martinphonei cannot safely remove external HD with thunar, it never says anything, just does nothing, I have to use nautilus00:33
martinphoneThe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:35
martinphone libwxgtk2.8-dev : Depends: libwxgtk2.8-0 (= but is to be installed00:35
martinphone                   Depends: libwxbase2.8-dev (= but it is not going to be installed00:35
martinphoneE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.00:35
martinphonelibwxgtk2.8.12.1-dev is installed in the same line as lib... 2.8-dev so I dont understand why something that appears as installed is to be installed00:36
knomeubuntu2 vs ubuntu2.200:42
martinphoneso the apps is looking for an older library and the new one is too new?00:45
knomei don't know, i just pointed the difference between the package numbers00:46
martinphonein synaptic I have marked as installed a libxbase2.8.0 (ubuntu 2.2) but the one I need is libxbase2.8-dev (ubuntu2). If I click to uninstall libxbase2.8.0 (ubuntu 2.2) there are quite a lot other apps that will go down the sink. Can I have the older library without deletting the newest one? or will it work if I uninstall this newest ubuntu 2.2 and then install the older ubuntu 2 one?00:49
martinphonei have marked as installed = already appears as installed...00:49
knomei don't know the depencies, so i don't know if other apps will stop working, but you should be able to pin a specific version00:50
knomenot recommende generally though.00:52
v1adimirdoes this help?.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/133016/unable-to-unmount-an-external-usb-hdd00:54
Euph0riaXxXHi all.  I'm using the latest nightly build of Xubuntu.  I am using dual monitors but I can't seem to figure out how to go get them to do anything but mirror eachother.  Can someone help point me in the right direction so my desktop spans both monitors?01:28
b3rz3rk3r_Euph0riaXxX, I take it you have you opened the display settings to see if there are any other options there?01:31
Euph0riaXxXYes.  Really the only option it gives me is to use another monitor and then it simply mirrors it.  I cannot find any other options.01:32
b3rz3rk3r_Euph0riaXxX, onboard or discrete graphics?01:33
Euph0riaXxX"Use this output" "Resolution" "Refresh rate" "Rotation" and "Reflection"01:33
Euph0riaXxXIt'z a i5-3570z with a Z77 motherboard that has three display outputs, and only allows you to use two at a time.01:34
Euph0riaXxXDsub, DVI, and HDMI01:34
Euph0riaXxXI'm using DSUB and DVI01:34
b3rz3rk3r_so its a discrete card?01:34
b3rz3rk3r_as in, its not coming form your mobo, its an addon card right?01:35
Euph0riaXxXNo card, just built into the motherboard.01:35
b3rz3rk3r_have you checked for additional drivers using the tool?01:35
Euph0riaXxXThe tool?01:36
b3rz3rk3r_Menu>Settings>Additional Drivers01:36
Euph0riaXxXI haven't tried that yet, but I will.  Thank you.01:36
b3rz3rk3r_ok no prob, thats a good thing to check first01:37
b3rz3rk3r_should only take <1 min01:37
Euph0riaXxXOk, so I'm quite confused.  I can't seem to find the Additional Drivers either in this latest version of Xubuntu either. Maybe I'm just missing it totally.02:07
Euph0riaXxXHm, not installed by default it seems.02:10
b3rz3rk3r_Euph0riaXxX, definitely installed by default. Menu > Settings > Additional Drivers02:12
Euph0riaXxXApparently not in the Aug22 nightly release of Xubuntu.02:14
b3rz3rk3r_Euph0riaXxX, oh I assumed latest = latest stable.02:15
b3rz3rk3r_Euph0riaXxX, you can fetch it from the repo's or install the stable release02:16
Euph0riaXxXYes, installing it from Ubuntu Software Center of all places.02:17
Euph0riaXxXI'm mainly using quantal for what seems to be the xfs support in the 3.5.x kernel.02:19
b3rz3rk3r_Euph0riaXxX, nightly releases are meant for testing and advanced users so won't include such tools. It's best to stick to the stable releases for production systems.02:21
b3rz3rk3r_they tend to work better ;)02:21
b3rz3rk3r_hope you get those drivers sorted02:22
Euph0riaXxXI'm not as advanced, but so far it's the only release that has such support for xfs, which is what I'm really rather interested, hopefully it being stable enough for archiving a great deal of data.02:25
Euph0riaXxXSo this really isn't a production system.  More testing what they've done to the caching of metadata in xfs to improve speed and to see if I can trip it up in various ways.  First time trying this distro though, so things are alittle strage.02:37
