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KarmaComaHi guys, I cant get my 1600x1200 projector working properly with my Full HDTV.. latest thing I could do is making it right to HD with full resolusion, but when I play any flash video it appears in the center of both! I have googled that and it seems like eternal bug, any help would appreciated.02:17
SIR_TacoKarmaComa: as far as I know... that's, unfortunately, the way it is... Flash is a binary which runs the way Adobe wants it to.02:20
KarmaComayeah :(02:20
KarmaComaI found a hack script but didnt help02:21
SIR_TacoKarmaComa: yea, there isn't really a nice solution to that unfortunately02:22
SIR_Tacounless someone knows something I don't02:23
KarmaComarekonq is showing any Flash properly though, when I make it full screen on HD it appears only on HD, and same for VGA, only rekonq! dunno why, it's using flash plugin as well02:23
KarmaComabut I'm a web developer and it always shows a different values than the written one in CSS, cant use rekonq02:24
SIR_TacoKarmaComa: Rekonq is still a little wonky02:28
SIR_Tacoeven in the latest beta release02:28
KarmaComatrue, you cant depend on02:28
SIR_Tacothere are some <div> and <span> situations which still mess up on Rekonq02:30
KarmaComayeah indeed02:38
SIR_TacoAnyone know the guys that run the Inkscape project?02:51
govindGuys!!! I got a problem after "KUBUNTU 12.04" installation....02:53
govindI am Govind from India....02:53
govindAny one der to help me./02:53
govindI will explain the problem for sure...02:53
SIR_Tacogovind: the problem?02:55
govindAfter instatlation of Kubuntu ... I can't run related apps of muon package manager02:55
govindso, i cant install anything now..02:56
SIR_Tacorelated apps?02:56
govindi'll tel..02:56
govindlist & prob02:56
govindMuon Package Manager, Software center & Update Manager...02:57
govind>><SIR_Taco>,,, When i open .02:57
SIR_Tacogovind: you can't open those programs, or you can't install programs from them?02:57
govindwhen i open, it returns a error ...02:58
govindso, i cant open them..02:58
SIR_Tacogovind: ok.. can you update through konsole?02:58
govindi dont know.... let me tell u the error code..02:58
govind**The package system could not be initialized, your configuration may be broken02:59
govindcan i know how to update through console..?03:00
SIR_Tacogovind: open 'Konsole" and type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"03:01
govindIs knosole means "Terminal"?03:01
govindok.. I 'll try now03:02
SIR_Taco'konsole' is the terminal emulator for KDE03:02
govindfirst command run... but.... giving the detailed error information for the previous...03:03
govindEncountered a sectio with no header03:04
govindencountered a section with no package: header03:04
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SIR_Tacogovind: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=86374203:08
SIR_Tacotry post #2, if  that doesn't work try post #403:08
govindok.... sir.... thnx03:09
SIR_Tacoyou're welcome03:09
govindvery very very thank you ...** <SIR_Taco>.......03:12
govindI think problem is resolved ...03:13
govind step#2 not worked... step#4 worked....03:13
govindnow upgrade is running SIR... :-)03:13
SIR_Tacogovind: good to hear03:14
govindya, sir.... very thnx...03:14
FloodBotK1govind: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:14
govind@FloodBotK1.... ThnQ!03:15
govindAt a stage, Even Flash can't install atleast..03:16
FloodBotK1govind: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:16
govind@FloodBotK1... I just did that only...03:17
SIR_Tacogovind: before doing #4 in that post, try "sudo dpkg --configure -a"03:19
govindabv command not worked for me..03:20
SIR_Tacowhat abv command?03:21
govindsudo dpkg --congigure -a03:22
SIR_Tacogovind: did you type it exactly as I showed? or as you posted?03:24
govindas u typed03:25
SIR_Tacogovind: what error do you get?03:26
govindnow, the upgrade in konsole is running fast. sorry i had forgotten the reply now & I cant get back to the command entry to know reply..03:27
govindi mean error.03:27
SIR_Tacobut the konsole one is working??03:28
govindnow it's working.. but in 3 minutes, it will stop, as power goes.03:28
SIR_Tacogovind: well you need to wait for the konsole commands to complete before you can install other packages03:29
SIR_Tacoit would seem my support contract just ran out03:34
SIR_TacoAnyway, going to bed.... if anyone is around and can help govind if/when s/he comes back, that would be greatly appreciated03:36
