MCR1dobey: Launchpad does not like to send mails these days ?07:52
MCR1duflu does not get e-mails about filed bugs in compiz for example, although he subscribed07:53
MCR1also people who file a bug do not get e-mail if someone commented this bug07:53
czajkowskiMCR1: has he changed his settings ?08:02
czajkowskion the bug mail ?08:02
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MCR1czajkowski: I do not think so, but he can confirm himself on #ubuntu-unity08:04
MCR1czajkowski: If I file a bug I do not get any mails on comments added...08:05
MCR1czajkowski: This is also very bad.08:05
czajkowskiMCR1: thats a setting you can tweek08:05
czajkowskisome people dont like getting all comments08:05
czajkowskibut it should be on08:05
MCR1Where can I tweak this ?08:06
MCR1I only found  "Send me bug notifications for changes I make"08:07
czajkowskifhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1042351/+subscriptions  for example08:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1042351 in Launchpad itself "Bzr import fails with NotImplementedError in broken_remote_exceptions" [Undecided,New]08:07
MCR1czajkowski: I need to do this for each bug ?08:08
MCR1czajkowski: I would like to generally turn it on08:08
MCR1czajkowski: For bugs affecting me or reported by me08:09
czajkowskiMCR1: http://blog.launchpad.net/cool-new-stuff/better-bug-subscriptions  have you read that ?08:10
MCR1czajkowski: No, will do.08:11
MCR1czajkowski: That all sounds nice, but there should probably be better defaults though... a bug reporter should by default get e-mail about comments unless he changes that08:14
czajkowskiwell some users differ I guess.08:15
czajkowskiat least people have the option to change rather than just having to put up with the one setting MCR108:15
MCR1czajkowski: Sure, that is a very good thing :)08:15
MCR1czajkowski: Just the defaults should probably be changed... If I file a bug I am probably interested on comments on it by default and if I am trying to fix a bug I probably need to know stuff from the original reporter and he should be informed about my comment/question then08:17
MCR1czajkowski: I filed a bug report/suggestion: bug 1042628 - thanks a lot for your help08:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1042628 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad is a lazy e-mail writer these days" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104262808:23
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MCR1czajkowski: If you are Laura, you probably should have been notified about my bug report as you are in the "May be notified" group here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/104262811:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1042628 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad is a lazy e-mail writer these days" [Undecided,New]11:00
MCR1czajkowski: Did you get a mail about this new bug ?11:01
czajkowskiMCR1: yes I have but I havent done bug triaging yet11:01
czajkowskiI am in the middle of other work and watching irc11:01
MCR1czajkowski: I did not want to stress, but I do not get any mails, even about stuff I am subscribed to...11:02
czajkowskiyou should11:08
czajkowskiyou you get mails from other systems.11:09
czajkowskiare you having any other mail issues11:09
MCR1yes I get mails from other systems, other than launchpad - I am not having other mail issues11:09
czajkowskiMCR1: see I'm getting my mail from LP11:10
czajkowskiincluyding your bug and comments11:10
czajkowskiso I'm wondering is there something up at your end as it's working fine here11:10
MCR1I checked my mail - it is good11:10
MCR1hmmm, then let's best wait and see if I am the only one with this issue (might ofc be the case) - thanks 4 your help :)11:11
czajkowskihmm MCR1 I've just asked a few othrs and all are getting their mail11:14
czajkowskilifeless: are you getting your LP mails, bug mails ok ?11:15
czajkowskiMCR1: I'm getting your comments on the bug11:16
MCR1I am sorry about the fuzz then - but still strange...11:16
czajkowskiMCR1: can you please check your settings https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1042628/+subscribe11:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1042628 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad is a lazy e-mail writer these days" [Undecided,New]11:17
MCR1I only get the mails of my teams11:17
MCR1update my current subscription. - a change is made to this bug or a new comment is added, are selected11:18
MCR1The second link says: "You receive emails about this bug because you are directly subscribed to it. This subscription may have been created when you reported the bug."11:19
MCR1czajkowski: Could you check if launchpad tried to mail something to me - Is there a log ?11:20
czajkowskinot a public one no11:21
czajkowskiMCR1: what address would it go to11:21
lifelessczajkowski: I seem to be, yes.11:26
czajkowskilifeless: thanks11:27
lifelessczajkowski: the MC Return bug? It seems to be rather confused :)11:33
czajkowskilifeless: I've just asked IS to check mail is going to MCR111:34
czajkowskiand it is11:34
czajkowskilifeless: mail found,, in the spam folder!11:34
lifelessczajkowski: not uncommon11:35
MCR1czajkowski, lifeless: Thanx again, sorry for the fuzz.11:44