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Jak_AtackkaHello! I'm scouring the Linux-related IRC channels of the internet, hoping that someone can help me. I'm trying to configure my bootloader, but for whatever reason it won't save any changes I make to the .cfg file. It's on a separate /boot partition (/dev/sda1), because my motherboard is UEFI-only. Does anybody know how I can set it so changes I make to the /boot partition are permanent?07:38
pleia2Jak_Atackka: it's really poor form to ask the same question in a bunch of channels at once :( we're all volunteers and you end up having lots of people in different places researching your problem07:39
pleia2I'd suggest asking on ubuntuforums.org or askubuntu.com if you want a more broadcast-type request07:40
pleia2(and I have no experience with UEFI, sorry)07:40
Jak_AtackkaI'm sorry, I've been searching for hours and have only found people who have no idea or refuse to tell me07:40
Jak_AtackkaAlso, I was under the impression that this isn't UEFI-based, because it appears that /dev/sda is always opening in read-only mode07:41
pleia2what .cfg file are you editing?07:41
pleia2it doesn't have this at the top? # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE07:42
pleia2mine does07:42
pleia2and it explains why you should not07:42
Jak_AtackkaIt does. However, even if I run grub-mkconfig again, it doesn't change it07:42
pleia2did you update your settings in /etc/default/grub ?07:43
Jak_AtackkaYep, as well as in /etc/grub.b/10_linux07:43
pleia2then what do you run?07:43
Jak_AtackkaAfter editing those files, I run:  grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg07:44
Jak_Atackka(After mounting my partitions, of course)07:44
pleia2you should be using update-grub07:44
pleia2I don't know where your'e getting grub-mkconfig alone07:45
pleia2but it's probably missing some of the steps that update-grub takes care of for you07:45
Jak_AtackkaHm, okay. I'll try that.07:45
pleia2the GRUB vs GRUB2 section of this page explains how updating grub is done: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:46
Jak_AtackkaOkay, thank you for pointing that out!07:46
pleia2you're welcome :)07:46
Jak_AtackkaOne question - do I have to chroot into my /root partition first, or can I do it as a root user?07:49
pleia2I'd just run it with sudo, as long as /boot is writable you should be fine07:49
Jak_AtackkaOkay. Thanks! In six hours of searching, you are the only other user I've met whose been helpful07:50
* pleia2 gives herself a gold star07:50
pleia2I actually need to get to bed, good luck!07:51
Jak_AtackkaAnd thanks for the help!07:51
pAt_hi melodie_09:24
melodie_hi pAt_09:24
xubuntu873Hello everybody09:28
xubuntu873 i come from archlinux to xubuntu and till now im very satisfied but i still have a few questions09:29
xubuntu873i like the xfce desktop but i also would like to use my old dwm config09:30
xubuntu873but im having trouble making it executable from the xubuntu login manager09:31
xubuntu873could somebody give me some help?09:31
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melodie_does someone know where the live user configurations are located when the Xubuntu remix is created ?09:52
melodie_unlike here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization09:52
melodie_it seems not to be in /etc/gconf09:52
melodie_§ Change gconf values (fonts, panels etc.)09:53
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MatyasHi, I've just noticed that the 64bit 12.04 iso torrent link is broken.11:12
knomethey are actually all broken11:15
knomelet me fix them for you11:15
knomemilen8204, fixed, should work now. thanks for noticing!11:17
knomeMatyas, ^11:17
milen8204knome, ok I am glad for you :D11:17
knomemilen8204, sorry, and have a good day! :)11:17
milen8204any one knows a GUI macro recording program11:18
knomehmm, macro? haven't heard of one11:18
knomesure you can't do the sam things with scripts?11:18
shpngldHello All! I got in BIG trouble. decided to add some more RAM to my PC but the chip doesnt fit. so i just decided leave it as before...BUT my PC wont start!!! I just got 3 @beep@ and thats it!11:44
shpngldwhat could have happened?11:44
knomethe other ram stick is probably not prpoerly inserted11:45
shpngldI will check now11:45