unheedingcan anyone help me03:45
unheedingi have too much eye candy03:45
unheedingit gave me an eye cavity03:45
nezumi_hello - can some good soul help me a bit - I just installed Kubuntu04:58
nezumi_since I am complete noob - how to install nvidia drivers.. before my monitor will burn my eyes with 50kHz05:00
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nezumi_anybody? I am burning my eyes here :D05:09
susundbergnezumi_: !nvidia05:09
susundbergmh, sorry05:09
nezumi_thank you - you know as windows user I use to click instalator ;)05:10
nezumi_so I am noobie lost in here05:10
susundbergNo worries, in the package manager is just bit easier than windows 'find some drivers, click million ok and get shitload of useless stuff'05:11
nezumi_hah true05:13
nezumi_well it is hard at the beginning - I dont see anything for drivers... your link says "Go to System -> Administration -> Additional Drivers" but unless I am looking in wrong place theres nothing like that05:14
susundbergya, sorry those were instructions for kubuntu05:15
susundbergnezumi_: open the launcher and write 'package' to the search field05:15
emnezumi_: on kubuntu try Applications  >  System > Additional drivers05:15
susundbergoh that sounds good05:15
susundbergor write 'additional' to the launch search field05:16
nezumi_thank you guys - REALLY appreciate help05:16
emwe just typed additional drivers and already tankdriver showed up05:17
nezumi_while I am updating driver - can you give me small hint where to get Krita and MyPaint? It is in repository right but... where to look for it05:20
susundbergyou can install all the applications that are in the repository with package manager05:22
susundberg(see 'package' above)05:23
nezumi_ow I got it thanks05:24
nezumi_I have linux for 5 minutes and I already like it05:24
nezumi_sorry for surely dumb questions05:24
nezumi_need to restart - hope you dont mind if I come back to ask some more05:25
susundbergwe dont, happy booting05:25
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nezumi_hmmm--- any idea why in system settings/display and monitor I have 50Hz and in nvidia x-server 60Hz?05:37
nezumi_it should be 60 but ... what I really have now :/05:37
tsimpsonyou should probably ignore the system settings values, and just go with what the nvidia program reports05:38
nezumi_ok I guess I would notice after a while when my head blow up...05:39
hateballYep, if you use the binary nvidia driver xrandr and such wont report properly05:40
hateballyou have to rely on nvidia-settings05:40
nezumi_ok... ummm now just one thing left - wacom driver...05:41
nezumi_wacom tablet05:41
nezumi_wacom works great05:44
nezumi_Krita is CRAZY faster on linuks05:44
nezumi_linuX haha sorry05:44
nezumi_the only problem now - I see that I installed Krita 2.4 and 2.5 was released already05:45
hateballHow is that a problem? :)05:46
hateballUnless you of course have to run the latest version for some reason05:47
nezumi_I am trying to help in development so yeah I would like to run latest05:47
nezumi_Catching bugs and stuff, you know05:48
nezumi_even 2.4 is LOT better here then 2.5 in windows05:48
hateballYou can add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports and upgrade05:48
tsimpsonif you're working on the development of krita, then your best option is to compile from VCS05:48
nezumi_I am not working on it - more like working on iit and trying to report as many bugs as I can.05:49
nezumi_but I am happy owner of linux for last hour or so ... so completely newbie05:50
tsimpsonit depends if you want the "latest release" or "bleeding edge"05:50
nezumi_latest release is fine05:50
nezumi_hateball - where to add it? Sorry I really JUST got on linux board05:50
hateballnezumi_: in a terminal: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports05:51
hateballnezumi_: note that it's backports of more than just Krita05:52
tsimpsonalso, there's a graphical way to add repositories: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu05:52
hateballnezumi_: are you familiar with how Kubuntu works, in the sense that version upgrades are not rolling?05:52
nezumi_not at all - I just installed linux for the forst time in my life05:53
hateballnezumi_: Well each release has "frozen" version numbers, that's the reason you don't automatically get the latest version of things05:54
nezumi_I was using krita on windows for a while now but as great as it is it is slow as hell in win05:54
nezumi_ow ok05:55
