peterrusin case you do, it has to do with libreoffice ;) there is a bugreport00:15
krofnamy ubuntu crashes when I try to install qt sdk from official site. what should i do?08:20
gnomefreakkrofna: isnt it in our repos08:30
gnomefreakand i would neerd the full name of package08:31
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WaltherApparently the keyboard shortcut issue has been fixed08:34
krofnagnomefreak: software centre is... misbehaving. "here isn’t a software package called “qt-sdk” in your current software sources."08:35
krofnawhen i click qt-sdk, that message is shown08:36
gnomefreakqt-sdk - Complete Qt Software Development Kit08:36
gnomefreakkrofna: ^^^ its in the repos08:36
gnomefreakkrofna: try using apt-get or synaptic08:37
user82hi. odes anyone know if the wallpaper of the user at login now works with custom wallpapers(as long as the path to the custom wallpaper is not encrypted)08:37
histo!info qt-sdk08:37
ubottuqt-sdk (source: qt-sdk): Complete Qt Software Development Kit. In component universe, is optional. Version 2ubuntu3 (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB08:37
user82i think in 12.04 it only worked if you had one of the delivered default wallpapers08:37
histo!info qt-sdk quantal | krofna08:38
ubottukrofna: qt-sdk (source: qt-sdk): Complete Qt Software Development Kit. In component universe, is optional. Version 2ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB08:38
krofnaapt-get works ^^08:39
gnomefreakare you done playing with the bot?08:41
gnomefreak!info qt-sdk08:50
ubottuqt-sdk (source: qt-sdk): Complete Qt Software Development Kit. In component universe, is optional. Version 2ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB08:50
gnomefreakgood fixed08:50
histognomefreak: wasn't playing just noticed the first queue showd precise not quantal09:02
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krofnaHow to install flash on chromium?10:16
krofnaWhen i try installing from software manager it says i have umet dependencies10:17
krofnasoftware centre* w/e10:18
dwatkinskrofna: are you trying t install 'flashplugin-nonfree'? What happens if you do it with apt-get install at the command line?10:19
krofnaThe following packages have unmet dependencies.10:20
krofna flashplugin-installer : Depends: libnspr4-0d but it is not going to be installed10:20
dwatkinsaptitude may allow you to resolve a dependancy issue, but I don't know what might be causing the conflict, so I'm hesitant to suggest it.10:23
krofnaCan I get flash to work with some other browser?10:27
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BluesKajHi all12:24
tarvidthinking of giving xubuntu 12.10 a go on my 12.04 ubuntu laptop12:34
tarvidwhat is the easiest way?12:34
susundbergtarvid: usb stick with 'try xubuntu' i would guess12:43
protiI'm going back with UEFI booting.12:49
protiQuantal does not boot at all. I have to put noefi switch.12:49
protiI was able to boot the Fedora 18 TC2 ok12:50
protiI just figured that the command given to grub are not the same.12:50
protiThe boot commands are efilinux and efiinitrd or something like that.12:50
protiWhereas the Ubuntu was simply linux and initrd.12:51
WarOfTheNerdproti, IIRC it doesn't use GRUB when booting from EFI due to needing to fulfill licensing requirements for Secure Boot12:52
protiFedora boot says that Secure Boot is disabled.12:52
protiIt's a last year laptop Asus N53SN12:53
protiUbuntu boot grub ok, I have the menu from efigrub.12:55
protiProblem is that kernel doesn't boot when selecting any of the line if I don't put the noefi.12:56
WarOfTheNerdproti, weird.  I'd report it as a bug12:56
WarOfTheNerdwhen the final release is out it should work perfectly ^_^12:57
protiFedora uses special commands like linuxefi and initrdefi to load the initial kernel.12:58
WarOfTheNerdthat's because Fedora has a special signed kernel/initrd12:59
protiShould be the kernel then.12:59
WarOfTheNerdUbuntu is not signing the kernel or initrd, just the bootloader12:59
WarOfTheNerdor rather, Ubuntu is signing the bootloader with a proper key but the kernel/initrd doesn't have to be signed13:00
protiA two way stage boot.13:00
protiI though that once the grub was loaded, the kernel can be booted.13:01
zeuskI'm getting totally corrupted display with 12.10 nightly (nvidia 9600gt) off a live USB, is this known issue ?13:09
zeuskanyone ?13:10
xtianhi everyone. i think i've found an issue with gnome-autogen.sh from gnome-common (3.5.5) in quantal. tried to build gtkhtml from today's git master. gnome-autogen.sh seemed to call configure before it even created that file. anything known about this issue?13:12
xtiansame gtkhtml source tree built fine on precise13:14
BluesKajsuddenly authentication is needed to access my other drives and partitions ,by policykit1-kde ...what gives ?13:50
BluesKajthey're mounted and listed om dolphion places as usual13:51
yofelzeusk: sounds like a bug in nouveau, file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-nouveau' from the live disk14:41
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek is starting in a bit more than 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:47