shpngldI will try to start it again11:46
shpngldI got the same11:49
shpngld3 times11:49
shpngldboth chips are inserted fully11:49
shpngldis it possible that i have put them different way?11:50
knomeyes, that's possible11:50
shpngldhwo is the proper way?11:50
shpngldknome: It looks that there is only one way to insert the chib bcuz of a small gap on the chip that corresponds to a similar place on the mboard12:04
shpngldI tried with absolutely different RAM and got the same Beep12:05
recon_lapshpngld: have you been earthing yourself before handling ram, removing power for MB before inserting/removing ram, have you put the cards back in the same slots they came out of?12:05
shpngldis it possible my video is blown?12:05
knomeshpngld, you can check your motherboard manual what the three beeps mean, but i believe it has something to do with the ram chips, if that's everything you've touched12:05
shpngldwell I remove all the cables from the power12:06
shpngldyes it is12:06
shpngldhavent earthed myself...12:06
nemem9aaHi. I just installed xubuntu 12.04 and I`m not able to change "theme" of panel and menu. I also usine xfce in gentoo and there it reacts to style change. Not in xubuntu. Why?12:06
recon_lapshpngld: also, be gentle , you can crack you md if you use a lot of force12:06
shpngldrecon_lap: yes Im tryin12:07
shpngldnot to force it12:07
shpngldI dont know what to do12:07
recon_lapshpngld: what happens when you boot without memory, then add one card and see if that works12:08
recon_lapshpngld: to earth yourself just touch a metal electronic device while it's plugged in, you computer case would be a good candidate12:10
recon_lapshpngld: you dont have to keep touching it btw12:11
nemem9aaradiator of central heating also works.12:11
shpngldrecon_lap: I tied everythin u saud12:12
shpngldw\o or with ram is the same12:12
shpngldI touched the radiator yes12:13
recon_lapshpngld: same number of beeps?12:13
knomecheck you motherboard manual to see what the three beeps mean12:13
shpngldIll will check now12:13
shpngldHow to find out the model12:14
shpngldit says Dell12:14
recon_lapshpngld: it'll be stamped on the MD somewhere12:15
recon_lapshpngld: or look up the specs for the make and model of dell you have12:16
recon_lapshpngld: to find the model it should be on a sticker on the back of the machine12:23
nemem9aaUps, found solution to my problem. Sorry for bother.12:28
b3rz3rk3r_well that was just rude. Now we'll never get closure :/12:39
melodie_does someone know where the env variables are written ? http://ffct.cc/xfce-unable-to-load-a-failsafe-session-finally-solved12:48
martinphoneI need  libxbase2.8.0-dev package, but thats not in the repo12:52
martinphonesuggestions to get it?12:52
bazhangmartinphone, why do you need it12:54
melodie_try first "apt-cache search libxbase" to see what the packages available could provide12:54
melodie_maybe there is one with a slightly different syntax in the name ?12:54
martinphonebazhang, FGFS12:54
bazhangmartinphone, please give a real answer12:54
martinphoneFlightgear FLight simulator12:55
martinphonebrisa script needs it12:55
bazhang!info flightgear | martinphone12:55
ubottumartinphone: flightgear (source: flightgear): Flight Gear Flight Simulator. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.4.0-1 (precise), package size 2655 kB, installed size 6552 kB12:55
bazhangmartinphone, its in the repos, install it from there12:55
bazhangsudo apt-get install flightgear12:56
martinphonebazhang, outdated12:56
martinphonei want 2.812:56
bazhangmartinphone, how so12:56
bazhangmartinphone, what is in 2.8 that you so need12:56
martinphone3d airport signs12:56
martinphonecurved taxiways i believe12:57
martinphoneo and the concorde not making strange noises when reaching 10,000 feet12:57
knomemartinphone, the answer is that you can either find a PPA with 2.8, or build the packages yourself12:57
bazhang!ppa | martinphone have a read13:08
ubottumartinphone have a read: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:08
bazhang!compile > martinphone13:08
ubottumartinphone, please see my private message13:08
Cristiano-CMAlguém ai pt-br?13:30
baizon!pt | Cristiano-CM13:31
ubottuCristiano-CM: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:31
G__81how do i upgrade to xfce 4.10. I am using xubuntu 12.0414:32
