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shadeslayerRiddell: could you please upload ktp from my ppa?02:36
jussishadeslayer: ping06:11
jussishadeslayer: I was just thinking empathy does the password stuff - perhaps its useful to have a look at their code to see how they have implemented it with GTK06:12
jussibtw, does anyone have any recomendations for an alternate mail client to kmail? (its just far too buggy to be useable atm)06:21
MamarokI have grub update problems since 2 days, is this a known problem right now? 64bit system here06:24
valoriejussi, last I tried tbird it worked06:44
valorieseems huge and clumsy to me though06:45
jussiyes, tbird works, but Im looking for somethign Qt06:45
valorieI want kmail back06:45
valorieit was my favorite ever06:45
valorienow it won't even start06:46
shadeslayerjussi: use mutt :P06:48
* jussi slaps shadeslayer06:48
shadeslayerMamarok: grub update issues?06:48
Mamaroksomething is fishy with the 3.5.0-12 kernel update on my side06:48
MamarokI had the kernel packages waiting for dependencies for weeks, and since yesterday the grub update fails06:49
shadeslayerthe latest is  -13 I believe06:49
shadeslayerbut I can't upgrade to that for some reason06:50
Mamarokwell, I can't update to that version, seems something is missing, the two packages linux-headers-generic and linux-image-generic are waiting fro some dependency06:50
shadeslayerthat's it06:51
shadeslayerMamarok:  linux-image-generic : Depends: linux-image-3.5.0-13-generic but it is not installable06:51
Mamarokyes, and why is that?06:51
shadeslayerdunno, -13 isn't available, but launchpad says it's there06:52
MamarokI get that message since over a week now06:52
jussiBTW, I followed up with Ingwa over Calligra updates, suggested official ubuntu backports for them. so if someone has time to get the latest versions into official backports, I think he would be pleased about that, and it would be nice to show some comitment to solving upstreams distro issues.07:39
shadeslayerjussi: lookign08:04
shadeslayerjussi: but we have 2.5.0 in the repos08:04
shadeslayeror did you mean precise?08:04
shadeslayerisn't precise in one of the PPA's08:05
jussiyes, it is. point is to get it into the official ubuntu backports08:06
shadeslayerah ok08:06
jussiso its a simple test (done) and file thebackports bug, bug the backports team08:06
shadeslayerthat would be ScottK :P08:07
* shadeslayer checks for bug reports08:07
shadeslayerboo, LP doesn't have Needs Info08:08
tsimpsonthat's what Incomplete is for, no?08:09
shadeslayerI find Needs info to be a better string than Incomplete then08:10
shadeslayer!find org.kde.metadatamodels08:10
ubottuPackage/file org.kde.metadatamodels does not exist in precise08:11
shadeslayer!find org.kde.metadatamodels quantal08:11
ubottuPackage/file org.kde.metadatamodels does not exist in quantal08:11
shadeslayerhm ...08:11
Riddellryanakca: we haven't had it set up, mparillo is going to reply suggesting he can do the support page08:48
Riddellthe italian language one08:48
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shadeslayermy X broke after the last upgrade 09:24
jussishadeslayer: nvidia?09:32
jussiheh, soudns fun :P09:35
shadeslayerxorg.log says it can't find any devices09:35
jussiquantal ftw :P09:36
afiestasgot the same error I got a week/10days ago09:46
afiestaswhen I installed09:46
afiestasso the error is persistent, not nothing that happened puntually because of launchpad/repos/things09:46
afiestasthis time I do have time to give you anty debug info you ask me so ask :p09:46
afiestasthe error I see in the screen is a X11 window with the following09:47
afiestas; unable to launch "/usr/bin/startkde" X session --- "/usr/bin/startkde" not found; failing back to deafult session.09:47
jussiafiestas: tred reinstalling kubuntu-desktop ?09:48
afiestasindeed apt is asking to install stuff09:48
afiestasI'm not in a hurry of having a stable system this time09:48
afiestasis there any debug info I can give you?09:49
afiestaslike apt logs or something?09:49
