carsten_gGood morning together08:03
=== CarstenG is now known as carsten_g
CarstenGGood morning again08:24
CarstenGHi thorwil and sagaci09:21
sagacihi CarstenG09:21
CarstenGhi patrick18:01
CarstenGhi noran18:01
noranhi everybody18:09
patrickdickeyHi everyone.18:25
CarstenGHi John18:48
c7phello !18:50
CarstenGhi Hannie18:58
hanniehey CarstenG18:58
* godbyk curses xindy/makeglossaries..18:59
hanniehello ajmontag18:59
hanniehi godbyk18:59
godbykHello, hannie. Good to have you back!18:59
hanniethanks, I am a bit unprepared. Hope you do not mind18:59
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CarstenGHi mike19:00
hanniemike = mikeR?19:00
hanniewelcome to the club19:01
hanniegodbyk, will c7p attend?19:02
CarstenGJohn is already here :-)19:03
c7pjust a bit busy but i can attend :D19:03
godbykAre we waiting for anyone else or shall we get started?19:03
hannielet's start19:04
godbykc7p: Is there an agenda for this meeting?19:04
CarstenGHi moez19:04
c7pjust we'll meet each other and answer any questions19:04
c7pthen we can talk for anything bothers us :D19:04
hanniegodbyk, perhaps we can begin by asking new contributors to introduce themselves?19:04
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godbyk#topic Introductions19:05
c7pfirst say hello if you attend the meeting :)19:05
godbykWelcome, everyone, to the Ubuntu Manual project!19:05
godbykThanks for coming, everyone!19:08
godbykAs you probably know by now, the Ubuntu Manual Project works on the Ubuntu manual _Getting Started with Ubuntu_.19:08
godbykWe publish a new manual every six months (ostensibly).19:08
hanniehey CrustyBarnacle19:09
godbykWe have a number of authors, editors, translators, and others who work on the manual.19:09
godbykWithout your help, the manual wouldn't exist!19:09
CrustyBarnacleHowdy Hannie!19:09
CarstenGWelcome back nautu19:09
godbykIn this meeting, we'll meet some of our new team members.19:10
godbykAnd those of us who have been here for a while can help answer any questions.19:10
CrustyBarnacleHowdy godbyk19:10
godbykHello, CrustyBarnacle.19:10
godbykWho here is new?19:11
Guest91492I'm new19:12
moezme too19:12
godbykGreat! Thanks for coming, Guest91492 and moez.19:13
godbykWould you like to introduce yourselves?  What is your background and what parts of the manual are you working on?19:13
* patrickdickey always late to the party... Hello everyone. :D19:14
hanniehi patrickdickey19:14
Guest91492Sure. My name is Mike Romard. I've been an Ubuntu user off and on for about 6 years. I've been working as a technical writer for about two years, and this project would be good for me to give back to the community. I'll be working on the "Getting Online" section.19:15
* CarstenG hopes you slept well, Patrick :-)19:15
patrickdickeyFor about 3 or 4 hours. ;-)19:15
* patrickdickey is going to nap before work.19:15
c7pnice to meet you mike19:16
patrickdickeyNice to meet you Mike.19:16
godbykThanks, Mike. We're glad to have you!19:16
Guest91492Nice to meet you all as well.19:16
moezi'm Moez Bouhlel, and ubuntu user since last year. and, i'm not editor but just begin by translating en-fr. but, i'm looking for helping to reporting bugs and may working on any section in future19:17
patrickdickeyNice to meet you also Moez.19:17
c7pnice !19:17
nautuI'm Nora, I have been using Ubuntu since 2010, I decided to become a translator19:17
godbykThanks for your help, Moez!19:17
CarstenGGreat Nora, translation is always good. :-)19:18
CarstenGWhich language do you use?19:18
patrickdickeyHi Nora. Nice to meet you too.19:18
nautunice to meet you all too19:19
godbykHi, Nora. Spanish is one of our most-requested translations. So if we get the manual translated into Spanish, you'll make a lot of people happy!19:19
hanniewelcome nautu19:19
godbykWhy don't we have some of our returning team members introduce themselves as well.19:19
godbykThat way our newer members will have an idea of who to go to for help if they encounter problems or have questions.19:20
nautuI have one person who really needs the translation19:21
patrickdickeyI'm Patrick Dickey, and I've been an Ubuntu user off and on for about 4 years (completely switched over about 2 years ago). I've been helping with the project for about two or three versions now, and am mainly doing the Advanced Topics section.19:21
godbykc7p, CarstenG, CrustyBarnacle, hannie, patrickdickey, thorwil.. c'mon, jump in here.19:21
