37
ochosito get a plan, since UI freeze is pretty soon09:41
smartboyhwochosi: Is it in a weel?09:41
ochosiand whatever we can get out the door before makes our lives easier09:41
ochosiyeah, approx09:41
ochosii think thursday09:41
ochosi(off the top of my head)09:42
smartboyhwHmm....That's a disaster.09:42
ochosino worries09:42
ochosiwe can file exceptions09:42
smartboyhwochosi: :)09:42
ochosiwhat seems realistic for you09:42
smartboyhwochosi: What do you mean?09:42
ochosiwell i'm not sure what you discussed with mr_pouit, but i assumed you would work on implementing changes to the lightdm-gtk-greeter09:43
smartboyhwochosi: :)09:44
smartboyhwI think I'll work on it:)09:48
ochositimeframe? :)09:48
Unit193mr_pouit: Put package too https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Quantal/SettingsManagerApps09:50
smartboyhwochosi: Hi, I'm back09:52
ochosismartboyhw: okies09:53
ochosiactually i have to leave in 4mins or so09:53
ochosiso, what would be a realistic timeframe/plan for you?09:54
ochosi(or is it too early to say because you haven't looked at the code)09:54
smartboyhwHmm, I'm getting the source code first:)09:54
ochosisure sure09:55
ochosinot sure what you've worked with, but most requests will involve tinkering with the .ui file (aka gtkbuilder aka glade-successor)09:55
ochosie.g. moving the computer-name from the login-box to the top panel09:56
ochosiok, gotta go now09:58
knomepleia2, i bolded those sections/subpages that i consider "checked out"12:48
ochosiknome: i'm considering to skip "Find unnecessary icons and remove"13:12
ochosiit's really the hardest part of iconing, to find unused ones13:12
ochosiyou never know what icons are in use by what obscure app...13:12
knomeyeah, feel free to mark that as POSTPONED13:12
smartboyhwYo ochosi: How to edit the .ui file?13:12
ochosiunless we decide to just trim down the icon-theme to a more minimal state13:13
ochosismartboyhw: install glade or with a text-editor13:13
smartboyhwochosi: Working on it now:)13:18
ochosismartboyhw: ok, good luck :)13:18
smartboyhwknome: If you are here, I want to tell you a fact: The 12.10 ubiquity in Xubuntu, it sucks...13:49
knomesmartboyhw, justify13:49
ochosiit will get better :)13:49
ochosiright now it's a lot of black on black13:49
smartboyhwochosi: I agree13:49
ochosibecause greybird wasn't working right i think13:50
knomeokay. in that case it doesn't "suck", it has a bug13:50
smartboyhwIt;s full of black:(13:50
smartboyhwWell, it looks it sucks. Sorry for using a nonsense word, it did look like that..13:51
knomeone of the best qualities when filing bugs or problems is to know how to describe the problem13:51
knome"X isn't working" or "X sucks" is as helpful as nothing13:52
smartboyhwSorry: So should I file a bug on Launchpad?13:52
knomeprobably not, since it's known, and people are working on it13:52
smartboyhwI apologise13:52
knomenp, just trying to not waste anybody's time13:52
elfytalking of which - how to describe this one ... parole opens like this here http://imgur.com/8xTg113:54
smartboyhwHi I am back. Ochosi, you still here?14:07
knomesmartboyhw, is there a problem?14:07
smartboyhwI want to find ochosi.14:07
knomefor what reason?14:08
smartboyhwknome: BTW, status report: Testing a Quantal build of Xubuntu now14:08
smartboyhwAnyway, I recalled he has left, Find14:08
bluesabreelfy, what's wrong with parole?  That image looks spot-on.14:09
elfyreally? 14:09
elfynever used to look like that 14:09
bluesabreYeah, that's the new parole14:10
elfyoh wow LOL14:10
elfyI thought it was some graphic card glitch :)14:10
bluesabreI think knome made that awesome background14:10
bluesabreor ochosi14:11
bluesabreOne of those two14:11
knomei did14:11
elfyI almost reported a bug :)14:11
elfythis morning - then thought I'd wait till I asked someone how to describe it - glad I did 14:12
bluesabreGlad I caught you14:12
elfyknome: now I know it's supposed to look like it - it's ok 14:12
knomewe thought that was a cool idea14:13
smartboyhwOK, I need to add a bug to the ISO QA Tracker: VM does not reboot after installation:(14:13
elfymissed that meeting :)14:14
knomeheh, that was at #shimmer i think14:14
elfyanyway - me wanders off again now - thanks for catching that bluesabre :)14:15
elfycya all 14:15
knomesee you14:15
smartboyhwknome: Reported a pass for the Quantal Daily Build amd64 (but with a VM reboot bug)14:27
knomesmartboyhw, ok, thanks. but please just report, no need to specifically tell me you did.14:27
knomepleia2, morning? :)20:15
knomemr_pouit, micahg: can you drop synaptic off of our seed? ta20:17
pleia2knome: hello23:20
knomeyou have a few mins?23:21
knome  * Remove (or archive) xubuntu-website, rename xubuntu-website-wordpress to replace23:23