hateballBut you can obviously always add a PPA, or compile from source. Or just wait 6 months for the next release :)05:56
nezumi_NOOOOOO ;)05:56
nezumi_not 6 months05:56
nezumi_would you believe if I told you that I dont know where terminal is ?05:57
hateballnezumi_: alt+f2, type <anything>05:57
hateballnezumi_: or just go the GUI way like tsimpson linked05:57
nezumi_thx on it05:58
tsimpsonin Windows you have that DOS shell (CMD), take that and make it actually useful, and you have a linux-style terminal :)05:58
hateballOne could argue that goes for anything Windows compared to Linux, but that would be an OT discussion05:59
tsimpsonit's a text-based interface, instead of clicking a mouse, you type each "command" to the computer, and it runs it there, possibly showing any output/result back05:59
nezumi_I heard so many legends about linux - not a good ones haha05:59
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:59
hateballGetting friendly with krunner (alt+f2) will make your experience much nicer06:00
nezumi_I am old enough to remember times with such computers as spectrum or c64 so I know whats that - I was just never using it. I went from C64 to Amiga to PC on windows06:00
tsimpsonif you become comfortable with the terminal, you can often do things a lot faster. that's why people often give the command-line way to do things, it's often just a lot quicker to do something than describing where each mouse press must go06:01
nezumi_I can imagine06:01
hateballYou can simple copy/paste a command as well, as compared to clicking through 50 GUI windows06:01
nezumi_where can I change keyboard settings - need to check it06:01
hateballalt+f2, type "keyboard" :p06:02
nezumi_I got english system and spanish keyboard06:02
nezumi_its THAT easy?06:02
nezumi_it really is easy haha06:06
nezumi_thx guys getting there slowly06:06
sonismcnxjoin #sonismcnx06:08
sonismcnxups, sorry06:08
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nezumi_hmmm cant get that Krita 2.5 - I entered sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports but nothing happened really06:46
sonismcnxthat command was for adding repository, not installing the prgoram itself06:48
nezumi_yeah I got that much but cant find that repository... Should be in moon package manager right?06:51
hateballnezumi_: either use a graphical update manager, or: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade06:51
nezumi_I would use that graphical but I dont have any "Add and Remove Software" in system settings so cant follow whats on given page06:53
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hateballnezumi_: alt+f2, "update" ;)06:53
tsimpsonit's not in system settings, it's called Muon Package Manager06:54
hateballSince you already have Krita installed, you want to upgrade, not install06:54
tsimpsonbest approach is to only upgrade krita (and what it depends on), rather than a full upgrade of all packages in that PPA06:54
tsimpson(unless you want the latest KDE that is)06:54
nezumi_I just care about Krita really06:55
tsimpsonthen you just open the package manager, click "check for updates", then type in krita in the search box and mark it for upgrade06:56
tsimpsononce you press "apply changes" it should tell you about what else it wants to upgrade, then ask for your password to update the packages06:57
nezumi_feel like stupid but I dont have any updates for Krita - Krita (i386) is 32 bit right?07:00
tsimpsonif you're running the 64bit (AMD64) version of Kubuntu, then you want to look for just "Krita" without the (i386)07:01
nezumi_yeah thats what I have installed07:02
tsimpsonmake sure "Check for Updates", that will download the (updated) list of packages from all your software sources07:02
nezumi_ok so... this "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" I have to paste in...? (really sorry - just want to solve it)07:02
tsimpsonwell, if you want to go the command-line way, you first want to open a terminal, it's called "Konsole" in Kubuntu07:03
nezumi_shift f2 right07:03
tsimpsonAlt-F2, then type in "konsole"07:04
tsimpsonor find it in the applications menu (somewhere)07:04
tsimpsonthen you can type in "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install krita", that will just upgrade krita and the things it needs07:04
tsimpsonafter that, you can remove the kubuntu-ppa/backports PPA repository, to prevent those updates07:05
nezumi_krita is already the newest version.07:06
nezumi_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded07:06