hannieok, I will say something about myself19:21
hannieI am a translator (en-nl) and I work for the manual as an author/editor too19:22
godbykMy name is Kevin Godby. I started with the project at the beginning of 2010 and initially worked on the book design and LaTeX code. So if anyone has any LaTeX questions or problems, I'm the guy to pester. :)19:22
* patrickdickey ^^^^ And we've been pestering him a lot this weekend.19:22
CrustyBarnacleMario "CrustyBarnacle" - Editor/Author "Installing", and Author on some parts of "Troubleshooting". Technical Writer in a previous career. I frequently pester Godbyk on LaTex code questions.19:22
ajmontagHello all, I am a returning member of the team. Last release I worked on the Ubuntu One section. This release I will continue to maintain that, while also working on the instant messaging section. I have been using Ubuntu for about 2 years now. I am an undergraduate student studying Computer Engineering in the US.19:23
ajmontaggodbyk is the one who convinced me to join the team :P19:24
CarstenGOk, my name is Carsten, come from Germany. I use Linux since 2003 and Ubuntu since 7.10? I do some german translation, have some experience with LaTeX , too, and try for this release the job as screenshot editor.19:24
patrickdickeyajmontag, are you studying at Iowa State also?19:25
godbyk#topic Q&A19:25
godbykAt this point, I'll open it up for questions.19:25
c7pHello, my name is John, i'm using Ubuntu since 7.10. I started working on the project as a Greek translator. Now i'm the autor coordinator trying to ensure that everthing goes right during authoring phase. I do also whatever is neccessary for the project19:26
godbykIf you have any questions about the project, your role, or anything else, feel free to ask.19:26
ajmontagyes, I study at Iowa State. I work with Kevin irl.19:27
CrustyBarnacleDuring last cycle, we had looked at redoing the Troubleshooting chapter.... Is this the time to look into that?19:27
patrickdickeyHas Canonical released the beta 1 yet? I've got the alpha image downloaded, but haven't had a chance to check lately.19:27
hannieI want to add that c7p and I are the coordinators for authors/editors/translators19:27
patrickdickeyI'm just down the road from both you and godbyk, ajmontag. I'm in the Quad Cities area (Muscatine).19:28
c7ppatrickdickey: here is the release schedule https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule19:28
nautuhow soon do you think the spanish can be released?19:29
c7pnautu: it depends to 2 factors.19:29
nautucan you figure out a possible date?19:29
CarstenGWhen you are ready with translation, Nora19:29
CarstenGAnd captured all schreenshots19:30
nautuI have already started19:30
c7p1st by when your translation is 100% completed19:30
godbykI've added the manual project's 12.10 milestones to Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/quantal19:30
c7p2nd by when the Spanish editor, you can be that one if there is nobody in charge, will put the finishing touches19:30
CarstenGThe publishing of translated versions depends only on the local team, there is no fixed dead line.19:31
naututhing is im using launpad.net to translate19:31
hanniemost translation teams prefer to translate only the LTS versions19:32
CarstenGYes, that’s the normal way19:32
CrustyBarnacleSchedule looks good to me. Do we still need Screenshot editor/s ?19:32
patrickdickeyI would say the more the merrier (Screenshot editors).19:33
nautuIs LTS latest?19:33
hannieCarstenG, is there another screenshot editor, apart from you?19:33
* patrickdickey needs to sit down in the next two days and get his virtual machine configured for Quantal.19:33
hannienautu, precise pangoline 12.04, yes19:34
CarstenGWell, I think, John wanted to try it19:34
CarstenGAfter he got his VM to work.19:34
c7pnope :D, i did some screenshots in the previous release19:35
CarstenGSorry, I mean Patrick19:35
c7pi don't think i'll have even more time to spare on the project19:35
c7pno problem :)19:35
patrickdickeyI'll get mine set up by Tuesday, and take a couple of screenshots. Then I'll send them to either Carsten or c7p to make sure they look right.19:35
hannieah, ok, so you and Patrick will do it. that would be marvellous.19:36
patrickdickeyYep. If CrustyBarnacle wants to help out, that would be great too.19:36
CrustyBarnacleCan do :-) - Just let me know what chapters/sections you need me to work on.19:37