jussiafiestas: not my thing to fix, but I remebe someone else with a similar issue and being told to try that...09:49
afiestasjussi: it may fix the issue but it won't fix the root couse09:50
afiestaswhy can I break my system by updating it09:50
jussiafiestas: true.09:50
afiestasno message at all (in the interface) that anything was going to be removed09:50
afiestasshadeslayer: ?09:52
shadeslayerI don't follow, what are we talking about here ?09:53
shadeslayeroh .. make sure kubuntu desktop is installed ?09:55
shadeslayerI am currently crippled as well09:56
shadeslayerX is kaput 09:56
Riddellafiestas: send us /var/log/apt/history.log and /var/log/apt/term.log if you can09:56
afiestasinstalling sshd09:59
shadeslayerbleh, X people have no idea how to fix 10:07
jussirekonq is a big bunch of fail10:10
mikhaswhy not stick with dolphin then?10:13
tsimpsonbecause dolphin is not a web browser ;)10:13
jussiwhat tsimpson said...10:13
jussiie. try opening afiestas' first paste with rekonq10:14
Riddellafiestas: spooky10:15
Riddellafiestas: what did you do to run the upgrade?10:15
mikhasweb browser, really? everyone I know uses either Chromium or Firefox10:18
afiestasRiddell: muon10:19
mikhasI have consider rekonq and epiphany (the GNOME equivalent) as a total waste of time and resources.10:19
jussimikhas: yeah, I use firefox regularly, but I often try out Rekonq as it is our default.10:21
Riddelljtechidna: muon-updater does a dist-upgrde right?10:21
Riddelljtechidna: I worry that afiestas is having stuff removed rather than just dist-upgrade http://paste.kde.org/540548/10:22
Riddellafiestas: are there any problems if you apt-get install kubuntu-desktop now ?10:23
debfxdist-upgrade can remove packages, that's what it's supposed to do10:28
Riddellmm good point10:29
debfxsome package was uninstallable so apt decided to remove it and all rdepends10:29
debfxhard to tell now which one10:29
shadeslayerwhee, utterly broken system10:31
afiestasRiddell: I guess it will get fixed10:47
afiestasdo you have all the debug info do you need?10:47
afiestaskde-workspace-bin got installed :p10:50
RiddellI can't think of more debug info we can get, I'll run some tests to see if I can recreate anything10:53
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afiestasRiddell: these are the steps:11:22
afiestas1-install quantal 3 alpha image11:22
afiestas2- install it, checking "auto log in"11:22
afiestas3-choose update and install third party software too11:22
afiestas4-execute muon, upgrade11:22
afiestas5-reboot, crash11:22
afiestasRekonq 1.1 is out btw11:23
afiestassomebody should package it11:23
Riddell!newversion rekonq 1.111:32
ubottuRiddell: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:32
Riddellkubotu: newversion rekonq 1.111:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1042702 in rekonq (Ubuntu) "Please update rekonq to 1.1" [Undecided,New]11:33
Riddellkubuntu-ppa/backports is full, I'm going to remove oneiric packages11:38
ryanakcaRiddell: Ah, it was sent to multiple people :) Excellent.13:17
yofelfor those that missed it and are interested: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starts in 10min14:50
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Quantal bugs: http://goo.gl/ESmab | Status: http://goo.gl/ZGGJP | Packaging TODO: http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-ninjas | apachelogger: SRU plymouth logo & SRU pgst & fix ipod support
Riddellapachelogger: not found a better way to track your todo list than /topic yet?15:12
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1013626] systemsettings crashed with ImportError in /usr/share/kde4/apps/language-selector/language... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1013626 (by Xavier Besnard)15:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1013626 in language-selector (Ubuntu Quantal) "systemsettings crashed with ImportError in /usr/share/kde4/apps/language-selector/language-selector.py: No module named LanguageSelector.qt.QtLanguageSelector" [High,Invalid]15:12
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