GridCubeG__81, xubuntu 12.04 oficially do not supports xfce 4.10, however, there is an oficcially unsuported ppa for it if you dont want to wait till 12.10 release14:33
G__81GridCube, yeah i understand its a LTS so how do i upgrade using the PPA ?14:33
G__81can you let me know the PPA ?14:33
GridCubesure let me get the link14:34
failedagainhello all! I got in big trouble again...I tried to update my current nvidia drivers, but the d\l failed dunno why...when i restarted the pc i got to the first screen with XUBUNTU and the mouse and tree background....no progress from here..no login screen no nothing..it just stays like that...how can i fix it?14:35
GridCubeG__81, https://plus.google.com/112064450121097287690/posts/Jj27zJqmCVB14:35
G__81GridCube, oh thanks a lot14:36
failedagainI went to the recovery mode but there r only 4 choices14:36
GridCubefailedagain, go to the standard boot, when you see the plymouth theme and get stuck to it14:37
GridCubego to a tty, press ctrl-alt-f114:37
GridCubethere log in normaly and cd /etc/X1114:37
GridCubethere you have to do: sudo mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.back14:38
failedagainI just pressed ctrlaltf1 and nothin happens14:38
GridCubethen reboot, that should restart your video drivers to default14:38
failedagainits frozen14:39
GridCubewell then, go to recovery mode, mount the system, go to root mode and do the same14:39
failedagainI ll try now14:39
GridCubei mean the same as go to /etc/X11 and mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.back14:39
failedagainI did it now i will restrat14:42
failedagainI have a progress!14:44
failedagaingot to the login screen14:44
failedagainwhat shoul i do now14:45
failedagainhow to fix the drv14:45
GridCubeyou can just go to jockey-gtk and try again just like before :)14:45
failedagainI have used apt get update14:46
failedagainand then apt get install nviidia--currnet14:46
GridCubeyou have to use jockey-gtk14:46
failedagainafter adding new source14:46
failedagainhow can i do it?14:46
failedagainwhatis jockey14:46
GridCubeeither way, go to the main menu >Configuration >Aditional Drivers, or press alt-f2 and type gksu jockey-gtk14:47
failedagainnow i cant connect to the inet14:48
GridCube!info jockey-gtk14:48
ubottujockey-gtk (source: jockey): GNOME user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.7-0ubuntu7 (precise), package size 8 kB, installed size 126 kB14:48
GridCubeD: well failedagain thats has nothing to do with what i asked you to do14:49
failedagainIll do it now14:49
failedagaini have a lot of drv there but all r grrey14:52
failedagainthe first is Nvidia version 173 recommended14:53
GridCubethats the one i normally use14:53
Aardvark_AveHi All. Could anyone help me troubleshoot a boot-time black screen of death?14:53
failedagainI will activate it  rirght?14:53
failedagainit tries do d/l but no net ....14:54
failedagaincan i d/l manually and install somehow14:54
GridCube!info apt-offline14:55
ubottuapt-offline (source: apt-offline): offline apt package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1build1 (precise), package size 77 kB, installed size 403 kB14:55
GridCubeyes you can14:55
GridCubei never used it myself though14:55
GridCube!details | Aardvark_Ave14:55
ubottuAardvark_Ave: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:55
Aardvark_AveSure thing. Just want to see if anyone's awake =)14:56
Aardvark_AveI'm running a new clean install of xubuntu 12.04 on a System76 laptop. I have full hard disk encryption enabled, and the boot process does get as far as asking for the luks passphrase. However, after that, it just dead-ends at a black screen.14:57
Aardvark_AveThe S76 laptop has an ATI video card, and I think the problem probably lies there. If I remove the "quiet" and "splash" options from grub at boot time, and this allows me to get to a text login prompt.15:00
Aardvark_AveHowever, if I login and try to startx, I get "no screens fround".15:01
Aardvark_Avefound, that is15:01
SysiAardvark_Ave: try booting with "nomodeset" option in grub, if that doesn't work try/add "xforcevesa"15:03
Aardvark_AveAdd those in addition to the "splash", "vt_handoff", and the other parameters that are already there?15:04
Aardvark_AveOk, thanks, I'll give that a try15:05
Aardvark_AveThat allows me to get to a normal terminal login prompt, but "startx" still slaps me back with "no screens found"15:06
GridCubedo sudo service lightdm start15:06