tsimpsonwhat version of Kubuntu are you running?07:07
nezumi_latest I believe I just downloaded yesterday07:07
provolikHi to all07:07
provolikI have juast installed Kubuntu 12.04, but I cannot set up dual monitor. I have nvidia card drivers+07:08
tsimpsonnezumi_: can you show the result of: "apt-cache policy krita"07:08
provolikwhen I run nvidia-settings it says to me "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."07:09
nezumi_Installed: 1:2.4.0-0ubuntu2.107:10
provolikI tried to give the nvidia-xconfig command and restart but the issue remains...07:10
tsimpsonnezumi_: and the same version is listed next to "Candidate:"?07:10
tsimpsonnezumi_: can you check the output of "ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d", you should see something like "kubuntu-ppa-precise.list"07:12
nezumi_bash: ls/etc/apt/sources.list.d: No such file or directory07:17
tsimpsonthere is a spaces between "ls" and the first "/"07:18
nezumi_khmm ;)07:18
tsimpsoneveryone makes that mistake at some point :)07:18
nezumi_ummm nothing07:20
nezumi_didnt showed anything07:20
tsimpsonlooks like the software source wasn't added then07:20
nezumi_wasnt added to repository?07:21
tsimpsonin this context, "repository" and "source" are interchangeable07:21
tsimpsondid you run the command "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports" in the Alt-F2 box, or in a terminal?07:21
nezumi_in the alt-F2 box07:22
nezumi_didnt happened anything - syrely I should in terminal right??07:22
tsimpsonahh, well that command changed in the last release, it asks you to confirm now and so it needs to be in a terminal07:22
nezumi_ok let me type it in07:23
nezumi_thx for your time man07:23
tsimpsonthere is the GUI way too, but if you have a terminal open, you can just copy and paste "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports", then it'll ask you to confirm by pressing enter/return07:23
tsimpsonafter than, re-run the "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install krita" command07:23
nezumi_You are about to add the following PPA to your system:07:24
nezumi_ Backports of new versions of KDE and major KDE apps for Kubuntu which are either too large a change or not yet tested enough to go to Ubuntu Backports.07:24
tsimpsonthat's the one07:24
tsimpsonafter you've upgraded krita, you can run "sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubuntu-ppa-backports-precise.list && sudo apt-get update", to remove the repository and prevent other packages from that source/repository from being updated07:25
nezumi_looks like it is working07:26
nezumi_downloading some stuff07:26
nezumi_I owe you man07:26
tsimpsonitsn't it nice when things start working ;)07:26
nezumi_ are those comments good for the future as well?07:27
nezumi_like Krita 2.6 when it appears07:27
nezumi_so I will note them down somewhere07:27
tsimpsonif 2.6 gets put in the same repository, then you can just do exactly the same thing again yes07:27
nezumi_as for windows dude I feel like I am sending Curiosity 2 to Mars, not just upgrading software07:28
tsimpsonthe main thing you have to remember about linux distributions compared to windows, is that in linux there is usually more than one way to do any given thing07:29
tsimpsonincluding something as "simple" as installing software07:29
tsimpsonso it helps to have a curious/exploring mind-set07:29
nezumi_I just need to read something about those commands07:29
nezumi_now I have no clue what I am doing - just copying pasting07:29
tsimpsonthere's a command for that ;) it's call "man" and is short for "manual". you can type in "man apt-get" for instance too see the manual page for that command07:30
tsimpson(press the 'q' key to exit it)07:30
tsimpsonthere's also an online version on http://manpages.ubuntu.com in case you just want to read about it in a browser07:30
nezumi_hah lots of info - thank you!07:31
tsimpsonno problem07:31
nezumi_looks like it finished07:31
nezumi_"ldconfig deferred processing now taking place"07:31
nezumi_should I run last comand you gave me then?07:31
nezumi_ok Captain07:32
nezumi_done.. lets see Krita then07:32
nezumi_you did it!07:33
nezumi_thank you so much07:33
tsimpsonyou're welcome :)07:33
nezumi_Now... I hope there is Mypaint hahaha07:33
nezumi_where are you from btw07:33
nezumi_heres Mexico07:34
tsimpsonI'm in the UK07:34
nezumi_I'm not Mexican but here I am - Im Polish07:34
nezumi_ha - you got (too?) many polish there now07:34
nezumi_I was living in London few years - maybe I will come back one day..07:35