DarxusThis should be closed wontfix, I just posted a comment explaining why, but it won't let me select wontfix:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/weston/+bug/104181415:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1041814 in weston (Ubuntu) "weston crashed with SIGSEGV in ____longjmp_chk()" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:54
* TheLordOfTime looks15:55
czajkowskiDarxus: one of the bug control in the project will be able to15:55
czajkowskinot something in LP we can do15:56
TheLordOfTimeczajkowski:  i'm on bug control15:56
TheLordOfTimeczajkowski:  its epic that i lurk here15:56
czajkowskiTheLordOfTime: well you can :)15:56
TheLordOfTimeand in #ubuntu-bugs :P15:56
czajkowskiwell indeed15:56
TheLordOfTimeDarxus:  for future reference...15:56
czajkowskiit's just not a LP thing we can do :)15:56
TheLordOfTimefor Ubuntu Bug stuff, join #ubuntu-bugs and poke there15:57
czajkowskiaka me :)15:57
TheLordOfTimebugcontrol usually monitors there15:57
TheLordOfTimeczajkowski:  indeed.15:57
Darxusczajkowski: I'm the only person with any commit access to a wayland repo other than krh, while it's only the website, I still think that should qualify me for membership in whatever that group is :)15:57
czajkowskiDarxus: are you the project maintainer here on LP ?15:57
TheLordOfTimeDarxus:  lemme get you the applicant info15:57
TheLordOfTimeone moment15:57
TheLordOfTimeDarxus:  see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl15:57
TheLordOfTimethe requirements for joining are there15:58
TheLordOfTimeupstream devs or support from upstream will help a bit :P15:58
DarxusAh, so there isn't a group with this access for wayland bugs, just a group with this access for all bugs?15:58
TheLordOfTimeDarxus:  for all Ubuntu package bugs, Bug Control is the only group15:59
DarxusOkay, thanks.15:59
TheLordOfTimei believe package-based bugs access for the project would break the LP perms model?15:59
TheLordOfTimebleh, screw regex :/15:59
* TheLordOfTime looks at the bug15:59
DarxusI feel like there should be a "nvidia proprietary driver doesn't work with wayland" bug I should be able to mark this a duplicate of, but I don't think there actually is.16:01
TheLordOfTimeDarxus:  i'm not certain i can just "trust" that you're a valid person to identify it as a won't fix16:03
TheLordOfTimeDarxus:  i'd defer that to the other bug controllers, but do me a favor and join #ubuntu-bugs16:03
TheLordOfTimei'll relay the bug to there16:03
TheLordOfTimeczajkowski:  for future reference, if anyone comes to here about Ubuntu bugs and statuses, send them to #ubuntu-bugs, that's where the Bug Squad hangs out, and some bug controllers sit there too :)16:10
TheLordOfTimejust an FYI16:10
* TheLordOfTime returns to the Ubuntu Developer Week stuff16:11
czajkowskiTheLordOfTime: cheers will do16:11
DarxusIt must be annoying getting people here for stuff that belongs in #ubuntu-bugs, and I'm sure this isn't the first time I've done it :/16:24
czajkowskibut not bad :)16:27
TheLordOfTimeand now czajkowski knows where to send people with those questions :)16:29
czajkowskidirecly to TheLordOfTime :)16:30
czajkowskiI jest16:30
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TheLordOfTimeczajkowski:  you're an LP admin?16:34
czajkowskiI don't have the funky rights that other admins have but have some16:35
czajkowskiit's very much trial and error at times which does lead to frustraion16:35
TheLordOfTimesuch as fixing "Cannot receive password reset email" junk?16:35
czajkowskiTheLordOfTime: pardon?16:36
TheLordOfTimeczajkowski:  someone in one of the ubuntu developer week sessions was getting set up on LP and isnt receiving a "Forgot my password" email16:36
TheLordOfTimei think its nja_16:36
* TheLordOfTime double checks16:36
nja_Yes it's me16:36
nja_The email just came though16:36
TheLordOfTime<nja> YES! just got the email!  <--16:37
TheLordOfTimenja_:  xD16:37
TheLordOfTimeyeah patience is a virtue16:37
TheLordOfTimesometimes its not instantaneous16:37
TheLordOfTime... oops, i just broke my firewall rules o.O16:38
TheLordOfTimewhoops wrong channel16:38
czajkowskiso we're all good then16:40
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mark06hi, what's the recommended way to turn a +junk branch into a project?17:12
mark06I just push the local copy to the new location?17:12
mgzmark06: yup17:19
mgzyou need to create the project on launchpad first, obviously17:19
mark06yeah I know, thanks17:20
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mark06I'm about to change a junk branch into a project, but I won't build it right now so current builds will yet point to the junk project17:47
mark06s/junk project/junk branch. Is it possible to somehow redirect the junk branch to the new one?17:48
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maxbmark06: Only in so far as writing something appropriate in the junk branch's description, I think.18:01
mark06ok, it's gonna work while I don't update builds18:04
mark06I'm uploading the share object and dll for direct download, should I use "code release tarball" or "installer"? (because it's none of these)18:20
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mark06my recently-created project fixes an upstream bug, but I couldn't link trunk directly to the upstream ticket, is it recommended to open a Launchpad bug?19:09
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