Aardvark_AveI'm starting to think that the installer just didn't get the right drivers15:07
SysiAardvark_Ave: did you try xforcevesa too?15:07
Aardvark_AveGridCube, That command moved me to virtual terminal 7 and showed me a stalled list of "*Starting..." lines.15:08
Aardvark_AveSysi, I'll try that now. Should I append both nomodeset and xforcevesa, or just the latter?15:09
Sysimaybe both15:09
Aardvark_AveThat got me to a text login prompt as well. I think the real problem might be with the graphics driver15:11
Sysixforcevesa sets failsafe driver15:11
Sysiafter loggin in to terminal, check with "df -h" that you have free disk space15:11
G__81whenever i try to git clone any repo i get this warning  WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-7XmVIp/pkcs11: No such file or directory15:11
G__81and in some websites i see a window with a dialog box which says gnome-keyring. How do i get rid off those ?15:12
Aardvark_AveSysi, I have 200+ GB free. When I try to "startx", I get a list of 8 "Failed to load module, module does not exist" errors.15:13
SysiAardvark_Ave: it could be failed installation too15:14
Aardvark_AveSysi, That's what I'm thinking. I have tried it twice now... How tough would it be to manually install the ati binary driver from the command line?15:15
SysiI don't have experience with ati15:15
G__81can someone help me with this warning ?15:16
G__81WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-7XmVIp/pkcs11: No such file or directory and in some websites i see a window with a dialog box which says gnome-keyring. How do i get rid off those ?15:17
Aardvark_AveSysi, Maybe I'll try to install vanilla ubuntu 12.04 and see if I run into the same problem. Otherwise, do you know of an ati-linux irc channel anywhere?15:17
SysiG__81: does that keep happening if you log out and back in?15:17
G__81Sysi, yes it happens randomly15:17
SysiG__81: 12.04?15:18
G__81Sysi, when i log in to some sites i see a dialog box with gnome-keyring on top of it which says unlock ring.15:18
G__81Sysi, yes i am using 12.04 and i have upgraded the version of xfce to 4.10 but the same behaviour was observed with 4.8 even15:18
SysiG__81: did that start at some point or has it been like that since installing?15:19
G__81Sysi, since installing i believe15:20
G__81Sysi, i didnt install anything extra apart from vim, build-essential, cscope,ctags15:20
Aardvark_AveDoes anyone else here have experience using ati video hardware with xubuntu 12.04?15:20
failedagainGridCube: Ok i managed to connect to Inet but the speed is extremely low15:22
failedagainwhen i try to load a web site it says DNSS lookup failed15:22
failedagainthe speed of d\l of nvidia drv is extremely low...around 1k\s15:23
failedagainwhat coul be the problem15:23
failedagain...it just dropped me of the Network...15:23
failedagainnever happened b415:23
failedagainis it posible the wireless driver is wrong?15:26
GridCubefailedagain, sounds like an outside problem15:27
GridCubeyou could try to reboot and see if that changes anything15:27
GridCubebut i wont bet on it, try to reboot your router/modem as well15:27
Aardvark_AveSysi: Haha, just installed the "fglrx" driver with apt and ran "startx" again. Works fine now! Is there a place I can submit this problem to x/ubuntu so it can be fixed in the future?15:28
failedagainthe pc I am using now is ok with the Inet (at least no drops) but on my PC is &^%$15:28
failedagainI have no access to the router15:29
SysiAardvark_Ave: fglrx can't be included in default installation because of it's licensing, for the problem itself you should report it to launchpad15:29
Sysi!bug | Aardvark_Ave15:29
ubottuAardvark_Ave: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:29
G__81Sysi, any idea?15:29
SysiG__81: rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions && sudo apt-get --purge reinstall gnome-keyring15:31
Sysithen relogin15:32
G__81It says Invalid Option reinstall15:33
Aardvark_AveSysi, It cannot be included on the distribution cd itself, but doesn't the installer usually prompt about installing proprietary drivers?15:33
sonja2012hi. i cant conntect to my wireless lan... the syslog says http://pastebin.com/rVcv8RfG15:33
Aardvark_AveSysi, I'll definitely submit the bug report though. Thank you for the help!15:33
SysiG__81: try reinstall --purge15:33
SysiAardvark_Ave: I always use text-based alternate installer15:34
