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bachello frankban11:08
frankbanhi bac11:30
bacfrankban: did you see we copied the lpsetup and shelltoolbox ppas to ~launchpad?11:33
bacwe need to decide whether to update the build recipes or just manually copy them over when we're satisfied.11:34
frankbanbac: ack. Maybe we should create the recipes in Launchpad and configure them to build daily, AFAIK we will no longer work on lpsetup.11:53
bacfrankban: probably wise11:53
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gary_posterbac benji frankban call now-ish12:10
bacgary_poster: please invite12:11
gary_posterbac, done12:12
gary_posterbac are you coming back?12:32
bacgary_poster: it won't let me.  invite again?12:33
bacgary_poster: in other good news, claro has decided we are good internet citizens and have agreed to let us buy a faster package.  should be active within 24 hours.12:49
gary_posterbac, great!12:50
bacgary_poster: what is the current projected parallel test run time on the new hardware?14:02
gary_posterbac, really strongly hopefully less than an hour.14:04
gary_posterideally 35 minutes14:05
gary_posterbut who knows till it happens14:05
frankbangary_poster: the final registration is for Product Strategy Summit - 24-26 October, right?14:55
benjifrankban: is there anything I can do to help on the lpsetup recipe?15:08
frankbanbenji: yes, I removed the packages already copied in the launchpad ppa, but the upload still fails: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/113841748/upload_4072043_log.txt15:09
gary_posterfrankban, that was the last one on my list, I think15:10
* benji looks.15:10
benjifrankban: hmm, have you tried artificially bumping the version?15:11
frankbanbenji: maybe we have to wait a bit before attempting to re build the package after deletion. Otherwise, an easy workaround could be committing an empty change in trunk.15:11
benjifrankban: yep, if you have the revision in the version string, then an empty revision might do it15:12
frankbangary_poster: yes, and for accomodation -checkout, should I have to put November 1st? I already specified that in the eventbrite form, so, it's a bit confusing15:13
gary_posterfrankban, yes, I think we are entering the same information over and over and over.  Don't stop. :-)  Who knows where they will actually be looking.15:14
frankbanbenji: yes we have. I will commit an empty changeset in trunk.15:14
gary_posterOur car won't start15:14
gary_posterI need to go out and get some metric wrenches15:14
gary_posterand a wire brush15:15
frankbangary_poster: :-) thanks15:15
gary_posterto see if it is just corrosion on the battery15:15
gary_posterso I'm taking my lunch now and might be kinda long15:15
gary_posterhopefully back in 1.5 hours max15:15
gary_posterwelcome :-)15:15
frankbanbenji: building15:27
* benji crosses his fingers.15:27
bacfirst cut of wiki page with holes:  https://dev.launchpad.net/yellow/ParallelTestingTroubleshooting15:34
frankbanbenji: done15:40
* benji lunches.16:09
* benji looks for a next task on the board.17:50
bacbenji: you want to 'collaborate' by adding your experience to that wiki ^^^ page?18:06
benjibac: sure18:16
bacgary, benji:  the phone guy is here to do surgery on our wiring.  i may be disconnected for a bit.18:22
gary_posterack bac.  good luck18:22
bacyes, thanks18:22
bacgary_poster: can we talk here about our next bit of work?  do we need to reconvene under the canonical server?18:23
gary_posterbac, hm.  Maybe the canonical server is appropriate.  This is logged publicly, IIRC18:24
baclogged and googleable18:24
gary_posterI will ask Kapil if there is already a reasonable place...18:24
bacgary_poster: i was just reminded next monday is labor day.  i plan to take it off and have just entered into canonicaladmin19:58
gary_posterbac, ah! thanks for the reminder.  not sure what I will do yet19:59
bacbenji: thanks for the addition20:00
bacgary_poster: there is a question for you in https://dev.launchpad.net/yellow/ParallelTestingTroubleshooting20:00
gary_posterI think I saw in bac :-)20:00
bacregarding which subunit-filter to use20:00
gary_posteroh, no, the page has progressed since I saw it last20:01
gary_posterbac, PYTHONPATH is no longer necessary.  PPA alone is sufficient20:01
bacgary_poster: that's what i figured20:02
bacgary_poster: did you get the car fixed?21:02
bacyou should describe the symptoms and let benji and me do a differential diagnosis (he said merging "House" with "Car Talk")21:04
benjiI've though about doing a Car Talk like show where people call in with bugs in their software.21:06
benjiThe potential audience and the potential callers would probably limit its success somewhat.21:06
bac"Caller did you check to see if you changed any global state?"22:54

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