CarstenGH TonyP19:37
CarstenGHi :-)19:37
patrickdickeyHey TonyP.19:37
TonyPHi  all, sorry I'm a bit late19:38
hannieTonyP, old or new?19:38
patrickdickeySo it looks like this weekend is the UserInterfaceFreeze/Beta1 deadline. So we should definitely be able to start everything then (if we haven't already).19:38
patrickdickeythis coming *19:38
c7pare there any other questions on this topic ?19:41
hannienot me19:42
patrickdickeyI'm good too.19:42
c7pwe can either adjourn the meeting or talk for any other topic you want19:43
patrickdickeynatu, TonyP, moez, do you have any other questions?19:45
TonyPNot at the moment, thanks19:45
hannieI have to go, guys, I will read the minutes later19:45
patrickdickeyBye hannie. Nice to meet you also (since I don't think we've chatted per se).19:46
CarstenGOk, see you Hannie, good night.19:46
c7psee you hannie19:46
hanniebye all19:46
Guest91492Bye, hannie19:46
c7pnobody talks so i guess we are finished19:46
nautubye all19:47
patrickdickeyI'll be hanging around for a bit, if anyone has any questions.19:47
c7pthank you all for coming especially the freshmen !19:47
patrickdickeyAdios natu.19:47
moezi have an question, in this page ( https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/precise-e2/+pots/ubuntu-manual/fr/+translate?show=untranslated&memo=1370&start=1370 ) i don't find "sava& continue" button and no "First • Previous • Next • Last" links on top. who have any idea?19:47
nautuchau is more argentine19:47
CarstenGSee you Nora, good luck with the translation.19:47
ajmontagbye all19:47
Guest91492Bye all. It was nice to meet you.19:48
CarstenGMoez, scroll to the right19:49
naututhe save ... at the bottom19:49
c7pmoez: does this work https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/precise-e2/+pots/ubuntu-manual/fr/+translate?start=0&batch=10&show=untranslated&field.alternative_language=&field.alternative_language-empty-marker=1&old_show=all ?19:49
nautuon your right19:49
patrickdickeymoez, are they at the bottom? That's where I see them.19:49
CarstenGThere is a loooong translator hint that enlages the screen19:49
CrustyBarnaclenautu: Hasta la vista19:49
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nautuhasta la vista baby ;)19:50
nautumoez is right i cant see the save and continue button19:50
patrickdickeyI only see it on the bottom, when I scroll all the way to the right.19:50
moezc7p: i have this problem only with this page not others19:50
* patrickdickey is thinking it's because there's a really long string, and the page has a set width to it.19:51
godbykmoez: It looks like it's in reviewer mode instead of translator mode.19:51
godbykAt the top of the page, do you see 'Reviewer mode' in green text?19:51
godbykClick the 'What's this?' link to get more info about it.19:51
c7pi think godbyk is right19:52
CarstenGMoez, the problem is string 1810, there is a long string without linebreak, see https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/precise-e2/+pots/ubuntu-manual/fr/1810/+translate19:52
godbyk(All of that is just a guess on my part.  Other guesses: You may need to be a member of the French translation team to translate that text.)19:52
c7pi got to go, thank you all for coming see you !19:52
godbykc7p: Thanks!19:53
godbykmoez: Ah, yes. CarstenG is correct.19:53
CarstenGSee you John19:53
godbykmoez: If you scroll all the way to the right, you can see the Save & Continue button at the bottom of the page.19:53
godbykGood catch, CarstenG!19:53
moezgodbyk: yeh true, thanks19:54
CarstenGLooks like a big in Launchpad?19:54
CarstenGa BUG, I mean :-)19:54
godbykCarstenG: Yeah.. something they should fix.19:54
godbykThe comment to the translators doesn't wrap, apparently.19:54
godbykI just finished pushing precise-e2 changes to the quantal branch.19:55
godbykI hope I didn't overwrite anyone's quantal changes.19:55
nautuwell see you all soon have a nice Sunday, adieu ;)19:56
moezbye :)19:57
CarstenGok, I will have a look for a bug report for that wrap issue in the next days.19:58
CarstenGWell, on quantal are only you, hannie and me working until now. :-)19:59
patrickdickeygodbyk the warning on the Author's page looks good. I'll copy it over to the new site in the morning.20:16
godbykpatrickdickey: 'kay. thanks!20:16
patrickdickeyI'm off for a bit. Have a great night everyone. :)20:16
CarstenGOk, see you. Good night.20:56

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