sonja2012it seems as nm-applet disconnects for no reason... it asks me to enter the password again and again... i am 100% sure i typed it correctly15:34
Aardvark_AveSysi, Me too, as that's the only way I know of to have full-disk encryption15:34
G__81Sysi, no the same thing15:34
G__81how do i assign shortcuts for maximizing my window using keyboard15:53
G__81i see only application shortcuts in keyboard settings15:53
knomeG__81, settings manager -> window manager -> tab "keyboard"15:54
GridCubeG__81, the default ones dont work? like alt-f5 and alt-f6?15:55
SkippersBossDefault ?? mine states it should be alt f7 ?? according to settings editor ??15:56
knomeSkippersBoss, you probably have an upgraded system then15:56
G__81GridCube, i dont see it working15:56
G__81Alt+F7 does not maximize the terminal15:56
dadixhello  all:)15:57
knomeG__81, alt+f6 is the default for precise, if you have a new installation15:57
GridCube!hi | dadix15:58
ubottudadix: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:58
knomeG__81, no, actually, you are true. that shortcut isn't working15:58
G__81knome, yeah thats maximizing windows horizontally. I want my terminal to be maximized fully :)15:59
knomeG__81, try going to the settings manager, double click on the "<Alt>F7" spot and pressing alt+f7 again.15:59
dadixi want to run xubuntu 12.10 alpha3 in Qemo and dont work the installation  :(15:59
knomeG__81, it updates the shortcut, and after that, it worked for me15:59
G__81knome, works now thanks a lot :)16:00
G__81knome, the other problem that i see with 12.04 is that sometimes i get a window to unlock key ring when i log into some websites16:00
G__81knome, i dont know how to get rid off that. It happened in 4.8 xfce and happens now even after i upgraded to 4.10.16:00
knomeG__81, i've no clue on that16:00
G__81oh ok16:01
knomeG__81, if it's firefox keyring, just delete that from the preferences16:02
G__81knome, i get it when using chrome i am not sure whether i would see it if i use ff16:04
knomeG__81, then it might be the chrome keyring. i've no idea how that works, again16:04
dadixhow to upgrade from xubuntu 12.04  to 12.10 ?16:05
knomedadix, it's not encouraged to do that yet on production machines16:05
dadixi want because of kernel16:06
failedagainGridCube: pff I think the problem is with my wireless drv instalation... How can i remove the driver and reinstall it?16:06
Sysidadix: you gan get newer kernel from PPA if there isn't one on backports16:06
knomedadix, please understand it is *not* supported, but if you are completely sure: 'update-manager -d'16:06
GridCubefailedagain, i dont really know, cant you cable it?16:07
dadixnot work from update manager  :(16:07
failedagaincable it?16:07
knomedadix, did you issue the command i gave you?16:07
failedagainI dont get it16:08
GridCubefailedagain, yes, i mean plug it in to the wired network16:08
failedagainI dont have Lan card only wireless16:09
GridCubethat sounds weird16:09
failedagainI just want to remove the driver, reboot and install it again16:09
dadixi think xubuntu  the prettiest distribution16:09
GridCubefailedagain, sorry i dont know how to do that16:09
failedagain..oh well thanks for the help anyway :-)16:10
failedagainanybody else can help me|16:10
failedagainhwo to find the packages associated w/ the wlan and remove them16:10
dadixknome now now I try16:11
G__81knome, i see a delay when i do alt + f2 i dont see the run box appearing immediately16:11
G__81is this a known issue  ?16:11
G__81i see it takes good amount of time16:12
dadix"there is now update to install"16:12
knomehaven't heard about slow shortcuts16:12
SysiG__81: first time or every time?16:13
G__81i had set the anti aliasing option in font to Full and i thought it was because of some display issue or something like that but even i set it to default which is Slight i see it happening16:13
G__81Sysi, everytime16:13
G__81the application finder dialog takes some time to come up. It does come up but it  takes time16:14
knomeG__81, if you've installed xfce 4.10 on precise, that can be the reason16:15
knomeG__81, (that combination is unsupported)16:15
dadixi change update setting and now its working16:15
G__81knome, hmm yes  i have installed 4.10 in precise :)16:15
dadixnow i download the upgrade16:16
dadixXubuntu use compiz ?16:20
dadixI am concerned about saving energy16:20