tsimpsonheh, probably a good idea to avoid the "too many polish" debate :p07:36
nezumi_no man - why do you think I left - I never liked them :D07:37
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:37
hateballJust saying ;)07:37
nezumi_when I was in London I was working with Jamaicans :D07:37
nezumi_Just like to know who was that nice guy and helped me07:38
hateballWell this channel is a bit more relaxed than other offical ones, still it's the official policy and someone may get grumpy if it doesnt get followed :)07:38
hateballnezumi_: And yes, mypaint is in the repos07:40
hateballAs well as GIMP, if you use that07:41
nezumi_yeah got it already07:42
nezumi_is there some app in kubuntu like notepad on windows?08:01
nezumi_thx checking08:01
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tsimpsonkate is what notepad wants to be when it grows up08:04
hateballDoubt notepad even has any aspirations like that. Probably just looked at the competition, cried and gave up.08:04
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nezumi_hateball.. would you care to help me with one more little thing and I shut the hell up ? ;)08:11
nezumi_ the backports ppa for MyPaint....08:11
hateballnezumi_: I don't know *all* the PPAs :) However, google suggests there is a rolling release PPA for mypaint. ppa:achadwick/mypaint-testing08:13
hateballnezumi_: use at your own peril !08:14
nezumi_I dont even know what PPA stands for yet haha08:15
hateballPersonal Package Archive08:16
provolikI have juast installed Kubuntu 12.04, but I cannot set up dual monitor. I have nvidia card drivers08:16
provolikwhen I run nvidia-settings it says to me "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."08:16
provolikI tried to give the nvidia-xconfig command and restart but the issue remains...08:16
provoliksome help?08:16
hateballnezumi_: so you can go here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas and search for $app, and see if it has a PPA that you can add, if need be08:16
hateballprovolik: you ran the command using sudo?08:18
hateballNormally jockey should fix all that stuff by itself08:18
provolikhateball, yes08:18
provolikjockey-kde   jockey-text what hateball08:19
hateballprovolik: jockey-kde, the frontend to install restricted drivers08:19
hateballprovolik: That's how you installed the driver, right?08:20
provolikyes hateball08:21
hateballprovolik: does it show you using the nvidia driver when you run "lspci -k" ?08:22
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provolikhateball, yes08:45
provolikhateball, Kernel driver in use: nvidia08:46
provolikhateball, maybe I have to specify something: I have two monitor, but I have the same view08:46
hateballFor some things you need to run nvidia-settings with sudo08:47
hateballAnd after you make your changes there, it should let you write to xorg.conf08:47
hateballprovolik: ^08:48
provolikhateball, when I try it returns "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."08:48
hateballprovolik: Then I don't really know. I'm guessing you're using a newer chipset?08:49
provolikNo hateball , it's a 2009 PC08:49
provolikwith 11.10 no problem08:49
hateballhmm ok08:49
provolikanother detail08:50
hateballno difference if you manually backup xorg.conf first and re-run nvidia-xconfig ?08:50
provolikI tried08:50
sonismprovolik: sorry for interrupting, did you install the driver from the recovery mode?08:50
provolikNo sonism08:51
provolikOkay guys, I have this error on terminal, after running sudo nvidia-setting08:52
provolikXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0".08:52
sonismprovolik: may be you should use recovery mode, the driver need to be compiled using the mode08:53
provoliksonism, I will try, however in 11.10 I didn't use recovery mode for nvidia drivers08:54
hateballYeah.. not sure why you'd want to do that. I've certainly never had any issues08:55
hateballprovolik: A quick google suggests that Xinerama might be enabled in xorg.conf, rather than twinview08:55
provolik    Option         "Xinerama" "1" <- I have this option hateball08:56
hateballTry setting it to 008:56
hateballI'm running nvidia on this machine actually, but my laptop monitor is dead so I only use the external one... and it's been ages since I set it up so I don't actually remember if I had to jump through any hoops :|08:57
WulongSo, "picture of the day" on desktop settings does not work. How can I debug this?08:57
provolikOkay, I set up xinerama to zero, hateball08:57
