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hammommahgreetings, i've just setup 12.04 to run thin clients for all my kidlets. Only problem is I havent got any sound :( when I go to system settings and click sound option it freezes. Alsa mixer shows 3 devices and all are unmuted. Where do i look to trouble shoot??12:29
bencerstgraber: i'm uploading new versions of zentyal to the archive16:15
bencerseems that micahg has some complains about the versioning we are using16:15
benceras i told him, how we work is16:15
bencerzentyal packages are native16:15
bencerofficial release is for LTS, so master during development, 2.2, 3.0 (once released) branches are for LTS16:16
bencernon LTS that need special changes for specific packages versions (like redis for quantal), they get a +quantalX16:16
bencerfeedback is appreciated, but we need a strong reason to change :)16:17
bencerright now we are super focused on bugfixing, i would prefer not to make changes in release process that make us "loose" time16:18
micahgstgraber: jocarter: you were supposed to discuss the various freezes with bencer, not sure what happened, but at least one of the two uploads violated feature freeze16:31
bencerok micahg don't panic16:32
bencerwe can request still the exception16:32
micahgbencer: as for the iptables issue, looks small enough for SRU, I've given the bug tasks,  it needs to go into quantal first, then you can follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure16:36
jocartermicahg: I did. bencer was just under the impression that FF was this coming thursday, so I pasted him a link to the release schedule16:36
micahgumm, but there was an announcement on ubuntu-devel-announce....16:36
bencermicahg: i'm going to request the FFe now16:36
jocartermicahg: unfortunately, I do not have the time to poke people to ask them if they have read their emails.16:37
bencermicahg: sorry about that, too much hassle with bugfixing now16:37
micahgjocarter: understandable, that was more a question for bencer :)16:40
bencermicahg: yup, i took for granted that we were still before the FF16:41
bencerand because i'm dealing with a lot stuff i just went ahead16:41
bencersome more packages made its way to the queue before you warned me16:41
bencerbut going to fill in a FFe against zentyal-core16:41
bencercovering all the zentyal-* upload16:41
micahgbencer: I meant about reading ubuntu-devel-announce e-mails :)16:43
bencermicahg: i'm subscribed and i read the list16:43
bencerbut many thing go and leave, i'll be more careful next time16:44
micahgbencer: thanks, you might want to filter that into a must read box, you can skip stuff like meeting minutes, but you'll want to make sure you get freeze notices and toolchain change info16:45
bencerok, good idea16:46
bencermicahg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zentyal-core/+bug/104284416:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1042844 in zentyal-core (Ubuntu) "[FFe] New version of Zentyal packages" [Undecided,New]16:55
bencermicahg: can you help us to get this triaged asap? :)16:55
micahgbencer: IANA release team member16:59
jocarterbencer: best is not to try and rush it, follow the docs and follow up with people. try to avoid terms like "asap", it might sound like you're trying to rush someone.17:15
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micahgbencer: your changelogs need to reflect changes in the Debian directory (and if that's done in the intermediate versions, you need to use -v when building the source package so they all show up in the source.changes file)17:40
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