ajmitchcoolbhavi: I knew you couldn't make it at 21:00 UTC, that's why I suggested changing the time05:20
ajmitchespecially as you've been the most active lately :)05:20
coolbhaviajmitch, ah thanks for that :)05:22
* ajmitch will be busy friday night (NZ time) & all weekend, so not really much chance of attending 05:22
coolbhavihmm ajmitch btw glad that you got a new system :)05:25
ajmitchcoolbhavi: I haven't yet06:04
coolbhaviajmitch, ah I saw some chat going on on the same yesterday so I thought so06:05
ajmitchcoolbhavi: I wish, I got RAM & hard drive today from courier, waiting for other pieces :)06:12
* ajmitch is currently in yet another pycon meeting06:12
coolbhavioh :)06:12
dholbachgood morning07:09
ajmitchhi dholbach09:01
dholbachhey ajmitch09:20
gotwigcan someone please help me to release in the end my app in the USC? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/749/10:49
PaoloRotoloHi all!14:53
dpmhi PaoloRotolo, how are you doing?16:16
PaoloRotolodpm: fine, thanks! And you?16:18
dpmgood too, about to call it a day :)16:21
PaoloRotolodpm: well, I'm following the Ubuntu Developer Week :)16:30
dpmnice :)16:30
PaoloRotoloI'm so curious for this talk: "Ubuntu Development for Young" by bilal :)16:34
PaoloRotolobilal: thanks you!16:35
bilalyou're welcome, and do attend it if you can :)16:35
PaoloRotoloyes of course :)16:36
g0twighey there19:36
mhall119hey g0twig19:37
g0twigwould be nice if someone could check that: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/749/19:38
g0twigI should update the screenshot, tough..19:38
ian__325Anyone around to answer a question?20:42
ian__325I have an app submitted on myapps for >1month and its status has not changed.  It hasn't even appeared on the trello board. Is there a chance of it being reviewed before 12.10? and what happens once 12.10 comes out?20:48
mhall119ian__325: if you submitted it for 12.04, that's what it will go into20:49
mhall11912.04 is an LTS, so people will be using that version for a while, even after 12.10 comes out20:49
ian__325What's the timeline for things right now.  Are the Showdown apps all worked through?20:49
mhall119you'll need to re-submit it for 12.1020:49
ian__325When will I be able to submit for 12.10?20:50
mhall119ian__325: only about 20 of the app showdown apps have made it all the way through to the software center, the rest are still being reviewed20:51
mhall119I don't know exactly when the archive for 12.10 will be open, it's supposed to be around this time though (at or after FeatureFreeze20:51
ian__325ouch... so it'll be a while.  How would reviewing be different if I wanted to charge $1.00 in the app store?20:52
mhall119ian__325: if you charge for it, it'll be sent to a different group that works for Canonical (the ARB are volunteers)20:52
ian__325That's good, just curious though, what if I wanted to offer a free version and a paid version?20:53
mhall119you can, if it's open source the free version will go through the ARB, and the paid will go through CA20:54
ian__325But it wouldn't be synchronized... Has there ever been discussion of offering a donation button in software center?20:55
mhall119ian__325: there's been talk about it, yes, I don't know if it's gotten any further than talk though20:56
ian__325ok... thanks.  At some point in the future, I'd be willing to help with reviews. Are you looking for more volunteers and who should I contact when I have some free time?20:59
mhall119ian__325: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Showdown has instructions for helping us with the review21:10
mhall119any member of the ARB can help you get the hang of it too21:11
mhall119it's me end of day, but if you ping me tomorrow I can help you too21:11
ian__325ok... have a good night.  I'll take a look at this and when I have a chance see about starting something21:11

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