yofelyay, new nvidia driver up \o/14:49
user82yay ati driver still not great ^^14:49
xtian[repost] i think i've found an issue with gnome-autogen.sh from gnome-common (3.5.5) in quantal. tried to build gtkhtml from today's git master. gnome-autogen.sh seemed to call configure before it even created that file. anything known about this issue? same gtkhtml source tree built fine on precise14:56
w_i installed ubuntu 12.10 repos to upgrade kernel, can i upgrade the other packages?15:57
w_i mean, if i upgraded the is a chance to break the system?15:57
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javier_nicolasHello, can I make a question here about Webapps?18:12
trismjavier_nicolas: you can, there is also #ubuntu-webapps too, though seems kind of dead at the moment18:13
Picijavier_nicolas: Again, maybe I don't understand what you mean, but I don't see how "Webapps" in general have anything to do with Ubuntu.  Perhaps asking in a channel for whatever language you programmed your app in would be more appropriate?18:15
javier_nicolaswell, I have the preview of Webapps installed on 12.04, and I don't know if it is a bug or not, but, when I open a webapp and after close it, it remains at the launcher (tray) and I can't remove then until I log-off or reset Unity interface? Is that a bug?18:16
trismPici: I think he means the ubuntu webapps integration: http://blog.canonical.com/2012/07/19/introducing-ubuntu-web-apps-setting-the-web-free-of-the-browser/18:17
trismjavier_nicolas: maybe bug 1033397 ?18:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1033397 in WebApps: unity-firefox-extension "Webapp icons do not disappear from Launcher when their tabs are closed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103339718:20
Picijavier_nicolas: sorry, I thought you meant a specific web application.18:20
javier_nicolasthank you very much. When do you expect fix it?18:21
trismjavier_nicolas: not sure, you can subscribe to the bug if you have a launchpad account to get email updates18:24
javier_nicolasthank you everyone for response!!! It's the first time that use IRC channel, and all people are very friendly!!18:26
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gotwighow to setup IRC in empathy?19:08
gotwigit always redirects to "online accounts", where is there IRC?19:08
trismgotwig: looks like it isn't installed by default, try installing account-plugin-irc19:09
gotwigtrism: thank you. I will try19:09
gotwigwhy isnt it by default there >.<?19:10
trismgotwig: no idea, could just be an oversight, everything got split out into separate packages recently19:10
WarOfTheNerdgotwig, IRC on Empathy is crapz0r19:11
gotwigno login information?19:12
gotwigWarOfTheNerd: I like Quassel19:13
gotwigWTF do GNOME apps19:14
gotwigI hate these new menus19:14
gotwigUbuntu is going to be so strange for many people...19:14
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xubuntu341so, this quest its about quantal 12.10 and mobility radeon x700. I woul lke to know about the radeon public drivers that come in the distro. How could i run them instead vesa. Thank you.19:46
xubuntu341any one?19:47
ironhalikxubuntu341: I'm not an ATI user, but I think you're interested in Gallium3D drivers19:51
ironhalikand they should be installed by default - unless you installed AMD binary drivers19:51
xubuntu341on this gpu its not possible at this distro19:52
xubuntu341bi mean private binaries19:53
* gotwig is chatting from Thunderbird19:54
gotwigso now we have two chat apps in 12.10, awsom ^^?19:54
gotwigbut Thunderbird has no online accounts integration19:54
ironhalikwell, proprietary19:54
gotwigironhalik: ?19:54
ironhalikthat was for xubuntu34119:54
ironhalikgotwig: but why would you need anything other then irssi? :>19:55
gotwigironhalik: couse Thunderbird and Empathy come by default?19:55
gotwigI really like to know what Ubuntu is going to do to "fix" that in 13.0419:55
xubuntu341no possible with mobility radeon M2619:55
gotwigtwo chat apps19:55
ironhalikand irssi is just 'apt-get install irssi' away :P19:56
gotwigironhalik: than I have 3 clients -..-19:56
gotwigThunderbird is still the best looking ubuntu app19:56
gotwigwith Nautilus19:56
ironhalikyou need to remember that irc is not as popular as it used to be19:56
gotwigironhalik: ?19:57
ironhalikppl dont want IRC clients - they want jabber/AIM/whatever clients :P19:57
gotwigthey want a multimessenger19:57
gotwigsee whatsapp19:58
* gotwig loves Thunderbird19:58
ironhalikshame they reverted to nautilus 3.419:59
gotwigIs it really good, that a mail app should care about such stuff?19:59
gotwigso what is empathys mission?19:59
ironhalik3.5 was nicer, except some minor flaws to be ironed out19:59
gotwigSo what is Ubuntu going to do in the future19:59
gotwigGNOME apps are going to go a different way19:59
gotwigthe apps in 12.10 are inconsistent19:59
gotwigsee empathy/thunderbird libreoffice/java apps20:00
ironhalikthey'll fork some stuff and reconsider the other20:00
gotwigthey would have to fork20:00
ironhaliknautilus 3.5 was better then 3.4, escept for some minor stuff that was being worked on20:00