WulongIts stuck at "Loading the picture of the day".08:57
hateballprovolik: Then you need to restart your X session as well08:58
provolikokay, see you later08:58
provolikI restarte X server08:59
provolikSame issue but this time I don't have the randr error hateball09:00
hateballugh :/09:00
provolikhateball, I tried a tutorial and now I cannot star my PC09:12
provolikHow can I boot in recovery?09:13
hateballprovolik: hold shift while you boot to get the grub menu09:13
hateballquestion is, what did you do? :p09:13
provolikI modified manually xorg.conf09:14
hateballdidnt you have a backup? you should be able to switch to vtty1 even if X does not start09:14
hateballwithout having to boot in single user mode09:14
provolikNo the PC freeze....09:15
hateballoh :|09:15
provolikI have the temptation to install lubuntu :P09:15
hateballIt's not like the nvidia drivers will magically work any better there, tho09:16
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:16
provolikHolding shift nothing happens hateball  :-/09:17
hateballprovolik: right after POST09:17
hateballmaybe it booted too quick09:18
provolikIt say to me grub loanding but then it loads normally :-/09:18
provolikI am going to reinstall kubuntu09:19
provolikI have the recovery menu hateball09:21
provolikwhat option I need?09:21
hateballoh I dont remember them off the top of my head, you should have some root console09:21
provolikI cannot remove xorg.conf: it says to me read-only filesystem hateball09:22
hateballoh how annoying, thought it let you mount rw from grub... you'll need to remount it then09:23
hateballprovolik: "mount -o remount,rw /" should work09:24
hateballseems there is such an option in the grub menu as well09:25
provolikit worked now  I am rebooting :-)09:25
provoliknow I have only one monitor active hate09:26
provolikthanks to god I can run nvidia-settings09:27
hateballNot sure she had anything to do with it, but if it works now that's good09:28
hateballprovolik: So you can set up two monitors and write the xconfig now?09:28
provolikdual monitor on-line lad09:29
provolikthank you very much hateball09:29
provolikI know it's hard with me ;)09:29
hateballnvidia drivers are a horror, it's why I've switched to Intel for everything :p09:29
provoliknow I have to try to reboot hateball09:30
hateballHehe... here's hoping nothing breaks again :p09:30
provolikcrossfingers worked well09:31
provolikit works ;) hateball09:32
hateballprovolik: Great :)09:32
provoliknow I can start my job09:32
provoliktahnk you :)09:32
provolikOkay now I am from the regular PC09:46
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ozozehello, why am i not able to download the package aircrack-ng on my kubuntu 12.0410:36
hateballozoze: Do you get some form of error trying to?10:37
tsimpsonthe aircrack project is dead and the software is unmaintained, so the packages have been removed10:38
ozozehateball: http://pastebin.com/wZvrZZZG10:38
ozozetsimpson: what's the alternative?10:38
ozoze(for wep networks?)10:39
tsimpsongrab it yourself or use their live-cd http://www.aircrack-ng.org/10:40
ozozetsimpson: what is dead then? just the packages?10:41
tsimpsonthe project as a whole, it hasn't been updated since 201010:41
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ozozetsimpson: but aircrack-ng is still the best solution for wep networks even though it hasn't been updated?10:50
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tsimpsonI don't know, I haven't seen a WEP network in some years10:51
ozozetsimpson: the website seems up-to-date with fresh news from 2012 http://www.aircrack-ng.org/10:53
ozozehm last release from 04/2010 ok10:54
Peace-ozoze: use wap ?10:54
ozozei do use wap10:54
Peace-ozoze: i don't remember but maybe it was made in kommander10:55
Peace-because kommander was dropped i guess aircrack has done the same10:55
Peace-but i am not sure10:55
ozozei guess it's still the best solution10:55
ozozenow trying to compile it: linux.c:165:17: erreur: variable ‘unused’ set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable]  :(10:55
ozozei removed -Werror from the CFLAGS10:57
ozozenow crypto.h:12:26: erreur fatale: openssl/hmac.h : Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type10:57
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tsimpson!find openssl/hmac.h10:58
ubottuFile openssl/hmac.h found in libssl-dev10:58
tsimpsonozoze: it want's libssl-dev10:58
tsimpsonyou may also need libsqlite3-dev, though that seems optional11:00