holsteindadix: xubuntu doesnt use compiz by default16:20
dadixgood !!!16:20
dadixi have a ideea16:25
dadixi will make a forum for Xubuntu on a free hosting16:25
knomedadix, please don't16:25
dadixhow about that ?16:25
knomedadix, there are forums where you can ask xubuntu-related questions already16:26
knomedadix, most prominent of them, ubuntuforums.org16:26
dadixubuntu forum16:26
dadixbut i dont like it16:26
dadixis for ubuntu not Xubuntu16:27
knomeit is for xubuntu too, there is an area for xubuntu-only questions16:27
holsteindadix: its the one most folks use and know about... its not really a matter of what we "like".. its more a matter of whats appropriate16:27
dadixwhere knome ?16:28
knomerather than have hundreds of different forums, we'd like to have one centralized forum, where you can find answers for pretty much everything16:28
holsteindadix: i for one appreciate your wanting to help, and if there is something about the current forums you do not "like", it would be much more appropriate and constructive to get envolved and help the current ones16:28
knomedadix, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=329, prefix question with [xubuntu]16:29
knomecompletely agree with holstein.16:29
dadixthanks knome16:30
knomeno problem16:30
dadixi will like to see in Xubuntu in default installation : Qemu and WampServer+Zend Optimiser16:32
Troy^is there a way to change the format in which bash command prompt is different like right now i have troy@troy-box:~$16:33
knomexubuntu is not a server, and even if it was, wampserver sounds like it is something majority doesn't use16:33
knomedadix, ^, so don't hold your breath16:33
knomeTroy^, yes, edit .bashrc - there are a lot of tutorials online16:34
Troy^knome: the bash.bashrc in my home folder or?16:35
knomeTroy^, /home/troy/.bashrc16:35
David-ATroy^: (don't put the same question in multiple channels at the same time)16:42
Troy^David-A, i started it off in the wrong channel. Didn't know the appropriate spot for the subject16:44
David-ATroy^: ok, sorry to sound harsh16:49
Frowardokay I grabbed Xubuntu 32bit ALT for an old laptop17:45
Frowardbut I am bad at this. what do I do with the "boot:   " prompt?17:46
Troy^Froward, not understanding what part you at17:47
FrowardI put the CD in, the laptop boots.. and it shows me a prompt that says "boot: "17:48
Troy^hit enter?17:48
FrowardI was hoping for a nifty menu17:48
Troy^there should be a menu17:48
Frowarddid that17:48
Sysisounds like failed burn -part17:48
Sysidoes anything happen if you just press enter?17:48
Frowardoh, I forgot to make the CD "bootable", I think17:48
Frowardstupid me! thanks for reminding me17:48
Troy^burx at 4x or 2x17:48
Sysiyou need to burn as image, not as data file17:49
Troy^yea lol17:49
Troy^the .iso makes it bootable on its own17:49
Troy^imgburn is a good program to use and burn as image17:49
FrowardI did burn it right, huh17:50
Frowardat 10x which was the slowest my drive will do17:50
Frowardah christ17:50
Troy^Froward, is your bios set to boot from CD. As it sounds you may not even have a OS on that harddrive?17:50
Frowardyes it's booting from CD, it's just stalling17:50
FrowardI think, anyway17:50
FrowardI had it booting ubuntu earlier, but it's a bit heavy for this laptop17:51
FrowardI got this distro off a list of light distros for older machines17:51
melodie_my xubuntu install failed to shutdown : twice in 2 days. version is precise, is quite recent, and up to date. should I post the syslog somewhere ? I am under archlinux now which is a neighbour install in the same hdd and I can access to the xubuntu partition17:51
FrowardI just tossed the boot CD, I'll try something else. thanks for your help.17:52
melodie_one message error was dbus was not launched. any clues about that ?17:52
Sysimelodie_: first make sure you have dbus installed17:53
melodie_Sysi, how could it not be installed ? it's a major component17:53
Sysibecause of error somewhere17:53
melodie_Sysi, in /etc/init.d :17:54
melodie_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   21 22 août  14:12 dbus -> /lib/init/upstart-job17:54
Sysimelodie_: how does shutting down "fail" exactly?17:54
melodie_it stalls with a bunch of messages on the screen one of the last lines related to dbus not launched17:54
melodie_do you understand anything about upstart ? I have no knowledge about it and the symlink pointing to the upstart-job script does not teach me anything17:57
