craigbass1976As of yesterday, I'm running on an ibook g4.  It's working for the most part, but won't wake up after shutting the lid.  Anyone else running the ppc version of lubuntu?01:17
frankcox777I have a new install of windows-lubuntu 11.4 and when I boot I get an out of range message -eventually it will boot lubuntu but I cannot access grup at all03:56
frankcox777grub :} can anyone help with this?03:57
frankcox777will anyone?04:04
jabagaweewhere are wireless profiles stored? i'm not entirely sure what wireless manager i'm using05:58
bioterrorjabagawee, you're networkmanager and nm-applet06:06
jabagaweei see, /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections then?06:06
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luissantanderHi all I am looking for someone to help me install libreoffice in Lubuntu 12.04 offline11:21
kanliotwtf he left in 3-4 minutes11:30
Unit193That's not abnormal, just ignore it.11:33
theGrgzFor *buntu ISO rematering purposes, would it matter if I'm chrooting from a non *buntu host distro?11:38
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Ivoza new user's thoughts on lxde/lubuntu: http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/yuiq6/i_have_a_little_asus_netbook_what_sort_of_linuxy/c601okq17:57
foxdonuthi all18:14
foxdonutwould you say Lubuntu is well-suited for a old laptop that will only be used for surfing the 'net? or do you have other recommendations?18:15
IvozVery well suited18:15
bioterrordepends what's old laptop18:15
foxdonutI want to wipe out Windows, basically to protect the users from themselves..18:16
bioterrormy pentium M 1.7GHz is quite sluggish, you can live with it18:16
foxdonutI'm not sure of the specs yet, but it's likely a 3-4 year-old Dell18:16
Unit193And you have the whole PAE issue.18:16
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info18:17
foxdonutohh, right18:17
foxdonutdon't have my hands on the laptop yet, but I'll keep that in mind--thanks18:18
ActionParsnipfoxdonut: instead of repeating the confusig term, try websearching and finding out..18:18
foxdonutActionParsnip: of course, but this is an *interactive* google ;-)18:18
ActionParsnipif you do some searching you will learn more18:19
foxdonutyes, you're right.18:19
foxdonutI did some searching already, always ends up on Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Puppy, CrunchBang, Macpup18:20
foxdonutLubuntu rings most true to me18:20
foxdonutbut just wanted to confirm, it's always good to hear live success stories.18:21
ActionParsnipxpud is pretty sweet18:24
foxdonutjust kidding! :)18:32
foxdonutlooks nice18:32
ActionParsnipyes, it boots super fast too18:33
bioterror3-4 years old dell is something like d430 or d63018:34
holsteinIvoz: i would expect the old xandros to have the old celeron processor underclocked to 600, which you can do with lubuntu if you like and prefer for heat and power reasons18:35
ActionParsnipbioterror: I run a full gnome/unity session on a Dell D420 without issue18:42
bioterrord420 is single core18:55
bioterrord430 is dual core18:55
bioterrormight be a little slow with that "atom" kind of cpu of d42018:55
ActionParsnipd420 here is dual core18:56
foxdonutif it's just to surf the 'net.. can Lubuntu be used as a minimal OS?18:57
bioterrorActionParsnip, okay! ;D18:57
bioterrorI've only had couple of d430's18:58
bioterrorthe one's I've seen at work was core solo of 42018:59
ActionParsnipthis is a duo :)18:59
psilo23Anyone here got despotify to work on Lubuntu 12.04 64bit ?20:31
holsteinwhats the issue? i dont use either of them20:38
psilo23but on a 32bit machine it works without any problem20:40
holsteinsounds like something up with the 64bit version ..i would let the maintainer know and try and track down the issue20:41
holsteinhttp://protocol7.com/archives/2009/02/24/building-despotify-on-ubuntu/ might have relevant 64bit error info20:42
psilo23yeah ive read that before20:44
psilo23and tried but no luck20:44
psilo23i end up at the same point as the guy in the comments there20:44
psilo23bit frustrating because the official linux client also crashes alot here, hoped despotify could save me :P20:46
silverarrowis there a common reason why midori doesn`t work with short-keys21:15
holsteinis it supposed to?21:16
silverarrowI think so, it has all the short-keys listed under "edit" in toolbar21:16
holsteinsee if this looks in order for you https://midori.jottit.com/keyboard_shortcuts21:16
holsteinyou are on a mac keyboard? maybe you need to hit some apple or function key21:17
silverarrowoh, I am familiar with the apple keyboard21:18
silverarrowshortkeys work in firefox21:18
holsteini would try a newer and/or older version of midori... i would try midori on another machine.. try and figure out where the issue is21:18
silverarrowsomeone answered on the midori channel after all, and apparently there has been a bug with some of the older version21:19
holsteinmaybe https://launchpad.net/~midori/+archive/ppa will do the trick21:21
Ivozhow would one get the man file for strftime ?21:44
wxlIvoz: man 3 strftime21:48
wxlin terminal obviously XD21:48
wxlIvoz: you could also use manpages.ubuntu.com http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man3/strftime.3.html21:52
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Ivozwxl: http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/yuiq6/i_have_a_little_asus_netbook_what_sort_of_linuxy/c603vhk22:12
Ivozwxl: afaik the user has lubuntu 12.04 installed22:12
Unit193Can't exactly help by proxy when you don't have much info...22:13
wxlon 12.10 and no problem here22:14
wxlfor that matter it is on the ubuntu manpages22:14
wxlso it's unlikely that it's not included22:14
wxlbut again, you can point them at that url22:14
silverarrowoh, thanks holstein22:16
Ivozalright, thanks for your help wxl22:21
silverarrowinstall on powerpc22:22

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