Peace-ozoze: french ?11:00
ozozehow can i recompile my drivers for packets injection for my "Intel Corporation Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300" card?11:07
susundbergozoze: you probably need patch or set some #define true if such is instructed on some guide11:09
susundbergi suggest heavy googling11:10
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theGrgzFor *buntu ISO rematering purposes, would it matter if I'm chrooting from a non *buntu host distro?11:38
atomehi there11:51
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BluesKajHi all12:24
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konquiHi, magnet links do not seem to work with ktorrent. If I click a magnet link in Google Chrome or chromium or any browser, I get a prompt to let ktorrent handle it. When I way yes, ktorrent opens but no download starts13:01
Alpha-OmegaI have two monitors and I can add whatever icon to the panel I want on my main one, but on my other monitor, I can't add shortcuts to the panel13:23
nandhualpha-omega : are you using two monitors in extended mode or in clone mode13:36
Alpha-Omeganandhu: extended, but I figured it out :)13:36
Alpha-Omeganandhu: now if I could just figure out how to add a spacer13:37
Alpha-Omegaany idea how to add spacers?13:39
Alpha-Omegait's weird, when I add the taskbar manager for windows, the rest of the things to the right of it disappear13:41
Alpha-Omegalol, is this channel completely dead?13:43
hateballNah, just hibernating ;)13:45
Alpha-Omeganot winter yet13:46
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dwayHi all16:27
dwayI'm wondering why my 11.10 kubuntu doesn't see any new version of kubuntu with  do-release-upgrade -d16:28
dwayMuon doesn't see any new version too16:28
dwayso how can I upgrade to 12.04.1 ?16:29
dwaysearching google didn't help16:29
dwayIs there something to force somewhere ?16:29
Wizarddway: Did you update 11.10 first?16:30
dwayWizard > yep I'm on 11.10 since months16:31
dwayup to date16:31
dwaythe do-release-upgrade command says "no new release yet"16:31
WizardThat's strange.16:32
PiciWhat does lsb_release -sc say?16:32
dwaymy install is a classic one16:32
dwayno exotism16:32
dwayPici it says oneiric16:33
dwayand cat /etc/issue says 11.1016:33
WizardAn what about   GNU nano 2.2.6                        Plik: /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades                                                             ?16:34
WizardUps. /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades :P16:34
dwayWizard > it says : http://paste.kde.org/540782/16:35
dwayyes, it's weird :)16:36
WizardChange it to normal and try do-release-upgrade once again.16:36
dwayok I do that now16:36
dwaywow, it seems something is happening16:37
dwaysource.list updated16:38
dwaylooks good16:38
WizardYou can change it back to lts after upgrade.16:38
dwayok, thx Wizard !16:38
WizardUnless you want use 12.10 ;)16:38
dwaynope )16:39
WizardI mean, with "normal" you will be able to do-release-upgrade when 12.10 will be out.16:40
dwayyep I get it thx16:40
WizardWith "lts" - when 14.04 is.16:40
WizardYou're welcome.16:40
WizardBah, I have to install Kubuntu for my mother.16:40
dwayI disconnect for launching the upgrade command :)16:41
dwaysee you !16:41
emI put the sd card from my android phone into my kubuntu laptop and it says that the kernel doesn't havce what it takes to mount it16:51
emwhat to do?16:51
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Wizardem: Try mounting it manually. Maybe something is wrong with it.17:03
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Wizardem: Nah, you can also check dmesg and system logs.17:09
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Guest63131command: /msg HD|BLURAY|05 xdcc send #9117:25
TheLordOfTimei wouldnt do that if i were you17:26
WizardIs icon only task manager available in repos?18:12
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diego21i want to purge flash player from my kubuntu 12.04, but a button in system preferences still remains... how can I remove it too?18:55
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rottingdeadHallo hello.20:39
VertSo, I tried dragging something and now my mouse cursor is stuck as a closed hand icon and I can't click anything and I can't scrollwheel anything.20:58
VertCan I just restart the mouse services without having to restart the x server?20:59
VertAnyone have any ideas?21:02
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