ironhalikIMHO droping 3.5 was too quick20:01
gotwigIMHO nautilus elementary20:01
gotwigwas the best file manager20:01
gotwigbut Ubuntu devs said it was too hacky20:01
gotwigsomeone should merge it with nautilus and than create a new filemanager20:01
gotwigfor ubuntu20:01
gotwigand, no one does care about Linux Mint, to say that clear.20:02
ironhalikI, actually hate mint :P20:02
ironhalikit takes some of the user base from ubuntu20:02
ironhaliksure, I get the 'do whatever you want' policy, but FOSS community should focus on couple of distros with different strengths20:03
gotwigironhalik: these "people" are not users20:03
DebolazCompetition is a good thing.20:03
DebolazIt ensures dumb ideas die. :)20:03
gotwigLinux Mint is no competition20:03
ironhaliknot fork whenever someone dosnt like something20:03
gotwigelementary, is.20:03
ironhalikI mean it from the perspective of developers like valve - theres a reason they're making Steam on ubuntu, not on linux20:04
gotwigironhalik: becouse Linux isnt an operating system?20:04
gotwigplease dont reply..20:04
ironhalikGNU/Linux, if you like rms20:06
ironhalikstill, I'm an android developer - and it can be hell because every asshole manufacturer thinks that FOSS means 'change stuff the way I think is better'20:07
micahg!ohmy | ironhalik20:08
ubottuironhalik: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.20:08
ironhaliksure, sorry20:08
ironhalikjust making conversation ;>20:08
DebolazMint is good, because of the competition on ideas. If Ubuntu implemented something users hated too much to stand, they'd jump ship to Mint, which indicates to the Ubuntu developers that they should revert the changes. It also gives a testbed for alternative ideas, maybe Mint comes up with some revolutionary new concept, which can in turn be adopted by Ubuntu.20:13
ironhalikHmm - sure - that's a good point20:13
ironhalikbut it seems people started hating Unity just because some vocal minority was bashing it20:14
ironhalikwhich is absurd considering there were/are couple of ways to revert to more classic desktop - without jumping on another distro20:14
DebolazWell, I got the impression that Unity became unpopular because of some annoying bugs early on (compiz crashing frequently and leaking memory didn't help). But Unity doesn't seem to get less popular nowadays, in fact it seems like people are increasingly willing to accept it.20:15
ironhalikI personally always liked the workflow of Unity, and the way it's efficient with screen real estate - so I'm probably biased20:16
DebolazWell yeah, I love Unity as well. :)20:16
Waltheri like it20:16
Waltherthere's so much more to it than the bar20:16
Waltherpeople hate it because "it's a tablet ui"20:16
DebolazThough I question if the removal of Unity2D was a good idea, performance is still bad on llvmpipe. I guess it might be sorted out eventually though, it seems there are some specific effects that slows it down.20:17
Waltherthey forget the alt+type menu thing, lenses, etc20:17
ironhalikeither way - my point was that that the whole GNU/Linux diversity makes it hard for the year of linux desktop to arrive ;>20:17
Waltherperformance wise it'll take a while but afaik the dependency hell was pretty bad20:17
Waltherdifferences between unity 2d abd 3d20:18
Debolazironhalik: The year of the linux desktop wouldn't be any closer if we had all just stayed with slackware and not made new distributions though. :-)20:18
ironhalikDebolaz: thats certainly true :)20:18
Waltherimho with the failure of win 8 and big things like Unity 3 engine and Source engine - not to forget Steam - coming to linux is pretty much going for the year of linux20:19
Waltherit's trending towards it20:19
DebolazNetcraft confirms it!20:19
Walthernext we need a graphics company like adobe or corel to create a suite on linux20:20
ironhalikPretty much, on Ubuntu, gaming is the only thing I miss - If I was to go back to windows, I would miss workspaces, termial, apt-get, terminal, unity, terminal, irssi, terminal and so on ;>20:21
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vividDebolaz::: definitely because the bugs.  it simply did not and still does not function as a stable workspace.  so, people jumped ship because they wanted the stability they were used to.  recall for some many, many years we all (many) used gnome-panel and company.  flashy and bugged just isnt attractive22:00
vividthe contrast from legacy gnome to gnome 3 and unity was immense.  i dont think most of the users at those times really cared about how many effects their desktop had.  add the broken functionality "cherry" on top and you have obvious reasons for discourse22:02
jakubohas anyone tested empathy?23:26
jakuboits complete and utter crap!23:27
jakubothere is no way to have control over accounts whatsoever. by some funny way my old configuration is in it, but not accessible23:30
jakuboand adding new acounts in the gnome system center is simply impossible. apart from that only facebook chat is working. and gadu gadu is NOT (as has been for so long already)23:31

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