melodie_I am looking into the script and won't be able to get an information out of it17:57
melodie_do you have any other clue ?17:58
Sysiit sounds like problem with your session, just as general solution I'd try removing ~/.cache/session17:59
melodie_how would the session interfere with dbus which is a service ? (and a major one) never heard about such a thing ?!18:02
melodie_Sysi, else, how could I meet with an issue with the session, when the system is most new ?18:04
Sysibecause of error somewhere18:04
melodie_do the files get corrupted so easily in a xubuntu, or is this version fragile ?18:04
melodie_Sysi, I will suppose there is an error related to the upstart-job, not with the session. That would seem more logical to me. Can you tell me if you have met with this case, or seen someone else solving a similar one by removing the .cache/session ?18:05
SysiI've seen various problems being solved by cleaning session cache, I've had problem with same charasteristics myself, you should face other problems if dbus really isn't running18:07
Sysiis it?18:07
melodie_I faced another problem, related to trying to make a spin on top of xubuntu with ubuntu builder. once the iso is done and try it, at the end of the boot a message states something about session, dbus and else. i though i had fixed it but not18:14
melodie_then I realized something similar occurs in the main machine : not an access problem but a shutdown issue.18:14
melodie_when I will reboot I will look if dbus is running or not. but really it must. if not, problems occur for sure18:15
melodie_I'll try to look closer at the way upstart works18:21
odlahi is there a way to get the xubuntu theme including icons in for my debian squeeze xfce?19:22
Sysiodla: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-artwork/ download .deb and install19:24
Sysiyou need to have murrine gtk2 and unico gtk3 theme engines installed19:25
Vash_the_StampedHow can I make karmic recognize an express card?19:54
melodie_what kind of express card ?19:56
melodie_pci-e is just a connector19:56
Vash_the_Stampedcisco wec600n wifi card19:56
melodie_have you looked in a console, with "lspci" or "lspci | grep network", or "lspci -v" ?19:57
Vash_the_Stampedthe card has worked in the laptop before, but only will if it's booted with the card in19:57
melodie_perhaps it is recognized, perhaps it needs a driver...19:57
melodie_Vash_the_Stamped, indeed, having it in before booting is a good idea. :)19:58
Vash_the_Stampedbut if it's not in when it boots, it won't use it19:58
melodie_have you tried drinking a glass of wine, with the bottle closed and stored in the frigde ? :p19:59
melodie_you can't have the system see a pci -e- or not e when it's not plugged in before boot: it's not hotpluggin20:00
melodie_only usb is hotpluging, as far  as I know20:01
Vash_the_Stampedan older laptop with xp on it accepts the card fully with hot plugging20:01
melodie_then perhaps xp is hotpluging capable. perhaps you version of ubuntu is not. have you tried other distros ?20:01
Sysiyou maybe need to load driver manually for that card, or chipset driver might be lacky, I'd boot with card attached and started looking for drivers if it doesn't work20:03
pimperleis there a place where the kernel entries for grub are configured in ubuntu? It used to be /boot/grub/grub.conf but now that file is generated from some script and i have no idea how the system works and where it get's its config.20:20
pimperlewasn't the old system working well?20:20
Vash_the_Stampedwelp, it's a nonissue now, had to take apart the laptop to unjam the expresscard slot20:36
toraxHey, does anyone know where i can change login screen keyboard layout22:16
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Starni need help with making my machine auto login. it seems to not want too.23:46
Starni did this "sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf;23:47
Starnand it has autologin-user=starn   and autologin-user-timeout=0  greeter-session=lightdm-gtx-greeter   user-session=xubuntu    and at very top is [SeatDefaults] does this look correct?23:49
Starnif that is correct than i need to write a cronjob and setup my remote software to run on start up 'cause i cannot really spare a monitor for the machine right now.23:53

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