knomeshould we just do that?23:23
pleia2I don't know precisely how to go about it, the never-delete-anything part of me sort of wants to keep the code around even though it's for drupal5 ;)23:24
pleia2but I don't know how we could do that, if we could23:24
knomeif we'd archive it, how would you like to go about it?23:24
knomenew branch under the other website code?23:24
knomei suppose we can do that if we ask LP admins nicely enough23:25
pleia2so pull it down, delete the project, move the other, and push it up as a new branch?23:25
* pleia2 nods23:25
knomeok, good, i'll look at that at the beginning of next week23:25
knome  * Review ~xubuntu-docs (Is it technically required? Which access/permissions does it have since it's a subteam of ~ubuntu-doc?)23:25
pleia2that one I don't know23:25
knomeme neither23:25
knomedo you know somebody who does?23:26
knomei tried shouting at #ubuntu-docs earlier, but no response23:26
pleia2would also be worth figuring out exactly what we need to do to get a couple xubuntu folks access to upload our docbook stuff once it's done23:26
pleia2I can ask on the list23:26
pleia2phillw is good about replying to me23:26
knomethough i think i have a better idea now who are the people we should accept to the team, even if that team had some access23:26
* pleia2 nods23:27
knomeif you ask a bit more about it, let's get back to that when you've had replies23:28
knomeanother one:23:28
knome [lyz] Cleanup and review community wiki: INPROGRESS23:28
knomeshould we do that now?23:28
pleia2I was working through it last night, have some comments, let me dig up23:29
knomegot an email from elfy for improvements on making the xorg/help page better23:30
knometbe, the forums part23:30
pleia2oh yes, I saw that, that would be great23:30
knomei'll push the changes soon23:31
pleia2I've edited the forums section a couple of times based on random feedback from people, more coherent feedback from a FC member would be win \o/23:31
pleia2right, so I think we should mark everything for deletion (maybe english "Installing" can just link to Ubuntu installing docs23:31
pleia2except https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompizConfiguration/Cube/And/Effects/Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu23:32
pleia2which we should test23:32
knomethere was some discussion about that already23:32
knomebut i can't remember which channel23:32
pleia2and we should talk about what to do with the XubuntuPanels page23:32
knomeprobably -offtopic23:32
pleia2yeah, I said I'd look a bit deeper to make sure it's what we really wanted23:32
pleia2I think XubuntuPanels is actually useful, and we would benefit from a community wiki of tips as people find them (so, not move to website)23:33
knomexubuntupanels was created for a factiod23:34
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »23:34
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/23:34
knomeit's not a "community-written" page23:34
pleia2yeah, well that's good23:34
pleia2ah, but it could be!23:34
knomethat's to say i don't have much hopes of having many of those23:34
pleia2well at least I know it exists now ;) I can help fix it too23:35
knomeand either our rewritten offline documentation of the app-specific docs should make community-docs extinct ;)23:35
pleia2I don't love the idea of just removing them all because we can, I like to have a few around so people see they can make more if they want23:36
knomedo you know of the processes in the community wiki?23:36
pleia2then maybe we can pull more into official docs23:36
knomewould it be ok to just delete, not propose for deletion23:36
pleia2some, only admins can delete pages for instance so they have a whole tagging system23:36
knomeok, do we know who the admins are?23:37
knomeso, leave XubuntuPanels and the reference on Compiz23:38
knomeand propose everything else for deletion?23:38
pleia2yeah, that's my assessment23:39
pleia2there are a few wiki admins, you can email -doc list if you want them immediately attended to after tagging them23:39
pleia2cprofitt, phillw23:39
knomei'm okay with those actions23:39
knomewill you proceed with them?23:39
pleia2alright cool, I'll get that done today23:39
knomegreat :)23:40
knome [lyz] Define target marketing audience: TODO23:40
knomewhat about that? :)23:40
pleia2I can finish that today too, I actually did it once and then the wiki didn't save my edits and I have been too upset for a month to redo it :)23:41
knomenew wallpaper before UIF23:43
knomeburndown looks better though23:44
knomewe've been keeping the reds below the mainline23:44
pleia2gold stars all around!23:44
knomeso, is there something else we can make happen today? :P23:47

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